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Research Notes about Jarred Branson Senior and Branson allied Families
The Branson DNA Project

PAGE TWO ------>


A Project by Sandra Branson Young (oregongal9@aol.com)
And Other Researchers

Read Disclaimer

Any information, conclusions or theories presented in this narrative are not entirely verified and should not be assumed to be totally accurate.


The parentage of Jarred Branson Sr. who went to Gasconade Co., Missouri between 1824 and 1830, has not been proven.  (I have formulated several theories).  There is evidence linking him to several Branson families who lived near him in Virginia and Tennessee.  These Branson families include:

1. Bransons who lived in St. Mary's and Charles Counties, Maryland, later Stokes, NC
2. Bransons who descended from Absalom Branson
3. Thomas L. Branson who married Jane/Jeane Painter
4. Lionel Branson
5. Joseph Branson, brother of Lionel Branson Sr.
6. There is also some evidence linking him to the Branscom/Branscomb family. 

The information presented in this narrative is an attempt to reveal clues and patterns that might help researchers determine his heritage.   It also contains extensive documentation about other Branson individuals and others with similar last names, including the Branston family of Suffolk, England (and others allied with them). 

It has been learned that the Hedge family of Burlington, NJ came from Suffolk, England and was in the ironworks business there.  William Branson, descendant of Nathaniel Branson, was also in the ironworks business in Chester, PA.  In Suffolk, England Edward Hedge (ancestor of the Burlington, NJ Hedges) married Judith Branston, daughter of John Branston.  A Richard Hedge is mentioned along with John Branston in the 1600 will of John Goodwin of Suffolk, England.  A John Bransdon is also mentioned with Richard Hege in 1681 Quaker records of Berkshire, England.  The Burlington, NJ Hedge family was allied with Quakers who attended the same meetings that the Bransons attended in New Jersey.  The Hedge family was allied with the Stockton, Shinn, Penn, Crispin, Birdsall, Stacey, Stokes and Branston families in or near Suffolk, England.  The Branson family of Burlington, NJ was allied with many of these same families in America.  Because of the similarity of the names BRANSTON and BRANSON, and because of their connections to the same families, their Quaker roots, and their involvement in the ironworks business, it makes sense to pursue the possibility that the Branstons were related to the Bransons.  Thomas Branson was in St. Mary's, MD as early as 1650 and a Thomas Branston was mentioned in Maryland court documents with the father-in-law of Richard Shockley in 1666-1668.  Thomas Branson married Amy and he was probably the ancestor of John Branson, Jr. whose descendants lived near allied families in Stokes, NC.  John Branson, Jr. married Elinor Williamson Briscoe who may have been related to John Briscoe mentioned in land transactions with Thomas L. Branson in Frederick, VA.  The Maryland Bransons may have been connected to the Suffolk, England Branstons and also to the Chester, PA and Burlington, NJ Bransons.  A Gerrard Branson is found in early Maryland records and a Jarrett Branson was a descendant of the Maryland Branson family who died in the Civil War and lived in Illinois.  The narrative about the Branston family begins on Page Two.

The following families were allied with Jarred and/or his children in Virginia, Tennessee and/or Missouri:  Shockley, Pointer, McMillion/McMillan, Barbarick, Blanchet/Blansett, Haynes/Haines, Goad, David, Dillard, McGowan/McGown, Phelps, Jett, Carroll, Cock/Cocke/Cox, East, Stovall, Surrat/Surratt, Burgess, Bumpass, Massie/Massey, Sherrill, Crismon/Chrisman, Ousley/Owsley, Dodson, Margrave, White, Mayfield, Smith, Ward, and others. 

In addition to the above families, Jarred and/or his sons and allied families were found in records with (or near) Doak, Beals/Bails, Carr, Dalton, Yeatts, Abshier/Abshire/Absher, Hammons, Whitlock, Penn, Lackey, Shelton, Keaton, Epperson, Adams, Allen, Sharp, Reynolds, Finney, Hawks, Ayres, Chapman, Mankin, Harris, Hall, Hughes, Kilgore, Coffee/Coffey, Taylor, May, Guynn/Gwynne, Baker, Kelley, Sizemore, West, Armstrong, Woods, Walton, Fry, Puckett, Moore, Sumner, McGivens, Newman, Witt, Boling, Botts/Bolt, Daniel, and others. 

Other names of interest: Witcher, Borden, Lorton, Briscoe, Barber, Bird, Claypool, Hanson, Crispin, Thurston, Sevier, Clemons, Gatton, Scroggin, Clarke, Morris, Norton, Luckett, Hammocks, Acuff, Acord, Bolton, Dyer, Watson, Vadery, Pruitt/Prewitt, Lyon, Williamson, Gatton, Graves, Gardiner, Green, Rogers, McKee, Waggoner, Rust, Painter, Hite, Pready, Harrold, Noble, Lee, Jefferson, Crockett, Hutchins, Shinn, Birdsall, Hedge, Hawkins, Copeland, Loving, Beason, Stovall, Acuff, Cochran, Eddens/Eddings, and others.

Jarred and/or his sons were found in records in (or linked to) the following locations:  Montgomery Co. VA, Patrick Co. VA, Carroll Co. VA, Wythe Co. VA, Washington Co. VA, Grayson Co. VA (?), Bledsoe Co. TN, Greene Co. TN (?), White Co. TN, Marion Co. TN, Hawkins Co. TN (?), Gasconade Co. MO, Maries Co. MO, Gentry Co. MO, Osage Co. MO, Buchanan Co. MO, and others.

Jarred has not been found in Revolutionary War, pension, passenger, immigration or Quaker records

Virginia City and County Formation Dates on Rootsweb

Botetourt County Division Formation Chart

(Please read the disclaimer).


Lunenburg County, Virginia - later divided to form Pittsylvania County
The Lehew Family in Southwest Virginia
John and James Branson and their neighbors
Jarred Branson was a neighbor of Williams Penn's relatives in Patrick Co., VA
Some Information about the McMillan/McMillion Family of Southwest VA
Some Notes about Thomas Branson, Jost Hite, John & Gerard Briscoe and Lord Fairfax
Time Lines for Thomas Branson and Jarred Branson Sr.
John and Valentine Sevier and other Familiar Individuals

Two Branson Cousins on Opposing Sides in The Revolution?
John Branson of Lovels (Lovings) Creek, Carroll Co, Virginia
Jacob Lorton Connection to Levi Branson and Benjamin Borden
Jemima Lorton who married Absalom Branson
Timeline for Jarred Branson
Some Familar Names on the 1810 Grainger, Tennessee Tax List
Evidence of connection to Absalom Branson of Pittsylvania, VA
Some Branson Families of Early Virginia and Tennessee
Thomas L. Branson and Rev. Thomas Beals
Unexplained Information
Claypool in Maries Co., Missouri
PAGE TWO ------>


Part of Lunenburg Co., Virginia Became Pittsylvania County in 1767
July 30, 2006

The 1749, 1750 and 1764 Lists of Tithables of Lunenburg Co., VA reveals many familiar names who were allied with Jarred Branson in later years in Montgomery, Patrick and Carroll counties and elsewhere.  However, there are no Bransons on these lists, implying that Jarred and/or his parents did not go to that part of southwest Virginia.  The Shockleys, Easts, Goodes (Goads?), Cocks, and other families allied with him were in Lunenburg during these years.  Montgomery County was formed from Fincastle which was abolished and these records have been lost.  Jarred's family may have been included in these lost records. 

In documents Jarred stated that he arrived in Burks Fork (then in Fincastle/Montgomery Co.) in 1776, but where was he prior to that?  This is the big mystery.  We don't know if he went to Burks Fork from the north or from the south (North Carolina perhaps).  The first documentation we have found for a Branson in Montgomery Co. was in 1777 when a Thomas Branson took the Oath of Allegiance there.


The Lehew Family in Southwest Virginia
July 29, 2006

The Lehew family is connected to Lionel Branson.  His daughter, Hannah, married Moses Lehew on April 15, 1800 in Frederick Co., Virginia.  Moses was the son of Spencer Lehew and grandson of Peter Lehew of Frederick Co., Virginia.  Some of Peter Lehew's descendants were living in Wythe Co., Virginia at about the same time as Jarred Branson was there (or near there).  Jerard Branson (spelled Branston) was on the 1793 Wythe Co., VA Tax List along with James Branston, listed in the section that became Grayson County in that year.  William Lehew (uncle of Moses Lehew) was on the 1800 Wythe Co., Virginia Tax List on the same list with John Dillard and Reuben Cox.  William Lehew died 1811-1812 in Wythe Co., VA.  His son Isaac was married in that county in 1823.  Isaac's brother John died after 1830 and resided in Grayson Co., Virgina.  This is another possible loose connection between Jarred Branson and Lionel Branson.  Many Lehew families lived in Royal Front, Frederick (later Warren) Co., Virginia. 

William Lehew  (his nephew Moses married Hannah Branson, d/o Lionel Sr.)
William Brabston
Reubin Cox  (the Cox family was linked to Jared Branson)
John Dillard   (the Dillards were linked to Jared Branson)
John Blanshet (the Blansetts were linked to Jared Branson in Patrick, VA)
Benjamin Christman (some of the Chrismans went to Gasconade, MO where Jared lived)
James Dillard  (the Dillards were linked to Jared Branson)

John and James Branson and their neighbors
November 25, 2007

Note the name James Branston on the 1793 Wythe, VA tax list with Jerard Branston.   There is also reference to a James Branson in 1783 Pittsylvania, VA and a Jan A. Branson in 1794 Grayson, VA.  Also taxed in 1783 Pittsylvania, VA was George Yates and a George Yates was living on Big Reed Island near the close of the Revolution - this is also where a Jarret Branson owned land.  George Yates later bought land at Johnson's Creek, Patrick, VA, as did Jared Branson.  In the same year (1783) in Pittsylvania, VA, Thomas Shockley was listed on a tax change report.  His family was allied with the family of Jared Branson.  Joshua Cantrell was also listed and his granddaughter, Ann, married John Branson, grandson of Eli Branson Sr.  The 1782 Land Tax List of Pittsylvania, VA contains many people whose families were linked to Jared Branson.   Note: in 1782 Absolom Branson was taxed in Pittsylvania, VA (per genealogy.com).  We don't know if Absolom was related to Jared, but it is possible.

A John Branson was on the Tithables Tax List of Loudoun Co., VA from the years 1768 to 1774.  In 1769 James Branson was taxed there also.  John Painter was also taxed there from 1769-1772 and his daughter Jane married Thomas L. Branson, son of John Day Branson.  (Note: This may have been Jane's brother, John Painter Jr.)  Therefore, the John Branson who was taxed was probably also a descendant of John Day Branson, namely the grandson John mentioned in his will in 1769.  James is unknown and a possible missing link to the heritage of Jared. He could be a son of John who was taxed.  Since he was taxed in 1769, he was probably born before 1749, and the same applies to John.  John Day Branson was born in 1704 and reportedly his eldest son John was born 1724-1728.  Since John Day Branson left half his plantation to his grandson John, and did not mention a son John, his son John may have died before 1769, or perhaps was not mentioned for other reasons.   Grandson John was probably born sometime between 1744 and 1748.  James was probably born in the same date range, so James was possibly a brother of grandson John (but James was not mentioned in the will).  A James Branson was found in Quaker records of Loudoun, VA.  His eldest child was born in 1757, so James was probably born before 1738.  He was likely the same James taxed in Loudoun in 1769 with John.  James would be too old to be the son of "son" or "grandson" John, and John Day Branson did not have a known son named James.  I suspect this James was perhaps a son of Joseph Branson who also had a son named John.

1793 Wythe Co, VA Personal Property Tax List -
Name Tithes Blacks Blacks Horses
12-16 16+
Branston, Jerard 1 3 - Second Section
Branston, James 1 1 - Second Section

Cock, James 2 4
Cock, John 1 6
Cox, Joshua 1 2
Cox, Reuben 1
Goad, Abraham 1 5
Goad, Robert 1 31

Index to the Tithables of Loudoun County, Virginia, and to Slaveholders and Slaves, 1758-1786
James Branson 1769
John Branson 1768, 1772
John Branson 1773-1774

John Painter 1769, 1772

My ancestor Rebecca is listed in the 1783 tax list with the following neighbors.
Hundley, Joseph and Isaac
Branson, James
Yates, Elizabeth and George

Pittsylvania, VA Changes to Land Tax - 1783
Thomas Shockley                                114 ac                         Gives Legal
Caleb Hundley                                      513                          Henry Conway

Zach. Lewis                                           150                          Jeremiah Kesee
Henry Hall                                             150                          Zack Waller
Henry Rolling                                       150                          Joshua Cantrell
George Hankins                                    150                          Wm Shields

1782 Tax List, Pittsylvania, VA
Thomas Dodson Senior 280    (the Dodsons and Goads are linked to the family of Jared Branson)
Lazarous Dodson 450
Thomas Dodson Jr 150
George Dodson 250
David Dodson 219
Joshua Dodson 150
Jonathan Weldons’s Orphans 250
John Waller 710     (charter member of Baptist Church with John Bransom?)
James Hollaway 97     (had relatives who were neighbors of John Bransom in Caroline, VA)
William Durrott 300     (his family is linked to the family of Jared Branson and lived near John Bransom in Caroline, VA)
Thomas Harkins 100     (his relative Thomas was mentioned in the 1744 will of Thomas L. Branson Sr.)
John McMillion 65     (the McMillans were allied with the family of Jared Branson)
John Poyner 480     (the Pointers were allied with the family of Jared Branson)
Thomas East 342     (the Easts were allied with the family of Jared Branson)
Samuel Dillard 510     (the Dillards were allied with the family of Jared Branson)
Elizabeth Yates 130     (widow of George?)
John Yates 270
Daniel Dodson 700
Thomas Hampton 495     (the Hamptons were neighbors of John Bransom in Caroline, VA)
Joseph Ballinger 305     (part of the Quaker Ballinger line?)
Daniel Hankins 7167     (his relative Thomas was mentioned in the 1744 will of Thomas L. Branson Sr.)
James Shockley 350     (the Shockleys were allied with the family of Jared Branson)
Charlton Shockley 250
Charles Rigney 200     (his sister married Benjamin Fawcett)
William Maples 163     (his desc. married Mary Jane Branson, dau. of George Branson and Joanna Jett in MO)
Benjamin Leprad 430     (his relative was in a court dispute with Bransons in Patrick, VA)
Abraham Goad 180     (the Dodsons and Goads are linked to the family of Jared Branson)
Charles Goad 200
Gidion Shelton 170     (his relative Eliphaz owned land near Jared in Patrick, VA)
Edward Hampton 200     (son of Martha Catlett?? there were Hamptons in Caroline, VA near John Bransom)

Jarred Branson was a neighbor of Col. Abraham Penn's sons in Patrick Co., VA
July 27, 2006

Col. Abraham Penn was the second cousin, 2 generations removed, of William Penn, famous Quaker founder of Pennsylvania (see below for more information about him and William Branson).   Phillip Stovall Penn (son of Col. Abraham Penn) married Louise Briscoe (daughter of John Briscoe and Charity Warren of Charles, MD and Pittsylvania, VA).  (See below for more information about him).  Another son of Col. Abraham Penn, Horatio Gates Penn, moved to Ralls Co., Missouri.  Other Penn descendants moved to other counties in Missouri.

Col. Abraham Penn was found in records in Southwest Virginia as early as 1779.  He was born Sept. 27, 1743 in Caroline Co., Virginia, son of Moses Penn and Katherine Taylor.  He married Ruth Stovall March 3, 1767 in Amherst Co., Virginia.  In 1787 Henry Co., Virginia James East and John Dillard signed a petition for Abraham Penn.   John Dillard was born c1751 in Amherst Co., Virginia.  He was the uncle of Susan or Sarah Dillard who married Jarred's son, John Jefferson Branson Dec. 15, 1803 in Patrick Co., Virginia.  John Dillard married Sarah Stovall, sister of Abraham Penn's wife Ruth.  So John Jefferson Branson was indirectly connected to Abraham Penn by marriage only.  Several members of the Dillard family also married into the Penn family. (see the section on the Dillard Family).

No direct connections have been found between Jarred Branson and Abraham Penn.  However, Mary Branson (daughter of Jarred Branson Jr.) married John Stovall on July 16, 1840 in Gasconade Co., Missouri.  I have not yet found his ancestry, but he may have been related to Ruth and Sarah Stovall.  Information on the LDS web site shows that he could have been born c1822 in Surry Co., North Carolina.   If you have information about John Stovall, please contact Sandra by email.

Valentine Branson, son of Jarred Branson Sr., served as an ensign in Capt. Abraham Penn's (Junior) company in 1811, presumably in the War of 1812.  Britt Stovall, brother of Ruth and Sarah, is also mentioned in court on the same day in a different matter.  He was Sheriff of Patrick County at that time. Thomas Branson, Valentine's brother, was commissioned as a Lieutenant in May, 1810 in Patrick Co., VA along with Britt Stovall who was commissioned as a Major.

(31 October 1811)
On the Motion of Britt Stovall Gent. Sherif of this County, George S. Clark,
Jonathan James & Clark Penn are Admitd Deputy Sherifs Whereupon they took the
official oaths to Government and the Oaths of Deputy Sherifs.

(31 May 1810)
Brett Stovall Gentleman Presented in court a commission from the Governor
and council appointing him Major of the first Batallion & qualyfied
according to law.
John A. Corn as Lieutenant the same
Elkanah Aryes the same, the same.
Thomas Branson the same, the same
Wm. Sneed as Captain the same
Madison R. Hughes as Ensign the same
Richard Thomas as Lieutenant the same.
Richard Nowlin as Ensign the same
Samuel Hanby as Captain the same.

ComWealth vs. Margaret Overstouff, a Jury Swn. to wit, Major Hancock, Thomas
Sharp, Thomas Bartlett, Warren Massey, Charles Reeves, Edward Dillard, John
Hix, James Dunn, Valentine Branson, Jesse Corn, Joel Willis & Robert Rogers.
Verdict retd. We the Jury on the trial of the Case between the CWealth &
Margaret Overstouff find a Verdict in favour of the defendant & O.R.

Joseph Smith is recommended to the Executive as a proper & fit Person to serve
as Lieutenant in Capt. Abra. Penns Company of Militia in the Room of Thomas
removed in the 2d Battalion. Valentine Branson Ensign in the said

/va/patrick/courts/cob11805.txt [0.852925]
(26 April 1805)
PATRICK COUNTY, VA - COURT - Order Book "1" (Selected Entries, 1805)
Chilton v Bolts, a Jury Sworn to wit, Joseph Newman, George Lackey, Jos.
Keaton, Jarrad Branson, William Adams, Abraham Penn, Wm. Allen, Archibald
Shelton, Moses Hurt, John Keaton, Peter Epperson & David Taylor. Verd. ret.
for the Deft. Isaac not guilty & also Verdt. retd. v John for $13. &
Judgment thereon accordingly with Costs.

va/patrick/courts/cob21811.txt [0.875127]
(31 January 1811)
Gerrard Branson Sr. is appointed surveyor of the road from the ford of the
creek near Majr. Moores to Abram Penns store in the room of Joseph Wil...?
resigned & it is Ordered that the list filed be his gang.
Thomas Branson qualifyed to a commission appointing him Lieutenant of the
militia of the upper Batalion according to law.

Index of the 1810 Patrick County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List
Absher, John
Absher, Sally
Blanchit, Joel
Branson, Andrew
Branson, Gerrard
Branson, Gerrard, Jr.
Branson, John
Branson, Thomas
Branson, Valentine
Dillard, Thomas
Dilliard, Edward
East, Drury
East, Isham
East, John
East, Joseph
East, William
Haines, Joshua, Jr.
Haines, Joshua, Sr.
Haines, William
Penn, Abraham, Jr.
Penn, Captain Abram
Penn, Colonel George
Penn, Edmund
Penn, Gabriel, Jr.
Penn, Gabriel, Esquire
Penn, George, Sr.
Penn, Greensville
Penn, Horatio
Penn, James
Penn, Mrs. Ruth
Penn, Philip
Penn, Thomas
Penn, William
Penn, Wilson

09 Apr 1787 (Henry Co VA DB1:530) [inserted between pp. 530-31] "A poll taken of a section of Delegates at Henry County Courthouse this 9th
of April 1787 for Abraham PENN, Esq." [included the following]:
George Dodson, Michael Watson, John Norton, Cain Acuff, Phillip Penn, Thomas Dodson, William Acuff, Thomas Stovall, John Dillard, James East, Charles Dodson, John Watson, William Dodson

Some Information about the McMillan/McMillion Family of Southwest VA
July 20, 2006

There were several McMillion/McMillan families who lived near Jarred Branson in Patrick, VA.  Some of them also migrated to Gasconade, MO along with the Bransons (or at about the same time).  The McMillans married into the Dillard, Daniel, Guynn, Branson and other families.  There were apparently nine brothers in the same family who lived near the Bransons and some were mentioned in land transactions with the Bransons.  Abram or Abraham McMillan was their father.  I've attempted to find information about Abraham, but very little is available.  (SEE NEW INFORMATION BELOW)  He was in Surry Co., NC in 1784-1787.  His son Theophilus was married in Surry Co. Oct. 12, 1796 to Franky Bybee (research by others conflicts with the date and location of their marriage, but I located this information on Genealogy.com in Surry, NC Marriage Records.)

