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Narrative for
(Updated May 19, 2004)
Lemuel Moore
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Urgent Request:  If you have any information about Lemuel please contact me by email.  Thank you!

Lemuel Moore (b. ca. 1772 VA)

Because of the information posted on this web site about Lemuel Moore, I have received an email from another researcher of the Moore family from Halifax and Pittsylvania, Virginia who went to Grainger Co, Tennessee about 1800-1811.  Ancestry.com has finally finished indexing the 1830 Tennessee census records and a Lemuel Moore born between 1770 and 1780 was located in Grainger Co, TN in 1830.  After pursuing this information it has been learned that our Lemuel may have been the one in Grainger, TN rather than the one in Rutherford, NC.  If so, his ancestry is much different than originally thought.
A Samuel Moore was also listed in 1830 Grainger, TN who was in the same generation.  A marriage record for that county was found for a Samuel Moore and Elsey (Alice)_Mendinghall (Mendenhall) in 1802.  A further search revealed that Samuel and Alice went to Preble, OH and had 11 children.  Another marriage record was found in Grainger, TN for a Samuel Moore and Ann Stubblefield in 1804.  Since we cannot find evidence that there was more than one Samuel Moore in that generation in Grainger, TN, I have reason to believe there was an error in the marriage record or in it's transcription.  I believe the marriage record was between Lemuel Moore and Ann Stubblefield.  Why?  Here's some more evidence:
1.  In 1840 and 1850 we find Lemuel Moore b. ca 1772 in VA married to Ann b. ca 1784/1785 in TN living in Laurel Co, Kentucky.  This information fits perfectly with the information we know about the 1804 marriage record and the information learned about Ann Stubblefield and her birth date and birth place.

2.  Joseph Pruitt married Nancy Moore, daughter of Lemuel and Ann Moore, in Rockcastle Co, Kentucky (next to Laurel Co.) on April 9, 1845.  Joseph Pruitt was found on the 1777 Oath of Allegiance List for Pittsylvania Co, Virginia along with William Moore - probably the father of Lemuel Moore who went to Grainger, TN - and William Stubblefield, the uncle of Ann Stubblefield.

3.  Ann Stubblefield had a sister named Winifred.  Lemuel and Ann of Laurel Co, KY named a daughter Winifred, which is a rather uncommon name.

4.  In the 1830 Grainger, TN census we find Joseph Stubblefield, Ann's uncle, living two doors away from Lemuel Moore.  Ann's father died in 1817 and she may have been living near her uncle for that reason.  There were no other Stubblefields listed in Grainger, TN.  Also living nearby were Easleys and Rices.  Lemuel Moore's grandmother was Mary Rice.  Sarah Easley was Ann Stubblefield's mother.  Her father was Robert Loxley Stubblefield.


We have requested a known male descendant of Lemuel Moore of Laurel Co, KY to take a DNA test to compare his genetics with that of Mackness and Rice Moore, uncles of the Lemuel Moore who was in Grainger, TN.  Hopefully, this will help us determine if our Moore line is connected to the Moores who went from Halifax and Pittsylvania, Virginia to Grainger, Tennessee.  If it turns out negative, at least we can eliminate this Moore line. (UPDATE (May 26, 2005) This DNA test may not be fruitful because it has been learned that William Moore, thought to be a descendant of Lemuel Moore of Laurel, KY, may not have been his descendant after all.  William may have been a step-son of Lemuel's son, James.  See further information below)
Another fact of interest:
In the 1850 census of Rusk, Rusk, Texas, we find Ransom Moore who was the son of the Lemuel Moore from Rutherford, NC.  We also find Stephen Stubblefield, the brother of Ann who married the other Lemuel Moore of Grainger, TN.  The web of mystery becomes even further entangled!  It is possible that the Moores who were in Rutherford, NC were related to those who were in Grainger, TN.

REGARDING: William F. Moore who was thought to be the son of James Moore. James was living with Lemuel and Ann Moore in 1850 and he was single. In 1854 he married Mrs. Mary Reynolds. In 1860 they were in Laurel Co, KY and they had a son William age 10. William was born Aug 1850 according to Ronda. Therefore, William may have been the step-son of James and not his blood descendant.

The known sons of James and Mary (Reynolds) Moore were James K. Moore (b. ca. 1854 KY; m. Ellen or Eleanor and 8 children), Lemuel Moore (b. ca 1856 KY-can't find in subsequent census records); Alexander Moore (b. ca. 1860 KY-can't find him either).

The sons of James K. and Ellen/Eleanor Moore were: Walter Moore (Nov 1881 KY), Leonard F. Moore (Jun 1888 KY), Burgess J. Moore (Aug. 1892 KY), Bradley W.
Moore (Jun 1895 KY) and Lee Moore (May 1898 KY).



James and Ellen or Eleanor were living in Laurel County, Kentucky in 1900, 1920 and 1930.  According to the Kentucky Death Index, James died January 20, 1932 in Laurel Co, KY.  There children were:

Mary Moore - b. Feb 1879
Walter Moore - b. Nov 1881, m. Alice
Martha Moore - b. June 1884
Lulu Moore - b. August 1885
Leonard F. Moore - b. June 1888
Burgess J. Moore - b. August 1892, d. Jan. 20 1971 in Laurel, KY, m. Mae
Bradley W. Moore - b. June 1895, m. Mary
Lee Moore - b. May 1898

Descendants of James K. Moore may still be living in or near Laurel County, Kentucky.  Your help is needed!  We need to find a male descendant of James K. Moore who is willing to submit to a DNA test (at no cost).