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Name Known Information
Nancy A. (Carson) Fowler
Report Information

Lot Carson
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William Carson
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Elvira Carson
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Esther (Hill) Carson
Report Information

John M. Stern
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Ann Carson
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Margaret Carson
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Henry Carson
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John Carson
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Elizabeth Striker
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Mary T. (Carson) Beedle
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Meriba (Carson) Mabry
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Mark Jackson Mabry
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Aaron Thomas Beedle
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Nancy A. Carson was born about 1815 in Ohio and died 1878 in Keokuk County, Iowa.  She married Benjamin Nicholas Fowler about 1834/1835.  No marriage record has been found.  They could have been married in Ohio or Indiana.  Their son James Augustine Fowler was born in Butler Co, Ohio in 1836.  There were Carson families in that county in 1820 and beyond, however most have been ruled out for various reasons.  A William Carson was there in 1820 and 1830 but he disappears after that.  He may be the son of John and Leah Carson who moved to Butler, Ohio from Fayette Co, PA.  He may be connected to an Elmira Carson (b.1817 in Butler, OH) who married John Henry Welch in 1836 in Fountain Co, Indiana; William Carson (b. abt 1806) who married Esther Hill in 1828 in Butler, OH.; Ann Carson who married John M. Stern; and he did have a daughter Margaret Carson.  He probably died before 1840.  Nancy's possible sisters were Meriba Carson who married Mark Jackson Mabry and Mary T. Carson who married Aaron Thomas Beedle.  Mary T. Carson Beedle died in Fountain, IN in 1874.  Meriba Carson Mabry was married in Fountain, IN in Oct. 5, 1845.  Another possible sister was Elvira Carson.  Her possible brothers there Henry Carson who married Rebecca Fowler and John Fowler who married Christianna Andrews.

Ben and Nancy Fowler lived in Warren Twp, Marion, Indiana, and Keokuk County, Iowa and Ben may have lived in Thayer Co, Nebraska after Nancy died.  They may have been in or near Fountain Co, Indiana between 1840 and 1850.

Below are the 1830 census record for Wm. Carson:

1830 Federal Census
IMAGE 25: William Carson Lemon, Butler, Ohio
Males: 0110001 (oldest male age 40-50 - born 1780-1790)
Females: 122001 (there are 2 females Nancy's age in the household)

Below are the 1830 & 1840 Census Records for the Fowlers:

1830 Census - Madison, Butler, OH
Benjamin Fowler (010001-321001) oldest male age 30-40 (born before 1800-Ben's uncle?)
Fowler, Daniel Lemon, Butler, OH 1830 (102001-010001) oldest male age 30-40 (1840 Butler OH)
Fowler, Jared Liberty, Butler, OH 1830 (500001-01001) same page as Philip,male age 30-40 (1840 Butler OH)
Fowler, Philip Liberty, Butler, OH 1830 (000000001) male age 60-70

1840 census
Alfred Fowler Lemon, Butler, Ohio - probably son of James Fowler and Elizabeth Devore (brother of Ben#2)
Daniel Fowler Lemon, Butler, Ohio - probably son of John Fowler - brother to Ben #1
Felex D Fowler Darrtown, Butler, Ohio - probably son of James Fowler - brother to Ben #2
James Fowler Oxford, Butler, Ohio - probably father of Ben #2 and Felix
James Fowler Jr Oxford, Butler, Ohio - son of James Fowler -brother to Ben #2 and Felix
Jared Fowler Fairfield, Butler, Ohio - don't know about him
Benjamin Fowler Hanover, Butler, Ohio - (02001-20001) 20-30 - Page 27

There was also a Lot Carson (b. abt 1789) in Butler Co, OH in 1820.  He appears in Orange Co, Indiana in 1830, part of which became Tippecanoe Co. where he lived in 1840 and 1850.  He served as a County Commissioner in the years 1840, 1841 and 1842 for Tippecanoe County, Indiana.  He had land patents in that state in 1827, 1829, 1835 and 1837.  So far no other male Carsons have been found living near him, however, in 1850 Ben Fowler's brother Felix Dewitt Fowler was living in the same county as Lot Carson.  Below are the census and other records for Lot Carson:

1820 Census - Madison, Butler, Ohio - Page 81
Lot Carson (200010-10100) oldest male age 26-45 (1 FEMALE NANCY'S AGE NOT LISTED ON LDS SITE)

LDS Web Site:
Husband's Name: Lot CARSON  Born: Abt 1790
Wife's Name: Margaret Born: Abt 1795
1. M Alonzo CARSON Born: Abt 1823
2. M John CARSON Born: Abt 1830
3. F Sarah CARSON Born: Abt 1836

1830 Census - Fairfield, Orange, Indiana
Lot Carson (202101-011001) oldest male age 30-40 Pg 139
ALSO THERE: Jonathan Tullis (100011-10101) age 30-40 (married Leah Carson) Pg 133

