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The Branston & Cardinall Families of Suffolk, England and Branston Records in America
The Branson DNA Project

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Any information, conclusions or theories presented in this narrative are not entirely verified and should not be assumed to be totally accurate.


Branston Family Tree
Cardinall Family Tree
Branston-Bronston in Pennsylvania
Branston-Branson-Bronston in Maryland & Massachusetts
Branston-Bronston-Bronsdon in Virginia

Bacon Records in America and England
Burbage-Burbadge in America
The Garwood Family
The Harvey Family

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Branston Family Tree
August 25, 2006


(Source: "Shull, Burdsall, Stockton and allied families : a genealogical study with biographical notes)

John (I) Branston, of Suffolk, England, married Catherine Manser

Children of John Branston I and Catherine Manser:

i.  John "the elder" Branston (II), of East Bergholt, Suffolk, England, died before May 17, 1582 of East Bergholt, Suffolk, England.  (see below)

ii. Catherine Branston

iii. Margaret Branston

iv. Emme Branston

v.  Thomas Branston (see below)

vi. Richard Branston

John "the elder" Branston (II) married Judith Cardinall, daughter of Stephen Cardinall and Anne Grith (see below)

Children of John "the elder" Branston II and Judith Cardinall:

i.  Judith Branston, of Suffolk, England (see below)

ii. John Branston of Suffolk, England  (see below)

iii. Catherine Branston of Suffolk, England

Thomas Branston had the following son:  John Branston

Judith Branston married Edward Hedge, of Ipswich, Suffolk, England in 1606 at St. Margaret's, Ipswich, Suffolk England.  Edward Hedge was born c1580 and died 1645-1646 at St. Mary at Quay (Key) Parish, Suffolk, England, son of Stephen Hedge

Children of Judith Branston and Edward Hedge:

i.   Mary Hedge, born c1611, christened Feb. 26, 1611/1612 at St. Mary at Quay (Key) Parish, Suffolk, England.  Married Robert Clarke on Nov. 23, 1628 at Ipswich, Suffolk, England.  One known child: Judith Clarke

ii.  Deborah Hedge, born c1613, christened Jan. 17, 1613/1614 at St. Lawrence, Ipswich, Suffolk, England

iii.  Isaac Hedge, born c1615, christened June 11, 1615 at St. Mary at Quay (Key) Parish, Suffolk, England, died before Nov. 11, 1657 (date his will was proved).  Married Martha.  One known child: Martha Hedge.

iv.  Samuel Hedge, born c1617, christened May 18, 1617 at St. Mary at Quay (Key) Parish, Suffolk, England, died before Jan. 12, 1687.  Married first Elizabeth Weld, born c1623 of London, died before 1652.  Married second Elizabeth Gould of St. Gabriel, Fenchurch Street, London, England on Nov. 25, 1652 at St. Michael, Paternoster, London, England.  (See below for children of Samuel Hedge)

v.  Son Hedge, born c1619 of Ipswich, Suffolk, England

vi.  Anne Hedge, born c1621, christened June 19, 1621 at St. Mary at Quay (Key) Parish, Suffolk, England

vii.  Judith Hedge, born c1623, christened Sept. 12, 1623 at St. Mary at Quay (Key) Parish, Suffolk, England

viii. John Hedge, born c1625, christened May 15, 1625 at St. Mary at Quay (Key) Parish, Suffolk, England

ix.  Edward (of London) Hedge, born c1627, christened 1627 at St. Mary at Quay (Key) Parish, Suffolk, England

x.   Thomas Hedge, born c1629 of Ipswich, Suffolk, England

Samuel Hedge and Elizabeth Weld, children:

i.   Thomas Hedge

ii.  Samuel Hedge, went to Salem, New Jersey with Fenwick in 1675; m1. Anna G. Fenwick

iii.  Elizabeth Hedge, m1. John Medley Apr. 18, 1666; m2. John Cousen or Cousins Sep 12, 1678

Samuel Hedge and Elizabeth Gould, children:

iv.  Bernard Hedge (??? not proven), b. c1664, d. Salem, NJ; m. Elizabeth Prague Jan. 1, 1688 in Salem, NJ; daughter Deborah m. William Borton

John Branston (brother of Judith), married Mary. 

Children of John Branston and Mary:

i.  Thomas (of Flowton, Suffolk, England) Branston, died after Sept. 3, 1638, of Flowton.  One known child: Judith who married Joseph Clarke of East Bergholt, Suffolk, England

ii.  Daughter Branston, married Robert Alefounder who died April 19, 1639 of Suffolk, England



Cardinall Family Tree
August 25, 2006

  Stephen Cardinall (I) of Wenham Magna, Suffolk, England surrendered land at the Manor Court of East Bergholt, Suffolk, England in 1474-1477.  He was the father of:

William Cardinall of Wenham Magna, Suffolk, England, was assessed for subsidy there in 1524.  He married Anne Amyce (see below).  His will describing him as "William Cardynall of Muche Wenham, County Suffolk", was dated October 8, 1543, proved by William Cardynall, executor Nov. 22, 1551 and made the following provisions:

to be buried in the parish church of St. Mary Elmes in Ipswich
To Edward my son 10 pounds sterling and a silver salt of 10 pounds for the same
To Fayth my daughter at the day of her marriage 40 pounds if she marries with the consent of William Cardynall my son whom I make and ordain sole executor of this my last will and testament.  He to have for his labours all the residue.
Witnesses: John Garden and Anne his wife, Robert Derowgh, Sir Robert Body, priest

William Cardinall married Anne Amyce.   Children:

i.  William of Great Bromley, County Essex, died August 8, 1568, buried at South Benfleet, County Essex, married (first) Joan Gurdon, daughter of John Gurdon of Assington, County Suffolk, married (second) Lettice (Knightley) Clippseby, widow of John Clippesby of County Norfolk nd daughter of William Knightley.

ii.  Stephen  (see below)

iii.  Faith

iv.  Edward of Hudleigh, County Suffolk, married Jane Bendlowes daughter of William Bendlowes of Bardfield, County Essex.

Stephen Cardinall  (II), son of William and Anne (Amyce) Cardinall, was of East Bergholt, Suffolk, England, where he was assessed for subsidy in 1568, and of Lawford, County Essex.  His will was dated April 19, 1658, proved at London, Oct. 26, 1573 by Christopher Robinson notary public for William Cardinall, and bequeathed:

-  To the poor in East Bergholt 20 pounds
-  Whereas I stand bound to George Fisher and others in 400 pounds to leave to Marie now my wife, lands and tenements in yearly value of 20 pounds for her life in recompense of the Dower, and also to give to William Spencer her son 100 marks at age of 21.
-  I bequeath to said Mary all my freehold and copyhold land in or near the Salt Valey in Estbergholt late in occupation of John Fynner and Thomas Bragg, and messuage wherein Thomas Smythe lately inhabited in Estbergholt as well as copyhold land I bought of Thomas Abbott.  To said Mary for life, also to her 60 pounds.
-  To said William Spencer 100 pounds when 21.
-  To William my son all my lands etc. not before bequeathed to my said wife, in Estbergholt and in Lawford, Co. Essex, together with reversion of all lands given to my wife, to hold to him and his heirs forever on condition he becomes bound to my supervisor in 1000 marks for payment of my debts.
-  To Stephen my son 100 pounds when 22.
-  To Robert my son 100 pounds when 22.
-  To Humphrey and Phillip my sons 100 pounds when 20.  Judith my daughter 40 pounds.
-  To Elizabeth my daughter 100 pounds when 20.
-  To Mary my daughter 100 pounds when 20.
-  Whereas I lately had in the right of Anne my late wife lands and tenements sometime Thomas Grithes sold by me to Christopher Luse of Estbergholt and other lands in Estberholt, which should be John my son's as youngest and next heir.  I bequeath to said John all my lands in Blackenham, Bramfordes and other townes adjoining in County Suffolk now in occupation of Thomas Byall.  to said John and his heirs he to make assurances within one year after he is the age of 21.
William Cardinall my executor.  Raufe Grivener of Ipswich, gent Supervisor.  He to have 50 pounds.
Witnesses:  Robert Wilis the elder, Adam Cardinall, Robert Wilis Junior.

