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Some Early Marriage Records of

Butler County, Ohio

(partial list)

David Price and Elizabeth Cromp, July 5, 1804, by Jacob Lewis, J.P.
William Carson and Mary McGuire, June 30, 1806, by I. S. Swearingen, J.P.
Jane Copestick and Elisha Sutton, Aug. 12, 1806, by. J. Lewis, J.P.
Abraham Piatt and Jane Hageman, June 25, 1807, by Wm. Smith, J.P.
Thomas Freeman and Ruth Campbell, Mar. 24, 1807, by Wm. Hays, J.P.
Elizabeth Freeman and John Skyhawk, Jan. 22, 1807, by Wm. Hays, J.P.
Henry Freeman and Mary Campbell, Dec. 17, 1807, by Rev. S. Gard
James Dunn and ??? McLackey, July 7, 1807, by Wm. Smith, J.P.
James Fowler and Elizabeth Devore, July 21, 1808, by R. Ogle, J. P.
Polly Duvall and Charles Stout, Sept. 14, 1809, by Rev. M. G. Wallace
William Price and Esther Vanzant, Dec. 26, 1809, by J. Smith, J.P.
John Talbott and Rhoda Page, Feb. 23, 1809, by Rev. S. Gard
Leonard Selvey (Selby?) and Elizabeth Morningstar, Dec. 28, 1809, by J. Tapscott, J.P.
Mary Onspaugh (Annspaugh?) and Frederick Shepherd, Sept 14, 1809, by Rev. A. Siman
Thomas Price and Selah Harper, Mar 10, 1810, by C. Swearingen, J. P.
Nancy Price and George Tegarden, Oct 17, 1811, by M. Richardson, J.P.
Samuel Carson and Leah Lowery, Feb. 26, 1811, by James Clark, J. P.
Ebenezer Eaton and Phebe Ferguson, Sep 17, 1811, by James Smith, J. P.
Eleanor Duvall and John Burk, July 4, 1811, by James Mills, J. P.
John Hueston and Ruth Reece, May 7, 1812, John Vinnedge, J. P.
Catherine Reading and Phillip Harrell, Nov 26, 1812, by J. Mill, J.P.
John Mulford and Polly Clark, Jan. 1, 1812, by Rev. S. Gard
Nancy P. Barnet, May 16, 1813, by Henry Weaver, J.P.
Catherine Annspaugh and Solomon Lephler, Aug 5, 1813, by Henry Weaver, J.P.
Sarah Dickey and Nathan Dougherty, Aug 11, 1813, by Samuel Hunt, J.P.
Mary Stout and Wm. Sutton, Oct. 28, 1813, by Henry Weave, J.P.
John Freeman and Harret Alston, Apr. 10, 1813, by Ithamar White, J.P.
Dennis Pottenger and Elizabeth Louden, Jan. 13, 1813, by Rev. Jeremiah Ballard
Esther Price and Martin Ryon, Nov 18, 1813, by Rev. J. Thomson
George Bennett and Nancy Allen, Sep 20, 1813, by I. Stanley, J.P.
Levi Graham and Polly Armstrong, Jan. 27, 1813, by J. Mills, J.P.
George Freeman and Nancy Doyal, Apr 7, 1814, by Wm. Harvey, J.P.
Sarah Annspaugh and Henry Weaver, Oct. 6, 1814, by Rev. Andrew Simon
Sally Belt and Charles Porter, Aug 18, 1814, by Wm. Jenkins, J.P.
Alexander Carson and Mary Wallace, Apr 19, 1814, by James Clark, J.P.
John Carson and Nancy Potts, Apr 28, 1814, by Wm. Harvey, J.P.
Samuel Pottenger and Phebe Kinkade, July 20, 1814, by Rev. Wm. Kinkade
William Lowery and Nancy Wallace, Feb. 3, 1814, by James Clark, J.P.
Abraham Freeman and Amy Quick, Oct. 19, 1815, by W. Harvey, J.P.
Jacob Annspaugh and Eleanor Israel, Jan 4, 1816, by Henry Weaver, J.P.
James Beadle and Polly Roby, Dec. 15, 1816, by Rev. J. Strait
Brumfield Boon and Mary Wood, Feb. 27, 1816, by Rev. J. Holland
Benjamin VanCleve and Margaret Craven, Mar 12, 1816, by W. Jenkins, J.P
Nancy Coursen and Daniel Seward, Oct 5, 1816, by Rev. W. Stephens
Jacob Piatt and Jane Thompson, Nov. 28, 1816, by J. Heaton, J.P.
John Philpott and ?? Vanhorne, Feb 16, 1816, by H. Weaver, J.P.
Middleton Selby and Rachel Temple, Nov. 14, 1816, by Rev. T. Winter
Elizabeth Boone and Jane McClain, July 31, 1817, by Rev. Matt. G. Wallace
Luther Freeman and Nancy Dewitt, Jan. 2, 1817, by J. M. Dorsey, J.P.
Jeremiah Fowler and Sarah Dewitt, Apr 21, 1817, by Rev. W. Kinkade
Jonathan Talbot and Esther Hart, June 5, 1817, by C. Swearingen, J.P.
Levi Mann and Jane Bell, May 24, 1818/1820, Nathan Stubbs, J.P.
Hannah Freeman and Robert Bradford, Dec. 9, 1818, Rev. A. Waller
Eunice Freeman and Michael Truitt, July 1, 1819, Rev. Moses Crume
Benjamin Freeman and Mary Fowler, July 17, 1822, by Rev. A. Martin
Martin Freeman and Sarah Dewitt, Sep 26, 1822, by A. Martin, J.P.
John H. Ducket and Eunice Reed, Nov. 5, 1827, by James Crawford, J.P.
Abel Duval and Sarah Wilcox, Nov. 14, 1830, by James Ratcliff, J.P.
Henry Price and Sarah Farnsworth, Sep 24, 1835, Rev. Daniel Kumler
Nancy Mann and Samuel Spencer, July 2, 1835, by Peter Sutton, J.P.
Caleb Ducket and Ruth Stull, June 23, 1835, by Rev. Joseph Hill
Sarah Foreman and Widdows Henderson, Oct. 15, 1835, by Morton Irwin, J.P.
Elizabeth Chaney and George W. Sutherland, Sep. 18, 1836, by Peter Sutton, J.P.
John Foreman and Jane Lemon, Feb 18, 1836, by Morton Irwin, J.P.
Warner Freeman and Martha Cross, Oct 19, 1839, Rev. J. A. Waterman