NEW INFORMATION POSTED 11/25/2007:  Abraham McMillan was found on the 1784-1787 tax list of Surry, NC just across the border from Patrick, VA where Jared Branson lived.  He was listed on the same page with Bowater Beals who married Lois Branson, daughter of Thomas L. Branson and Jane Painter.

State Census of Surry, North Carolina, 1784-1787
Captain Gaines District
Page 2:
Abraham McMillian 1 white 21-60; white males under 21; 3 white females
John Shelton 2-3-7 (next to Abraham McMillian)
John Bristowe 1-2-1 (3 lines above Abraham McMillian)
Boeter Bailes 1-0-2 (his wife was Lois Branson, d/o Thomas Branson and Jane Painter)
Daniel Bailes 1-3-3
Benjamin Carr 1-1-1
William Hiett 2-5-3

Other research indicates that Abraham was born 1740/1750 in Halifax, VA.  His wife was Elizabeth.  His eldest son William was born c1770 in Pittsylvania, VA.  He was listed as a taxpayer in Montgomery Co., VA in 1782 along with Jarred and Thomas Branson.  In 1777 a Stephen McMillan was listed as a taxpayer in Pittsylvania, VA along with a John McMillon, Thomas, John and James Dillard, David and Thomas Shockley, Absolem Bransom, Abraham, Robert and William Goad, John, Joseph and Thomas East, and other familiar names.  Abraham had a son Stephen, but he was not born until c1785, so the Stephen McMillon on the 1777 tax list in Pittsylvania could not be him.  He was most likely a brother or father to Abraham.

Pittsylvania, VA was formed 1767 from Halifax.  The first year of Pittsylvania's existence a list of tithables was prepared.  John McMillion was on that list along with Levy, Richard and James Shockley, John East, Charles Goad, Thomas Dillard Sr. and Thomas Dillard Jr., John McGown, and others.  It is probable that these people were living in Halifax Co. before Pittsylvania was formed.  Any information about these families prior to 1767 in Halifax, VA would be important to locate. 

I found a Stephen McMillan on the 1755 Orange Co., NC Tax List along with Thomas Branson.  Levi and Eli Branson were on the 1772 Orange Co., NC Tax List.  The Thomas Branson who was on the 1755 Orange Co., NC tax list was probably the father of Eli and Levi, and the one who married Rebecca Borden.  They were also on records in early Augusta Co., VA along with Benjamin Borden and Jacob Lorton.

I am currently trying to locate information about any of them, especially McMillans or Bransons who were in Halifax, VA or Orange Co., NC.  If you have information about them, please contact Sandra by email.

Spelling variations: McMillan, McMillon, McMillion, McMillian, McMilan, McMilon, McMilion, McMillen, McMullen, McMullion



Taken by George Jefferson Levy Shockley
James Shockley
Taken by John Donelson John East
David Barber
John Barber
Richard Hamock
William Bennett & Chas. Goad
Richard Prewet
Henry Prewit & Joseph Prewit
Taken by John Wilson John MacMillion
William Watson
Theop'l Lacy 10th of June 1767 Thos. Dodson List, (negroes Peter, Adam, Joseph, Dinah, Sall, Winny, Lucy & Nora)
Lazarus Dodson
Geo. Dodson
Taken by Thomas Dillard, Jr in June 1767 Thomas Dillard, Sn, (negro Will & Sarah)
Thomas Dillard, Jr., Wm Gregory, (negroes Hinory & Race)
Byrd Prewet
John Vaughn
Mathew Vance
Taken by Robert Chandler Geo. Daniel
Jas. Guinn
Pyerce Guinn
Jno. Acoff
Taken by John Hanby Gent James Lyon
Taken July 17, 1767 by Peter Copland, Gent. Frederick D.O. Daniel
John Cox, Sr.., John Cox, Jr. (Neg Lucy)
Nenian Prater, Nemiah Prater
William Stanley, John Stanley, Wm. Stanley, Jr.
Taken by Hamon Critz, Gent Adam Loving
William Loving
Lambath Dodson
Taken by John Dix Thomas Ayers
Daniel Ayers
Moses Ayers
Samuel Pruett
Taken by Peter Perkins John Cox
Thomas Watson, 1 tithe, land
John Watson, Jun., Jun'r
Taken by Hugh Innes Richard Shockley
Daniel Witcher
David Dalton & Benj. Dalton
John Witcher
Robt. Dalton, John Dalton & Robt. Dalton, Jr.
John Dalton
James Dalton
Sherwood Adkins


1782 Land Tax of Pittsylvania, VA


Name and Acres

John McMillion 65
Abraham Goad 180
Charles Goad 200
Samuel Dillard 510
Thomas Dodson Senior 280
Lazarous Dodson 450
Thomas Dodson Jr 150
George Dodson 250
David Dodson 219
Joshua Dodson 150
James Watson 100
Faunious Dodson 100
Moses Ayres 360
Thomas Ayres 161
John Thurston 300
Edward Atkins 700
John Poyner (Poynter?) 480
Thomas East 342
William Vaughan 300
John Vaughan 392
Thomas Vaughan Jr 396
Thomas Vaughan Senr 170
John Cox 109
James Cox 437
Nathan Watson 650
John Norton 140
Jacob Norton 300
Nehemiah Norton 300
John Briscoe 250
Ellender Norton 100
Daniel Dodson 700
Mathew Nance 200
Giles Nance 800
Joel Atkins 110
William Atkins 100
Nathanial Atkins 100
Richard Atkins 100
James Shockley 350
Charlton Shockley 250
John Watson 523
Thomas Finny 260
Thomas Watson Jr 466
Thomas Watson Senior 200
Peter Finney 400
William Witcher 100
John Witcher 190
James Witcher 202

Some Notes about Thomas Branson, Jost Hite, John & Gerard Briscoe and Lord Fairfax
Updated August 26, 2006

From the records below it appears that Dr. John Briscoe owned land in Frederick Co, VA in 1736 that was part of Jost Hite's land.  One year earlier, in 1735, Thomas Branson Junior (married Rebecca Borden) was granted land next to Jost Hite's land in the same county.  In 1782 Gerard Briscoe was taxed on land once owned by Thomas Branson in Frederick Co., VA.  Benjamin Borden, John Vanmeter, William Vestall, John Branson, Abraham Pennington and Robert Worthington were a few others who were granted land patents in the same year by Jost Hite.

Descendants of Jost Hite were linked to descendants of Jarred Branson Sr. and the Briscoes were linked to descendants of Jost Hite and John Branson of St. Mary's, MD. 

Frederick Co, VA borders with Maryland, and is very near Frederick Co., MD.  Charles and St. Mary's, MD are close to Stafford and Westmoreland, VA.

John Briscoe, Thomas Branson Jr., Richard Fawcett and Jacob Hite also did business with James Woods in Frederick Co., VA....as outlined below, Jacob Hite was also associated with the Claypool family and some members of that family were associated with William Branson in Philadelphia, PA. (see below).

Thomas Branson Jr., John Branson, Benjamin Borden, Jost Hite and others are mentioned on October 3, 1734 in a  Fairfax land suit in Frederick Co., VA as assignees of Isaac and John Vanmeter. 

Click the images below to read about Thomas Branson's meeting with Lord Fairfax about the land dispute.......

More information about some of Jost Hite's land transactions....click the image.
From Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly


Isaac and John Vanmetre Land Grant assignees, 1730/1734
Frederick Co., VA USGenWeb
Land Grant from William Gooch, Lieutenant Governour and Commander in
Chief of Virginia Colony, to Isaac and John Vanmetre dated 17 June
1730. Assignees of 42,289 acres in 1734 to: (PARTIAL LIST)
3 October 1734
Jost Hite, 228 acres.
Jost Hite, 2,668 acres.
Jost Hite, 120 acres.
Jost Hite, 668 acres.
Jost Hite, 300 acres.
Jost Hite, 280 acres.

Robert McKay Junr., 828 acres.
Jost Hite, 2,931 acres.
Jost Hite, 395 acres.

John Vanmetre, 885 acres.
Jost Hite, 700 acres.
Benjamin Bordin, 3,143 acres.
John Vanmetre, 1,786 acres.
Benjamin Bordin, 1,122 acres.
Jost Hite, 2,168 acres.
Jost Hite, 3,393 acres.

Thomas Branson Jr., 1,370 acres.
John Branson, 1,000 acres.
Robert Worthington, 3,000 acres.
Jost Hite, 5,018 acres.
(Fairfax Land Suit, page 174).

Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society - James Wood Family Papers
Thomas Branson, Jr. * Sulivant’s account 1739
Richard Fosset Payment by J. Wood 1743
Richard Fosset Receipt 1745
F. Hite Receipt 1746
Jacob Hite 600 acres-Rutherford 1749
Accounts, 1751 – Clerk of Court - Frederick, VA:
John Brisco Clerk's fees 1751
Daniel Carrol, Esq. Clerk's fee 1751:
Accounts, 1752 – Clerk of Court:
Dr. John Briscoe Clerk's fee 1752
Accounts, 1759 – Clerk of Court:
Dr. John Briscoe Clerk's fees 1759
Witness for suit of Jacob Hite 1780
William Holliday Cloth and buttons 1791

Form your own opinions of this....it could be just another coincidence.  Or - it could be that the Bransons of Burlington, NJ & Frederick, VA were related to the Bransons of St. Mary's and Charles, MD.  The Claypools mentioned elsewhere also lived in early St. Mary's, MD.

"Burlington, a provincial capital : historical sketches of Burlington, New Jersey, and neighborhood "
United States: published c1945, 261 pgs. Author: De Cou, George.

"Thomas Branson, the progenitor of the family in Burlington County, settled in Springfield Township in early 1703. It is probable (possible) that he came from Virginia, as in his will, dated October 11, 1744, he bequeathed to his grandson Thomas a tract of land lying on Shenendoah River in Virginia "which I laid out to Thomas Alexander". The Alexanders were Scots-Irish and it may be that the Bransons came over with them late in the seventeenth century. However, tradition says that the Bransons originated in Wales, but I have not found any evidence to support this tradition. On March 12, 1708 he purchased 400 acres in Springfield Township, not far from the village of Jacksonville, from Thomas Ridgway, son of the pioneer Richard, for 120 pounds. This tract was part of the 600 acre plantation of Jacob De Cou, and it is of interest to note that Sarah Branson, a descendant of Thomas Branson, married Samuel Ellis De Cou, a descendant of Jacob De Cou, in 1847."

Thomas Branson, 12 Nov 1735 --- 850 acres at the head of the south branch of the Opeckon, nigh a cattail meadow, crossing a branch of Little Cacapon River, beginning at Jost Hite's two corner red oaks & walnut VPB#16 p385

John Briscoe received grant of land as John Briscoe 1736 Frederick Co.,
VA; survey 1,300 (8 Nov #7); 200a (12 Nov #11) (Hite Land) Shenandoah
River [ the John Briscoe b. 1717 would only be 18 years old at this time
doubtful he would have received such survey's or received land and he did
not marry until abt 1746 (1st child b. 1747)} So I believe this would
belong to a (Dr?) John Briscoe b. Est in 1680's d. 1772.  John Briscoe
 [prob one b. 1717] with Gen David Morgan [b 1721] & Jacob Hite
[b1710-20] built the Bunker Hill Church, Opequn Creek, Virginia, USA
believed to be 1740-1749 [seems to refer to a different church]

BARON HANS JUSTUS (JOST) HITE, b. 05 Dec 1685, Bonfeld, Alsace, Germany; d. 07 May 1767, Bunker Hill, Frederick, Virginia.

Morgan Morgan founded the first permanent settlement in 1726 at Bunker Hill. In 1740, Morgan, Jacob Hite, [son of Jost Hite] and Dr. John Briscoe erected the first Episcopal church (Christ Church) in what is now West Virginia (formerly Frederick Co, VA). Occasionally services are held in this church today. Also the Tuscarora (organized in 1740 and built in 1803) and Tomahawk Presbyterian churches are both over 200 years old and still operating with active congregations. The first Baptist church (Mill Creek Church) was organized in 1743 in nearby Gerrardstown.

1759 Rent Rolls Frederick Co., VA show
1759 BRISCOE JOHN Frederick VA Rent Rolls Rent
Role Census VAS1a422375
1759 BRISCOE JOHN Frederick VA Rent Rolls Rent
Role Census VAS1a422391
1759 BRISCOE JOHN Frederick VA Rental Rent
Role Census VAS1a422374
1759 BRISCOE JOHN Frederick VA Rental Rent
Role Census VAS1a422385

Shenandoah Valley pioneers and their descendants : a history of Frederick County, Virginia
The Episcopal Church in Old Frederick County (at Winchester)
"The Church records show no minister in charge until 1785 when the new vestry R. K. Meade, G. F. Norton, John Thurston, Edward Smith, Raleigh Colston, Gerard Briscoe, John Milton, Robert Wood, Thos. Massey elected Rev. Alexander Balmain as the Parish Minister. "

A page from a book about Frederick Co., VA shows that Gerard Briscoe was taxed on land once owned by Thomas Branson
(Click the image for a larger view)

GERARD BRISCOE VA Frederick County 07 18 1782

GERRARD BRISCOE MD Prince George's County Prince George 1760

Gerard Briscoe
Father: Robert Briscoe   Mother:  Ann Wood
Grandfather: Edward Briscoe   Grandmother: Susannah (Slye) Gerrard
Birth: Aug. 17, 1737 Charles Co., MD
Death: Nov. 11, 1801  Frederick Co., VA

Children of Edward Briscoe and Susannah (Slye) Gerrard:
Philip Briscoe
Lydia Briscoe
Edward Briscoe
Robert Briscoe b: 1718 in Charles Co., MD
John Briscoe b: ABT 1724
George Briscoe b: ABT 1724
James Briscoe b: 1726 in Charles Co., MD

Calendar of Wills, Vol 14, 1767-1772
Page number: 132
John Branson Sr., St. Mary's County,
Jan. 11, 1770 - recorded
Feb. 18, 1770 - probated
Children: Michael, Luke, Leonard, Elizabeth Wood, Abraham, John, Benjamin and Vincent Branson.
To son James Branson, one slave
Wit: Leo: and Philip Briscoe, Mary Morriss.

Maryland State Archives
(Assessment of 1783, Index)
Charles County
Leonard Branson. CH 3rd District, General p. 1. MSA S 1161-4-10 1/4/5/47
Philip Brisco. 275 acres. CH 2nd District, General p. 1. MSA S 1161-4-8 1/4/5/47
Samuel Brisco. 658 acres. CH 2nd District, General p. 1. MSA S 1161-4-8 1/4/5/47
James Brisco. 313 acres. CH 5th District, General p. 1. MSA S 1161-5-1 1/4/5/48
Samuel Brisco. Batchelors Hope, 50 acres. CH 2nd District, Land p. 1. MSA S 1161-4-9 1/4/5/47
Samuel Brisco. Morriss Hope, 75 acres. CH 2nd District, Land p. 1. MSA S 1161-4-9 1/4/5/47
Samuel Brisco. Baltimores Gift, pt, 533 acres. CH 2nd District, Land p. 1. MSA S 1161-4-9 1/4/5/47
Philip Briscoe. Calvert Hope, pt, 375 acres. CH 2nd District, Land p. 2. MSA S 1161-4-9 1/4/5/47
James Briscoe. Crouchs Gift, 313 acres. CH 5th District, Land p. 2. MSA S 1161-5-2 1/4/5/48

Thomas Branson 1650 Maryland
Richard Shockley 1683 Maryland
John Boyden 1673 Maryland
Nathaniel Brisco 1684 age 21 Maryland
George Briscoe 1634 Maryland
Henry Briscoe 1634 Maryland
John Briscoe 1634 Maryland
Thomas Alexander 1665 Maryland

Some Interesting Marriages

Mary Ann Branson, daughter of Jarred Branson (b. 1803), married William Jett, grandson of Phebe Chrisman.  Phebe's grandmother was Magdelena Hite, daughter of Jost Hite. 

Jost Hite's great-grandson, James Hite, married Elizabeth Briscoe, daughter of John Briscoe and Eleanor Williamson of Charles Co, Maryland.  John Briscoe was the grand-uncle of Gerard Briscoe.

Gerard Briscoe's first cousin, John Briscoe, died 1799 in Pittsylvania Co., Virginia.  Gerard's probable first cousin, one generation removed, (Eleanor Williamson Briscoe), married John Branson Jr. of St. Mary's, MD.

An Interesting Tax List

1836 Marion County TennesseeTax List
Richard Shockley, District 1
John Branson, District 4 (John Taylor Branson?)
Michael Branson, District 9
Jefferson Barber, District 9

NOTE: John Branson of St. Mary's, MD had descendants named Michael.  They were allied with the Barber family in MD.  Michael was also a name used in the family of Absalom Branson of Pittsylvania, VA.  A Briscoe Branson was in Washington, VA (near Patrick and Pittsylvania) and he was possibly the son of Henry Branson who was born in Maryland. 


Time Lines for Thomas Branson/Jane Painter and Jarred Branson Sr.
July 19, 2006

In an attempt to compare known locations of Thomas Branson with known locations of Jarred Branson Sr., time lines for both Thomas and Jarred are shown below.  Keep in mind that Patrick Co., VA shares it's southern border with Wilkes and Surry Counties, North Carolina.

Since Thomas Branson and Jane Painter were married after the probable birth year of Jarred Sr., it is possible that Thomas was married prior to marrying Jane, however, no record has been found, and Thomas would have been about age 13-14 when Jarred Sr. was probably born (assuming Jared Sr. was born about 1753, which may not be correct - see section on Theories)

It is also possible that Jarred went by a different first name and that may be why we cannot find him in any Oath of Allegiance records.  We also cannot find him in any military pension/land warrant or service records.

The fact that Thomas Branson and Thomas Beals were on the 1782 Montgomgery Co., VA tax list with Jarred is about the only clue we have linking Jarred to Thomas, and they were not listed near each other.


