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Title Surname(s) Date
Samuel Hearing, Jr. Passes Away Hearing, Cook  January 15, 2004
Jacob Keith Descendants Added Keith, Powell  January 25, 2004
Boyd Name Origin Removed Boyd  January 25, 2004
Abraham Griffith Descendants Added Griffith, Brown, Moore  January 26, 2004
Surname Index Improved All  January 26, 2004
"Cousin Abe" Connection Clarified Lincoln  January 26, 2004
Hardcastle GEDCOM Updated Hardcastle, Branson,  Fowler and many more  February 4, 2004
Margrave Descendants Added Margrave, Branson and more  February 4, 2004
Margrave Family Papers Added Margrave, Rollins, Barbee, Hamilton, Anderson, Williams  February 4, 2004
Richard Scruggs GEDCOM Added Scruggs, Steed, Miller  February 16, 2004
Clark Branson Added to Military Page Branson  February 16, 2004
Message Board E-mail Request Added All  February 16, 2004
News Item Submission Form Added All  February 16, 2004
John Hardcastle GEDCOM Update (#2) Hardcastle, Branson,  Fowler and many more  February 16, 2004
Newsletter Page Added All  February 17, 2004
Baker Co. Oregon Cook Marriages Cook  February 18, 2004
Hardcastle / Meriwether Lewis Connection? Hardcastle, Boyd, Lewis  February 18, 2004
John Lackore GEDCOM Added Lackore, Whiton  February 18, 2004
Interview with Winnie Lackore Lackore, Whiton  February 18, 2004
Documents, Biographies & Stories Index All  February 18, 2004
The Branson Name (places) Branson  February 18, 2004
The Cook Name (places) Cook  February 18, 2004
John Lewis GEDCOM Updated Includes Meriwether Lewis  February 18, 2004
Smallwood Sisters - Photos Added Smallwood, Woods  February 21, 2004
Isaac A. Tillery page updated Tillery, Cook  February 21, 2004
Robert Boyd GEDCOM Updated Boyd, Branson, Wagner  February 21, 2004
John Wesley Smallwood Photo Added Smallwood, Wolfe, Cook  February 21, 2004
Martha A (Vandevender) Tillery updated Vandevender, Tillery, Evans  February 21, 2004
Smallwood Mystery Photos Added Smallwood, Wolfe, Bateman  February 22, 1004
John Cook GEDCOM Added Cook, Smallwood  February 22, 2004
FreeFind Search Engine Added All  February 23, 2004
Hardcastle GEDCOM Updated Hardcastle, Branson, Boyd,  Fowler and many more  February 26, 2004
Smallwood photo correction Smallwood  February 27, 2004
Anna A. Smallwood's Children - photo added Smallwood, Emley  February 27, 2004
Researcher's e-mail address format changed All Researchers  February 27, 2004
John Griffith GEDCOM Updated Anthony, Fansler, Griffith, Kincade, Pilcher, Smallwood  February 29, 2004
Reilly Smallwood GEDCOM  Updated Smallwood, Moore, Bateman, Cook, Griffith  February 28, 2004
Ernest Cook Photo Added Cook  February 28, 2004
Crank, Ernest Cook Photo Added Crank, Cook  February 29, 2004
Four Mystery Photos Added Smallwood, Moore  March 2, 2004
Emma Smallwood Photo Added Smallwood, Griffith, Crank  March 2, 2004
Reilly Smallwood GEDCOM Replaced Smallwood, Moore, Bateman, Cook, Griffith  March 2, 2004
New Cook Photos Added Cook  March 3, 2004
Links to All Photos Added All  March 4, 2004
Hezekiah Smallwood Jr. Updated
(formerly Reilly)
Smallwood, Moore, Bateman, Cook, Griffith  March 6, 2004
Hezekiah Smallwood Sr. Updated Smallwood, Moore, Bateman, Cook, Griffin  March 10, 2004
Origin of Name Smallwood Added Smallwood  March 13, 2004
John Cook's wife Identified Cook, Scruggs/Scraggs  March 13, 2004
Symond Broughton GEDCOM Added Broughton, Smallwood  March 15, 2004
Thomas Tillery GEDCOM Updated Tillery, Cook  March 16, 2004
Devore Family Photo Added Devore, Griffith, Smallwood  March 17, 2004
Job Broughton Tombstone Photo Added Broughton, Lewis  March 17, 2004
William Broughton Tombstone Photo Added Broughton  March 17, 2004
Peter Van Deventer (Vandevender) GEDCOM Added Vandevender, Tillery, Cook  March 22, 2004
Jacob Cake GEDCOM Updated Cake, Dye, Branson  March 22, 2004
