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Narrative - Updated January 9, 2006
by Sandra Branson Young


A Chart of the Descendants of Thomas Fowler and Susannah Ijams

James A. Fowler of Butler County, Ohio

Any information, conclusions or theories presented in this narrative are not entirely verified and should not be assumed to be totally accurate.

Click here to see the descendants of James A. Fowler

James A. Fowler married Elizabeth Devore, believed to be the daughter of Jeremiah Devore and Nancy Mann.  They were married July 21, 1808 in Butler Co, Ohio.  Based on census records James was born about 1787 in Maryland and Elizabeth was born about 1792 in Kentucky (probably Mason County).  The following familiar names were on the 1792 Mason, KY Tax List:

Mason, KY 1792 Tax List
17921001 1-Oct Eatton Ebenezer
17921001 1-Oct Fowler James (uncle of James A. Fowler?)
17921001 1-Oct Fry Jacob
17921003 3-Oct Dye John
17921003 3-Oct Dye Stephen
17921003 3-Oct Fowler Edward (son of Richard Fowler and Honour Logsdon?)
17921004 4-Oct Devore Nicholas (grandfather of Elizabeth Devore)
17921004 4-Oct Devore Jeremiah (father of Elizabeth Devore)
17921004 4-Oct Dill Solomon
17921004 4-Oct Duvall J. John
17921004 4-Oct Dye John

James and Elizabeth were listed in Butler County, Ohio in the 1820 Federal Census year with a total of 9 younger males and 1 younger female, in addition to the two adults.  Eight of the younger males were under the age of 11 and one was between the ages of 10 and 16.  Based on subsequent census records and other information (birth places and birth dates) 5 of those 9 younger males have been identified.  It is believed the younger female was Elizabeth Fowler who married Michael Hart Jan. 25, 1835 in Butler Co., Ohio.   Elizabeth was born about 1815.  The five identified males are Felix Dewitt Fowler who was born in 1810 in Ohio, Benjamin Nicholas Fowler who was born Feb 6, 1811 in Ohio, Alfred Fowler who was born about 1817 in Ohio, James C. Fowler who was born about 1818 in Ohio and David Fowler who was born about 1819 in Ohio.  The remaining 4 males have not been identified and it is believed some of them may have been nephews or they may have died young, perhaps in a disease epidemic because they do not show up in the 1830 census.  UPDATE: One of the unidentified males could be John Fowler who married Nancy Donally July 20, 1827/37 in Butler Co, Ohio.  He was born about 1809. 

1820 Federal Census - Butler Co, Ohio
8 age 0 -10 (Felix, Benjamin, Alfred, David, James Jr, ??, ??, ??) - 3 unidentified males age 0-10
1 age 10 -16 (John?)
1 age 26-45 - James
1 age 0-10 (Elizabeth?)
1 age 26-45 - Elizabeth (Devore)

In the 1830 Federal census James and Elizabeth were living in Oxford, Butler County, Ohio.  In their household were 6 younger males and 2 younger females in addition to the two adults.  Two of the three newly listed children have been identified:  Jeremiah J. Fowler who was born about 1822 in Ohio and Hannah A. Fowler who was born about 1824 in Ohio.  The other male age 0-5 has not been identified and was not listed in the 1840 census.  Again, he may have been a nephew or he may have died young.

Oxford, Butler, OH 1830 Federal Census
Fowler, James
2 age 0-5: Francis and ??
1 age 5-10: Jeremiah
1 age 10-15: James Jr.
1 age 15-20: Benjamin
1 age 20-30: Felix
1 age 30-40: James Sr.
1 age 0-5: Hannah
1 age 10-15: Elizabeth
1 age 30-40: Elizabeth (Devore)  

In the 1840 Federal census James and Elizabeth are still living in Oxford, Butler County, Ohio.  Living in their household are 2 younger males in addition to the two adults.  The newly listed younger male has been identified because he was listed in the 1850 census: Francis P. Fowler was born about 1830 in Ohio.  The male age 15-20 was probably Jeremiah who was not married until 1842.  The other sons were already married and living separately, as were both daughters.

