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Some Early Records of

Anne Arundel and Prince Georges Counties, Maryland

Wills of Anne Arundel County, Maryland (partial list)

John Batson, 1790
Stephen Boone, 1791
Nicholas Boone, 1795
Robert Boone, 1802
John of W. Boone, 1807
Charles Boone, 1811
Charles Boone, 1814
John Brice, 1820
Samuel Cheney, 1806
Joseph Court, 1815
Thomas Cheney, 1821
Richard Cheney, 1824
Robert Duvall, 1800
Zachariah Duvall, 1806
Ephraim Duvall, 1807
Howard Marine Duvall, 1809
Enos Duvall, 1813
Jesse Duvall, 1814
Jacob Duvall, 1816
Zachariah Duvall, 1816
Ephraim Duvall, 1818
Henry Duvall, 1822
Baruch Fowler, 1829
Elizabeth Fowler, 1835
Henry Fowler, 1865
William Hanson, 1795
Jacob Hanson, 1821
William Ijams, 1790
John Ijams, 1783
Thomas Ijams, 1785
Thomas Ijams, 1786
John Ijams, 1791
Plummer Ijams, 1793
Richard Isaacs, 1814
John Ijams, 1831
Thomas Sappington, 1783
Thomas Stinchcomb, 1810
William Sappington, 1800
Nathaniel Sappington, 1801
Jesse Smallwood, 1820
Sarah Stinchcomb, 1828
Sarah Stinchcomb, 1835
Margaret Stinchcomb, 1845
Sarah Stinchcomb, 1847
Richard Sappington, 1847

Marriages of Prince Georges County, Maryland (Partial List)
Thomas H. Hanson and Rehena (Rebecca) Addison, 3-24-1778
Thomas Jenkins and Midred Atcherson, 11-10-1787
Boston (Batson) Naylor and Eleanor Austin, 11-6-1778
Elizabeth Naylor and John Baden Jr., 3-24-1814
Martha Baden and Joshua Naylor, 2-2-1799
Ann Fowler and John Ball, 4-4-1795
Thomas Clarke Duvall and Emma Barron, 12-14-1809
Sarah Smallwood and Richard Barrott, 10-14-1812
Sophia Duvall and Aquilla Beall, 12-21-1798
Zachariah (Zadock) Duvall and Eliz. Beall, 4-1-1791
Margaret B. Hanson and John F. Beall, 4-4-1787
James Selby and Lucy Beall, 2-16-1808
John Duvall and Mary Beall, 3-29-1793
Samuel Smallwood and Ruth Beall, 2-28-1801
Samuel Hanson and Sarah Beall, 1-9-1795
Martha Beaven and Benj. Naylor, 12-23-1793
Rosenor S. Duvall and Wm. Beckett, 11-29-1821
Jesse Duvall and Martha Beckett, 1-23-1829
Beall Duvall and Margery Belt, 4-28-1800
Eveline E. Duvall and Philip T. Bel, 2-7-1835
Elisha Duvall and Rachel Belt, 6-17-1785
George Naylor and Eleanor Berry, 6-2-1785
Susanna Smallwood and Thomas Berry, 8-25-1781
Philip Selby and Catherine Boteler, 8-24-1778
James Naylor and Mary Boteler, 12-31-1800
Sarah Duvall and Joseph Boyd, 8-15-1814
Richard Chany and Matilda Boyd, 2-9-1825
Charles Duvall and Cassia Brashears, 3-27-1778
Trueman Duvall and Martha Brashears, 11-19-1801
Abraham Fowler and Mary Brawn (Brown), 2-2-1801
Jesse Fowler and Henrietta Brown, 2-20-1802
Benj. Fowler and Sarah Ann Bryan, 1-26-1835
Susannah Selby and William Bryan, 11-11-1802
Eleanor H. Hanson and Henry A. Callis, 8-28-1832
Maranda Duvall and Isaac Carrick, 1-23-1833
Mary Duvall and Mareen Carrick, 2-23-1791
Mary Duvall and John Carroll, 11-8-1800
Eliz. Ann Fendall and Stephen Cawood, 6-1-1792
Susannah Duvall and Henry Cheney, 11-28-1785
John Duvall and Sarah Ann Clagett, 7-9-1831
Mary Ann Duvall and Daniel Clark, 1-11-1825
Colmore Duvall and Margaret Clark, 1-3-1789
Marsellen Duvall and Baley L. Clark, 5-1-1827
Eliz. Smallwood and Horatio Club, 10-19-1821
Wm. L. Duvall and Comfort Coale, 9-27-1831
Ann Smallwood and Elijah Coe, 10-23-1779
Bayne Smallwood and Marsilva Coe, 12-19-1780
Rachel Duvall and Conaway Wesley, 4-8-1833
Wm. Worthington and Jane Contee, 2-28-1782
Jesse Duvall and Eliz. Craycroft, 9-23-1789
Rebecca Duvall and Robert Dodson, 3-19-1803
Priscilla Fowler and Samuel Dorsett, 4-4-1818
Eliz. Naylor and Francis S. Dowell, 12-15-1826
Sarah Batson and Robert Dulany, 2-19-1803
Richard Duvall and Airy Duvall, 1-31-1803
Miranda Isaac and Barton Duvall, 12-23-1822
Hannah Isaac and Barton Duvall, 11-26-1811
Eleanor Higgins and Benj. Duvall, 7-4-1784 or 1787
Margery Belt and Beale Duvall, 4-28-1800
Elisha Duvall and Rachel Belt, 6-17-1785
Mary Duvall and Mareen Duvall, 10-26-1780
Josias Fendall and Ann Middleton Marlow, 1-18-1804
Margaret Naylor and Elisha Fields, 2-12-1780
Abraham Fowler and Hester Mills, 11-28-1794
Abraham Fowler and Willey Stamp, 12-23-1790
Elizabeth Fowler and Frederick Price, 10-27-1798
Jemima Fowler and John Sappington, 1-29-1781
John Fowler and Lucy Moore, 12-30-1802
Rachel Isaac and John Fowler, 2-16-1813
John R. Smallwood and Letitia Fowler, 12-27-1832
Richard Fowler and Ann Summers, 1-14-1779
Samuel Fowler and Margaret Selby, 2-2-1798
William Fowler and Priscilla Simpson, 1-29-1799
William Fowler and Eleanor Lovejoy, 2-24-1786
William Fowler and Lydia Sanders, 11-25-1788
Mary Fowler and Martin Wells, 1-5-1799
Gabriel Duvall and Henrietta Moran, 11-6-1833
Ann Naylor and Joseph Wright, 2-26-1788
Ann Naylor and Walter Watson, 12-23-1783
Deborah Selby and Benj. Naylor, 8-31-1785
Ann Naylor and Samuel Wailes, 2-8-1783
Benj. Naylor and Mary Wilson, 12-14-1797
George Naylor and Eleanor Berry, 6-2-1785
James Naylor and Priscilla Wilson, 9-5-1797
Joshua Naylor and Martha Nutwell, 1-17-1781
Nicholas Naylor and Mary Selby, 2-15-1783