Sir Thomas West GEDCOM Added West, Armistead, Cook  March 22, 2004
Walter Goode (Goad) GEDCOM Added Goode, Goad and many more  March 22, 2004
George Metsker GEDCOM Added Metsker, Reed, Cook  March 24, 2004
Heinrich Buchler (Bigler) GEDCOM Added Bigler, Rubottom  March 26, 2004
Nathaniel Branson GEDCOM Updated Branson and many more  March 27, 2004
John Margrave GEDCOM Updated Margrave, Branson and more  April 2, 1004
Records of the Squatter Assn. of Doniphan County, Kansas Added Smallwood, Whitehead  April 3, 2004
John Ford GEDCOM Added Ford, Smallwood  April 3, 2004
Edward Smallwood GEDCOM Updated Smallwood and many more  April 4, 2004
Original Land Patent for Woodward Broughton-Rockcastle Co, KY Broughton  April 4, 2004
The Will of Levi Branson Sr. Added Branson  April 8, 2004
Grover & Henry Smallwood Mystery Solved Smallwood, Devore  April 10, 2004
Lemuel Moore GEDCOM Added Moore, Smallwood, Broughton  May 3, 2004
Elisha & Mary Smallwood Photo Added Smallwood  May 8, 2004
Hezekiah Smallwood GEDCOM Updated Smallwood, Broughton and many more  May 12, 2004
Ancestral Tidbits Section Added All  May 13, 2004
Recent Census & Records Extractions Page Added All  May 13, 2004
Bransons who Served in the Civil War Added Branson  May 13, 2004
Ancestral Narratives Index Added All  May 16, 2004
Site Map Added All  May 16, 2004
Lemuel Moore Narrative Added Moore, Smallwood and others  May 22, 2004
Moses Moore Census Analysis Added Moore, Evans  May 25, 2004
Knox Co, Kentucky Tax Lists 1800-1809 All  May 28, 2004
"Cousin Against Cousin"
Article about Bransons in the Civil War
Branson  May 31, 2004
Charles Arthur Cook was located in census records and connected to James Robert Cook Cook  June 2, 2004
John Cook web section updated to include descendants of Dorcas "Dora" Cook Cook, Taylor, Zimmerman and more  June 2, 2004
Thomas Moore Sr. GEDCOM Added Moore and many others  June 7, 2004
Obituary of Isaac Branson Added Branson  June 9, 2004
Symond Broughton GEDCOM Updated Many new names added  June 13, 2004
Richard Moore GEDCOM Added Includes Lemuel Moore and many others  June 22, 2004
Descendants of Peter Wolf Added Wolf, Smallwood  July 14, 2004
Descendants of Moses Devore Added Devore, Smallwood  July 15, 2004
Descendants of Nathaniel Branson Updated Branson and many more  July 18, 2004
Andrew Jackson Branson and Susannah Wilkerson - census extractions added Branson, Wilkerson  July 19, 2004
John and James Branson added to the Most Wanted List Branson  July 20, 2004
Descendants of Rees P. White Added White, Branson  July 20, 2004
Descendants of Humphrey Weaver correction made Weaver, Lackore  July 21, 2004
Catherwood and James Robert Cook Photo Added Cook, Zimmerman  July 25, 2004
Nathaniel Branson GEDCOM Updated Branson and many more  July 27, 2004
Ancestral Database Added All  August 8, 2004
Web Site Rating System Added N/A  August 10, 2004
John Cook GEDCOM Updated Cook, Zimmerman, Burch, Branson and many more  August 12, 2004
George & Dora (Cook) Zimmerman Photos Added Zimmerman, Cook  August 12, 2004
Charles Preston Burch Photos Added Burch, Zimmerman  August 12, 2004
Genealogy Link Pages Added All  August 14, 2004
September, 2004 Newsletter Published All  August 17, 2004
James Robert Cook Jr. and family Photo Added Cook, Campbell  October 24, 2004
James Robert Cook Jr. - More family photos added Cook, Campbell, Smallwood  October 31, 2004
Gravestone of James Robert Cook Sr. and Mary Smallwood Cook Added Cook, Smallwood  October 31, 2004
Interview with Geneva Campbell Cook about the Sumpter Valley Railroad added Cook, Campbell  October 31, 2004
Benjamin L. Rhodes and Julia Ann (Branson) Rhodes Photo #1 Added Rhodes, Branson  November 14, 2004
Benjamin L. Rhodes and Julia Ann (Branson) Rhodes Photo #2 Added Rhodes, Branson  November 14, 2004
