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Research Notes about Jarred Branson Senior and Branson allied Families
The Branson DNA Project

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A Project by Sandra Branson Young (oregongal9@aol.com)
And Other Researchers

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Any information, conclusions or theories presented in this narrative are not entirely verified and should not be assumed to be totally accurate.



Some Branson (and variations) Records Prior to 1700 (including England)
The Shinn Family
The Stacy Family
The Haines Family
The Hedge Family

The Crispin Family
The Stockton Family
The Lundy Family
The Hewlings Family
The Birdsall Family
The Shull Family

The Stokes Family
The Cardinall Family
The Woodgate Family
The Lincoln Family
The Goodwin Family
The Bronson Family
The Burrough Family
The Bright Family
The Salter Family
The Harvey Family
The Holloway Family
The Fawcett Family
The Jett and Triplett Families
The Painter Family
The Worrell Family
The Sherrill and Sevier Families
The Dillard Family
The Hodgson Family
Loudoun County, Virginia
The Ten Thousand Name Petition and Amelia Co., Virginia
Fauquier County, Virginia


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Some Branson Records Prior to 1700
August 4, 2006

If Jarred Branson was not directly connected to the Burlington, NJ and Chester, PA Bransons, he may be connected to another Branson family that came to America prior to 1700.  For that reason the following documents are presented along with some comments....

Early records of Isle of Wight, Virginia reveal that a John Branson, William Painter, Evan Haines and 53 others were transported to that county by William Boddie in exchange for 3,350 acres of land in 1665.  William Boddie later became a Quaker when George Fox (founder of the Quakers) held a large meeting in that county in 1672.  Since John Branson is listed with William Painter (Painters were allied with the Burlington, NJ Bransons), it's possible that he was related to Nathaniel Branson who resided in England and purchased land in America from William Penn (also a famous Quaker).  Two other records appear in Isle of Wight records - one for a John Brampston in 1670 and one for a John Branscomb in 1668, both of whom could be the same as John Branson.  John Branson may be related to Francis Branson who was a passenger to Virginia in 1666 (one year later).  The LDS web site shows a Francis Branston, born about 1635 of Great Bowden, Leicester, England.  I believe Leicester was the location of the Hinkley Monthly Meeting of the Quakers where William, the father of Thomas L. Branson (b. c1670) was born (or where his birth was reported - he may have lived in Berkshire County).  Francis could also be related to the Burlington, NJ Bransons. 

The Haines family was also allied with the Burlington, NJ Bransons.  The following record was found in Quaker records for a younger Evan Haines who could be related....listed with a Nathan Haines in Georgia, having gone there from Chester Co., PA.  This Evan was the son of Ellis Haines Sr.  Evan was born 1756 in Chester Co., PA and was married 1788 in Surry Co., NC and was a Quaker.  This Haines family could be related to the Evan Haines who was transported in 1665.  NOTE:  The Boddy/Boddie family were also Quakers.

The Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, 1750-1930
Listed in: Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, Vol I
Page number: 1048
Wrightsborough Monthly Meeting
1777 Nathan Haines rocf Goshen MM, PA
1777 Evan Haines, Deborah, Jane & Ellis, children of Ellis Sr. rocf Goshen MM, PA, dated 1775
NOTE: Wrightsborough MM was in Columbia Co., Georgia; Goshen MM was in Chester, PA

See also The Harvey Family

According to the Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, the first Quakers of Isle of Wight, VA were probably Puritans who became Quakers after George Fox visited them.  They were persecuted for their beliefs and many of them went to Surry Co., NC very early.  Records of this group are found in the Chuckatuck MM Records (also called Nansemond).   The records begin in the year 1673 and they are not complete.  Whether John Branson was part of these first Quakers in Virginia, it is not known.

Bowater is a name associated with the Quaker Bransons.  John Bowater was born c1629 in Coventry, Warwick, England.  His granddaughter Sarah married John Beals in 1711, reported at the Chester MM in PA. Sarah's grandson, John Bowater Beals, married Lois Branson in 1784 in Guilford, NC.   Lois was the daughter of Thomas L. Branson and Jane/Jeane Painter.  The following records were found regarding Coventry, Warwick, England showing that a John Bowater lived in the outlying areas of Coventry.  A John Braunston also lived in the outlying areas of Coventry....

A History of the County of Warwick: Volume 8 - The City of Coventry: The outlying parts of Coventry: Keresley'
The former hamlet and civil parish of Keresley lay about 2½ miles north-west of Coventry on the edge of the hilly country of north Warwickshire, and contained the only ground in the county of the city of Coventry over 500 feet. The hamlet of Keresley was a detached part of the ancient parish of St. Michael's, Coventry, and was recognized as a civil parish in 1881. (fn. 23) The parish was in Foleshill Union (later Rural District). Its area was 1,068 acres in 1891. In 1932 an area of about 100 acres in the southern tip of the parish was transferred to Coventry, and the remaining 968 acres, with 56 acres of Coundon, became the new civil parish of Keresley in Meriden Rural District. (fn. 24)  Keresley was first mentioned in the early 12th century, when it was among the chapelries granted by Earl Ranulf de Gernon to Coventry Priory,  (fn. 26) and the same earl included land in Keresley in a grant to Liulph of Brinklow. (fn. 27) Later in the century Earl Ranulf de Blundeville gave 280 acres of wood and waste in Exhall and Keresley to Coventry Priory. (fn. 28) In 1250 Roger and Cecily de Montalt retained the service of the heirs of Robert Tuschet in Keresley when they granted the remainder of the district to Coventry Priory. (fn. 29)   In the 15th century Holy Trinity Church, Coventry, acquired some small pieces of land which had been John BRAUNSTON's in 1410-11. (fn. 92). There was later a dispute between Coventry Priory and Coventry corporation over the ownership of this land. (fn. 93) Holy Trinity Church Estate received a rentcharge from property in Keresley in the 18th and 19th centuries. (fn. 94)

At his death in 1555 William Starkey held the manor from Coventry corporation, as of the manor of Cheylesmore. (fn. 81) The manor descended to Anne Longvile and, by 1574, to her son Bartholomew Tate, M.P. for Coventry in 1572. (fn. 82) The manor was held by Bartholomew until his death in 1601, (fn. 83) and by his son, Sir William Tate, to his death in 1618. (fn. 84) In 1627-8 Zouch Tate sold the manor, then said to include three water-mills, to John BOWATER (fn. 85) When John BOWATER died in 1640, the manor was described as held of the king in socage for rent as of the manor of Cheylesmore. (fn. 86)

Some Bransons (Brandison) Were in Early King George Co., Virginia

According to a book about King George Co., VA, a Susannah Brandison was married there in 1723.  In 1742 Josiah Branson and Katherine Branson were married in the same county.  King George is next to Stafford County where several Branson families lived.  It's also near St. Mary's Co., Maryland where other Bransons lived.  If you have information about the Bransons of King George Co., Virginia please contact Sandra by email.  NOTE: King George Co. is also the county where many Jett families lived.

King George County, Virginia 1720-1990
Chapter XIV - Some Early King George County Marriages
Josiah Branson and Barbarah Tinsey, Aug. 5, 1742
Katherine Branson and Moses Grigsby, Dec. 1, 1742
Susannah Brandison and Samuel Dalls, July 8, 1723

From the record below about the history of Quakers in Leicester, England - the original monthly meetings in 1668 were held in Braunston.  This name is very close to Branson and could be the way it was spelled originally.  Early Quorndon Records of Leicester, England reveals several Braunston/Bransons living there in 1666 & 1667 (see below).  Also mentioned in Leicester was a Thomas Cleypoole (Claypool) and several Gerrard families. Gerrards were allied with the Maryland Bransons.   Claypools are mentioned on page one of this narrative.

Isle of Wight, Virginia
Boddie of England and Isle of Wight
William Boddie received a grant of 3,350 acres July 12, 1665 for the transportation of 56 persons, including John Branson, William Painter, Nathaniel Sharpe, William Body and Evan Haines. James Boddie bought two tracts from John Brampston amounting to 12 square miles of land. The grant of 1665 for 3,350 acres at Cypress Swamp in the Isle of Wight Co. William Boddie became a Quaker about 1672. He appears to have joined the Quakers at about the time George Fox, founder of the Society of Friends, visited Isle of Wight county.
Jan. 3, 1670 John Brampston is mentioned in deed records
John Carrel is mentioned in 1669 as an attorney.
William Body and Anna his wife sell to Henry Joyce and parcel of land on Cypress Swamp formerly let by Wm. Boddie to John Branscomb, now ack. to Henry Joyce - July, 1668.

Book: "The ancestry of Abraham Lincoln", Page 69
William Branson was the son of Nathaniel Branson Sonning County Berks, England, shoemaker, who had purchased 1250 acres of land from William Penn, although he never came to reside in America. He conveyed his land by deed August 28, 1707 to his son William who came early in 1708 in the "Golden Lyon" to Pennsylvania. In 1709 he resided in Philadelphia on the east side of Second Street, being then called joiner, in 1720 shopkeeper, and 1726 merchant. He had acquired before 1741, over 3400 acres of land in Berks and Chester Counties.
Page 180 - "Know all men that I Mordecai Lincoln of Coventry in the County of Chester, for and in consideration of the sum of l500 etc., do forever quitclaim to William Branson, merchant of Philadelphia, his heirs and assigns, one full and undivided third part of the one hundred and six acres of land, according to articles of agreement made between Samuel Nutt of the one part and the said Mordecai Lincoln of the other part, together with all singular the Mynes and Minerals, Forges, Buildings, Houses, Lands and Improvements whatsoever thereunto belonging. Dated 14 December, 1725.

There were several members of the Nutt family who married into the Branson family and I've been trying to determine if they were related to Samuel Nutt who was in business with William Branson of Chester, PA.  I also found a Sarah Branson of Suffolk, England who married Miles Nutt on July 16, 1623 in Barking, Suffolk, England.  She may be related to the Branston family of Suffolk, England discussed below.  If Miles Nutt was related to Samuel Nutt, this may be a clue linking the Branstons of Suffolk, England with the Bransons of Chester, PA.  According to the information below, Samuel Nutt, (Quaker and founder of the Coventry Ironworks) of PA was from Warwickshire, England.  If you have information about the ancestry or descendants of Miles and/or Samuel Nutt please contact Sandra by email

The original twp of Coventry doubtless received its name from Samuel Nutt, an early settler, who came from Coventry in Warwickshire, England. The first settlers here were assessed in 1718 as the "highest district from Skoolkill to Brandiwine." In 1720 there was an attempt to divide the district between Coventry and Nantmeal, and the district called "Scoolkil" was taxed alone in 1722. In 1841 the township was divided into North Coventry and South Coventry, an din 1844 East Coventry was formed by a division of North Coventry. In the latter year the line between South Coventry and East Vincent was established.

from THE HISTORY OF CHESTER COUNTY, by Futhey and Cope (1881);

Samuel Nutt the founder of the Coventry Iron Works, came from Coventry, in
Warwickshire, bringing a certificate from the MM of Coventry, dated 2-7-1714,
which was presented at Concord MM 10-13-1714.  No further notice of him appears
on the records of the latter meeting.  Before leaving England he, on the 4th day
of May, 1714, purchased from Benjamin Weight, of Coventry, 1250 acres of land in
Pa, some of which was laid out in Sudbury twp, now owned by Wm L. Paston and
others. (*1881).  He is said to have returned to England to bring over skilled
workers in iron, and it may be that his nephew of the same name accompanied him
hither at that time.  Samuel Nutt, SR, married Anna, widow of Samuel Savage, and
dau of Thomas Rutter, and her daughter, Rebecca Savage became the wife of Samuel
Nutt, JR, May 17, 1733.  In the Pennsylvania Gazette of May 29, 1740, we find
the following:
 "We hear from French Creek, in Chester County that on Monday last Mr. Robert
Grace, a gentleman of this city, was married to Mrs. Rebecca Nutt, an agreeable
young lady, with a fortune of ten thousand pounds."
    Samuel Nutt, Jr, left no son, and the name became extinct in that family.


Thomas Branson 1650 Maryland
Benjamin Branson 1759 Maryland
Francis Branson 1666 Virginia
Jno Branson 1665 Virginia
John Branson 1702 Virginia

Michl Branson 1765 Pennsylvania
Thomas Branson 1775 21 Maryland

Quaker Family History Society
The Original MMs in 1668 were Leicester, Braunston (later Oakham), and Swannington. About 1690 Hinkley was detatched from Leicester and Dalby from Oakham. Subsequent unions formed Leicester & Hinkley MM (1761) and Hinkley, Leicester & Oakham MM (1790); it was renamed Leicester MM in 1817. Swannington was united to Dalby 1762 as Dalby & Donnington MM, which was disolved in 1790 at the same time as Leicestershire QM, and its constituent PMs added to Nottingham MM in Derby and Nottinghamshire QM.

Quorndon Records (England)
Lay Subsidies, Leicester
A voluntary present to the King, Charles II, 1662
Widow Branston and William Duckett.......2

The story of the Berkshire Furnace, born 1750, died 1793
The Ironmasters of Berkshire Furnace
Before 1735 Samuel Nutt Sr. and William Branson founded Reading Furnace #1 on French Creek in Chester County near the present site of Hopewell Village. In 1736 the same men founded a second furnace by the same name in the same location. In 1744 William Bird erected Hopewell Forge in Union Township and in the same year he built the New Pine forges on Hay Creek. In 1764, about three years after Bird's death, when during the ownership of John Patton, it's new name was changed to Berkshire Furnace in Heidleberg.

Genealogical and Family History of the State of Connecticut: A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of a Commonwealth and the Founding of a Nation. Volume III
John Jenkins settled in 1733 , in the Conestoga Valley , in Caernarvon township , near Churchtown , where he was the first settler. He represented William Branson , an English gentleman, for whom he purchased a large tract of land, upon which he erected the Windsor iron works, which were among the first in Pennsylvania , and afterwards became the property of his son David and his grandson Robert Jenkins . His wife died September 5, 1771 , aged sixty-four. Both he and his wife were buried in the Episcopal churchyard, Churchtown, Pennsylvania . Both were members and supporters of that church. His will was dated in 1774 , and proved May 17, 1777 . His sons John , Isaac and Joseph were made executors, and in it he mentioned the sons above named, also sons William and David , daughter Rebecca , and granddaughter Mary , daughter of his son George . He also mentioned his negro man Quash , and desired that he go free after serving his son John for eleven years, also his negro woman Cooba , of whom a similar disposition is made. The old Jenkins homestead at Churchtown has remained in the family through all succeeding generations, and is now owned by Miss Blanche Nevin , the well-known sculptor, a lineal descendant of John Jenkins .

Houses with hearths inhabited in Mountsorrell, Leicester at the beginning of the year 1667 - Hearth Tax
Henry Brannson......1
Henry Braunston......1
William Duckett......1
Widow Braunston.....2
Mountsorrell, 1666:
Godfrey Branson....1
Sam. Ayres......2
Thomas Gerrard
John Gerrard
Joan Gerrard
Richard Gerrard
Thomas Cleypole
Peter Duckett
Thomas Watson


Bransons were also in Maryland prior to 1700.  A Thomas Branson came to Maryland in 1650, according to Passenger and Immigration records.  Other records and research indicates that he died 1684 in St. Mary's, MD and he married Amy.  In the Maryland Archives he is listed as Thomas Branston in a court proceeding with Thomas Ashbrooke, father-in-law of Richard Shockley.  This is a possible clue that Jared Branson was related to this Maryland Branson/Branston family, since he was connected to the Shockley family.  Since Thomas went by both names (Branson and Branston), he may be connected to the Branston family of Suffolk, England mentioned below, although it appears that they did not come to America until after Thomas came. 

Charles County Court Proceedings, 1666—1668.
Thomas Ashbrooke demandeth a Warrt agt Tho. Branston in an action of debt to the value of 150 lb of tobaccoe
Warrt to the Sherrife retornable ut Supra.
(NOTE: Eleanor Ashbrooke, daughter of Thomas Ashbrooke, was from Charles Co., MD and was the mother of Ann Boyden who married Richard Shockley in 1674 in Somerset, MD)
Provincial Court Proceedings, 1660
"John Cockerell demands a warrant at his suite against Jacob Lombrozo in an action of the case. Writt issued to the Sheriff of Saint Marye's County dated 1 January, retorn 19 ffebruary following."
(NOTE: See below for more information about the Cockerell family)


A book entitled "Shull, Burdsall, Stockton and allied families : a genealogical study with biographical notes", presents biographical material on many families of England, some of whom immigrated to America, including Penn, Crispin, Stockton, Hedge, Shinn, Birdsall, Stacey, Stokes and Branston.  Some of the material goes back to the 1400's and earlier.  The Branstons in this book were from Suffolk, England.  The Cripsins were from Yorkshire, England and the Penns were from Wiltshire, England (originally from Wales).  The Stokes were from Middlesex, England.  Although these families originated in different English counties, they were connected through various marriages, probably knowing one another through their involvement with the Society of Friends.  Almost all of the families mentioned in this book were Quakers in early Pennsylvania and/or New Jersey. 


Because there were so many families in this book who were Quakers who went to the same areas of New Jersey that our Bransons went, I feel it is an important work that should be studied closely.  Even though the Branston family of Suffolk, England spelled their name differently, they were allied with many of the same families in England that our Bransons were allied with in America.

The name Branston was spelled in various ways including: Bramston, Branstone, Bramstone, Braunston, Bramson, Brampton, Brampston, and others.  One name mentioned is Gwyn.  This is a name associated with John Branson who lived in Carroll Co., VA, probable son of John Jefferson Branson.  Shinn is also mentioned with respect to Crispin.  Margaret Owen, daughter of Joshua and Martha (Shinn) Owen, married Benjamin Crispin.  Shinn is a family associated with the Burlington, NJ Bransons.  Anna Branson, daughter of John Day Branson, married Samuel Shinn Jr.  Sarah Branson, daughter of Thomas L. Branson and Elizabeth Day, married George Shinn.  Samuel Shinn of New Jersey married Sarah Schooley (Scholey).  Thomas Shinn married Mary Stockton in 1696, recorded at the Burlington, NJ Monthly Meeting.  After Thomas died, Mary Stockton married Silas Crispin.  Most of these American marriages took place in Burlington, NJ, or those involved moved to Burlington, NJ after they married.

These are possible clues that the Branstons of Suffolk, England may have been ancestors of the Bransons of Berkshire and Leicester, England and Burlington, NJ. 


Found in the Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, records of some early non-Quaker deaths were found.  There are four BRANSTON individuals.  William & Mary BRANSTON in these records are probably William Branson and Mary Tate, William being the son of Nathaniel Branson Jr. of Berkshire England and Mary Bacon.  It is interesting that their names were recorded with the spelling BRANSTON.  Because other records show their name was spelled BRANSON and because the Quaker Bransons did not spell their name with the "T", it's easy to assume that the spelling BRANSTON was an error, but it's also possible that the "T" was dropped by those who went to New Jersey, and that the "T" was the way it was spelling earlier.  If so, it makes a feasible case in favor of the possibility that the New Jersey and Pennsylvania Bransons may have been related to the Suffolk, England Branstons.  Nathaniel and Rachel Branston mentioned in these records were probably very young when they died, since the other children of William and Mary were born between the years 1709 and 1720.  John and Sarah Bacon included in these records were probably the grandparents of Mary Bacon, since research by others indicates these were their first names.  The Claypooles are mentioned on page one.  The Edge family is mentioned on page three.  It is not known if Richard Edge was related to those mentioned on page three.  Even though William and Mary were related to the New Jersey Quaker Bransons and William's father bought land from William Penn, they were apparently not in the Quaker religion.

Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, Vol II, Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, Page 441
John Bacon, bur. 1-19-1707/1708
Sarah Bacon, wife of John, bur. 3-14-1701
Mary Branston, wife of William, bur. 2-3-1727
Nathaniel Branston, son of William & Mary, bur. 5-17-1725
Rachel Branston, dau. of William & Mary, bur. 5-2-1721
William Branson, son of William bur. 6-14-1716
William Branston, son of William & Mary, bur. 5-9-1725
Josiah Claypoole, son of Joseph, bur. 7-3-1716
James Claypoole, son of Joseph, bur. 5-19-1719
James Claypoole, son of Joseph & Edith, bur. 11-5-1719
---- Claypoole, wife of Nathaniel, bur. 8-27-1814
---- Claypoole, wife of Joseph, bur. 10-2-1715
---- Claypoole, son of Joseph, bur. 12-12-1726
Jane Edge, wife of Richard, bur. 8-27-1715
Richard Edge, bur. 6-12-1723
Adam Egge, son of Richard, bur. 7-2-1706



The name Branston may be derived from de Brandeston, de Brandestone, de Braneston and de Braundeston found in England in the 1200's, 1300's and 1400's.  Simon de Brandestone of Chelmondiston, County Suffolk was assessed for subsidy there in 1327.  According to online British records, he had a son named Geoffrey. (County of Letter Books, City of London, 1275-1312).  These names were probably derived from the village in which they lived (i.e. Brandestone or Brandeston which is in Suffolk County). 

The earliest Branston mentioned in this book is Edmund Branston of Capel St. Mary, County Suffolk, England.  His will was dated November 19, 1465.  It mentions his wife Christian, sons Stephen and Nicholas Bramston.  Edmund was a brother of Robert Branston of County Suffolk whose will was dated July 12, 1473 and mentions wife Agnes, grandnephew Robert Branston, grandchildren Robert Smith, Robert Grey, Richard Tastand, and Avis Blackamor.  Executors were Nicholas Branston of Bergholt (in Suffolk County)  and Thomas Branston of Ipswich, Suffolk, England.  The will of Nicholas Bramstone was dated 1491 but appears to be incomplete and was not proven in court records.  It mentions his wife Christian, sons Thomas, Nicholas, William and Robert, and daughter Joan.  His wife's will mentions son Edmund.  Their son William's will was dated April 17, 1514 and mentions wife Agnes, sons John, William, Richard, Thomas and James.  Their son John Branston made a will dated Nov. 10, 1556 and proved May 14, 1558.  It mentions wife Katherine, sons Thomas, John, Robert, Richard, Simon, Christopher and William, daughters Agnes, Margaret and Emme.  It also mentions Charles Branston, William's children.  Witnesses: Stephen Cardinall, Robert Wyles, William Branston, Phillip Symond, John Brandston, Richard Branston and Symon Branston.  Much more information is included in the book.

Suffolk, Wiltshire, Leicestershire and Berkshire Counties are all located fairly close to each other.  Yorkshire is a bit north of them.   Wiltshire is next to Berkshire which makes sense because of the land transaction between Nathaniel Branson and William Penn - the fact that they lived in neighboring counties is good to know.   Also, according to the source listed below, William Penn lived and died in Ruscombe, Berkshire, England which is about six miles from Reading, Berkshire, England.  It's possible that some of the Branstons (or Bransons) moved from Suffolk County to Berkshire or Leicester County because of the their Quaker faith, to be closer to the Hinkley Monthly Meeting in the 1660's.

The Penn family
Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott & Co., 1870, 33 pgs.
Ruscombe, where William Penn long lived during the latter years of his life, and where he died, is about six miles from Reading, in Berkshire.

Click the following link to see a map prior to the 1974 boundary changes.

British Counties Map

BRONSDON ORTHOGRAPHY (Spelling variations)

From the book: Bronsdon and Box families
Lynn, Mass.: H.F. Parker, 1902, 342 pgs. by Lucius B. Marsh

Bronsdon and Box families
Lynn, Mass.: H.F. Parker, 1902, 342 pgs. by Lucius B. Marsh
William Bramston was Sheriff in London in 1395 and was the ancestor of the Bramston family of Boreham, near Chelmsford, County Essex, England. The same variations in spelling are noticeable in this family as in the early Bronsdon generation, and there is little or no doubt that it is a branch of the ancient Brontestons. (spelling var. include: de Brontiston, Bronston, Brondeston, Brantestun, Braunteston, Branston, Brimsdon, Bramsdon, Bramston)
William Bronston was the Abbott of Burton for eighteen years; he died in 1472.
footnote: Robert Bronsdon of Boston left legacies to cousins Robert and Avis Bronsdon in England
The family crest is taken from the tombstone of Sir John Bramston of Roxwell, near Chelmsford Co., Essex, England. He was the son of Roger Bramston (a descendant of William, the Sheriff of London)
Robert Bronsdon is also listed as Robert Branson of Stepney in his will dated May 5, 1666, widow Frances.


The Shinn family who married into the Branson family of Burlington, NJ was from Suffolk County, England.  In America, George Shinn married Sarah Branson, daughter of Thomas Branson and Elizabeth Day, on March 2, 1748/49 in New Jersey.  George's grandfather was John Shinn (Sheene) born c1665 in Soham, Suffolk, England.  (See elsewhere on this page for information about Branstons of Suffolk County, England).   The Shinn family is recorded in Burlington, NJ Quaker records as early as 1686 when the marriage of Ellen Stacey and John Shinn was recorded.  The earliest record I've found so far in Quaker records for the Shinn family was 1681 for the marriage of Ann Shinn to Daniel Leeds at the Burlington, NJ Monthly Meeting.

Both Shinn and Stacey are mentioned in the book.  It is apparent that these are the same Shinn and Stacey families who were recorded in Quaker records in Burlington, New Jersey, some of whom were allied with the Branson family, including descendants of Jared Branson, Sr.  Jared Branon's great-granddaughter, Olivia C. Branson, married Joseph Henry Barbarick whose aunt Catherine married Samuel Shinn who was a descendant of the Shinn family mentioned in the book.  The father of Joseph Henry Barbarick (Frederick) moved to Gasconade, MO at about the same time that Jared Branson Sr. did.  This Barbarick family lived in Cabarrus Co., NC before that, as did many of these Shinn families.  The Criders were also in Cabarrus, NC and I'm attempting to learn if these families knew or had contact with Jared Branson before going to Missouri.  According to the book entitled "History of Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, Crawford & Gasconade Counties, Missouri", Frederick Barbarick moved from Cabarrus, NC to Indiana in about 1810, then to Illinois and to Gasconade, MO three years later.  He settled near Daniel Crider who had gone to Gasconade, MO by 1818.  Based on this information, Daniel Crider of Cabarrus, NC apparently went to Gasconade, MO at least 6-7 years before Jared Branson, Sr. and his children went there.  So they may have met after they arrived in Missouri. 

In a book entitled "A history of Cabarrus County in the wars" we find a Captain Joseph Shinn who served in the Revolutionary War.  He was the son of Benjamin Shinn and brother of Samuel Shinn who married Catherine Barbarick. 


The Stacy family is also mentioned in the book.  Mary Stacy, daughter of Henry Stacy married Jonathan Wilson in New Jersey and her sister Sarah married Robert Montgomery.  Henry was possibly the son of Robert Stacy.  Ellen Stacy married John Shinn in c1746 in Burlington, NJ.  Ellen was the daughter of Robert Stacy.  The Stacy name is recorded frequently in Quaker records.  Henry Stacy was imprisoned in England for his Quaker beliefs before immigrating to America.  He may be related to Mahlon Stacy who was also in New Jersey at the same time.

There were several Stacy families living near Jared Branson Sr. in Virginia, including John Stacy and Benjamin Stacy, who were on the 1782 personal property tax list in Montgomery, VA along with Jared and Thomas Branson and others. 

Benjamin and John Stacy were descendants of Simon Stacy:

Benjamin Stacy, Jr., son of Benjamin Stacy and Anne Combs of Stafford, VA, born c1763 in Frederick, VA; grandson of Simon Stacy and Judith Tolson.  (Benjamin Stacy and Ann Combs also had a son named John born c1764.)  (Note: there were also several Branson families in Stafford, VA).  This Stacy family was allied with the Sumner family and there are land records for other families allied with the Stacy family (Richardson) on Little Reed Island (branch of Big Reed Island) in Montgomery, VA.  Jared Branson Sr. owned land in Big Reed Island near the Sumner family.  More information about these families is available on the Combs-Coombs &c.  Web Site at http://www.combs-families.org/combs/assoc/stacy.htm#simon (Also see Bright Family section)

Simon Stacy was born c1716, the son of John Stacy. They are descendants of the Stacy family mentioned in the book that includes the Branstons of Suffolk, England.

Simon, John and Benjamin Stacy were members of Daniel Trigg's Montgomery, VA Militia in 1781.  Israel Lorton was a Lieutenant in that company.  (See notes about the Lortons elsewhere in this narrative).

If you have information about any possible relationship between Simon and Robert Stacy, please contact Sandra by email.

Founders of the City of Burlington, New Jersey
City of Burlington New Jersey
“The Concessions and Agreements of the Proprietors, Freeholders and Inhabitants of West New Jersey”. This document is so remarkable that it has shared exhibition space with the Magna Carta in the National Park Service’s Independence National Historic Park in Philadelphia, PA. The ancient parchment traditionally is preserved within the Surveyor General’s Office in the City. In part, it states, “...granted by William Penn, Gawan Lawry, and Nicholas Lucas, into Thomas Hutchinson, Thomas Pearson, Joseph Helmsly, George Hutchinson and Mahlon Stacy date the second day of the month called March 1677 instant, wherein they grant unto the said persons certain privileges for a town to be built...”. The division of East and West Jersey is thereafter defined, and Burlington is designated the Capital of West Jersey.

Bransom, Jarret 1 0 2 2
Branson, Thomas 1 0 3 6

Doak, David, Jun. 1 5 6
Doak, David, Sen. 1 6 15
Doak, James 1 2
Doak, Samuel 1 4 8
Doak, William 1 6 13
Dillard, Thomas 1 0 2 6
Dalton, Timothy 1 0 1 3
Brannan, James 1 0 3
Goad, Abraham 1 0 10 13
Goad, William 1 0 1 7
Bails, Thomas 1 0 3 6
Bails, William 1 0 2
McMillon, Abraham 1 0 1 7
McMullen, William 1 0 8 10
Shockley, (illegible) 1 0 2 2
Stacy, Benjamin 1 1
Stacy, John 1

DANIEL TRIGG'S MILITIA 31 Mar 1781 - Montgomery, VA (Partial List)
Daniel Trigg, Capt.
Israel Lorton, Lieut.
Benjamin Staycie
John Staycie
Simon Staycie

Wm. Combs
Mayson Combs


The Haines family of Burlington, New Jersey is mentioned several times in the book, including John Haines, Noah Haines, Patience Haines (married Silas Crispin) and Caleb Haines.  These were all members of the Haines family who was allied with the Branson family of Burlington, New Jersey.    Noah Haines was the nephew of Bethany Haines.  Caleb Haines was the first cousin of Bethany Haines.  Descendants of Bethany Haines married into the family of Jared Branson Sr.  (See Bethany and Luster Haines notes on page one).