1840 Federal Census - Oxford, Butler Co, Ohio
1 age 10-15 (Francis)
1 age 15-20 (Jeremiah)
1 age 50-60 (James)
1 age 50-60 (Elizabeth) 

In the 1850 Federal census James and Elizabeth were living in Milford, Butler County, Ohio.  Also in their household was their youngest son Francis P. Fowler.  At this point we learn that James was a farmer born in Maryland about 1787 and Elizabeth was born in Kentucky about 1792.  Learning that Elizabeth was born in Kentucky eventually turned out to be an important clue in the research.  Because of this clue it was no longer assumed that James moved directly from Maryland to Ohio.  A wider search began for his parents – a search that led into the state of Kentucky.

1850 Federal Census - Milford, Butler, OH
James A. Fowler, 62, born in Maryland, farmer
Elizabeth, 58, born in Kentucky
Francis P., 21, OH, farmer

In the 1860 Federal census James and Elizabeth were still living in Milford, Butler County, Ohio, but there were no longer any children in the household. It is presumed that both of them died prior to the 1870 Federal census, although death and burial records have not yet been located.

1860 Census - Milford, Butler, Ohio
James Fowler, 72, MD
E. Fowler, 67, KY

Based on subsequent census records in Ohio, information obtained from relatives, other researchers, and Butler County Ohio records, a summary of the children of James Fowler and Elizabeth Devore is now presented (some are not proven):

      I.          John Fowler ??, born ca. 1809 in OH, poss. Crawford, IN. 
                  Married Nancy Donally July 20, 1827/37 in Butler Co, Ohio.

II.                    Felix Dewitt Fowler ??, born 1810 in OH, died March 8, 1859 in Fredonia, Iowa.  Married Susan (Susannah) Pitman on June 24, 1830 in Butler Co, Ohio

III.                   Benjamin Nicholas Fowler?, born February 6, 1811 in Ohio, died probably after 1882.  Married Nancy A. Carson about 1834/1835.  (marriage and death record not yet located)

IV.                  Nancy Fowler ??, born about 1816 in Ohio, death date unknown.  Married Joseph Reddick on January 18, 1837 in Butler Co, Ohio.

V.                  Alfred Fowler ??, born about 1817 in Ohio, death date unknown.  Married Harriet Mulford on August 28, 1839 in Butler Co, Ohio.  Married Amelia 1850/1860.

VI.                James C. Fowler ??, born about 1818 in Ohio, death date unknown.  Married Eliza R. Davidson.

VII.               David Fowler ??, born about 1819 in Ohio, death date unknown.  Married Robina Kibler on March 12, 1838 in Marion County, Indiana.

VIII.             Jeremiah J. Fowler, born about 1822 in Butler Co, Ohio, died probably before 1880 in probably Franklin County, Indiana.  Married Clarissa Kilgore on Sep 22, 1842 in Marion County, Indiana.

IX.                Hannah A. Fowler, born about 1824 in Ohio, died April 8, 1895 in New Lisbon, Henry County, Indiana.  Married William Clinton Hanby in December, 1837 in Marion County, Indiana.

X.                  Francis P. Fowler, born about 1830 in Ohio, death date unknown.  Married Hannah (Leams) Harris on October 26, 1865 in Butler Co, Ohio.  Married Mary J. Jones on April 18, 1854 in Butler Co, Ohio.

James served in the War of 1812 in Captain Zachariah P. Dewitt’s Mounted Company, Ohio Militia4 formed from volunteers in Butler County, Ohio.  Also serving in that unit was John Devore, possibly the uncle of Elizabeth Devore.  Her uncle, David Devore, served in Capt. Edward’s Regiment, Ohio Militia4.   It is believed that Benjamin Fowler was the father of James A. Fowler.  A Benjamin Fowler age 45+ was living in Oxford, Butler County, Ohio in 1820, the same township as James A. Fowler.  Proof of Benjamin's identity has not been obtained but he may have been related to William Fowler and Susanna Duvall who was born Dec 16, 1733 in Maryland.  He married Mary Naylor (b. 1765/68 MD).  It is believed that Benjamin Senior's sons, Jeremiah and Benjamin II, were in Kentucky prior to moving to Ohio.  Benjamin Sr. was in Northumberland, PA in 1790 and 1800, along with Elizabeth Devore's grandfather Nicholas..  A Benjamin Fowler was on the early Kentucky Tax Lists, along with a Jeremiah, a Joseph and several other Fowlers.  Very little is published about the children of William Fowler and Susannah Duvall, however there were many Duvalls who migrated from Maryland to Ohio, some of them going to Pennsylvania first, and some on to Kentucky and Ohio.  In 1820 a Daniel Duvall was living in Hamilton Co, Ohio, next to Butler County.  A Daniel Duvall and a William Fowler were found on the Captains list of those who received military land warrants after the Revolutionary War.  Most of these warrants were for land in Kentucky and Ohio. The Daniel Duvall living in Hamilton County may have been the son of Captain Daniel Duvall. 

