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Narrative - Updated December 18, 2005
by Sandra Branson Young



WILLIAM SMALLWOOD  (Updated December 10, 2005)

According to research done by others and posted on Ancestry.com, William Smallwood was born in 1710 in Charles, MD, son of James Smallwood II and Mary Boyden (widow Griffin).  William possibly married Mary Hanson ca. 1727 in Charles, MD.  Sometime after December, 1755, William and Mary removed to Granville, North Carolina.  On December 13, 1755 James Edelen, planter, purchased from William Smallwood of Charles, MD, "Friendship". Mary Smallwood, wife, granted consent, while Thomas Stone and Daniel St. Thomas Jenifer were witnesses.  The Will of William Smallwood appears on a list of unrecords wills of Granville, North Carolina 1749-1771, naming wife Mary, sons James and Elisha, daughters Elizabeth Tarvin, Mary Duell (or Duett), Asenath Foster and Eliza Adcock.  Mary became a widow in October, 1768 when William died in Granville, NC.  Mary Smallwood appears in the 1769 Granville, NC census.  The will of Mary Smallwood was dated August 11, 1787 in Granville, NC, wherein, Bolling Adcock (husband of Eliza) is shown receiving a bond for the care and maintenance of Mary.  William and Mary had nine children and one of their sons (Elijah Sr.) moved from Granville, NC to Surry, NC where he and his descendants are found in census records there from 1790 to 1820.  In 1777 Elijah appears on the Surry, NC Tax List along with Willoughby and Job Broughton.  Job Broughton was the grandfather of Elizabeth Broughton who married Hezekiah Smallwood in 1822 in Knox County, Kentucky.  This connection between Elizabeth's grandfather and Elijah Smallwood Jr. is one of the main clues that we have found indicating the probable branch of the Smallwood family from which Hezekiah descended.  For this, and other reasons, our focus on identifying the parents of Hezekiah has been aimed at the Smallwoods of Surry, North Carolina.

William's will was recorded between 1749 and 1771, but since he died in 1768, it is presumed it was recorded before or during that year.  John died in 1765, before William died, therefore, it makes sense that he was not mentioned.  At the time of his death, William Jr. was about 23 years old and Elijah Sr. was about 28 years old.  The earliest record found for Elijah Sr. in Surry Co, NC was dated 1771, when his name appears on the Surry, NC tax list.  It is not known if he lived in Granville, NC when his father died there in 1768, or whether he had already moved.  Since his name does not appear on the 1769 Granville, NC tax list, and his brother Elisha's name does, it is assumed that he had already left Granville Co.

Witnesses to William's will were Peyton Clements and Elizabeth Clements.  The Clement name appears in the family tree of Mary Hanson (?), William's widow.  Her probable first cousin, Mary, married William Clements Sr.  Mary Hanson's family tree has not yet been posted because it is still being researched, but will be posted when it is essentially completed.

Surry County was formed from Rowan County in 1770 and became effective in 1771.  Therefore, Elijah Sr. was on the first tax list recorded for Surry County.  He may have been there prior to the time it was formed, living in Rowan County.  Surry County is located three counties to the west of Granville County and just north of Rowan County.  It is only one county to the east of Tennessee.  Granville and Surry Counties are on the northern border of North Carolina, next to Virginia and near the following Virginia counties:  Henry, Smyth, Russell and Scott - all counties where Smallwoods were known to have lived. 



Surry County was formed from Rowan County. This was while Surry County was still a British Colony. An act to form Surry County was proposed to the North Carolina Assembly in December 1770 by Martin Armstrong, Anthony Hampton and James Dunne. The legislation was passed in January 1771 and was to become effective 1 April 1771. It was named to honor Lord Surrey, a member of Parliament who protested the taxes levied on the colonists by the British.

Record of Wills of Granville Co., N.C. also Inventories, Administrators’ Accounts,
and Division of Estates – Book 2, 1787-1792
Aug. 11, 1787 _ MARY SMALLWOOD to BOLLING ADCOCK for a bond made to me for
fifty hundred thousand pounds for my maintenance and support deeds to him a negro,
feather bed and furniture, household furniture and all stock.

MARY SMALLWOOD NC Granville County No Township Listed 1769

History and Genealogies of Old Granville Co., N.C. 1746-1800 by Thomas McAdory Owen, 1993
Unrecorded Wills 1746-1771
In back of Will Book 29
These wills were not recorded and pages are not numbered.
March 30, 1766–proved August court 1766 – WILLIAM SMALLWOOD wills to son JAMES one shilling;
to ELIJAH SMALLWOOD, one shilling; to my daughter ELIZABETH TARVIN, to daughter MARY DUELL,
to daughter ASENETH FOSTER, to daughter EIZZA ADCOCK, to each one shilling;
to wife MARY SMALLWOOD for her life, ½ of remainder of estate and, at her death,
to divide to sons ELISHA and WILLIAM SMALLWOOD.
Exrs: my wife Mary, son ELISHA SMALLWOOD.