Warranty Deed From John F. Branson to the Pagosa Lumber Company, 1901 Added Branson  November 15, 2004
Descendants of Alexander Harvey Carson Updated Carson and many more  November 23, 2004
Descendants of Edward Browne I Updated Browne, Brown and many more  November 23, 2004
Descendants of Thomas Steed Sr. Added Steed, Branson and more  November 27, 2004
Descendants of Henry Dixon Updated Dixon, Rubottom and more  December 14, 2004
The Will of Christopher Bush Added Smallwood, Bush  December 27, 2004
Metsker (Metzger) GEDCOM Updated Metsker, Metzger and many, many more  January 7, 2005
Descendants of William Shelton Updated Shelton, Shoopman, Smallwood and many more  January 21, 2005
Carson and Related Families in Early Butler County, Ohio Deed Book Carson, Potts, Ralston, Hill, Sutton, Chambers, Fowler, Lowry, Coapstick, and more  January 21, 2005
Carson and Related Families - Butler and Hamilton Co, Ohio Early Tax Lists Carson, Potts, Ralston, Hill, Sutton, Chambers, Lowry, Coapstick, Andrews, Freeman  January 21, 2005
Descendants of James Moore Sr. and Elinor Hamilton Added Moore, Hamilton, Bowman  January 22, 2005
Descendants of James A. Fowler Added
(later replaced with the file of Benjamin Fowler - see below)
Fowler, Carson, Pitman, Branson, Lindsey and many more  January 26, 2005
Descendants of Nicholas Devore Added Devore, Fowler, Carson and many more  February 5, 2005
Most Wanted Page Updated Carson, Hill, Fowler, Stern, Striker  February 6, 2005
Rebecca Fowler probable parentage change noted Fowler, Carson  February 6, 2005
New Narrative: Was James A. Fowler the son of John Fowler? Updated Fowler, Devore, Dewitt, Carson  February 19, 2005
Descendants of John and Susannah Fowler Added Fowler, Lewellen, Dukate and more  February 18, 2005
Some Fowler Families of Early Ohio and Indiana Fowler, Carson and many more  February 27, 2005
Descendants of Benjamin Fowler - Replaces the file of James A. Fowler Fowler, Devore, Carson, Pitman, Dewitt, Branson, Lindsey, Stevens and many more  March 5, 2005
Descendants of Mareen Duvall "The Immigrant"  Added Duvall, Fowler and many more  March 6, 2005
Mary Naylor (Nailor) Wife of Benjamin Fowler Sr. Added Naylor, Fowler  March 9, 2005
Mary Naylor (Nailor) Wife of Benjamin Fowler Sr. Updated Naylor, Fowler, Isaac and more  March 13, 2005
Descendants of George N. Naylor Added Naylor, Fowler, Isaac, Selby and many more  March 13, 2005
Narrative for Thomas Fowler and Susannah Ijams Fowler, Ijams, Naylor, Stinchcomb, Isaac, Duvall, Devore and many more  March 20, 2005
Updated Jan. 2, 2006
Descendants of Robert Huddleston Added Huddleston, Cook, Bartshe, Zimmerman and more  March 27, 2005
Possible Descendants of Benjamin Cook Added Cook, Anderson, Huddleston, Johnson, Montgomery, Lewis,  Rogers, Bartshe, Brashears and more  April 3, 2005
New Information about the Cooks of Lawrence Co., TN Updated Again Cook, Anderson, Huddleston, Johnson, Montgomery, Lewis,  Rogers, Brashears and more  April 4, 2005
Search Greene Co, TN Records and Queries at Rootsweb.com
(allow time for large web page to load)
   April 7, 2005
Descendants of William Cole I Added Cole, Eagleson, Gibson, Rubottom and more  April 21, 2005
Gus Oren Cook's First Wife - Helen Kohler or Kochler Cook, Kohler  May 1, 2005
Descendants of Henry and Agnes Carson Added Carson, Ellis, Fowler and more  May 12, 2005
Descendants of Christopher Ellis and Mary Brashears Added Ellis, Carson, Veatch, Fowler and more  May 14, 2005
 Updated March 10, 2006
Descendants of Nathaniel Branson Updated Guest and Scott families Branson, Margrave and many, many more  May 17, 2005
Ancestors of Sandra Branson Added Branson, Cook and many more  May 17, 2005
Descendants of Thomas Fowler and Susannah Ijams Updated Fowler, Ijams, Devore and many more  May 17, 2005