1792 Madison, KY Tax List
FOWLER, Benjamin (father of James A. Fowler?)
FOWLER, Jerimiah
FOWLER, Joseph
FOWLER, Matthew
FOWLER, Richard
LOGSDON, Edward, Jr.
LOGSDON, Edward, Sr.
LOGSDON, Thomas, Sr.

BENJAMIN FOWLER KY Madison County No Township Listed 1800
JEREMIAH FOWLER KY Madison County No Township Listed 1800
JOSEPH FOWLER KY Madison County No Township Listed 1789
JOSEPH FOWLER KY Madison County No Township Listed 1800

Elizabeth Devore was from a family who was quite active in the settlement of Northern Kentucky and Ohio.  Her father, Jeremiah Devore, moved with his parents to Kentucky at an early age.  Jeremiah was born in Sussex, New Jersey in about 1758 and married Nancy Mann in about 1784.  Jeremiah is believed to be the son of Nicholas Devore and Sarah Decker.  Elizabeth’s likely grandfather, Nicholas Devore, was a Revolutionary War Patriot, having served with the Continental Troops between 1775 and 17834.  Also serving with the Continental Troops were Joshua and Phillip Fowler.  There was a Phillip Fowler living in Butler OH in 1830 age 60-70 - disappears after that. This Joshua and Phillip have not yet been identified.  Nicholas lived in Kenton Station, Kentucky located in or near Mason County where he was listed in the 1810 Federal Census, age over 45 with one female over the age of 45.  Living next to him is his son Abner Devore, age 16-26. 

Nicholas Devore was listed on the 1790 and 1800 Mason County, Kentucky Tax Lists.  Also listed in 1800 was a James Fowler.  Research indicates this James was married to Nancy and had a daughter Mary Fowler who married Valentine Leonard February 27, 1794 in Meyersville, Mason County, Kentucky.  Further searches for information about this James Fowler have not yet been successful.  If his daughter was married in 1794, James was probably born about 1750-1755.  No records have been found for him in Mason County after the 1800 Tax List, however there was a James Fowler living in Hardin County, Kentucky in 1830, age 60 to 70.  It is possible this was the same James Fowler, although not quite old enough to have a daughter married in 1794.  Also, if this was the same James Fowler, it appears he had a son named James Fowler who was in Hardin County, Kentucky in 1840.  If this was the same James who was on the Mason County Tax List then he can be ruled out as a possible father of James A. Fowler. 

NICHOLAS DEVOUR KY Mason County No Township Listed 1790
JAMES FOWLER KY Mason County No Township Listed 1800
NICHOLAS DEVORE KY Mason County No Township Listed 1800

1-Oct Fowler James
3-Oct Fowler Edward
4-Oct Devore Nicholas
4-Oct Devore Jeremiah
4-Oct Duvall J. John

Ancestry.com Message Board
Valentine4 Leonard (John Peter3, Valentine John Paul2 Leonardt, Martin1 Leonhardt) was born 1763 in Rowan Co, NC (EXTENSIVE
LEONARD FAMILY INFO TO 1706), and died June 25, 1853 in Blount Twp, Vermilion County, IL buried in Leonard cemetery. He married (1)
Polly Jones 1793 in Mason County, KY. He married (2) Mary Fowler February 27, 1794 in Meyersville, Mason Co, KY, daughter of James
Fowler and Nancy ?. He married (3) Mary Stipp November 22, 1847 in Vermilion Co, IL.

1830 census
Bennet (Barnett?) P Fowler Not Stated, Hardin, Kentucky (2000100011-1000100001) oldest male 70-80 <1750-1760> Pg 326
Felix (J. ) Fowler Not Stated, Hardin, Kentucky (10001-00001) oldest male age 20-30 <1800-1810> Pg 326 (per 1850 census born 1807 in KY - research indicates his father was John Walter Fowler)
James Fowler Not Stated, Hardin, Kentucky (002100001-01100001) oldest male age 60-70 <1760-1770> Pg 355
1840 census
F J Fowler Not Stated, Hardin, Kentucky Pg 36
James Fowler Not Stated, Hardin, Kentucky (101001-00001) oldest male age 20-30 <1810-1820> Pg 83