1777 Surry NC Tax Lists - "Jabez JARVIS District" (Excerpted):
3rd Sheet:
Also on this list: Willoughby Broughton and Job Broughton

MARY HANSON (Updated December 14, 2005)


The parents of Mary Hanson have not been identified.  There were several Mary Hansons born about 1714 in Charles, MD.  One of them was the daughter of Samuel Hanson and Mary Fendall, however they have been ruled out as the parents of Mary because Mary Fendall was born ca. 1710 and that would eliminate her as the mother of Mary who was born in 1714.  Samuel was the son of Robert Hanson and Benedicta Hoskins - they had a daughter Mary born ca. 1725 in Charles, MD.  This is about 11 years too late to be our Mary.  Another Mary Hanson was born to John Hanson (b. 1681) and Elizabeth Hussey, however, she married William Clements.  A Mary Hanson was born to John Hanson and Charlotte Thomas.  No birth date is given, but it is believed she was born in 1690's - too early to be our Mary.  It is fairly certain that Mary was a descendant of one of the six Hanson families who were in Charles, MD by 1658.  Our best guess at this point is that she was the granddaughter of John Hanson and Charlotte Thomas.  Her father may have been Robert Hanson who was married four times.  A Robert Hanson and a Robert Hanson Jr. were witnesses to a Maryland bond referencing Mary, John and James (deceased) Smallwood in Charles Co, MD in 1727.  Our Mary would have been about age 13 at that time.  James and Mary (nee Boyden) were the parents of William Smallwood who married possibly Mary Hanson, so this makes sense.  However, a posted family tree on Ancestry.com indicates that Robert's daughter Mary married a Daniel Jenifer (note, this is the same surname as mentioned above).  Robert's brother, Judge Samuel Hanson, and his wife Elizabeth Story, had a daughter Mary, born 1708-1709.  No husband is shown for her, so she may be our Mary whose birth year is estimated to be about 5-6 years later.  She is the only documented Mary in this family we have found born in that time period who does not have an identified husband.

John Hanson and John Hanson Sr. were witnesses to the will of a Mary Smallwood in 1757, Charles Co, MD, probably Mary Macknew who married John Smallwood, b. 1697.   It is believed by at least one researcher that this John Hanson Sr. was Mary's brother, born April 3, 1721 in Charles, MD. 

A creditor record was found in Charles Co, MD referencing Walter Hanson and Bay Smallwood (believed to be Bayne Smallwood) dated 1758.  Walter Hanson was also Mary's brother.  He was born Mar 11, 1710/1711 in Charles, MD. 

It is well documented that the Hanson family was deeply involved in the early government of Maryland and the United States.  Mary's possible first cousin, John Hanson, served as President of the United States on an interim basis, before the new Constitution was ratified.  There are many portraits of him available on the internet, along with Presidential letters, at least one of which was written to George Washington.  Smallwoods were also involved in forming the new government, and there are several documents referring to Hansons and Bayne Smallwood (the father of General William Smallwood of Revolutionary War fame).  William SMALLWOOD (the subject of this narrative) was the nephew of Bayne SMALLWOOD. Their common ancestors were Lt. Col. James SMALLWOOD and Hester (or Esther) EVANS, who migrated to America from Middlewich, England.

With all of these connections to the Smallwoods and Hansons of Charles Co, Maryland, it is fairly certain that Mary was part of this Hanson family, and possibly the daughter of Samuel Hanson and Elizabeth Story.  (See update below)

UPDATE December 14, 2005Mary was not mentioned in Samuel Hanson's will, and another husband was located for his daughter Mary.  She married John Briscoe.  However, Mary, the daughter of Col. Robert Hanson, was born in the same general time period as our Mary.  Since William Smallwood's cousin (Bayne) and Col. Robert Hanson were mentioned so many times as being two of the representatives of Charles Co, MD in the Maryland Archives, I am presuming that our Mary was the daughter of Col. Robert Hanson.  One problem:  One researcher shows that she married Daniel Jenifer, but there is no documentation.  This is possibly an error.  It is well documented that Elizabeth Hanson married Daniel Jenifer in the same generation and location.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Walter Hanson and Elizabeth Jane Hoskins.  Also, on that listing that was probably incorrect, it lists the same child for "Mary" as was documented for Elizabeth. 