New Information about Lemuel Moore of Laurel Co, Kentucky Moore, Stubblefield, Rice, Easley  May 22, 2005
MOORE DNA TEST REQUEST Moores of Laurel Co, KY  May 26, 2005
Descendants of William Stubblefield Added Stubblefield, Moore, Rice, Easley and many more  May 30, 2005
New Headstone for Civil War Soldier:  Lt. Isaac Branson Update and photos Branson  June 4, 2005
Descendants of William Stubblefield Updated Stubblefield, Moore, Rice, Easley and many more  June 6, 2005
Anthony Moore, Margaret Copeland Moore - Gravestones - and - Mt. Bethel Cemetery Moore, Copeland  June 7, 2005
Update of Lemuel Moore Narrative Moore and others  June 23, 2005
 Map of the Residences and Migratory Regions of the Moore and allied Families of TN & KY Moore, Stubblefield, Rice, Ragan, Smallwood, Russell and more  June 25, 2005
Smallwood DNA Project Smallwood  June 25, 2005
Narrative:  The Smallwoods of North Carolina and Kentucky Smallwood, Broughton, Moore, Ring and many more.  June 28, 2005
 Updated April 8, 2006
Photo of Jefferson Davis Branson, wife Aurena "Irene" Spencer and daughter Margaret Added Branson, Spencer, Hungate  July 4, 2005
Smallwood, Grant, and many more  July 4, 2005
 Updated Dec. 18, 2005
Some Smallwood Families in Missouri
Map and List
Smallwood, Broughton and many more  July 9, 2005
 Updated Dec. 18, 2005
Some Stubblefield Records in Early Virginia Stubblefield, Estes and more  August 13, 2005
Descendants of William Smallwood and Mary Hanson of Granville, North Carolina Smallwood, Broughton, Branson, Moore, and more  August 26, 2005
 Updated Aug 28, 2005
Descendants of James Moore and Mary Rice Moore, Rice, Stubblefield, Wyatt, Branson and many more  August 27, 2005
 December 19, 2005
Includes Smallwoods & Hansons on the 1733, 1758 & 1747 Charles, MD Tax Lists
Smallwood, Hanson, Tarvin, Wheeler, Fendall, McPherson, Maconchie, Harrison and others  Updated
 January 17, 2006
THE BOYDEN BROTHERS OF CHARLES CO, MARYLAND Boyden, Fendall, Dent, Smoot, Bright, Slade and others.  Updated
 December 19, 2005
The Carson and Ellis Families of Butler and Hamilton Co, Ohio Fowler, Carson, Ellis, Freeman, Andrews, Giffin, Hanby and others.  December 22, 1005
 Updated Jan. 23, 2006
Data Chart for Some Carsons Who Lived in Early Southwestern Ohio Carson, Beedle, Ellis and others  December 27, 2005
Migration Route from Early Maryland and Pennsylvania to Ohio Carson, Fowler, Devore, Dewitt and others  January 8, 2006
Descendants of Jacob Lindsey Updated Lindsey, Rakestraw and others  January 8, 2006
Descendants of Henry Rakestraw and Elizabeth Zollars  Updated Lindsey, Rakestraw and others  January 8, 2006
More Research Notes about the Fowler, Dewitt, Devore and Ellis Families of Early Ohio Fowler, Devore, Dewitt, Price, Ellis  January 8, 2006
 Updated Jan. 12, 2006
Narrative: James A. Fowler of Butler, OH Fowler, Devore, Dewitt and others  January 9, 2006
New Section: Tax, Wills and Marriage Records Various  January 17, 2006
Fowler Family Coat of Arms Fowler  January 21, 2006
The Ijams Family of Maryland Ijams, Cheney and others  January 21, 2006
Research Notes on Carsons of Greene and Washington Co, TN Carson, Fowler, Ellis, Walker, Veatch and others.  January 27, 2006
 Updated Feb. 23, 2006
Some Early Tax and Military Lists of Washington County, PA Carson and allied families  February 12, 2006
Carson Families Color-Coded Chart Carson and others  February 18, 2006
Henry Carson Narrative
Connecting Henry Carson to the Carsons of early Maryland
Carson, Ellis, Fowler and others  February 24, 2006
 Updated Feb. 25, 2006
Descendants of John Aaron Carson and Nancy Weddle Carson, Ellis, Fowler and others  March 1, 2006
Narrative: Jarred Branson Branson, Beals, Haines, Dillard, Shockley and more.  Also provides information about the Branston family of Suffolk Co., England.  June 13, 2006
 Updated Nov. 25, 2007
July 7, 2006