Stephen Cardinall married (first) Anne Grith.  He married (second) Mary Fisher, whose father was of Lincolnshire and whose former husband had been of County Essex.

Children of Stephen Cardinall and Anne Grith:

i.   William of East Bergholt, Born c1483 in Wix Abbe, Essex, England (per LDS); married Jane Maynard daughter and co-heiress of John Maynard of Colchester, County Essex.

ii.  Adam died in infancy before 1568. Born c1485 in Wix Abbe, Essex, England (per LDS)

iii.  Stephen, died without issue.  Born c1487 in Wix Abbe, Essex, England (per LDS)

iv.  Robert, died without issue.  Born c1489 in Wix Abbe, Essex, England (per LDS)

v.  John, died without issue.  Born c1491 in Wix Abbe, Essex, England (per LDS)

vi.  Judith, Born c1493 in Wix Abbe, Essex, England (per LDS)
(see John Branston above, also see below for information on second marriage)

vii.  Anne, Born c1495 in Wix Abbe, Essex, England (per LDS), married Christopher Burrough of East Bergholt.

viii. Jane, Born c1497 in Wix Abbe, Essex, England (per LDS)

Children of Stephen Cardinall and Mary Fisher:

ix.  Humphrey, Born c1502 in Wix Abbe, Essex, England (per LDS)

x.  Phillip, Born c1504 in Wix Abbe, Essex, England (per LDS)

xi.  Jane (again), living and unmarried in 1612.

xii.  Mary, Born c1506 in Wix Abbe, Essex, England (per LDS), married Miles Orme of Lincolnshire.

xiii.  Elizabeth

xiv.  Margaret, Born c1508 in Wix Abbe, Essex, England (per LDS), died young.

Judith Cardinall married (first) John Branston and (second) George Cockerell of Coggeshall, County Essex, afterwards of East Bergholt, County Suffolk, will dated Jan. 2, 1598, proved Mar. 8, 1599.


Anne Amyce married (first) William Cardinall and was the daughter of Roger Amyce and Elizabeth (Lawson) Rigby, daughter of Sir George Lawson, knight.  Other children:

i.   Israel of Tillsbury, County Essex, married (first) Anne Forcett daughter of his stepmother and her first husband Richard Forcett; married (second) Martha van Murys, daughter of Vaux van Murys of Holland.

ii.  Joseph

iii.  Joyce, married Robert Pinder.  (this is very close to the name Painter and Bender)

Anne married (second) Thomas Allen.


Ann Grith married (first) John Branston (I).  She was the daughter of Thomas Grith (III) and Elizabeth of East Bergholt, Suffolk, England.  She married (second) Robert Crane.

Thomas Grith (III) was the son of Thomas Grith (II) and Margaret of East Berholt, Suffolk, England.

Thomas Grith (II) was the son of Richard Grith and Joane. (Thomas and William Branston are mentioned in his will)

Richard Grith was the son of Thomas Grith (I) of East Bergholt, Suffolk, England. 




  Pennsylvania Marriages To 1790
March 4, 1771 - Samuel Branston and Annie Hopper

1820 Census
Thomas Branston Shenango, Mercer, PA 1820 (000100-00001) age 18-26
Daniel Bud
William Bud
Samuel McCay
John McMillin

1830 Census
Joseph Bronston Delaware, Mercer, Pennsylvania
Thomas Bronston Delaware, Mercer, Pennsylvania



John Branston, 1773, Maryland

Ralph Bronston District 6, Washington, Maryland

A Francis Branson was in Suffolk, Mass.

Ages from Court Records, 1636-1700
Francis Branson, 36, 1680/1, Suffolk Files <born c1644>
Mary Branson, 28, 1680, Suffolk Files <born c1652>



  The passenger list below is quite interesting.  Thomas Branston, John Goodwin?, John Holloway, Robert Stacey? and William Hedge are all recorded in the year 1636 traveling to Virginia.  Daniel Bacon and William Woodgate are recorded in 1635 to Virginia.  Some of these trips may have been related to the House of Burgesses mentioned in the Colonial Records of Virginia on page two.  These are all names of individuals who may have lived in (or near) Suffolk, England and were possibly connected to the Branstons of Suffolk, England.   The Burbadge family married into the Branston family in Suffolk, England, as did the Woodgate family.  The Burroughs family married into the Cardinall family of Suffolk, England which was allied with the Branstons.  According to the book "Virginia Immigrants 1623-66", Thomas Branston was sponsored by or bound to William Cox of Henrico Co.   William Woodgate was bound to or sponsored by William Barber or Barker, a mariner of Charles City Co.  Thomas Burbadge sponsored about 25 individuals and was recorded as a resident of Accomack Co.  A Nathaniel Bacon sponsored about 35 individuals to Isle of Wight, VA in 1652.  Christopher Stokes sponsored about 8 individuals to Warwick River Co. and Charles River Co. in 1637.  A Peter Banson traveled to Jamestown, Virginia 3 times, 1623-1625.  This could be misspelled and could be Benson or Branson.

Robert Hedges, 1623, 1624, 1625, Jamestown, Virginia
Peter Banson, 1633, Jamestown, Virginia
Thomas Branston, 1636, Virginia
John Goodwene (Goodwin?), 1636 Virginia
Wm. Hedge, 1636, Virginia
Robt Stamey (Stacey?), 1636, Virginia
John Holloway, 1636, Virginia
Daniell Bacon, age 30, 1635, Virginia
Wm. Woodgate, 1635, Virginia
Christopher Burroughs, 1636, Virginia 
Robert Stokes, 1637, Virginia
Geo Goodwin, 1637, Virginia
William Burbage, 1638, Virginia
Daniell Goodwin, 1638, Virginia
Tho Burbadge, 1638 & 1639, Virginia
John Orton, 1654, Virginia
Robt Cockerell, 1658, Virginia

Virginia Immigrants, 1623-66
Branston, Thomas, 1636, by Wm. Cox, Henrico Co.
Woodgate, Wm., 1635, by Wm. Barber/Barker (a mariner), Charles City Co.
Stacy, Geo., 1637, by Justinian Cooper, Isle of Wight Co.

Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, 1745-1800
William Branston Mar 10, 1746 Augusta Co., VA Creditor
Robert Wilson's appraisement by John Black, James Alexander and William Long. Debts due to John Holmes, William Darlington and William Branston.

Virginia County Records, VI
Northampton County Wills
Name: Francis Branston
Date: 1 March, 1708-9
Date: 28 May, 1709
Comment: Northampton Co
Son-in-law William Dolby ; son David Dolby ; son John Dolby ; gd. son Branston Dolby ; son-in-law Thomas Dolby ; my wife executrix; witnesses William Kendall , John Kendall .

The History of Virginia's Navy of the Revolution
Dolby Branson, N's Accomack, 36

Genealogical Records: Virginia Colonial Records, 1600s-1700s
Listed in: English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records
Page number: 228
Francis Branson, 100 acres

William BRANSTON was found in Augusta, VA records in 1746 as a creditor.  This could have been William Branson, son of Thomas L. Branson and Elizabeth Day, however, he was married in Burlington, New Jersey in 1753.  I am not aware that he was in Virginia prior to 1767 when his daughter Charity was born in Stafford, VA.  He may have gone to VA with Benjamin Borden or he may not have resided there, but simply been a creditor of Mr. Wilson who resided there.  Or it could have been William Branson, brother of Thomas L. Branson.   I show that he was born March 12, 1673/1674 in New Jersey, but I have no further information about him.  I know of no other William Bransons born at the right time to be this William Branston in Augusta, VA in 1746.  Levi Branson was also recorded in Augusta, VA as a witness in 1761.  The first William mentioned in this paragraph was his uncle.  William Branston may have been totally unrelated to the Bransons - perhaps a descendant of Thomas Branston who went to Virginia in about 1636 to Henrico Co. 

William Branston found in:
Genealogical Records: Virginia Land, Marriage, and Probate Records, 1639-1850
Date: Mar 10, 1746
Location: Augusta Co., VA
Record ID: 36040
Description: Creditor
Book Page: WB1-122
Remarks: Robert Wilson's appraisement by John Black, James Alexander and William Long. Debts due to John Holmes, William Darlington and William Branston.
Notes: This probate record was originally published in "Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, 1745-1800. Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County" by Lyman Chalkley.

A John Bransdon is recorded in Northumberland, VA in 1752 regarding inventory of his estate.  John Bransdon has a son William and John and was married to Jane (see birth records below).  John Bransdon Sr. died about one year after the birth of his son John Jr. 

Colonial Virginia Source Records, 1600s-1700s
Listed in: Virginia Wills and Administrations, 1632-1800
Page number: 49
Jno. Bransdon Northumberland County, 1752 inventory

Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Volume I, Northumberland County Record of Births, 1661-1810
William Bransdon son to John and Jane was born March 25, 1748
John Bransdon son to John and Jane was born July 1, 1751

Francis Branston's will was recorded in Northampton, VA in 1709.

Colonial Virginia Source Records, 1600s-1700s
Listed in: Virginia Wills and Administrations, 1632-1800
Page number: 49
Francis Branston Northampton County, 1709, will

A Robert Bransdon owned a ship that sailed into York, VA in about 1700-1701

Genealogical Records: Virginia Colonial Records, 1600s-1700s
Listed in: English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records
Page number: 291
List of Ships Entered in York District from 24th June 1700 to 25th March 1701
"Supply" of Boston, sloop, Guford, New England, 1696, 30 tons
Wm. Marshal, Master
Robert Bransdon etc., owners

A Benjamin Bransom was taxed in York, VA in 1782-1787.  I have not identified this Benjamin.  If you know who he is, please contact Sandra by email.

Virginia Tax Payers, 1782-1787
Benjamin Bransom, 1, York Co

If you know who the following John Branson and Benjamin Bransom are, please contact Sandra by email.

Old Kentucky Entries and Deeds, Chapter V, Military Warrants, 1782 - 1793
John Branson, 200 ac., Warrant #4581, During war fifer Virginia line, 6-16-1792
Benjamin Bransom, 200 ac., Warrant #2649, 3 years sergeant, Virginia line, 2-28-1784


In the book entitled "Bronsdon and Box Families", there are several Bronsdon families who were descendants of the de Brandeston family of England, as were the Branstons.  This Bronsdon family was from Essex, England which is a county where some of the Branstons are found in records.  Therefore, it can safely be assumed that the Bronsdons of Essex, England and the Branstons of Suffolk, England were possibly related.  Robert Bronsdon is found in early records of Massachusetts.  Some descendants of Robert Bronsdon moved to Virginia, but I do not find any connection to the Bransons in America.



Below are records showing that Nathaniel Bacon Jr. descended from Sir Thomas Bacon of Suffolk, England and owned land in Henrico Co., Virginia..  Henrico is the County where Thomas Branston was bound to William Cox in 1638.  This is possible further evidence of a connection between this Thomas Branston and the Branstons of Suffolk, England.  Notice that George Stovall is mentioned as land patentee in Henrico Co., VA in 1728.  (See Stovall and Dillard marriage noted on pages one and two).

It is not known if these Bacons were related to Mary Bacon who married Nathaniel Branson Jr. of Berkshire, England.  The only information I have about her is her father's name and birth data:  Peter Bacon, born July 23, 1624, Blewsbury, Berkshire, England.  Mary had the following siblings:  Martha, Dinah and Peter, all reportedly born in Berkshire, England (LDS web site).  Peter Bacon Sr. was the son of John and Sarah Bacon.  He had a brother named John and a sister named Sarah.

Daniel and John Bacon were listed in Burlington, NJ in 1684, 1686 and 1693.  They may have been related to Mary.  1684 is the earliest record I have found for any Bacon in Burlington, NJ.  Daniel Bacon was on a Jury with John Day in 1686 and John Bacon was on a jury with John Day in 1697.  Since Daniel appears in records about thirteen years before John Bacon, it's possible that he was the father of John Bacon.  It's apparent that Daniel and John Bacon were acquainted with many of the families allied with the Bransons of Burlington, NJ. 

Daniel Bacon is listed as a landowner in Burlington, NJ in 1684 along with John Daye, Daniel Leeds, John Shinn, Thomas Budd, John Antram, John Woolston, Henry Stacy, Samuel Borden, Anthony Woodhouse, Robert and Thomas Scholey, John Rogers, Mahlon Stacy, Joshua Wright, Thomas Barton and others.  I listed Anthony Woodhouse for a reason:  some of the Branstons in Suffolk, England lived in Woodhouse Eaves and there could be a connection.

Nathaniel Bacon is also mentioned in New Jersey deed records in 1686.  The LDS web site gives information about a Bacon family who lived in Burlington, NJ that were from Suffolk, England who married into the Pancoast family.  They migrated to Barnstable, Massachusetts before going to Burlington.  This family started in America with Samuel Bacon and wife Martha Foxwell who were married 1659 in Barnstable, Mass.  There are also other records of familiar families in very early Massachusetts who may have gone to Burlington and came from Suffolk, England.  They also had a son named Nathaniel, so he was probably the one in the 1686 deed record. 

Daniel Bacon was involved in two land transactions (or surveys) with Daniel Leeds.  Daniel Leeds married Ann Stacy.  She was probably related to Ellen Stacy who married John Shinn.