Robert married Benedicta Hoskins (first marriage) and Violetta Harrison (second marriage),  Various databases show different children from these two marriages.   Some researchers indicate a marriage year of ca. 1722 for Violetta and Robert.  Our Mary was born no later than 1714.  Therefore, if Mary was the daughter of Robert, she was probably a child of his first marriage to Benedicta Hoskins. He married Benedicta ca. 1704 and she died before 1721.

If anyone has information about this, please contact Sandra.


The First President of the United States
You thought George Washington was the first President, but think back to your history books - George Washington is revered as the father of our country. He was not, however, our first president. Washington was the first president elected under the Constitution. But the United States existed as a nation for 13 years before the Constitution was enacted, held together by the Articles of Confederation. The United States declared its independence in 1776, yet Washington did not take office until April 30, 1789. So who was running the country during these initial years of this young country? It was the first eight U. S. Presidents. During this time- John Hanson of Maryland was elected by Congress as the first President of the United States!

Hanson only served a year, and is now largely forgotten, but at the time, a colleague wrote to congratulate him on filling "The most important seat in the United States." That letter was signed… George Washington.

John Hanson was NOT the 1st President of the United states of America under the Articles of Confederation. This claim is a MYTH created by Seymour Wemyss Smith writing a book called John Hanson - Our First President in 1932. Samuel Huntington was installed as the 1st President of the United States on March 2, 1781 an official ceremony in Philadelphia. This 1st U.S. Constitution, the Articles of Confederation, was unanimously ratified by all 13 States on March 1, 1781 creating "The Perpetual Union of the United States of America." At that moment the Continental Congress ceased to exist and the United States of America in Congress Assembled assumed all federal power under the new U.S. Constitution. Huntington only served as President of the United States until July resigning due to ill health. The United States in Congress Assembled elected Thomas McKean the 2nd U.S. and served until John Hanson was elected the 3rd President in November of 1781.

NOTE: John Hanson was the son of Samuel Hanson and Elizabeth Story.  He married Jane Contee.


A list of representatives in the 1694 Maryland Legislature reveals that James Smallwood was representing Charles County:

Maryland Legislature of 1694
at Annapolis
The Governor and Council
Upper House

Francis Nicholson, Governor

Col. Nicholas Greenberry,
Col. George Robotham

Edward Randolph
Col. John Addison
James Frisby
Thomas Brooke

House of Burgesses, or Lower Hous
For the City of St. Mary's
Capt. Thos Wanghop

For St. Mary's County
Mr. Kenelm Chiselydine Mr. Robert Mason
Mr. Philip Clarke Capt. John Bayne

For Kent County
Coll. Hans Hanson Mr. John Hinson
Mr. William Frisby Mr. Thomas Smith

For Calvert County
Mr. George Lougham Mr. Thomas Tasker

For Ann Arundel County
Capt. John Hammond Mr. John Sanders
Maj. Edward Dorsey

For Charles County
Mr. Hy. Hawkins
Col. Jas. Smallwood

Col. William Dent

For Baltimore County
Mr. Edward Brookby Mr. Francis Watkins
Mr. John Ferry

For Talbot County
Mr. Robert Smith Col. Henry Coursey
Mr. Thomas Smithson

For Dorchester County
Mr. John Pollard Mr. Thomas Hicks
Mr. Thomas Ennals

For Cecil County
Col Casperus A. Herman Coll. William Peerce



A search of census records reveals Hansons and families allied with the them living near Smallwood families in early Charles County, Maryland.  Mary's brother, Walter Hanson, married Elizabeth Hoskins.  Their daughter, Elizabeth, married William Smoot who was listed on the 1790 Charles, MD census along with Ledstone, William M., Pryor, Thomas and Bean Smallwood.  Another of their daughters, Violetta, married Henry Barnes who was also listed in that census record.  Mary's sister, Chloe, married a John or Philip Briscoe and a William Briscoe was also listed on the same page with Henry Barnes.  He may be related.  Her sister, Sarah, married David Stone Jr.  A David Stone was listed in the same census record.  Another sister, Elizabeth, married Benjamin Douglas who was also listed there.  Another sister, Charity, married John Howard (a name familiar to research in this Smallwood line). A John Howard was on the 1790 Charles, MD census also.  The 1790 Charles, MD census shown below lists all the Hansons and Smallwoods.  Included is Samuel Hanson, possible brother of Mary. 

Russell Smallwood, b. 1795, married Margaret Logan Briscoe.  They were married Sept. 19, 1820 in Cooper Co, Missouri.  Margaret was born in 1799 in Madison, KY.  It's possible she was related to the Briscoe family who married into the Hanson family in Maryland.  I originally thought Russell could have been a son of Elijah Jr., however, new information has just been learned......