News Highlights

Smallwood Photo Correction

The photo of Mary Margaret (Moore) Smallwood was incorrectly listed as a photo of Nancy Smallwood.  That correction has been made.  This information courtesy of Martha Hansen.

Census Records

Beginning on February 24, 2004 a new feature is beginning!  Names of individuals (Branson, Cook and allied families only) included in the U.S. Federal Census records will be listed on this web site.  This is a very time-consuming project so pages will be added as they become ready.  The first census listed is the 1930 census.  Eventually, all indexed years will be listed.  Names, ages, birth years and birth places (if available) will be displayed.  View the first set of pages already posted.

Boyd Name Origin Removed

The Origin of Names page has been changed.  Reference to the surname BOYD has been removed due to reports that the information was not entirely correct.  Until further research is completed on this subject, the Boyd name origin will not be displayed.

Surname Index Improved

The Surname Index is now easier to use.  Rather than listing page numbers, the index now provides an alphabetical range for each page.  The first three letters of the first surname and the last surname on each page is shown on this index. 

"Cousin Abe" Connection Clarified

The "Cousin Abe" page has been clarified to more clearly show the connection between President Abraham Lincoln and the Branson family.

E-Mail Address Request Added to Message Board

Our Message Board does not ask for your e-mail address, so please be sure to include it in the body of your message if you'd like a response by e-mail.

Branson / Cook Newsetter

Starting March 1, 2004 the Branson / Cook Newsletter will be published every other month.  Learn more about it and help other researchers by participating.

Cook Photos Added

Thomas Jefferson and Mary Ellen (Tillery) Cook Family
James Robert and Mary (Smallwood) Cook Family








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