Daniel Bacon was listed in Quaker records of Burlington, NJ.  His son Daniel married Rebecca Borrodaill in 1741.  This is of interest because her niece, Sarah Borrodail, married Moses Branson 1766 in Burlington.   Moses was the son of David Branson and Mary Bullock.  Therefore, this Bacon family was indirectly allied with the Quaker Bransons of Burlington, NJ.  Since the Bacons were probably from Suffolk, England and the Branstons were from Suffolk, England, this is more evidence of a possible connection between the Burlington, NJ Bransons and the Suffolk, England Branstons.

According to the book entitled "Michael Bacon of Dedham, 1640 and his descendants", Robert Bacon of Drinkstone, Suffolk, England was of the family that produced Nathaniel Bacon of the famous Bacon Rebellion in very early Virginia.  Some of Robert's descendants went to Burlington, NJ. so Daniel Bacon was probably related to him. 

Thomas Bacon of Bramford (Bramford was about 2-3 miles from Ipswich, Suffolk, England) and John Branston are both mentioned in the 1590 will of Robert Lincoln alias Skynner, of East Bergholt, Suffolk, England.  If I could find out if this Thomas Bacon was part of the Bacon family who was in Burlington, NJ it might provide another link to the Branstons of Suffolk, England.  Since he was in Suffolk, England, it's probable that he was related, but proof is needed.  If you have information about Thomas Bacon of Bramford, England, please contact Sandra by email.

A Thomas Bacon is mentioned in the 1600 will of Thomas Harvey of Bramford, Suffolk, England in regard to rent payments.  He may be a relative of the Thomas Bacon mentioned above.  (NOTE: The Harvey family of Hertfordshire, England was indirectly allied with the Quaker Bransons.  John Day married Elizabeth Harvey.  It is not known if they were related to the Suffolk, England Harvey family).

The name Borrowdale is mentioned in the book about Henry Bright of Suffolk, England as an allied family of Suffolk.  Also in this book, the will of Thomas Bright dated 1587 mentions property he purchased of Thomas Bacon of Hesset.  It's not known if this was the same Thomas Bacon mentioned in Robert Lincoln's will in 1590.

Mary Bacon's father was Peter Bacon, reportedly of Berkshire, England.  I have not yet found any records for a Peter Bacon in that county.  I did find a will for a Peter Bacon in Soham, Suffolk, England.  This is the same village where the Shinn family lived.  Source:  "Wills of the Archdeaconry of Sudbury 1630-1635".  Mary's father would be too young to be the same Peter Bacon, but he may be related.  The will was dated April 23, 1629.  It named sons-in-laws Robert Hills and Richard Hyndes; son John, daughter Ellen, wife of Robert Hills; daughter Jane, wife of Richard Hyndes; Elizabeth Bacon, daughter of his deceased son Thomas, and son George.  If you have information about this Bacon family, please contact Sandra by email.

There were also Bacon families living in Lunenberg Co., VA at about the same time that Jared Branson Sr. was living in nearby Montgomery, VA.  One of these was Drury Bacon, a descendant of Edmund Bacon of Suffolk, England, who was born Dec. 13, 1765 in Lunenberg, VA. (LDS web site).

Mary Bacon married Nathaniel Branson Jr. reportedly on March 20, 1679 in Reading, Berkshire, England.  They both reportedly died in England but their son William arrived in Pennsylvania in about 1708.  He owned an iron foundry business and died there in 1760.  I have found very few records for Bacon families in early Pennsylvania.

1810 Census
Drury Bacon Lunenburg, Lunenburg, VA 1810
George Bacon Lunenburg, Lunenburg, VA 1810
Mary Bacon Lunenburg, Lunenburg, VA 1810
Richard Bacon Lunenburg, Lunenburg, VA 1810

Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, Vol II, Burlington Monthly Meeting
Daniel BACON died Dec. 12, 1791
Daniel BACON, son of Daniel of Burlington, m. Rebecca Borrodaill, daughter of John of Burlington at Burlington Meeting House, 1741, 1, 26.

Patents and Deeds of New Jersey, 1664-1703, Liber A, or Revel's Book of Surveys
April 1684. for Daniel Bacon, 350 acres between John Hooton and Wm. Black
June 24, 1686. For Nathaniel Bacon, 180 acres adj. Jonathan Holmes, and 20 ac. of meadow on Keeoppe Creek next to Obediah Holmes
1688-9. by Simon Charles for Wm. Satterthwaite of 100 ac. between Daniel Bacon and John Snape.
Nov. 1693. survey of 12-1/2 acres between Charles Wolverton and Daniel Bacon
Nov. 1693. survey for Freedom Lippincott, 6 acres in Thomas Ollive's meadow on the main and small creek
1695-6. by Symon Charles and Daniel Leeds for Daniel Bacon of 800 acres. between Wm. Satterthwaite & Benj. Field on Daniel Bacon's Run
Feb. 21, 1697-8. Francis Davenport, John Day, John Woolston Sr., and others to Daniel Sutton of Burlington
Dec 28, 1697. Trust Deed. Mary Shinn, widow of Thomas Shinn of Burlington, about to marry Silas Crispin of Penn; to her borther Richard Stockton Jr. and brother-in-law, John Shinn Jr., both of Burlington bequeathed to her by husband's will of Nov. 4, 1694.

Burlington Court Book of West NJ, 1680-1709, The Burlington Court Book, 1681-1709, Page 56
9th of the 6th month, 1686 - Grand Jury members: Symon Charles, John Shinn Sr., John Pancost, Joshua Humfreys, Thomas Butcher, William Budd, William Atkinson, John Crosby, John Day, Thomas Barton, Robert Young, Isaac Marriott, John Woolston Sr.  The Traverse Jury members: Godfrey Hancock, Richard Bassnett, William Hunt, Michael Newbold, Henry Grubb, John Boarton, John Hollingshead, Bernard Devonish, Martin Holt, Daniell Leeds, William Brightwen, Daniel Bacon.

Early Virginia Families Along the James River
Abstracts of Land Patents - Henrico County, Virginia
October, 1727 - John Bacon of New Kent Co., 1600 ac. Henrico Co., near land of John Watson and Chickahominy River; adj. to Thomas Owen
Sept., 1728 - George Stovall mentioned in land patent of William Moss in Henrico Co. near James River
Sept., 1728 - Anthony Hoggatt, 50 ac., Henrico Co., No. side of Tuckahoo Cr.
July, 1698 - Nathaniel Bacon Jr., deceased, mentioned as previous owner in land patent of William Randolph -
NOTE: the land was escheated after he was convicted of high treason - he died before he could be executed.  In 1679 his widow remarried (to Thomas Jarvis) in Henrico Co., VA.  (see Bacon Rebellion)

Early Immigrants to Virginia from the 1500s and 1600s
BACON, EDMUND, 1641-1705. Cousin of Nathaniel Bacon. From England to New Kent Co. VA 1660. Lived by the Pamunkey River. Capt. VA. Militia. Sheriff and Vestryman. Married Anne Lydall, daughter of Capt. George Lyddall.