Hedge Descendants of London and Suffolk, England were Quakers in Salem & Burlington, NJ
Descendants of:  Edward Hedge who married Judith Branston in Suffolk, England in 1606

Another family that was associated with the Branstons of Suffolk, England was the Hedge family.  Judith Branston married Edward Hedge in Suffolk, England.  There was also a Hedge family in Burlington, NJ that married into the Borton family who went to Burlington, NJ from Northamptonshire, England in 1682.  I found a Sam Hedge listed in the New Jersey Colony tax list of 1677 who was part of Fenwick's Colony (learn more about Fenwick's Colony).  He was not the same Samuel Hedge who married Judith Branston since deed records show that his wife was Anna, however, according to the book, he was Judith Branston Hedge's grandson (see below).  A Mary Hedge, daughter of Samuel Hedge, is mentioned in the letter book of James Claypoole, stating that she sailed from England to Pennsylvania in the year 1682.  A Samuel Hedge is mentioned in the will of John Fenwick (dated August, 1683) in Salem, NJ that also mentions Gov. William Penn.  Samuel is referred to as "my son-in-law".  His daughter Mary is mentioned in Quaker records, but was apparently not a Quaker.  This Hedge family was probably connected to Bernard Hedge whose daughter Deborah married William Borton of Burlington, NJ.  Bernard was married in Salem, NJ in 1688 (source: First Settlers of Newton Township New Jersey, Page 391 <Note: Branson, Haines, Painter, Shinn, Borton, Lippincott, Penn and Stacey individuals are also mentioned in these records>).  The Bernard Hedge family was also loosely connected to the family of Richard Stockton and the Haines family.  (Sources: New Jersey and Pennsylvania Genealogical Societies).

Edward Hedge was the son of Stephen Hedge and grandson of Robert Hedge.

John Fenwick's daughter Anne married Samuel Hedge, grandson of Edward and Judith (Branston) Hedge of Suffolk, England. 

There was a Thomas Hedge in records of St. Mary's Co., Maryland (where John Branson Sr. lived) in the year 1674 or 1675.  It is not known at this time if Thomas Hedge was related to the Hedge family mentioned in the book or to Deborah Hedge.  He apparently lived in Baltimore County and was a County Clerk in about 1679.  He died August, 1698.  If you have information about this Thomas Hedge please contact Sandra by email.

Deborah Hedge who married William Borton was the daughter of Bernard Hedge of Salem, NJ (unverified).  In the book about the Branstons, Stocktons and Shulls, Mary Hedge who married Nicholas More was in Salem, NJ - her son Nicholas Jr. died there in 1728.  Other research indicates that Deborah Hedge's parents were married Jan. 1, 1688 in Salem, NJ.  Therefore it is reasonable to assume that Deborah and Bernard Hedge were related to the Hedge family included in the book.  The marriage of Deborah Hedge and William Borton is documented in marriage records of Burlington NJ Monthly Meeting of the Quakers. Nicholas More received land grants from William Penn in 1681, as did Nathaniel Branson prior to 1707.  In the book, the Hedge family lived in East Bergholt and Ipswich, Suffolk Co., England before going to America, as did the Branston family. 

William Hedge in Montgomery Co., Virginia
William Hedge married Lucy Godbey on March 4, 1804 in Montgomery, VA.  William was living in Montgomery, VA in 1810 and 1820.  There were no other Hedge families in that county.  He was born 1784-1794 and probably died before 1830.  He had sons George and James, and daughter Pauline.  I have been unable to identify his parents, however, his wife Lucy was the daughter of William and Zannah Godbey.  The Godbey family lived in the New River region of Virginia for many generations and were among the first 109 families of the Virginia Colony.  The Hedge name is found in very early records of the James River area of Virginia.  A William Hedge was transported to James City County, VA in June, 1636.  Joan Godbey was transported to the same county in May of that year along with Roger Lucas and others.  Joan the wife of Thomas Godbey, the first of this line to come to America.  Sir John Harvey is also mentioned in James City Co. in 1636.  Pauline Hedge married Thompson Farmer of Montgomery, VA.  He may have been related to Thomas Farmer who was the surety on the marriage bond of Valentine Branson and Susannah East, 1807 in Patrick, VA.

If you have information about the ancestry of William Hedge, please contact Sandra by email.

The Will of John Fenwick
1684-5 Feb. 10. Do. William PENN, Proprietor and Governour of
Penssilvania, also Proprietor of Salem Tenth, West Jersey, Samuel
HEDGE of Hedgefield
, John SMITH of Smithfield and Richard TINDALL
of Tindall's Bowery in said Tenth, executors of the last will of John
FENWICK, to Richard DANIELL of New Salem, for 10 acres there,
late in tenure of Widow Elizabeth DANIELL, on Fenwick's Creek, the
highway (destroyed).

Samuel HEDGE was the son of Samuel HEDGE, a merchant and citizen of
London. He came over with FENWICK, in the summer of 1675, and in the following
spring married the latter's daughter Ann. FENWICK conveyed to them a tract of
2,000 in the 11th mo. of the same year (February, 1677). In Upper Mannington,
whither the young couple removed, and where they resided until 1685. It was
known as the Hedgefield tract. HEDGE signed the West Jersey Concessions, March
3, 1676-7. His father-in-law appointed him Surveyor-General of the Colony,
April 30, 1678. He was clerk and recorder of deeds of Salem county, until
1692. As a member of the West Jersey House of Representatives he signed an
address to King William III, May 20, 1697, congratualting him on his escape
from a reported plot. he was still a member of the House in 1701, when he and
other members petitioned the King for the appointment of Andrew Hamilton as
Governor of New Jersey. Having been appointed one of his father-in-law's
executors, he returned in 1685 to Salem, where he built a brick house on
Bradway street, in which he and his wife resided until their death. They had
one son, Samuel HEDGE 3d, who married Rebecca PYLE; he died 3d of 11th mo
1708-9, leaving a will, from which it appears that his father was still living.
He left a widow and five children, all sons.

Some Early Land Transactions at or Near Fenwick's Colony in New Jersey
(Names in bold were allied with the Quaker Bransons or connected families)
WEST JERSEY RECORDS, ---Liber A., or Revel's Book of Surveys.
1680 Sept. 7. Return of Survey, for Mahlon STACY, of 100 acres on
Assiscunck Creek, Lazy Point side.
1680 Sept. 29. Do. Do. for John ANTRAM, of 30 a. on the Westside
of London Bridge, W. N. W. to the swamp, along the swamp, then to the bridge. 6
1680 Sept. 30. Do. Do. for John SHINN, of 200 a. on Assiscunck
Cr., adjoining Eleazer FENTON.
1680 Oct. 21. Do. Do. for Robert STACY, of 250 a. from Eleazer
FENTON's corner N. W. along Assiscunck Cr. Marginal Note: "prcell
found to be but 200 a., 100 thereof is past over to Daniel LEEDS by deed
Recorded in Book B. p. --- & ye other 100 Robert hath relinquished &
Daniel hath bought it of Mahlon STACY & Tho. LAMBERT on ye publique accompt."
1680 Oct. 20. Do. Do. for Robert STACY, of 66 a., his town lot,
from the angle of the "marish" over against his tanning house along the
creek, to the swamp, on the Westside of the Rancokus path aand on Assiscunck Cr.
1680 Nov. 13. Return of survey, fro Robert and Thomas SCHOLEY, of
200 acres along Dellaware R. betw. John ROGERS and Crosswick Creek.
(See infra, p. 34.)
1681 June 11. Do. Do. for John ANTRAM, of 100 a. in the town
field, S. E. Tho. GARDNER.
1681-2 Feb. 1. Do. Do. for John SHINN, of 100 a. on the brook of
Assiscunck, adjoining his own land and Thomas BUDD.
1681 Dec. 22. Do. Do. for Daniel WILLS junior and George ELKINGTON,
of 300 a., 100 for ELKINGTON, the other 200 for WILLS, on Mill Creek,
adjoining D. WILLS senior and John BOARTON.
1681-2 Feb. 21. Do. Do. for Samuel BORDEN, of 200 a. at Hatt's
Plantation on the N. W. side of the road from Burlington to Shrowsburry.
Marginal Note: "This granted to James ANTRAM by vertue of a deed see
Recorded in fol. (425, 426) Libr. B."
1681-2 Feb. 23. Do. Do. for Thomas BARTON, of 100 a., bounded
S. W. by the brook of Assicunck, betw. John PANCOAST and Samuel WILLIS.
1682 April 26. Do. Do. for John BOARTON, of 200 a. at the head of
a small creek of Rancokus, which bounds the land of Henry JACOBS.
1682 Oct. 30. Do. Do. for John DAYS, of 100 a. at Springfield on
the Northside of the Westbranch of Assiscunck Cr., adjoining John SHIN

and Eleazer FENTON, including a meadowlot on the Southside next to John BUTCHER.
1682 Nov. 30. Do. Do. for Daniel LEEDS, of 200 a. at Springfield,
adjoining his dwelling house, S. Assiscunck Cr., between Eleazer FENTON
and Francis BESWICK.
1682 Sept. 11. Do. Do. for Henry STACY, of 500 a. on Dellaware
R., over against Sepassincks Island at the mouth of and along a creek, be-
tween Wm. BIDDLE and John CRIPPS.
1683 March --. Do. Do. for Richard MATHEWS, of 500 a. at New-
ton, betw. Henry STACY, Francis COLLINS and Wm. Cooper's Creek.
1682 Oct. 28. Do. Do. for Henry STACY, of 37 1/2 a. in Burlington
town bounds, W. John ANTRAM on the Westside of the brook near the
tannery, N. John WOOLSTON.
1683 Sept. --. Do. Do. for Francis COLLINS and Henry STACY, of 60
a. of meadow and upland, whereof 10 a. of meadow are for said STACY, the

rest for COLLINS, the whole at the head of a branch of Timber Cr.
1683 Oct. 2. Do. Do. for Bernard DEVONISH, of 400 a. on Ranco-
kus R., at the mouth of a small run, adjoining Walter HUMPHEREY and John STOAKES.
1683 Sept. --. Do. Do. for John ANTRAM, of 150 a. on the East
branch of Assiscunck Cr., betw. John PANCOST, Thomas BARTON, Samuel
1683 10th m. (Dec.). Do. Do. for Joshua WRIGHT, of 285 a. in the
First Tenth, on Crosswicks alias Leeds River, at the head of a small run
next to the land of Francis DAVENPORT.
1683 Oct. 2. Do. Do. for John STOKES, of 162 a. on Rancokus R.,
between Bernard DEVONISH and Thomas GARDNER, incl. 12 1/2 a. on the point
of the river forks.
1685 1st m. (March). Do. Do. for John FURNIS, of 250 a. in the
Second Tentch, S. Northampton R., near Rainbowe Island, incl. 6 a. of
meadow surveyed for ffreedome LIPPINCOAT.
---------- Do. Do. for James ANTRAM, of 250 a. in the First Tenth, E.
Percifall TOWLE, adjoining Thomas BARTON, Thomas SCATTERGOOD and
Nathaniel RICHARDS, incl. 11 a. of meadow at Mount Pleasant next to John CURTIS.

1687 2d m. (April). Do. Do. for ffreedom LIPPINCOTT, of 288 8-9 a.
near Pemsokin Creek.
1683 11th m. (Jan.). Do. Do. for John HAYNES, by Daniel LEEDS,
of 200 a. along the Southside of the South branch of Northampton R., ad-
joining Benjamin MOORE.
1685 6th m. (Aug.). Do. Do. Do. for John SHINN junior, of 200
a., No. Godfrey HANCOCK junior.
1685 2d m. (April). Do. Do. Do. for Thomas BARTIN, of 75 a.
along James Antram and a brook between John ANTRAM, John WOOLSTON
and Thomas REVELL; incl. 3 a. of meadow at Mount Pleasant next to John CURTIS.
1683 -------. Do. Do. for Mahlon STACY, Joshua WRIGHT, Jno LAMBERT,
Thomas LAMBERT and William EMLEY, of 2,000 a. above the mouth
of Assunpinck Creek, between Peter ffRETWELL and George HUTCHESON
along said creek and on Dellaware R.
1684 2d m. (April). Do. Do. Do. for Daniel BACON, of 350 a. on
the Southside of the brook below his house, between John HOOTON, a
Southerly branch of said brook and Wm. BLACK. "This survey is includ-

ed in the whole Tract of 800 Acres as see page 120."
---------- "The bounds of ffreedome LIPPINCOTT's Land and meadow,
whereof all but ye meadows & allowance for a Highway was formerly re-
corded for Tho: OLLIVE." Surveyed for ffreedom LIPPINCOTT 200 a. on
Northampton R. and Mill Cr. along Thomas EVES'; incl. 6 a. of meadow
on said river next to John FURNIS.
1684 -----. Return of survey, for John STOAKS, of 150 a. on Rancokus
alias Northampton R., between Bernard DEVONISH, Tho. GARDNER and the Mill Creek.
1688 3d m. (May). Do. Do. by Daniel LEEDS, for the same, of 155
a. next to Wm. HUNT's, incl. 6 1/2 a. of meadow, N. W. Daniel LEEDS, betw.
Wm SALLAWAY and Thomas SHINN. "Whereof 25 Acres was formerly
Surveyed by Daniel LEEDS & 130 Acres by Symon CHARLES, All being 155
Acres besides Highwayes. Examined by Daniel LEEDS."

William Branson of Chester, PA owned an iron foundry.....and....the Hedge family of Berkshire Parish, England was in the iron foundry business as early as the seventeenth century.  Berkshire is where Nathaniel Branson was supposedly born.  Bucklebury is also where a John Bransdon is mentioned in 1681 Quaker records (in the same records with Richard Heges <Hedges>).  John and Benjamin Hockley are also mentioned in Berkshire Parish in later years.  Hockley is a family allied with the Bransons of Chester, PA.  Hannah Branson, daughter of William Branson and Mary Tate, married Richard Hockley.  Richard Haynes is also mentioned in early court records of Berkshire Parish (in 1697). 

More about Samuel Hedge of Salem, New Jersey

According to the book, Samuel Hedge, grandson of Edward Hedge and Judith Branston, went to Salem, New Jersey on the ship "Griffith" in 1675 with Fenwick.  Samuel's parents were Samuel Hedge Sr. and Elizabeth Weld of London, England.  Edward Hedge was born c1580 of Ipswich, Suffolk, England and his wife, Judith Branston was the daughter of John Branston "the elder" of East Bergholt, Suffolk, England and Judith Cardinall.   This Samuel Hedge who went to New Jersey is a proven connection between the Suffolk, England Branston family and the Hedge family of New Jersey.  Samuel who went to Salem, NJ was probably related to Bernard Hedge, father of Deborah Hedge who married William Borton (see elsewhere in this narrative for more about him).

Judith Branston's father John is mentioned in 1600 with Richard Hedge

As mentioned elsewhere in this narrative, John Branston and Richard Hedge were mentioned in the 1600 will of John Goodwin of Suffolk, England.  I am attempting to determine if Richard Hedge was related to Edward Hedge who married Judith Branston in Suffolk, England in 1606.  Because Edward and Richard were in the same county at about the same time, it is likely they were closely related.  Descendants of John Goodwin  immigrated to Hartford, Connecticut in 1632.  According to the book entitled "The Goodwins of Hartford, Connecticut", this family had roots in Essex and Suffolk, England.

A Richard Hedge is also mentioned in 1556 will of Matthew Marvin of London, England.  This Marvin family also migrated to Hartford, CT.  (Source: "The English ancestry of Reinold and Matthew Marvin of Hartford, Ct., 1638 : their homes and parish churches")

If you have information about Richard Hedge of Suffolk, England please contact Sandra by email.

Nathaniel Bacon mentioned in Suffolk England will in 1638

Mentioned in the will of John Goodwin in 1638 in East Bergholt, Suffolk, England is Nathaniel Bacon.  This name was also mentioned in the biography of Nathaniel Barnadiston (see below).  In 1649 Nathaniel Barnardiston married a daughter of Nathaniel Bacon.  It is not known if these were the same Nathaniel Bacons, however, they were both mentioned in Suffolk, England at the about the same time.  If these were the same Nathaniel Bacons, it means that Nathaniel Barnadiston married a close friend of John Goodwin who was allied with the Suffolk, England Branstons.  The name Barnadiston has also been spelled "Barnston", "Brampton" and "Brandeston".

A Very interesting page from the book "Suffolk and the Great Rebellion, 1640-1660", describes a Suffolk county committee that was overseen by the Barnadistons.  Nathaniel Bacon is also mentioned as is Edmund Harvey.  Click the image for a larger view.

As mentioned elsewhere in this narrative, the Bacon family was allied with the Bransons of Berkshire, England.  Nathaniel Branson Jr. married Mary Bacon, daughter of Peter Bacon of Berkshire, England.  It would be interesting to learn if Peter Bacon was related to Nathaniel Bacon of Suffolk, England.

Nathaniel Bacon I is mentioned in English records of The Colonial Virginia Register and Nathaniel II (his nephew) was the namesake of the famous "Bacon Rebellion" of 1676 near Jamestown.  This register contains information about the early House of Burgesses of Virginia, some members of which were located in England.  In 1658 Nathaniel Bacon I is mentioned in York Co., Virginia as one of the legislative members.  A Robert Stacy is mentioned in the year 1619.  Nathaniel Bacon I immigrated to York County, Virginia and was born in 1620.   There was also a James Goodwin who served from York County the year before Nathaniel Bacon served (1657) and Nathaniel Bacon II was born in Suffolk, England, so the chances are good he was related to the person named in the will - however, he was probably not the one mentioned (see below).  Nathaniel Bacon I became Governor of Virginia in 1687.  As outlined below, some of the Goodwins immigrated to Connecticut, but some of them may have gone to Virginia.  Also listed as members were several Barbers.  More about the story behind the "Bacon Rebellion" at: http://www.nps.gov/archive/colo/Jthanout/BacRebel.html

According to a family tree on ancestry.com, Nathaniel Bacon I was born 1620 in Friston Hall, Suffolk, England, and he became of the Governor of Virginia.  Hugh de Brandeston of Brandeston, Plomesgate, Suffolk, England is also mentioned in this family tree (see elsewhere on this page for more about the de Brandeston name). 

Probably the Nathaniel Bacon who was mentioned in the 1638 will.....
Another family tree shows a Nathaniel Bacon born c1585-1593 in Suffolk, England, (son of Edward Bacon), who married Susan Holloway (a surname found in connection with the Branstons of Suffolk).  Edward Bacon was the son of Sir Nicholas Bacon of Suffolk.  In this tree, William Goodwin of Hartford, CT is also mentioned, so this is probably the one who was listed in the will of John Goodwin of East Bergholt, Suffolk, England in 1638.  Only one year later, William Goodwin is mentioned in Hartford, CT.  It is not known if this Nathaniel Bacon was related to the Nathaniel Bacon mentioned above.  There was no known Nicholas or Edward Bacon in that family tree, however, both Bacon families were of Suffolk, England.

See Passenger and Immigration Lists to Early Virginia

See More Bacon Records

NOTE: Nathaniel Bacon II owned land in Henrico Co., Virginia - the county where Thomas Branston was bound to William Cox in 1638.

If you have information about Nathaniel Bacon of Suffolk, England (allied with or friends of the Goodwin family) or information about James Goodwin of York, VA please contact Sandra by email.

The Goodwins are mentioned frequently in reference to the early days of Hartford, CT in the book entitled "Hartford in the olden time : its first thirty years" Also mentioned is Andrew Bacon who may be a relative of Nathaniel Bacon.  Andrew Bacon is mentioned in 1640 and Richard Goodwin is mentioned in 1641.  Andrew Bacon and William Goodwin are mentioned in a catalog of the first Puritan settlers of Hartford, CT.  There are no Bransons or Branstons mentioned.

A family tree on ancestry.com shows an Andrew Bacon born 1655/56 (died in CT), son of Nathaniel Bacon and Anne Miller of Rutlandshire, England.  This Nathaniel was born 1629 so he was probably not the same one who was mentioned in the 1638 will of John Goodwin.  (See the name Andrew Bacon below mentioned in the will of Robert Alefounder)

The Shinn (Sheene) name in England is also mentioned with this Goodwin family in England.  In 1620 in Norwich, Norfolk, England, John Goodwyne married Grace Sheene.  (Source: "English Goodwin Papers".)  (See Shinn section)  The Shinn / Sheene / Sheyne name is also found in pre-1700 Suffolk, England records.

The Colonial Virginia Register (Partial Lists)
From about 1705 there was a sinecure Auditor 'General of the Colonies resident in England, and those who. held the office in Virginia though practically Auditors General,. were in name deputies.
1687, April Nathaniel Bacon, President of the Council. (Though Lord Effingham did not sit in the General Court, he remained in Virginia and signed patents as late as October 20, 1688.) Born in England, 1619; died in Virginia, March 16, 1692.
NATHANIEL BACON, I. of "Queen's Creek," York County, Va. Born about 1620, in England. Died March 16, 1692, in Virginia.

Thomas Godwin, June 1676
Martin-Brandon (Captain John Martin's Plantation); Thomas Davis, Robert Stacy
York County: Jeremy Ham, James Goodwin, Robert Borne, William Hay.
Upper Norfolk: Lieut. Colonel Edw'd Carter, Captain Thomas Goodwyn, Giles Webb.
York: Nathaniel Bacon, Major Joseph Crowshaw, Thomas Bushrod, William Hay.
York: Lieut. Colonel Wm. Barber.
York: Thos. Cheesman and Thos. Barber.
Henrico: William Randolph, William Soane.
York: Tho. Barbar, Tho. Ballard.
York: Wm. Buckner. Wm. Barbar.

Nansemond: Thomas Goodwin, Henry Baker.
Nansemond: Thomas Godwin, Henry Baker
Fincastle: William Christian, Robert Doak.
Fincastle: William Chnstian, Robert Doak (who on May 9 was unseated, because at the time of his election he held the office of deputy

Humphreys, Arthur Lee, author
Bucklebury : a Berkshire parish, the home of Bolingbroke 1701-1715
Reading England: The author, 1932, 647 pgs.
PAGE 18: Apart from agriculture the two local industries which have flourished in the past and still flourish at Bucklebury are the iron foundry, which goes back to the seventeenth century at least and has been in the hands of the Hedge family all the time........

Bucklebury : a Berkshire parish, the home of Bolingbroke 1701-1715
Reading England: The author, 1932, 647 pgs.
PAGE 360: Births of Inhabitants of Bucklebury registered in the archives of the Society of Friends (Quakers)
August 13, 1681 - Hannah, daughter of John and Alice Bransdon, Bucklebury
PAGE 528: Court Leet, Oct. 24, 1783 - Officers: Benjamin Hockley for the West End; William Bedding Constable
Oct. 20, 1786 - John Hockley for both East and West End
PAGE 507: Court Baron - Oct. 11, 1697 - Officers: Richard Haynes tithingman for East End.  (Thomas Hockley is also mentioned.)

Some other Quaker records of Bucklebury, Berkshire, England:

Humphreys, Arthur Lee, author
Bucklebury : a Berkshire parish, the home of Bolingbroke 1701-1715
Reading England: The author, 1932, 647 pgs.
PAGE 359: NONCONFORMITY - The Society of Friends founded a Monthly Meeting for Ore and Newbury (included Bucklebury) as early and 1674. Monthly meeting held the 17th of the 2nd month 1694 (February 17) Edward May Jr. of Bucklebury in the County of Berks and Sarah Weston declared their intention of marriage. Friends appointed Richard Heges and Joseph Anstell to inquire concerning his clearness...

This is a possible indirect connection between the Chester, PA and Burlington NJ Bransons and the Hedge family who came to America from England and was mentioned with the Branston family of Suffolk, England. 

Provincial Court Proceedings, 1674/5. 535 (Thomas Hedge sued Daniel Jenifer)
Thomas Hedge Comand was given to the Sheriff of St Maries
agt County that he attach Daniel Jenifer late of St
Maries County
otherwise called Daniel Jenifer of
Accomack County in Virginia if he should be found
in his Bailiwick so that he have his body here the
ninth day of february in the 43th yeare of his Lopps
Dominion &c to answer unto Thomas Hedge in a plea that he render
unto him the summe of seaven thousand three hundred pounds of
tobacco which to him he oweth and unjustly deteineth. Att which
said ninth day of ffebruary in the yeare aforesaid the Same Sheriff
maketh returne that the said Daniel Jenifer is not found in his Baili
wick whereupon the said Thomas Hedge by Robert Carvile his At
torny prayed an attachment against the estate of the said Daniel
according to Act of Assembly in that case made and provided and
it is granted unto him by the Court here.

References to the Civil List in His Lordship's Patronage
Clerks of Baltimore County:
Thomas Hedge, succeeded Johnson prior to 3 June 1679; continued in
office by act of the Convention, 4 Sept. 1689; died in Aug. 1698.


The Crispin family is allied with the Haines, Shinn and Holloway families of Burlington, NJ.  The Haines, Shinn and Holloway families are also allied with the Bransons of Burlington, NJ.  Crispins, Stocktons, Shinns and Holloways are all found in Quaker records.  The Crispins are indirecly allied with the Bransons of Burlington, NJ:  Jacob Branson, son of William Branson and Elizabeth Osmond, married Rebecca Holloway, 2nd great-granddaughter of Silas Crispin and Mary Stockton, both families mentioned in the book.  William Holloway, the husband of Martha Branson (daughter of William and Elizabeth <Osmond> Branson), married Phebe Crispin after Martha died.

It makes sense to tentatively reach the conclusion that the Branstons mentioned in this book are connected to the Bransons of Chester, PA and Burlington, NJ.  Nathaniel Branson, the progenitor of the Burlington, NJ and Chester, PA Bransons, is not mentioned in the book, nor is the County of Berkshire.  Therefore, the task is to discover the relationship (if any) between the Suffolk County Branstons and Nathaniel Branson.


The Stockton family were Quakers allied with the Shinn, Crispin, Branson and Shockley families (and others).  Richard Stockton was the first of this line to come to America.  He was born c1626 in England and died Oct. 10, 1707 in Burlington, NJ.  There are many records available online about the Stocktons.  They were mentioned along with the Branston family in the book involving Suffolk, England.

Stocktons in Missouri with the Bransons and Shockleys
Richard Stockton mentioned above married Abigail Bloomfield.  Their fifth great-grandson, James Stockton, married Elizabeth Shockley of Osage, Missouri.  James was born 1850 in Maries, Missouri, son of John Henderson Stockton and Louisiana Caldwell who went to Missouri from Barren, KY.  Before going to Missouri, this Stockton line lived in Queens, NY, Burlington, NJ, Albemarle, VA, Rutherford, NC and Barren, KY.  James Stockton, widower, was living with his brother Joseph in Maries, Missouri in 1880.  Also in the household was 14 year-old John William Stockton who married Celia C. Branson, daughter of John Wilkenson Branson and Elizabeth Shockley (not the same Elizabeth).  Celia was a descendant of Jared Branson Sr.  Elizabeth Shockley was the daughter of Henry Shockley and Julia A. Durbin of Gasconade, Missouri.  Henry was the grandson of Meredith Shockley.  This Shockley family was closely allied with the Jared Branson family in VA and MO. 

The Lundy Family
An interesting note on the Stockton family:  Mary Stockton, daughter of Daniel and Mary Stockton, and great-grand-niece of Mary Stockton who married Thomas Shinn and Silas Crispin, married Richard Lundy.  (See source information below).  Their son, Samuel P. Lundy, married Sarah Davis of Grayson Co., VA and their daughter Nancy married Green M. Branscomb.  Nancy was born 1817 and a Greenberry Branscomb was born 1816 and lived in Carroll Co., VA.  In the 1850 census he was listed with wife Nancy next to Reuben Branscomb (age 31) and James Branscom (age 58).  Therefore, it is presumed he was the son of James Branscom and Frances Dean.  James was the son of Isaac Branscom and Isaac was the son of Thomas Branscom and Tabitha Williamson of Greensville, VA.  The father of Thomas was Richard Branscom of Devonshire, England.  He died 1775 in Brunswick, VA.  Another of his sons was John Branscom born c1750 in VA and he could be the John Branson who was given a commission as an Ensign in 1770 (see the Sherrill family narrative below). 

The Lundy family was allied with the Schooley, Holloway and Stockton families of Burlington, New Jersey.  The Schooley family was also allied with the Crispin and Shinn families.  These families were Quakers in Burlington, as were the Bransons. 

James Lundy was in Montgomery, VA in 1810 and Daniel Lundy was in White, TN in 1820.  These are counties where Jared Branson lived.  There were four Lundays on the 1793 Wythe, VA Tax List along with Jerard and James Branson (spelled Branston).  There were six Lundays (including Daniel) listed on the 1794 Grayson, VA Tax List, along with Jan. A. Branson (James?, Jared?).   Daniel Lundy was the son of Richard Lundy and Mary Stockton.  He married Mary Pickerell on Oct. 8, 1808 in Carroll Co., VA (also a county where Jared Branson lived).  Many members of the Lundy family were Quakers, including Amos Lundy, the father of James Lundy.  They were members of Deep Creek MM.  Susannah Lundy, daughter of Amos Lundy and Anne Collins, married Jonathan Sumner, son of Joshua Sumner of Patrick Co., VA.  Jonathan Sumner was the grandson of Robert Sumner and Phebe Ann Beals.  Phebe was the aunt of John Bowater Beals who married Lois Branson, daughter of Thomas L. Branson and Jane/Jeane Painter.

The following is also of interest regarding the Lundy family....

Notes on the Quakers in the Chestnut Creek settlement 1771-1825 - Carroll Co., VA
Opposition to slavery is one of the two reasons given by Hinshaw (Vol. 6 in his description of South River MM) for the migration of Quakers from Virginia to the Northwest Territory after 1800. The other reason was that a great number of them participated in the Revolution on the American side. Because of this, they received free land in Ohio (the Virginia Military District). Ohio Counties to which Quakers from the New River area migrated which were at least in part within the Virginia Military District include Ross, Logan, Greene, Clinton and Highland. The Lundy family who moved to Grayson Co., VA after the Revolution were first cousins of Benjamin Lundy, sometimes called the Founder of American Abolitionism. He is known to have visited his kin in southwest Virginia on his way to Deep River MH, North Carolina where he gave the first public lecture on the abolition of slavery in 1824 (The Lundy Family, 1902 by W.C. Armstrong). The out-migration of those opposed to slavery from Virginia to the old Northwest Territory likely preserved slavery in America, as the abolishment of slavery in Virginia failed by only a few votes in 1835 in the Virginia legislature.

NOTE: Daniel Stockton died in Stokes, NC in 1804.   This is a county where several Bransons from St. Mary's, MD lived.  As mentioned elsewhere in this narrative, Jared Branson and his children lived in Carroll Co., VA and possibly Grayson Co., VA.  So here we have a (very) loose connection between the Stocktons, the Maryland Bransons, the Brunswick, VA Branscoms and the Burlington, NJ Bransons through marriage and locations of residence.