Date Description Location
1753-1761 Birth Unknown
c1775 Marriage to Sarah (?) Unknown
1776 He claims to have settled in Burks Fork, VA Montgomery Co, VA
1776/1777 Birth of son John Montgomery Co, VA
Sep. 10, 1778 Birth of son Thomas Montgomery Co., VA
c1779 Birth of son Andrew Montgomery Co., VA
1780 Birth of daughter Mary Ann Montgomery Co., VA
Spring, 1780 Informed authorities about Tories? Montgomery Co., VA
Dec. 1, 1780 Sarah Branson sold land to Thomas Dillard Montgomery Co., VA
Nov. 28, 1782 His name is on Tax List Montgomery Co., VA
Dec. 21, 1783 Birth of son Jarred Jr. Montgomery Co., VA
c1785 Birth of son Valentine Montgomery Co., VA
Jan. 1, 1786 Sold land to Thomas Dillard Montgomery Co., VA
1793 Jerard and James Branston on Pers. Prop. Tax List Wythe Co., VA
Apr. 25, 1796 Land grant, 150 acres on Big Reed Island Montgomery Co., VA
Oct. 25, 1798 Deed from James Doak, Big Reed Island Patrick Co., VA
Mar. 29, 1800 Land grant, 53 acres on S. Fork of Johnsons Creek adj. to McMillion (this could be Jarred Jr.) Patrick Co., VA
Apr. 25, 1803 Deed, Paul Mc Millon to Garrard Branson (this could be Jarred Jr.) Patrick Co., VA
Apr. 25, 1803 Deed, Gerrard Branson to Thomas Branson (this could be Jarred Jr.) Patrick Co., VA
Dec. 15, 1803 Son John married Sarah/Susan Dillard Patrick Co., VA
Feb. 4, 1803 grandson William (s/o John) was born Patrick Co., VA
Apr. 25, 1805 Deed, Jarrott Branson to John Branson (this could be Jarred Jr.) Patrick Co., VA
Oct. 31, 1806 Deed, John Branson to Jarrott Branson (this could be Jarred Jr.) Patrick Co., VA
Mar. 12, 1807 Son Jarred Jr. married Frances East Patrick Co., VA
May 7, 1807 son Valentine married Susannah East Patrick Co., VA
Sep. 1, 1809 Land grant, 112 acres on headwaters of Lovings Creek (this could be Jarred Jr.) Patrick Co., VA
1810 Census Patrick Co., VA
Jan. 12, 1811 Daughter Mary Ann married Luster Haines (son of Bethany Haines) Patrick Co., VA
Oct. 12, 1812 Land grant, 95 acres on Johnsons Creek, adj his own land (this could be Jarred Jr.) Patrick Co., VA
Dec. 27, 1813 Surety on marriage bond (this could be Jarred Jr.) Patrick Co., VA
May 13, 1814 Grandson Reuben (s/o Thomas) was born White Co., TN
1815 Bledsoe Co, TN. Bledsoe Co., TN
Oct. 15, 1817 grandson James Jarred (s/o John) was born Marion Co., TN
1824 Listed as land owner Marion Co., TN
1830 Federal Census Gasconade Co., MO
Jan, 1831 Death Gasoncade Co., MO


Date Description Location
C1740 Birth Burlington Co., NJ
Mar 2, 1760 He married Jane Painter Frederick Co., VA
Oct. 10, 1761 At a Virginia Colonial Militia Courts Martial 50 Shilling fines were levied on Robert Painter, John Painter Jr, Robert Haines, Thomas Branson Unknown county in Virginia
May 26, 1764 Son John was born Frederick Co., VA
1773 A Thomas and a John Branson were in Fauquier Co., VA with John Painter, possible brother of Jane Painter Fauquier Co., VA
Sep. 30, 1777 A Thomas Branson took the Oath of Allegiance Montgomery Co., VA
Jan. 30, 1780 New Garden MM - received on cert. from Hopewell MM, VA Guilford Co., NCC
Oct. 7, 1780 New Garden MM - Quaker records - granted certificate to Ohio to be with Rev. Thomas Beals Guilford Co., NC
Dec. 30, 1780 Quaker records - returned the Ohio certificates Guilford Co., NC
1782 On tax list with no land (also on this list: Thomas Bales (Beals), Jarret Branson) Montgomery Co., VA
July 24, 1784 Quaker records - granted cert. from Guilford, NC to Warren, VA Warren, VA (near Frederick, VA)
1791 Tax List Greene Co., TN
Oct. 22, 1793 Quaker records - received at Surry, NC from Warren, VA Surry Co., NC
Oct. 20, 1795 Quaker records - disowned Surry Co., NC
1797 On Tax List Greene Co., TN
1798 On tax list with Thomas Jr. and David Branson and John Bowater Beals Greene Co., TN
1804 Quaker records - Jane and children Thomas, Jacob & Elizabeth, received on cert from New Hope MM, Greene Co., Tennessee (she is apparently a widow) Ohio


John and Valentine Sevier and other Familiar Individuals
July 12, 2006

Records of the Virginia Colonial Militia reveal some familiar names...mentioned are Painters, Pointers, Seviers, Haines, Bransons, Sherrills, Beasons and others.  Valentine Sevier is mentioned in Augusta County along with Edward and Thomas Pointer.  Thomas Branson is mentioned in Frederick County along with John Painter Jr, Robert Painter and Robert Haines.  Adam and William Sherrill are mentioned in Augusta County along with Valentine Sevier.  Adam Sherrill was the probable grandfather of Alpha Sherrill who married Valentine Branson.  Valentine Sevier is also mentioned in land records with Benjamin Borden on Shanndo River in Augusta County in 1765 as a grantor and on the James River in Augusta County in 1757 as a witness.

Valentine Sevier, the immigrant, was married to Johanna Goad, who was the daughter of John Goad and Katherine Jennings.  John Goad's other daughter Mary, married John Cock and they were the parents of Andrew Cock who married Penelope Ward.  Andrew and Penelope were the parents of Phariba Cock/Cox who married Andrew Branson, son of Jarred Branson Sr. 

John Sevier married Sarah Hawkins in Frederick County, VA in about 1761, placing him in that county where the Bransons lived. Also, John Sevier attended school in Fredericksburg, Virginia from 1755 to about 1757.  Sarah Hawkins was born June 3, 1746 in Frederick Co, VA. 

The Seviers went back to Augusta, Virginia after the Indian Wars and went to Tennessee some time before Jarred Branson and his sons went there.  John Sevier became the first Governor of Tennessee. One could draw some assumptions that creates a loose connection between the Bransons and the Seviers, since we know there were connections between the Bransons, Bordens, Goads, Haines, Sherrills, Pointers, Painters and others mentioned here.

Jarred Branson Sr. named a son Valentine and he had a grandson named John Sevier Branson.  John Sevier was a signor on a petition (see below) along with Adam and Samuel Sherrill in early TN.  John Sevier's second wife was Catherine Sherrill, daughter of Samuel Sherrill and the grand aunt of Alpha Sherrill who married Andrew Branson.  Samuel Sherrill served in the Revolutionary War as did John Sevier.  We have found no record of Jarred serving in that war.

John Sevier participated in the formation of the "Lost State of Franklin" which was located just south of the location where Jarred Branson owned land in Montgomery/Patrick County, VA which shares a border with Wilkes County, North Carolina.  Sevier was a hero in the Battle of Kings Mountain which took place in 1780 near land owned by Jarred Branson, where he was listed on the tax records two years later.  It is curious that I have been able to find so many allied individuals who served in the Revolutionary War, but I have been unable to find Jarred Branson.  I have not even found that he took the Oath of Allegiance, unless he was going by a different name.  He may have been unfit to serve for health reasons, or perhaps because of religious beliefs.  (Or he may have been too young).  The fact that Jarred seems to have been loosely connected to the Seviers, and the fact that the Seviers were in Frederick, VA where the Bransons lived, is a clue that Jarred was possibly connected to the Frederick, VA Bransons.

Dillard, Benjamin
Dillard, James
Dillard, James, Captain
Kilgore, Charles (w)
Kilgore, Hiram
Kilgore, James
Kilgore, Robert (w)
Kilgore, William
McMillan, Alexander
McMillan, Joseph
McMillan, William
Sevier, Abraham
Sevier, James
Sevier, John, Colonel
Sevier, Joseph
Sevier, Joseph II
Sevier, Robert, Captain (Mortally Wounded)
Sevier, Valentine, Captain
Sevier, Valentine, Major

Sherrill, Adam
Sherrill, George
Sherrill, Samuel Jr.
Sherrill, Samuel Sr.

Sherrill, Uriah
Sherrill, William, Captain


Capt. Peter Shoull's List: Peter Shoull, Captain; And. Burd, Lieutenant;
Math. Skeens, Ensign; Abram Harden, John Hill, Johnath Burley, John
Harison, Georg. Clemens, Wm. Halimes, Zebulun Harrison, Jno. Davis,
Jno. Taylor, Joseph Burley, William White, Isaac Lotos (Lorton?), Wm. SHERRAL,
Valante SEVERE, John Cumberland, Jacob Jacobs, Thos. Moor, Stephanes
Haveworth, Jas. Haveworth, John BEESON, Steph. Howard, Absolom
Howard, Joseph Howard, John Benson, Benj. Hames (HAINES), John Harrison,
Thos. Lowker, Griffiths Thomas, John White, Adam SHERRAL, Rob. Caldwal,
John Miller, Will Brizes (Briges), Wm. Carrel, John Hodg, Absolom
Haveworth, John Haveworth.
Capt. James Gill's List: James Gill, Captain; John Dobbin, Lieutenant;
Wm. SHARREL, Bons Harding, Wm. Welling, John Johnson, John Wilkins,
George Furbush, Barnabee McHenery, Rick Dictum, Dan Murley, Nicola
Brock, Martin Shoemaker, John Howlain, And. Holman, George Legler,
Joseph Dunham, Timothy Taylor, George Willes, Sam Brown, John
Cumberland, Sam BEASON, James Spencer, Wm. Prickett, Wm. Hall, Wm.
McClain, Michael Brock, Thos. West, Wm. Sames, Cornelius Murley, Nicol
Cain, Henery Brock, John Fisher, Thos. Wilkins, Joseph Harding, John
Ryal, Abram Dunblederey, Riley Moor, Fraderich Brock, John McClairn,
William SHARRLE Sr.; William SHARRLE Jr.

Virginia Colonial Soldiers, Courts Martial Records, Page 338
List of Capt. Andrew Bird's Delinquents:
Edward Pointer, Valentine Sevier Jr., Thomas Pointer, to appear at next court martial to show why they did not attend a general muster on April 16, 1767.

Page 353 -
From Capt. Marques Calmese's Company:
The following fines were levied. Fined 50 shs for missing 1 general and 1 private muster: Robert Painter, John Painter Jr, Robert Haines, Thomas Branson.
From Capt. Cornelius Ruddle's Company:
Fined 10 shs for missing 1 general muster: John Seveer, Edward Painter, Thomas Painter
Captain Marquis Calmese returned his muster roll - 1758-1760

Fines for missing musters: John Painter, Robert Painter, Thomas Branson

50 Shilling fines were levied on Robert Painter, John Painter Jr, Robert Haines, Thomas Branson.
Fines in other companies:
Edward Painter, John Beason, Thomas Painter
Sworn to the Oath Sept. 6, 1776:
William Painter
Francis Day
Jonah Mayfield
Charles Cock

English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records, Forks of Rappahanock, Page 118
A List of Patents Granted in the Forks of Rappahanock River and Westwood of Sherrando River Since October 1735:
Benjamin Borden, 850 acres, surveyed Nov. 16, 1734
Thomas Branson, 850 acres, surveyed Nov. 9, 1734

Company of Foot Commanded by Capt. Jacob Funk:
The following were fined for absence from two musters: John Branson, William Branson

Virginia Colonial Militia, 1651-1776, Lord Dunmore's War, 1774, Page 87
A List of Capt. Evan Shelby's Company of volunteers from Fincastle: Sgt. Valentine Sevier

Company No. 5:
William Sherral, Adam Sherral, Volante Severe, Wm. Carrel
Company No. 6:
Wm. Sherrell, Wm. Sharrle Sr., Wm. Sharrle Jr, Sam Beason

Valentine Sevier found in:
Genealogical Records: Virginia Land, Marriage, and Probate Records, 1639-1850
Date: Apr 6, 1757
Location: Augusta Co., VA
Record ID: 32235
Description: Witness
Book Page: 7-448
Property: 500 acres in Forks of James, part of Borden's tract; North Branch of James.
Remarks: Jno. Nicholls, by letter of attorney recorded in Frederick appointed Harden his attorney to sell lands he might be entitled to by the will of Borden or otherwise. Delivered to Andrew Hays, Jan 1760.
Notes: This land record was originally published in "Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, 1745-1800. Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County" by Lyman Chalkley.

Valentine Sevier found in:
Genealogical Records: Virginia Land, Marriage, and Probate Records, 1639-1850
Date: Oct 1, 1765
Location: Augusta Co., VA
Record ID: 33418
Description: Grantor
Book Page: 12-529
Property: 310 acres on which George now lives, on North River Shanndo; corner Benj. Burden's lands.
Remarks: £30
Notes: This land record was originally published in "Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, 1745-1800. Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County" by Lyman Chalkley.

Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871
John Sevier was born 1745 and was sent to school in Fredericksburg, VA

Some Signors on the Petition of the Inhabitants of Washington District,
John Carter, Chn John Sevier John Jones
Charles Roberdson Jas. Smith George Rusel
James Robertson Jacob Brown Jacob Womack
Zach Isbell Wm. Bean Robert Lucas
The above signers are members in Committee assembled.
Adam Sherrell
Jos. Brown Sam. Sherrell,jr
Sam. Sherrell,Sr
Valentine Sevier
Robert Sevier

William Crocket
Abraham Cox
David Crocket
A year later, at its Nov 1777 session, the general assembly of North Carolina approved the formation of Washington county, assigning it the boundaries of most of present-day Tennessee:
"Beginning at the north-westwardly point of the County of Wilkes [North Carolina], in the Virginia line; thence, with the line of Wilkes County, to a point twenty-six miles south of the Virginia line; thence due west to the ridge of the Great Iron Mountain, which, heretofore, divided the hunting-grounds of the Overkill Cherokees, from those of the Middle Settlements and Vallies; thence, running a southwardly course along the said ridge, to the Uneca Mountain, where the trading-path crosses the same, from the Valley to the Overhills; thence, south, with the line of this state adjoining the State of South-Carolina; thence, due west to the great River Mississippi; thence, up the same river to a point due west from the beginning.

John Sevier:
After the Indian war of 1755 broke out, the family removed for safety to Fredericksburg, where they remained nearly two years, and where young SEVIER attended school.

John SEVIER, Gen., (Valentine SEVIER, Valentine , Don DE XAVIER) was born
Sep 23, 1745 in Rockingham, Rockingham, Va, and in 1761 in Frederick Co., Va, married Sarah Hawkins.

Two Branson Cousins on Opposing Sides in The Revolution?

I have no idea if it's true, but I found a message in the Carroll Co, VA mailing list archives stating that Jarret Branson informed the Montgomery County authorities that certain individuals were Tories.  There are many records about Eli Branson who left the patriots and went to England, returning later as a Captain in the British Army to fight against the patriots.  He is mentioned on several occasions in records of the Battle of Kings Mountain, as is Captain Valentine Sevier.  Since we don't know if Jarred was related to Eli, we cannot assume they were members of the same family on opposing sides, however, it is possible.  We have found no evidence that Jarred Branson served in the military during the Revolutionary War.

John Perry Alderman, late genealogist and lawyer of Carroll County, Va.
wrote that in the Spring of 1780, Jarret Branson informed the
Montgomery County authorities that Aaron Collier, Francis Hamilton,
the Dickens settlers and others were Tories and that they had taken an
oath of allegiance to the King. Alderman opined that there may have
been some loose talk but doubted there was any conspiracy on Burks
Fork. Branson later lived in Patrick County for years and then moved
on.  I believe I once read that old John Cock was also one of those on
Burk's Fork that Branson informed about --Ken Haas

King's Montain and Its Hereos: History of the Battle of King's Mountain , Page 104
The term of enlistment of Colonel Shelby's regiment was about to expire, and that enterprising officer was desirous of engaging in another active service before retiring to his home on the Holston. Colonels Shelby and Clarke were appointed to lead a party of mounted men to surprise or attack the Loyalists at Musgrove's. With Clarke was Captain James McCall and Captain Samuel Hammond. Colonel James Williams, whose home was in that region, but who had been driven from it, had, on the sixteenth of August, joined McDowell with a few followers--prominent among whom were Colonel Thomas Brandon, Colonel James Steen, and Major McJunkin; and these united with Shelby and Clarke, together with several other experienced officers, who volunteered to share in the enterprise, among whom were Major Joseph McDowell, the brother of the Colonel, Captain David Vance, and Captain Valentine Sevier, and with the latter, a number of Watauga and Nolachucky riflemen.

The Battle--October 7th, 1780.
Further Progress and Incidents of the Contest.--Heroic Act of William
Robertson.--Thomas Robertson Shoots a Tricky Tory.--Treatment
of the Tory Branson, by Captain Withrow.--Captain Lenoir's
Part in the Battle.--Captain Robert Sevier Wounded.--Alarm
concerning Tarleton.--
PAGE 265-266:
Thomas Robertson, a brother of the wounded man, was posted behind a tree, when a Tory neighbor, named Lafferty, discovering him, called him by name; and Robertson peering around the tree to see, if he could, who had spoken to him, when a ball sped quickly past him, cutting the bark of the tree near his head. Robertson instantly fired back, before his antagonist could regain his position, mortally wounding the tricky Tory, who was near enough to exclaim, and be heard, "Robertson, you have ruined me!" "Thed--l help you," responded the Whig, and then re-loading his rifle, renewed the fight for freedom. A Tory named Branson was wounded and fell; and seeing his Whig brother-in-law, Captain James Withrow, of Hampton's men, begged his relation to assist him. "Look to your friends for help," was the response, evidence of the bitterness that existed between the Whigs and Loyalists in those times.
Sevier's column at length gained the summit of the hill, driving the enemy's left flank upon his center.?? But they were not subjected to any bayonet charges--save a portion of the left, who hastened to the support of Campbell's regiment, when hard pressed, and became intermingled with them. Captain Robert Sevier was mortally wounded towards the close of the action, and becoming faint and thirsty, was assisted, by his brother, Joseph Sevier, some distance to a hollow, where there was a spring of water.
PAGE 388:
Colonel Cleveland on a similar service, had captured Zachariah Goss, one of Plundering Sam Brown's gang of murderers, horse-thieves, and robbers, who was tried and immediately hung at Peach Bottom, on New River, in the presence of Cleveland's and Campbell's parties; while two other villains were very well whipped. Colonel Campbell then marched to the old Moravian town of Bethabara, in North Carolina, where he made head-quarters for some time, sending out detachments in quest of Tory bands--one penetrating into Guilford County, surprised and dispersed two companies of Tories at night, and captured Captain Nathan Read, one of their leaders, and seventeen others--Captain Eli Branson, another of their leaders, narrowly escaping. Read was tried, Colonels Cleveland and Martin Armstrong, and Major Lewis sitting upon the court-martial, was found guilty of crimes and misdemeanors, and condemned to be hung--with the alternative presented him of joining the patriots, and serving faithfully to the end of the war, which he declined, meeting his death heroically. Another party of Tories was dispersed above the Shallow Ford of Yadkin
page 611:
Tory or Loyalist leaders--see Baldwin, Bates, Bibby, Biggerstaff, Boyd, Branson, Brown, Browne, Chitwood, Clary, Coyle, or Cowles, Robert and William Cunningham, Fanning, Fletchall, Fraser, Gibbs, Gilkey, Gist, Grimes, Gunn, Hamilton, Harrison, Hawsey, Hill, Hobbs, Hopkins, Horton, Innes, Lasefield, Lee, McFall, Mills, Moore, Nichols, Oates, Pearis, Plummer, Riddle, Roberts, Townsend, Waters, Wells, Wilson, and Wright.

John Branson of Lovels Creek, Carroll County, Virginia
July 11, 2006

In April, 1859 John A. Branson received a land grant for 373 acres on Lovels (Lovings) Creek, Carroll County, Virginia.  I initially thought this John was the grandson of Jarred Branson Sr. and son of John Jefferson Branson, but I no longer believe this.  (New Information).  Mentioned in the survey of this land is property owned by neighbors Penn, Ott, Guynn, Smith and Fleming.  This is interesting because a Garret Branson owned land on the headwaters of Lovings Creek in September, 1809, which it is believed he sold before moving to Tennessee.  At that time it was located in Patrick County, which later became Carroll County.  In Patrick County Court documents, Garret Branson is appointed surveyor of a road extending to Abram Penn's store.  Therefore, it appears that John bought land near the same location with some of the same neighbors that his probable earlier relative owned. 

New Information Posted 11/25/2007
I now believe that John A. Branson was not a descendant of Jared Branson Sr, but perhaps a descendant of Levi Branson Sr. who may also have been the ancestor of Andrew J. Branson who was in Patrick, VA in 1831 (several years after Jared left that county).  Andrew J. Branson married Elizabeth Greenwall/Greenwood, whom I believe was the daughter of Bartlett Greenwood of Patrick, VA.  His relative, Rev. James Greenwood, was a Baptist minister associated with John Bransom of Essex and possibly Caroline, VA.  Bartlett Greenwood married Elizabeth Mankin, relative of Jesse and James Mankin who were linked to Jared Branson and Levi Branson.  Levi's granddaughter, Elizabeth, is recorded as a signer on a marriage certificate in Patrick or Grayson, VA, so we know some of Levi's descendants were in that region.  She was the daughter of Levi's son Thomas.  So Andrew and John A. Branson may have been her brothers.  Andrew moved to Randolph, IN with the Quakers and we believe he was a Quaker (per a photo obtained by his descendant).

(Click an image for a larger view)

Copy of John Branson's Land Grant Map of Lovels (Lovings) Creek

va/patrick/courts/cob21811.txt [0.875127] rootsweb.com
(31 January 1811)
Gerrard Branson Sr. is appointed surveyor of the road from the ford of the
creek near Majr. Moores to Abram Penns store in the room of Joseph Wil...?
resigned & it is Ordered that the list filed be his gang.

John Branson was born cir 1807 in Virginia, according to census records.  He married Sally Surrat May 17, 1827 in Patrick, VA.  Surety on the marriage bond was Jesse Mankin.  Jesse Mankin was also the surety on the marriage bond for Jarred Branson Jr. and Frances East in 1807, Patrick, VA.  In the 1840 Federal census, a Joel Mankins is listed near John Branson, Vincent Surrat (Sally's brother or half-brother), and two McMillan families.  Jesse, John and Hezekiah Mankin were listed on the 1810 Tax List of Patrick, VA along with Andrew, Gerrard, John, Thomas and Valentine Branson, and other allied families. 

1840 Census - Patrick, Virginia
John Branson (111011-210001) - Image 19
Vincent Surat (000001-2001) - Image 18
NEXT LINE: Richard Haines (0010001-10001) - Image 18
NEXT LINE: Joel Mankins (000001-0000000001) - Image 18 - son of Jesse Mankins?
NEXT LINE: Nathaniel McMillan (000021001-000020001) - Image 18 - brother of Dudley McMillan
NEXT LINE: Dudley McMillan (00112001-00221001) - Image 18 - brother of Stephen McMillan who m. Ruth Dillard?

