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Mable Vincent   (McQueary) eavmv=hotmail.com
Maryetta Fowler Slack (Fowler - descendant of Jeremiah Fowler and Drucilla Isaacs) DonandMarySlack=mchsi.com
Claire Anne Cake Kelley  (Cake) clairekelley=earthlink.net
Allen C. McGregor (McGregor) amcgregor=fbcom.net
Cindy Lloyd (Cook, Smallwood) gr-granddaughter of Elta and Elde Cook cindylloyd=softcom.net
Catherine Jett (Jett, Stoker, Page, Colter, Green) cajett1=comcast.net
Catherine Flores (Johnson, Bond, Mays, Smith, Broughton, Tuggle, Suttles, Hubbard, Scalf, Hammond (varied spellings), Brock, Edwards, Cole) catherineflores=prodigy.net
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Bert Clark (Woodward, Rubottom, Benbow) philbert=ortelco.net
Martha Butler (Branson, Williams, Miller, Butler, Shoemaker, Dunaway, Gabbard, Bryant, and Edwards)
My line of Bransons goes from Thomas Branson > Michael Branson > John Branson Sr. > John Branson Jr. > Leonard Branson > Hezekiah Branson > Joseph Ely Branson > Chandler Preston Branson > John Melvin Branson > Kathleen Branson >
Millie Stricker (Branson, Hayter, Hutton, Burgess)
<Andrew Cornessus Branson And Nancy Hutton are my 3rd great grandparents>
Deborah Hardcastle Turner (Hardcastle) jturner=tca.net
PJ Sisseck (Simpson, Branson, McGowan, Shockley) simpsonseeker=yahoo.com
Marie Branson King (Branson) marieking=cox.net
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Bev Mathias (Moore) BFlaton=comcast.net
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Sandra Kay Branson (Branson) sbranson66=charter.net
Joe Hacker (Priest) joehacker=adelphia.net
Cynthia Clayton Roberts ccr=netwurx.net
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Steve schiavetta=dauphinc.org
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Patty Burgess RPjsohmy=aol.com
Don (Branson) donc76=hotmail.com
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Susan Crow crowsnest=sktc.net
Kimberly (Carwile) kimberly_woodffx=yahoo.com
Ernie Haskell (Cook, Haskell) ehaskell=pacifier.com
Teresa (Keeler) tshands=lv.rmci.net
Don Wilcoxson (Wilcoxson) donwilcoxson=pldi.net
Sandra Branson Young (Branson, Fowler, Cook, Tillery, Vandevender, Boyd, Smallwood, Broughton, Moore, Stevens, Hardcastle, Devore, Ellis, Stubblefield, Wyatt, Rice, Ragan, Duvall, Carson, Brashears, Margrave, Winston, Naylor and more) oregongal9=aol.com




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Cook Information Request:

I am searching for a William A. (I believe: Austin) Cook who lived in White Co., AR for a period of time in the mid 1800's.  His wife's name was: Mary Elizabeth (Derosset, we think but not sure) they had one child that we know of: Elisha Austin Cook b. 25 Jun 1875 and married: Mattie Willa Boswell on 20 Nov 1896 in St. Francis Co., AR.

Sue Crawford

Abercrombie Information Request:

Need more info on the children of the 15th generation of Humphrey Abercrombie, specifically the ones born in Barbour County, Clio, Alabama during the early to mid 1800's. Need specific info on Maylon or Mailon who had a son named Murdoch Abercrombie who was born in 1881.  Murdock also had 8 half bro. & sis.

James Abercrombie


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