Clayton Stockton was the brother of Mary Stockton and son of Daniel Stockton.  He was on the 1799 Grayson Co., VA Tax List along with several Lundy families, Richard Shockley and Edward Dillard.  In other years, other familiar names appeared on Grayson County tax lists with Samuel Lundy.   (See some partial Tax Lists of Grayson Co., VA below).  Apparently, Clayton Stockton moved to Greene Co., Missouri (see census record below).  Greene Co., MO is the county where James Massey lived in 1850.  James was the possible grandfather of Mary Ann Massey who married George Washington Branson, son of Andrew Branson and Charlotte Terrell.  It's also the county where several Mankin families lived, including a Jesse Mankin who may be the Jesse Mankin who was the surety on the marriage bond of Jared Branson and Frances East in Patrick Co., VA in 1827.  Jesse Mankin was on the 1850 Census of Greene Co., MO along with several Massey families.  An older Jesse Mankin was in earlier records of Patrick, VA along with the Bransons.  (Read more about Clayton below).


The Hewlings family of Burlington, NJ is mentioned in the book.  They were allied with the Crispin, Garwood, Lippincott, Wright and other families.  The father of the progenitor of the New Jersey Hewlings family was Walter Hewlings who died 1677 in Gloucestershire, England.  He and Henry Stacy, along with others, were imprisoned in Gloucestershire, England for refusing to take the Oath.  Walter's son, William, was born in England and died in 1713 in Burlington, NJ.  William's great-granddaughter, Rebecca Hewlings, married Paul Crispin, son of Benjamin Crispin and Margaret Owen, also mentioned in the book.  The Hewlings were Quakers in Burlington, NJ.

A John Hewling is also found in Ipswich, Suffolk, England financial records along with the Bacons and Branstons of that county in the years 1559-1560.  It is not known if he was related to the Hewlings of Gloucestershire, England.

Hannah Hewlings is mentioned in a book about the Stokes family.  She married into the Eayres family in England.  Also mentioned are John, Jacob and William Hewlings.


The Birdsall (Burdsall) family is mentioned in the book with a short chapter devoted to them.  The earliest Birdsall mentioned is Elijah Birdsall of of Burlington, NJ.  It does not provide information about his ancestry, however, I obtained information about his ancestry from the LDS web site.  This Birdsall family was apparently from Norfolk, England.  They were members of Mt. Holly MM Quaker meeting.  Two descendants of this family married into other Quaker families of Burlington, NJ that were allied with the Bransons.  Sarah Birdsall, daughter of Elijah, married Robert Braddock.  I have not yet identified his parents, but he was most likely related to Robert Braddock who married Elizabeth Bates.  Their son Rehoboam Braddock was the father of Phebe Braddock who married Joseph Haines.  Robert Braddock's sister Hannah married John Painter, father of Jane/Jeane Painter who married Thomas L. Branson.

Sarah Birdsall's brother, Willis Birdsall married Dorothy Crispin on Feb. 3, 1796 in Burlington, NJ.  Dorothy Crispin was the third daughter of Paul and Rebecca (Hewlings) Crispin, born at Moorestown, New Jersey, December 30, 1774.  Paul Crispin was the son of Benjamin and Margaret (Owen) Crispin.  Benjamin was the son of Silas Crispin "the immigrant".

Mary Birdsall married Hezekiah Stokes.  Hezekiah was the son of Hezekiah Stokes and Frances Braddock (daughter of Robert Braddock and Sarah Birdsall).   The Stokes family of Burlington, NJ married into the Braddock and Leeds families.  The Leeds family married into the Haines, Shinn and Stockton families.  I did not find any Birdsalls listed on the New River web site.

Here are some records from Burlington, New Jersey:

REHEBOAM BRADACH NJ Burlington County Voter List 1787
ELIJAH BIRDSALL NJ Burlington County Voter List 1787
ACQUILLAI SHIN NJ Burlington County Voter List 1787
JOSEPH SHIN NJ Burlington County Voter List 1787
JOSEPH SHIN NJ Burlington County Voter List 1787
AARON SHINN NJ Burlington County Voter List 1787
RICHARD STOCKTON NJ Burlington County Voter List 1787
JOHN STOCKTON NJ Burlington County Voter List 1787
JOB STOCKTON NJ Burlington County Voter List 1787
SAMUEL STOCKTON NJ Burlington County Voter List 1787
JONATHAN STOCKTON NJ Burlington County Voter List 1787
JOHN BRANSON NJ Burlington County New Hanover 1793
JONATHAN JR. BRANSON NJ Burlington County New Hanover 1793

The Birdsall / Burdsall family is also mentioned in the book "Pennsylvania Founding Families, 1681-1911" and is referred to as an old and prominent Quaker family. 


The name Shulll has the following spelling variations: Sholl, Shell, Shoule, Scholl, Schull.  They migrated from Germany in the 18th century to Cumberland and Salem, New Jersey.  In the book about the Shull, Stockton and other families, it lists a Jacob Shull, son of Boston Shull, in the will of Boston Shull dated March 14, 1781 and proved April 19, 1781.  Boston Shull also had a brother named Jacob, both sons of Johannes Shull. 

I have not done a lot of research on the Shull family but I did find some living in the vicinity of Jared Branson and allied families.  A Jacob Shull owned land in Montgomery Co., VA in 1789 and 1795.  This Jacob was probably not the one mentioned in the book who was the son of Boston Shull, however he could be related.  Since he was on the tax list in the year 1789, it is presumed he was at least age 21, and therefore born before 1769.  According to other research, the Shull family who lived in Montgomery, VA used the name Shell and they came from Pennsylvania.  Therefore, it's entirely possible they were not closely related to the Shull family in the book.

491 Jacob Shull CGB 21:473 21 Dec 1789 80a Montgomery/ (formerly Augusta) on a Branch of New River
241 Jacob Shull CGB 33:66 15 Jul 1795 370a Montgomery/ on Strubles Creek a branch of New River

1810 Census of Botetourt Co., VA
John Shull (20010-10010)

If you have information on these Shulls, please contact Sandra by email.


The Stokes family is also mentioned in the book, allied with families of Suffolk and Essex, England.  Sarah Stokes, daughter of Thomas Stokes, Sr. and Mary Barnard are referenced in the book.   Sarah married Benjamin Moore, Jr., son of Samuel Moore.  This Stokes family is also frequently seen in Quaker and other records of Burlington and other counties in New Jersey.  Children of Thomas Stokes and Mary Barnard lived in Burlington, NJ.  They married into the Braddock, Haines, Birdsall, Rogers, Leeds, Hunt and other families.  William C. Stokes married Elizabeth Branson in 1866, daughter of Thomas Branson and Mary Ellis DeCou, granddaughter of David Branson and Sarah Antrim.  William C. Stokes was the 4th great-grandson of Thomas Stokes and Mary Bernard.  Per the LDS web site he was born c1838 in Burlington, NJ, the son of Carlton P. Stokes and Lydia Webster.  The Stokes family allied with the Suffolk, England families lived in Essex, England in the 1400's.  Thomas Stokes, Sr. was the first one of this family to go from England to New Jersey.  William C. Stokes who married Elizabeth Branson was the great-grandson of John Stokes and Beulah Haines of New Jersey.  Beulah Haines was a member of the Haines family who married into the Branson family.

See important information linking this Stokes family with Lionel Branson Sr.  Rebecca Rogers who married Lionel Branson Sr. was the daughter of John Rogers and Sarah Stokes.  Sarah Stokes was the daughter of John Stokes and Elizabeth Green and granddaughter of Thomas Stokes Sr. and Mary Bernard.  This could be another important clue linking the Branson family of Burlington, NJ with the Branston family of Suffolk, England.

There were several Stokes families living near Jared Branson Sr. and allied families in Virginia.  The LDS web site has a James Stokes born c1750 of Montgomery, VA who married Mary and had the following children: Brice, Lucy, Sarah.  A James Stokes was also on the 1786 Franklin, VA tax list and the 1802 Tazewell, VA Tax List.  In 1830 a Brice Stokes was in Cabell, VA and in 1840 a Brice Stokes was in Buchanan, Missouri (a county where Andrew Jackson Branson lived in 1850).  A Brice Stokes served in the War of 1812 in VA. 

I have been unable to learn the ancestry of James Stokes, however, I found a James Stokes who married Mary Hampton in a book about the Hampton family.  He was born in 1738 and they were married 1768 at the Wrightstown Meeting in PA.  Also, a James Stokes was mentioned in court records of Tazewell Co., VA in August, 1800.  They were probably related to Gov. Montfort Stokes of NC.

James Stokes may have been related to John Stokes who was on the 1782 Henry Co., VA Tax List along with other families allied with or acquainted with Jared Branson Sr.

A Silvester Stokes served in the VA line in the Revolutionary War and got a pension in Alabama. 

In Lunenberg Co, VA court records we also find mention of a Colonel David Stokes (deceased) of Mecklenburg, VA and a Colonel John Stokes, deceased, of North Carolina.  The record was dated May 20, 1807 and dealt with a deed.  David Stokes may be the one who married Sarah Montfort, parents of Gov. Montfort Stokes. 

A reference to a Sylvanus Stokes, Jones Stokes and Hamlin Stokes was found in early Charles City Co., VA.  This Stokes family married into the Stephen Hamlin family.  They were related to Gov. Montfort Stokes.  I have found no connection between this Stokes family and the mentioned in the book.

If you have any information about these Stokes please contact Sandra by email.

1782 Halifax County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List  (Partial List)
Name Tithes Negroes Horses Mules Cattle
Stokes, Edward 1 1 2 - 6
East, John 1 - 1 - 3
Stokes, Silvester 1 - 1 - 2
Barber, William 1 - 1 - 9
East, Thos. 1 - 1 - 7
East, William 1 - 1 - -
East, Richard 1 - 2 - 7
Stokes, Elizabeth - 6 1 - 17
East, Thos. 1 - 3 - 5
Dillard, Henry 2 - 3 - 9
Collins, John 1 - 5 - 9
Daniel, William 1 6 3 - 9
Daniel, Richard 2 12 7 - 25
Haynes, Joseph 2 9 7 - 27
Pointer, Saml. 1 9 1 0 -

1782 Henry County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List
Name Tithes Negroes Horses Cattle
Stokes, John 1 1 4 16
Stockton, Robert 1 6 5 23
East, James 1 - 2 5
East, Joseph 1 - 1 5
Daniel, George 1 - 3 5
Rogers, William 1 - 2 5
Lyon, James, Esq. 2 12 7 47
Lyon, Stephen 1 3 26 6
Blanchet, Peter 1 - 3 5
Cloud, William - 5 11
Daniel, John 1 - 4 7
Cloud, Isaac 1 - 3 7
Shockley, Levy 1 - 3 14
East?, John 1 5 7 21
Jett, John 1 - - -

1786 Franklin County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List    (Partial List)
Name No. Tithes Whites
Over 21 Whites
16-21 Slaves
Over 16 Slaves
Under 16 Horses Cattle
Abshire, Lodowick 1 1 0 0 0 2 6
Abshire, Jacob 1 1 0 0 0 1 1
Abshire, Abraham 1 1 0 0 0 3 2
Abshire, Christian 1 1 0 0 0 3 6
Jett, Thomas 1 0 0 1 2 1 0
Jett, Daniel 3 1 0 2 3 2 2
Stokes, James 1 1 0 0 0 1 0

1802 Tazewell County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List
Stokes, James 1 - - 1

1828 Grayson County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List (Partial)
Stokes, Richard 1 1 .12
Surrat, Elisha 1
Shockley, Meredith 2 1 .12
Shockley, James 1 1 .12
Shockley, Amos 1 1 .12
Shockley, Esau 1 1 .12
Shockley, Meredith 1
Shockley, William 1 1 .12
Shockley, John 1
Shockley, Thomas 1
Branscom, James 1 2 .24
Branscom, Reuben 1 1 .12
Branscom, Edward 1 2 .24
Branscom, Isaac 1 2 .24
Dilard, Mathew 1 1 .12
Dillard, Abel 1


The name Cardinall is mentioned in Suffolk Co., England records along with the Branstons.  It is also mentioned in the book being discussed here.  The relationship between the Cardinalls and the Branstons goes back to the 16th century in England, and perhaps earlier.  Stephen Cardinall was a witness on the will of John Branston "the elder" of East Bergholt, Suffolk, England proved May 15, 1558.  John Branston II married Judith Cardinall.  Their daughter Judith Branston married Edward Hedge.  (Their grandson went to Salem, NJ in 1675 - see Hedge family).  The book refers to William Cardinall whose will was proved Nov. 22, 1551 in Suffolk Co., England.  One of the witnesses was a Robert Body (see notes about William Body/Boddie elsewhere on this Page).  I have not found any records of Cardinalls near the Bransons in America.  The earliest mention of Cardinall in the book is William Cardinall and wife Sarah in Suffolk, England in a 1382 court proceeding with John Cardinall.

Partial Cardinall family tree


The Woodgate name is mentioned in records of Suffolk, England with respect to the Branstons, but is not mentioned in the book.  In 1605 Thomas Branson married Susan Woodgate in Dedham, Essex, England.  Ann Woodgate, daughter of Stephen Woodgate and Katherine Hovell, was married 1601 in Dedham, so Susan may be her sister.

Stephen and Richard Woodgate are mentioned in the will of William Holloway of East Bergholt, Suffolk, England in 1608.  Stephen and John Woodgate, Thomas Bacon, Christopher Burrough and John Branston are mentioned in the will of Robert Lincoln in East Bergholt, Suffolk, England in 1590 (see below).  Thomas Branston, Andrew Bacon, Edward Cardinall and Thomas Woodgate are mentioned in the will of Robert Alefounder in 1630, East Bergholt, Suffolk, England.  Woodgates are found in probate records of Leicester, Suffolk, Rutland, Yorkshire, Worcestershire, Surrey, Sussex, Norfolk and Middlesex, England (and others). 

Woodgates and Goodwins in early Virginia
The LDS web site shows that William Woodgate (born c1606 East Bergholt, Suffolk, England) was the grandson of Stephen Woodgate.  His parents were Daniel Woodgate and Sara Holloway.  He was probably the William Woodgate on the 1636 passenger list to Virginia, mentioned along with Thomas Branston and others from Suffolk, England.  Sarah was listed as a passenger to Virginia in 1639.  William Woodgate was found in a transaction in Charles City Co., Virginia along with Daniel and Stephen Goodwin of Suffolk, England in 1638.  William Barker is on this land record also, and it is known that Daniel Goodwin of East Bergholt, Suffolk, England married Dorothy Barker, so he could be her relative.

Genealogical Records: Virginia Colonial Records, 1600s-1700s
Listed in: Cavaliers and Pioneers
Page number: 100
William Barker, marriner, 1850 acres Chas. City County, 12 Feb. 1638, 600 ac. of said land being called by name Powlebrooke & now known by the name Merchants Hope. 600 acres conveyed and assigned over to said Barker and acknowledged by him equally to belong to his and said Associates, by John Taylor, Citizen and Girdler of London, being purchased by him of Thomas Powell of Howlton in the County of Suffolke, yeoman, brother and lawful heire of Capt. Nathaniell Powell late of Virginia, deceased as by the deed of conveyance now upon record from said Taylor.... The other 1250 acres being due unto them for trans. of 25 persons: George Gregory, Thos. Percocks, Wm. Radway, Isaac Radway, Wm. Straing, John Yates, John Minter, Dorothy Standish, Mathew Robinson, Daniell Goodwin, John Jones, Thos. Johnson, Georg Brookes, Sarah Collybanke, Eliz. Phillips, John Croft, Daniel Bromly, Wm. Woodgate, Stephen Godwin, Robt. Yates, Wm. Griffin, Wm. Andrews, Benj. Ray, Nath. Deane, Wm. Jackson.

A William Woodgate also appears as a grand juryman in Somerset, MD in the year 1671.  It is not known if this was the same William.  Another William Woodgate died in 1703 in Maryland.....

 .....Jonathan2 Clifton (born ca. 1664) settled in Dorchester County, Maryland, by 1709. when he and his wife Mary witnessed a will leaving their son William(3) a personalty [personal property], but the earliest land record I have for him was dated 1711. Jonathan2 may have been living on land owned by his father-in-law before that. When the Maryland/Delaware boundary was changed, this and his other properties became part of the Mispillion Hundred on the western edge of Kent County, Delaware. (See Appendix B - Properties)

It appears that William Woodgate (See Appendix B - Properties), who died in 1703, may have been the father of Jonathan2's wife Mary. He left no will, but I've been told there are two Dorchester estate accountings - Book 3, page 32 and Book 3, page 135, plus an inventory. The land tract "Beckells" (also variously written as Beckless or Back Close) was surveyed May 1696 for William Woodgate and at his death went to his heirs, who lived with James Cannon. Jonathon2 Clifton bought "Beckless" from William's son, John in 1715. John Woodgate died in 1722, and his inventory dated September 10, 1722 was signed by William Clifton and Thomas Clifton as next of kin.

Stephen and Richard Woodgate, William Cardinall, Phillip Cock, "work folk" Hedge, Richard Alefounder and Thomas Branston, are mentioned in the 1608 will of William Holloway of East Bergholt, Suffolk, England.  John BRANSON, John and Edmond Woodgate, Richard Hedge, William Huberd and William Hallaway are mentioned in the 1600 will of of John Goodwin of East Bergholt, Suffolk, England.  This may be a typo, but John's last name is spelled BRANSON and not Branston.

Per the LDS web site, John Goodwin married Elizabeth Woodgate, daughter of Stephen Woodgate and Katherine Hovell of East Bergholt, Suffolk, England.  Elizabeth was born c1552.  John Goodwin Jr. married Elizabeth Lincoln (or Skynner), daughter of Robert.  More about the Goodwin / Woodgate family can be seen at http://www.geocities.com/heartland/9211/GOODWIN.htm

In America I have found Woodgates in Delaware, Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and elsewhere.  A Daniel Woodgate was on the passenger and immigration list to Virginia in 1671.  As mentioned above, William Woodgate is found in passenger lists to Virginia in 1638 along with a Thomas Branston.  Woodgate is also mentioned with respect to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1629 (see notes about the Winthrop Fleet).  I have not yet found any connection between Woodgates and Bransons in America.

Woodgates were allied with the Bright and Forth families and indirectly to John Winthrop
William Woodgate is mentioned in the 1618 will of Henry Bright of Ipswich, Suffolk, England as the father Marie Woodgate, legatee.  According to the book "The Brights of Suffolk, England", Henry Bright's sister Mary married William Forth of Suffolk, England who came to America in the Winthrop Fleet.  Henry Bright Jr. also was part of the Winthrop Fleet.  The Forth family also inter-married with the Winthrop family in Suffolk, England.  Henry Bright Jr. was the son of Mary Woodgate.  A tree on ancestry.com shows Mary Woodgate as the daughter of Stephen Woodgate and Mary Derehaugh.  This tree also shows that she married a William Cole in about 1613 in England.  More about the Bright family.

Another book entitled "Watertown, Massachusetts Genealogies and History" gives the name of Mary Woodgate, daughter of Thomas Woodgate in the will of Thomas Bright, brother of Henry.  So it is not known if his name was Thomas, Stephen or William Woodgate. 

In court records of Massachusetts Bay Colony, Mr. Woodgate is mentioned with John Winthrop in 1629.  It can safely be presumed that Thomas/William/Stephen Woodgate or one of his relatives was also part of the Winthrop Fleet.

Chronicles of the first planters of the colony of Massachusetts Bay
General Court, Nov. 25, 1629
present: Mr. John Winthrop, Governor; Mr. Woodgate

William Woodgate was also found in early records of Maryland.  In the book entitled "Settlers of Maryland 1679-1700", William Woodgate is recorded in land transactions of Dorchester, MD in 1696.    Francis Bright is also mentioned in Kent, MD in 1695.  It is not known if he was related to Henry Bright.  John Woodgate is mentioned in Dorchester, MD in 1713, so he was probably the son of William Woodgate.  Richard Shockley is also mentioned in this book with a land purchase in 1683 in Somerset, MD.  William Woodgate is mentioned in court records in 1671 in Somerset, MD in the book "Old Somerset on the Eastern Shore of Maryland".

A Captain John Woodgate of Delaware is mentioned as an officer of the Continental Army in 1776.

American Biographical Library
The Biographical Cyclopædia of American Women
Volume II
Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army During the War of the Revolution
Alphabetical List of Officers of the Continental Army

Fifteenth Virginia
page 604
Woodgate, John (Del). Captain of Patterson's Delaware Battalion of the Flying Camp, July to December, 1776.

Mary Woodgate married Benjamin Talbott 1821 in Scott, Kentucky.  She was born in Kentucky in 1797 and died in Platte, MO in 1885.  The names of her parents are not mentioned in the book which was the source of this information: "Descendants of Richard and Elizabeth (Ewen) Talbott".  The Talbotts were from Anne Arundel, MD.  Jonathan Woodgate is listed in Scott, Kentucky in the 1800 Kentucky census, so Mary was probably related to him.

Federal census records show a William Woodgate residing in Menallen, Adams, PA in 1800 and in Franklin, PA in 1810. 


In a book entitled "Some descendants of Stephen Lincoln : of Wymondham, England", the above mentioned will of Robert Lincoln is cited.  Information from this book includes: Robert Lincoln died in East Bergholt, Suffolk, England which is about ten miles from Ipswich, Suffolk from where Stephen Lincoln (subject of the book) sailed in the ship "Diligent" in 1638 to Hingham, Massachusetts.  Perhaps the author believes Robert may have been related to Stephen and was possibly his direct ancestor, since a Stephen Lincoln is mentioned in the will and the occupation of clothier is mentioned.  This is of interest because Samuel Lincoln (weaver), 4th great-grandfather of Pres. Abraham Lincoln, went to Hingham, Massachusetts one year prior to Stephen Lincoln (in 1637).  Family tradition says that Stephen and Samuel were cousins, but this is not proven.  Samuel Lincoln's grandson, Mordecai Lincoln, sold land to William Branson in Chester, PA in 1725.  If Robert Lincoln was related to Mordecai Lincoln, this may or may not be significant in connecting the Bransons to the Branstons and Woodgates of Suffolk, England.

According to his 1590 will, Robert Lincoln of East Bergholt, Suffolk, England was a kinsman to John Goodwin (John Goodwin who died c1638 was his son-in-law).  The LDS web site shows that Elizabeth Woodgate, daughter of Stephen Woodgate, married John Goodwin who died 1600 in East Bergholt, Suffolk, England.  (He was the father of John Goodwin whose will was dated 1638).  Elizabeth Woodgate was also the half-sister of Mary Woodgate who married Henry Bright Sr.  Robert Lincoln refers to his brother-in-law, Stephen Woodgate, and to his wife Marion, so his wife may have been nee Marion Woodgate.  John Brauston/Branston is also mentioned in his will, so he may also have been related.  The Branstons were acquainted with the Goodwins, however, it is not clear if they were related other than indirectly through the Woodgate family.  We know that a Thomas Branson or Branston married a Susan Woodgate of Essex, England, but it is not known how or if he was related to John Branston or if she was related to Stephen Woodgate.  Thomas Branson/Branston may have been the son of John Branston and Mary and father of Judith Branston who married Joseph Clarke of East Bergholt.  We know that Henry Bright Sr. married Mary Woodgate of Suffolk, England.  It's apparent that the Bright, Lincoln, Goodwin, Woodgate and Branston families were all connected through marriages.


As mentioned elsewhere in this narrative, the Goodwin family lived in Suffolk, England and were some how connected to the Branston family and others.  I have been attempting to learn if any of these Suffolk, England Goodwins migrated to Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey or Virginia (at least two of them, William and Ozias, migrated to Connecticut, and Stephen and Daniell Goodwin were on a land transaction with William Woodgate in 1638 Chas. City Co., Virginia).  I did find another one in VA, but I'm not sure if she was related to the Goodwins in East Bergholt - a Mary Goodwin who married Joseph D. Vick.  Mary was born in Haskerton, Suffolk, England and died in Isle of Wight, VA.  This information was obtained from a family tree on ancestry.com.  If you have information about the ancestry of Mary Goodwin, or if you know of any Goodwins from Suffolk, England who migrated to MA, VA, MD, PA or NJ, please contact Sandra by email.

William and his brother Ozias Goodwin were sons of John Goodwin and Elizabeth Woodgate of Suffolk, England.  They immigrated to Hartford, CT and were among the first settlers there.  William Goodwin was involved in the original purchase of Hartford.  In the book entitled "A catalogue of the names of the first Puritan settlers of the colony of Connecticut", William and Ozias Goodwin were mentioned with others on a list dated April 18, 1659 of those who were engaged to remove from Connecticut to Massachusetts.  Other names included John Barnard, Francis Barnard and Andrew Bacon.  Ozias and William Goodwin apparently never made the move, or they returned to CT because they died in Hartford.

Daniel Goodwin may have been the son of John Goodwin and Elizabeth Woodgate, however, another book contradicts this and states he was the son of Daniel Goodwin and grandson of Daniel Goodwin of Great Oakley, Essex, England.  In any event, Daniel (# 3?) was "of" Suffolk, England and was on a land transaction with a Woodgate, so he was obviously connected to the other Goodwins mentioned here.  One book states that Daniel went to Kittery, York, Maine from Massachusetts and settled there by 1652.   This may not be correct because he was apparently in Charles City County, VA in 1638 with William Barker, and it is not known if he ever went to Massachusetts.


A Bronson family was also in early Hartford, CT and a chapter in the book "Walsh, Erwin, and allied families" is devoted to them.  The book indicates that they were also descendants of the deBrandeston family of Suffolk and other parts of England (as were the Branstons).  The source cited in the book is "Genealogical Notes: Hopkins-Goodwin-Brown, The History of Waterbury, Connecticut" and "Nathaniel Goodwin - Genealogical Notes or Contributions to the Family History of the First Settlers of Connecticut and Massachusetts".  Nathaniel Goodwin of Hartford, CT was a great-grandson of John Goodwin and Elizabeth Woodgate of East Bergholt, Suffolk, England.  This is reason to believe that the Bronsons of Hartford, CT were related to the Branstons of Suffolk, England. 

Dorcas Bronson, daughter of John Bronson of Hartford, CT (a son of Richard Brownson from Essex, England) married Stephen Hopkins.

Below are two pages about the Bronson family. (Click an image for a larger view)


Christopher Burrough of East Bergholt, Suffolk, England married Anne Cardinall, sister of Judith Cardinall who married John Branston.  Christopher was probably born about 1465.  A much younger Christopher Burroughs was on a passenger list to Virginia in 1636.  Other familiar names from Suffolk, England were on passenger lists to Virginia in the same year and surrounding years:

Geo Stacie 1618 Virginia
Robert Hedges 1624 Jamestown, Virginia
Christopher Stokes, 1624, Virginia
Henry Stokes 1633 Virginia
Peter Banson, 1633, Jamestown, Virginia
George Stacy, 1636, Virginia
Thomas Branston, 1636, Virginia
John Goodwene 1636 Virginia
Wm. Hedge 1636 Virginia
Robt Stamey, 1636, Virginia
John Holloway, 1636, Virginia
Christopher Burroughs, 1636, Virginia

Daniell Bacon, age 30, 1635, Virginia
Wm. Woodgate, 1635, Virginia
Robert Stokes, 1637, Virginia
Geo Goodwin, 1637, Virginia
William Burbage, 1638, Virginia
Daniell Goodwin, 1638, Virginia
Sarah Woodgate 1639 Virginia
Tho Burbadge, 1653, Virginia
John Orton, 1654, Virginia
Robt Cockerell, 1658, Virginia

I am attempting to learn if the Christopher Burroughs on the passenger list in 1636 was a descendant or relative of the Christopher Burrough who married Anne Cardinall.  The Virginia Biographical Encyclopedia has a John Burrows and a Christopher Burroughs.  Christopher is assumed to be a son of John who was from "Burrows Hill", Surry, VA.  Was John Burrows related to Christopher Burrough of Suffolk, England? 

Name: John Burrows
patented about 1624 150 acres on the south side of the James river above Jamestown and called his place "Burrows Hill." He married Bridget, the widow of Rev. Richard Buck, and was probably the father of Christopher Burrows by an earlier marriage.
Name: Christopher Burrows (Burroughs)
patented land in 1635 in what is now Princess Anne county, and was a burgess for Lower Norfolk county 1645, 1646, 1652, and was a justice in 1652. He was born in 1612 and died before 1671, leaving two sons William and Benoni. He was probably a son of John Burrows, of "Burrows' Hill" in Surry county.

A John Burrough was the notary public who proved the 1595 will of Sir John Goodwyn whose daughter is mentioned living in Suffolk County.  Also mentioned in this will was his servant, John Bright.  This John Burrough was probably a relative of Christopher Burrough.  A family tree on ancestry.com shows that Christopher Burrough who married Anne Cardinall was the son of John Burrough and Margaret.  Christopher's sister (?) Alice married Nicholas Hedge, son of James Hedge. Nicholas had a brother Robert and two sisters (?).  The birth year for Anne Cardinall in this tree is off by many years, so there may be a generation (or more) missing.  The Hedge family of Suffolk, England also married into the Branston family. 

Christopher and Anne (Cardinall) Burrough had the following children:  Christopher, John, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Marie and Sarah, between the years 1518 and 1528. 

The LDS web site shows a John Burrows born in Norfolk, England in 1590, died c1628 in Surry, VA.  (Norfolk, England is next to Suffolk.)  His son Christopher was born 1612 in James City Co., VA and died after 1652, so it's possible he was the one on the 1636 passenger list. 

A family tree on ancestry.com, shows that Christopher Burrough (son of John) married the widow Mary Soames.  The Soames name is mentioned in several other documents in Suffolk, England along with the Branstons and/or allied families.  (If you perform a ctrl-F "Find" on this page you will see the name Soames in several sections).  It shows that Christopher's will was probated in 1752/1753 in Norfolk, England, which, if correct, would mean that he lived about 140 years!.  His children were either born in or lived in Princess Anne, Virginia:  Benoni (c1653), William and Ann.  If this Christopher Burrough was the one on the 1636 passenger list to VA, the information about his death location in this tree may be wrong, since the date is obviously wrong.  He may not have gone back to England and died.  He may have stayed in VA.  The book of Virginia biographies states that he died before 1671 and he was the Burgess for Lower Norfolk, VA in 1645, 1646 and 1652.  It also states that his son Benoni was Norfolk Burgess in 1697. 

LDS web site:
John Sr Gentleman BURROWS
Born: 1590 Place: Of burroughsmount, Wymondham, Norfolk, Eng
Christened: Oct 1608 Place: From Eng To, Va On Ship, Mary-Margaret
Died: Abt 1628 Place: Burrows Hill Plan, Jamestown, James City-Surry, Va
Buried: Place: Stabbed To Death
Married: Bef 21 1624 Jun Place: Jamestown, James City County, Va

The Hedge and Burrows names also appear in Frederick, VA Quaker records in reference to a will in 1756, Berkeley, VA (now WV).  Peter Hedges was the son of Joseph Hedges and Catherine Stallcop.  He married Elizabeth Seed and was born c1728 in Berkeley, VA.  They may have been related to the to Quaker Hedge family mentioned elsewhere in this narrative, and it is known that they were from Suffolk, England and married into the Branston family there.  If you have information about any connection between the Hedge and Hedges family or information about Samuel and Isabel Burrows, please contact Sandra by email.