John and Sally Branson were listed in Patrick, VA in 1850 near Joseph, John and Nathaniel McMillan.

1850 Census - Southern District, Patrick, VA
HH #782
John Branson Southern District, Patrick, VA abt 1807, age 43, farmer
Sarah Branson Southern District, Patrick, VA abt 1807
Augustin Branson Southern District, Patrick, VA abt 1833
Catharine Branson Southern District, Patrick, VA abt 1839
Eliza Branson Southern District, Patrick, VA abt 1832
Greenbury Branson Southern District, Patrick, VA abt 1845
John Branson Southern District, Patrick, VA abt 1836
Mary Branson Southern District, Patrick, VA abt 1842
Nancy J Branson Southern District, Patrick, VA abt 1843
Stuart Branson Southern District, Patrick, VA abt 1828
Susan Branson Southern District, Patrick, VA abt 1834
Thomas Branson Southern District, Patrick, VA abt 1846
Vincent Surratt Southern District, Patrick, VA abt 1803, age 47, laborer
HH #784 - Joseph McMilon, 46, blacksmith, and family
HH #785 - John McMilon, 47, farmer
HH #785 - Nathaniel McMilon, 71, $300 and Anna, 73

In 1860 they are listed in Lovels Creek, Carroll Co, Virginia.  In 1870 they are listed in Fancy Gap, Carroll Co, VA.  Also in Fancy Gap were several McMillan families.

1860 Census - Not Stated, Carroll, Virginia
Post Office: Lovels Creek
John Branson 53 VA
Sarah Branson 53 NC
Augustus S Branson 24 VA
John W Branson 22 VA
Greenbery Branson 16 VA
Eliza J Branson 25 VA
Mary A Branson 21 VA
Kitty M Branson 18 VA
Nancy Branson 17 VA
Thomas J Branson 13 VA
Andrew Branson 11 VA

1870 Census - Fancy Gap, Carroll, VA
HH #307
John Branson, 63, farmer, $460, $650, VA
Sarah, 62, NC
Nancy E, 25, VA
Thomas J, 23, VA
Rufus M, 19, VA
Samuel Amburn, 63, farm laborer, VA
HH #308
Greenberry G. Branson, 26, farmer, VA
Elizabeth, 19, VA

Greenberry Branson was the fourth known child of John and Sally (Surrat) Branson.  He was located in census records in 1900 in Carroll Co, Virginia with wife Elizabeth and mother-in-law, Rachel Shockley.  Rachel was the widow of Legrand Shockley who was the son of John Floyd Shockley and grandson of Meredith Shockley.  They were part of the same family who married into the Branson family in Gasconade and Maries Co., Missouri.  The McMillan families mentioned above were also part of the McMillan family who married into the Branson family of Missouri. 

Living next to them in 1900 was Patrick Surrat, who was probably the nephew of Sally.

1900 Census - Pine Creek, Carroll, Virginia
HH #23
Patrick Surrat, Head, April 1845, 55, M, VA VA VA , farmer
Mariah, wife, July 1863, 36, m 18yrs, 8 children-7 living, VA VA VA
Adinia E, dau, April 1884, 16, VA VA VA
Flory E, dau, May 1886, 14, VA VA VA
James P., son, May 1888, 12, VA VA VA
Sarah J, dau, July 1890, 9, VA VA VA
Thomas, son, Sep 1892, 7, VA VA VA
Edith L., dau, Feb 1898, 2, VA VA VA
Benjamin F, son, Mar 1900, 3/12, VA VA VA
All white
HH #28
Greenberry Branson, head, June 1845, 55, m 30 yrs, VA VA VA, Day Laborer
Elizabeth, wife, May 1850, 50, m 30 yrs, 2 children-2 living, VA VA VA
Rachel Shockley, moth-inlaw, Oct 1825, 74, widow, 2 children-2 living, VA VA VA
All white

Sarah "Sally" Surrat (Surratt) was born cir 1807 in VA.  She was the daughter of Elisha Surrat who was born cir 1763 in North Carolina.  This family's ancestors came to America from France and settled in Prince Georges, Maryland before this branch moved to North Carolina and then to Virginia.  Sally was the first cousin, 1 generation removed, of the infamous Mary Surratt who was hung as a co-conspirator in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

John Branson's son, John Wesley Branson, died of typhoid fever in the Civil War September 15, 1863.  He fought for the Confederacy.  This is of interest because his cousins who went to Missouri fought for the Union.

Name: John W Branson ,
Enlistment Date: 06 August 1861
Distinguished Service: DISTINGUISHED SERVICE
Side Served: Confederacy
State Served: Virginia
Birth Date: 23 May 1839
Unit Numbers: 785 785 785
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 06 August 1861
Enlisted in Company E, 29th Infantry Regiment Virginia on 06 August 1861.
Reenlisted in Company E, 29th Infantry Regiment Virginia on 15 April 1862
Promoted to Full Sergeant on 30 June 1862
Absent without leav on 11 December 1862
Promoted to Full Private on 15 December 1862 (Reduced to ranks)
Died of disease Company E, 29th Infantry Regiment Virginia on 15 September 1863 in Richmond, VA


Jacob Lorton Connection to Levi Branson and Benjamin Borden
June 27, 2006

Many researchers believe that Jemima Lorton who married Absalom Branson was the daughter of Israel Lorton of Augusta, VA.  (Jacob Lorton was his son).  Others don't agree that she was Israel's daughter.  Israel Lorton left a will and Jemima was not named in it.  It is believed she was linked with Robert Lorton who was the son of the Rev. War hero, Thomas Lorton.  Jemima may be the daughter of Thomas. However we found a record with three familiar names in 1761-1763 in Augusta Co, Virginia.

page 384
Page 326.--1st June, 1761 (1760 ?). James Pritchard and Abigail ( ), of Orange County, North Carolina (Abigail was one of the daughters and devisees of Benj. Borden), to Joseph Borden, of Frederick County (Abigail was Abigail Worthington). £90, 1000 acres given to Abigail (then Worthington). Teste: John McDaniel, Jacob Layton, Levi Branson, John ( ) Alexander. Commission for privy examination of Abigail executed, 1st June, 1761. Delivered: Joseph, 10th March, 1763.


Jemima Lorton who married Absalom Branson
June 26, 2006
by rubyslippers@kc.rr.com

After extensive research I came to the conclusion that Jemima was not related to the Augusta, Virginia Lortons – the head of which was Israel. People have Jemima and a Robert b 1747 (Rev war hero) as children of Israel, Jr – but postings will tell you this isn’t true. Robert was from Charlotte Co, VA and died in Greene Co, IL. He married Tabitha Gannaway. He could be the son of Thomas Lorton and the widow Elizabeth Moss – but she wasn’t their mother. They lived in Amelia and Prince Edward.

Thos Lorton/Lawton bought land in 1736 in Amelia. He was of Goochland. He sold it in 1783 and went to Charlotte Co. I researched ALL these counties to find where Absalom met Jemima – hoping to find Jarred and nada.

Here is an interesting tad though. Israel Lorton b 1700 died Augusta 1752 is erroneously listed as father to 3 boys – Jacob that married Lydia Elwich/Elswick. This is a son of his. Israel Jr b 1727 Augusta – also his son and left a will AND Thomas b 1725 MARYLAND married in 6/31/1745 in Amelia to Mrs. Eliz Moss.

As I recall, Thomas was a colonel – a Rev hero also. So Jemima should have been in Amelia when she met Absalom and Jarred Branson (if he was related) should have been in Amelia with him. UNLESS…being away at war the wicked step-mother Moss shipped Jemima back to grandma in Maryland to be raised. In which case Jemima could have met Absalom in Maryland.

We found an interesting record from St. Mary's County, Maryland in the year 1764.  A Thomas Lorton was listed on the same estate papers with Jonathan Branson, Phillip Briscoe and Mary Barber.  (These are people associated with John Branson of St. Mary's, MD).  So this places a Thomas Lorton in the same general area in MD.

Maryland Probate Records, 1674-1774
Listed in: Prerogative Court Abstracts, 1720-1724
Page number: 71 (PARTIAL LISTS)
List of debts due to estate of James Mills, filed in St. Mary's County, dated April 30, 1764
Phillip Briscoe
Jonathan Branson

James Watson
Debts owed:
Thomas Lorton
Mary Barber
Mary Hambleton
George Briscoe

Absalom Branson was on the 1782 Pittsylvania VA census along with some other families who were linked to Jarred Branson....and also with John Briscoe.

1782 Census of Pittsylvania County, Virginia
Head of Household White Black
Barber, David 10
Bransom, Absalum 9
Briscoe, John 6 13
Dalton, David Jr 8
Dalton, John 6
Dalton, Samuel 4
Dalton, Solomon 1
Dillard, Samuel 7 1
Dodson, Daniel 9
Dodson, David 8
Dodson, Fortunatus 4
Dodson, George 4
Dodson, George Sr 11 7
Dodson, Jesse 10
Dodson, Joshua 3
Dodson, Joshua 5
Dodson, Rawley 5
Dodson, Thomas 5
Dodson, Zachariah 10 6
East, John 3
East, Thomas 7 3
Goad, John 3
Goad, Thomas 3

McMillion, Andrew 2
McMillion, John 9
McMillion, William 3

Shockley, David 4
Shockley, James 3


Timeline for Jarred Branson
June 26, 2006
by rubyslippers@kc.rr.com

Branson was known to have many variations in spelling. Also census takers were close to illiterate and did everything phonetically so it is whatever they heard with their ears. Jarred was in census and deeds as Jerord, Garratt, Jarett and all kinds of variations. Knowing his location and the oddity of the name has allowed me to trace him.

I have drawn a timeline. I also keep track of people by location. Washington formed from the abolishment of Fincastle in 1777 which is a major problem because of lost records. Jarred’s timeline starts 1782 in Washington co, Va. Or his land borders Montgomery, VA. There are two purchases – in Burks Fork and later on Big Reed Island. An article in a book says he disappeared in between for a few years. In 1790 Wythe Co. was carved from Montgomery Co.. In 1793 his land is in Wythe and then in 1794 this same land turns into Grayson, co.  Jarred sold this land in 1798.  A record of it appeared apparently in his new county – Patrick Co. but the land was in Montgomery Co.. In 1842 this land will be Carroll Co.  Jarred never lived in Carroll because it wasn’t a county when he was there – he had left.

In 1777 Henry Co. formed from Pittsylvania Co.. In 1790, Patrick Co. formed from Henry Co.. Jarred bought land in Patrick in 1798 onward on Johnson’s Creek and Loving’s Creek. At least someone named variations of Jarrett/Garrett did. The odd thing is when Jarred eventually goes to Tennessee later I think the family living on this land was the Branscoms.  I wonder if the Branscome’s had a Jarrett and someone assumed the land on Loving’s Creek was Jarred Branson instead of Branscome.  I think I need to take a look at these deeds myself. They could be related and a name variation.  In the deed the land on Loving’s says it is next to Summers and Branson’s.

By 1815 he is in Bledsoe, TN and in 1830 Jarred and his sons are in Gasconade Co, MO – all except Thomas who remains in TN.  Gerord, Thomas, Valentine and grandson William are listed as owners of land by 1824 in Marion Co, TN – Marion was formed in 1817 from Cherokee land. Bledsoe was formed in 1807 from Roane. Marion is right below Bledsoe so perhaps it was the same land.

In 1782 Montgomery/Washington it appears that Thomas connected with the Quakers and Beals appeared on the tax year that one year. I don’t think he and Jarred lived near one another or may have even known one another – frankly I think it is a pure coincidence. What I find more interesting is the appearance in 1793 on the Wythe list of a James Branson – this one near Jerard both spelled as Branston. In the following year when it was Grayson a Jan A. Branson appears.  In 1800 a Thos Braston. I cannot find anything on the James. He could be a son – he wasn’t mentioned in Jarred’s estate but he could have died. He could be a brother.

Or he could be James, son of John of Maryland. If so I’d think there would be a court record of his death in Grayson. When Michael died in Maryland in 1792 he named off nephews of brothers – presumably because he was devising by representation. He did not leave anything to the sons of his brothers James and Luke – he left them part of his estate. Again, assuming he was doing this by representation, these two brothers were alive and we don’t know what children they had. James is old enough to be a father to both Jarred and Absalom. Until wills are found for James and Luke I don’t think we will know the lineage of that family.

One more interesting Maryland piece. It is assumed that Thomas and Michael in Charles Co, MD were also sons of Thomas and Ann Barber – but there is no proof – I think it is again a case of people looking around for what is available at the time and tying them together rather than considering they were separate immigrants. In Maryland court documents in 1707 there was a Garrett Branson. So it’s entirely possible that Thomas that married Barber came over with a brother named Garrett.

Some Familiar Names on the 1810 Grainger, Tennessee Tax List
June 24, 2006

1810 Census Index - Grainger, TN
William Hanes 101-101
Jonathan Branson
Samuel Wagoner (next to Jonathan Branson)
Peter Hammack (next to Samuel Wagoner)
Lemuel Branson
William Maples
Stephen Goard 2201-2201 (Goad?)
John Hammack
Isom Shockley
Cain Acuff
Richard Acuff
William Acuff
David Watson
Robert Watson
John Acuff
James Acuff
Henry Acuff
Talton Carrel
Samuel Dodson
Thomas Shockley
Richard Shockley
Reuben Dalton
Reuben Dalton #2
Valentine Dodson
Colby Rucker 01001-12001
John Coffee 3001-101
David Cockram
William Watson
John Cocke
Thomas Boulton 0001-01
William Cocke
William Haines


Evidence of connection to Absalom Branson of Pittsylvania, VA
June 25, 2006

There is evidence that Booker Shockley who was listed next to John Branson and near Jarred Branson in the 1830 census of Gasconade, Missouri, was the grandfather of William Gilbert Shockley who supposedly married Amanda "Mandy" Branson, daughter of Benjamin Branson.  Benjamin was supposedly a descendant of Absalom Branson of Pittsylvania, Virginia.  This information was gleaned from an old message board posting and the marriage has not been verified.  However, Mandy Shockley, a widow, was located in the 1910 and 1920 censuses in Grainger, TN.  We believe we've found her in the 1900 census with a husband named Gil or Gilbert, but the census image is very dark and muddled and difficult to read.  We also don't know if she was a descendant of Absalom Branson, although her father Benjamin was listed near Absalom's son Hezekiah in Grainger, TN.

There is some other information that a descendant of Absalom was living near Valentine Branson in 1850 Gentry, Missouri. 

UPDATE JULY 28, 2006: We know there were connections between Jarred Branson and the Shockley family in VA, TN and MO. And we know there were connections between descendants of Absalom Branson and the Bolton family.  Absalom Branson Junior's son, David, married Susannah Bolton, daughter of Thomas Bolton and Jemima Hammock.  Susannah Bolton, the niece of Rebecca Bolton, married Levi Shockley of Franklin and Pittsylvania, VA.  Levi was the son of James and Margaret Shockley, and great-grandson of Richard Shockley and Ann Boyden.  This Shockley family is the same family closely aligned with Jarred Branson and his descendants.  There are some who believe that Levi Shockley's first cousin, Sarah, married Jarred Branson, however this has not been proven.

Levi Shockley was on the first list of tithables of Pittsylvania Co., VA along with other familiar names....there were also deeds between David Shockley and the Boltons in 1786 Franklin Co., VA.  David Shockley was Levi's brother.  Absalom Branson is also mentioned in these Franklin Co., VA court records in the year in 1788 and 1789.

Formed from Halifax, VA in 1767
http://www.rootsweb.com/%7Evapittsy/tith.htm (PARTIAL LIST)
Levy Shockley
James Shockley
John East
David Barber
John Barber
Richard Hamock
Chas. Goad
John MacMillion
William, Thomas and John Watson
Thomas Dillard, Sn, negro Will & Sarah
Thomas Dillard, Jr., Wm Gregory, negroes Hinory & Race
Jno. Acoff
James Lyon
John McGown
William Witcher & negro Sawney
John Good, jr.
Richard Shockley
Daniel Witcher
David Dalton & Benj. Dalton
John Witcher
James Dalton, Robt. Dalton, John Dalton & Robt. Dalton, Jr.
David and Benjamin Dalton (listed near Richard Shockley)
Thomas Dodson
Lazarus Dodson
Lambath Dodson
Thomas Boulding (Bolton?)
Edward, Thomas and Benjamin Hubbard
James and Pyerce Guinn, John Gwin
Thomas Potter (father or brother of Benjamin?)
Benjamin Potter (m. Rebecca Bolton, was father of Thomas Potter who m. Susannah Shockley)
John Smith (Note: the person who wrote this has a trunk full of papers from which it was learned that he served as a sub-sheriff under Col. Peter Jefferson (Thomas Jefferson's father?) 1749-1750.  In 1750 he purchased the Pockett Plantation in Pittsylvania Co., from Col. Jefferson to which he moved in October, 1762.  He died 1776 in Pittsylvania Co.)  source: genealogy.com

An old Virginia court : being a transcript of the records of the first court of Franklin County, Virginia, 1786-1789, with biographies of the justices and stories of famous cases
Memphis: West Tennessee Historical Society, 1948, 258 pgs.
April 1786 - A deed James Hubbard to Levi Shockley. A deed Thomas and Robert Boulton to David Shockley
Nov 1788 - Absalom Branson was witness in case of Hale vs Craghead
Mar 1789 - Absalom Branson witness in court

We don't know the heritage of Absalom, however, others report that he was born in England.  Absalom was born c1740.  His father is recorded by some as Absalom Sr. born 1690-1712 of Nottingham, England.

Another internet message lists an Absalom, Moses and Ware Branson who came to America with William Penn.  Moses settled in PA, Ware settled in NY and Absalom settled in VA.  William Penn was the founder of Pennsylvania and was one of the leading Quakers of that time.  If Absalom Sr. came to America with William Penn, that would probably be in the year 1682 on the ship "Welcome".  Since Absalom Branson Sr. was supposedly born after 1689, it is impossible that he came with William Penn in the year 1682.  However, he may be an ancestor of Absalom Sr. or perhaps he came on a subsequent trip with William Penn, since Penn traveled back and forth between PA and England at least twice.

We have found records of William Branson, son of Nathaniel Branson as early as 1693 in Pennsylvania.  So it's entirely possible that Absalom was related to the Bransons of Burlington, NJ, Frederick, VA and Chester, PA who came from Berkshire, England and were mostly Quakers.

According to Egle's Notes and Queries of Pennsylvania, William Branson and his sons-in-law were relatives of William Penn.  If William was a relative, it was probably through marriages of his daughter(s) or perhaps more directly through marriage(s) in England.

According to the book "The Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln", Nathaniel Branson of England purchased 1250 acres of land in America from William Penn that was conveyed to William Branson in 1707.  Mordecai Lincoln of Chester, PA quitclaimed land to William Branson of Chester Co., PA in 1725.  Mordecai Lincoln was the gr-gr-grandfather of Pres. Abraham Lincoln.

Pres. Abraham Lincoln's great-grandfather, John Lincoln, bought land at Linville Creek from the McKays.  Linville's Creek is also at or near the location where Thomas Branson Jr., John Branson, Jacob Chrisman and Jost Hite received land grants in 1734.

HOPEWELL FRIENDS HISTORY 1734-1934 Frederick County, Virginia
page 543
1739, McKay, Hite, and others get grant for 7009 acres on Linville Creek
page 546
1768, McKays sell land on Linville Creek to John Lincoln, great-grandfather of the President

William Branson bought the site of Reading Furnace by deed dated Feb. 28, 1723 and was the partner of Samuel Nutt and Mordicai Lincoln--the great-grandfather of Abraham Lincoln. Branson bought out Lincoln in 1725 becoming the principal owner.
"Vanleer Papers," Chester County Historical Society, West Chester, PA.

Book: "The ancestry of Abraham Lincoln", Page 69
William Branson was the son of Nathaniel Branson Sonning County Berks, England, shoemaker, who had purchased 1250 acres of land from William Penn, although he never came to reside in America. He conveyed his land by deed August 28, 1707 to his son William who came early in 1708 in the "Golden Lyon" to Pennsylvania. In 1709 he resided in Philadelphia on the east side of Second Street, being then called joiner, in 1720 shopkeeper, and 1726 merchant. He had acquired before 1741, over 3400 acres of land in Berks and Chester Counties.

Page 180 - "Know all men that I Mordecai Lincoln of Coventry in the County of Chester, for and in consideration of the sum of ..... etc., do forever quitclaim to William Branson, merchant of Philadelphia, his heirs and assigns, one full and undivided third part of the one hundred and six acres of land, according to articles of agreement made between Samuel Nutt of the one part and the said Mordecai Lincoln of the other part, together with all singular the Mynes and Minerals, Forges, Buildings, Houses, Lands and Improvements whatsoever thereunto belonging. Dated 14 December, 1725. 
(NOTE: The Nutt family was allied with the Branson family).