Wills and Administrations of Isle of Wight County, Virginia, 1647-1800
William Bacon witness to will of Daniel Boucher in Isle of Wight, VA Dec. 4, 1667 (see Isle of Wight on page two).
Edward Rogers, legatees: Anne Matthews; John Moore and James Bacon to whom I give 900 ac. in Stafford Co. at the head of Potomack Creek, also all property in Isle of Wight County. Sept 13, 1683, proved March 9, 1684.
  James Bacon was witness to another will in Isle of Wight in 1681 and another in 1707.  (NOTE: Descendants of Nathaniel Branson lived in Stafford, VA in later years)

DANIEL BACON NJ Burlington County No Township Given 1684, 1686
JOHN BACON NJ Burlington County Chesterfield Township 1693
ELIZABETH BACON NJ Burlington County No Township Given 1702
JOHN BACON NJ Burlington County No Township Given 1702
DANIEL BACON NJ Burlington County Chesterfield Township 1708

John Bacon 1685 New Jersey

Page: 20
Name: Daniel Bacon
Date: 30 Jul 1697
Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Vol. I 1670-1730. Part I
Page: 20
Name: Elizabeth Bacon
Date: 13 Dec 1727
Location: Chesterfield Township, Burlington Co.
Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Vol. I 1670-1730. Part I
Page: 20
Name: John Bacon
Date: 19 May 1711
Location: Chesterfield Township, Burlington Co.
Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Vol. I 1670-1730. Part I

History of the American People by Woodrow Wilson (5 Volumes)
Volume 1
Chapter 2 The Swarming of the English
Part 8 New Jersey and Carolina

Here was more than could be endured; and there were men in Virginia who were ready to defy the governor and get their rights by arms. Nathaniel Bacon had sworn with a hot oath that if the redskins meddled with him he would harry them, commission or no commission; and he kept his threat. He was of the hot blood that dares a great independence. He was great-grandson of Sir Thomas Bacon, of Friston Flail, Suffolk, cousin to the great Lord Bacon, of whose fame the world had been full these fifty years; and though he was but nine-and-twenty, study at the Inns of Court and much travel in foreign lands had added to his gentle breeding the popular manners and the easy self-confidence of a man of the world before he turned his back upon England and came with his young wife to be a planter on James River in Virginia. In May news came that the Indians had attacked his own upper plantation and had murdered his overseer and one of his favorite servants; and he did not hesitate what to do. A company of armed and mounted men begged him to go with them against the redskins, and he led them forth upon their bloody errand without law or license, member of the governor's council and magistrate though he was. He sent to ask the governor for a commission, indeed, but he did not turn back, or lose his armed following either, when word was brought that the governor had refused it, and had proclaimed him and all with him to be outlaws. It was flat rebellion; but Bacon's pulse only quickened at that, and Virginia for a little while seemed his to command.


Nor are these all. The early pages of American colonial history contain numerous like instances of resistance to arbitrary power ever since the time of the first great outbreak of the American spirit in opposition to old-world traditions and oppressions which took place in 1676 in the revolt of the English Nathaniel Bacon and the Scottish William Drummond and their followers against the royal government as then administered by Governor Berkeley in Virginia.




Records of Colonial Gloucester County, Virginia
HURST, William, Abingdon, April 16, 1684, HR: Thos. Burbage

Married Well and Often: Marriages of the Northern Neck of Virginia, 1649-1800
STREATOR, Capt. Thomas m. widow Burbage, relict of Col. Thomas Burbage, March 17, 1657

NOTE: Vincent Branson was security on a marriage bond in the Northern Neck of Virginia in 1799.  Vincent was the son of John Branson, Sr. of St. Mary's, MD.

Virginia Land, Marriage, and Probate Records, 1639-1850
Name: Wm. Burbadge
Date: Aug 16, 1742
Location: Spotsylvania Co., VA
Property: 100 a., part of pat. granted John Quarles, Sept. 30, 1723-in St. Geo. Par., Spts Co.
Notes: This land record was originally published in "Virginia County Records - Spotsylvania County, 1721-1800, Volume I" edited by William
Armstrong Crozier.
Remarks: Robert Williams of St. Thomas Par., Orange Co., to Thomas Haydon of Brunswick Par., King Geo. Co. . 40 curr. 100 a., part of pat.
granted John Quarles, Sept. 30, 1723 - in St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co. Sept. 7, 1742
Description: Witness

In the 1790 Federal census we find John and Augustus Harvey and John Burbage.  Augustus Harvey was the son of Miles Harvey of Perquimans Co., NC.  This Harvey line was related to the Harveys mentioned in the previous paragraph.  John Burbage may have been related to Capt. Thomas Burbage of early Lower Norfolk, VA.  The Burbage family was allied with the Branson family in Leicester, England.  In 1800 Clinton and Peter Burbage were in Beaufort, NC and a Josiah Burbage was in Bladen, NC who could also be related to Thomas.  In 1810 Hy and George Burbage were in Beaufort, NC.  If you have information about these Burbage families please contact Sandra by email.

1790 Census
John Burbage Beaufort, NC 1790 (1120-3) - next to Benjamin Hawkins - Image 3
Augustus Harvey Beaufort, NC 1790 (1110-15) - Image 3
John Harvey Beaufort, NC 1790 (2330-2) - Image 3

1800 Census
Josiah Burbage Capt Anders District, Bladen, NC 1800
Clinton Burbayge Washington, Beaufort, NC 1800
Peter Burbayge Washington, Beaufort, NC 1800

1810 Census
Geo C Burbage Washington, Beaufort, NC 1810
Hy Burbage Not Stated, Beaufort, NC 1810

1820 Census
Jesse Burbage Not Stated, Beaufort, NC 1820
Peter Burbage Not Stated, Beaufort, NC 1820

1830 census
Mrs. Peter Burbage Broadcreek, Beaufort, North Carolina
James R Burbage Not Stated, Perquimans, North Carolina
Jesse Burbage Bath, Beaufort, North Carolina

North Carolina Wills - page 13
1786 BURBAGE, JOHN, Mary (wife), William, John Hugh, Mary, Thomas, Peter, George, Ephraim, Beardwin and James.

Wills and Administrations of Elizabeth City County, Virginia 1688-1800
Thomas Burbage, Sept. 16, 1636, 2000 acres, being a neck of land stretching eastward upon the main bay of Chisopeian

Records of Colonial Gloucester County, Virginia
William Hurst, survey, April 16, 1684, Abingdon Parish, adj. Mr. John Robius, decd., Augustine Warner, decd.. RR: Jeffery Powers, Nicho Dale, Mr. Nicho Coffin, Thomas Burbage, Christopher Young.