NOTE: I just found a record on the LDS web site showing that Russell's father was William    Benjamin Smallwood, b. 1773 of Baltimore, MD.  His middle name was listed as "Bean".   A Wm. Smallwood was listed in the 1800 Baltimore, MD census.  Also listed was Ann Smallwood.  Margaret Logan Briscoe who m. Russell may have been related to John/Philip Briscoe who m. Mary's sister Chloe.  This makes sense, since the son of Chloe Hanson and John /Philip Briscoe (Samuel Hanson Briscoe) was born in Baltimore, MD in 1815.  I don't have information about this William.  If anyone knows about him, please contact me.

This development could be important for the Smallwood research.  It reveals a possible close connection to the KNOX/LAUREL/CLAY, Kentucky Smallwoods and those in Baltimore, MD who went to KY.  Elijah Sr's mother was Mary Hanson (?), and her sister Chloe married into the Baltimore, MD Briscoe family - and - Russell B. Smallwood may have also married into the Baltimore, MD Briscoe family.  His father was William Benjamin Smallwood b. ca. 1773.  WE NEED MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE BALTIMORE, MD SMALLWOODS.  We have an unknown William Smallwood in 1810 & 1820 Surry, NC.  He was born between 1764 and 1775.  Could this be him?

According to the LDS web site, the ancestors of Margaret Logan Briscoe were from Albemarle, VA and were in Charles, MD prior to that.  I am still searching to see if and when they were ever in Baltimore, MD.   Since she married Russell Smallwood who was from Baltimore, MD, it is possible that her family was there at some point in time.

Charles County gentry (Ancestry.com):
Six Hansons were in Maryland by the year 1658....The first reference to John Hanson in Charles County was in June 1672 when he witnessed the will of Stephen Montague. Therefore, it is ascertained that in June 1672 John had attained at least his 18th birthday, consequently,
his birth occurred prior to 1654. He died in 1714.
Children: Robert Hanson married four times; Benjamin Hanson died Chas. Co., inventory Aug 1719; Mary Hanson married William Maconchie and Theophilus Swift; Anne Hanson born 1692; John Hanson married twice; Samuel Hanson married Elizabeth Story. 

Lib. No. 45
May 1, 1739
p. 780
At a Session of Assembly begun and held at the City of Annapolis
on Tuesday the first Day of May 1n the Year of our Lord 1739 And
in the twenty fifth Year of the Dominion of the Right Honourable
Charles Absolute Lord and Proprietary of the Provinces of Mary-
land and Avalon Lord Baron of Baltimore, appeared in the Lower
House of Assembly - the following Members for Charles County:
Mr John Courts
Mr William Middleton
Col Robert Hanson (Mary's probable uncle)
Mr Beyn Smallwood  (William's cousin)


8 Dec, 1762
Dau. Elizabeth Smallwood to have care of my grand-dau. Mary Ann Lovely; If sd Elizabeth dies before sd, grand-dau. is of age, then dau, Mary Ann Smallwood, shd. have the care of sd grand-dau. To son William, and dau. Ann Hopewell, each, 1 mill s.
To daus. Elizabeth and Mary Ann Smallwood, remaining pt, of estate, not before given.
Extxs; Elizabeth and Mary Ann Smallwood,
Wit: John Hanson, Sr., John Hanson, Jr., Mary Hanson. 31.921


1790 CENSUS (semi-alphabetical)
Henry M Hanson Not Stated, Charles, MD 1790 (1-0-0) 7 slaves - Image 13
Hoskins Hanson Not Stated, Charles, MD 1790 (1-3-4) 32 slaves - Image 13
John, of Jno Hanson Not Stated, Charles, MD 1790 (2-0-0) 14 slaves - Image 13
John, Senr Hanson Not Stated, Charles, MD 1790 (1-0-1) 12 slaves - Image 13
Walter Hanson Jr. Not Stated, Charles, MD 1790 (1-1-3) 13 slaves - Image 13
Samuel Hanson (Major) Not Stated, Charles, MD 1790 (1-2-4) 14 slaves - Image 13
Samuel Hanson of Walter Not Stated, Charles, MD 1790 (1-1-2) 9 slaves - Image 13
Saml Hanson of William Not Stated, Charles, MD 1790 (1-1-2) 9 slaves - Image 13
Samuel Hanson Sr. Esq. Not Stated, Charles, MD 1790 (1-0-2) 28 slaves - Image 14
Theophilus Hanson Not Stated, Charles, MD 1790 (2-2-3) 23 slaves - Image 13
Basil Smallwood Not Stated, Charles, MD 1790
Bean Smallwood Not Stated, Charles, MD 1790
Capt Smallwood Not Stated, Charles, MD 1790
Henry Smallwood Not Stated, Charles, MD 1790
Hezekiah Smallwood Not Stated, Charles, MD 1790
James Smallwood Not Stated, Charles, MD 1790
John Smallwood Not Stated, Charles, MD 1790
Ledstone Smallwood Not Stated, Charles, MD 1790
Mary Smallwood Not Stated, Charles, MD 1790
Pryor Smallwood Not Stated, Charles, MD 1790
Susanna Smallwood Not Stated, Charles, MD 1790
Thomas Smallwood Not Stated, Charles, MD 1790
Walter Smallwood Not Stated, Charles, MD 1790
William M Smallwood Not Stated, Charles, MD 1790