HOPEWELL FRIENDS HISTORY 1734-1934 Frederick County, Virginia
page 34
James Davis, 1175 acres, on Tullis' Run, in what is now Berkeley County, W. Va. The will of James Davis was probated December 7, 1756, and left his home plantation to his son Jacob. He mentions "my eldest son, James Davis Jr.," and his son John; his son Edward was to have certain land joining Peter Hedges; refers to his brother Robert Davis; and appoints as executors "Mr. James Hedges, Gent.," his son James, and his wife Sarah. Witnesses, Samuel Burrows, Isabel Burrows, and John Parks.

According to the book entitled "Robert Burrows and descendants, 1630-1974", Robert Burrows came to America on the flagship of the Winthrop Fleet which landed in Salem, Mass. in 1630.  He befriended John Winthrop, but it is not known if he knew him personally before he sailed.  (John Winthrop was from Suffolk, England).  Robert Burrows went to the Mystic area of Connecticut to settle and died there in 1682.  The LDS web site shows that he was born in Lancaster, England.  The ancestry of Robert Burrows is not provided in the book, but he may have been related to the Burrough family of Suffolk, England.


The Holloway family were Quakers in Burlington, NJ, Stafford, VA and Frederick, VA allied with the Branson, Haines, Fawcett and other families.  Rachel Branson, daughter of William Branson and Elizabeth Osmond, married Abel Holloway of Stafford, VA.  William Holloway married Martha Branson, sister of Rachel.  The progenitor of the Quaker Holloway family, John Holloway, was reportedly born in Froom, England which is located in Somersetshire.  Holloways are also found in records of England associated with the Alefounder and Branston families in Suffolk, England.  It is not known if they were related to the Burlington, NJ Holloways.


Fawcett is not mentioned in the book, however the name Forcett appears in Suffolk and Essex Counties, England (within the book).  The Fawcett family was allied with the Branson family in Frederick, VA and elsewhere in America (Quaker records).  They were from County Antrim, Ireland (per LDS web site).  It is not known if the Forcett family was connected to the Fawcett family.  Also see Holloway Family.


The Jett family was allied with the Jared Branson family in Missouri.  William A. Jett, son of James Monroe Jett and Elizabeth Pointer, married Mary Ann "Polly" Branson, daughter of Jared (born 1803) who died probably in Marion, TN.  Jetts are found in records of early Virginia in Culpeper, Westmoreland, Loudoun, King George, Richmond, Fauquier, Stafford and Franklin counties, among others.  Jetts were also allied with the Triplett, Storke, Chrisman, Pointer and other families.  Stephen Jett is found in 1787 court records of Franklin Co., which is near the area where Jared Branson Sr. lived at that time.  Stephen was the son of John Jett III and Sarah Tapp.  He died 1832 in Washington Co., VA.  Stephen was the grand-uncle of William A. Jett.  It is not known if the Bransons were acquainted with the Jetts prior to moving to Missouri, however Stephen was apparently living near them in Virginia, and other Jett families lived near other Branson families in Virginia.  NOTE: Joseph Jett, the son of John Jett III and Sarah Tapp, married Phebe Chrisman, daughter of Abraham Chrisman and Keziah Stephens.  Abraham Chrisman died in Montgomery, VA (where Jared Branson Sr. lived).  Some members of this Chrisman line went to Maries and Osage, MO.  (See notes about the Chrisman family on page one). 

Here is a link to a text document containing quite a bit of information about the Jett family.

An old Virginia court : being a transcript of the records of the first court of Franklin County, Virginia, 1786-1789
March Court 1787 - Stephen Jett is allowed 3 days attendance as a witness for Benjamin Cook, agt. Daniel Richardson.

1786 Franklin County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List
Name No. Tithes Whites
Over 21 Whites
16-21 Slaves
Over 16 Slaves
Under 16 Horses Cattle
Jett, Thomas 1 0 0 1 2 1 0
Jett, Daniel 3 1 0 2 3 2 2

Joseph Jett married Phebe Chrisman, daughter of Abraham Chrisman and Keziah Stephens of Montgomgery, VA (where Jared Branson Sr. lived).  They were the parents of James Monroe Jett of Osage, MO (they also had other descendants living near the Bransons in Missouri).  Phebe Chrisman's grandfather, Jacob, settled in Lost River in Virginia (now Hardy Co., WV) as did Lionel Branson Sr. a few years later.  Joseph Jett was the first cousin (1 generation removed) of Francis Jett mentioned below.

Stella Triplett (b. c1898) married John Robert Maples, son of Samuel W. Maples and Mary Jane Branson.  Mary Jane was the daughter of George Washington Branson and Joanna Jett of Osage Co., MO.  George was a descendant of Jared Branson Sr.  Stella and Lydia Triplet were living in Crawford, Osage, MO in 1910.  They were both adopted.  Stella was living with Thomas Jefferson Branson, son of George Washington Branson.  Lydia was living with William and Sarah Phelps.  The Phelps family was allied with the Branson family - Catherine Branson, daughter of George Washington Branson, married Tilman F. Phelps, probable relative of William Phelps.  William was the son of James W. Phelps and Mahalia J. Baker. I found a Stella Triplett in the 1900 census who was born at the right time.  She was the daughter of Samuel and Mary L. Triplett and they were living in Liberty, Putnam, MO.  Lydia was not born until c1901, so I cannot be sure this is the correct family.  Samuel Triplett was born c1867 in MO.  I found him in Putnam, MO in the 1880 census and also in that county was James Triplett b. c1840 in MO, wife Nancy C. and children.  Living with that family was Ellen Vestal b. c1863 in MO.  She was listed as a servant.  James Triplett was found in a family tree on ancestry.com listed as James Catlett Triplett who married Nancy Cassandra Shelton.  He was the son of James Arthur Catlett Triplett and Mary Nancy Oliver, grandson of William Triplett and Sarah Jane Catlett, and a descendant of Francis Triplett who was the ancestor of the other Tripletts mentioned herein. 

According to the family tree, James Arthur Catlett Triplett had a half-brother Samuel Washington Triplett who married Mary Leona Logsdon (second marriage).  In the 1900 Census record, Stella was listed with the family headed by Samuel Triplett with wife Mary L., so I presume this is the same person.  Samuel died before 1910 and this could explain why Stella was adopted.  Therefore, it is probable that Stella Triplett who was adopted by Thomas Jefferson Branson (a descendant of Jared Branson Sr.), was the daughter of Samuel Triplett and Mary Leona Logsdon.  Samuel Triplett was related to Joseph Jett who married Phebe Chrisman, daughter of Abraham Chrisman and descendant of Jacob Chrisman and Magdalena Hite who lived near Lionel Branson in Hampshire/Hardy, VA.  This is a direct connection between the Missouri Bransons and the early Jett and Triplett families and an indirect connection between the Missouri Bransons and the Chrisman family.

Ellen Vestal who was listed as a servant in the 1880 census in Putnam, MO living with James and Nancy Triplett was probably related to William Vestal b. c1817-1824 in KY.  He was also listed in Putnam, MO in the 1880 census.  According to research done by others, William S. Vestal was the son of James Vestal and Jemima Wright.  He married first Charlotte Rebecca Branscom, daughter of Henry Harrison Branscom, granddaughter of John Proctor Branscom, great-granddaughter of Richard Branscom and Sarah Proctor.  This Branscom family was in Patrick Co., VA living near relatives of Jared Branson Sr.   It is not known if they were related to the Bransons.  It is also not known if or how Ellen Vestal was related to William S. Vestal, but since she was in the same county, it is probable that they were related.  William S. Vestal was a descendant of William Vestal and Elizabeth Mercer Woodward. 

This is the same Vestal family that married into the Levi Branson family.  Thomas Vestal's daughter Elvira Catherine Vestal married Benjamin Franklin Vestal, son of Eli Branson, and grandson of Levi Branson Sr. and Mary Maynor.  Thomas VESTAL and William S. VESTAL were 2nd cousins 1 time removed. This is an important connection between Jared Branson Sr. and Levi Branson Sr.

William Triplett born 1810-1820 was listed in the 1840 census in Gasconade MO on the same page with several descendants of Jared Branson Sr.  This William may be the father or direct ancestor of Stella Triplett.  He may also be the same William Triplett who was in Putnam, MO in 1850, born c1813 in KY. 

William, Sarah J., and John Triplett were recorded in the BLM land records in Gasconade and Osage Co., MO.  between the years 1836 and 1861.  John Triplett was in the 1850 census in Canaan, Gasconade, MO.  He was born c1805 in Tennessee.  Living near him was a Jacob Shackley or Shockley born c1820 in OH.  His son Charles Triplett was still in Canaan in 1880.  His land records were for township 42-N Range 5-W and Leonard Stump also had land records with this same description in 1841.  Early land record for Sarah Branson in 1835 was for the same Township, Range 6-W.  She may have been the widow of Jared Branson Sr.

I am trying to identify John Triplett who married Sarah.  Sarah's maiden name was Winn and they were married in Gasconade, MO in 1843, so apparently, the children living with them in 1850 (all born before that year) were from a previous marriage.  The eldest daughter was born c1833 in MO, so I presume he was in MO since at least that year.  The William Triplett who was in Gasconade, MO in 1840 was a few years younger than John Triplett, so they may have been brothers.

There were two other Winn marriages in Gasconade, MO who may be related to Sarah.  One of them was a marriage to William Tacket which was a family allied with several Branson-allied families.  William Tackett who married Nancy Winn was the son of Phillip Jackson Tackett and Betsea Pointer.

These Triplett families were probably related to William Triplett and Sarah Jane Catlett.  Some of their descendants moved to Pike Co., MO which is two counties north of Gasconade.  Their son James Arthur Catlett Triplett moved from VA to Bourbon Co., KY in about 1797.  From there he moved to Pike Co., MO.  Some members of this family also lived in Franklin Co., MO which is directly to the east of Gasconade Co.  There was also another Triplett family who was in Osage Co., MO.  David Crockett Triplett, son of Joel Triplett, grandson of Abel Triplett of Loudoun, VA, was married in Osage Co., MO in 1861.  They apparently lived in Virginia until about 1821 and in Delaware, Indiana until after 1851.  Since John and Sarah Triplett owned land in Osage Co., David Crockett Triplett may have been related to him.

If you have information about John, Charles, Sarah or William Triplett, please contact Sandra by email.

1850 CENSUS - Canaan, Gasconade, MO
John Triplett, 45, farmer, TN - HH #34
Sarah, 48, VA
Sarah F, 17, MO
Charles R., 12, MO
Catherine, 10, MO

Triplett, John L. Winn, Sarah L. 23 Feb 1843 Missouri Gasconade County
White, Absalom Winn, Susannah 13 Feb 1845 Missouri Gasconade County
Tacket, William Winn, Nancy 21 Apr 1850 Missouri Gasconade County

1850 census - Canaan, Gasconade, MO
Jacob Shackley or Shockley, 30, farmer, OH - HH #24
Nancy, 18, MO
Newton, 3, MO

1880 census
Charles TRIPLET Self M Male W 40 MO Farmer SC VA
Martha TRIPLET Wife M Female W 40 NC Keeping House NC NC
Cornilies TRIPLET Son S Male W 18 MO MO NC
Pertida TRIPLET Dau S Female W 16 MO MO NC
Lilia TRIPLET Dau S Female W 14 MO MO NC
Joshoa TRIPLET Son S Male W 10 MO MO NC
Benjamin TRIPLET Son S Male W 8 MO MO NC
Walter TRIPLET Son S Male W 3 MO MO NC
Ratheal TRIPLET Dau S Female W 1 MO MO NC
Source Information:
Census Place Canaan, Gasconade, Missouri
Family History Library Film 1254686
NA Film Number T9-0686
Page Number 334D

Patentee Name State County Issue Date Land Office Doc. Nr. Accession/ Serial Nr.
TRIPLET, WILLIAM MO Osage 1/14/1836 St. Louis 4728 MO0100__.188
TRIPLETT, JOHN MO Gasconade 4/10/1843 St. Louis 11200 MO0740__.337 42-N 5-W
TRIPLETT, JOHN MO Gasconade 4/10/1843 St. Louis 11202 MO0740__.339 42-N 5-W
TRIPLETT, JOHN MO Gasconade 10/1/1845 St. Louis 12784 MO0780__.073 42-N 5-W
TRIPLETT, JOHN MO Gasconade 6/1/1850 St. Louis 17160 MO0860__.388 42-N 5-W
TRIPLETT, JOHN MO Gasconade 6/1/1850 St. Louis 17161 MO0860__.389 42-N 5-W
TRIPLETT, JOHN MO Gasconade 4/15/1857 St. Louis 28666 MO1040__.102 42-N 5-W
TRIPLETT, SARAH J MO Gasconade 4/10/1843 St. Louis 12429 MO0760__.481 42-N 5-W
TRIPLETT, SARAH J MO Gasconade 6/1/1850 St. Louis 17292 MO0860__.505 42-N 5-W
TRIPLETT, SARAH J MO Gasconade 3/1/1860 St. Louis 31091 MO1130__.388 42-N 5-W
TRIPLETT, SARAH J MO Gasconade 1/21/1861 St. Louis 32676 MO1150__.055 42-N 5-W

PHELPS, FIELDON MO Gasconade 3/1/1854 St. Louis 21617 MO0940__.461
PHELPS, FIELDON MO Gasconade 3/1/1854 St. Louis 21618 MO0940__.462
PHELPS, GENERAL L MO Gasconade 12/9/1902 Booneville 43803 MO6120__.363
ROGERS, LEVI MO Gasconade 3/1/1854 St. Louis 21595 MO0940__.439
ROGERS, LEVI MO Gasconade 5/2/1859 St. Louis 29506 MO1100__.352
ROGERS, MARY MO Gasconade 12/10/1841 St. Louis 10769 MO0730__.454
STUMP, LEONARD MO Gasconade 12/10/1841 St. Louis 10715 MO0730__.405
STUMP, LEONARD MO Gasconade 12/10/1841 St. Louis 10831 MO0740__.008

VAUGHAN, WILLIAM MO Gasconade 11/1/1851 St. Louis 18897 MO0890__.416
VAUGHAN, WILLIAM R MO Gasconade 6/10/1857 St. Louis 28647 MO1080__.416
VAUGHAN, WILLIAM R MO Gasconade 3/1/1860 St. Louis 31046 MO1130__.346
VAUGHN, WILLIAM MO Gasconade 5/2/1859 St. Louis 25782 MO1100__.268

Others of interest who were in Putnam Co., Missouri
Walter Crockett was also in 1850 Putnam, MO.  He was the son of Hugh Crockett and Rebecca Lorton.  Walter was born in Montgomery, VA where Jared Branson Sr. lived.  More about the Lorton family on page one.

Stanford H. Stockton was in 1850 Putnam, MO.  He was a descendant of Richard Stockton who died 1707 in Burlington, NJ where the Quaker Bransons lived.  More about the Stockton family on page two.  His father, Thomas Stockton, died in Roane, TN.  He was a third cousin of Joseph Stockton whose son John William Stockton married Celia C. Branson, daughter of John Wilkenson Branson of Osage and Belle, MO (a descendant of Jared Branson Sr.). 

1840 Census - Gasconade, Missouri
Valentine Branson (10001-10001) age 20-30 <1810-1820> - Image 1
NEXT LINE: Andrew Branson (01100001-1111001) age 50-60 <1780-1790> - Image 1
Joshua Cox (0102101-1111001) age 40-50 <1790-1800> - Image 1
NEXT LINE: Anthony Margrave (02002001-1032001) - age 50-60 <1780-1790>- Image 1
Richard Shockley (00001-222101) age 20-30 <1810-1820> - Image 3
Thomas Branson Sr. (001000001-00010001) age 60-70 <1770-1780> - Image 3
Thomas Branson Jr. (no numbers on his line) - Image 5
Thomas G Branson (10001-00011) age 20-30 <1810-1820> - Image 7
Jarred Branson (00010001-0001001) age 50-60 <1780-1790> - Image 7
James Branson (00001-000001) age 20-30 <1810-1820> - Image 7
William Triplett (11001-11001) age 20-30 <1810-1820> - Image 7
Thomas Branson Jr. (10002-10101) age 20-30 <1810-1820> - Image 9
William Poynter (00001-20001) age 20-30 <110-1820> - Image 11
Andrew Branson Jr. (021112-11001) age 30-40 <1800-1810> - Image 11
NEXT LINE: Washington Branson (10011-0001) age 20-30 <1810-1820> - Image 11
David Branson (11003-0110011) age 20-30 <1810-1820> - Image 13
Jarred Branson (00001-0001) age 20-30 <1810-1820> - Image 39
Jacob Paynter (110101-11) age 30-40 <1800-1810> - Image 51

1850 Census - District 29, Putnam, MO
William Triplett, 57, farmer, KY
Nancy, 35, KY
Joseph, 14, KY
Emeline, 12, KY
Charles, 9, KY
John M, 8, MO
Samuel, 3, MO
Samantha, 8 mos, MO

1900 Census - Liberty, Putnam, Missouri
Samuel Triplett 33
Mary L Triplett 32
Edna F Triplett 10
Mary E Triplett 4
Stella M Triplett 3
Carles T Triplett 2
Elsie B Triplett 0.12
Leon Logsdon 31
Jessie M Logsdon 4

Wm. S. VESTEL Self W Male W 63 KY Farmer KY KY
Eliza VESTEL Dau S Female W 18 MO Keeps House KY KY
Silla Elizabeth VESTEL Dau S Female W 15 MO KY KY
Noah VESTEL Son S Male W 13 MO KY KY
Permelia VESTEL Dau S Female W 11 MO KY KY
Matilda VESTEL Dau S Female W 8 MO KY KY
Peter VESTEL Son S Male W 5 MO KY KY
Source Information:
Census Place Elm, Putnam, Missouri
Family History Library Film 1254711
NA Film Number T9-0711
Page Number 448C

Although I have been unable to determine for certain the parents of Stella and Lydia Triplett, it is probable that they were related to Elizabeth Francis Triplett who married John Jett. 

The fact that the Jett family was allied with the Triplett family who was allied with the

Brief History Of Early Times In Lost River Community
by F. B. Chrisman 1925

Captain Jacob Chrisman, born in 1730, (whose mother was a daughter of Joist Hite who came fron York, Pennsylvania in the year 1732 and settled about five miles south of Winchester, Virginia) with several other men followed a band of Indians who had killed some settlers of the Shenandoah Valley and taken some prisoners across the North Mountain, arriving at Rock Bridge now the state boundary on North Mountain after dark. Captain Chrisman sighted the Indian's camp fire near the top of Branch Mountain and came to their camp just before dawn. He surprised the and after killing three of their number and recovering the prisoners, returned to this valley and decided to take a lease which he did in 1753. The patent calls for a tract of 425 acres of land on Lost River of Cacapon, patented to Jacob Chrisman, Jr., by Lord Fairfax, September 15, 1753.

Lionel Branson, an English Quaker, settled on Lost River in 1765 and is reputed to have cut the first wagon road following the old Indian Trail across Rock Bridge from the Shenandoah to this valley. The Millers, Claypools, Wardens, and Bakers settled here about the same date.

John Jett is found in Quaker records of Hopewell MM in Frederick, VA (where Bransons lived).  In 1791 he signed for the marriage of Hope (Holloway) Garwood of Culpeper Co., VA.  Other signatures include Caleb and Sarah Antram.  The Antram/Antrim family was allied with the Bransons of Frederick, VA.  The Garwoods were allied with the Shinn, Braddock, Branson, Antrim and other families with Quaker roots.  Several Antrim and Garwood families lived in Culpeper Co., VA, as did some Jett families.

HOPEWELL FRIENDS HISTORY 1734-1934 Frederick County, Virginia
George Harris, son of Samuel and Martha Harris of Faquer County in the State of Virginia, and Hope Holloway, daughter of John and Esther Garwood of the County of Culpepper and State aforesaid; 8th day of 12th month, 1791; at Culpepper.
John Jett, Levi Garwood, Caleb Antram, Esther Garwood, Sarah Antram, Susannah Garwood, Daniel Garwood, Margaret Garwood, John Garwood, and others.

A Josiah Branson was found in early records of King George Co., VA along with the Jetts.  He married Barbara Tinsey there in 1742.  The lineage of Josiah Branson is not known.  Katherine Branson was also married in that county in 1742 to Moses Grigsby.  Her lineage is also unknown.

A Jett family connected to Lionel Branson
Mrs. Frances Jett is mentioned in a book entitled
"Peter Lehew of Front Royal, Virginia and some of his descendants", in reference to Sarah "Sally" Branson and Eli Lehew.  Sarah was the daughter of Lionel Branson Jr. and Rebeckah Millar.  Mrs. Frances Jett is referred to as a descendant of Eli Lehew and granddaughter of Captain Francis Lehew.  Francis was the son of Eli Lehew and Sarah Branson of Hardy Co., VA, so Mrs. Frances Jett was the great-granddaughter of Sarah Branson, and 2nd great granddaughter of Lionel Branson Jr.  Frances Lehew married Joseph Miller Jett born in Warren, VA.  I found a Joseph Miller Jett on the LDS web site, son of Anson Scott Jett and Virginia Miller.  He was born April 30, 1886 and died Sept. 4, 1933.  Anson was born Oct. 9, 1847 in Rappahannock, VA, the son of Turner E. Jett and Martha A. Dearing.  Turner was born July 27, 1814 in Fauquier, VA, son of George Jett and Nancy Wickliff.  George Jett was born April 19, 1769, son of Francis Jett and Mary.  This Jett line was related to the Jetts who married into the Branson family of Missouri, but they were not that closely related.  (William A. Jett of Missouri was the 4th cousin, 1 generation removed, of Joseph Miller Jett).  NOTE:  The Chrisman family was also mentioned with Lionel Branson Jr. in the same region.

Sims index to land grants in West Virginia (Partial List)
Peter Jett, 50 ac, Tucker's Creek, 1842
Thomas Jett, 690 ac. adj. J. Stokely, 1811
Dr. Thomas Jett, 310 ac. adj. James Wilson, 1817

John Jett, son of Peter Jett, is recorded in the book entitled "Apprentices of Virginia, 1623-1800" in the year 1761.  He was an apprentice to Nicholas Quesenberry.  The Quesenberry name is also found in many records of Southwest Virginia where Jared Branson Sr. lived.  

Apprentices of Virginia, 1623-1800
Jett, John
Master: Quesenberry, Nicholas
Beginning date: 05/07/1761
Sex: male
[p.135] Father: Jett, Peter (deceased)
Source: King George Co. Orders 1751-1765, 933
King George Co
Occupation: saddler
Ending date: unspecified
Race: white

Several Jett families are found in the 1810 census in Falmouth, Stafford, VA along with John Branson.  John Branson was the son of William Branson and Elizabeth Osmond, grandson of Thomas L. Branson and Elizabeth Day.  Jetts are also found in records of Fauquier, VA along with John and Thomas Branson.

Barsheba Jett Falmouth, Stafford, VA 1810
Francis Jett Falmouth, Stafford, VA 1810
George Jett Falmouth, Stafford, VA 1810
John Branson Falmouth, Stafford, VA 1810

In 1773 Thomas and John Branson, John Painter and Abraham Haines were in Fauquier, VA.  (Several Jett families were also there).  John Painter was Jane/Jeane's brother & father's name.  Since John Sr. died in 1771, I think this John on the tax list was her brother who was born in 1736.  Abraham Haines married Jane's sister Hannah Painter. Fauquier is just south of Warren, VA and Thomas Branson was referenced in Warren, VA in the Quaker records. Another researcher reports that Thomas Branson inherited land from his grandfather near White Post, now Warren County. Warren County is where Crooked Run MM was located.

JOHN BRANSON VA Fauquier County Pattentees 1773
THOS BRANSON VA Fauquier County Pattentees 1773
JAMES JETT VA Fauquier County Rent Rolls 1770
JOHN JETT VA Fauquier County Rent Rolls 1770
JNO OF DOUGLASS JETT VA Fauquier County Leeds Manor 1770
FRANCIS JETT VA Fauquier County Rent Rolls 1770


The Painter family is allied with the Bransons of Frederick, VA.  Painters are not mentioned in the book, however Thomas and Katherine Painter were part of the Winthrop Fleet of 1630 (see notes elsewhere on this page).  Also part of the Winthrop Fleet was a John Branson.  Painters were listed as residents of London in 1638 along with Bransons, Bramptons and others.  See below for more about the Painter family.  A Mr. Woodgate was also present in court at Massachusett Bay Colony in 1629 along with Gov. John Winthrop (see elsewhere in this narrative for more about the Woodgate name).


The Worrell family was allied with the Painter and Shockley families.  Peter Worrell married Susannah Painter, daughter of George Painter and Lydia Pusey in 1756 (Philadelphia MM Quaker records).  Susannah was the first cousin of Jane/Jeane Painter who married Thomas L. Branson.  She was born c1712 of Chester, Delaware, Pennsylvania.  Springfield, Delaware, PA was settled by Quakers associated with William Penn, including surnames Worrell, Pancoast and Edge.  Pancoast is a name associated with the Haines family of Burlington, NJ.  Mary Edge married Joseph Branson, son of Thomas Branson and Elizabeth Day.  Parts of Delaware Co. once were part of Chester Co.   According to a book about Marple Twp, Delaware, PA, Peter Worrell was from Berkshire, England - the same county/parish where Nathaniel Branson lived.  (NOTE: Bernardus Van Leer who married Mary Branson died in Marple Twp.)  In the book entitled "A History of Delaware County, Pennsylvania and it's People", Peter Worrell, Branson Van Leer, Thomas Hockley, Richard Flower, George Painter, Joseph Musgrave, and other familiar names are mentioned. 

A Peter Worrell appears on a court document in 1688 with reference to the laying of out Middletown, NJ.  Enos Painter also appears in documents relating to Middletown, NJ along with a younger Peter Worrell in 1822 (Source: "Genealogy of the Sharples Family in America").  According to the book "History of the Trego Family", the Minshall, Trego and Painter families of Chester, PA and Middletown, NJ were connected by marriage.  John Bowater is also mentioned in early Middletown, NJ.  In the book entitled "Our Ancestors" by Jacob Painter, Enos Painter was the son of James and Jane (Carter) Painter, grandson of Samuel and Esther (Gilpin) Painter, great-grandson of Samuel and Elizabeth (Buxcey) Painter who migrated from England or Wales to Philadelphia.  It is not known if this Painter family was related to the Quaker Painters associated with the Bransons, however, it appears they were also Quakers.  If you have information about any connections between the Philadelphia Painter family and the Burlington, NJ Painter family, please contact Sandra by email.

James Worrell was the father of Sarah Worrell who married Meredith Shockley.  Sarah was born 1770 in Carroll Co., VA.  As noted elsewhere, the Shockley family was closely allied with the family of Jared Branson Sr. and his descendants.  James Worrell was taxed on land in Big Reed Island, Carroll Co., VA (so was Meredith Shockley).  Jared Branson was granted land on Big Reed Island in 1796.  James Worrell was born c1732 in Chester, PA and died in Grayson, VA.  (NOTE:  It is not yet known if James Worrell was related to Peter Worrell mentioned in the previous paragraph, however, since he was from Chester, PA he most likely was related).  A family tree on Ancestry.com shows a Peter Worrell born in 1663 and died in 1716 who married Susannah Painter, however, the dates do not agree with Quaker records.  According to the records, they were married in 1756.  Peter Worrell and Mary Powell had a son Peter born c1737 who could be the one who married Susannah Painter.  According to other research, James was the son of Peter Worrell and Mary Trego, but I don't know if this was the same Peter Worrell who married Susannah Painter.  (NOTE: James Worrell is found on the 1799 and 1805 Grayson Co., VA Tax Lists).  If you have information about Peter Worrell who married Susannah Painter, please contact Sandra by email.

The Worrell family is recorded in Quaker records going back to the year 1682 when they were received at Philadelphia Monthly Meeting from Ore MM, Berkshire, England (where Nathaniel Branson was supposedly born).  Other records mention a John Worrell who came to America with William Penn's second voyage in 1699 and settled in Frankord, PA.  The Painter family is mentioned as early as 1708 in Quaker records of the Philadelphia Monthly Meeting.  Meredith Shockley was the son of Richard Esau Shockley and Edith (Meredith) Adkinson.  Meredith's grandson, Legrand Shockley, had a  daughter Elizabeth who married Greenberry Branson, son of John Branson and Sarah "Sally" Surrat (John was the grandson of Jared Branson Sr.).


Since it is probable that James Worrell and Peter Worrell were related, this is some evidence of a connection between Jared Branson and the Painter family (and with Thomas L. Branson) through the Shockley connection.   There is a Shockley-Paynter connection that goes back to Richard Shockley born 1677 in Somerset, DE who married Elizabeth Paynter, possible daughter or niece of Richard Paynter of Kent, DE.  Richard Shockley was supposedly the grandfather of Meredith Shockley.  There is conflicting information about the grandparents of Meredith Shockley.  It is not known if the Kent, DE Paynter family was related to the Quaker Painter family.  If you have information about this please contact Sandra by email.

There are records of Shockleys and Paynters in Sussex, Delaware including Levin and his son Rhoads Shockley, and many records of the Paynter family in that county.  According to a family tree on ancestry.com, Levin Shockley was closely related to Richard Esau Shockley of Grayson Co., VA whose family was allied with the family of Jared Branson Sr.  They were either brothers or cousins.  Therefore, it appears that the Shockley family allied with the Jared Branson family was living near the Paynter family in Delaware shortly before going to SW Virginia.  There is very little available about the ancestors and descendants of the Sussex, DE Paynters.  From various records I have found information showing that a Richard Paynter wrote a will in 1722 in Delaware naming wife Margaret and sons Richard, John and Doegood <Dogood> Paynter.  Again, it is not known if the Paynter family was related to the Quaker Painter family.

History of Delaware, PA - Wikipedia
First settled before the year 1700 by Quakers who arrived in Pennsylvania with William Penn, Springfield was first recognized as a governmental entity in 1686. The names of many of the streets in Springfield are named after former prominent citizens, including Powell, Kennerly, Lownes, Thomas, Levis, Foulke, Evans, Pancoast, Worrell, and Edge. After its founding, Springfield was primarily a farming town.

History of Marple Township, Pa.
From: A History of Delaware County, Pennsylvania
Edited By: John W. Jordan, LL. D.
Published By Lewis Historical Publishing Company, New York 1914
Marple Township. - A list of the taxables of Marple in 1693, contains fifteen names—Jonathan Hayes, Peter Worrall, James Stamfield's estate, William Huntley, John Person, Thomas Person, Ralph Dralcutt, Geo. Williard, Thomas Marcy, John Howell, Josiah Taylor, David Morris, Henry Cadman, John Shaw aiid John Hoopes. Peter Worrall (Worrell, Worrall) was a tanner from Berkshire, England.

The Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, 1750-1930
Listed in: Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, Vol II
Page number: 693
John, Hannah and Richard (2) Worrall, Ore MM, Berks, Eng., rocf, 1682
1756, 10, 12 - Peter Worrall, son of John of Lancaster Burrough, PA, married Susannah Dillwyn, widow, daughter of George Painter, Phila., PA at Phila. Meeting

Table of contents for Carroll 1765-1815, the settlements : a history of the first fifty years of Carroll County, Virginia / by John Perry Alderman.
Bibliographic record and links to related information available from the Library of Congress catalog.
Benjamin Bailey - 98 Abraham Goad jr. - 105
James Bennett - 99 Robert Goad - 105
James Bobbitt - 99 Thomas Hamilton - 106
John Bobbitt - 99 William Henson - 107
James Bobbitt - 100 Benjamin Henson - 107
Isaac Branscome - 100 James Henson - 108
James Bullard - 101 Jonathan Jennings - 108
George Carter - 101 Edmond Jennings - 109
Stephen Cole - 102 William Jennings - 110
William Dalton - 102 Thomas Jennings - 111
John Durnel - 103 William Largen - 111
Gallimore - 104 Joseph Laws - 112
William Probit - 113 John Worrell - 116
Isaac Semones - 113 Amos Worrell - 116
Isaiah Shockley - 114
Elias Stilwell - 114
James Worrell - 115

Actual images of some applicable pages of the book "Shull, Burdsall, Stockton and allied families : a genealogical study with biographical notes" are offered below.  Click an image for a larger view.


Pages that mention Branston

Pages that mention Branston




Rootsweb.com Archiver - Leicester
Have just seen a message from Gillian re BRANSONS which I must have
missed so I would like to post my interests again in the hope somebody
knows something!
Richard BRANSON m Anne circa 1700
their son :Richard BRANSON b 11/1/1708 in Great Easton m. Mary
their son :Thomas BRANSON b 28/3/1741 in Loddington m. Amelia Henson
b.1742 married 22/10/1775 in Barrow on Soare
their son :Thomas BRANSON b 17/3/1779 Barrow on Soare m. Elizabeth
DERRY b. 4/5/1780 married 19/4/1802 in Barrow on Soare also: Richard
BRANSON b 26/12/1777 Rothley m. Sarah Antill b. 25/12/1783 Mountsorrell
married 26/12/1800
Thomas BRANSON and Elizabeth DERRY had a son Henry BRANSON b. Barrow on
Soare.....he married Susannah BRANSON daughter of Richard BRANSON and
Sarah ANTILL (ie. his cousin) 27/12 1830 in Barrow on Soare
their son : George BRANSON b. 1838 Mountsorrell m. Mary MULLIN b 1833
their daughter: Clara BRANSON b. 20/6/1872 Mountsorrell m David Crosbie
WILSON b.20/6/1855 Dalbeattie Scotlands married 31/12/1889 Dalbeattie

Index to the wills and administrations proved and granted in the Archdeaconry Court of Leicester, 1660-1750 : and in the peculiars of St. Margaret, Leicester, and Rothley : and in the Rutland peculiars of Caldecott, Ketton and Tirover, and Liddington prior to 1821 : now preserved in the Probate Registry at Leicester
London: British Record Society, 1920, 401 pgs.
Wills and Administrations of Leicester
1585 Thomas Brannson, Lawghton
1593 Robert Brannston, Saddington
1660 John Branson, Barrow-On-the-Soar
1748 Henry Branson, Woodhouse, Adm.
1682 Thomas Branson, Woodhouse Eaves
1710 Thomas Branson, Bringhurst
1702 Samuel Braunston, Mountsorrel, adm.
1719 Mary Branson, widow, Mountsorrel
1684 Elizabeth Branson, widow, Woodhouse Eaves
1748 Francis Branson, Billesdon, adm.
1690 John Braunston, Woodhouse, adm.

Calendars of wills and administrations relating to the county of Leicester : proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Leicester
Leicestershire Wills:
John Branson, Hinckley - 1636
Sir William Branston, priest, St. Martin's, Leicester - 1516
William Bramston, Thurcaston - 1520
Robert Branston, Thaddingsworth - 1558
Stephen Brampton, Bosworth - 1558
Eliza Branston, Thaddingsworth - 1611-1615
John Branson, Quennyngborrow - 1558
Robert Bramston, Melton - 1574
William Brabson, Hothorpe - 1568
John Brannston, Loddington - 1581
Thomas Brannson, Lawghton - 1585
Robert Brannston, Saddington - 1593
Henry Brannson, Woodhouse - 1600
John Brabson, Hothorpe - 1567
Richard Brabston, husband Bostworth - 1599
Henry Braunston, Smeeton - 1628-29

Miles Brabson, Wigston - 1634
Margaret Pinder, Wigston Magna - 1640
Robert Brabson, Wigston - 1647
Peter Brannston, Bylsdon - 1573
William Burstall, Leicester - 1594
George Painter, Plungar - 1615
James Painter, Bottisford - 1620
Roger Ridgway - 1620
Thomas Painter, Castle Doningeton - 1634
George Painter, Melton - 1637
William Painter, Melton - 1638
Robert Stoken or Stockton, Loughborowe - 1591
John Hedge, Swepston - 1573
William Hedge, Kincoate - 1646
Thomas Worrell, Braunston - 1526

Leicestershire Marriage Bonds and Allegations - 1570 to 1729
Thomas Branson of Swannington and Elizabeth Orton - 1715
John Branston of Montsorrell and Mary Kirke of Barrowe - 1619
John Branston of Loughborow and Elizabeth Burbadge of Loughborow Parks - 1716
John Branston of Great Bowden and Sarah Sprig of same; at Great Bowden or St. Mary's-in-Arden - 1724
Thomas Branston of Great Bowden and Anne Coleman of Little Bowden, Northants; At St. Mary's-in-Arden or Great Bowden - 1722
Chris. Braunston of Woodhouse Eaves and Alice Arme of Ragdale - 1611
Francis Braunston of Leicester and Margaret Haddon, widow, of Smeeton; at Welham or Kilbworth - 1631
Geo. Braunston of Hallaughton and Agnes Wade of Brabrooke, Northants - 1617
Francis Brawnston of Tilton and Elizabeth Bolton, widow, of Bilsdon, Tilton or Foxton - 1725
Elizabeth Branson and John Clow of Easton Magna - 1712
Elizabeth Branson of Thorpe Acre and William Robinson of same; at Thorpe Acre or Great Peatling - 1721
Hannah Braunson of Great Bowden and Robt. Goodrich of Foxton - 1702

Elizabeth Braunson of Rothely John Lewin of Sileby; at at Sileby or St. Leonard's Leicester - 1725
Mary Scooley, widow of Marston Parish of Thedingworth and Thos. Lewin of Thedingworth [Braunston] - 1607
Anne Braunston of Halloughton and Wm. Ball of same; at Halloughton - 1630
Anne Branston of Glewston and Rich. Patrick of same; at Glewston or St. Mary's-in-Arden - 1717
Elizabeth Braunston of St. Mary's Leic. and Humphrey Sacks of same; at St. Mary's Leicester - 1631
Ellen Brawneston of Kilbworth Beauchampe and Thos. Eastwood of same - 1607
Jane Braunston of Oadbie and Edward King, widower, of same - 1680
Mary Branston of Harborough and Wm. Basse ? of same - 1626
Mary Braunston of Barrow-on-Soar and Samuel Bodell of Belton - 1708
Sarah Branston of Woodhouse Eaves and Thos. Greene of Normanton-on-the-Heath - 1612
Anne Schooley of Raersby John Gilson of same - 1717
Agnes Schooley of Leicester and John Noone, widower of same - 1625
John Schooly of Belgrave and Hannah Boroughs of All Saints' Leic.; at Belgrave or All Saints - 1695
Edward Claypoole of Melton and Susanna Sewell of same - 1715
Thomas Cleypoole of Hinckley and Anne Geffes, widow of Blaby - 1608
Sarah Stockton of Kilmecote and Wm. Hawforde of Walton Parish of Knaptofte; at Kilmecote - 1610
Robt. Stoken of Loughborowe and Eliz. Symon of same; at Loughborowe - 1632
William Stockton, clerk, Great Glen and Judith Cotton of Bitchwell - 1716
Luke Painter, widower of Melton and Ann Dale, widow, of same - 1710

Calendars of wills and administrations relating to the county of Leicester : proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Leicester, 1495-1649, and in
the peculiars of St. Margaret Leicester, Rothley, Groby, Evington, and the unproved wills etc., previous to 1801 : all now preserved in the
probate registry at Leicester
London: British Record Society, 1902, 327 pgs.
1516, Sir William Branston; priest, St. Martin's Leicester
1520, William Branston, Thurcaston
1558, Stephen Brampton, Bosworth
1558, Robert Branston, Theddingsworth
1611-1615, Eliza Branston, Theddingsworth
1626, John Branson, Hinkley


Calendars of Lincoln wills
London: British Record Society, 1902-1930, 1547 pgs.
Chris Branston, Swineshead, 1643-4
Thomas Branston, Helpringham, 1624
William Branston, Lincoln, 1604
William Branston, Helpringham, 1647-8
Thomas Branston, Hale, 1628


Genealogical gleanings in England
Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1901, 1670 pgs.
Thomas Brandston mentioned in will of Nicholas Wall, as husband of his daughter, Sarah Wall.
Dated 4/3/1647
Proved 7/5/1648
Essex, England
son, Daniel Wall resides in Suffolk

Genealogical gleanings in England
Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1901
Thomas Branston of East Bergholt mentioned in will of Robert Alefounder,
Other names: my son Thomas Glover, my son John Wilkinson, my son Henry Fenne, son Ezekiel Sherman, my brother John Upcher, my brother Thomas Woodgate, my sister Mary Howard and sister Awdrie Moore, sons Robert and John, wife's daughter Hanna Payte, friends John Rogers, George Cole the elder and William Cole
Wit: Andrew Bacon, Edmund Sherman, Edward Cardinall
June 19, 1630
(NOTE:  This Thomas Branston is probably from the Branston family mentioned in the above book because of the name Cardinall being mentioned, as was mentioned in the book.)

Genealogical gleanings in England
Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1901
THOMAS BRAUSTON, of Flowton, Suffolk, clothier, 3 September 1638, proved 29 July 1641. Wife Mary to give sufficient release in law to my son John of the thirds of all of my lands, etc. To son Thomas messuages, lands etc. in Kirby and Walton in the Soken, Essex. John my eldest son. My sister Judith Clearke the wife of Joseph Clearke of East Bergholt, Suffolk. John Clarke, Judith Clarke, and Nahomey Clarke, the children of the said Judith Clarke. William Maxie (Maxey) and Thomas Briminge (?) my grandchildren. I give to my brother-in-law, Mr. Robert Alefounder, and my sister his wife, 30 pounds a piece. To my cousin Robert Alefounder, my said brother's son, twenty pounds. To the town
of Bergholt fifteen pounds toward the purchase of a work house for the poor to work in. Five pounds to the poor of East Bergholt. Steven Brauston the son of John Brauston. Steven Brauston the son of John Brauston. Steven Brauston the son of Edmund Brauston of East Bergholt. Rose Braberton, the wife of William Braberton of Bergholt, and all her children, at ages of one and twenty. Richard Alefounder the elder of Bergholt and Richard his son and Susan his daughter. To my brother-in-law Mr. John Alefounder of Dedham, Essex, my sister Briminge (?), my sister Sherman, my sister Fenn and my sisterAlderman, twenty pounds a piece to buy each of them a ring. To son John all the rest of my messuages, lands, etc. in Suffolk and Essex or elsewhere which is not heretofore bequeathed, and the rest of my goods etc. I give to my sin-in-law Maxey and my son-in-law Bruninge ten pounds a piece. To William Boggas my son-in-law forty pounds.

Robert Lincoln alias Skynner of East Bergholt, Suffolk, clothier, 20 March, 1590.
Names mentioend: son Stephen Lyncolne alias Skynner; brother Stephen; son Robert, brothers-in-law John and Stephen Woodgate,
daughter Elizabeth, kinsman John Goodwin.
John Brauston of East Bergholt to have Samuel's portion.
Land be bought of Thomas Bacon of Bamford situate, East Berholt.
Commission issued August 27, 1601 to Elizabeth Holloway, formerly alias Lincoln alias Skynner

Will of Stephen Lincoln alias Skynner of East Bergholt January, 1598, proved June 13, 1600.
Children: Stephen (eldest son), Robert, Elizabeth, and Mary Lyncolne.
Other names: Uncle Richard Clarke, Thomas Sharpe, wife Alice
Will of William Hollaway, of East Bergholt, clothier, 1608, proved March 24, 1608.
Names mentioned: friends Stephen Woodgate, Edward Clarke, William Cardinall, Francis Cole, Thomas Branston, uncle Richard Woodgate.
Daughters Sara Hollaway, Mary Hollaway, son William, cousin John Goodwyn, my work folks Gladwyn Hedge, Wesson and Barker.
My cousin Phillip Cock. Robert Alefounder. Stephen and Robert Skynner. Wife Elizabeth.

Some other names mentioned in wills: Susan and Nathaniel Bacon, Elizabeth Quarles, Tobias Makin, John Makin
Robert and Henry Osborne, Mary Bacon, daughter Painter (dau. of John Burges), Robert and James Burges
John Antrim is mentioned in the will of Thomas Cox, citizen and vintner of London, May 24, 1709. Thomas Cox mentions cousin Hannah Print, dau. of Thomas Clark late of Cheltenham in Gloucester. Son Thomas Cox of Philadelphia, cousin Mary Chandler of Philadelphia, gives land to son John Cox on branch of Cooper's Creek in Gloucester, New Jersey. Mentions funds he disbursed to William Penn to compose his matters with Phillip Forde. My wife Ann Cox and brother-in-law John Antrim of Martin's le Grand to be executors

NOTE: The following book outlines the life of Thomas Cox and other members of the Cox/Cock family....
The Cox family in America : a history and genealogy of the older branches of the family from the appearance of its first representative in this country in 1610
New York: Printed for the author by the Unionist-Gazette Association, 1912, 772 pgs.

Some of this Cox family were Quakers in New Jersey

A true register of all christeninges, mariages, and burialles in the parishe of St. James, Clarkenwell :
London: Mitchell and Hughes, printers, 1884-1894, 2524 pgs. (Middlesex County)
April 9, 1708 - Nathanael Bramston
June 8, 1551, William Branston

Brandons of Royalty

The Royal Families of England, Scotland, and Wales, vol 1
Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk
married Princess Mary, second daughter of King Henry VII, co-heir of King Henry VIII
Child: Lady Frances Brandon m. Henry Gray, Marquess of Dorset, afterwards Duke of Suffolk
Child: Lady Jane Gray, be-headed in 1553
Child: Lady Katherine Gray, married Edward Seymour, Earl of Hertford (d. 1621)
Child: Edward Seymour, Lord Beauchamp, married Honora daughter of Richard Rogers, Knight of Branston


England records for Bransons / Branstons also show them allied with Orton, Burbage and Clarke families in Leicester, England.  Leicester was the location of Hinkley Monthly Meeting attended by Nathaniel Branson, Sr. and/or his children.    Some of these Branson and Branston families may have been related to Nathaniel.  There were several villages where most of these Branson and Branstons lived in Leicester including Mountsorrel, Bringhurst, Saddington, Barrow-on-Soar and Woodhouse Eaves.  We have found names of individuals who may have been associated with descendants of Nathaniel Branson Sr. in these Leicester records, including Cleypole (Claypoole), Massey, Worrell, Stacy (Stacie), Stokes and Day.  Listed below are also some other names of residents of the villages where Bransons and Branstons lived and also the village of Loughborowe (Loughborough) where many families allied with the Bransons and Branstons lived.  Notice that a William Daye and a Roger Stacie are listed as residents of the village of Twyford.

1538 Thomas Burbage, Loughborowe
1560-61 Ralph Burbage, Lowghtborowe
1593 William Day, Loughborowe
1615 George Henshawe, Loughborough (Hinshaw?)
1615 George Cox, Loughborowe
1623 William Goodwin, Loughborowe
1628 Thomas Poole, Loughborowe
1628 John Sutton, Loughborowe

1605 John Jarratt, Mountsorrell
1621 William Crosbey, Mountsorrel
1702 Samuel Braunston, Mountsorrel, adm.
1719 Mary Branson, widow, Mountsorrel

1605 William Staples, Woodhouse Eaves
1682 Thomas Branson, Woodhouse Eaves
1684 Elizabeth Branson, widow, Woodhouse Eaves
1690 John Braunston, Woodhouse, adm.
1748 Henry Branson, Woodhouse, Adm.

1526 Thomas Worrall, Braunston
1572 Edward Massey, Leicester
1577 Thomas Cleypole, Dalby Parva
1587 George Stoks, Wycomb
1599 William Daye, Twyford
1602 William Stacie, Widmerpoole
1608 Richard Clarke, Saddington (Robert Brannston also listed in Saddington will of 1593)
1614 Roger Stacie, Twyford
1626 Roger Goodwin, Claxton


The Stockton family of New Jersey : and other Stocktons
Samuel P. Lundy, b. 1796, m. Sarah Davis of Grayson, VA, dau. of Morris and Margaret (Ward) Davis. Samuel died Feb. 12, 1875.  Sarah was b. about 1799 and died July 29, 1843. Their daughter Nancy was born Sept. 24, 1817 and died April, 1896 in Florida. She married Green M. Branscomb and removed to Santa Paula, Fla.

Samuel P. Lundy was the son of Richard and Mary (Stockton) Lundy.

PARTIAL 1794 Grayson County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List
Beals, John 1 2
Bails, Daniel 1 3
Beals, John 1 2
Beck, John 1 2
Branson, Jan A. 1 3
Lunday, Thomas 1 2
Lunday, Amos 3 3
Lunday, Ebenezer 1 1
Lunday, Daniel 1 0
Lunday, John 1 1
Lunday, Richard 2 3
Shockley, Thomas 1 0
Shokley, Willson 1 0
Shockley, Meredith 1 0

1793 WYTHE, VA TAX LIST - Second Section (PARTIAL LIST)
Branston, Jerard 1 3
Branston, James 1 1

Dodson, John 1 1 - 
a John Dodson was also in Gasconade, MO in 1830 along with Jared Branson
Dodson, James 1 2
Dodson, Samuel 1 2
Dodson, Samuel, Jun. 1 2
Dodson, John 1 2
Dodson, James 1
Lunday, Ebenazer 1
Lunday, Emos (Amos) 2 4
Lunday, John 1 1
Lunday, Thomas 1 1

1799 Grayson County, Virginia Land Tax List  (PARTIAL LIST)
Dillard, Edward 30,000 2500 12.00
Lunday, Ebenezer 92 30.67 .15
Lunday, Thomas 204 51 .24
Lunday, Thomas 100 33.33 .16
Lunday, Amos 97 25 .12
Shockley, Richard 227 41.67 .20
Stockton, Clayton 100 22.17 .12

The 1805 Grayson County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List  (PARTIAL LIST)
Shockley, Merid 1 2 .24
Shockley, Samuel 4 2 .24
Lundy, Ebenezer 92 30.67 .15
Lundy, Thomas 100 33.33 .16
Lundy, Thomas 71 23.66 .11
Lundy, Amos 97 25 .12
Lundy, Ebenezer 146 36.50 .18
Lundy, Richard 150 33.33 .16
Lundy, Thomas 200 100 .48
Lundy, Thomas 200 50 .24

1810 Grayson County, Virginia Tax List  (PARTIAL LIST)
Lundy, Aaron 1 0 2
Lundy, Richard 1 0 2
Lundy, John 2 0 2
Lundy, James 1 0 1
Lundy, Amos 1 0 1
Lundy, Samuel 1 0 1
Dalton, Timothy 1 0 1
Branscom, Isaac 1 0 2
Branscom, Reubin 1 0 1
Hains, Joshua 1 0 2
Hains, Luster 1 0 0
Shockley, Marideth 3 0 3

1824 Grayson County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List (PARTIAL LIST)
Branscom, Reuben 1 2 .24
Branscom, James 2
Branscom, Edmond 1 2 .24
Branscom, Isaac 1 1 .12
Dillard, Matthew 1
Goad, Robert 2 .24
Goad, Aaron 1
Goad, Aaron, Sr. 1 4 .48
Goad, Spensor 1 2 .24
Lundy, Samuel 1 1 .12
Lundy, David 1
Lundy, Azeriah 1 1 .12
Lundy, Aaron 2 3 .36
Lundy, Ebenezer 2 4 .48
Lundy, John 1 1 .12
Lundy, Amos 1
McMillin, John 1 2 .24
Schooley, Samuel, Jr. 1 3 .36
Schooley, Samuel 1
Shockley, Meredith 3 3 .26
Shockley, Esau 1 1 .12

Shockley, Amos 1 1 .12
Shockley, James 1 2 .24
Shockley, John 1 1 .12

1828 Grayson County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List (PARTIAL LIST)
Branscom, James 1 2 .24
Branscom, Edward 1 2 .24
Branscom, Isaac 1 2 .24
Lundy, John 1 1 .12
Lundy, Aaron 2 5 .60
Lynch, Joseph 1 1 .12
Lundy, Samuel 1 3 .36
Lundy, Samuel, Jr. 1 3 .36
Lundy, David 1
Lundy, Amos 1 1 .12
Lundy, Joseph 1 1 .12
Lundy, Ebenezer 2 6 .72
Lundy, Hezekiah 1 1 .12
Lundy, John 1 .12
Lundy, Ezariah 1
Shockley, Meredith 2 1 .12
Shockley, James 1 1 .12
Shockley, Amos 1 1 .12
Shockley, Esau 1 1 .12
Shockley, Meredith 1
Shockley, William 1 1 .12
Shockley, John 1
Shockley, Thomas 1
Surratt, Patrack 1
Surratt, Isom 1
Schooley, Samuel 1
Schooley, Samuel, Jr. 1 2 .24
Surrat, Elisha 1

Surrat, John 1 1 .12

CLAYTON STOCKTON MO Greene County No Township Listed-tax 1833
DANIEL M. STOCKTON MO Greene County No Township Listed-tax 1833
DAVID STOCKTON MO Greene County No Township Listed-tax 1833
JOHN STOCKTON MO Greene County No Township Listed-tax 1833


Below is an index listing some wills and administrations for the Alefounder surname in England.  Many of these records are from East Bergholt, Suffolk, England where the Branstons in the above book lived.  Familiar names mentioned are Brauston (Braunston), Holloway and Hedge.  Other names mentioned in connection with the Branstons in the above book are Cardinall and Cockerell.  These names are on this list of wills also.  Holloway is a name associated with the Bransons in Burlington, NJ.  The name Soames (Somes) is also mentioned in the above book in connection to Branston, and there are several Somes mentioned on the Alefounder web site.  Thomas Brauston (Braunston) married into the same Wood family that some of the Alefounders did in Suffolk (see below).

Soames may be a variation of the name Soham which is also a village in Suffolk, England.  Clement Shinn, father of John Shinn, married Sarah Grace Soham of Soham, Suffolk, England (unverified).  It's possible that the Soames associated with the Suffolk, England Branstons were part of that Soham family.  (See Shinn Family)

John Branston is mentioned with a Walton in Bergholt, Suffolk England at the following link.  Walton is a name associated with the Bransons of PA and VA.

We also find several Cockerells on early Passenger and Immigrations lists to Maryland and Virginia (see below) and also in the book about the Pepys family.  (Pepys is also mentioned on the above page describing the Suffolk, England County Committee meetings in the mid-1600's along with Nathaniel Bacon and Edmund Harvey).  The name Cockerell is also found in the Maryland Archives in St. Mary's County.  (see above).  I also found a John Cockerell listed as a voter in 1744 Fairfax Co., VA in the The history of Truro Parish in Virginia.  Also on that list was Francis Triplett.  (NOTE: The Triplett family was allied with the Jett family.  The Jett family was allied with the Pointer, Branson and Chrisman families, among others).  There is a web site devoted to the Cockrell Family at http://www.tcarden.com/tree/ensor/CockrellDoc.html.  Here is some information from that web site showing that a Walter Cockrell (Cotterell) emigrated to St. Mary's, MD from England and a Simon Cockrell lived in Montgomery and Wythe Co., Virginia (where Jared Branson lived):

The tradition has been handed down in several branches of the family that the progenitors of the Cockrell family in America were two brothers who emigrated from England to Maryland with the first Lord Baltimore expedition in 1634 or shortly thereafter, that one of the brothers remained in Maryland and the other moved to Virginia. Although no record has been found to positively prove this, such records as have been available tend to substantiate it, and therefore until evidence is found to the contrary it will be assumed that this tradition is true.

From the Maryland Archives:  WALTER COTTRELL: (also spelled Cottrel, Cotterell) St. Mary’s Co., 1638-50: mentioned a number of times in the Archives during this period as a planter, tax payer and voter. He was doubtless one of the original emigrants and the ancestor of the later members of the family mentioned hereafter.

The following records from the Maryland Calendar of Wills are probably of the third generation:
Jno. Cockerell: Witness to a will, Ann Arundel Co., April 16, 1692.
John Cottrell: Beneficiary in a will, St. Mary’s Co., July 4, 1693.
John Cockerill: Witness to a will, Talbot Co., Feb. 16, 1712.
Caleb Cockerel: Witness to a will, Kent Co., July 17, 1695.

Simon Cockrell (Andrew, John, John, Thomas, John) Simon’s wife, Mary Magdalene Vardamen, was the eldest of twelve children of John Vardaman and his wife Elizabeth Morgan, who moved from South Carolina to what is now Bedford Co, Va soon after their marriage, probably about 1745-6. From Bedford Co, they moved to settlements on the New River in 1767, and it was probably shortly before or after this that Simon and Mary were married.
Jeremiah Vardaman, the twelfth and youngest child of Mary’s parents, was born July 8, 1775, about twelve miles north of old Fort Chisswell in what is now Wythe Co (Augusta Co to 1769, Botetourt Co to 1772, Fincastle Co to 1776, Montgomery Co to 1790) and Simon and Mary were living in the same community (probably with her parents), as one of her children was born about the same time and as Mary’s mother was very ill. Mary nursed both her own child and that of her mother.

Index to names (legatees, witnesses and others) in wills, administrations and other probate documents where the testator (or intestate) is an Alefounder or where an Alefounder is mentioned.
Name Testator or intestate
Alderman (female) Brauston, Thomas 1641
Alefounder, John Brauston, Thomas 1641 (See below)
Alefounder, Richard Brauston, Thomas 1641
Alefounder, Susan Brauston, Thomas 1641
Alfounder, Richard Hollaway, William 1608
Alfounder, Robert Hollaway, William 1608 (See below)
Barker (male) Hollaway, William 1608
Blackeshaw, John Hollaway, William 1608
Boggas (male) Brauston, Thomas 1641
Braberton, Rose Brauston, Thomas 1641
Braberton, William Brauston, Thomas 1641
Brau(n)ston, Thomas Hollaway, William 1608
Brauston, Edmund Brauston, Thomas 1641
Brauston, John Brauston, Thomas 1641
Brauston, John Brauston, Thomas 1641
Brauston, Mary Brauston, Thomas 1641
Brauston, Steven Brauston, Thomas 1641

Brewster, John Hollaway, William 1608
Briminge (female) Brauston, Thomas 1641
Briminge, Thomas Brauston, Thomas 1641
Cardinall, Edward Alefounder, Robert 1630 *
Cardinall, William Hollaway, William 1608
Clarke, Edward Hollaway, William 1608
Clarke, John Brauston, Thomas 1641
Clarke, Judeth Brauston, Thomas 1641
Clarke, Nahomy Brauston, Thomas 1641
Clearke, Joseph Brauston, Thomas 1641
Clearke, Judeth Brauston, Thomas 1641
Cock, Philip Hollaway, William 1608
Cockerell, John, senior Alefounder, Matthew 1745
Cockerell, Mary Alefounder, Matthew 1745
Drury, Lady Greselley Hollaway, William 1608
Drury, Sir John Hollaway, William 1608
Fenn (female) Brauston, Thomas 1641

Goffe (female) Hollaway, William 1608
Goffe, John Hollaway, William 1608
Goodwyn, Danyell Hollaway, William 1608
Goodwyn, John Hollaway, William 1608
Goodwyn, Mary Hollaway, William 1608
Hallaway, William Goodwin, John 1600
Halliday, Eliza Alefounder, Elizabeth 1876
Halloway, Elizabeth Goodwin, John 1600
Halloway, William Goodwin, John 1600
Hedge (male) Hollaway, William 1608
Hedge, Richard Goodwin, John 1600
Hollaway, Anne Hollaway, William 1608
Hollaway, Elizabeth Hollaway, William 1608
Hollaway, Jane Hollaway, William 1608
Hollaway, John Hollaway, William 1608
Hollaway, Mary Hollaway, William 1608
Hollaway, Sara Hollaway, William 1608

Hollaway, William Hollaway, William 1608
Hollawaye, William Woodgate, Benjamin 1603
Holloway, Mary Alefounder, Mathew 1629
Judson, William Hollaway, William 1608
Makin (Mankin?), Robert Alefounder, Mathew 1629
Maxcie (Massey?), William Brauston, Thomas 1641
Mychell, Isaac Hollaway, William 1608
Neflocke (female) Hollaway, William 1608
Rogers, Mr. Hollaway, William 1608
Sherman (female) Brauston, Thomas 1641
Skynner, Robert Hollaway, William 1608
Skynner, Stephen Hollaway, William 1608
Trenham, Elizabeth Brauston, Thomas 1641
Trenham, John Brauston, Thomas 1641
Wesson (male) Hollaway, William 1608
Woodgate, Richard Hollaway, William 1608
Woodgate, Stephen Hollaway, William 1608
Wyles, Robert Hollaway, William 1608
Wyles, Thomas Hollaway, William 1608

Name of testator or intestate Date of probate or grant Place Document type Date
Alefownder als Tyler, James 1576 28 Sep 1576 Long Melford Suffolk Co. Will 23 Aug 1576
Alefounder, John 1627 * 9 Nov 1627 East Bergholt Suffolk Will 3 Jly 1627
Alefounder, Robert 1639 * 18 Jun 1639 East Bergholt Suffolk Will 10 Feb 1635

Bacon, Nathaniel, Dedham Hall, 1673, 1676, 1685, 1686
-, Susanna, Dedham Hall, 1673, 1676, 1686, Susanne, Dedham Hall, 1685
Day, John, Boxted Hall, 1765
Hedge, Francis, Great and Little Clacton, 1699
Somes, John, Langham, 1667
-, Rose, Langham, 1667
Somes late Clerke, Rose, Langham, 1688

iii Elizabeth Wood married Robert Alefounder born c. 1589 died 19 Apr 1639 buried in E. Bergholt, Suffolk who had a sister Rachel (Alefounder) who married Ezekiel Sherman son of Henry Sherman "Elder". Since Elizabeth’s two sons are listed in she must have been at least 20 and married for 2+ years, placing her birth about 1595 or earlier. This coincides with a projected birth date of 1590 for her brother John.
i Robert Alefounder
ii John Alefounder
iv Mary Wood married Thomas Brauston of Flowton Suffolk

Eleanor Cockerell 1681 Maryland
John Cockerell 1681 Maryland
Robt Cockerell 1664 Virginia
Robt Cockerell 1683 Virginia
Susanna Cockerell 1681 Maryland
Tho Cockerell 1658 Virginia
Tho Cockerell 1670 Virginia



As mentioned earlier, the Shinn family married into the Branson family of Burlington, NJ.  Samuel Shinn Jr. married Anna Branson, daughter of John Day Branson.  Samuel Shinn Jr. was born 1737 in Burlington, NJ.  Their eldest son Levi was born c1765 in Surry, NC and died 1837 in that county.  Their daughter Eunice was born 1780 in Wilkes Co., NC.  Samuel is listed in the 1790 Federal Census in Wilkes, NC.  Wilkes County, NC shares a border with Patrick Co., VA where Jared Branson Sr. and his children lived.  As mentioned elsewhere in this narrative, his property was located very near the border of VA and Wilkes, NC.  Therefore, Anna Branson was living one county south of Jared at about the same time the he was listed in Montgomery Co., VA (later became Patrick).

