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Today's Bransons

Betty and Bill Branson
50th Wedding Anniversary

In August, 1995, Betty and Bill Branson celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in Gresham, Oregon. In attendance were approximately 100 people from the Branson and Cook sides of the family. The event was organized as a picnic and barbeque at the home of Eugene and Sandra Branson Young. During the celebration, Betty and Bill were presented with a variety of special gifts, including a gold plated commemorative plate inscribed with their names and the date of their marriage. Bill is the sole surviving direct descendant of Ira and Clara Branson. Betty is the sole surviving direct descendant of Oren and Iva Cook. Below is a photo of Betty and Bill cutting the cake.

Betty and Bill's Daughters

Today, Sandra is living near Gresham, Oregon. She is a self-employed bookkeeper, webmaster and computer programmer. She enjoys creating websites, writing computer programs, water colors, colored pencil drawings, crocheting and, most of all, being with her three grandchildren. Today, Tere lives near Coos Bay, Oregon and works with Stephen Procunier who is a licensed Accupunturist. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist and works with several clients in this capacity along with helping Stephen run his practice. Below is a photo of Lara (Rubottom) Busch (Sandra' s daughter), Sandra and Tere (Sandra's sister).

Lara Busch (Sandra's daughter), Sandra Branson Young, Tere Branson
(Taken in about 1990)
Sandra Branson Young (today)



This site maintained by Sandra Branson Young