In the 1820 Federal census Nicholas is listed in Warren County, Ohio, formed from Butler County and located across the border from Kentucky.  Living in his household are 22 males and 13 females.  Apparently he brought his entire extended family with him.  Included among that number may have been some friends and associates.  The 1820 household includes 6 males over 45, 7 males age 26-45, 6 males age 18-26, 2 males age 16-18, 1 male age 0-5, 7 females over 45, 5 females age 26-45 and 1 female age 18-26.  His sons Abner and David were listed separately living in Brown County, Ohio formed from Adams County in 1817.  A Jeremiah Devore was still listed in Bracken County, Kentucky, a neighbor of Brown County, Ohio but this may have been another Jeremiah.  Nicholas was known to have five sons all of whom were born before 1790, however there were possibly more sons born than have been documented.  The first documented son was Abner, born in about 1777.  However, Nicholas and Sarah were married March 5, 1751, so it is likely there were more children than were documented.  Based on census and other records showing several Devore families living in Southwest Ohio between 1820 and 1850 it is likely they were sons of Nicholas and Sarah.   Depicted below is one possible analysis of the household of Nicholas Devore in the year 1820:

1 age 0-5: Grandson
2 age 16-18: Grandsons
6 age 18-26: Grandsons
7 age 26-45: Sons: William, Nicholas Jr and Benjamin, possibly Jeremiah, and 4-5 sons-in-law
6 age 45+: Nicholas, sons: John and Michael, sons-in-law: John Mann and James Sansbury, an unknown son-in-law
1 age 18-26: Granddaughter
5 age 26-45: Polly Hall wife of Nicholas Jr, Nancy Fitzgerald wife of Benjamin, daughters: Abigail, Sarah, Nancy Mann wife of Jeremiah
7 age 45+: Sarah, daughters: Susannah, Elizabeth and Nancy, wife of John, wife of Michael, unknown daughter-in-law

It is believed that Nicholas Devore knew James A. Fowler before he moved to Ohio.  It has been published by other researchers that the father of James was John Fowler, however that has not been proven.  The following names were listed on the 1810 Adams County Ohio Tax List: John Fowler, David Devore, James Carson, Jacob Carson, Joseph Carson.  I’ve included the Carsons because Benjamin Nicholas Fowler, the son of James A. Fowler, married Nancy A. Carson.  In the 1820 Federal Census a James Devore (age over 45) and a Frederick Devore (age 26-45) were listed in Butler County, Ohio, the location of James Fowler.  James and Frederick Devore were probably brothers of Elizabeth.   On the 1819 Brown County Tax List were the following names: David Devore, Nicholas Devore, John Fowler.  Other researchers who have published information about John Fowler indicate that he was born July 21, 1764 possibly in Maryland.  He died September 25, 1823 in Russellville, Brown County, Ohio.  He married Rachel.  Nicholas Devore died in 1829 in Union Township, Brown County, Ohio. 

Other evidence that the Devore and Fowler families were closely connected includes selected names from the 1810 Federal census in northern Kentucky.  Christopher and William Devore were Elizabeth Devore’s brothers.  John and Benjamin Devore were her uncles.  Bracken and Fayette Counties in Kentucky are located in the very northern section near the Ohio border and near Mason County, Kentucky.  Since Zachariah Dewitt went to Ohio in 1805 it is likely that John Fowler and the Devores began scouting land in that state at about the same time while their families remained in Kentucky until a few years later.  This would explain why they were listed on Ohio tax lists in 1810 while still being listed in the 1810 census in Kentucky.  It is also believed that the War of 1812 played a large role in the migration of these families.  Some researchers have written extensively about a Captain John Fowler who was a leading citizen of Lexington, Kentucky.  He was born about the same time as the John Fowler who went to Brown County, Ohio, however he died in Lexington.  Therefore, the John Fowler listed below may be him and not the one who went to Brown County, Ohio.  Another clue: A Benjamin Devoe or Devore was listed on the 1808 Butler County, Ohio Tax List - the same year that James A. Fowler married Elizabeth Devore in that county.  Benjamin was Elizabeth's uncle (not her father because he was not married until 1805).