Also listed in 1790 in Wilkes, NC were several Triplett families and George Stacy.  George Stacy was probably related to Ellen Stacy who married John Shinn.  The Triplett family was allied with the Quaker Branson family.

1790 Federal Census for Wilkes County, North Carolina
Stacey, Geo. 2 0 5 0 - First Company
Shinn, Sam 2 1 7 0 - Second Company
Triplit, Danl. 2 2 2 0 - Ninth Company
Triplitt, Nelly 1 1 4 4 - Ninth Company
Triplitt, Mason 1 2 2 0 - Twelfth Company
Triplet, Wm. 1 4 1 0 - Twelfth Company
Triplite, Thom. 1 1 1 0 - Twelfth Company


Clayton Stockton was a descendant of Richard Stockton mentioned in the above book (not verified).  He was listed on the 1799 Grayson Co., VA Tax List along with Thomas and Edward Dillard and other familiar names.  Many other families allied with Jared Branson Sr. also lived in Grayson Co., VA at one time or another.  The 1794 Grayson Co., VA tax list contains a Branson, but the first name is probably not transcribed correctly.  It was listed as Jan A. Branson.  It could be James or Jarred Branson.

Clayton Stockton was born c1768 in New Jersey and died Jan. 25, 1858 in Greenfield, Dade Co., Missouri.  He married Nancy Patton Jan. 20, 1790 in Stokes Co., NC.  There were McMillans and Bransons in Stokes Co., NC at that time, including Zachariah Branson, son of John Branson of St. Mary's, MD.  However, I did not find any Stocktons in Stokes Co., NC in the 1790 Federal Census record.  His father was Daniel Stockton (not verified) who died 1804 in Stokes, NC.

Some of the Shinns lived in Cabarrus Co., NC which is located just to the south of Rowan County and to the east of Lincoln County.  See the 1810 Tax list of Cabarrus County below.  Notice that Daniel Crider is also listed there.  Daniel died 1842 in Gasconade Co., Missouri and this family was allied with the Bransons and Shockleys of that county.  Also notice that Leonard Barberick is listed.  The Barbaricks were also allied with the Bransons in Gasconade, Missouri.  Joseph Henry Barbarick married Hannah Minerva Branson, daughter of Valentine Branson.  Joseph's father was Frederick Barbarick who married Elizabeth Walter who was born 1791 in Cabarrus Co., NC. Leonard Barbarick was the brother of Frederick (not verified).  The Shinn family married into the Overcast family.

The 1799 Grayson County, Virginia Land Tax List   (PARTIAL LIST)
Name Acres Value Tax
Cock, Reuben 100 33.33 .16
Cock, Andrew 1149 500 2.40
Cock, James 130 83.33 .41
Dillard, Thomas 175 150 .72
Dillard, Edward 30,000 2500 12.00

Stockton, Clayton 100 22.17 .12
Vaughn, David 100 33.33 .16
Vaughn, William 100 33.33 .16

1794 Grayson County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List  (PARTIAL LIST)
Beals, John 1 2
Branson, Jan A. 1 3 (Could this be Jarred?)
Cox, William 1 5
Cock, Reuben 1 1
Goad, Abraham 1 3
Goad, Robert 1 3
Goad, Isham 1 1
Goad, Stephen 1 8
Shockley, Thomas 1 0
Shokley, Willson 1 0
Shockley, Meredith 1 0

1790 Census   (PARTIAL LIST)
Andrew McMillon Not Stated, Stokes, NC 1790 (201003) - Image 5
John Branson Not Stated, Stokes, NC 1790 (403007) - Image 6
Zakariah Branson Not Stated, Stokes, NC 1790 (101002) - Image 6

Joseph Patton 01201-01101
John Overcast 10010-30011
Henry Overcast 10010-30110
George Overcast 22001-41010
Leonard Barberick 00001-02001
Daniel Crider 33010-10010

Peter Overcast 11001-32110

Catherine Shin 41100-10010
Samuel Shin 00110-40010
Silas Shinn 30110-20210
Joseph Shin 00100-10100
Benjamin Shinn 00100-00100
Isaac Shinn 30010-00100
Jean Shin 01110-21101

Joseph Shinn 13002-10301
Catherine Shinn 31200-33101
Stephen Mayfield 10010-10100
Isaac Brandon 22001-31210
John Overcast 00200-00100
Benjamin Patton 00001-00011
Ann Patton 00000-00011
Joseph Patton 12101-20010
Leonard Barberick 01101-31010
Daniel Krider (Crider) 30010-02010
Michael Overcash 20010-10010
Jacob Krider, Jr. 20010-00010
Jacob Krider, Sr. 02101-10101
Peter Overcash 10010-21010
Jacob Overcash 20010-00010


Some familiar names are also listed on the 1693/4 Tax List of London, England, including John Branson, Martin Shinn, Robert Boulton, John Antrom (Antrim?), all listed in the same Ward.  We also find some familiar names listed as residents of the city of London in the year 1638 (below), and on the 1713 Voters List (below).

Tax Assessment, City of London, 1693/4  (PARTIAL LIST)
City of London, Portsoken Ward, Covent Garden Precinct
Branson, John
Shinn, Martin

Adcock, James
Layton, Thomas
Boulton, Robert
Antrom, John

Rice, William
Paton, Humphrey
Layton, William

BRIDEWELL PRECINCT (listed in order of residence)
Mr. Ballard, Mr. East, Mr. Branson, Mr. Coxe, Mr. Wright (his house and wharf)
St. Botolph without Aldersgate, London
Jaemes Day, Valentine Story, Dr. Thos. Foxe, Edw. Fox, Jaemes Painter, John Warren, Joane Philpott, Peter Blagrave, Mary Ayres, John Vaughn, Mr. John Brampton, Umphrey Osborne, Francis Gardiner, Alce Branson (next to Francis Gardiner), John Staples, Rich. Norman, Thos. Stockly, Edw Proctor, Edw. Wattson, An Brograve, George Bird, Constance Bird, Joseph Hunt, John Summers, Eliza Warren, , Wm. Branckstone, Wm. Shewell, Ralp Massy, John Warren

London Poll Books - 1713 Voters (A-B) (PARTIAL LIST)
Samuel Antrim, glz A
John, Robbert and Richard Ayres
Daniel Bales, vin B
Edward, John and Michael Barber
Daniel Bird glz B
Thomas and Joseph Biscoe
Thomas Blettsoe cp A
John Body lor A
Job Bolton gro A
Samuel Bolton gro A

Amos Bolton dye A
Walter and William Bott
Benjamin and Samuel Boulton
Henry Bowater mer B
Richard Bowater mer A
John Brampton vin B
Henry Branson joi B
William Branson tai A

John and Stafford Briscoe
Robert Briscoe gro B
Thomas Bristow gro B


The following records involve several individuals named Barnadiston.  This name could be a variation of Brandeston.  A search for information on this name reveals that there is a village called Barnardiston in County Suffolk, the same County where the above de Brandestons lived.  There is also a parish named Brandeston in Suffolk County (see below for more information). I have been unable to find the name Barnadiston or Barnardiston in America except in the mid 1800's in Connecticut and New York, but it does appear in later centuries in England.  The Barnadistons were quite wealthy and members of the House of Commons in the 1600's.   If you know anything about the history of these names please contact Sandra by email.

The following record of a case before the House of Lords involves a Nathaniel BARNADISTON Esquire and a Sir Samuel BARNADISTON baronet, deceased. 

House of Lords Journal Volume 19 - 17 January 1710
E. of Bath & al. versus Sherwin & al.
After hearing Counsel, upon the Petition and Appeal of William Henry Earl of Bathe, an Infant, by Sir John Stanley Baronet his next Friend, and of Sir Thomas Clarges Baronet, and also of Robert Clarges, Walter Clarges, George Clarges, Gold Clarges, and Christopher Clarges, Infants, by Dame Elizabeth Clarges Widow, their next Friend; and also of the said Dame Elizabeth Clarges, Executrix of Sir Walter Clarges Baronet, deceased; and of George Granville Esquire, Brother and Heir, and sole Executor, of Sir Bevill Granville Knight, deceased, from a Decree of Dismission made and pronounced in and by the High Court of Chancery, the Eight and Twentieth Day of June last past, in a Cause there depending, wherein the Petitioners were Complainants, against William Sherwin, Anne Gibbs, Martin Bladen and Mary his Wife, Doyly Dyer, Arbaham Herring, Elizabeth Maysey, Rebecca Pride, John Brady, Sir John Bennet, Thomas Williams, Anna Maria BARNADISTON, and Charlotte BARNADISTON, Defendants; and praying, That the said Decree of Dismission may be set aside, and the Petitioners relieved in the Premises:" As also upon the Answer of William Sherwin, and the Answers of Martin Bladen and Mary his Wife; and the Answer of Rebecca Pride Widow, Doyly Dyer, and Abraham Herring; and the Answer of Anne Gibbs, an Infant under the Age of One and Twenty Years, by William Gold Doctor of Physic, her next Friend and Guardian; and the Answer of Sir John Bennet Knight, Serjeant at Law, and Thomas
Williams Esquire, and also of Anna Maria BARNADISTON and Charlotte BARNADISTON, Heirs at Law of Sir Samuel BARNADISTON Baronet, deceased, by Nathaniel BARNADISTON Esquire, their next Friend and Guardian, put in thereunto; and due Consideration of what was offered thereupon.
From: 'House of Lords Journal Volume 19: 17 January 1710', Journal of the House of Lords: volume 19: 1709-1714 (1802), pp. 38-9.


Online there is a catalog of Quaker writings in which a Giles Barnardiston (1624-1680) is listed as an author of a book.  It's a book of memoirs written in 1676.  According to other information, Captain Giles Barnardiston, was a Quaker, and was buried in Clare (Suffolk) in 1680.  The following is an excerpt from a book about Clare, Suffolk, England.

Thornton, Gladys A. author
A history of Clare, Suffolk
Cambridge: W. Heffer & Sons, 1928, 274 pgs.
The Clare Barnardistons were a younger branch of the Kedington family, where the church is full of memorials to their memory.
(referring to the Clare Priory)

In the list of those present at the vestry meetings we can detect a strong Presbyterian influence; thus on January 8, 1648 Giles Barnardiston, Roger Cooke the minister, and Henry Cutts, received the account of the town lands.... Giles Barnardiston and Roger Cooke had both been included as members of the fourteenth division of the classical organisation for Suffolk and member of the Cutts family was described later as a Presbyterian. At the end of the century there was a strong Quaker element in the town. In 1686, an agreement was made between Francis Waldegrave, gent, Frances Barnardiston, widow, John Cornell, merchant tailor, and four others that a cottage in Clare should be held in trust, and when only two of their number remained these should make new choice of feoffees, "with the advice of their friends of that sect of religion that are commonly called Quakers."

Link to the writings of Giles Barnardiston


Here we have an earlier record of the House of Commons involving a Sir Nathaniel Barnadiston.  This record is dated April 1, 1628 which is 82 years before the above record in 1710.  Also, this Nathaniel is "Sir" and the one in 1710 is "Esquire", therefore, they are most likely not the same person.  Perhaps the 1628 Nathaniel was the father of the 1710 Nathaniel.

House of Commons Journal Volume 1 - 01 April 1628
Journal of the House of Commons: volume 1 - 1547-1629
L. 2a. An Act for the further Reformation of sundry Abuses committed on the Lord's Day, commonly called Sunday: - Committed to Mr. Secretary Coke, Sir H. Whytehead, Mr. Jordan, Sir Tho. Hobby, Sir Ew. Thelluall, Sir Nath. Barnadiston, Mr. Rolles, Mr. Knightley, Mr. Pymme, Sir B. Rudyard, Mr. Strode, Sir James Perrott, Sir Francis Barrington, Mr. Coriton, Mr. Francis Drake, Sir Wm. Fleetewood: And all, that will come, to have Voice: - Thursday, Two Clock, Court of Wards.
New Draperies.
L. 2a. A. Act concerning the Searching and Sealing of divers Stuffs, commonly called new Draperies : - Committed to Sir Edw. Coke, Mr. Spencer, the Knights and Burgesses of London, Mr. Delbridge, Sir Tho. Morgan, Mr. Cage, Sir Tho. Gleane, the Citizens of Bristow, Mr. Cl. Cooke, Mr. Alford, Sir Nath. Barnadiston: And all, that will come, to have Voice: - Monday Afternoon, Two Clock, in Exchequer Chamber.


On this day in the House of Commons the following people signed a Covenant to support the Parliament against the Papists:  Sir Gilbert Gerard, Treasurer at Wars, John Nutt, Nathaniel Barnadiston, Linen Draper, John Harvey, Alexander Denton, and others.  William Branson of Chester, PA was in business with Samuel Nutt; Charlotte Nutt married Samuel Branson of Burlington, NJ, great-grandson of Thomas Branson and Elizabeth Day.

Resolved, That this Oath and Covenant shall be now tendered to all the Members of this House here present; and, hereafter, to all the other Members now absent, as they shall come into the House: And Mr. Corbett to put the House in mind hereof.
Whereas there hath been, and now is, in this Kingdom, a Popish (Papists) and traiterous Plot, for the Subversion of the true Protestant Reformed Religion, and Liberty of the Subject; and, in pursuance thereof, a Popish Army hath been raised, and is now on Foot, in divers Parts of this Kingdom: And whereas there hath been a treacherous and horrid Design, lately discovered by the great Blessing and especial Providence of God, of divers Persons, to join themselves with the Armies raised by the King, and to destroy the Forces raised by the Lords and Commons in Parliament; to surprise the Cities of London and Westminster, with the Suburbs; by Arms to force the Parliament: And finding by constant Experience, that many Ways of Force and Treachery are continually attempted, to bring to utter Ruin and Destruction the Parliament and Kingdom, and That which is dearest, the true Protestant Religion; and that, for the preventing and withstanding the same, it is fit that all who are true-hearted, and Lovers of their Country, should bind themselves each to other in a sacred Vow and Covenant.


This record involves a case between Sir. Samuel Barnadiston vs Lady Soames.  This Samuel appears to be the same person who is recorded as deceased in the above record in 1710.  It's possible he was another son of the older Nathaniel, and brother to the younger Nathaniel.

House of Lords Journal Volume 14 - 8 June 1689
Sir Sam. Bernadiston versus Lady Soames, in Error.
(fn. *) This Day being appointed for hearing Errors argued by Counsel, upon the Writ of Errors, between Sir Samuell Barnadiston and the Lady Soames; the Counsel for the Plaintiff were present, but none appeared for the Defendant; and upon Oath made at the Bar, by Nicholas Baker Solicitor, "That he served the Order of this House, at the House of the Lady Soames; thereby giving Notice, that the Cause was to be heard this Day:"
Whereupon the House heard the Counsel of the Plaintiff, and made the ensuing Order; videlicet,
"After hearing Counsel this Day, upon the Writ of Error depending in this House, wherein Sir Samuell Bernadiston is Plaintiff, and Dame Elizabeth Soame is Defendant: It is ORDERED, by the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament assembled, The giving Judgement upon this Writ of Error be, and is hereby, suspended until Monday next; and that those that were or are Judges, and now in Town, do attend this House on that Day, to inform this House of their Reasons and Grounds for their Judgement, for Reversal of the Judgement in Sir Samuell Bernadiston's Case."


In the following tax list of 1693/4, Samuel Barnadiston is listed close to some other familiar names.  Margrave is a name associated with the Bransons in Tennessee and Missouri.  Massey, Faucett and Haynes are names associated with the Quaker Bransons in NJ and VA.  Gardiner is a name associated with the Bransons of St. Mary's, MD.

City of London, Farringdon Ward Within, First Division
Margrave (widow)
Massey, William
Barnadiston, Samuel
Gardiner, Thomas
Haynes, Hanah
Fauscett, Samuel

Here we have a record involving Sir Nathaniel Barnadiston and Sir Thomas Barnadiston in 1649.  This Nathaniel is obviously the older one.  Thomas could be a brother.

House of Commons Journal Volume 6 - 23 July 1649
Ordered, That it be referred back to the same Committee, to consider of Sir Thomas Barnadiston, Mr. Cholmley, and Sir Nathaniel Barnadiston: And that the said Committee have Power, as to them, to take Satisfaction from them as formerly; and to report their Cases to the House.
Ordered, That the Time be enlarged Fourteen Days as to Sir Nathaniel Barnadiston, Sir Thomas Barnadiston, and Mr. Cholmley, to give Satisfaction to the Committee touching absent Members.

Reformation and Civil War 1539-1699
1640 In Suffolk, only £200 of the ship money assessment for the County of £8000, was paid. Rich men like Sir Nathanial Barnadiston were among those who refused to pay up on moral or religious grounds.  Several migrations had taken place from Haverhill and Haverhill in Massachusetts was founded in 1640, originally with the name Pentucket.
The Scots now invaded northern England.

Parliament was recalled in April 1640 and because the King had refused to call it for so long, there was a backlash. Strong parliamentarian candidates were returned, such as Sir Nathaniel Barnardiston of Kedington and Sir Simonds d'Ewes of Stowlangtoft. This became called the Short Parliament when Charles dissolved it in May, after only a few weeks when he refused their terms to finance the Scottish war.  Once the invading Scots had taken Newcastle in the Autumn, the King had no option but to recall Parliament again. After the long Parliament had started in November, 1640, it began to change the face of national religion. Bishops were abolished in 1640.

1642 The English Civil War began when the King raised his standard at Nottingham.
Charles I was so unpopular that Suffolk gentry in general supported Parliament. In his book "Suffolk and the Great Rebellion 1640 - 1660" Alan Everitt wrote "Few English shires played a more decisive or distinctive role in the Civil War than Suffolk". The County was wealthy and well organised, run by London merchants like Sir Nathaniel Barnadiston who was energetic, efficient and wealthy, yet he was himself ruled by strict religious principles. Every week he could be seen in the markets at Haverhill and Clare and was widely admired in Suffolk.

According to a British biography about the Barnardistons, in 1649 Nathaniel Barnardiston married a daughter of Nathaniel Bacon. (see related information).  Sir Nathaniel Barnardiston (1588-1653), puritan and opponent of the government of Charles I, was descended from an ancient Suffolk family which took its name from the little village of Barnardiston, or Barnston, near Ketton, or Kedington, where its chief estates lay.

As mentioned elsewhere in this narrative, the Bacon family was allied with the Bransons of Berkshire, England.  Nathaniel Branson Jr. married Mary Bacon.

Source: http://www.thepeerage.com/e319.htm


Sir Nathaniel Barnardiston was involved in the preparation and/or funding of the famous Winthrop Fleet of 1630 that included eleven ships sent from England to America.  John Winthrop's letters include several references to him.  Barnardiston was not one of the passengers, but in books about Winthrop it states that Barnardiston was a Puritan sympathizer of great influence in England and that he was a Knight of the Parliament for Suffolk.  Below is a list of the ships in that fleet.  One of the passengers was Rev. Thomas Painter who was an in-law to Winthrop. Another was William Brenton.  This name is similar to Branson.  The lists of passengers also include William Penn, Robert Burrows, James and Katherine Penn, Katherine Painter, Robert Sharp, John Taylor, John and Margaret Warren and Richard Wright.

Some other ships to New England that were not part of the Winthrop Fleet
The ship Mary & John, sailed to New England from England in 1633.  Names of passengers include Robert Sever, William Ballard, John Massey, Thomas Parker.  Passenger list for the ship Christian sailing from London to New England in 1634 include the names Thomas Barber (age 21), Edward Preston (age 13).  Sailing from Ipswich, Suffolk, England to Boston in 1634 was the ship Francis.  The passenger list included Cleeare Draper (age 30), Thomas Boyden (age 21).  The ship James of Hampton, London sailed to New England in 1635 and passengers included Thomas Antram (weaver), Thomas Browne Antram (servant).  The ship Ann arrived in Plymouth, Mass. in 1623 and passengers included Christian Penn.  The Ship Elizabeth & Ann sailed to New England in 1635 and passengers included Richard Goarde (age 17), John Borden (age 28), Joan Borden (age 23), Mathew Borden (age 5), Elizabeth Borden (age 3).  The Increase of London sailed to New England in 1635 and passengers included George Bacon (age 43), Samuel Bacon (age 12), John Bacon (age 8), Susan Bacon (age 10).  The ship Love sailed to Boston in 1635 and passengers included William Cherrall (age 16), Vrsula Cherrall (age 40)

Some ships from England to Virginia
The ship Assurance from London sailed to Virginia in 1635 and passengers include John Goad (age 18), Thomas Beson (age 24), John Cocke (age 17), Eedie Holloway (age 22).  The ship George to Virginia sailed in 1635.  Passengers included George Fox (age 14), John Musgrave (age 30), William Hinshaw (age 20), Mary Soanes (age 26).
(Source: http://olivetreegenealogy.com/)

The Winthrop Fleet:

Arbella - Admiral (the flagship) (carried passengers)
Talbot - Vice Admiral (carried freight and livestock)
Mayflower (carried freight and livestock)
Whale (carried passengers)
Ambrose - Rear Admiral (carried passengers)
Jewel - Captain (carried passengers)
William & Francis (carried freight and livestock)
Succes (carried passengers)
Hopewell (carried freight and livestock)
Trial (carried freight and livestock)
Charles (carried freight and livestock)

The Winthrop Fleet of 1630, The Voyage Overseas, Page 45
Eleven vessels brought ' the Great Emigration'

The first five ships sailed April 8 from Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, and arrived at Salem, Mass June 13 and following days. The other half of the fleet sailed in May and arrived in July at various dates. Altogether they brought about seven hundred passengers.  Below are a few who were members of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  Notice the names George Brancen, Thomas Painter, Thomas Antrum and Richard Lipincote.  These settlers were all Puritans and some became Quakers.  George Brancen may have been related to Nathaniel Branson Sr. or to the Branstons of Suffolk, England.   I found a George Brancen on a list of 50 signers in York, Maine in 1652.  The list also included a Robert EDGE (see below).  Requirements for the signers included obedience to the Gov. of Massachusetts Bay Colony, so this was probably the same George Brancen.  He was apparently a transient with no family who was gored to death by a bull in Dover, NH in 1657.  The Edge family of York, Maine apparently intermarried with the Crockett family (see below). 

Another George Branson arrived in Massachusetts in 1657 (see below).  In the same year Samuel Bacon arrived in Massachusetts.  He was probably the Samuel Bacon born c1626 of Suffolk, England whose brother Joseph married into the Pancoast family.  (Pancoasts were Quakers in Burlington, NJ).  This Bacon family settled in Salem, New Jersey.  George Branson may have been related to the Branstons of Suffolk, England.

I have identified several on the list and some (or their descendants) went to Burlington, NJ.

Henry Burdsall (Birdsall) was from Norfolk, England.  His son Nathan went to Long Island, NY.  His grandson Nathaniel went to Shrewbury, Monmouth, NJ.  His great-grandson Jacob died in Burlington, NJ.

Richard Lipincote (Lippincott) was from Devonshire, England.  His son Restore died in Burlington, NJ. 

Thomas Antrum (Antrim) was from Wiltshire, England and died in Salem, Essex, Mass.  His sons John and James died in Burlington, NJ.

William Goodwin was from Braintree, Essex, England, so he was probably not connected to the Goodwins who were allied with the Branstons in Suffolk, England.

The Bright Family

As mentioned in the section on the Woodgate family, Henry Bright Jr. was one of the original settlers of the Massachusetts Colony.  He was born in Suffolk, England (where the Branston family lived) and he settled in Watertown, Mass.  Henry Bright Jr. was the son of Mary Woodgate of Suffolk, England.  The Woodgate family was allied with the Branston family in Suffolk, England.  Henry Bright Jr. went to Watertown, Mass. 

A John Bright was found on the 1782 Hampshire, VA Tax Lists along with other familiar names, including Amos Branson, son of Lionel Branson Sr., George Claypoole (and 4 other Claypooles), Jacob Chrisman (and 3 other Chrismans), Mathias, Casper and Abraham Hite, and others.  An Edward Bright was on the 1779 Tax List of Bedford, VA (close to the location where Jared Branson Sr. lived).  A George Bright was on the Rent Rolls of Frederick, VA in 1764.  A George Bright was also on the 1786 and 1789 Tax List of Gloucester, New Jersey.  A John Bright was on a jury in Gloucester, NJ in 1761 and the tax list there in 1773 and 1774.  From 1773-1789 a Paul Bright was also on the tax list in Gloucester, NJ and Thomas Bright in 1774.  In 1773 & 1774 a Thomas Bright was on the tax list of Salem, New Jersey.  A Windle Bright was on the tax list of Fairfax, VA in 1782.  A John Bright was on a petition list in St. Mary's, MD in 1696 (where John Branson Sr. lived).  These were all locations where Bransons and/or allied families also lived (or nearby).

JOHN BRANSON NJ Gloucester County Gloucester Township 1773
MOSES BRANSON NJ Gloucester County Gloucester Township 1773
JAMES BRIGHT NJ Gloucester County Greenwich Townshiptx 1773
JOHN BRIGHT NJ Gloucester County Greenwich Townshiptx 1773
PAUL BRIGHT NJ Gloucester County Greenwich Townshiptx 1773

Thomas and Nancy Bright were witnesses to a Quaker marriage in Frederick Co., VA in 1774 and Joshua Bright was surety on a (Quaker) marriage bond in Alexandria, VA in 1815.  Joshua Bright was the grandson of Edward Bright of Bedford, VA.  Edward was a descendant of John Bright of Surrey, England.  It is not known if he was related to the Henry Bright Jr.

The Brights May Have Known the Branstons in Suffolk, England
In the book entitled "The Brights of Suffolk, England", Thomas Bright is mentioned residing in Brandeston, Suffolk, England in the 1660's.  Brandeston is probably a variation of the name Branston.  Elizabeth Bright, daughter of John Bright of Suffolk, England is mentioned regarding her marriage to Thomas Salter (m. c1655), son of Martin Salter of Flowton, Suffolk, England.  Flowton is the village where Thomas Branston died in 1641.  He was the son of John Branston of East Bergholt, Suffolk, England mentioned in the above book.  He was also the nephew of Judith Branston who married Edward Hedge, probable relative of Deborah Hedge who married William Borton of Burlington, NJ.  So, the chances are fairly good that the Bright and/or Salter family and the Branston family of Suffolk, England were acquainted with one another.  It is not known if descendants of Thomas and Elizabeth (Bright) Salter migrated to America, although, it is known that her uncle Henry Bright Jr. migrated to Watertown, Mass.

In the book "Suffolk and the Great Rebellion, 1640-1660", a letter is referenced in the year 1659 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England signed by William Bright, Edward Salter, Nathaniel Bacon, Nicholas Bacon, Thomas Bacon, John Bright, John Deynes, Henry Harvey, John Harvey and others.  Nathaniel Bacon may be the same one who was mentioned in the 1638 East Bergholt, Suffolk, England will of John Goodwin (Goodwins were acquainted with the Branstons). 

A Thomas Bright was transported to Westmoreland, VA in 1666, sponsored by Francis Farr.

VIRGINIA Cavaliers and Pioneers
Francis Grey, 374 acres, Westmoreland Co., 16 Nov., 1664, bounded by Capt. John Ashton, Wm. Northall, Gerrard Foard. Transfer of 8 persons: Wm. Jones, Wm. Rastell, John Barber, Jane Cassey, Thomas Bright, Thomas Ipley, Mary Hart, Jno. Farr.

Albert Bright and John, Simon & Benjamin Stacy were in Montgomery Co., VA Military Records

As mentioned elsewhere, Jared Branson Sr. lived in Montgomery, VA starting in 1776.  Brothers John, Simon and Benjamin Staycie and an Albert Bright were in Montgomery, VA military records. 

Benjamin Stacy
Benjamin Stacy II was born c1763 of Frederick, VA, son of Benjamin Stacey I and Anne Combs.  Benjamin I was born April 1, 1744 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford, Virginia.  He was a descendant of Simon Stacy and Elizabeth Watts.  Simon was the brother of Robert Stacy whose daughter Ellen married John Shinn.  Their grandson George Shinn married Sarah Branson, daughter of Thomas L. Branson and Elizabeth Day.  I am uncertain if this Benjamin was the one who was in Montgomery, VA, but it is probable.

Virginia Military Records, Montgomery County
Mathias Hite Lt, Thomas Hite Lt., Richard Hite Lt. and others
Names mentioned in military accounts:
John Blanson, Wm. McMullin, Francis Day, Cagy Mayfield, and others
Montgomery Co. Court Records, April 28, 1778:
Capt. Jonathan Isom's Company: John Worrell, Asher Worrell, James Goad, James Goad Sr., Abram Goad, and others
Daniel Trigg's Company: March 31, 1781: Lt. Israel Lorton, Ens. Albert Bright, Benjamin Staycie, John Staycie, Simon Staycie, William Combs, Michael Branser and others
Capt. James Cox' Company:  Thomas Ponson, Joseph Chrisman and others

Albert Bright
Albert Bright may have been related to (or perhaps was) Albertus Bright born Oct. 7, 1732 of VA and Patience Hopkins.  Their children were born in Augusta, VA.  Their son Albert was a little young to be in the Rev. War (born 1770). 