1840 Census - Fairfield, Tippecanoe, Indiana
Lott Carson  (00211001-1101101) -age 50-60 next younger male age 20-30
(There is a male age 20-30 and a female age 20-30 - could be husband and wife living with parents)

1850 Census - Fairfield, Tippecanoe, Indiana
Lot Carson, 60, farmer
Margaret, 59
John, 20, farmer
Sarah, 14
Emma J. Blue, 6
Alonzo Carson, 27, farmer
no birth places given


1840 Census
Henry Carson Warren, Marion, Indiana (110001-111001) age 30-40 page 321
NEXT DOOR: William Hanby (00001-0001)
ALSO THERE: John Carson (202001-112001) age 30-40 page 318

Ohio Marriages:
Carson, William
Married: Dec 21, 1829 in: Butler Co., OH


John Branson and James Branson

NOTE:  It is possible that the family shown in the 1860 census record was John, the son of Andrew Daniel and Phariba (Cox) Branson.  They had a son named Valentine (b. Jan 21, 1810) and the census record shows a son named Valentine - he could have been named after his uncle.  It is also possible that the family shown in the 1850 census record could be the same John since Andrew and Phariba also named a son Rolly. 

Since the wife in each of these census records appears to be a different person, it's possible that John first married Julia and then married Nancy.  Perhaps the children from the first marriage were raised by someone else since they do not appear in the 1860 census living with John.

Here's what we know about John, the son of Andrew Daniel Branson:

Birth date & place: About 1811, Virginia
Residence: his parents were living in Gasconade Co, Missouri in 1830 and 1840. 
Siblings: As far as we know, John did not have a brother named James, unless it was a middle name.  He did have a cousin named James who was born in 1817 but he used his middle name (Jarret) in the 1850 census (married to Sarah).  In the 1860 census he used the name Jared and was married to Polly, so this record could not be him.

Report Information


Two census records were found for John Branson born about 1810/1811 in Virginia.  They appear to be different families, but may be the same family.  Both families were living in Missouri.  In 1860 John was living next to James Branson.  Below are the census extractions for these families. 

1850 census - Dist. 6, Bates Co, Missouri
John Branson 38 1811 Virginia Male
Julia Branson 28 1821 Virginia Female
Francis Branson 5 1844 Missouri Male
Margaret Branson 3 1846 Missouri Female
Roley Branson 6 months Missouri Male

1860 Census - Third Creek, Gasconade Co, MO
John Branson  49 1810 Virginia Male
Nancy Branson  45 1814 Virginia Female
Hiram Branson  29 1830 Missouri Male
William Branson  21 1838 Missouri Male
Valentin Branson  13 1846 Missouri Male
Isaac Branson  8 1851 Missouri Male
Malvina Branson  7 1852 Missouri Female
Jane Branson  3 1856 Missouri Female
1860 Census - Third Creek, Gasconade, MO
James Branson 35 1824 Tennessee Male
Mary Branson 68 1791 Tennessee Female
Lyde Branson 17 1842 Tennessee Female
Nancy Branson 13 1846 Missouri Female
Mary Branson 12 1847 Missouri Female
Lucinda Branson 9 1850 Missouri Female
Hiram Branson 7 1852 Missouri Male

Johnnie Jewel "Jackie" Kelly

Report Information
Born: July 26, 1922 in Maysville, Madison, Alabama
Died: probably in California
Louis Fred Seims
John Thomas or James H. Kelly
Mattie Pearl Webster
Kenneth Louis Seims
Thomas Young (middle name is possibly William)

Report Information
Born: about 1842/1843 in North Carolina
Spouse #1:
Sarah E. Arthur (b. about 1846 VA,
married Dec 20 1866 in Laurel Co, KY)
Joseph William (b. Nov 3 1867 in KY)
Sarah Catherine (b. Mar 21 1869 in KY)
Mollye Rose (b. Aug 5 1870)
Margaret Elizabeth (b. June 2 1873)
Spouse #2:
Mary E. Moore (b. Feb 1840 in KY,
married Feb 10 1876 in Laurel Co, KY, father:
Hiram C. Moore, mother: Sarah V. Evans)
Hiram Clifford (b. Apr 8 1877 in KY, d. July 27 1960 in Whitley Co, KY)
John "Johnny" (b. Aug 29 1879 in KY, d. May 1970 in Cincinnati, Ohio)
Lemuel Moore

Report Information
Born: about 1772 in VA
Residence: 1840 & 1850 Laurel Co KY
Ann (b. about 1784 Tennessee)
Winniford "Winney" (b. about 1803 TN, married William Broughton Nov 30 1849 in Kaurel Co, KY)
Nancy (b. May 1804 in TN, married Joseph Pruitt Apr 9 1845 in Rockcastle Co KY)
James (b. about 1826 in TN, married Mrs. Mary Reynolds Feb 9 1854 in Rockcastle Co KY)
Mary Margaret (b. June 11, 1835 in TN, married Elisha Smallwood June 1853 in Rockcastle Co, KY)