William Penn died in Berkshire, England (where 1605 Nathaniel Branson lived) and he was close to Bernhardus Vanleer who married Mary Branson, daughter of William Branson and Mary Tate? (also married Sarah?) of PA.  Mary's sister Elizabeth married Lynford Lardner and another member of the Lardner family married into the Penn family.  Obviously, the early England and PA Bransons were closely connected to William Penn.

According to the following web site, Serena Branson, daughter of Hezekiah Branson, was born April 22, 1816 in Claiborne, TN.  That's close to the time that John Sevier Branson was born in that county.  Ten years difference.
The fact that Claiborne, Grainger and Campbell, TN are next to each other is another poss. hint that our Bransons were linked to the Absalom group.  This area is close to SW Virginia and lots of families lived in both areas or moved back and forth.  Campbell, TN is where the wife of John Sevier Branson was born (Martha Jane Ousley).

James Branson, possible great-grandson of Absalom Branson, was listed in the 1850 Census in Montgomery Co., Missouri which is next to Gasconade County.  Living nearby was a Noble family (see above).  In 1840 James was in Lincoln Co, Missouri (next to Montgomery Co.) and in 1830 he was listed in Pittsylvania, VA.  From census records, it appears he had at least three children - Nancy, Michael and Frances.   Frances married James Edward Eddens.  The Eddens family was listed in Lincoln Co, Missouri in 1880 and living with them was Nancy Branson, sister-in-law, who appears to be the same Nancy who was in the 1850 household of James Branson.  If you have further information on these families, please contact Sandra.

John Shockley Pittsylvania, Virginia (0100001-0101001) age 40-50 <1780-1790> - Image 59
Asa Branson Pittsylvania, Virginia (000001-00001) age 30-40 <1790-1800> - Image 21
SAME PAGE: John Jefferson (002100001-0000001) age 60-70 <1760-1770> - Image 21
James Branson Pittsylvania, Virginia (112001-1200001) age 30-40 <1790-1800> - Image 123
Michael Branson Pittsylvania, Virginia (000010001-00003) age 60-70 <1760-1770> - Image 31
Samuel Jefferson (00221001-01021001) age 50-60 <1770-1780> - Image 31
NEXT LINE: Edward F. Jefferson (00001-0001) age 20-30 <1800-1810> - Image 31

1840 Census (Lincoln is next to Montgomery)
James Branson Clark, Lincoln, Missouri (1011101-00120001) age 40-50 <1790-1800> - Image 3

1850- census (next to Gasconade) - Page 185
James Branson District 61, Montgomery, MO abt 1794 Virginia
Michael Branson District 61, Montgomery, MO abt 1828 Virginia
Nancy Branson District 61, Montgomery, MO abt 1826 Virginia
William Swiney (?) age 10 born in MO is also in this household

1850 Census - Page 186
John S Noble District 61, Montgomery, MO abt 1816 Virginia
Lavena Noble District 61, Montgomery, MO abt 1821 Maryland
Georgeann Noble District 61, Montgomery, MO abt 1840 Missouri
Cathrin Noble District 61, Montgomery, MO abt 1842 Kentucky
John Noble District 61, Montgomery, MO abt 1843 Kentucky
Minerva Noble District 61, Montgomery, MO abt 1847 Missouri
Sarah Noble District 61, Montgomery, MO abt 1849 Missouri

1860 Census - Hurricane, Lincoln, Missouri
Post Office: New Hope
James E Eddings 37 VA
Frances Eddings 27 VA
Mary A Eddings 12 MO
Arlinda E Eddings 10 MO
Fanny J Eddings 6 MO
Virginia C Eddings 4 MO
James H Eddings 1 MO

1880 Census
James E. EDDENS Self M Male W 57 VA Farmer VA VA
Francis EDDENS Wife M Female W 57 VA Keeps House VA VA
James H. EDDENS Son S Male W 21 MO At Home VA VA
Margret L. EDDENS Dau S Female W 19 MO At Home VA VA
Lee J. EDDENS Son S Male W 17 MO At Home VA VA
Ira DAVIS GSon S Male W 2 MO MO MO
Sylvester DAVIS GSon S Male W 6M MO MO MO
Nancy BRANSON SisterL S Female W 52 VA VA VA
Source Information:
Census Place Snow Hill, Lincoln, Missouri
Family History Library Film 1254699
NA Film Number T9-0699
Page Number 212B

Michael Branson b. c1805 VA, son of Asa Branson and Nancy Allen Jefferson (and grandson of Absalom Branson Jr.), had children born in TN 1836-1841 according to the 1860 census. I found him in Hamilton, TN in 1840...Thomas Kilgore who was listed as a Marion, TN landowner in 1824 was on the same page. I think he was the brother of Rebecca Kilgore who m. Adam Sherrill. I think she was the grandmother of Alpha Sherrill who m. Valentine Branson.

By 1860 Michael had gone to Sullivan, Indiana. His father Asa and his brother Isaiah were also there.

At least two Mahan females married into the Absalom Branson family...that's why I listed the A. Mahan.

1840 Census - Hamilton, Tennessee
A. Mahan (1110001-2110001) age 40-50 <1790-1800> - Image 69
TWO LINES BELOW: Thomas Kilgore (01110001-11011001) age 50-60 <1780-1790> - Image 69
Michael Branson (110011-010011) age 30-40 <1800-1810> - Image 69
NOTE: Andrew Jackson Branson was born c1819 near Chattanooga which is in Hamilton County, TN; next to Marion County

BRANSON, Andrew Gerord William Thos. Valentine
KILGORE, Stephen
KILGORE, Charles (father or brother of Thomas)

1860 census - Curry, Sullivan, Indiana
Post Office: Curry
Micheal Branson 55 VA
Sarah Branson 53 TN
John Branson 24 TN
Felix Branson 19 TN

1860 census - Jackson, Sullivan, Indiana
Post Office: Centerville
Asa Branson 61 VA
Nancy A Branson 58 VA

1860 Census - Jackson, Sullivan, Indiana
Post Office: Centerville
Isaiah Branson 28 VA
Caroline Branson 28 IN
Nancy E Branson 7 IN
Noton M Branson 5 IN
Jemima I Branson 3 IN
Asa Branson 1 IN


July 26, 2006

Jacob Chrisman and Magdalena Hite were mentioned along with Lionel and Amos Branson in Southwest Virginia and Hardy, West Virginia.

The Chrisman family was in Frederick, VA and the New River area of Virginia  and some went to Osage/Maries/Gasconade, MO. Chrismans married Haines, Jetts and Bransons. Jacob Chrisman the elder died in Frederick, VA. Jetts married Bransons and Pointers and some lived in Missouri near our Bransons.

Abraham Chrisman died ca. Oct 1798 in Montgomery Co., VA (where Jared Branson Sr. lived).  Abraham was the son of Jacob Chrisman and Magdalena Hite.  Abraham's grandson, Nathaniel, was born in Montgomery Co., VA July 7, 1789.  This Chrisman family was closely related to the Chrisman family who went to Gasconade/Maries Co., Missouri at about the same time that Jared went there, and married into his family.  This is also the same Chrisman family who married into the Lionel Branson family.  Mary Catherine Branson, daughter of William Branson and Anna Fravel (granddaughter of Lionel Branson Jr.), married Isaac Chrisman, grand-nephew of the above mentioned Abraham Chrisman.  I believe this is one of the most important clues we have providing a possible link between Jared Branson Sr. and Lionel Branson.

1782 Montgomery County, Virginia Land Tax List
Name Acreage Value Tax
Branson, Jarat 100 7/10 1/6
Chrisman, Abraham 200 37/10 7/6
Chrisman, Abraham 60 10 2/

Jacob Chrisman was on the Hampshire, VA Tax List with Amos Branson in 1781-82. Hampshire County was considered part of the New River region in VA, as was Montgomery/Grayson/Patrick/Henry/Carroll where Jarred lived..  Amos was the son of Lionel Branson and Rachel Rogers of Frederick, VA. Also on the list was Joseph Haines and Joseph Haines Jr.  He could be Joseph Haines who married Mary Wright. He was 1st cousin 1 X removed of Bethany Haines. (see below).  According to the LDS web site, a Joseph Haines was born c1778 of Reed's Creek, Hampshire Co., VA who married Naomi Henkel.  If you have any information about him, please contact Sandra by email.  Also in 1781-82 Hampshire, VA were several Forman families, including relatives of Rebecca Forman who married Gerrard Edge, parents of Mary Edge who married Joseph Branson (brother of Lionel).  Several Rogers families were also there, including Ezekiel Rogers, probably the nephew of Rebecca Rogers who married Lionel Branson Sr.

NOTE: Hampshire Co. was formed 1753 from Frederick Co.  Hardy Co. was formed 1785 from Hampshire Co.

The 1781-82 Hampshire County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List (Partial List)
Haines, Joseph, Jun. 1 - 4 13
Haines, Joseph 1 3 14

Painter, Benjamin 1 3 1
Chrisman, Philip 1 2 -
Chrisman, Jacob 1 1 13 36
Crisman, Philip 1 3 3
Crisman, Jacob 1 1 1
Crisman, Mathias 1 1 -

Borren (Borden?), Thomas 1 3 4
Hite, Gasper 1 3 3
Branson, Amos 1 5 4 (on sane list with Abraham Hite)
Hite, Matthias 1 2 2
Hite, Abraham 2 7 30 65
Forman, Benjamin 1 6 12
Forman, John, Jun. 2 7 12 22
Forman, John, Jun. 1 9 16 45
Rogers, Ezekiel 2 2 4
Rogers, James 1 13 12
Rogers, Mary - 2 6 8
Rogers, Owen 2 6 10
Rogers, William 1 - 6 16

Amos Branson was also mentioned along with Jacob Chrisman, Abraham Hite (son of Jost) and John Forman in the following 1782 Hampshire, VA document...note also the names Rudolph and Martin Shobe, Leonard, George and Michael Stump, Joseph, Solomon and Garret Vanmeter, Abraham Innskeep and Moses Hutton.  These are names you will find elsewhere in this narrative.  NOTE: Abraham Innskeep was related to Mary Ann Innskeep who married Jonathan Branson, son of Lionel Branson Jr.

A Glimpse of the Past, the Harness Family History , Page 94
Copied by Anne Waller Reddy
THE following List of HAMPSHIRE County names is taken from a manuscript book and from loose pages of manuscript in the VIRGINIA STATE LIBRARY at Richmond, Virginia.
This Hampshire List shows the names of persons who furnished supplies under the COMMISSIONERS OF PROVISION LAW, the supplies to be applied to CONTINTENTAL PURPOSES. Descendants of those mentioned in the List are eligible for D. A. R. membership.
As a Court held for Hampshire County the 15th Day of May, 1782. The Court proceeded to receive and Certify public Claims for Impressments, etc., agreeable to a late Act of Assembly as follows, viz.:
Joseph Vanmeter, Garret Vanmeter, Samuel Dew, Okey Johnson, Isaac Miller, Michael See, James Lirgent, Charles Lynch, Jacob Chrismin, Evangelist Hardin, Jonathan Chaneworth, William Cunningham, Abraham Hite, Joseph Vanmeter, Anthony Baker, Solomon Vanmeter, John Tapp, Amos Branson, Samuel Tunmonds, Daniel Ashby, Jacob Randall, Stephen Ruddell, Wm. Anderson, Garret Vanmeter, Peter Casey, Wilham Darling, Jacob Harness, Felix Seymour, Prior Robey, William Cunnmgham, Jr., William Cunningham, Sr., John Harness, Michael Stump, James Cunningham, Sylvester Ward, Martin Power, Christopher Huffman, Alexander Simpson, Ursulla Brink, Thomas Parsons, James Stephenson, Job Welton, Jesse Welton, John McNeil, Peter Casey, Henry Carr, Rudolph Shobe, Martin Shobe, John Wilson, Sithman Howman, Valentine Power, Charles Lynch, Leonard Stump, Moses Hutton, Jesse Cunningham, Michael See, George Harness, John Campbell, Michael Harness. George Stump, Abraham Inskeep, George See, Christopher Ermantiout, Robert Cunningham, John Westfall, William Robey, William Renick, John Cring, Richard Seymour, William Jones, Henry Linder, Robert Traviss or Fraviss, Michael Stump, Moses Hutton, Sithman Howman, Andrew Wodrow, John Wilson, Abel Randall, Moses Hutton, William Vanse, George Nixon, Levi Ashbrook, William Buffington, James Smith. James Largent, Thomas Seymour, Richard
Bodkin, Nicholas Tivault, Thomas Demoss, Evan Jenkins, John Martin, Thomas Edwards, Michael Lawrence, Esekial Thomas, Patrick Keran, Jahn Largent, Isaac Jones, William Anderson, Davis Forman, James McBride, Barbara Hankle, John Wilson, John McBride, John Cutrack, William Cunningham, Abel Randall, Nicholas Casey, Garret Vanmeter, John Forman, Nathaniel Parker, Stephen Colvin, Nathaniel Parker, Thomas McCarty, Peter Casey.

Records for Joseph Branson were also found.  He filed a will in 1780 in Hampshire Co., VA.  I believe he was the brother of Lionel Branson Sr.  If you have information about him, please contact Sandra by email.

JOSEPH BRANSON WILL OF 7-10-1780/8-9-1780
SON, JOHN, Bible
(relationship not shown)

July 10 Day 1780 (sic)
In the Name of God. aman. I Joseph Branson being Weake in Bodey but sound
in mind Do make this my Publish and Pronounce this my Last will and
first I give and bequeth my Soul to God Who give it being. And after my
Bodey being buried in a Cristen maner -- I give and bequeath to my Son John
Branson my Bibel or a Shilling Starlen and the Rest of my Estate to be
________ after Paying all Just Debts and funrel expenses between Barbry
Sellers, Frederick Sellers Cathran Sellers and Susanna Sellers and I Do make
Fredick Sellers my Fool Exator of this my Last Will.
Signed Seled and Published Joseph Branson
in Presents of mark
Jonathan Heath

At a court continued and held for Hampshire County the 9th day of August
1780, this last will and testament of Joseph Branson deceased was presented
in court by Frederick Sellers the Executor therein named proved by the oath
of Jonathan Heath, the witness thereto and ordered to be recorded and on the
motion of the said Executor who made oath according to law, Certificate is
grant him for obtaining a Probate thereof in due form, giving security
whereupon he together with the said Jonathan Heath his security entered into
and acknowledged bond in the Penalty of Five Thousand Pounds for his due and
faithful administration of the said decedents estate and performed of his
will. Teste
Gabriel Jones Cl. Court

Will Book 1-22
Page 18

Anna Maria Chrisman, daughter of Jacob Chrisman and Magdalena Hite, married Peter Stephens Jr., son of Hans Peter Stephens and brother of Keziah Stephens who married Anna's brother Abraham.  As mentioned earlier, Abraham was in Montgomery Co., VA at about the same time as Jared Branson Sr.  Anna Maria had children born in Wythe Co., VA at about the same time that the Bransons were there.  Some of the Stephens family later went to Wayne Co., KY and then to Cooper Co., MO.  John Stephens and Joseph Stephens were mentioned in land records of 1793 Wythe Co., VA. 

Claypool in Maries Co., Missouri
Leah Claypool, granddaughter of James Claypool (b. 1701), married Isaac Chrisman, grandson of Jacob Chrisman and Magdalena Hite.  Leah was the aunt of Reuben Claypool who was living in Maries Co., Missouri in 1860 (see below).  Leah was mentioned in her father's will (John) as Leah Claypool.

According to the West Virginia Archives, Jacob Chrisman settled at Lost River a few years before Lionel Branson went there.  Mary Catherine Branson, granddaughter of Lionel Branson, marred Isaac Chrisman (b. 1810), grandson of Jacob Chrisman and Magdalena Hite.  Another granddaughter of Jacob and Magdalena, Phoebe Chrisman, married Joseph Jett.  Phoebe was the daughter of Abraham Chrisman who died 1798 in Montgomery, VA (where Jarred Branson is recorded from 1782 to 1796).  Lost River is located in Hardy Co., West Virginia (formerly Virginia, formed from Hampshire Co. in 1786).  Obviously, Jacob Chrisman knew Lionel and Amos Branson.  Lionel had five known children and also one unnamed infant born about 1757 in Hardy Co., Virginia.  It's possible this unnamed infant was Jarred Branson Sr. (see page three - theory number two)

Jacob Chrisman was in Frederick Co., VA at the same time as Thomas Branson (see rent rolls for the year 1746 below).

Early Records: Hampshire County Virginia
Grantee - Grantor
1769 - Claypoole, Joseph from Isaac Chrisman and wife (Joseph was son of James Claypool and Jane Byrd)
1773 - Miller, Jacob from Joseph Claypoole and wife
6-3-1773 - Joseph Claypoole (wife Abigail) to James Claypoole Sr. of Hampshire Co. (lease and release) 174 acres on Lost River, rec. 5-11-1773 (wife was Abigail Osborne)

Brief History
Of Early Times
In Lost River Community
by F. B. Chrisman 1925
Captain Jacob Chrisman, born in 1730, (whose mother was a daughter of Joist Hite who came from York, Pennsylvania in the year 1732 and settled about five miles south of Winchester, Virginia) with several other men followed a band of Indians who had killed some settlers of the Shenandoah Valley and taken some prisoners across the North Mountain, arriving at Rock Bridge now the state boundary on North Mountain after dark. Captain Chrisman sighted the Indian's camp fire near the top of Branch Mountain and came to their camp just before dawn. He surprised the and after killing three of their number and recovering the prisoners, returned to this valley and decided to take a lease which he did in 1753. The patent calls for a tract of 425 acres of land on Lost River of Cacapon, patented to Jacob Chrisman, Jr., by Lord Fairfax, September 15, 1753.
Lionel Branson, an English Quaker, settled on Lost River in 1765 and is reputed to have cut the first wagon road following the old Indian Trail across Rock Bridge from the Shenandoah to this valley. The Millers, Claypools, Wardens, and Bakers settled here about the same date.
Along in the early part of 1800 Lionel Branson and Jeremiah Inskeep each built brick houses the latter of which is still being used as a residence. In 1808 Squire Jacob Miller built a brick house which is still in a good state of preservation and is now owned and used as a residence by Chas. A. Garrett. The oldest log house, a part of which is still standing is the old Claypoole house on the lands now owned by John Moyers. This farm was settled by John Claypoole, a son of James Claypoole, an English Quaker who was born February 14th, 1701, and settled in what is now Rockingham County, Virginia. John Claypoole was born in 1732, was married twice, and was the father of twenty-two children.
The first grist mill in the valley was built by Lionel Branson on the lands now owned by the Union Tanning Company. The first tan yard was on Still Run where the remains of the old tan vats can still be seen. By the process then used it took one year to tan a hide. The present steam tannery at Lost City was built by Thomas Cover about 1892.

Rent rolls of Frederick Co, VA, show:
John BRANSON 243, John BRANSON 291
Thomas BRANSON 421
Benjamin BORDEN 3143
Jacob Chrisman 200
John PAINTER 155
John VanMeter 885, John VanMeter 1786
Hites: Isaac 300, Isaac 300, John 266, John 1050, Joist 266, Joist 449, Joist 499, Jos P 608
HLSV says it was in this year that Thomas and John BRANSON came into possession of (the) 600 acres of land left them by their father.


Jesse Claypool sold land to Lionel Branson Jr. in 1794 in Hardy Co., West Virginia.  Jesse Claypool was the uncle of Leah Claypool who married Isaac Chrisman, son of Jacob Chrisman and Magdalena Hite, and father of Isaac Chrisman (b. 1810) who married Mary Catherine Branson (probable granddaughter of Lionel Branson Sr.).  This is evidence of a possible long relationship between Lionel Branson (and his son) and the Chrismans, extending from 1765 when Lionel Sr. first was recorded at Lost River until at least 1794 when this land sale was made in Hardy, WV, a time span of nearly 30 years.

Leah Claypool's brother George had a grandson named Reuben W. Claypool who resided in Jefferson, Maries, Missouri in 1860 (see below).  He was listed in household number 630 two households away from James Carroll.  This is the township where Andrew Jackson Branson (b. 1844 s/o David Branson) resided in 1870 along with several Shockley families.  In 1870 James and Lydia Carroll resided in Jackson, Maries, MO next to Jesse Chrisman and family.  James died before 1880 and his widow (Lydia) was living next to Isaac Chrisman (b. c1831) in 1880 Jackson, Maries, MO.  It's apparent that Reuben and Lydia Claypool were closely connected to the Carroll and Chrisman families.  Reuben Claypool was born in Warren Co., KY where his father George is listed in 1820 to 1840.  George was the son of John Claypool of Lost River, Hardy Co., WV.  Also listed there is a George Carroll in 1810, a Catherine and John Carroll in 1820 and 1830.  The Carroll family married into the Branson family of Gasconade/Osage/Maries, MO.