The Salter family also married into the Lincoln and Lardner/Branson families: Hannah Salter, daughter of Richard Salter, married Mordecai Lincoln, grandson of Samuel Lincoln and 2nd great-grandfather of Pres. Abraham Lincoln.  Mordecai Lincoln sold land to William Branson in Chester, PA in 1725.  Margaret Salter married John Lardner, son of Lynford Lardner and Elizabeth Branson.  Elizabeth was the daughter of William Branson of Chester, PA. 

Richard Salter: According to the book "A Sketch of Monmouth County, New Jersey, 1683-1929" a Richard Salter settled in Freehold, Monmouth, New Jersey shortly after 1664. His daughter Hannah Salter was born c1692 in Freehold.  Richard was the son of Henry and Hannah Salter (unverified research by others).  He was born c1673 of Charlestown, Suffolk, Mass.  Others report he was born in New York or England.  It is not known if he was related to Thomas Salter of Suffolk, England.  His granddaughter Margaret Salter, married John Lardner.  She was the daughter of John Salter and Rachel Reese.  Her mother-in-law was Elizabeth Branson of Chester, PA. 

The Salter family also married into the Shockley family:  Constance "Conney" Salter married Thomas Shockley Jr..  I've attempted to identify Constance Salter's parents but have not yet done so.  She and Thomas were apparently married in South Carolina.  Their son Jesse was still living in SC in 1830 (?).  I found a William Salter age 26-45 in the 1810 census of Williamsburg, SC who could be related to her.  Thomas Shockley was in Pendleton, SC in the 1790 census but I found no Salters in that county.  One database on ancestry.com shows her father's name as John and I found a John Salter listed in 1779 in the Ninety-Sixth District of South Carolina (area northwest of the Camden District).  The LDS web site shows a John and Charity Salter of South Carolina.  John and Charity were married c1785 and could be related to Constance.  Records of the South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research shows a John Salter receiving a Royal Grant in 1736 in Craven County (Area north of Berkeley County to the North Carolina border.)  Craven County no longer exists in South Carolina.

If you know anything about the ancestry of Constance and/or John Salter of South Carolina, please contact Sandra by email.  I am attempting to determine if they were related to Richard or Thomas Salter.

The above Richard Salter died in 1714.  A younger Richard Salter was found on the Burlington, NJ tax list in 1758, and a Richard Salter was in Bladen, NC in 1763 & 1781, and an Edward Salter was found on the 1755 Beaufort, NC Tax List.

An Edward Salter was listed in "Early Virginia Immigrants" in 1638, sponsored by Christopher Branch of Henrico Co.  This Edward Salter could be Edward Salter Jr., (born April 1594), son of Edward Salter Sr. and Mary Nunn of Suffolk, England.  An Edward Salter was also found in the Virginia Colony in 1612, and Nicholas Salter was listed there in 1607 and 1611.

Also listed in 1638 sponsored by Christopher Branch of Henrico Co. was Richard Bumpass.  The Bumpass family was allied with the Jared Branson Sr. family in Maries, Missouri.  It is not known if Richard Bumpass was an ancestor of William Bumpass who married into the Branson family in Missouri.  A Richard Bumpass also traveled to Henrico Co., VA in 1636 with some of the same people, so perhaps the 1638 trip was a second voyage.  A family tree about Edward Bumpass on genealogy.com mentions this Richard Bumpass, but does not connect him to any particular family.  Other research shows that William Bumpass was born in Halifax, VA.  If you have information about the ancestry of William or Richard Bumpass, please contact Sandra by email.  A Francis Branson was transported to Accomack Co., VA in 1666, sponsored by William Chase.

NOTE: Christopher Branch's grandmother was Alice Bright.

Cavaliers and Pioneers
Patent Book No. 1
Edward Osbourne, 400 ac. Henrico Co., 2 June 1636, 50 acres for his own pers. adv. and 350 acres for transfer of 7 persons: Robert James, William Howe, Richard Hitchcox, Leon. Boloe, Robt. Ellom, Charles Steward, Richard Bumpass.
Christopher Branch, 450 ac. Henrico Co., 28 Feb. 1638, incl 350 acres for transfer of 7 persons: Richard Pierce, James Hunt, Edward Salter, Thomas Morgan, Samuell Fitch, Thos. Richardson, Robt. Elam, Charles Steward, Richard Bumpas.
William Cox, 150 ac., Henrico Co., 29 Nov. 1636, Aboute 2-1/2 mi. above Harroe Attocks, W. by N. upon the maine river, Wly. upon the great swamp, Ely. into the woods and Sly. toward Harrow Attocks. Due for transfer of 3 persons: Thomas Braxton (the name was Branston in the other source record), Richard Bird, Richard Hewes.  A Robert Braxton was also in this record in 1639.  A John Bratson was listed in 1643, sponsored by Nath. Pope of Westmoreland Co.  A Thomas Braneston, a William East, Thomas Wood, William Wood and Richard Hewes were listed in 1638, sponsored by John Fludd of James City Co., VA.  (The East family was allied with the Jared Branson Sr. family). 
Patent Book No. 5
William Chase, 650 ac., Accomack Co., S. of Potomac R., 5 April, 1666, bounded by land of Jno. Renny, Charles Ratcliffe, for transfer of 13 persons: 7 negroes, John Dickerson, Francis Branson, Mary Trotman, Ellinore, Pockett, Jno. Celly, Sarah Gill.

Tho Braneston 1638 Virginia [of Suffolk, England?]
William Lucas 1638 Virginia  [of Suffolk, England]
Daniell Goodwin 1638 Virginia [of Suffolk, England]
Stephen Goodwin 1638 Virginia [of Suffolk, England]
Richard Bumpass 1638 Virginia
Wm. East 1638 Virginia
Thomas Burbage 1638 Virginia [of Suffolk, England?]
William Burbage 1638 Virginia [of Suffolk, England?]

In 1636, Henrico Co, VA, Thomas Branston and Richard Bird were bound to William Cox. 

The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research
Number 3, Summer, 1974
Royal Grants, Volume 41, 1734-1738 (Continued from Vol. 2, p.91.)
SCMAR, Vol. II, Summer 1974, No. 3, p.124
155. to Mr John Salter - a tract of land situate lying and being in Queensborough Township, containing five hundred acres, butting and bounding to the North West on land of Robert Wright, Esquire, to the North East and South East on vacant land, to the South West on Lynche's Creek in Craven County. 13 July 1737. (7 Oct. 1736).

Frederick County, Virginia Hopewell Friends History
Nehemiah Ellis, Son of Mordecai Ellis of Berclay County in the Colony of Virginia, and Sarah Thornbrough, Daughter of Benjamin Thornbrough of the same place; 10th day of 8th month, 1774; at Middle Creek.
Witnesses who signed this Marriage Certificate:
James Mendenhall, Edward Beeson, Edward Beeson Jr., Ruth Wright, Thomas Bright, Nancy Bright, Jacob Moon, and others.

Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy: Virginia
Alexandria, Virginia and Washington, D. C.
1816, 2, 10. Edmund L. Woodroof (or Woodroff) & Polly Reynolds, daughter Alexander. Joshua Bright, Surety. Married by Frederick Kabler, Feb. 15, 1815

Massachusetts Applications of Freemen, 1630-91 (Partial List)
Description: In early colonial America, requirements to vote and hold public office included owning land and being declared "free" from bondage.
Thom. Antrum 18 May 1642 Massachusetts Colony
Richrd Lipincote 13 May 1640 Massachusetts Colony
Thomas Painter 12 Oct 1640 Massachusetts Colony
George Brancen 22 Nov 1652 Massachusetts Colony
Tho. Crocket 22 Nov 1652 Massachusetts Colony
Wm. Rogers 22 Nov 1652 Massachusetts Colony
Willm Hedges 14 May 1634 Massachusetts Colony
Henry Stoakes 22 July 1674 Massachusetts Colony
Nich. Osbourne 22 July 1674 Massachusetts Colony
George Stockin 06 May 1635 Massachusetts Colony
Henry Bright  06 May 1635   Massachusetts Colony
Henry Burdsall 02 May 1638 Massachusetts Colony
John Rogers 13 March 1638-9 Massachusetts Colony
Nich. Batter 14 March 1638-9 Massachusetts Colony
Willi. Osborne 22 May 1639 Massachusetts Colony
Walter Hayne 13 May 1640 Massachusetts Colony
Willi. Blanchard 02 June 1641 Massachusetts Colony
John Blanchard 02 May 1649 Massachusetts Colony
Willi. Brisco 02 June 1641 Massachusetts Colony
John Doggett 18 May 1631 Massachusetts Colony
William Goodwin 06 Nov 1632 Massachusetts Colony
John Goodwin 03 May 1676 Massachusetts Colony
Samuel Bright, May 1645 Massachusetts Colony
Nathaniel Bright  1690  Massachusetts Colony
Steven Lincoln 19 May 1680 Hingham

History of York, Maine, Vol.I ; Charles Banks,Boston 1931
50 townsmen who signed the "submission" in 1652:
[the "submission test" was obediance to the Gov. of Massachusetts Bay Colony]
Edward Godfrey John Davis Thomas Curtis
Thomas Crocket Nicholas Bond Silvester Stover
John Alcock Edward Johnson Thomas Donnell
William Dixon William Garnesey Edward Rishworth
Rice Cadogan Hugh Gale John Harker
George Parker Richard Bankes Nicholas Davis
Andrew Evered Edward Wanton Sampson Angier
Robert Knight George Brancen Henry Norton
William Rogers William Hilton Robert Heathersey
Samuel Alcock William Moore William Freethy
Joseph Alcock Henry Donnell John Davis
Peter Weare Edward Start John Twisden,sr
Philip Adams Rowland Young Abraham Preble
Francis Raines John Parker John Gooch
John Lavers Arthur Bragdon Thomas Wheelwright
Robert Edge  William Ellingham Mary Topp
Philip Hatch John Twisden,jr -----------

History of York, Maine [Vol.1] by Charles Bank, 1931
EDGE, Robert: came in the "Hopewell" 1635; found in York records 1650;
His wife was Florence (----); Edge removed to Kittery,1662; Robert
still living in 1680, and "gramar" [Grandma] Edge in the house of Anne
CROCKETT, at the charge of Joshua DOWING. Robert and Florence had a
son Peter, who was still living in 1655. No further info.
BRAUNSON,George: transient and wanderer, whose name is written i various
Branson, Bronson, Brancen, Braunsen,and other wise mangled.[sic]. born
about 1610 and lived in Dover [NH] prior to York 1651, signed submission
in1652; removed to Kittery 1654; back to Dover,1657,was gored to death by
a bull in July that year.

George Branson 1657 Massachusetts
Samuel Bacon 1657 Barnstable, Massachusetts

I had the information below in my file (not sure of the source) showing that a Richard Branson of Derbyshire, England had four sons: Robert, George, Richard and Thomas.  The George Brancen listed above could be of this family.  Some have associated Thomas L. Branson with this family, stating that he was of Hartford, CT.  Hartford, CT is where the Goodwins of East Bergholt, Suffolk, England migrated, so this information may not be entirely inaccurate.  Even if Thomas L. Branson was not the one in Hartford, CT, there still may have been a Thomas Branson there who could be connected to the Suffolk, England Branstons.  (See above for more information about East Bergholt and the Goodwins who were connected to John Branston and Richard Hedge).

In a book entitled "The history of Waterbury, Connecticut" there is mention of several Bronsons in early Farmington, CT, including John Bronson, John Bronson Jr., and Richard Bronson.  Another book entitled "The public records of the colony of Connecticut" mentions a Francis Branson regarding a deposition dated January 4, 1680 and the admissions of a William Kelso while onboard a ship.  So far, I have found no other records for Bransons in early Connecticut.

!s-D.Branson; H T Fische 13 3rd row
f-H T says father was Richard Branson of Derbyshire Eng b 1568 and had 4 sons Robert; George, Richard, and Thomas. Also that Thomas Branson of Hartford Ct
m dau of John Day and Elizabeth Harvey
?Carl Hemmingsen says some think Wm is from Hinkley Monthly Meeting in Leicestershire Eng. There was a William Branson and wife Mary Tate living in Philadelphia in 1715 who was supposedly from Berkshire and son of Bathabiel (Nathaniel?) Branson. Another Wm was working at a forge in northern Chester Co PA abt 1718. robranson www says he is son of Nathaniel and Ann and b in Sunninghill, Berkshire.

The Goodwins of Hartford Connecticut , Page 47
Norden in the tenure and occupation of Richard Hedge, and one other messuage in East Bergholt



Samuel Barnardiston is mentioned in the lengthy speech of Andrew Hamilton in his argument for liberty on the subject of Liberty of Speech.  He sites a court case in England involving Samuel Barnardiston where he was fined 10,000 pounds for writing a letter stating opinions contrary to those of the government.  It was later considered excessive and was reversed, but he used it as an example of why America needed to incorporate freedom of speech into it's laws.  I have not yet found a copy of the letter that was the subject of this case, but I'd be willing to bet it had something to do with religious opinions.

Source: Scotch-Irish Settlers in America, 1500s-1800s Immigration Records
Listed in: The Scotch Irish, Volume II
Appendix C, Andrew Hamilton's Argument for Liberty, Page 143

Andrew Hamilton's Argument for Liberty of Speech in America (From Zenger's Narrative)
It has already been shown, how the judges differed in their opinions about the nature of a libel, in the case of the seven bishops: There you see three judges of one opinion, that is, of a wrong opinion, in the judgment of the best men in England , and one judge of a right opinion. How unhappy might it have been for all of us at this day, if that jury had understood the words in that Information as the Court did? Or if they had left it to the Court to judge whether the petition of the bishops was, or was not a libel? No, they took upon them to their immortal Samuel Barnardiston , who was fined £10,000 for writing a letter, in which it may be said none saw any scandal or falsehood but the Court and jury; for that judgment was afterwards looked upon as a cruel and detestable judgment, and therefore was reversed by Parliament.


In a book about the Pepys family of England, a reference is made to "cousin Barnston" who is assumed to be George Barnardiston mentioned in the will of Robert Pepys as "my daughter Anne Barnardiston's son".  This depicts the way in which various spellings of a name could change.  The name "Barnston" is very close to the name "Branston". 

In my scan of some of the books that mention the Barnardiston family, other familiar names are often included in association with them, including Painter, Harvey (Hervey), Bacon and Bird.  We know the Painters were allied with the Bransons of New Jersey and Frederick, VA and Jane/Jeane Painter's father John was born in England (not verified).  We also know that Nathaniel Branson, Jr. (b. c1650 of Berkshire) married Mary Bacon.  I do not yet know her ancestry, but she could be connected to the Bacons mentioned in these books along with the Barnardistons.  John Day married Elizabeth Harvey.  If you have information about the ancestry of Mary Bacon, please contact Sandra by email.

From what I've gathered so far, Sir Samuel Barnardiston was a very handsome man of strong opinion.  According to one account, he took part in the London riots created by Landsford's apprentices.

Some other family names associated with Suffolk County, England:

Bright (of Brandeston, Suffolk, England)
Hammond (of Brandeston, Suffolk, England)
Dade (of Brundeston, Suffolk, England)
Soanes or Soames
Waldegrave or Walgrave
Hervey (Harvey)
Berkshire and Suffolk


A manor called "Brandestone" is referenced as early as the year 1290.


Listed in the 1541 Subsidy Roll of the London Parish of Saint Olave we find Richard Borden, Thomas Brampston (Barnardeston), Nicholas Garard and others.  The Borden family who was associated with the Quaker Bransons were from Kent Co., England.  In records I have found the name spelled "Bordone" also.  This is another clue that some of the Barnardistons also went by the name Brampston which is very close to the name Branston.

Two Tudor subsidy rolls for the city of London - 1541 Subsidy Roll
Thomas Brampston gent (£50) [x - Q £4, as Barnardeston
Richard Borden (£20)
Nicholas Garard (4d.)
John Symondes (£20)
Thomas Denton gent (£40) 


Barnardiston - Wikipedia
Barnardiston is a village and civil parish in the St Edmundsbury district of Suffolk, England. According to the 2001 census it had a population of 206. The village is located about three miles north-east of Haverhill.

Blundeston, Brampton, Brandeston and others....

Blundeston is a village and civil parish in the Waveney district of Suffolk, England. According to the 2001 census it had a population of 1,560. It is about two miles inland, and between Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft.

Brampton is a village in Suffolk, England, located approximately four miles north east of Halesworth and nine miles south west of Lowestoft. The village is served by Brampton railway station, which is approximately 1½ miles away, on the Ipswich-Lowestoft East Suffolk Line.

The village of Brandeston is in the Suffolk coastal area.

GENUKI: "BRANDESTON, a parish in the hundred of Loes, in the county of Suffolk, 4 miles to the S.W. of Framlingham, 5 from Wickham Market, its post town, and 12 N.E. of Ipswich. It is situated on the banks of the river Deben. A branch of the Great Eastern railway runs from Wickham Market to Framlingham. The living is a vicarage* in the dioc, of Norwich, value £100, in the patronage of the Rev. T. Smythe. The church, dedicated to All Saints, is a Gothic building, with square tower. There is an Independent chapel, built in 1838, capable of accommodating 400 persons. The school is supported by Charles Austin, Esq., J.P., who is lord of the manor and principal landowner. There are some poor's land and other charitable endowments of small value. A new vicarage has lately been built."


I don't know much about John Painter, the father of Jeane/Jane Painter who married Thomas L. Branson.  He was supposedly the son of George and Ellinor (Musgrave) Painter and born in England in 1710.  The following information was obtained from the LDS web site:

Christening: 22 SEP 1661 Bottesford, Leicester, England

GEORGE PAYNTER (Father of John Painter??)
Christening: 04 FEB 1689 Bottesford, Leicester, England
Mother: MARY

George Painter (father of John Painter)
Birth: btwn 1670-1690 Place: England
Spouse: Ellinor Musgrave

If the Bransons knew the Painters in England, I should be able to locate documentation on both families in Leicester in about the year 1680.  I'll be trying to do this in the near future.

Another rootsweb.com web site shows that Rev. Thomas Painter of the Winthrop fleet went to Connecticut and Rhode Island.  Interesting is the fact that the Bordens also went to Rhode Island.  Richard Borden was born in Kent, England and died May 25, 1671 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.  His descendents went to New Jersey.  It would be interesting to know if there were any Bransons or Branstons in Rhode Island at the same time.


It's difficult to know if the names Barnardiston, Brandeston, Brampton, Branston and others were precursors to or variations of the name Branson.  Much more professional research would need to be conducted in order to learn that, if indeed, it's possible to learn at all.  However, there are certain things they seem to have in common, namely....

1.  The Barnardiston, Brandeston and Branston families lived in Suffolk County.
2.  At least two members of the Barnardiston family (Giles and the widow Frances) were Quakers.  The Bransons of Burlington, NJ were also Quakers.
3.  Rev. Thomas Painter was apparently known to Sir Nathaniel Barnardiston and there were Painters allied with the Burlington, NJ Bransons.
4.  Bransons have been found in records with the spelling of Brampton, as has at least one Barnardiston.
5.  A Richard Borden is found listed near a Thomas Brampton (Barnardeston) in London in 1541.  Some Bordens were Quakers allied with the Burlington NJ Bransons.
6.  The Penn, Crispin and Stockton families were allied with the Suffolk, England Branston family.  The Burlington, NJ Bransons were also allied (directly or indirectly) with families of the same names. 
7.  The Shinn family of Suffolk County, England married into the Branson family of Burlington, NJ.
8.  The Bacon name is found in Suffolk, England records and the Bacon family married into the Branson family of Berkshire, England whose descendants went to Chester, PA.
9.  Because of the connections between families allied with the Suffolk Co, England Branstons who went to Maryland (Cockerell, Hedge and others) and are mentioned in the Maryland Archives and elsewhere in reference to the Maryland Bransons, I think it's probable that the Maryland Bransons are part of the Suffolk, England Branston family.  It appears that the Bransons of Maryland were not Quakers, but Baptists, and that could be the reason they migrated to Maryland rather than New Jersey.  Whether they are connected to the Burlington, NJ and Chester, PA Bransons is not yet known, and whether any of these families are connected to Jared Branson is still a mystery.

I searched a book of wills recorded in the County of Berkshire, England from 1508 to 1652 and there were no Bransons listed.  There was a will for William Brackstone in 1634 and a Richard Brampton in 1564, but nothing else even close to the name Branson.  This causes me to think that Nathaniel Branson who was supposedly born in Berkshire, England in 1605 may have been born elsewhere.  His son Nathaniel Jr. was supposedly born c1650 in Berkshire, England.  His son William's birth was recorded in 1645 at the Hinkley MM, Leicester, England.  If Nathaniel Sr. was not born in Berkshire, he could have been related to the Suffolk County Branstons.

A search of some records from Berkshire for later years reveals a John and Alice Bransdon in the village of Bucklebury, Berkshire, England who had a daughter Hannah in 1681.  The record was from the Society of Friends (Quaker), so he could have been related to Nathaniel Branson.

It's possible to imagine that the Bransons who lived in Berkshire, England near the end of the 17th century were descendants of the Suffolk County Branstons/Brandestons, and that the Branstons and Brandestons were related to the Barnardistons. 


Here is information (not all is verified) on the family of Nathaniel Branson:

I. Nathaniel Branson, b. c1605 Sunning, Berkshire, England (?); wife Anne
IIA.  William Branson, b. c1645 reported at Hinkley MM, Leicestershire, England; wife Margaret
IIIA.  Nathaniel Branson Jr., b. c1650 Berkshire, England, d. 1720 Berkshire, England; wife Mary Bacon
Children of (IIA) William and Margaret:
IIB.  Thomas L. Branson b. 1670/1671 Sunninghill, Berkshire, England; wife Elizabeth Day
IIC.  Nathaniel Branson III, b. c1670/1671 Berkshire, England; no more information
IID.  William Branson, b. 1673/1674 in New Jersey; no more information
IIE.  Samuel Branson, b. 1676/1678 in New Jersey; no more information
Children of (IIIA) Nathaniel Branson Jr. and Mary Bacon:
IIIB.  John Branson, b. April 24, 1681 Berkshire, England
IIIC.  Nathaniel Branson, b. October 24, 1682 in Berkshire, England, died 1685
IIID.  William Branson, b. Aug. 29, 1684 in Sunning, Berkshire, England, d. 1760 Chester, PA; wife, Mary Tate (?).  May have also married Sarah.

Based on birth locations and dates, it appears that William and Margaret came to America in about 1672.  Nathaniel Branson Jr. and Mary Bacon's son William had children born between 1709 and 1720 and others have given their birth locations as Berkshire, England, however this conflicts with other information stating that William (who owned the ironworks furnace) came to America in about 1708 and resided in Philadelphia in 1709.  Of course, it's possible that he did not bring his family to America right away, but he would have had to travel back and forth between PA and England quite often to sire children every 2 or 3 years.

There were records of a William Branson in Pennsylvania as early as 1693, son of Nathaniel.  Based on this, he would be the one who obtained the land that his father, Nathaniel, purchased from William Penn.  This would be Nathaniel Branson Jr. whose son William owned an iron foundry in Chester, PA.

8 mo., 15th [1708.]
The Prop'ry, by Deeds of L. and rel., dat. 28 and 29 of June, 1683, Granted To Nath'l Branson, of the parish of Soning, in the County of Berks, Shoemaker, 1,250 a. of Land, his Heirs, &c.
The s'd Nath'l Branson, by Deed dat. 28th Aug't, 1707, Granted all the s'd Land to his Son William Branson, his Heirs and assigns for Ever.

According to the following passenger and immigration list, a William Brainton arrived in Pennsylvania in 1684 and a William Brinton in 1683-84 - taken from Quaker records.  One of them could be William Branson, son of Nathaniel Jr..  He may have traveled to Pennsylvania more than once, perhaps going back and forth several times, even though he supposedly lived in New Jersey.  These passenger lists are possibly associated with William Penn since he went from England to PA in about 1682 bringing quite a few followers with him or on separate ships.

John Claypoole 1682 Pennsylvania
James Claypoole 1682 Pennsylvania (Quaker Records)
James Claypoole 1683 Pennsylvania (Quaker Records)
Helena Mercer Claypoole 1683 Pennsylvania
Anne Mercer 1682-1683 Pennsylvania (Quaker Records)
Thomas Mercer 1682-1683 Pennsylvania (Quaker Records)
Jane Blanchard 1683 Pennsylvania (Quaker Records)
Thomas Mercer 1682-1683 Pennsylvania
Jost Hite 1709 Pennsylvania
Richard Shockley 1683 Maryland
William Brainton 1684 Pennsylvania (Quaker Records)
Everard Boulton 1682 Philadelphia (Quaker Records)
John Bowter (Bowater) 1684-1685 Philadelphia (Quaker Records)
William Brinton 1683-1684 Philadelphia (Quaker Records)
Martha Chalkly 1700 Philadelphia (Quaker Records)
Tho Chalkly 1699 Philadelphia (Quaker Records)
Thomas Chalkly 1700 Philadelphia (Quaker Records)
Lewis David 1682 Philadelphia (Quaker Records)
John Day 1682 Philadelphia (Quaker Records)
Thomas Duckett 1683 Pennsylvania (Quaker Records)

Thomas Ellis 1683 Philadelphia (Quaker Records)
Walter Faucet 1684 Pennsylvania (Quaker Records)
Thomas Massey 1683 age 20 Pennsylvania (Quaker Records)
William Penn 1699 Philadelphia (Quaker Records) - [not his first trip to America]


The Hodgson Family
August 15, 2006

Elizabeth Hodgson married Robert Branson, son of Robert Branson and Beulah Painter, July 22, 1824.  Robert Sr. was the son of Thomas L. Branson and Jane/Jeane Painter.  Elizabeth's second cousin, Levicey Hodgson, married John Holloway on July 12, 1817.  Levicey was the daughter of Richard Hodgson and she was born c1797 in Grayson Co., VA.  Richard was on the 1813 Grayson, VA Tax List with Meredith Shockley, several Goads, two Branscombs and several Lundy families (see section on Stockton family).  The Hodgson family attended New Garden Monthly Meeting in Guilford, NC.  Grayson Co., VA is where Jan A. (Jared?) Branson was listed in 1794. 

1813 Grayson County, Virginia Personal Property Tax Lists
Hodgson, Richard 1 2 .32
Branscomb, Isaac 1 2 .32
Branscomb, Paulis 1 1 .16
Goad, Aron 1 1 .16
Goad, Spencer 1 2 .32
Goad, Robert 1 3 .48
Lundy, Richard 2 1 .16
Lundy, Aron 1 2 .32
Lundy, Joseph 1 1 .16
Lundy, John 2 3 .48
Lundy, Ebenezer 1 2 .32
Shockley, Meredith 1 4 .64

The Sherrill and Sevier Families
August 3, 2006

The Sherrill family was allied with Jared Branson's family.  Alpha Sherrill married Valentine Branson, son of Jared Sr.  Alpha was the daughter of Samuel R. Sherrill (b. c1791 of Bledsoe, TN).  Samuel was the son of Adam Sherrill and Rebecca Kilgore.  Alpha Sherrill's uncle, Craven Sherrill, married Mary Ann Branson, daughter of Thomas Garred Branson.  The Sherrills were found on the 1783 Tax List of Greene Co., TN along with a Thomas Branson and James Dillard.  Adam Sherrill's grandfather (Adam I) is well known for being one of the first to settle west of the Catawba River, settling about one mile west of the river in 1747.   Court records of Lincoln County, North Carolina reveal some clues about others who were in that region about 20-30 years later.  A John Branson was given a commission as an Ensign in 1770.  According to the book "Annuls of Lincoln County, North Carolina", John Sevier and Adam and Samuel Sherrill signed a petition in 1776.  The list of petitioners is found at http://robertson-ancestry.com/1776-pet.htm Also on the list are Valentine Sevier, Robert Sevier, William Crockett, David Crockett, Frederick Vaughn, and others.  John Branson did not sign the petition - was he gone from that area by 1776?  Perhaps he was in Virgina where Jared Sr. was?

Sherrill, William Lander, author
Annals of Lincoln County, North Carolina : containing interesting and authentic facts of Lincoln County history through the years 1749 to 1937
Charlotte, N.C.: Observer Print. House, 1937, 556 pgs.
1770 - At the January term of the County Court Charles McLean, Zachary Bullock, Thomas Beaty and Ephraim McLean were presented with commissions as Captains of Tryon Regular Troops. At the April term commissions as Captains of militia were presented Andrew Hampton, Abram Kurkendall, Henry Clark and Joseph Green and for Lieutenants, to Patrick McDavid and Daniel Simpson; as Ensigns to Perrygreen Magness and John Branson.

The John Branson who received a commission as an Ensign in 1770 Lincoln, NC could be the John Blanson who was included in military records of Montgomery Co., VA in miscellaneous records (see below).  [John Blanson was not a soldier but apparently received compensation for some expenses he incurred with regard to the war effort.]  The year 1770 is a little early to be directly associated with the Revolutionary War, and I have found no Bransons who served in that War in the NC Line.  He must have served in the North Carolina Militia formed prior to the Revolutionary War.  The Battle of Alamance was fought in NC in 1771 and was considered the first battle of the Revolutionary War.  It's possible that John Branson served in that battle.

A Private John Branson received a land warrant in 1795 for service in the Revolutionary War, but he served in the Maryland Line.  It seems unlikely that he was the same person as Ensign John Branson who was in North Carolina in 1770.  Some descendants of John Branson of St. Mary's, MD moved to Stokes Co., NC, but I'm not sure how early they went there.  Zachariah and John Branson are found in the 1790 Census of Stokes, NC.  John was possibly the brother of Zachariah, sons of John Branson Sr. and Elinor William Briscoe (?).  Stokes County was formed in 1789 from Surry County.  Surry County was form 1770 from Rowan County.  Guilford County was also formed in 1770 from Rowan County, and there were some Quaker Bransons associated with Guilford County.

I have found no other references to a John Branson in NC civil records as early as 1770, so I'm not sure who he was.  Most likely, he was not a practicing Quaker, since most of the Quakers did not serve.

Adam Sherrill's sister Catherine ("Bonnie Kate") married Gov. John Sevier in 1780.

Sherrills are mentioned in the Augusta Co., Virginia Militia records of 1742 along with Valentine Sevier and other familiar names:

Virginia colonial militia, 1651-1776
Baltimore: Southern Book Co., 1954, 144 pgs.
Augusta County, VA Militia - 1742
Company No. 3
William Hains
Company No. 4
Jno. Doack
Sam. Doack
Company No. 5
Adam Sherral
William Sherral
Volante Severe

William Carrel
John Benson (Branson?)
Company No. 6

William Sharrell
William Sharrle Sr.
William Sharrle Jr.

Sam Beason
Company No. 7
Robert Crockett
William Vance
Alex. Crocket

1783 Greene, TN Tax List
Andrew Brabson
Susan Brabson
Barnett Brandon
Garrett Brandon
Thomas Brandon
James Dillard

Phillip Sherrell
Adam Sherrell
John Sherrell
Samuel Sherrell
Samuel Sherrell Jr.