1810 census
Christoper Devour Not Stated, Bracken, KY 1810 (11100-20100)
Wm Devour Not Stated, Bracken, KY 1810 (00100-10010)
John Fowler Lexington, Fayette, KY 1810 (00001-00001) 45+ <bef 1765> - Page 12
John Devore Lexington, Fayette, KY (03001-02101) 45+ <bef 1765> - Page 48
TWO DOORS AWAY: Moore or Morris? Devore (10010-00100) - son of John?

1820 - Brown County, Ohio - we find John Fowler and Benjamin Devore living in Pleasant, Brown, Ohio. Possibly still in Bracken, KY is Benjamin's brother Jeremiah and his daughter Elizabeth who married John Fowler's son James.

1820 census
Jerimiah Devor Augusta,Bracken,KY 1820 (010001-10010) age 45+ Page 16
NEXT DOOR: Wm Devore Augusta,Bracken,KY 1820 (100010-02001) age 26-45
2 DOORS AWAY: Henry Devore Augusta,Bracken,KY 1820 (100100-10100) age 16-18 <1802-1804>

I believe the Jeremiah Devore listed above
was another Jeremiah Devore (there were two in that generation).  I believe he was with his father Nicholas Devore in Shakers, Warren Co, Ohio in 1820 where an N. Devore was listed with 35 people in his household.  In 1830 he is listed in Putnam, Indiana.  Jeremiah is the only Devore in that region who was known to have a daughter Elizabeth born the same year as James A. Fowler’s wife.  Many of the children of James and Elizabeth went from Butler Co, Ohio to Marion County, Indiana along with Benjamin Fowler b. 1798 (believed to be the uncle of James A. Fowler).  Marion and Putnam Counties are located very close to one another in the central part of Indiana.

Elizabeth Devore’s father Jeremiah died March 22, 1841 in Putnam County, Indiana.  Her mother Nancy Mann died after 1841 in Putnam County, Indiana.   James A. Fowler died in Milford, Butler County, Ohio.

It is also believed that the Fowlers knew the Dewitt family very well before moving to Ohio.  Zachariah Dewitt is listed in tax records in Kentucky from 1790 to 1803.  He served in the Indian wars at the close of the Revolution, & Israel FOWLER, one of his grandsons, was in the Mexican War. Zachariah P. DEWITT emigrated from Kentucky to Butler Co., Ohio in 1805, & entered 320 acres of land situated on Section 24. Here he lived until his death at the age of 82. His wife died in 1840 at the age of 67.3  Section 24 is located in Butler County, Ohio.  He is listed in the 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840 and 1850 census records in that county.  His daughter Sarah Dewitt married Jeremiah Fowler, the probable brother of James A. Fowler.  James A. Fowler gave his first son Felix the middle name Dewitt. 

A James Fowler was listed in the 1800 census of Brownsville, Fayette, PA, age 45+ with 3 males age 10-16 and 1 male age 0-10.  John D. Fowler was living in Springhill and his other  family members were living in Redstone, Fayette, PA which later became part of Brownsville.  This older James Fowler may have migrated from Maryland and may have been an uncle of James A. Fowler.

John Fowlar Brownsville, Fayette, PA 1800 (10100-10100) oldest male 16-26 <1774-1784>
Jonas Fowlar Brownsville, Fayette, PA 1800 (20100-10100) oldest male 16-26 <1774-1784>
James Fowler Brownsville, Fayette, PA 1800 (01301-00100) 45+
Thomas Fowlar Franklin, Fayette, PA 1800 (13001-11201) oldest male 45+ <b. bef 1755> Pg 523
Caleb Fowlar Georges, Fayette, PA 1800 (01010-00101) oldest male 26-45 <1755-1774> Pg 548
Wm Fowler Hamilton, Fayette, PA 1800 (00100-00001) male age 16-26 <1774-1784> Pg 853
Jacob Fowlar Redstone, Fayette, PA 1800 (00201-01100) 45+
John Fowlar Redstone, Fayette, PA 1800 (01101-11201) 45+
Joseph Fowlar Redstone, Fayette, PA 1800 (00001-00000) 45+
John Fowlar Springhill, Fayette, PA 1800 (20010-20010) <1755-1774> ---- John D. Fowler?
John Fowlar Union, Fayette, PA 1800
Thomas Fowlar Union, Fayette, PA 1800

We know that James A. Fowler was born in Maryland in 1787.  Two James Fowlers were listed on the Oath of Fidelity list in 1778, Anne Arundel, Maryland.  John D. Fowler's family was from Anne Arundel, Maryland.  The word "Queen" was shown next to several of the names which I believe refers to their parish or county - possibly Queen Anne County.  Some of the descendants of Thomas Fowler and Susannah Iiams were in Queen Anne County and were likely included on the list.  It is not known if the two James Fowlers on this list were related to them.  Absalom Fowler was probably their grandson.  Some of their descendants moved to Madison County, Kentucky.  It is possible that James A. Fowler was one of their descendants, and it is possible that some of the Fowlers who were in Fayette County, PA were part of this family - some of the first names are the same.  Further research on this family is needed.

