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Thomas Jefferson Cook

Thomas was born in 2 Feb 1868 in Missouri.  He married Mary Ellen Tillery on 1 Oct 1891.  They had eight children.  He and his family moved to Baker County, Oregon in approximately 1907.  Thomas lived the latter part of his life in Portland, Oregon where he passed away while living at the Oddfellows Home (1 Apr 1952).  Below is a photo of his eight children taken in the 1950s (possibly after his funeral). More about each child is shown below the photo.   Click here to learn more about Thomas' ancestry.  Click here to learn more about Mary Ellen Tillery's ancestry.

From left to right: Floyd, Eva, Harvey, May, Gus Oren, William (Bill), Alta and Curtis

The Children of Thomas Jefferson Cook

Martha May - born 1892 / died 1982
William T. - born 1894/95 / died about 1973, Denver, CO
Gus Oren- born 1896 / died 1981, Newport, OR
Mary Eva - 1898/ died 1988
Harvey E. - born 1899 / died 1981, Santa Barbara, CA
Floyd Newton - born 1903 / died 1971, OR
Curtis D. - born about 1906 / died about 1984, OR
Alta Bernice - born 1908 / died 1988

Below: Click on a Photo for a larger image

Back Row: Oren, May, William Cook
Front Row: Harvey, Floyd, Eva Cook
Floyd Cook
Eva (Cook), Evelyn, Sam Hearing Harvey, William, Oren
Thomas Jefferson, Mary Cook
Thomas Jefferson Cook's Family
Taken after his funeral in 1952
Alta (Cook) and son Tom Chandler
Floyd, May, Alta and Gus Oren Cook Harvey and Velma (Bailey) Cook
Harvey Cook May (Green/Haskell), Alta (Chandler) and Eva (Hearing) Cook
Gus Oren Cook and Pals Gus Oren, Eva (Green/Haskell), Alta (Chandler), and Thomas Jefferson Cook


This site maintained by Sandra Branson Young