Annuls of Lincoln County, North Carolina (ancestry.com), author: William Sherrill
1770 -At the April term of the County Court commissions as Ensigns included John Branson and Perryman Magness.
1771 - In his autobiography William Crockett states that he was born in Lincoln Co., NC.
Feb 28, 1773 Captain William Sherrill was allowed by the Assemby 27 pounds and 15 pounds for service rendered by himself and ten other men on expedition of Silver Creek and Quaker Meadows (located now in Burke County).
1776 - John Sevier, Samuel Sherrill, Adam Sherrill, and 150 other petitioners to the Assemby asked that they be annexed to the Carolina Province.
Adam Sherrill, the pioneer, with his eight sons and John Perkins, Henry Weidner and several Robinsons crossed the Catawba at Sherrill's Ford and were among the first settlers west of the Catawba River. Adam Sherrill settled one mile west of the Catawba River in 1747 near the
ford which bears his name. He had eight sons: William, Samuel, Uriah, Adam, Aquilla, Isaac, Jacob and Moses, all of whom came from Virginia with their parents. Samuel, the 2nd son was born 1725. His daughter Catherine was the second wife of John Sevier.

The Dillard Family
July 31, 2006

The Dillard family was closely connected to Jarred Branson Sr. and his descendants.  The history of the Dillard family is partially outlined in a book entitled "History of Henry County, Virginia".  Click an image for a larger view.

Some Dillard Connections

Susan (or Sarah) Dillard married Jarred Branson's son, John Jefferson Branson, on Dec. 15, 1803 in Patrick Co., VA.  Susan was the daughter of Thomas Dillard and Ruth Goad.  Thomas Dillard was the son of James Dillard who is mentioned in the above book as the father of Captain John Dillard.

Sarah Stovall, daughter of George Stovall, married Captain John Dillard.  Her sister Ruth Stovall married Abraham Penn (relative of the famous William Penn).  See previous page for more information about Abraham Penn. 

Dillards, Penns and Stovalls are also found in records of Halifax Co., Virginia...

Dillards were also connected to the Jett family of Culpeper Co., Virginia.  William Dillard, son of John Dillard (b. 1720), married Mary Norman.  Mary Norman's brother Joseph married Mary Read, daughter of John Read Sr.  Mary Read's sister Elizabeth married Stephen Jett.  These marriages took place in the 1740's and 1750's in Culpeper Co., VA.  The Jett family was allied with the Bransons of Tennessee and Osage, MO. 

A history of Halifax County (Virginia)
List of the Vestrymen of Antrim Parish, 1752, etc.
Thomas Dillard, James Dillard, Joseph Haynes, Benjamin Rogers, John Haynes
Court records in 1752 - A deed from John Owen to Thomas Stovall was acknowledged
1752 -Thomas Dillard was appointed Commissioner of Peace
1752 -Thomas Dillard was commissioned Captain of foot company
1753 - His Majesty's Justice: Sherwood Walton
1753 Petitions:
Cornelius Penn against William Penn
Charles Talbot against Aaron Ayers
Jeremiah Rust and Thomas Branch vs. William Cook
Indentures: John East and Jane his wife
1755: Thomas Dillard appointed to work and keep the road in order and to mark a way from Tom Massie's ferry on Staunton River to the court
March 1, 1747 - Lambert Dodson purchased land
March 12, 1747 - Timothy Dalton, 280 acres on Rocky Creek

1747: William Stroud took 187 acres on lower side of Tewahomony (Aaron's Creek) at Blank's ferry on Dan River (land in Mecklenburg Co.)
1747: Uriah Prewitt purchased land
1750: John Gwin purchased land
1752: Thomas Finney purchased land
1750: John Goad Jr. purchased land on both sides of Reedy Creek, also Henry Cockerham
April 27, 1751 land was surveyed for Sherwood Walton on Poplar Cabbin Creek
March 20, 1748: Benjamin Cocke and Benjamin Hubbard - land on Blackberry Town Creek
Nov. 13, 1749: 130 acres survey for Robert Walton on south side of Staunton River
1752: Richard Vaughn purchased land
1758 Halifax Colonial Soliders: Captain James Dillard, Lieutenant James Dillard, Privates - Josiah Cox
List of Halifax Captains:
1779 - Capt. Witcher's company joined General Greene in South Carolina

In December, 1786 Jarred Branson sold land to Thomas Dillard on Burks Fork, Montgomery County, VA.  Thomas Dillard is mentioned in the Patrick Co., VA deed book on Johnson's Creek along with "Garrot" Branson.  Both are also mentioned in land records at Blue Ridge. This Thomas Dillard is presumed to be the father of Susan/Sarah Dillard.

While searching for records on Dillard families prior to the formation of Montgomery County, I Have found much information about them and other allied families, but, so far, very little about Branson (or Shockley) families who lived near them.  It's possible that Jarred Branson met the Dillards after he moved to Burks Fork in 1776, however, his parents or grandparents may have known them earlier.

Thomas Dillard Jr. was one of the first Commissioners of Peace for Pittsylvania in 1767. Also one of the first Vestryman for Camden Parish. Also appointed Lieut-Col. of Pittsylvania Militia in 1767. In 1776 he commanded a company of Minute Men from Pittsylvania, which marched to
Gwinn's Island and assisted in driving off Lord Dunsmore. In 1778 he commanded a company of Pittsylvania men on the Illinois Expedition. Marched to Boonesboro, KY. Pittsylvania Pensioner.
SOURCE: genealogy.com

A James Dillard was found on the 1783 Greene Co., TN tax list along with a Thomas and Garrett Brandon and some Sherrills.  It's possible this name was misspelled and should be Branson, however a Col. Thomas Brandon was also listed on the Battle of Kings Mountain roster along with James Dillard and other allied individuals.  In Greene Co., TN deed records, both Thomas Brandon and Thomas Branson are found at http://www.copies1918.com/greene-4.html.

If you have information about a Garrett Brandon, please contact Sandra by email.

1783 Greene, TN Tax List
Andrew Brabson
Susan Brabson
Barnett Brandon
Garrett Brandon
Thomas Brandon
James Dillard

Phillip Sherrell
Adam Sherrell
John Sherrell
Samuel Sherrell
Samuel Sherrell Jr.

Thomas Dillard is listed as a soldier in Virginia Military Records of Montgomery County along with Thomas Branson who took the Oath of Allegiance in 1777 but did not serve.  Also listed is a John Blanson (in miscellaneous records, not as a soldier) Abraham Goad Jr., Richard Shockley and others.  In the list of Montgomery, VA soldiers there is a Thomas Ponson.  I have not seen that name elsewhere in records during this era and location, so this may be Thomas Branson with the name transcribed incorrectly. (However, a Jos. Ponson was a passenger to Virginia in 1640).  There is also a Michl. Branser which could be another transcription error.  If this was actually Michael Branson, he was most likely one of the Maryland Bransons or a descendant of Absalom Branson, since that first name was used in those families.   Michael Branson, son of Absalom Branson Jr. was born in 1766 in Pittsylvania Co., VA, so it could have been him.  He may not have been related to the Thomas Ponson/Branson? on the list since I have not found the first name of Thomas in the descendants of Absalom, however it was used in the Branson families of Maryland.

Virginia Military Record Extracts (Partial Lists)

Montgomery County, Virginia
Military & Oaths  (Rev. War), Page 209
A List of person who hath sworn allegiance to the state - 1777
Thomas Mayfield
Thos. Branson
Makijah Mayfield
James Mayfield
Richard Blankenship
Isam Blankenship
John Vaughn
Ephraim, Stephen, Stephen Jr, Jeremiah, Capt. Enoch, and Jonathan Osburn

William McMullin
John Blanson (may have received compensation for expenses)
Cagy Mayfield
Frederick Bolt, age 90 (1840 Census of Pensioners)

John Cock, Thomas Byrd, Jacob Vance, Phillip Painter, William McMullen,

Lt. Matthias Hite, Lt. Richard Hite, Lt. Thomas Hite

Lt. Jacob Lorton, William Dodson, Thomas Dodson, Abraham Goad Jr., Richard Shockley, Abraham Goad, Thomas Dillard, Andrew Cox.

John, Anthony and Joseph Crockett
Matthias, Richard and Thomas Hite

Lt. Andrew Crockett, Ens. James Crockett

SOME OTHER SOLDIERS:  Phillip Painter, John Worrell, Matthew Cox Jr., Asher Worrell, James Goad, John Cox, Abram Goad, Michl. Branser (1781), Andrew Cocks, Ruben Dalton, William Dalton, Joseph Chrisman, David Doaks, Alexander Doaks, Nathaniel Lyon, Samuel Doaks, Robert Pointer, William Vaun, William Botts (Bolt?), Thomas Shockley, John Pruitt, James Rogers Sr., David Rogers, Robert Watson, James Cock, James Rogers, David Rogers, William Rogers, John Rogers, Joseph Rogers, Reubin Rogers, Benj. Rogers, Saml. Byrd, Richard Byrd, James Mayfield, William Doacks, James Doacks, Thomas Ponson (?), Abraham Chrisman, William Botts, John Pruitt, Samuel Byrd, George Byrd, Edward Hammond

Henry County, Virginia Military & Oaths  (Rev. War)
Col. Abraham Penn gave the order to march.  Officer: 1st Sgt. Robert Watson
Soldiers: Charles Dodson, William Dodson, Thomas Watson, John Carroll, Peter Hairston, John Rea, John Cox, Phillip Massey, John East, George Hairston

Amherst County, Virginia Military & Oaths  (Rev. War)
James Dillard received commission in August, 1769

Augusta County, Virginia Military & Oaths  (Pre-Rev. War & Rev. War)
Valentine Severe (Sevier), William Sharrle Jr., Robert Crockett

Brunswick County, Virginia Military & Oaths (Rev. War)
Major Alexander Watson,  Richard Vaughn, Thomas Haynes, George Carroll, William Vaughn, Jesse Holloway (gave aid), William Holloway (gave aid), William Watson (gave aid)

Charlotte County, Virginia Military & Oaths (Rev. War)
Capt. Goode (1775); Ensign Diggs Bumpass, commissioned Sept., 1777-became a Lieutenant in 1778; William Watson took Oath as Ensign, Nov., 1777; Ensign George Holloway; Lt. James Holloway; COURT RECORDS: William, James, Wood and Thomas Bouldin (1782)

Chesterfield County, Virginia Military & Oaths (Rev. War)
William Goode Jr.

Dunmore County, Virginia Military & Oaths (Rev. War)
Col. Abraham Bird, Matthias Hite, Jacob Yost, John Watson

Greensville County, Virginia Reimbursements for War Costs
Richard Massey, William Vaughn, William Atkinson, Thomas Cocke (Capt/Major), William Watson, Pierce Vaughn, Alexander Watson, John Massey

Fincastle County Records
Some Members of the Safety Committee, 1775 - Walter Crockett, William Preston, Chairman
Oaths of Allegiance (Sept. 6, 1776): Samuel Doak, Andrew Crockett, Robert Watson, Richard Byrd, William Rogers, John Rogers, Benjamin Rogers Jr., Joseph Rogers, James Crockett, Jonah Mayfield, William Painter

Washington County, Virginia
History of Southwest Virginia and Washington County
Washington County, 1777-1870
Company I, 48th Virginia Regiment
W. J. Branson, private
A. Branson, private

Arthur R. Painter, died in hopsital

Northampton County, Virginia Military Records
Jno. Coks, Jno. McGowan

Pittsylvania County, Virginia Military & Pension Records (Rev. War)
Capt. William Witcher, James Nance (pension), William Nance (pension), James Lyon, Richard Gwynne, George Hairstone

Prince Edward County, Virginia Military Records (Rev. War)
Officer: Thomas Lorton, 2nd Lieutenant, Chambers Company - July 1778
Drury Watson, Ensign - May, 1779, Captain Jesse Watson - June, 1780

Richmond County, Virginia Military Records (Rev. War)
William Barber, Thomas Wattson, MILITARY CLAIMS-1782: Benjamin Rust, John Hammond, Benjamin Hammock

York County, Virginia Military Records (Rev. War)
John Chrisman, loss sustained in British Invasion, March 1781


An unknown James and John Branson were found in slaveholder records of Loudoun County, Virginia along with some other familiar names.  James is listed in 1769 and John is listed between 1768 and 1774.  John and Thomas Eads are also listed and they could be the sons of Joseph Eads and Sarah Leftwich.  Joseph's grandson, Abraham Eads, married Sarah East, the niece of Frances East who married Jarred Branson Jr.  I do not know of a James Branson who was born in the date range to be this James, so he is an unknown Branson who could be a close relative of Jared Branson Sr.  Another unknown James Branson was listed with Jared Branson Sr. in 1793 Wythe Co., VA.  John Branson could be the one mentioned in the will of Joseph Branson in 1782 in Hampshire Co., Virginia.  James could be the son or brother of John. 

Joseph Surate (Surratt) is also listed in 1766 who could be the father of Elisha Surratt who was the father of Sarah Sally Surratt who married John A. Branson, son of John Jefferson Branson and Susan/Sarah Dillard. 

John Painter was listed in 1769 and 1772.  He could have been related to Jane/Jeane Painter who married Thomas L. Branson.  Benjamin Painter is listed in 1773-1774 and he could be the same Benjamin Painter who was list in 1782 Hampshire, VA where Joseph, Amos and Lionel Branson lived.   If you have information about the Painters on this list, please contact Sandra by email.

Israel Pancoast was listed between 1769 and 1784.  He was the son of Joseph Pancoast and Mary Ogborn of Burlington, NJ.  Israel married Elizabeth Haines, daughter of Daniel Haines and Elizabeth Brian.  Daniel Haines was the first cousin of Bethany Haines, the father of Luster Haines who married Mary Ann Branson, daughter of Jared Branson Sr.

Information was found indicating that Abraham Downing Branson was born in Loudoun Co., Virginia in c1811.  Abraham was the son of Rees Branson and Ruth Downing, and grandson of Abraham Branson and Catherine Rees.  The elder Abraham was the son of William Branson and Elizabeth Osmond.  Therefore, James and John Branson could have been closely related to Abraham.

Also in Loudoun Co., Virginia was John Owsley listed as early as 1758, great-grandfather of Martha Jane Ousley who married John Sevier Branson, a descendant of Jared Branson Sr.  In 1783 her grandfather, John Owsley, is listed in Montgomery Co., Virginia military records.  This is where Jared Branson Sr. was living at that time.  John Owsley was actually living in bordering Wilkes Co., NC.

Also listed in Loudoun Co., VA were many Triplett families.  The Tripletts were allied with the Jett family.  William Jett was also listed.  Descendants of these families later moved to the region of Gasconade Co., Missouri where Jared Branson Sr. moved.

Since all of these people owned slaves, they may not have been practicing Quakers, although some Quakers did own slaves in the earlier years of the nation.  We believe that Jared Branson Sr. was not a Quaker since he does not appear in Quaker records.  Therefore, it is feasible to believe that he may have been closely related to James and John Branson.

Index to the Tithables of Loudoun County, Virginia, and to Slaveholders and Slaves, 1758-1786
James Branson 1769
John Branson 1768, 1772, 1773-1774 (See the Ten Thousand Name Petition)

Benjamin Painter 1773-1774
Ezekiel Painter 1769, 1772-1775
Jacob Painter 1768, 1770-1771
John Painter 1769, 1772
Israel Pancoast 1769-1770, 1771-1777, 1784
John Pancoast 1772, 1784
Stacy Pancoast 1784
William Kinworthy 1785
John Eades 1766, 1768, 1770, 1771-1774, 1784
Thomas Eades 1760-1763, 1765
Samuel Welton 1773
John Stump 1768, 1770-1771, 1773-1775
Thomas Stump 1760-1762, 1765, 1768, 1770, 1771-1775, 1782, 1784
Thomas Stump Jr. 1771-1774, 1782
Joseph Surate 1766
Benjamin Bright 1759, 1761-1764, 1769
Charles Bright 1780
Katherine Jett 1762
William Jett Jr. 1760-1761
William Holloway 1770
George Kilgore 1784-1785
Anthony Owsley 1774-1775, 1781
Henry Owlsey 1773-1775, 1778-1783
John Owsley 1758, 1760-1761, 1763, 1765
Jonathan Owsley 1778-1779, 1781
Newdigate Owsley 1759, 1761-1763, 1765
Pines (Poins) Owsley 1758, 1761, 1765, 1770, 1779, 1786
Capt. Thomas Owsley 1758, 1760-1763, 1765, 1769-1770, 1771-1775, 1778-1781
Thomas Owlsey Jr. 1769-1770, 1771-1774, 1776-1777
Capt. William Owsley 1758, 1760-1762, 1769-1770, 1771-1781
Aaron Triplett 1759
Abel Triplett, 1769-1770, 1771-1775, 1780-1783, 1785
Daniel Triplett 1762, 1765, 1767, 1769
Enoch Triplett 1765, 1767, 1769-1770, 1771-1779, 1781-1785
Francis Triplett 1768, 1770, 1771-1775, 1778-1784
Frederick Triplett 1785
Greenberry Triplett 1782-1785
Reuben Triplett 1771-1773, 1774-1775, 1778, 1781-1782, 1784-1785
Simon Triplett 1771
Capt. Simon Triplett 1765-1768, 1770, 1771-1786
Thomas Triplett 1758-1759, 1765, 1767, 1778-1779, 1781-1784
William Triplett 1758, 1760-1761, 1765

Virginia's Share in the Military Movements of the Revolution
page 211
Kilgore, George, F. L., S. Aug. 9, 1779.
Ousley, ----, Cp., 1777.
Owley, William, F. L., R. Sept. 9, 1777.
Triplett, Simon, Esq., Col. S. Oct. 8, 1781.

William W. Branson
WILLIAM W. BRANSON, one of the highly respected citizens of Ross township, Cherokee County, located in section 32, township 31, range 23, is also a survivor of that gallant army which marched out in defense of the country's integrity, in the stormy days of 1861. He was born in Harrison County, Ohio, May 10, 1837, and is a son of Abraham and Ann W. (Wilson) Branson.

Abraham Branson was born in Loudoun County, Virginia, and the mother in Pennsylvania. They were married at Bridgeport, Ohio, where our subject's father was in the business of manufacturing woolen goods. They had seven children: Lindley, Rachel, Jonathan, Elizabeth, William W., John C. and Abraham, the survivors being our subject and Elizabeth and Abraham, both of whom reside in Harrison County, Ohio.

William W. Branson obtained his education in the schools of Harrison County and remained at home, assisting his father, until 21 years of age. He then made a visit to Cedar and Muscatine counties, Iowa, and while there, in April, 1861, he enlisted for three months, in Company C, 1st Reg., Iowa Vol. Inf., and took part in the battle of Wilson's Creek and later was mustered out. Seeing that the war would continue, he re-enlisted, entering Company C, 98th Reg., Ohio Vol. Inf., and participated in many of the most terrible battles of the unhappy struggle. From Chattanooga he marched with his regiment through Georgia and on, with Sherman's army, to the sea, and took part in the battles at Resaca, Peach Tree Creek, Kenesaw Mountain, Atlanta and Jonesboro, and in innumerable skirmishes, his last fight being at Bentonville, North Carolina. His was an unusual case, for he was much exposed but was neither captured nor wounded and when he was finally discharged at Camp Dennison, he was able to go back to the farm and resume his work.

Prior to enlisting, Mr. Branson had married, in February, 1860, Amanda Sergeant who was born in Harrison County, Ohio, and died in 1873. She was the mother of seven children, viz: Hortense, who married J. H. Jacobs, a farmer of Oklahoma; Russell W., postmaster at Cherokee, Kansas, who married Edith Glover; Mary Ann, who is the wife of J. S. Larimer, of Greenwood County, Kansas; Rachel E., who is the wife of F. M. Curry, of Argentine, Kansas; Loretta, who is the wife of Montgomery Boore, a farmer of Cherokee County; Lizzie, who is the wife of George Millard, of Crawford County, Kansas; and John H., who married Huldah Johnson and resides at Argentine, Kansas.

Mr. Branson was married, second, to Kate Marsh, who was born in Noble County, Ohio, and they have one daughter, Elsie Edith.

In 1878 Mr. Branson settled with his family, in Cherokee County, Kansas, for a period of four months and then bought a farm of 80 acres in Crawford County, which he operated some years. In 1888 he bought one half of section 29, township 31, range 23, in Ross township, for a brother, and remained on that place until 1891. Since then he has rented his present farm in section 32, a property that shows evidences of good management.

Politically Mr. Branson is identified with the Republican party. He has never desired political recognition, and is satisfied to do his full duty as a citizen and to permit others the honors of office. He is a member of the Methodist Church.

In the next few years, the couple moved to Wilkes County, NC, where they lived in or near the community of Roaring River. In 1783, John is listed as serving in Captain Enoch Osborn’s Company of the Virginia Militia from Montgomery County. (When John applied for his pension, he cited a service of one month guarding the frontiers of Virginia as one of his qualifications.) Two other members of that militia were John and Isaac Barton, Charity’s brothers. Montgomery County bordered Wilkes County, NC in that era. John's mother and stepfather also came to Roaring River, arriving no later than 1784 -- deeds show that five sons of John Adams (by his first wife) owned vast amounts of land in the county.


A John Branson Junior was listed on the Ten Thousand Name Petition in Virginia, 1776-1777.  He was listed on the page that was probably those from Culpeper, Loudoun or Fairfax County.  He was listed near Carlile Haines whose brother Abraham married Hannah Painter, sister of Jane/Jeane Painter who married Thomas L. Branson.  Since John Day Branson had already died by 1776 and Thomas' son John was too young to be on this list, this John Branson Jr. was probably the son of John Day Branson and brother of Thomas L. Branson.  I have seen a John Branson born c1728 in Frederick, VA who may be a son of John Day Branson, but there is very little available about him.  He could be the mysterious John Branson that keeps turning up in various parts of Virginia near Lionel, Joseph, Amos, James (?) and Jarred Branson.  He may also be the father of Jarred Branson Sr. 

Also on this petition is Jon Pointer.  This may be an error (the writing was difficult to read).  It could be John Painter who was also listed in 1777 with John and Thomas Branson in Fauquier, VA.

Robert Severe (Sevier) signed the petition and was listed on page 274 with Samuel, Isaac and Jon. Stokes. 

William Longmire signed the petition and he was probably related to Phebe Longmire who married John Owsley.

Mordecai, Daniel and William Cloud were on the petition on page 303 with John Stacey and James Rogers.  This page was probably those from Frederick or Stafford County, or nearby.

Larkin Branson signed the petition and was listed on page 305 with Thomas and William Dillard of the Dillard family allied with Jared Branson Sr.  Larkin's ancestry is not known.  He was married in Chesterfield County, VA and died in Fluvanna Co., VA.   His son John was born c1789 of Frederick Co., VA, so this Branson family was probably related to the Quaker Bransons.  He moved to Casey Co., KY.  He was listed in Essex Co., VA in 1783 along with a John Branson.   This John is another John Branson who is unknown and could be the same one who was listed in Montgomery Co., Fauquier Co., and/or Loudoun Co.  Or he could be the John listed as the son of Joseph Branson in his 1780 will.

NOTE:  William Covington was the Sheriff of Essex County.  John and Robert Bumpass were listed on Deep Creek, Amelia Co., VA along with William Hardcastle and Thomas, William and Edmond Covington in 1743.  These families had descendants who married into the family of Jared Branson Sr. Ralph Shelton was also listed in 1743 Amelia Co., VA and he was allied with the Crispin family.

NOTE:  Most of the Dillard family lived in Culpeper County, so those listed on page 305 may have been from that county.  Listed nearby was Abraham Eads who may have been in Amherst County.

Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly  (Partial List)
Ten Thousand Name Petition - 1776-1777 (Various Counties in Virginia)
John Branson Jr., p. 269
Ralph Farmer, p. 269
Joseph Wright, p. 269
William Bumpuss, p. 267
George Bumpuss, p. 267
William Bacon, p. 267
Francis Covington, p. 264
Carlile Haines, p. 264 (NOTE: his brother married Hannah Painter, sister of Jane/Jeane Painter)
Samuel Stokes, p. 274
Jont? Stokes, p. 274
Isaac Stocks, p. 274
Robert Severe, p. 274
William Stokes, p. 275
William Longmire, p. 275
James East, p. 275
David Poyner, p. 275
George Kilgore, p. 249
William Lehew, p. 252 (NOTE: nephew of Spencer Lehew whose son Moses m. Hannah Branson)
Jermiah LaHugh, p. 252
David Lihugh, p. 252
Jon Pointer, p. 257
John Stacey, p. 303
James Rogers, p. 303
Daniel Cloud, p. 303
William Cloud, p. 303
Mordecai Cloud, p. 303
William Dillard, p. 305
Thomas Dillard, p. 305
Larkin Branson, p. 305
Isaac Bates, p. 309
Joseph Mayo, p. 309
Abraham Eads, p. 313
William Eddes (Eads?), p. 313

JOHN BRANSOM VA Essex County 6th District 1783
LARKIN BRANSOM VA Essex County 6th District 1783

Amelia County Tithables, 1740's
Thomas Lorton, 1742
Edmond Covington, 1743 Deep Creek
Thomas Covington, 1743 Deep Creek
Robert Bumpass, 1743 Deep Creek
John Bumpass, 1743 Deep Creek
William Covington, 1743 Deep Creek
Edmond and Bess Covington, 1743 Deep Creek
William Hardcastle, 1743 Deep Creek
Ralph Shelton, 1743 Deep Creek


John and Thomas Branson, Jacob Chrisman and William Cloud were listed as patentees in 1773, Fauquier Co., VA.  Jacob Chrisman was from Hampshire Co., VA where Lionel, Joseph and Amos Branson were recorded.  William Cloud was the brother of Daniel Cloud who married Elizabeth Branson, daughter of Lionel Branson Sr. 

As mentioned elsewhere in this narrative, this John Branson has not been identified.  He could not be John Day Branson who died before that year, and he could not be John, the son of Thomas L. Branson and Jane/Jeane Painter because he was only age nine in 1773.  The only John Branson that I can imagine he would be is John, the possible son of John Day and Isabella Branson.  He was supposedly born c1728 in Frederick Co., VA.  Little is known about him and he could be the father of Jared Branson Sr. who named his first son John.

Jacob Branson was mentioned in a document in Fauquier Co., VA in 1796.  He was the son of William Branson and Elizabeth Osmond of Stafford, VA. 

Fauquier, VA is also where John Edge Jr. married Nancy Cummings on January 3, 1781.  John Edge may have been related to Mary Edge who married Joseph Branson.  Other Fauquier marriages of interest include William Triplett and Elizabeth Morehead, Catherine Jett and Charles Shaw and others (see below).  The fact that John Edge was in Fauquier, VA places him in close proximity to some descendants of Thomas L. Branson and Elizabeth Day.

Abstracts of Fauquier County Virginia, Wills Inventories and Accounts 1759-1800
John Edge, witness to will of John Mauzy Jr., dated February 20, 1764, mentions land in Frederick and Hampshire, VA, also in Culpeper, VA
John Edge, witness to will of Simon Cummings, dated April 19, 1771 in Fauquier, Va.
Jacob Branson mentioned in account of sales of William Emmons, November 10, 1796, Fauquier, VA. Land was sold to Jacob Branson and others.

JNO BRANSON Virginia Fauquier Grantees 1773
JOSHUA HAYNES Virginia Fauquier Grantees 1773
JONAS HEDGE Virginia Fauquier Grantees 1773
JOSEPH HEDGE Virginia Fauquier Grantees 1773
JOSHUA HEDGE Virginia Fauquier Grantees 1773
SAML HEDGE Virginia Fauquier Grantees 1773
SOLOMON HEDGE Virginia Fauquier Grantees 1773
ISAAC HITE Virginia Fauquier Grantees 1773
JACOB HITE Virginia Fauquier Grantees 1773
JOSEPH HITE Virginia Fauquier Grantees 1773
JNO PAINTER Virginia Fauquier Grantees 1773
EDWARD RODGERS Virginia Fauquier Grantees 1773
THOS SHARP Virginia Fauquier Grantees 1773 (1744 Executor on will of Thomas L. Branson)
JOSEPH VANCE Virginia Fauquier Grantees 1773
ABRAHAM HAINES Virginia Fauquier Landholders Names 1773
JOSEPH HAINES Virginia Fauquier Landholders Names 1773
JOSEPH HAINES Virginia Fauquier Landholders Names 1773
BETHANY HAINS Virginia Fauquier Landholders Names 1773
THOMAS HANKINS Virginia Fauquier Landholders Names 1773 (1744 Executor on will of Thomas L. Branson)
JONAS HEDGES Virginia Fauquier Landholders Names 1773
PETER HEDGES Virginia Fauquier Landholders Names 1773
ISAAC HITE Virginia Fauquier Landholders Names 1773
JACOB HITE Virginia Fauquier Landholders Names 1773
JOSEPH CAPT. HITE Virginia Fauquier Landholders Names 1773
JOHN PAINTER Virginia Fauquier Landholders Names 1773
ISAAC PENNINGTON Virginia Fauquier Landholders Names 1773
EDWARD ROGERS Virginia Fauquier Landholders Names 1773
ALEXANDER ROSS Virginia Fauquier Landholders Names 1773
ABRAHM VANMETRE Virginia Fauquier Landholders Names 1773
HENRY VANMETRE Virginia Fauquier Landholders Names 1773
ISSAC VANMETRE Virginia Fauquier Landholders Names 1773
JACOB VANMETRE Virginia Fauquier Landholders Names 1773
GEORGE WASHINGTON Virginia Fauquier Landholders Names 1773
SAM MAJOR WASHINGTON Virginia Fauquier Landholders Names 1773
ROBT WORTHERTON Virginia Fauquier Landholders Names 1773
ORPHAN WORTHINGTON Virginia Fauquier Landholders Names 1773
RICHD BEESON Virginia Fauquier Pattentees 1773
BENJAMIN BORDIN Virginia Fauquier Pattentees 1773
JOHN BRANSON Virginia Fauquier Pattentees 1773
THOS BRANSON Virginia Fauquier Pattentees 1773
JACOB CHRISMAN Virginia Fauquier Pattentees 1773
WM CLOUD Virginia Fauquier Pattentees 1773
JOHN VANMETOR Virginia Fauquier Pattentees 1773
ROBT WORTHINGTON Virginia Fauquier Pattentees 1773
JOHN ROGERS Virginia Fauquier Rental Rolls 1773

Fauquier, VA Marriages
January 3, 1781, John Edge, Jr., and Nancy Cummins
December 12, 1785, William Triplett and Elizabeth Morehead
September 19, 1783, John Hailey and Peggy Jett
April 24, 1786, Lawrence Triplett and Benedictine Triplett
February 28, 1787, James Green and Celid Triplett
September 16, 1790, William Hailey and Susanna Jett
January 19, 1790, Charles Shaw and Catherine Jett
July 8, 1790, Reuben Triplett and Margaret French


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