See excerpt below about Anne Arundel, Maryland and the British invasion.

In order to visualize the movements of the people in this review, here are some county descriptions: 

Brown County, Ohio was established in 1818 from Adams County to the east and Clermont County to the west.  Brown County is one of the southernmost counties in Ohio. Other Brown County neighbors include Clinton, Highland and Warren Counties in Ohio; Bracken and Mason Counties in Kentucky. Historic river towns such as Aberdeen, Ripley, and Higginsport, along with Georgetown (county seat), Hamersville, Mt. Orab, Sardinia, Fayetteville and Russellville.

Butler County, Ohio is located in the southwestern section of Ohio very near Warren and Hamilton Counties.  It is not far from Brown County, Ohio, Mason County, Kentucky and Bracken County, Kentucky.  It also shares a western border with Indiana.

This research is an ongoing project and this page will be updated as new information is obtained.

If you have information about anyone discussed in this narrative please contact Sandra Branson Young by email.




The northern boundary of Anne Arundel County fluctuated several times during the late 17thand early 18thcenturies. With the creation of Baltimore County in 1659, the northeast portion of Anne Arundel, north of the Magothy River, went to Baltimore County. Inhabitants of the peninsula petitioned the General Assembly numerous times to return to Anne Arundel County. In 1696, the legislature returned about half of the peninsula to the County, making the division line halfway between the Patapsco and the Magothy Rivers. Finally, in 1726, the Patapsco River became the northern boundary for Anne Arundel.The planning area played an important role in events leading up to the American Revolutionary War, as the scene of one of the earliest naval engagements between colonists and the British. In May 1776, a British fleet including the Otter anchored at the mouth of the Patapsco near Bodkin Point in an attempt to blockade the Chesapeake Bay. The commander of the Otter did capture an American vessel; however, they were soon routed and driven from the Patapsco. Again in 1777, the residents witnessed another attempt by the British to gain control of Baltimore harbor and the Bay. One year later,many of the peninsula’s inhabitants signed Maryland’s Oath of Fidelity, including members of the Boone, Gray, Hancock, Hanshaw, Johnson, Linstid, Meek, Rockhold, Jacobs, and Robinson families. Those that actually served in the war included, Charles Robinson, John Boone, Samuel Jacobs, James Fowler, John Johnson, Leonard Foreman, John, William and Stephen (Jr.) Hancock.

JAMES FOWLER* MD Anne Arundel County Island Hundred 1778 Fidelity Oath
JAMES FOWLER* MD Anne Arundel County Walsey Hundred 1778 Fidelity Oath
ABSALOM* FOWLER MD Anne Arundel County Island Hundred 1778 Fidelity Oath
GEORGE* FOWLER MD Anne Arundel County Tuckahoe Hundred 1778 Fidelity Oath
SAMUEL FOWLER MD Anne Arundel County Middle Neck 1735 MD Early Census Record
SAMUEL FOWLER MD Anne Arundel County All Hallows Parish 1776 MD Early Census Index
SAMUEL FOWLER MD Anne Arundel County Oath Of Fidelity 1778
THOMAS FOWLER MD Anne Arundel County All Hallows Parish 1776 MD Early Census Index
THOMAS FOWLER MD Anne Arundel County Oath Of Fidelity 1778
THOMAS OF WILLIAM FOWLER MD Anne Arundel County All Hallows Parish 1776 MD Early Census Index
THOMAS* FOWLER MD Anne Arundel County Chester Hundred 1778 Fidelity Oath

* Both James Fowlers, Absalom Fowler, George Fowler and Thomas Fowler were shown with the word "Queen" next to the their names.  It is believed this refers to the county or parish in which they lived - possibly Queen Anne County.


1 Butler County Ohio Marriages to 1850 - Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0355779
2 "Community History - Anne Arundel, Maryland"
3 http://www.rootsweb.com/~ohbutler/cyc/532.htm
4 records at ancestry.com and genealogy.com