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Special Photo Feature

Four Generations of the Branson Clan
Wherever frontiersmen ventured, there seem to have been Bransons. Some followed their Carolina neighbor, Daniel Boone, into Kentucky. Some went to Tennessee, perhaps along with the Crockett family, who were also neighbors back in Virginia. One of four Branson cousins who left North Carolina to settle in Tennessee about 1789 was John Branson, a great-grandson of Thomas. John's grandson, born just west of Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 1819, was named for the hero of the Battle of New Orleans of the War of 1812 (in which we also find Bransons fighting), and became Andrew Jackson Branson. According to Mr. Joseph M. Branson of Kansas City, Missouri, this was the branch of the Branson family which moved to Gasconade County, Missouri in 1829, when that area was the nation's westernmost frontier. Most of the Bransons had large families, and Andrew Jackson Branson was no exception. He married in 1841 and he and his wife had eleven children.

Among the children of Andrew Jackson Branson, we find several who, fascinated as their ancestors had been by the magic of the words "Go west", headed across the plains and the mountains to California, Nevada and Colorado, establishing branches of the Branson family in the far west, where they are still well represented today. In the years that A. J. Branson's children were growing up, there were other Bransons journeying to California in the fever of the Gold Rush.

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Andrew Jackson Branson of Colorado - four generations

Andrew Jackson Branson and Nancy Margrave

Andrew Jackson Branson was born Oct. 30, 1819. He married Nancy Margrave on Jan. 14, 1841 in Gasconade County, Missouri. Nancy was born Feb. 23, 1822 in Missouri.

Andrew and Nancy settled in Colorado.

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John Franklin Branson and Martha Ann Boyd

John Franklin Branson (Andrew Jackson Branson's son) was born Nov. 11, 1849 in Gasconade County, Missouri. He married Martha Ann Boyd some time before 1877. Martha was born May 24, 1857 in Holt County, Missouri.

John and Martha settled in California.

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Ira Lee Branson and Clara Lucille Fowler

Ira Lee Branson was born Dec. 22, 1879 in St. Joseph, Missouri. He married Clara Lucille Fowler on June 6, 1898 in Tres Padres, Taos, New Mexico. Clara was born Aug. 17, 1882 in Hebron, Thayer, Nebraska. Ira was the Sonoma County, California Roadmaster in the early 1900's. He was the son of John Franklin Branson and Martha Ann Boyd.

Ira and Clara settled in California.

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William Franklin Branson and Betty Jane Cook

William and Betty are still alive and well, living on the West Coast. They met just prior to World War II when William was in boot camp. They were married shortly after he returned from serving in New Guinea and other campaigns. William Franklin Branson is the son of Ira Lee Branson and Clara Lucille Fowler.


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This site maintained by Sandra Branson Young