William B. Smoot of Thos Not Stated, Charles, MD 1790 (3-4-2) 16 slaves - Image 25 (5 lines below the Smallwoods)
Edward Smoot (1-1-4) 10 slaves
James Smoot (1-3-1) 22 slaves
Henry Barnes (4-1-2) 18 slaves - Image 2
William Briscoe (1-0-5) 20 slaves - Image 2
David Stone
Benja Douglass
Benjn Douglass, of Jno
John Howard


ID: I01795
Name: John President Hanson
Sex: M
Birth: 3 APR 1721 in Mulberry Grove, Port Tobacco, Charles Co, MD
Death: 27 NOV 1783 in Oxon Hill, Prince George's County MD


Mrs. Theadolia Speak 64.272 CH £277.10.8 May 19 1758 Jul15 1758
(also Theodoria Speake)
Appraisers: William S. Taylor, James Elgin.
Creditors: Bay Smallwood, Walter Hanson for MM Dreghorn & Scott.
Next of kin: John Speake, Hezekiah Speake.
Executor: Richard Speake.

Email from John Smallwood:

Charles County Liber L No. 2, p. 354. At the request of Charles Byrne of
Charles County, planter, the following bond was recorded this 25 May 1727.

We, Mary Smallwood and John Smallwood, executors of the will of James
Smallwood, late of Charles County, deceased, bind ourselves to Charles
Byrne and Margery, his wife, of Charles County, in the penal sum of ? 100
sterling money of Great Britain, this 5 January 1725. The condition of the above
obligation is such that, whereas a certain parcel of land formerly
belonging to Hugh Thomas, father of said Margery, containing 200 acres, part of a
tract called Friendship, originally granted unto Bennett Hoskins, Esquire,
lying on Mattawoman Swamp in Charles County, was by the said Charles Byrne
and Margery, his wife, on 29 November last surveyed and divided by Robert
Hanson, surveyor of Charles County, which said parcel of land is bounded by
the east north east line of Wiliam Hoskins part of the aforesaid tract
called Friendship between two plantations now in the possession of said
Mary Smallwood and John Smallwood, and divided by a line drawn south southeast
from a hickory standing in the aforesaid easte northeast line of William
Hoskins' part of Friendship by the side of Piney Branch for the length of
132 perches through the aforesaid 200 acres of land, now if said Mary
Smallwood and John Smallwood and James Smallwood shall abide by said
division and be content with the easternmost part or moiety of said parcel
of land and not disturb said Charles Byrne and Margery, his wife, from the
peaceable possession of the westernmost part or moiety thereof, then this
obligation is void.

Signed: Mary (M) Smallwood, John (???) Smallwood.

Wit: Robert Hanson, Robert Hanson, Jr.


Descendants of William Smallwood and Mary Hanson (?)
Name-Event-Location Chart
(Updated December 14, 2005)

Some Unknown Smallwood Families

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Follow the various families as they migrated by noticing colors in common with other families.

Color Legend




Rowan, NC

Madison, KY



Clay, KY

Owsley, KY

Shelby, KY

North Carolina


Surry, NC

Estill, KY

Harlan, KY



Orange, NC

Hall, GA

Granville NC

1710 William Sr Mary Hanson (?) 1710 Charles, MD 1768 Granville, NC   1768 Granville, NC (Death)    
Mary Hanson (?) William Smallwood 1714 Charles, MD  aft 1787 Granville, NC   1769 Tax List Granville, NC 1787 Granville, NC (Death)