The fact that Reuben Claypool, the nephew of Leah Claypool, was living near Branson and allied families in Maries Co., MO suggests a further connection between the Bransons of Missouri and Lionel Branson who was linked to the Claypools in Hardy Co., WV.

Lionel Branson is mentioned in Hening's Statues at Large, (records of Virginia Laws beginning in early 1600's) along with John and Phillip Briscoe (see above).  Lionel Branson (Junior?) served in the Revolutionary War (Virginia line) as an Ensign in the Company of Captain Thomas Buck of Frederick and Shenandoah Cos., VA.  Amos Branson also served as an Ensign in the Revolutionary War, Virginia line.

J. M. Claypool was a Deacon in the Linn Church of Osage Co., MO in about 1856 along with Deacon Tackett (Tacketts married into the Shockley and Pointer families). 

Joseph Claypool was living in Grainger, TN in 1830 near Reuben Dalton who married Nancy Shockley, daughter of 1755 Thomas Shockley.  Joseph was probably the grandson of 1701 James Claypool.


While I was researching William Hedge of Montgomery, VA, I traced his son to Hendricks Co., Indiana.  His son George Hedge was there in 1850 along with wife Priscilla (Meredith) and ten children.  He was also there in 1840.  Also in Hendricks, Indiana in 1840 were Reuben, David, John and William Claypool, Jacob, Thompson and William Farmer, Robert Harvey, Edward and Samuel Pointer.  David Claypool was Leah Claypool's brother.  He was from Lost River, Hardy, VA (where Lionel Branson and Jacob Chrisman lived).  Thompson Farmer was born c1802 in Montgomery, VA.  He married Pauline Hedge, daughter of William Hedge of Montgomery, VA.  I believe he may be related to the Thomas Farmer who was a surety on the marriage bond of Valentine Branson in Patrick, VA.   NOTE: This Reuben Claypool was the first cousin, 1 generation removed, of the Reuben Claypool who was in Maries, MO). 

Robert Harvey was a descendant of Gov. Thomas Harvey who died 1699 in Perquimans, NC.  This family was apparently from Warwickshire, England.  It is not known if they were related to Elizabeth Harvey who married John Day.

Hendricks County, Indiana

There were some marriages of familiar individuals that took place in Hendricks, Indiana.  Rebecca Hodgson married Jesse Branson there on March 7, 1878.  Rebecca was the second cousin, 1 generation removed, of Elizabeth Hodgson who married Robert Branson (grandson of Thomas L. Branson and Jane/Jeane Painter).  She was the granddaughter of Jesse Hodgson and Mary Wilson (Mary Wilson was born in Grayson, VA where Jared Branson Sr. may have lived).  Jesse Branson was born c1856 in Ohio and was the great-grandson of David Branson and Sarah Antrim.  He was also the 2nd great-grandson of Moses Branson and Sarah Borrodail of Burlington, NJ.  (see also Joseph Branson).  Jesse Branson was in Hendricks, IN in 1860 living with his parents.  Jesse Branson was the great-grandson of David Branson and Mary Kenworthy.  Mary was probably a descendant of Joshua Kenworthy whose probable sons John and Thomas Kenworthy who were listed on the 1782 Montgomery, VA Tax List along with Jared and Thomas Branson.

Also in Hendricks, IN in 1860 and 1870 was Jonathan Ellis Branson, son of Aquilla Branson and Lydia E. Ellis of Belmont, OH.  Other Branson marriages in Hendricks, Indiana include other descendants of William Branson and Elizabeth Osmond.

Hendricks, Indiana was a location where several families with familiar names lived in 1830 (see below), including Reuben Claypool, John Pointer, Lemuel or Samuel Shockley and Joseph Faucett.  John Pointer was the son of Edward Pointer who was in Hendricks, IN in 1840.  Samuel was also his son.   Edward was born c1787 in Kentucky and I have been unable to identify his parents, however I found an Edward Pointer, age 45+, in Garrard, KY in 1810 who could be his relative.  Research by others indicates that some of the Pointers in Garrard, KY were related to William Pointer who married Sally Chapman.  This William Pointer was possibly the one who signed a petition in 1782 Montgomery, VA where Jared Branson Sr. lived and could be the William Pointer who was in Hampshire, VA in 1810, where Lionel Branson and Jacob Chrisman resided.  In the 1810 Federal Census, the older Edward Pointer was in Garrard, KY with William and Vincent Pointer.

I have been unable to identify Lemuel/Samuel Shockley.  He was possibly in Barren, KY on land records in 1816-17 along with Samuel and David Shockley.  He may be the son of David and Susannah Shockley.  David was born c1753 and was the son of Solomon Shockley who was in Pittsylvania, VA.  Solomon was also (reportedly) the father of Sarah Shockley, whom some believe married Jared Branson Sr. (no proof has been found).  I have found instances in other research where the names Lemuel and Samuel have been transcribed incorrectly, so Samuel and Lemuel may be the same person.  If you have information about Lemuel Shockley born 1780-1790, please contact Sandra by email.

Thompson Farmer was also in Hendricks, IN in 1840 and he was from Montgomery Co., VA where Jarred Branson Sr. previously lived.  Thompson Farmer may have been related to Thomas Farmer who was surety on the marriage bond for Frances East and Jarred Branson Jr.  Thompson Farmer married Pauline Hedge, daughter of William Hedge and Lucy Godbey, on May 12, 1828 in Montgomery Co., VA.

Also in Hendricks, Indiana was Joseph J. Coffin, first cousin (1 gen. removed) of Nathan Coffin who married Elizabeth Branson, daughter of Joseph C. Branson and Elizabeth Piggott of Chatham Co., NC.  Joseph C. Branson was the son of Levi Branson and Mary Maynor.  James Stockton was also in Hendricks, Indiana in 1840.  James was a descendant of Richard Stockton and the Stockton family of Burlington, New Jersey (Quakers).   He was also the first cousin (1 gen. removed) of Newberry Stockton who was in Kentucky near Elijah Bates.

John Crismon was also in Hendricks, Indiana in 1840.  He was born 1770-1780.  There was also a John Crisman in Union, Indiana in 1830.  He was born in the same year-range as the one in Hendricks, Indiana in 1840, so it was most likely the same person.  I have been unable to identify him.  If you have information about this John Crismon, please contact Sandra by email

Also in Hendricks, Indiana in 1840 were several Vestal families.  The Vestal family were Quakers from Fredericks Co., VA who married into the Coffin and Branson families.  Elvira Catherine Vestal married Benjamin Franklin Branson, son of Eli Branson.  Her parents are not yet known.  If you have information about her, please contact Sandra by email.

Obediah Mendenhall and several other Mendenhall families were in Hendricks, Indiana in 1840.  Obediah was the son of Richard Mendenhall and Susan Harris.  The Mendenhalls were Quakers who were members of some of the same monthly meetings as the Bransons.

Lucy (Godbey) Hedge and her sons John and David were in Hendricks, Indiana in 1840.  They were from Montgomery Co., VA where Jared Branson Sr. previously lived.  Lucy was the widow of William Hedge who was born 1784-1794.  I have been communicating with a descendant of this family and his ancestry has been not discovered.  Lucy and William were married March 4, 1804 in Montgomery, VA.  Lucy was the daughter of William and Zannah Godbey.  (see more about this family elsewhere in this narrative).

Joel Hodgson was in Hendricks, Indiana in 1840 along with other Hodgson families.  The Hodgson family is mentioned elsewhere in this narrative.

Reuben Claypool was in Hendricks, Indiana.  He married Isabel Adair in that county on March 13, 1827.  He was the son of David Claypool of Hardy Co., VA/WV.  He was the nephew of Leah Claypool who married Isaac Chrisman and Isaac married Mary Catherine Branson, daughter of William Branson, granddaughter of Lionel Branson Jr. of Lost River, Hardy, VA/WV.

So we have yet another set of families from Hardy, VA and Montgomery, VA who migrated to the same location AND a location where Branson records were found.  These families were probably acquainted with Lionel Branson Sr. and his sons.  Leah Claypool's grand-nephew was in Maries, MO with descendants of Jared Branson Sr. (who previously lived in Montgomery, VA), and Leah's relatives were in Hendricks, IN with connected individuals from Hardy and Montgomery, VA.  It is evidence of a connection between some of the families in Hendricks, IN and some in Maries, MO.  It is also another loose connection between Jared Branson Sr. and Lionel and/or Joseph Branson.  (See Some Theories

Poynter/Pointer Families in Hendricks, Indiana
There were several Poynter (Pointer) families in Hendricks, Indiana.  Edward Poynter born c1787 in KY was there in 1850.  He was probably the son of Thomas Poynter who married Nellie Brock.  His parents have not been identified, but Nellie Brock was born in Pittsylvania, VA (LDS web site) where many of the families allied with Jared Branson Sr. lived.  The Pointer family was allied with the Branson family in Missouri.

1844 Tax List for Hendricks County, Indiana
This tax list reveals some very interesting names and locations, including Bowater Bales (Beals) - a descendant of John Beals and Sarah Bowater.  He was the first cousin (1 gen. removed) of John Bowater Beals who married Lois Branson.  NOTE: a child of theirs married into the Hodgson family.  There were also several Neff individuals on the Eel River where W. H. Hedge (William?) and Thompson Farmer were listed.  The Neff family was allied with the Stump family. 

Index to 1844 tax list for Hendricks County, Indiana (PARTIAL LIST)
Bales Bowater Liberty Twp.
Bales Henry Eel River Twp.
Bales John, Jr. Center Twp.
Bales Johnsen Center Twp.
Bales William Center Twp.
Bales William Eel River Twp.
Chrisman John Eel River Twp. 16 17N 2W
Claypool David Eel River Twp.
Claypool J.W. Eel River Twp.
Claypool John Eel River Twp.
Coffin Charles Center Twp.
Coffin Jesse Center Twp.
Coffin Joseph Center Twp.
Farmer Daniel W. Guilford Twp.
Farmer Jacob Guilford Twp.
Farmer John Guilford Twp.
Farmer Leonard Guilford Twp.
Farmer Thompson Eel River Twp. (from Montgomery Co., VA)
Faucett Joseph Washington Twp.
Guyn Moses Liberty Twp.
Guyn Samuel, Sr. Liberty Twp.
Guynn Seth Middle Twp.
Harvey Jonathan Center Twp.
Harvey Robert Franklin Twp.
Hedge Crockett Eel River Twp.
Hedge George Eel River Twp.
Hedge John Marion Twp.
Hedge W.H. Eel River Twp. 17 16N 2W
Hedge W.H. Eel River Twp. 17 16N 2W

Hedge William Marion Twp.  (from Montgomery Co., VA)
Hodson B.W. Guilford Twp.
Hodson Eli Franklin Twp.
Hodson Jermiah Center Twp.
Hodson Jesse Guilford Twp.
Hodson Joel W. Franklin Twp.
Hodson John Guilford Twp.
Hodson Joseph Center Twp.
Hodson Josiah Liberty Twp. 8 14N 1E
Hodson Lindsey Liberty Twp.
Hodson Michiel Guilford Twp.
Hodson Robert W. Franklin Twp.
Holloway Joseph Brown Twp.
McGowen Jermiah Marion Twp.
McGown James Middle Twp.
Mendenhall Alexander Guilford Twp.
Mendenhall David Guilford Twp.
Mendenhall Jacob Franklin Twp.
Mendenhall Jonathan Franklin Twp.
Mendenhall Joseph B. Guilford Twp.
Mendenhall Miles Franklin Twp. 4 14N 2W
Mendenhall Moses Guilford Twp.
Mendenhall Richard Guilford Twp.
Mendenhall Samuel Guilford Twp.
Mendenhall Temple Guilford Twp.
Neff George Eel River Twp. 22 17N 2W
Neff George Eel River Twp. 22 17N 2W
Neff Jacob Eel River Twp.
Neff John, Jr. Eel River Twp.
Neff John, Sen. Eel River Twp.
Rogers Eli Center Twp.
Rogers Henry Liberty Twp.
Rogers Hillis H. Center Twp.
Rogers James B. Middle Twp.
Rogers Sandford Center Twp.
Rogers Thomas Liberty Twp.
Rogers William Center Twp.
Rogers Willis Middle Twp.
Stocton James Liberty Twp.
Stocton Robert Liberty Twp.
Stocton Thomas Liberty Twp.
Sumner Caleb Guilford Twp.
Vestal Benj. E. Guilford Twp.
Vestal Jabin Guilford Twp.
Vestal Randolph Guilford Twp.
Vestal William Washington Twp.

Hendricks County, Indiana 1830 Federal Census
116 19 Pointer John 0 0 0 0 1 0 - 0 0 0 1 0 0 - age 20-30
118 9 Shockly Lemuel (Samuel?) 0 0 2 1 0 0 1 - 1 1 1 0 0 1 - age 40-50
125 2 Faucett Joseph 2 0 0 0 0 1 - 1 1 1 0 1 - age 30-40

1840 Census
David Claypoole Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana
John Claypoole Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana
Reuben Claypoole Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana (he was a minister)
William Claypolle Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana
Jacob Farmer Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana
Thompson Farmer Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana (from Montgomery Co., VA)
William Farmer Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana
Robert Harvey Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana
Eli Hodson Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana
Joel Hodson Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana
Joel Hodson Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana
Robert Hodson Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana
Jeremiah Hodson Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana
Jesse Hodson Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana
Edward Pointer Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana
Samuel P Pointer Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana
Jesse Coffin Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana
Joseph Coffin Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana
James Stockton Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana age 40-50
Thomas Stockton Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana age 20-30 (son of James)
John Crismon Hendricks, Indiana (001000001-0011) age 60-70 <1770-1780>
David Vestal Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana age 40-50
Jabel Vestal Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana age 20-30
Randolph Vestal Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana age 20-30
Ruth Vestal Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana age 50-60
William Vestal Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana age 20-30
Alexander Mendenhill Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana
David Mendenhill Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana
Moses Mendenhill Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana
Obadiah Mendenhill Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana
Richard Mendenhill Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana
Samuel Mendenhill Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana
Temple Mendenhill Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana
David Hedge Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana
John Hedge Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana
Lucy Hedge Not Stated, Hendricks, Indiana (nee Godbey, from Montgomery Co., VA)

Claypool Betsey John Clifton [blank] 2 27
Claypool James R Susan E Duckworth Feb 2 1854 4 418
Claypool James R Amanda Russell Dec 28 1848 4 42
Claypool John W Mary J Hendrix Jun 27 1852 4 272
Claypool John W Sally Mark Aug 15 1843 2 200
Claypool Lavina A Gilbert L Bawman Mar 27 1873 8 24
Claypool Martha Stanton Wright Jul 22 1852 4 278
Claypool Martha E Albalom Hurt Aug 11 1842 2 161
Claypool Nancy A William V Howard Sep 23 1847 3 222
Claypool Nelly William Jones Apr 13 1827 1 53
Claypool Polly Ann William C Kise Aug 1 1839 2 58
Claypool Rueben Isabel Adair Mar 13 1827 1 54
Claypool Sarah William H Mark Jan 7 1841 2 109
Claypool William Lananny Worrell Dec 8 1842 2 179
Claypool William Abigail Goleanor Nov 12 1846 3 129
Pointer Jesse Julia A Job Jan 9 1855 4 502
Poynter Cynthia A Robert Fawler Feb 22 1843 2 184
Poynter David T Nancy Walls Jan 2 1851 4 172
Poynter Elcanon Mahala Kirk Jan 29 1846 3 43
Poynter Irena Zimri Pitts Jan 6 1853 4 323
Poynter Martha E Stephen Ray Nov 27 1853 4 407
Bransen Husten Marcella Robbins Jan 7 1901 12 98
Branson Carman C Viola Shields May 20 1894 11 260
Branson Emma Wm B Parker Mar 17 1875 8 214
Branson Jesse K Rebecca Hodson Mar 7 1878 8 477
Branson Laura Wm Mattern Nov 1 1877 8 432

Fassett Charles B Mary E Tharp Oct 17 1861 6 87
Faucett A Rebecca William A Wamsley Nov 4 1860 6 15
Faucett Bithiah James M Jordan Aug 23 1849 4 86
Faucett Eliza J Joseph Winings Sep 28 1865 6 386
Faucett Elizabeth Austin McClain Jun 14 1862 6 130
Faucett Jesse Louise Holton Sep 21 1856 5 99
Faucett Lurana Isaac J Harden Jun 9 1880 9 139
Faucett Lurana Isaac J Harden Jun 9 1880 9 139
Faucett Lydia H James Burcham Sep 13 1857 5 181
Faucett Mary E Fred A Wilson Mar 19 1885 10 37
Fausset Charles W Lucy M Rutledge Dec 19 1876 8 356
Fausset Elizabeth Oliver Stoops Nov 25 1908 13 383
Fausset Richard J Catharine Hardwick Apr 13 1876 8 305
Fausset Richard J Tinder Sarah Dec 21 1866 6 529
Faussett Ida Erasmus W Thomas Sep 19 1882 8 343
Faussett Rebecca Alexander Williams Jan 31 1867 6 547

Central Missouri Counties History
History of Osage County
Ecclesiastical History Page 695
The Christian Church - Linn Church was organized in 1852. One of their pastors was J. M. Claypool. Providence Church was organized about 1856 with Rev. L. W. Murphy and Deacons Tackett and Clark. In 1867 they sold the old log church and built on the Gasconade River.
History of Maries County
Vienna was organized as a class probably as early as 1835., but under that name, no earlier than 1855. Among it's most prominent members were William Shockley, William Copeland, John Roberson, Thomas Davis, W. Vaughn, and others. Of these, Reverends J. M. Johnson and W. Shockley were local preachers. Branson class was started in 1869 by Rev. Alfred Nichols with the following members: J. D. Jones, W. J. and Mary Robison, Mary A. Bumpass, Sally Branson and Hannah Jones.

As noted above, Jacob Chrisman, Amos Branson (son of Lionel Sr.), Joseph Haines and Joseph Haines Jr. were listed on the 1781-1782 Hampshire Co., VA Personal Property Tax List.  I'm not certain which Haines families these were.   If you have information about Haines/Haynes families of Hampshire, VA, please contact Sandra by email.

Hardy County, WV Land Documents

Jesse and Elizabeth Claypool Land Sale, 1794
This document was transcribed by Barbara Johnson from the original records.