Name: Thomas BURBAGE , Col.
Sex: M
Birth: 1608 in England
Death: DEC 1654 in Nansemond Co., Virginia
Reference Number: 8744
" 'Thomas Burbridge, Gentleman,' who came to Virginia in 1636 and had many hundred acres granted him on the Nansemond River, in what is now Isle of Wight Co. (and adjacent counties). The family is an old English one, and while the spelling of the name has differed somewhat, there are sixteen generations of Burbridges behind Thomas. "
History of West Virginia Old and New and West Virginia Biography- Volume II- Biographical pp120-1

William Burbage 1638 Virginia
Thomas Burbage 1638 Virginia

PASSENGER AND IMMIGRATION LIST (most of these people were from Essex or Suffolk, England or surrounding parishes and were allied with or acquainted with the Branston family.  Some of them or their descendants were Quakers who went to Burlington, New Jersey)
George Stacy, 1636, Virginia
Thomas Branston, 1636, Virginia
John Goodwene 1636 Virginia
Wm. Hedge 1636 Virginia
Robt Stamey [Stacey?], 1636, Virginia
John Holloway, 1636, Virginia
Christopher Burroughs, 1636, Virginia
Daniell Bacon, age 30, 1635, Virginia
Wm. Woodgate, 1635, Virginia
Robert Stokes, 1637, Virginia
Geo Goodwin, 1637, Virginia
William Burbage, 1638, Virginia
Daniell Goodwin, 1638, Virginia
Sarah Woodgate 1639 Virginia
Tho Burbadge, 1653, Virginia

Some English Records:
Leicestershire Marriage Bonds and Allegations - 1570 to 1729
Thomas Branson of Swannington and Elizabeth Orton - 1715
John Branston of Montsorrell and Mary Kirke of Barrowe - 1619
John Branston of Loughborow and Elizabeth Burbadge of Loughborow Parks - 1716



  The Garwood family were Quakers allied with the Antrim family in Burlington, NJ.  Joseph Garwood married Elizabeth Antrim March 27, 1732 in Burlington, NJ.  She was the daughter of James Antrim and Mary Hance.  The Antrim family was also allied with the Bransons, Haines, Painters and others.

Joseph Garwood was the son of John Garwood and Mary Farr who came to America from Suffolk, England.  (See Branstons mentioned in a book about some families in Suffolk, England).  This is yet another family from Suffolk, England who lived in Burlington, NJ near the Bransons, and yet another possible link between the Bransons and the Branstons of Suffolk, England.

I have found John Garwood mentioned in New Jersey land transactions as early as 1701 associated with the Shinn and Lippincott families and in Burlington court records as early as 1698. 



  The parents of Elizabeth Day who married Thomas L. Branson Oct. 4, 1702 were John Day and Elizabeth Harvey.  Elizabeth Harvey's father was John Harvey of Brent Pelham, Hertfordshire, England (LDS web site).  John was born about 1640, according to research done by others.  I found another John Harvey born Dec. 24, 1630 at St. Mary at the Quay, Ipswich, Suffolk, England and this is the exact location where Judith Branston and Edward Hedge resided in 1611/1612.  Edward Hedge also died there in 1645-1646.  (See their family tree)  I do not know if this John Harvey was related to the father of Elizabeth Harvey.

There were also Harvey families living near the Branstons and Bacons in or near Suffolk, England.  The will of Edmund Harvey (below) names Thomas Bacon as the executor in the year 1600.  The will was proved in 1601 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England.  Thomas Bacon is a name associated with the Bransons of this county.  The will of Henry Harvey dated Nov. 1, 1584 leaves money to the poor of Stradbroke, Hertfordshire and names his late brother William of Suffolk.  It also mentions two daughters of William Skynner of Ipswich, Suffolk, England and Skynner is a name associated with the Branstons and Lincolns of that county. 

The will of Edmund Hervy in 1664 Suffolk mentions his first wife Jane Le Hunte, widow of William Bramston.  William was possibly connected to the Branston family of that county.  Edmund was the son of John Hervy.  In the mid-1600's Edmund Harvey of Suffolk regularly attended Suffolk County Committee meetings headed by Nathaniel Barnadiston and also attended by Nathaniel Bacon.  (See page two).  His first wife was the widow of William Bramston.  Nathaniel Bacon was allied with the Goodwins who were allied with the Branstons of Suffolk.  Edmund Harvey's will his shown below.

The Hervey-Harvey family which is the subject of this book lived in both Suffolk and Hertfordshire, England.  There is a list of Hervey-Harvey individuals in the book and I checked the listings for Johns.  I found the following John Hervey-Harvey individuals who could be the father of Elizabeth Harvey.  As you can see, none of them appear to fit his profile.  Therefore, I am unable to connect Elizabeth Harvey with these families.  This does not mean she was not connected, because her family left England in 1683-1684, so there would be no wills recorded there. 

John Hervey of Chilton, near Clare [Suffolk].  Died 1688.  No. 1471 (no daughter mentioned in his will)
John Hervey of Wisset [Suffolk].  Died 1661.  No. 1789 (dau. Elizabeth died in 1634)
John Hervey of Wisset [Suffolk].  Died 1656.  No. 1791 (he was born c1610)
John Hervey of Bedington, Alderton, Died 1669.  No. 1710 (he was born c1616)
John Hervey of Wisset and Holton.  Died 1691.  No. 1806 (he was born in 1614)
John Hervey of Holton.  Born 1641.  No. 1808  (their daughter Elizabeth was buried in 1678)

Elizabeth Harvey and John Day were married in New Jersey in c1684, so she came to America by or before that year.  Elizabeth had a brother named Peter Harvey who married Sarah.  He is mentioned in land records with property adjoining (and previously owned by him) property of John Shinn.  NOTE:  John Shinn was born in Suffolk, England and arrived in New Jersey in 1678 along with many other familiar individuals, including John Day, probably on the ship "Shield of Stockton", "Kent of London" or "Success of London".  Elizabeth and Peter Harvey had a sister named Margery and she was on the Passenger and Immigration List along with Elizabeth in 1683-1684.  I did not find John or Peter traveling to New Jersey in that year, so the two sisters may have come over together, before or after the others came.  John Harvie arrived in East New Jersey in 1685 along with Marion Forrest Harvie who could be his wife.  Whether he came to America before his daughters, and then went back to England and back to NJ later, is not known.  I did not find a record for Peter Harvey to NJ. 

From reading about these early ships that arrived in New Jersey between 1677 and 1679, the passengers were mostly Quakers from London and Yorkshire, England (and other counties also).  Yorkshire is a bit north of Suffolk and Berkshire, but all are in the mid to eastern region of the island.  Middlesex, where London is located, is just east of Berkshire and slightly southwest of Suffolk. They were members of various Quaker Meetings who got together and decided to leave their homeland and establish residence in the newly organized City of Burlington, NJ (est. in 1677) to escape religious persecution.  The names on these passenger lists are very familiar to researchers of the Quakers of Burlington.  Thomas Branson

Margery Harvey 1683-1684 East New Jersey
Elizabeth Harvey 1683-1684 East New Jersey
John Harvie 1685 East New Jersey
Marion Forrest Harvie 1685 East New Jersey
John Shinn 1678 New Jersey
James Antrim 1678 New Jersey
John Borden 1678 New Jersey
James Budd 1678 New Jersey
John Budd 1678 New Jersey
John Butcher 1678 New Jersey
William Butcher 1678 New Jersey
John Day 1678 New Jersey
Thomas Ellis 1678 New Jersey
William Emley 1678 New Jersey
Thomas Gardiner 1678 New Jersey
Abram Hewlings 1678 New Jersey
William Hewlings 1678 New Jersey
John Payne 1678 New Jersey
Robert Schooley 1678 New Jersey
Robert Stacey 1678 West New Jersey, on the ship "Kent"
Mahlon Stacy 1678 West New Jersey on the "Shield" with wife, children and servants
John Stacy 1678 New Jersey
Richard Tindall 1678 West New Jersey
John Warrell 1678 New Jersey
John Woolman 1678 New Jersey