1730 James UNKN 1730 Charles, MD 1783 Frederick, VA        
1732 John Anne Marlow 1732 Charles, MD 1765 Pr. Geo., MD        
1735 Elisha Sr. Tabitha Humphreys 1735 Maryland 1811 Wilkes, GA   1769 Tax List Granville, NC 1779 Orange, NC 1780 Fayette GA Birth of child 
1736 Elizabeth Tarvin 1736 Maryland?            
1737 Mary Duell 1737 Maryland?            
1738 Eliza Bollin Adcock 1738 Maryland?            
1739 Aseneth Foster? 1739 Maryland?            
1740 Elijah Sr Sarah 1740 Charles, MD 1810 Surry, NC   1771 Surry NC Tax List 1779 Surry NC Deed 1790-1810 Surry NC Census 
1745 William Jr Sarah Philpot (?) 1745 Charles, MD       1800 Rowan, NC? 1810 Franklin, GA?  
CHILDREN OF 1732 JAMES AND ANN (MARLOW):                  
Ann Middleton Smallwood William Winn 1755 Prince Geo. Maryland   Ohio        
1756 Pinynah     NC?            
1765 William Sr. Mary Hendricks 1765 North Carolina? aft 1840 Wilkes, GA   1790 Orange NC? 1791 Wilkes GA Deed 1830-1840 Wilkes GA Census 
1770 Elizabeth Wm. Hendricks ca. 1770 North Carolina?            
1775 Elisha Nancy Davis-1801/1807-GA 1775 Orange, NC 1840/1850 Georgia   1805 Georgia-Deed 1807 Georgia Marriage 1816 Georgia-Exec. Father's will
1775 Elijah Shepard  1775 Orange, NC 1840/1850 Georgia        
1775 Rebecca   ca 1775              
1780 Mark Nancy Carter or Martin 1780 Fayette, GA 1855 Fayette, GA   1816 Georgia-Exec. Father's will 1850 Fayette GA Census   
1809 Riley   1809              
CHILDREN OF 1740 ELIJAH SR. AND SARAH                  
1763 John or Jonathan Mary Indes "India" Howard 1763 North Carolina? ca. 1812 Surry, NC?    1790-1810 Surry NC Census? Wife India 1850 Whitley KY Census with new married name of Ragan?  
1764-1775 William?   1764-1775 Surry, NC? aft 1830 Hawkins, TN?   1800-1820 Surry, NC Census 1830 Hawkins, TN Census? See Unknown Smallwood Families Below
1770 Elijah Jr. Susan (?) 1770 Surry, NC? aft 1850 Smyth, VA?   1790-1820 Surry NC 1850 Smyth VA Census  
1774 Asenath / Hescencia ? William Hardin Hill ca 1774 Surry, NC? after 1860
Claiborne, TN
  Sullivan, TN 1830-1840 Census Claiborne, TN 1850-1860 Census  
1774-1785 Son?     Surry, NC?            
Rachel ? Stephen Ring Sep 1775 Surry, NC? Jan 11 1850 Russell Co, VA   1796 Marriage Rowan, NC 1800 Census Rowan, NC 1830-1850 Census Russell, VA
Eliza     Surry, NC?       1812 Surry NC mentioned in father's will    
1785 Nancy Andrew Smith 1785 Surry, NC? aft 1850 Clay, KY?   1807 Clay KY?? Marriage 1810 Madison KY? (Census) 1830 Harlan, KY? (Census)
1778 Mary Babb Ledstone Noland 1778 Orange, NC aft 1830 Estill, KY?   1801 Rowan NC Marriage 1820 Estill, KY 1830 Madison, KY Census
1779 Elijah Mary LeFlore 1779 Rowan, NC 1831 Mississippi   War of 1812 Mississippi 1815 Mississippi Marriage  
1780 Randolph Rebecca Ashcraft 1780 Maryland? 1856 Owsley, KY   1810 Shelby, KY 1820 Estill, KY 1830-40 Estill KY
1780 Samuel Sarah Akers ca. 1780 NC or MD aft 1826 Last child born 1827   1808 Shelby, KY Marriage 1810 Shelby, KY Census 1820 Washington, Indiana Census?
1784 John Jemima/Fannie Smith Bef 1784 North Carolina 1821 Lawrence, TN   1808 Clay KY Marriage 1814 Lawrence TN (birth of child?) 1820 Lawrence TN (birth of child?)
1784 Elisha Sarah Clark 1784 North Carolina 1870 Hall, GA   1809 Clay KY Marr./or Hall GA 1822 Hall, GA (Birth of Child) 1860 Hall, GA Census
1786 William Mary Clark 1786     Georgia?   1816 Clay KY Marriage 1817 Clay, KY Birth of child 1820 Habersham GA birth of child
1789 Nancy Clayton Herndon 1789         1809 Madison KY Marriage    
1790 James Cora 1787-1790 North Carolina bef. 1870 Hall, GA?   1818 Georgia Birth of Child 1820 Hall GA Census 1850-1860 Hall, GA Census