THIS INDENTURE made this twentieth Day of
September in the year of our Lord one
thousand seven hundred and ninety four
Between Jesse Claypool and Elizabeth his
wife of the County of Hardy and state of
Virginia of the one Part and Lional Branson
of the County and state aforesaide of the
other Part Witnessth that the said Jesse
Claypool and Elizabeth his wife forever in
consideration of the sum of on hundred
Pounds to them in hand The receipt whereof
they do acknowledge and themselves there
with fully satisfied Doth by these Presents
grant bargain and sell (alun?) (E ..feoff?)
and confirm unto the said Lional Branson his
heirs and successors for ever ascertain
tract or parcel of land lyin and being in
the County of Hardy . . . Lost river of
Capecapon formerly called Hampshire County
and held under the right (house?) . . .
Thomas, Lord Fairfax as by his deed bearing
date the twenty fifth day of September in
the year of our Lord and Thousand seven
hundred & fifty six and part of the tract
held by said deed and granted to James
Thomas & granted by said Thomas by virtue of
deed lease and release to James Claypool in
the county Court of Hampshire bearing date
the Eleventh and twelfth days of May one
thousand seven hundred & sixty one and by
the last will and testament of said James
Claypool bequeathed to the above Jesse
Claypool Beginning at two white oaks by a
branch the beginning of the old deed and
extending according to the same. South sixty
five degrees east three hundred poles to two
white oaks of the side of a mountain thence
North twenty five degrees East to poles to a
hickory and two chestnut oaks thence N65
West three hundred poles to . . . White Oaks then
S25 West 10 ½ poles to the beginning-
Containing one hundred and eighty seven
acres & half more or less out of three
hundred & seventy five acres. . . .Contents of
the old deeds With its appurtenances unto
the said Lional Branson his heirs and
successors for ever and the said Jesse
Claypool & Elizabeth his wife for themselves
their heirs Execs. & Adms doth covenant
Promise & grant to and with the said Lional
his heirs Excs &
administrators . . . (torn) . . . said Jesse
Claypool & Elizabeth his wife are . . . of a
goods (torn) Estate of Inheritance of in and
to said tract or parcel of land . . . (torn) and
the said Jesse Claypool and Elizabeth his
wife doth further covenant promise and
grant to the said Lional Branson his Heirs
Exors Admins & successors that they the said
Lional Branson his heirs and sucessors shall
and may now and at all times fore ever
hereafter hold use . . . & enjoy all an singular
the right title Properly Interes use trust
Claim and demand of in and to the said tract
of land and premises above mentioned in
right of fee simple and said Jesse Claypool
and Elizabeth his wife for themselves their
heirs Exors & adms doth covenant & good
faith promise & agree that they the said
Jesse Claypool & Elizabeth is wife their
heirs execs & admin shall and will forever
warrant and defend all the right title
property Interest in trust claim and demand
pocession of (use) and to the said tract or
parcel of land with its appurtenances unto
the said Lional Branson his heirs and
successors for ever of and from all & every
other person or persons whatsoever In
Witness whereof the said Jesse Claypool &
Elizabeth his wife have hereunto set their
hands & affixed their seals the day and year
above written Signed Sealed In the presents
of us

Anthony Miller Jesse Claypool, seal
David Wilson
Jacob Miller Elizabeth Claypool, seal
X her mark

1860 census - Jefferson, Maries, Missouri
Post Office: Lanes Prairie - Image 23 - HH #630
R W Claypool 26 KY (Reuben W. b. Warren, KY, s/o George Claypool and Rachel Batton)
Elizabeth Claypool 25 KY (nee Satterfield)
George Claypool 2 MO
Rebecca Claypool 5.12 MO
J. Carroll, 30, farmer, MO - HH #628
Lydia, 20, MO
William, 5, MO
John, 4, MO
Francis (male), 2, MO


Joseph Chrisman, 3rd great-grandson of Jacob, d. 1936 in Osage, MO
James Chrisman, 2nd great-grandson of Jacob, b. 1825 Osage, MO, d. 1895 Osage, MO
Gilbert Chrisman, 3rd great-grandson of Jacob, b. 1834 Osage, MO
Isaac Chrisman, 2nd great-grandson of Jacob, b. 1831 of Gasconade, MO
Isaac Chrisman, 2nd great-grandson of Jacob, d. 1875 Maries, MO
Isaac Campbell Chrisman, grandson of Jacob, d. 1838 Franklin, MO
Juda or Judith Chrisman, 2nd great-granddaughter of Jacob, b. 1839 of Gasconade, MO
Sarah Chrisman, 2nd great-granddaughter of Jacob, m. Reuben Branson, d. c1900 Osage, MO

Chrismans lived in Russell, VA, Hampshire, VA, Hardy, VA/WV, Frederick, VA, Montgomery, VA, Tennessee and Missouri.

Bransons, Claypools and Chrismans are found on the list of Wills and Appraisements and the list of Estate Settlements for Hardy Co., WV. 

Names found on Lists of Wills and Appraisements for Hardy County
Amos Branson Appraisement 1793
Lionel Branson Will 1809 1810
Jacob Christman Will 1807 1809

Genealogical Records: Early West Virginia Settlers, 1600s-1900s
Listed in: West Virginia Estate Settlements - Hardy County
Page number: 134
BRANSON, LIONEL, will; 4-10-1810; wife: Rebeckah, sons Jonathan and William; daughters: Elizabeth Welton, Rebecca, Sally, Caty Allen
CLAYPOOL, JOHN, will; 9-9-1823; wife Nancy; sons: James, John, David, Stephen, George, Wm., Aaron, Phillip; daughters: Mary Metcalf, Eleanor Slater, Margaret Osborn (wife of James), Sarah Slater, Rachel Baker, Hannah Gray, Eliz. Bradigum; Leah Chrisman, Nancy Sinnate, Priscilla Chillcotte
CLAYPOOL, JAMES SR., will, 12-7-1789; sons: John, James, Joseph, George, Jesse: daughters: Mary Smith, Betty Ozborn, Sarah Viney
BRANSON, AMOS, inventory, 6-10-1793
BRANSON, JONATHAN, will; 6-12-1827; wife: Mary Ann; mother: Rebecca, dau., Susan; sister Sally
CHRISMAN, ISAAC, will, 4-13-1819; wife: Leah; Isaac and John, sons; Rebecca, dau.
CHRISMAN, JACOB, Inventory, 11-1-1846
CHRISMAN, JACOB, will, 5-10-1809, sons: Isaac and Jacob

Personal Names in Hening's Statutes at Large, Surnames
Being a Collection of all the Laws of Virginia beginning in the 1600's
JOHN CARRIL, May 23, 1609

Virginia Vital Records #1, 1600s-1800s
Listed in: Virginia Will Records
Page number: 643
Records of Captain Thomas Buck's Company in the Revolution
Ensign Lionel Branson, Aug 29, 1777
Captain Thomas Buck was born in Frederick Co., VA Jan. 9, 1756. At age 18 was one of the surveyors for Frederick Co., VA. He died Jun 4, 1842 in Shenandoah Co., VA


Hite, Jacob Chrisman and James Claypool are all mentioned in reference to Linvil's Creek.  James and William Claypool were petitioners for a road from Brock's Creek to Fredericksburg, VA in 1755.  Jacob Chrisman of Frederick Co., VA purchased 500 acres from William Linvil 1750-1751 which Linvil purchased from Hite on Linvil's Creek.  In 1761 Jacob and Magdalena Chrisman deed 376 acres on Linville's Creek to George Chrisman, part of a greater tract, corner of John Chrisman's property.  Four years later Lionel Branson appears in this region, probably from Frederick Co., VA.  In 1767 300 acres of this tract is sold to Mary and Francis McBride by Jacob Chrisman.  Francis McBride married Anna Marie Chrisman, daughter of Jacob Chrisman and Magdalena Hite.   In 1771 the McBrides sold 200 acres to Thomas Hood of Frederick, VA on Linvill's Creek and in this record we see that the original tract granted to Jacob Chrisman was 1500 acres.  (Note: Josiah Boone mentioned in this record is probably the one who married Hannah Hite.  Josiah was the son of George Boone, the uncle of the famous Daniel Boone.  According to the LDS web site, they were married c1750 probably in Opequon Creek, Virginia.  This is where the Chrisman/Hite wagon train traveled to when they migrated from Pennsylvania to Virginia in 1731/1732.  Hannah was apparently part of the Jost Hite family).


Another note of interest about the Claypools:  John Claypool (b. 1752 in Burlington, New Jersey) married Elizabeth Griscom, aka the famous Betsy Ross.  John was the son of William Claypoole and Elizabeth Hall.  William Claypool was born Oct. 12, 1710 in St. Mary's, Maryland.  William Claypool was the son of James Claypoole and Helena Mercer and he was William's nephew .  So we have yet another allied family who resided in St. Mary's, MD, Burlington, NJ, Frederick, VA and the New River Region of VA.  Some of the early Claypool family were Quakers associated with the famous Quaker, William Penn. (Source: History Of Philadelphia 1609-1884 > 13 > The Quaker City 1701-1750).  James Claypool's earliest ancestor from England died in Philadelphia, PA - he was also James Claypool.  Prior to 1747 the Quaker's resisted service in the military, but this ended in 1747 when William Penn lost control over the governmental affairs of the city and Benjamin Franklin (also a Quaker) prevailed over him.  Two of the men who were given authority to raise money for defense were Benjamin Franklin and William Branson James Claypool was listed as an Ensign in the new military of Philadelphia on December 6, 1747. 

In 1749 the British Parliament passed legislation to suppress iron manufacturers in the colonies.  William Branson owned an ironworks furnace company in Philadelphia and in 1750 he participated in a plan to warn others if attempts were made to shut the factories down.  William Branson was one of the first members of the Baptist Church headed by Rev. Ebenezer Kinnersley.  William participated in the incorporation of the Philadelphia Christ Church on May 15, 1746.  On Oct. 27, 1749 Elizabeth Branson and Lynford Lardner were married in this church.  Several Claypools were also married in this church.

Another note of interest: The Bransons of St. Mary's, MD were Baptists.

James Claypoole was a Secretary of the Society of Friends and was appointed a Commission of the Land Office in 1684 by William Penn.  James Claypoole and William Branson both had dealings with William Penn.


Abraham Lincoln bought land at Linville's Creek in 1772 that was previously owned by Jacob Chrisman and Francis McBride.  Click the images for a larger view...


Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania 1682-1750 Part II. The Migration of Irish Friends to Pennsylvania II. Inducements that led the Irish Friends to PA Page 55
James Claypoole was Secretary of the Society of Friends
There is a letter book written by him from 1681 to 1683
Page 413 - Patent Deed (Survey May 10, 1738) - John, Thomas and Richard Penn, proprietors of Pennsylvania, on Oct. 12, 1742, patented to Joshua Marsh of Chester Co., 195 acres of land in Nantmeal Twp, Chester Co. described as follows -
Beginning at a corner marked hickory, in a line of William Kirk's land, and from thence extending by John Griffith's land; thence by William Branson's land...thence by John Rees land....thence by Daniel Brown's land

A history of Pennsylvania
Part I. Colonial Period (1609-1790)
Page 37 - Before <William> Penn set sail to England in August, 1684, he named James Claypoole a Commissioner of the Land Office

Biographical annals of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania : containing genealogical records of representative families
James Claypoole, a Quaker merchant, left London July 24, 1683 on the ship "Concorde" and arrived in Chester on the Delaware (PA) on October 6, 1683.

Joseph Claypoole is mentioned below along with some Bordens in PA....

1739 Sep: "New Jersey Archives, First Series, Volume XI, Newspaper Extracts Volume I, 1704-1739"
Township of Chester, Burlington County S.S.
WHEREAS in the American Weekly Mercury, No.1022 - In giving the
melancholy Account of one James Sherwin, late of our said Township, It is
said he was shot at twice before, by the same Person, and badly Wounded, but
through Mercy escaped with Life. These are to certify, that we whose Names
are here under written (some of us being on the Coroner's Inquest)
Neighbours, are well satisfied the Person never shot at nor wounded the said
James Sherwin as above, before the time he received his mortal Wound. AS
Witness our Hands the 6th of 7th Month 1739.
N.B. those with this Mark* were on the Coroner's Inquest.
Edward Hollinshead, Jonathan Borden, Hugh Sharp, Joseph Claypoole, William
Hollinshead, *Samuel Atkinson, Joseph Budden, Samuel Hollinshead, Joshua
Wright, Jacob Taylor, John Hollinshead, jun, Nehemiah Haines, Thomas Moore,
John King, Joseph Bray, Francis Dualey, Nathan Middleton, *Arthur
Borradaill, *Edward Clemens, Joseph Fennimore, William Hooton, *John
Hollinshead, John Seeds, *Matthew Allen, ROBERT BISHOP, *Henry Warrington,
*John Millbourn, Peter Philips, Ezekiel Harden, *Andrew Conro, Richard
, William Sharp, Benjamin Allen, Hugh Hollinshead.
--- The Pennsylvania Gazette, Sept. 13-20, 1739
NOTE: Jonathan and Richard Borden were brothers of Benjamin Borden mentioned elsewhere on this page. Joseph Claypool was the son of James Claypool and Helena Mercer.

Some Passenger and Immigration Records of Interest:
John Claypoole 1682 Pennsylvania
James Claypoole 1682 Pennsylvania (Quaker Records)
James Claypoole 1683 Pennsylvania (Quaker Records)
Helena Mercer Claypoole 1683 Pennsylvania
Anne Mercer 1682-1683 Pennsylvania (Quaker Records)
Thomas Mercer 1682-1683 Pennsylvania (Quaker Records)
Jane Blanchard 1683 Pennsylvania (Quaker Records)
Jost Hite 1709 Pennsylvania
Richard Shockley 1683 Maryland
William Brainton 1684 Pennsylvania (Quaker Records)
Everard Boulton 1682 Philadelphia (Quaker Records)
John Bowter (Bowater) 1684-1685 Philadelphia (Quaker Records)
William Brinton 1683-1684 Philadelphia (Quaker Records)
Martha Chalkly 1700 Philadelphia (Quaker Records)
Tho Chalkly 1699 Philadelphia (Quaker Records)
Thomas Chalkly 1700 Philadelphia (Quaker Records)
Lewis David 1682 Philadelphia (Quaker Records)
John Day 1682 Philadelphia (Quaker Records)
Thomas Duckett 1683 Pennsylvania (Quaker Records)
Thomas Ellis 1683 Philadelphia (Quaker Records)
Walter Faucet 1684 Pennsylvania (Quaker Records)
Thomas Massey 1683 age 20 Pennsylvania (Quaker Records)
Daniel Osborn 1684 Philadelphia (Quaker Records)
William Penn 1699 Philadelphia (Quaker Records)

1687-8, Feb. 2, William Bethel, bricklayer, of Amboy, East Jersey, and Helena
Claypoole, dau. of James Claypoole, late of Philadelphia.
1688, Oct. 11, Francis Cooke, of Newcastle county, and Mary Claypoole, of Philadelphia.
At the house of William Hare, Philadelphia.
1749, Oct. 27, Lardner, Lyndford, and Elizabeth Branson.
1783, Nov. 6, Claypole, Cath., and William Fagan.
1756, Oct. 13, Claypole, George, and Mary Parkhouse.
1792, Dec. 20, Claypole, Hannah, and Ephraim Clarke.
1805, April 27, Claypole, Helen, and Nathan Baker.
1742, May 24, Claypole, James, and Rebecca White.
1730. July 30, Claypole, Joseph, and Anne Griffiths.
1756, Oct. 13, Claypole, Joseph, and Mary Wilkinson.
1738, Feb. 18, Olaypole, Josiah, and Sarah Jackson.
1794, Oct. 11, Claypole, Mary, and Peter Yorke.
1752, Nov. 2, Claypole, Rebecca, and William Fisher Conwell.
1746, Feb. 2, Claypool, George, and Mary Morris.
1716, April 1, Claypool, Joseph, and Edith, Ward.
1781, April 5, Claypoole, David, and Mary Budd.
1763, March 8, Claypoole, James, and Lucia Garwood.
1729, May 1, Claypoole, Rob., and H. Pratt.
1801, April 9, Claypoole, Rebecca, and Joshua Maddox.
1775, Sept. 21, Claypoole, Sarah, and James Withey.

Page 219.--3d June, 1755. Joseph Bryan and Alice to Jacob Chrisman, of Frederick, £150, 500 acres purchased by Joseph from Wm. Linvil and part of 1500 acres purchased by Linvil from Hite, &c., on Linvil's Creek, cor. to land in possession of Thomas Linvil.
Page 369.--5th May, 1761. Jacob Chrisman and Magdalina, of Frederick County, to George Chrisman, of Frederick, £100, 376 acres on Linville's Creek, part of greater tract; cor. John Chrisman. Teste: Jno. D. Wilper.
Page 188.--17th March, 1767. Francis ( ) McBride, farmer, and Mary ( ) to John Bear, farmer, £270, 300 acres on Linvel's Creek, part of 500 acres which Jacob Chrisman purchased of Joseph Bryan; also part of 1500 acres surveyed for William Linvell, being the same 300 acres conveyed by Jacob Chrisman to Francis McBride, 5th April, 1761. Delivered: Obediah Monsey.

Page 401.--17th August, 1771. Francis ( ) McBride and Mary ( ) to Thomas Hood, of Frederick County, £248, 200 acres on Linwill's Creek, between Josiah Boon and Josiah Davison. part of 1500 acres patented to McCay, Hite & Co., and by them conveyed to William Linvil, and by him to Jos. Bryant, and by him to Jacob Chrisman, Sr., by him to Francis McBride, by him to John Bear, by him to Francis again, 17th August, 1768, corner Josiah Boone's part of same tract. Teste: Abraham Miller, Michael Warren. Daniel Smith. John Thomas. Proved by oaths of some and by affirmation of Abraham Miller. Delivered: John Thomas, 7th August, 1772.

page 436-437
Linvell's Creek petitioners for a road leading from Brock's Creek to ye Market Road by Francis Hughes's and from thence to Fredericksburg: Jonathan Douglas, James Claypoole, Rees Thomas, William Smith, William Claypoole. John Miller, Robert Williams. (NOTE: Brock's Creek or Gap was in Rockingham County after it was formed in 1778).


The Harvey book : giving the genealogies of certain branches of the American families of Harvey, Nesbitt, Dixon, and Jameson, and notes on
many other families, together with numerous biographical sketches
Wilkesbarre, Pa.: E.B. Yordy, 1899, 1132 pgs. Harvey, Oscar Jewell, author

Silas Crispin, son of William, was appointed Surveyor General and sailed for America with his father William, Jon Beryar and Christopher Allen, who had been appointed commissioners to go to Pennsylvania and purchase land from the Indians and select a site to lay out a great
city. Silas died on the voyage and April 18, 1682, Capt. Thomas Holmes was appointed to succeed him. He served when a young man in the fleet under Admiral Penn in the West Indies. He sailed from Downs 23 April 1682 accompanied by two sons, two daughters, John Claypole and Silas Crispin Jr. , son of Silas and grandson of William.  Elizabeth Crispin married Joshua Wright Haines, son of Joseph Haines and Mary Wright of Burlington, NJ.  

NOTE: Joseph HAINES and Bethanah (Bethany) HAINES were 1st cousins 1 time removed. Their common ancestors were Richard HAINES and
Margaret S. (James) LEEDS.

NOTE:  William Holloway married first Martha Branson, daughter of William (Jacob?) Branson and Elizabeth Osmond and granddaughter of Thomas L. Branson and Elizabeth Day. William Holloway's second wife was Phebe Crispin, great-great granddaughter of Silas Crispin Sr.

from the discovery of the Delaware to the present time by W. W. H. Davis, A.M.,
Democrat Book and Job Office Print., Doylestown, PA, 1876.
1673 TO 1682
September 30, 1681, William Penn appointed William Crispin, John Berzar
(Bergar*) and Christopher Allen, commissioners, to go to Pennsylvania with
power to purchase land of the Indians, and to select a site for, and lay

out, a great city.
[Silas Crispin was appointed surveyor-general, and sailed with the
commissioners but, dying on the voyage, Captain Thomas Holme was appointed
and commissioned his successor the 18th of April, 1682. He was a native of
Waterford, Ireland, and is said to have served in the fleet under Admiral
Penn in the West Indies when a young man. He sailed from the Downs April
23d, accompanied by two sons, two daughters, Silas Crispin, the son of
his predecessor in office, and John, the eldest son of James Claypole.
Thomas Holme made his home in Philadelphia, and owned land in Bristol
township, but it is not known that he ever lived there. His two sons died
in his lifetime. His daughter, Esther, married Silas Crispin who came to
America with him, and their daughter, Eleanor, was the ancestress of the
Harts, of Warminster, in the female line. The mother of Silas Crispin, the
elder, was a sister of Margaret Jasper, the mother of William Penn, which
made him the first cousin of the founder.]
Capt. William Crispin married first, 1650, Annie Jasper,
daughter of John Jasper, a merchant of Rotterdam, Holland, and a sister of
Margaret Jasper, the wife of Admiral Penn, and mother of William Penn.
Some authorities state that John Jasper was a native of Rotterdam, and
others that he was an Englishman by birth. Had Captain Crispin lived Penn
intended appointing him Chief Justice.

History of Chester County, 1881. pp.144-156.
In the same year William Penn sent out commissioners to select a site and lay out a town in accordance with the said concessions, and ordered "that this town shall be laid out for the present purchasers." The commissioners were William Crispin, William Haige, John Bezer, and Nathaniel Allen; the first being also appointed surveyor-general, but died before his arrival.
PHILADELPHIA 23d 2d mo., 1640 (should be 1740).
Upon my return from the woods last night I received James Steel’s letter of the 6th inst., signifying that your Honour required me to bring you in a week’s time a Draught of Springtown mannor, with the divisions therein, as also Draughts of all your vacant Lands in the Townships of Coventry and Nantmell.
The last part of this demand is more than any one surveyor can comply with in a month’s time, and is ten times as much as your Honour ever before gave me in charge, your directions being only for Draughts of Lands taken up by Nutt and Branson, which were accordingly prepared.

See More Information about these families at.....


Because of all the connections between Lionel and Amos Branson and Jacob Chrisman, Jacob Hite and James Claypool, and because of the connection between William Branson of Pennsylvania and James Claypool the elder, and because Reuben Claypool was living in Maries Co, MO in 1860, and because Joseph Claypool was living near Reuben Dalton in 1830 Grainger, TN - it would be easy to draw some assumptions from this.  However, further proof is needed to draw a connection between Jarred and Lionel Branson.  Was Jarred the unnamed infant born in 1757?  Perhaps so, perhaps not.

Updated June 19, 2006

In 1777 a Thomas Branson took the Oath of Allegiance against Great Britain in Montgomery County, VA.  Other familiar names appear on the list of soldiers, however, Thomas Branson does not.  Included on the list of soldiers were: Thomas Shockley, Thomas Dillard, Andrew Cox, Abraham Goad Jr. and Jacob Lorton.  A name on the pensioner's list is curious: John Blanson.  I don't know if it was misspelled or if it was correct.  I found Moses Branson of Gloucester, NJ incorrectly indexed as Moses Blanson, so it's possible this John Blanson was actually John Branson.  It does not give the year of the pension.