City of Burlington New Jersey
December 10, 1678— More English Quakers arrived, as the ship "Shield" [of Stockton, England] tied up to a huge sycamore on the riverbank. It was the first ship to sail up the Delaware River as far as Burlington. Said the Friends from Yorkshire to the Friends of London, “Let us build a Town together.”  Master: Daniel Towers (or Towle or Towles)

In the footsteps of Joseph Hampton and the Pennsylvania Quakers
On Oct 10, 1686, Peter Harvey and his wife Sarah, conveyed lands to Thomas Curtis of Bug Brook, West Jersey, (in Burlington, NJ)

New Jersey Biographical Sketches, 1665-1800
1688-9, Feb. 12: John Shinn and other Proprietors consent to the agreement, made by Dr. Daniel Coxe with East Jersey concerning the partition line.--Liber B, f. 233. 1686, Sept. 6: Eleazer Fenton to John Shinn, senior, both of Birch Creek, yeomen, for his share (1-16) in the First Tenth.--Liber B, f. 247. 1690-1, Feb. 2: John Shinn of Springfield, Burlington Co., wheelwright, to William Bustill, of said county, carpenter, for 50 acres at Oneanickon, formerly laid out to Peter Harvey.--Liber B, f. 267. 1690-1, Jan. 11
John Shinn, senior, had issue, doubtless all born in England:
2. i. John, m. Ellen Stacy, 1686. The following conveyances to and from him are recorded: 1685, May 13: John Renshawe of Burlington, butcher, to John Shinn, Junior, of Birch Creek, West Jersey, husbandman, for 200 acres, to be surveyed in the First Tenth as part of 1-16 of a share, bought by Renshawe of John Haslehurst, Dec. 19-20, 1683.--Liber BB, f. 87. 1706-7, Jan. 6: John and Mary Crosby to John Shinn, junior, all of Springfield Township, for the land, given them by John Shinn, senior.--Liber BBB f. 215. 1716, May 17: Joseph Ambler, of Philadelphia, to John Shinn, of Springfield, for 100 acres adjoining Peter Harvey, et al.--Ib., f. 298. 1718, Aug. 27: John Shinn, of Springfield, to John Ogborne, junior, of the same place, for 30 acres there.

Historical and Genealogical Miscellany, Vol. 2
John Day , of ye County of Burlington , yoeman, Att his request, had lar?? of Admistra??on of ye Goods...late of Peter Harvey , his Brother in Law, de??d., h?? haveing exhibitted, proved & given into ye office...Inventory...& also haveing given bond...which bond & Inventory are in ye office. ye Admistracon granted by Edw. Hunloke , John Tatham & Nathan?? Westland , Esqrs, & before m?? Tho: Revell , Regr. Quetus in Lib. C: 184.
Historical and Genealogical Miscellany, Vol. 3
1694, Dec. 1. Peter Harvey 's inventory of this date, amounted to £143-16-01. Signed by the administrators, John Day , yeoman, Henry Grubb , butcher, and John Shinn , Jr., all of Burlington .
Historical and Genealogical Miscellany, Vol. 3
1694, Dec. 1. John Day , of Burlington County , yeoman, obtained letters of administration on the estate of his brother-in-law, Peter Harvey . (1742, May 1. Margaret Harvey , of Mo??mouth County , had a license to marry John Lone , Loue or Love.

Dictionary of Herveys of all classes, callings, counties and spellings from 1040 to 1500
Edmund Harvy of Bramford died 1654, will dated Jan. 31, 1653/54, names wife Anne, was the son of Edmund Harvey of Bramford who died in 1601. Names wife Rose, son Edmund, daughters Margaret, Thomazine, Anne and Joan. Will dated May 9, 1600. He appointed Thomas Bacon to receive rents from a house he owns and turn the money over to his daughters. The will was proved at Ipswich, Suffolk, England June 30, 1601.  Exec. Thomas Bacon

Edmund Hervy, 1592-1664
I shall enter here all the five sons of John Hervy of Eye and Bedingfield [Suffolk]. Edmund is the second son of that John Hervy. He was baptised at Eye July, 1592. On July 6, 1614 he was admitted to Gray's Inn. He was entered as Edmund Harvie of Eye, late of Barnard's Inn, gent. He was twice married. His first wife was Jane daughter of Sir George Le Hunte of Little Bradley in Suffolk, widow of William Bramston of Rockwell. She was buried at Wickham Skeith on July 19, 1644.

Some Harvey Families in Virginia and North Carolina

I found a Sophel Harvey family in Grayson, VA (where Jared Branson Sr. may have lived) in 1793, mentioned in a land transaction with Walter and James Crockett.  A William Harvey was mentioned in the 1827 will of George Stanfield in Grayson, VA, referred to as his nephew.  In 1790 a John Harvey was on the 1790 Surry, NC Tax list in Capt. Flen's District.  John Bowater Beals was listed in Capt. Loveill's District.  He was the husband of Lois Branson (daughter of Thomas Branson and Jane/Jeane Painter).  In 1794 William, Phillip, James and Robert Harvey were on the 1794 Botetourt, VA Tax List.

William Harvey who was mentioned in the Grayson, VA will was probably the descendant of William Harvey and Judith Osborn of Worcester, England and Chester, PA, son of Eli Harvey and Mary Stanfield.  I do not know if this Harvey family was related to Elizabeth Harvey.

John Harvey in 1790 Surry, NC was probably the son of Michael Harvey and Elizabeth Chaney of Randolph and Guilford, NC.  John's brother Jesse Harvey died in Grant, Indiana.  Grant, Indiana is also where David Branson and his wife Hannah Jackson died.  David was the son of Thomas Branson and Jane/Jeane Painter.  On the LDS web site it shows that Michael Harvey was born c1732 in Lunenberg, VA.  This was one of counties that existed where Jared Branson Sr. lived before Montgomery Co., VA was formed in 1776.  It also states that he was the son of John and Mary Harvey, grandson of Thomas Harvey (born c1670 of Perquimans Co., NC) and Mary Fletcher.  Thomas was the son of John Harvey (b. c1615-1630 of Warwickshire or Middlesex, England and VA) and Dorothy Tooke of Charlotte/Albemarle, VA.  Apparently John Harvey and Dorothy Tooke were married in Isle of Wight, VA.  This region has already been covered within this narrative.  According to the Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, the first Quakers of Isle of Wight, VA were probably Puritans who became Quakers after George Fox visited them.  They were persecuted for their beliefs and many of them went to Surry Co., NC very early.  Early records of Isle of Wight, Virginia reveal that a John Branson, William Painter, Evan Haines and 53 others were transported to that county by William Boddie in exchange for 3,350 acres of land in 1665.  It is possible that John Branson and John Harvey were acquainted with one another and perhaps John Branson was a relative of Nathaniel Branson of Berkshire, England.  (NOTE: some descendants of Nathaniel were also in the vicinity of Surry, NC at various times and his 3rd great-grandaughter Lois Branson Beals were there in 1790). 