1795 Lucy Phillip Combs 1795 Wilkes, Ga       1815 Wilkinson GA Marriage    
1798 Elisha P. Nancy Adams 1798 Wilkes, Ga       1830 Wilkes GA Marriage 1850 Greene GA Census  
1802 Wilkinson Emily Combs 1802 Wilkes, Ga       1831 Wilkes GA Marriage    
1805 William Mary 1805 Wilkes, Ga       1820 Georgia Marriage 1850-1860 Wilkes GA Census  
CHILDREN OF 1775 ELISHA AND NANCY (DAVIS)                  
1798 Elijah Elizabeth Poole & Sarah Etheridge 1798-1802 Georgia 1861 Jones, GA   1826 Georgia Marriage #1 1850 Wilkinson GA Census 1860 Jones Ga Census
1804 John Delilah Logan 1804 Wilkes, Ga       1824 Pike Ga Marriage 1827 Georgia Land Lottery 1850 Wilkinson Ga Census
1806 Elizabeth David Burnside 1806 Wilkes, Ga 1862     1829 Upson GA Marriage    
1810 Melinda Benjamin Hendricks 1810 Wilkes, Ga       1830 Talliferro GA Marriage    
1812 Mary Benjamin Jackson 1812 Georgia       1831 Talliferro GA Marriage    
1814 William Nancy Young 1814 Georgia       1842 Georgia Birth of Child 1849 Baldwin GA Birth of Child?  
1818 Jane   1818 Georgia            
1804 Gaines   ca 1804 Macon, GA            
1805 Marcus?? Elizabeth ca 1805 Georgia AKA Martin     1860 Carroll GA Census    
1806 Bennett   ca 1806 Macon, GA            
1807 Milligan Elizabeth   1807 Macon, GA       1840 Alabama Birth of Child 1860 Cherokee AL Census  
1810 Tolbert Rebecca Spears 1810 Georgia 1873          
1813 Riley Perlina Spradlin 1813 Carroll, GA       1850 Carroll GA Census 1860 Carroll GA Census  
1825 Perry   ca 1825 Georgia            
1827 Martha   ca 1827 Georgia            
1800 Elijah Sally Etheridge 1800         1844 Jones GA Marriage 1860 Jones GA Census   
CHILDREN OF 1798 ELISHA P. AND NANCY (ADAMS)                  
1831 James D. Mary W. O'Neil 1831 Baldwin, GA       1850 Greene GA Marriage 1860 Glascock, GA Census  
1833 Susanna   1833 Georgia            
1835 Lucy A.   1835 Georgia            
1838 Elisha B. Martha Garrard 1838 Georgia       1865 Wilkes GA Marriage    
1842 Nancy   1842 Georgia            
1845 John J/   1845 Georgia            
1838 Elisha B. Martha Garrard 1838 Georgia       1865 Wilkes G Marriage    
CHILD OF 1802 WILKINSON AND EMILY (COMBS)                  
Thomas Newton Sarah Jane Griffin                
CHILDREN OF 1805  WILLIAM AND MARY (UNKNOWN)                  
1840 Henry    1840 Wilkes, GA            
1842 William    1842 Wilkes, GA            
1845 Larkin  Elvira  1845 Georgia       1860 Wilkes GA Census    
1847 Amanda    1847 Wilkes, GA            
1848 Green F.   1848 Wilkes, GA            
1849 Adelia   1849 Wilkes, GA            
1852 Louisa   1852 Wilkes, GA            
1854 Jane   1854 Wilkes, GA            
1858 Mary   1858 Wilkes, GA            
CHILDREN OF 1763 JONATHAN OR JOHN AND MARY (HOWARD)     NOTE: These are not proven or verified             
1790 Elijah C. ? Nancy Benton ca 1790 NC or MD aft 1850 of Boone, MO   1830 Madison KY Census 1850 Boone, MO Census  
1790 Mary "Polly" ?? John Carnes ca 1790 Surry NC? 1866 Texas or Georgia   1850 Paulding GA Census    
1800-1810 Son?   1800-1810 Surry NC?            
1801 Elizabeth ?? John Holder ca 1801 Surry NC? after 1860 Perry, TN?   1820-1830 Habersham, GA Census 1860 Perry, TN Census  
Matilda Smith   ca 1820 Kentucky            
Elijah Smith Tabitha ca 1824 Kentucky bef. 1850? Of Clay, KY   1810 Madison, KY Census 1850 Clay, KY Census  
Mary Smith   ca 1825 Kentucky         1850 Clay, KY Census  
Enoch Smith   ca 1828 Kentucky            
CHILDREN OF 1770 ELIJAH JR AND SUSAN (UNKNOWN)     NOTE: These are not proven or verified             
1795 Russell B.?
Margaret Briscoe ca 1795 Baltimore, MD? (Of Madison, KY) Not the son of Elijah! of Cooper, MO   1820 Cooper, MO Marriage 1SEE NEW INFORMATION,  