Whether Thomas resided in Montgomery, VA in 1777, or was there on religious or other business, we don't know.  However, this is the earliest record found for a Branson in Montgomery, VA.  1777 just happens to be the year that Montgomery County was formed from Fincastle, Botetourt & Pulaski Counties.  Fincastle no longer exists and records have been lost. 

The Thomas Branson who took the Oath of Allegiance in 1777 Montgomery, VA could be another Thomas.  It is known that Lydia Borden died 1799-1800 in Fincastle/Botetourt, VA, which were both part of the precursor to the New River region.. She was the sister-in-law of Thomas L.
Branson who m. Rebecca Borden. Thomas and Rebecca had Levi and Eli, but I don't have any other children for them.....I wonder of he was the Thomas who took the Oath in 1777....?  He was born in 1703, so he was too old to serve in the military, and that could be why he doesn't appear on the soldier's list.

Thomas Branson took Oath of Allegiance in Montgomery, VA. He was not on the list of soldiers. So we know Thomas was in Montgomery, VA as early as September 30, 1777)
Virginia Military Records, Montgomery Co.'s Revolutionary Heritage, Page 209 (PARTIAL LISTS)
A List of person who hath sworn allegiance to the state - 1777
Thomas Mayfield
Thos. Branson (Sept. 30, 1777)
Makijah Mayfield
James Mayfield
Richard Blankenship (I think he was Quaker)
Isam Blankenship (ditto)
John Vaughn
Jacob Lorton
Thomas Dodson
Thomas Dillard
Andrew Cox
Abraham Goad Jr.
Richard Shoshley (Shockley?)

John Prewit
William McMullin
John Blanson
Cagy Mayfield
Thomas Farmer

Updated June 17, 2006

Jarred Branson and Thomas Branson served as sureties on two Blanchet marriages in Patrick Co, VA, along with Joshua Haines.  It is not known which Jarred and which Thomas this was.  Since Thomas, the son of Jarred Sr. was age 21 in 1799, it could be him.  Joshua Haines was the son of Bethany Haines.

Archibald Blanchert and Polly Hammons
Oct. 30, 1799
Sur. William Yeatts and Thomas Branson
John Abahier and Margaret Blancet
Dec. 27, 1813
Sur. Jarred Branson
Min. Thomas Whitlock
Joseph Blanset and Sarah Phillips
April 7, 1824
Sur. Joshua Haynes

Updated June 22, 2006

One Branson researcher asked a question that has not been answered or explained.  Most information about Jarred Sr. shows that he was born between 1753 and 1754, although I've never seen the source for that information.  However, Thomas Branson did not marry Jane/Jeane Painter until 1760.  Of course, it's possible that Jarred was born later than we suspect, or perhaps Thomas was married prior to his marriage to Jane.  Or, Jarred may not be their son at all.

Jarred Branson Sr. has not been found in Quaker records.  This may be an indication that he was not related to Thomas and Jane/Jeane.  It may also be an indication that he did not follow the Quaker religion.  In the Quaker records, there are many notations of Bransons, Painters and Haines who were disowned for marrying outside of the discipline.   A lot of the Quaker records have been lost.  Or, perhaps Jarred was using a different first name.

This is what we know for sure -

The marriage date of Thomas and Jane - March 2, 1760 
Jarred's age range in the 1830 Census (70 to 80) <1750-1760> (see further information about this)
Birth year of Jarred's first son, John - 1776/1777

If Jarred was their son he could have been born in December, 1760, however the census was usually taken in the Summer, so he would be only age 69. 

There is a second record for a Jarrett Branson on another page in the 1830 census and he was age 60-70 <1760-1770>.  He was listed near Rev. Thomas Shockley.  I do not know of a Jarrett Branson born 1760-1770.  It's possible that this is a duplicate record for Jarred Sr., however, the family profile is different from the one on the other page and it does not mention Senior or Junior.   (see further information about this)

Thomas and Jane were married in 1760 and their first known child was born 1764.  This 4-year gap is unusual, unless any earlier child/children died young.  If the above second record for Jarret Branson in 1830 Gasconade, MO was for Jarred Sr. it indicates a birth year range of 1760-1770.  His first son was born 1776/1777 so Jarred Sr. could have been born about 1761, making him age 16-17 when his son John was born.  In 1782 when he appeared on the Montgomery, VA tax list, it would make him about age 21.  A Thomas Branson took the Oath of Allegiance in 1777 in Montgomery, VA, and this Thomas could be Jarred's father.  It is not known if he was the Thomas who married Jane Painter.

NOTE: Thomas Garred Branson had a son Jarred born c1803 who could be the head of household listed as Jarret Branson on page 163 and age 15-20, however other information indicates that he never left Marion Co., TN.  I tend to think this was a duplicate record for Jared Branson Sr.

NOTE: John Dodson who was in Gasconade, MO in 1830 may be the father of Rebecca Jane Dodson who married John Taylor Branson, son of Andrew Daniel Branson in Gasconade, MO.  He may also be a descendant of John Dodson who was on the 1793 Wythe, VA Tax List with Jared Branson.  According to research done by others, John Dodson married Nancy Jane Standiford.  His grandfather, John Dodson, reportedly died in White Co., TN. 

1830 Census - Gasconade, MO
Isaiah Shockley (10004-21111) age 20-30 <1800-1810> - Image 1 - Page 158
Andrew Branson (1021101-012101) age 40-50 <1780-1790> - Image 1 (next to Jarret Branson) - Page 158
NEXT LINE: Jarret Branson Sr (0000100001-00000000001) age 70-80 <1750-1760> - Image 1 - Page 158
THREE LINES ABOVE: John Branson (01300001-02) age 50-60 <1770-1780> - Image 1 - Page 158
Lewis David (211101-002101) age 30-40 <1790-1800> - Image 1 - Page 158
NEXT LINE: Reuben Cox (12001-20001) age 20-30 <18001-1810> - Image 1 - Page 158
NEXT LINE: Thomas Branson (24011001-0211001) age 50-60 <1770-1780> - Image 1 (2 lines from John Branson)
Booker Shockley (201111-001001) age 30-40 <1790-1800> - Image 1 (next to John Branson)
Thomas McMillan (10002-00001) age 20-30 <1800-1810> - Image 1 - Page 158
Isaiah Shockley (10004-21111) age 20-30 <1800-1810> - Image 1 - Page 158
John Burgess? (0000101-0001001) age 40-50 <1780-1790> - Image 1 - Page 158
William Burgess (nex to John Burgess) (00001-0002) age 20-30 <1800-1810> - Image 1 - Page 158
Madison Burgess (next to John Burgess) (0001-0001) age 15-20 - Image 1 - Page 158
William Bumpass (210011-21001) age 30-40 <1790-1800> - Image 1 - Page 158
Joshua Cox (021001-110001) age 30-40 <1790-1800> - Image 1 - Page 158
Daniel Crider Sr. (000001101-000100001) age 60-70 <1760-1770> - Image 1 - Page 158
Lewis David (211101-002101) age 30-40 <1790-1800> - Image 1 - Page 158
NEXT LINE: Reuben Cox (12001-20001) age 20-30 <18001-1810> - Image 1 - Page 158
Thomas Shockley (111001-110001) age 30-40 <1790-1800> - Image 1 - Page 158
Jarret Branson Jr. (0012001-0012201) age 40-50 <1780-1790> - Image 3 - Page 159
NEXT LINE: Frederick Barbarick (112010100001-1001010000011) age 90-100 <1730-1740> - Image 3 - Page 159
William Branson (10001-000011) age 20-30 <1800-1810> - Image 3 - Page 159
Gilbert Chrisman (131401-31121001) age 30-40 <1790-1800> - Image 3 - Page 159
William Massie (10002-020100000001) age 20-30 <1800-1810> - Image 3 - Page 159
George Pointer (100001-11002) age 30-40 <1790-1800> - Image 9 - Page 162
NEXT LINE: James Brannon (000001-01001) age 30-40 <1790-1800> - Image 9 - Page 162
NEXT LINE: William Pointer (002002-0300001) age 30-40 <1790-1800> - Image 9 - Page 162
James Crider (00001-10001) age 20-30 <1800-1810> - Image 9 - Page 162
NOTE: James Crider - last one on page 162, 4 households away from Jarret Branson who is on page 163
Jarret Branson (000100001-000001001) age 60-70 <1760-1770> - Image 11 - Page 163
Rev. Thomas Shockley (111001-222101) age 30-40 <1790-1800> - Image 11 (4 lines below Jarret Branson)
NEXT LINE: John Dodson (001101-222101- age 30-40 <1790-1800> - Image 11 - Page 163
Valentine Branson (0010001-0102001) age 40-50 <1780-1790> - Image 13 - Page 164
NEXT LINE: Elijah Haines (10001-10001) age 20-30 <1800-1810> - Image 13 - Page 164
NEST LINE: T. Shockley (10001-00001) age 20-30 <1800-1810> - Image 13 - Page 164
OTHERS ON PAGE 164 - John Tacket, Stephen Chrisman, Elijah Haines, Owen Shockley (next to Valentine Branson)
PAGE 165: Daniel Crider, James Jett, Joseph Pointer, William Chrisman, Isaac Chrisman, Berryman Tacket
PAGE 166: Joseph Crider, James Cox


June 15, 2006

Bethany Haines and wife Mary were parents of Robert Haines who is recorded in the Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy for his marriage to Esther (Hiatt) Wright in Frederick, VA in 1780.  Bethany was also reportedly the father of Luster Haines who married Mary Ann Branson, d/o Jarred Sr.  Luster's brother Archibald named a son Luster also and this Luster married Susannah Branson, d/o Jarred Jr. 
The older Luster married Mary Ann Branson Jan, 1811 in Patrick, VA.  The younger Luster married Susannah Branson May 1, 1837 in Gasconade, MO.
Bethany Haines followed the same migratory path of the Quaker Bransons: Burlington, NJ > Frederick, VA.  His descendants were later living near and married into the family of Jarred Sr and Jarred Jr. 
Some of this needs to be verified - I got some of it from the internet.
Since this Haines family was Quaker and apparently followed the same migratory path of the Quaker Bransons....and was in the same counties with Jarred in VA and MO, I wonder if this was just a coincidence?
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy: Virginia
[p.361] RECORDS
1767, 2, 12. HAINES, Robert, Frederick Co., Va., born the last 3rd day in the 9mo-1736, son Bethany & Mary Haines; marry at Opeckan meetinghouse, Esther WRIGHT, widow, Frederick Co., Va., born 1-4-1731 died 3-6-1778 
Ch: Allen born 2- 3-1768 died 24- 4-1768 
John born 22- 8-1769 
marry married marrying marriage 
Robert marry (2) 12-4-1780 at Crooked Run meetinghouse, Margaret SMITH born 16-9-1764 
Ch: Noah born 6- 2-1781 
Mary born 6- 7-1782 
Ann born 18-11-1783 died 13-10-1784 
Amos born 14- 6-1785 
Robert born 31-11-1787 
Enos born 12- 1-1792 
Margaret born 31-11-1793

1830 Census
Joshua Haynes Senr. Not Stated, Patrick, Virginia
Arch Haynes Not Stated, Patrick, Virginia
Archabald Hains Not Stated, Gasconade, Missouri 
Cornelius Hains Not Stated, Gasconade, Missouri 
Luster Hains Not Stated, Gasconade, Missouri

Bethanah (Bethany) Haines (b. Abt. 1714, d. June 04, 1804)
Bethanah (Bethany) Haines (son of Richard Haines, Jr. and Mary Carlyle) was born Abt. 1714 in Evesham Twp, Burlington Co., New Jersey,
and died June 04, 1804 in Patrick Co., VA. He married (2) Morning Unknown. He married (1) Mary Unknown on Abt. 1733.

More About Bethanah (Bethany) Haines and Mary Unknown:
Marriage: Abt. 1733

Children of Bethanah (Bethany) Haines and Mary Unknown are:
+Hannah Haines, b. Abt. 1734, Crooked Run MM, Culpeper Co., Virgina, d. December 03, 1794, Frederick Co, Virgina.
Robert Haines, b. November 27, 1736, Frederick Co, Virgina, d. date unknown.
+Zilpha Haines, b. Abt. 1738, Crooked Run MM, Frederick Co., Virgina, d. February 03, 1796, Last Creek, Grainger, Tennessee.
+Mary Haines, b. 1740, Frederick Co, Virgina, d. date unknown.
+Rebecca Haines, b. Abt. 1744, Frederick Co, Virgina, d. Bef. 1820, Logan Co., Ohio.

Children of Bethanah (Bethany) Haines and Morning Unknown are:
+Joshua Robert Haines, b. 1755, Virginia, d. 1838, Patrick Co., VA.
Archibald Haines, b. 1760, Virginia, d. 1847.
+William Haynes, b. 1765, Virginia, d. Aft. 1829, Monticello, Wayne Co., Kentucky.
Bethanah Haynes, Jr., d. date unknown.
Morning Haines, d. date unknown.
Luster (Lester) Haines, d. date unknown.
Mary Haines, d. date unknown.


David Haines married Elizabeth Ann Branson. She was the granddaughter of Thomas Branson and Jane/Jeane Painter. David Haines was the first cousin of Bethany Haines, 3 generations removed.

Another cousin of Bethany Haines - Ruth Ann Haines - married Joseph Branson of Burlington, NJ.  I don't know which Joseph he was, but he was born c1804.

Thomas L. Branson and Rev. Thomas Beals

A record was located linking Thomas L. Branson with Rev. Thomas Beals who was on the 1782 Montgomery, VA Tax List with Jarred and Thomas Branson.  Rev. Beals was later in Grayson, VA where Jarred's group also lived.  John Bowater Beals (nephew of Rev. Thomas Beals) married Lois Branson (daughter of Thomas L. Branson and Jeane Painter).  David Branson, son of Thomas L. Branson and Jeane Painter, was married in Greene, TN in 1799.  We have suspected that our Bransons were in early Greene, TN and this information makes sense.  Jeane Painter Branson died 1811 in Highland, OH.  Therefore, she probably went to Ohio with Rev. Beals after Thomas Branson died in about 1795.

Here is the information....

First Friends Minister in Ohio
In 1780, Thomas Beals desiring to move his family to the Ohio River to be near the Delaware Indians, was advised by the meeting that he go himself and make inspection before moving his family. On 25 Mar 1780 Thomas Beals, William Hiatt, Christopher Hiatt and David Ballard
were granted certificates to travel to the Ohio River to be near and labor with the Delaware Indians. On 7 Jul 1780, Thomas Branson was granted a certificate to Ohio to be with Thomas Beals. On 30 Sep 1780, Thomas Beals and David Ballard returned the certificates which had been granted them to Ohio. However, at some later date, Thomas Beals with his sons Daniel and John (also Jacob) did move from Grayson Co., Virginia to Quaker Bottom, Ohio, crossing the Ohio River on New Year's day, 1800, where Cincinnati now is. They went to what is now Ross Co., Ohio. Others from the family came later.
1782 - Montgomery Co., VA Personal Property Tax List included: Thomas Bails, William Bails, Thomas Carr, James Horton, Thomas Jessup,
Nathaniel Pope, William Williams Sr., William Williams Jr.
1790 - Beals, James Horton and a dozen men from NC establish camp on Bluestone River in Kentucky. Horton and 6 men captured. 5 men
killed. Horton and John Branson captured and taken to Chillocothe, Ross Co., Ohio and tortured and burned at the stake.
1793 - Mount Pleasant, Grayson Co., Virginia

1782 - Montgomery, VA Tax List
Thomas Branson
Jarred Branson

Some Branson Families of Early Virginia and Tennessee

The map below depicts some of the counties where Branson groups lived in early Virginia.  Those who were part of the John Day Branson group lived in the northern part of Virginia, mainly in Frederick County.  Those who were part of the Jarred Branson group lived in the southern part of Virginia in Patrick, Montgomery and Carroll Counties.  Some researchers believe that Jarred was a grandson of John Day Branson, in fact, this is widely believed to be the case - a son of Thomas L. Branson and Jeane Painter.  However, we have been unable to find any proof of this, and we have found no records indicating that Jarred was in or near Frederick County. (see updated information above)

Click the graphic for a larger view.

So far the earliest record found for Jarred Branson is a mention on the tax list of Montgomery County, VA in the year 1782.  Listed with him was a Thomas Branson.  Some believe this Thomas may be the son of Thomas L. Branson and Jeane Painter, however, he was born in 1772 making him only age 10 in 1782, so this is highly unlikely.  This Thomas was most likely Thomas L. Branson who married Jane/Jeane Painter.

Many researchers indicate that Jarred's children were born between the years 1775 and 1785 in Burks Fork, Carroll Co, Virginia, however, Carroll County was not formed until 1842 from Grayson County. Grayson was formed 1793 from Wythe.  Wythe was formed 1790 from Montomgery.  Montgomery was formed 1777 from Fincastle County (which no longer exists).

Other records for Jarred Branson have been found in Patrick County which is next to Carroll County.  Here are a few we've found....

ROOTWEB.COM: va/patrick/deeds/deedbk01-places.txt
PATRICK COUNTY, VA - DEEDS - Places Named in Deed Book I, 1791 - 1801
Blue Ridge, also referred to as Main Mountain or The Mountain
At Dan River 417
Samuel COX; George, Wm GARROTT
At Johnson Creek 23, 102, 231, 574, 583, 714
BAKER; Garrot BRANSON; Thomas DILLARD; James, Mary DOKE; Michael KELLEY;
Edward MOORE; Eliphaz SHELTON; Thomas SUMNER;
Johnson Creek USGS Laurel Fork & Mount Airy North 85, 646
Thomas AYERS; David COX; William SIZEMORE; William WEST
North Fork 696, 714
Robert WOODS; Tetrick YOUS
At Blue Ridge 23, 102, 127, 231, 285, 295, 547, 574, 582, 583, 597, 684,
James, Mary DOAK/DOKE; Henry, John FRY; Michael KELLEY;
Edward MOOR/MOORE; Isham/Isom PUCKETT; Eliphaz SHELTON; Thomas SUMNER;
Benjamin, George, John, Luvisey, Sary, William YEATES/YATES alias SMITH;

ROOTSWEB.COM - /va/patrick/courts/cob11805.txt
(26 April 1805)
PATRICK COUNTY, VA - COURT - Order Book "1" (Selected Entries, 1805)
Chilton v Bolts, a Jury Sworn to wit, Joseph Newman, George Lackey, Jos.
Keaton, Jarrad Branson, William Adams, Abraham Penn, Wm. Allen, Archibald
Shelton, Moses Hurt, John Keaton, Peter Epperson & David Taylor. Verd. ret.
for the Deft. Isaac not guilty & also Verdt. retd. v John for $13. &
Judgment thereon accordingly with Costs.

(27 April 1810)
A report of election of the overseers of the Poore for the North side of the
Bull Mountain was returned by the superintenden of that district that Jesse
Corn, Wm. Hancock & David Harbour was duly elected as overseers of the
Also from the Hollow district was returned by the superintendant and that
Nathl. Smith, Thomas Branson, and Saml. Hanby was duly elected.
James Oneal father & next Friend to Jonathan Oneal & [sic] Infant v Jno.
Allen, a Jury sworn, to Wit, Harvey Fitzgerald, Charles Rakes, Malchi
Parmer, Saml. Corn, David M. Keaton, Charles Bolt, Pleasa[nt?] Dickinson,
Thomas Joyce, Wm. Ware, Jno. Roberson, Francis Spaulding, & Thomas Branson.
Verdcit returned for the Plaintiff for one hundred dollars Damages and
Judgment thereon accordingly.
(31 May 1810)
Brett Stovall Gentleman Presented in court a commission from the Governor
and council appointing him Major of the first Batallion & qualyfied
according to law.
John A. Corn as Lieutenant the same
Elkanah Aryes the same, the same.
Thomas Branson the same, the same
Wm. Sneed as Captain the same
Madison R. Hughes as Ensign the same
Richard Thomas as Lieutenant the same.
Richard Nowlin as Ensign the same
Samuel Hanby as Captain the same.

va/patrick/courts/cob21811.txt [0.875127] rootsweb.com
(31 January 1811)
Gerrard Branson Sr. is appointed surveyor of the road from the ford of the
creek near Majr. Moores to Abram Penns store in the room of Joseph Wil...?
resigned & it is Ordered that the list filed be his gang.


A Note of Interest

In 1811 Gerrard (Jarred) Branson was appointed surveyor of a road in Patrick Co, VA.  My grandfather Ira Lee Branson was the great-great-grandson of Jarred.  Ira was a road-builder from the time he was very young, running road crews in Missouri, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Oregon and California.  He became the Sonoma County, California Roadmaster.  It seems this occupation ran in his family from way back. (Sandra)

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