In the 1790 Federal census we find John and Augustus Harvey and John Burbage.  Augustus Harvey was the son of Miles Harvey of Perquimans Co., NC.  This Harvey line was related to the Harveys mentioned in the previous paragraph.

According to the book "Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight County, Virginia", Dorothy Tooke's father John patented 178 acres on one side of the Blackwater Branches, Sept. 14, 1653.  He made his will in 1659, probated 1662, and left his son Thomas his silver seal ring.  His only daughter was Dorothy and it is probable that he was a son of James Tooke and his wife Dorothy of Hertford, England.  James Tooke married Dorothy Gray.  He was the 4th son of William Tooke of Hertford who died in 1611.  Dorothy Tooke married Governor John Harvey of North Carolina.  Dorothy made her will Nov. 14, 1682, making her brother Thomas executor.  She also mentions her nephew Governor Thomas Harvey of North Carolina.  Gov. John Harvey was apparently a tyrant who was thrown out of the government.  Thomas Harvey, the elder, was the Deputy Governor from 1694 to 1699...

    Virginia, all this time, with Maryland a thorn in her side, was wrestling with an autocratic governor, John Harvey. This avaricious tyrant sowed the wind until in 1635 he was like to reap the whirlwind. Though he was the King's Governor and in good odor in England, where rested the overpower to which Virginia must bow, yet in this year Virginia blew upon her courage until it was glowing and laid rude hands upon him. We read: "An Assembly to be called to receive complaints against Sr. John Harvey, on the petition of many inhabitants, to meet 7th of May." But, before that month was come, the Council, seizing opportunity, acted for the whole. Immediately below the entry above quoted appears: "On the 28th of April, 1635, Sr. John Harvey thrust out of his government, and Capt. John West acts as Governor till the King's pleasure known."*
    Harvey, thrust out, took first ship for England, and there also sailed commissioners from the Virginia Assembly with a declaration of wrongs for the King's ear. But when they came to England, they found that the King's ear was for the Governor whom he had given to the Virginians and whom they, with audacious disobedience, had deposed. Back should go Sir John Harvey, still governing Virginia; back without audience the so-called commissioners, happy to escape a merited hanging!   Again to Jamestown sailed Harvey. In silence Virginia received him, and while he remained Governor no Assembly sat. 
NOTE: about two years later Gov. Berkeley assumed the position and he was the governor who had to deal with the rebel Nathaniel Bacon - see Bacons Rebellion on page two.
* Hening's "Statutes" vol. I p. 223.

Grayson County, Virginia - Land Plat Book 1 1793-1794
1793 - October 18 James Newell, asee of Walter Crockett asee of James Clark by virtue of a part of a land treasury warrant for 500 acres No. 13769 & by virtue of a land office treasury warrant for 234¬ acres assigned to him by James McCorkle and by virtue of Do. assigned to him by Henry.... for 272¬ acres No. 12181 and by virtue of .... to him by Walter Crockett assigned of James Crockett... No. 18243 enters 600 acres of land on ... to join Sophel Harvey, Stophel Gose, and the lines of Timothy Roark beginning at a large pine tree and on the North Side of Elk Creek thence to join the lines of Stephen Goas, George Eller and Richard Hail for the... of Lewis Hail, Michael THomas and Jacob Reedy (Rudy) to be laid off on three surveys. [New River web site]

Grayson County, Virginia Wills 1793- 1849
STANFIELD, George. Will proved August 1827. Names Jane and William Combs and their son, Zedekiah, a nephew, William Harvey; brother William Stanfield and sisters, Lydia Hiett and Mary Harvey.   [New River web site]

Surry County, North Carolina 1790 Tax List (Partial list)
Captain Flen's District
Harvey, John - 1 - - - -
Captain Lovill's District
Bales, John Boeter 100 2 - - -
Bales, Jacob - 2 - - -

1794 Botetourt County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List (Partial list)
Harvey, Matthew 2 3 2
Harvey, Philip 1 -
Harvey, James 1 1
Harvey, Robert 1 5 20

Garwood, Saml. 2 1 7
McGowen, Paul 1 3
McMullan, Mathew 1 4
Butcher, Jacob 1 3
Server, John 3 1 1 11
Sever, Kasper 1 4

John Branson and Richard Hervy were mentioned in the same document in Suffolk, England in 1524.

Suffolk, England: Parish and Probate Records
Suffolk: - Subsidy Returns, 1524
Cosford Hundred. For first year. 180/136
Poslyngford With Chiplegh. 180/131.
County: Suffolk
Country: England
John Branston, Richard Hervy, Roger Dike, £1 1 0



  A John Bransis traveled to Virginia in 1670 and a John Branson traveled to Virginia in 1665.  These may be the same person.  In 1663 and 1666 a Francis Branson traveled to Virginia.  Francis and John were possibly related.  Below are names of some other passengers who sailed to Virginia in 1670...some of these surnames are quite familiar.  Names familiar to Suffolk, England:  Cockerell, Amys, Bacon, Bright, Goodwin, Holloway, Stacye. 


1663 to Virginia:
Francis Branson 1663 & 1666 Virginia
1665 to Virginia:
Jno Branson 1665 Virginia

1670 to Virginia:
Jno Bransis 1670 Virginia
Tho Cockerell 1670 Virginia  (see page two)
Jno Amys 1670 Virginia (see Amyse above)
John Bacon 1670 Virginia
Tho Barton 1670 Virginia
Jo Bird 1670 Virginia
Robert Bird 1670 Virginia
Simon Bird 1670 Virginia
Robt Bristow 1670 Virginia
Francis Bright 1670 Virginia
Margaret Bumpas 1670 Virginia
James Day 1670 Virginia
Ursala Day 1670 Virginia
Wm. Day 1670 Virginia
Jno Dilyard 1670 Virginia
Anth Dodson 1670 Virginia
Mary Fletcher 1670 Virginia
Tho Fletcher 1670 Virginia
Jane Godwyn 1670 Virginia
Jno Godwyn 1670 Virginia
Jane Goodwin 1670 Virginia
Jno Goodwinch 1670 Virginia
James Hallowell 1670 Virginia
Geo Haynes 1670 Virginia
Mary Haynes 1670 Virginia
Robt Haynes 1670 Virginia
Rich Holloway 1670 Virginia
Dowgell Mackmillion 1670 Virginia
John Minter 1670 Virginia
Edwd Osborne 1670 Virginia
Jo Payne 1670 Virginia
William Payne 1670 Virginia
Bartholomew Penn 1670 Virginia
Tho Preston 1670 Virginia
Giles Rogers 1670 Virginia
John Rogers 1670 Virginia
Jone Rogers 1670 Virginia
Symon Rogers 1670 Virginia
Wm. Rogers 1670 Virginia
Wm. Sharp 1670 Virginia
Robert Sharpe 1670 Virginia
Hen Skiner 1670 Virginia
Martyn Skinner 1670 Virginia (the Bright family of Suffolk, Eng. married into this family)
Ann Stacye 1670 Virginia
Nich Stoke 1670 Virginia
Robt Stoker 1670 Virginia
William Terrell 1670 Virginia
Robert Walton 1670 Virginia
Thomas Walton 1670 Virginia



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