1799-1810 Lee? Johnston? 1799-1810 NC? Lee may be nickname for Elisha or Elijah          
1799 Hezekiah ? (absolutely no proof!!) Elizabeth Broughton 1799 NC, VA, TN ?? 1869 Clark, MO   1822 Knox KY Marriage 1850 Rockcastle KY Census 1860 Clark, MO Census
1800 Dillaney ? (May be the daughter of 1764-1775  William) Joseph Collins ca 1800 North Carolina Bef 1860? of Champaign, IL   1818 Surry, NC Marriage 1850-1860 Campaign, IL Census  
1800 Polly? John Lawson ca. 1800 NC?       1820 Knox, KY Marriage 1820 Knox KY Census  
1801 Edy? John Edwards ca. 1801 NC?       1820 Knox, KY Marriage    
1801 Benjamin? Sally Hudson abt 1801 NC? aft 1850 of Jefferson, KY   1832 Knox, KY Marriage 1850 Jefferson, KY Census  
1805 Micajah G.? Julia F. ca. 1805 North Carolina aft 1860 of Smyth, VA   1850 Smyth, VA Census 1860 Smyth, VA Census  
1811 Abijah? Eveline ca. 1811 KY? or VA? aft 1860 of Laurel, KY   1850 Laurel, KY Census 1860 Laurel, KY Census  
1812 John M. ?
John may have been a grandson or nephew
Sara P. ca. 1812 North Carolina after 1860 of Smyth, VA   1850-1860 Smyth, VA Census    
1815 Susannah? Elijah Warren ca. 1815 North Carolina after 1850 of Smyth, VA   1840 Smyth, VA Census 1850 Smyth, VA Census  
1820 William ? Jane ca 1820 Kentucky after 1850 Boone?, MO   1850 Boone, MO Census    
1840 Jane   ca 1840 Boone?, MO            
1842 George   ca 1842 Boone?, MO            
1844 Barton   ca 1844 Boone?, MO            
CHILDREN OF LEE AND UNKNOWN (not proven!)                
1822 Wilkinson Eliza Johnson (Jonsson) ca 1822 North Carolina? 1862 Missouri   1842 Laurel or Rockcastle KY Marriage 1860 Scotland, MO Census 1870 Marion, MO Census (widow and son)
SEE NARRATIVE                  
1822 James A. Zelpha Lawson (1843) and Viola Ann Denham (1848) ca 1822 Kentucky prob. before 1880 of Missouri   1843 Laurel KY Marriage & 1848 Laurel KY Marriage 1860 Schuyler, MO Census 1870 Clark, MO Census
1824 John Minerva Hopper, Lizzie Custer (1880), Susan Carr (1885) 1824 Kentucky 1898 Benton, MO   1860 Schuyler, MO Census 1870-1880 Clark, MO Census 1880 Benton, MO Marriage, 1885 Benton, MO Marriage
1825 Hezekiah Nancy Forbes 1825 Kentucky aft 1900 of Chickasaw Nation, Oklahoma   1850 Laurel, KY Census 1860-1870 Schuyler, MO Census 1880 Davis, Iowa Census; 1900 Chickasaw Nation, Oklahoma Census
1834 Elisha Mary Margaret Moore 1834 Kentucky 1878 Benton, Arkansas   1853 Laurel or Rockcastle, KY Marriage 1860 Clark, MO Census 1870 Vernon, MO Census
1835 William Malinda Maize ca 1835 Kentucky       1857 Schuyler, MO Marriage    
1838 Riley Lucinda Jane Shelton ca 1838 Kentucky aft 1880 of Scotland, MO   ca 1875 Schuyler MO Marriage 1860 Clark, MO Census 1870 Scotland, MO Census
1839 Elizabeth   ca 1839 Kentucky            
1841 Mary Thomas Fletcher Hopper ca 1841 Kentucky aft 1880 of Benton, MO   1860 Schuyler, MO Marriage 1870 Saline, MO Census 1876-1880 Benton, MO Census
1843 Wiley   ca 1843 Kentucky            
1844 Sila   ca 1844 Kentucky            
1846 Zelphia   1846-1848 Kentucky            
1851 Louisa   ca 1851 Missouri            
1852 Elizabeth Jane Francisco Stump ca 1852 Missouri 1892 Cherry, Nebraska   1880 Clark, MO Census 1900 Montana Census 1910 Idaho Census
1760 Elisha   ca 1760     Sullivan, TN?   1835 Rev. War Pension Rolls Sullivan, TN    
1790-1800 Elisha Jane Green 1790-1800     Scott, VA?   1830 Sullivan, TN Census 1835 Scott, VA Marriage 1840 Scott, VA Census
1809 Elijah Nancy McKinsey ca 1809 North Carolina aft 1870 Greenup, KY?   1832 Scott, VA Marriage 1840 Scott, VA Census 1850 Harlan, KY Census, 1860 Perry, KY census & 1870 Greenup, KY census