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Narrative - Possible Descendants of Thomas Cook of
Lawrence Co., Tennessee



Because it is fairly certain that Thomas Cook (probable father of Charles Cook I) was in Franklin Co, NC - and - "Shem" Cook (son of Thomas Cooke and Mary Jones) was in Franklin Co, NC - it is reasonable to believe that Thomas Cook and Shem Cook were related.  In the 1800 census of Franklin Co, NC a Shemael Cook age 26-45 was listed along with Charles, Elizabeth, Thomas, John and William Cook.  It is believed that Shamael was the son of "Shem" Cook.  "Shemuel" Cook was also listed there in the 1790 Federal Census.  "Shem" Cook was a descendant of Richard Cooke of Bristol, Gloucester, England.  Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that Thomas Cook was also a descendant of Richard.  Since there is no available research on Charles Cook I it is a matter of searching records and the process of elimination in order to determine which family he was born into.

Updated information April 3, 2005:

Bute Co, NC was the original name of Franklin Co.  A Charles Cook is listed on the Bute Co, NC Oath of Allegiance along with Benjamin Cook and John Cook.  Also mentioned in Bute County records were Thomas Cook (1775 and 1776) and Joseph Cook (1789).  The descendants of Thomas Cooke and Mary Jones who seemed to settle in Bute and Franklin Counties were the children of Thomas (married Amy), Benjamin, and Shem.  Arthur and Nathan Cook do not seem to appear there and Jones Cook settled in Wayne Co, NC.  Looking at each of the families who were in Bute and Franklin, NC, the analysis is now presented:

Thomas Cook married Amy about 1740.  Their known children were: Benjamin Sr, Drury, William, Elizabeth, Tabitha, James, Sarah, Margaret and Nancy.  These were the names of his children that were mentioned in his will.  These children were born between 1740 and approximately 1780 in either Virginia or North Carolina.  The known grandchild of Thomas and Amy was:  From Benjamin: Benjamin Jr. (possibly married Winnifred Hopkins).

Benjamin Cook married unknown.  One of his sons may have been Jacob Cook who married Elizabeth Babb.  Their son, Green Babb Cook, married Mary Ann Nicholson and settled in Wilson Co, TN.  Wilson County is where John Cook (possible grandson of Charles Sr.) was married in 1833.  It is very possible that Charles Sr. was a nephew or brother of Jacob.  Charles Sr. was born ca. 1760/1765 and Jacob was born ca. 1745/1755.

Shem Cook married Anne Rucker ca. Mar 1742.  Their known children were: James, Felicia, Claiborne Henry, Shem Jr, Ann, Delphia, John, Rowland and William (most are from his will).

Even though a Charles is listed with Benjamin and the others in 1771, 1773, 1790 and 1800 in Bute and Franklin, NC, his parents are not known.  Benjamin Cook's will has not been located so it's possible that the unidentified Cooks in Bute and Franklin, NC were his descendants.  These include: Joseph, William, John, Jacob, Jeremiah, David, Willis, Winston, Thomas and Charles.  

The Wife of Charles Cook who was in Franklin, NC in 1790

Found among the Bute Co, NC court minutes was the following record:

Franklin Co, NC Court Minutes - Minutes of March Court 1802
Green Hill Sheriff returned the report of the Jury who were summoned to divide & allott
to Lucretia Vasser her Dower in the Land of her late husband Charles Cook Decd.

Charles Cook appears in Franklin, NC in 1800 and disappears after that.**(See Note)  It is assumed that the above record was in reference to his estate that was divided in March, 1802.  We also learn from this record that Lucretia Vasser was the name of his wife.  It is not known if Vasser was her maiden name, middle name or a new married name.  From the information presented below we learn that the estate of Charles Cook held a sale on January 9, 1801 and that one of the buyers was Nathan Cook.  He was also the administrator of the estate.  Also mentioned is Samuel Fuller.  (Sarah Cook, daughter of Thomas Cook and Amy, married a Fuller.)

Sale of estate of CHARLES COOK, decd - Sold January 9, 1801 - Buyers - GREEN

From the following record we find that Nathan was the son of Charles and Lucretia.

Franklin Co, NC Court Records - Minutes of December Court 1800
Lucrecy Cook widow of Charles Cook came into open Court & relinquished her right of
administration upon her Decd Husbands Estate to her son Nathan Cook to whom
administration was granted accordingly who entered into Bond with Green Williamson
& John Dixon in the sum of Two Thousand pounds as his securities.

Nathan appears on the 1810 and 1830 Federal Census in Franklin Co, NC.  In 1830 he is in Edwards District, Franklin, NC - the only Cook living there.  In 1840 he is still in Franklin, NC and there is one female in the household age 80-90.  This is presumed to be Lucretia.

It is curious why the above information was reported in the Wilson Co, TN records since Charles died in Franklin, NC.  The borders were changing quite often during that time so perhaps NC and TN records were overlapping.

The above Charles was not the same Charles Cook who was in Lawrence, TN in 1820 listed as Senior with Charles Junior living nearby, as previously thought, since he died before December, 1800.  Because the descendants of Benjamin (b. 1712) have not been proven, it is still believed that Charles Cook Sr. was his descendant.  The older Thomas Cook listed in the 1830 Federal Census of Lawrence, TN (b. 1770-1780) was in the same generation as Charles Cook Sr.  He was probably a brother.  In 1790 a Thomas Cook was living near Charles and Benjamin in Franklin, NC.  It is possible that this Thomas was the father of Charles Sr. and the Thomas who was in Lawrence, TN in 1830.   The Charles Cook who died before December, 1800 in Franklin, NC. was possibly the son of Benjamin (b. 1712). 

Possible Descendants of Benjamin Cook (b. 1712)

The following Cooks in Franklin, NC are not accounted for in other Cook records or in the wills of the other known children of Thomas Cooke and Mary Jones, and were in the same generation as their other grandchildren.  Therefore, they could be descendants of their son Benjamin (b. 1712) for whom a will has not been located.

Charles Cook, b. ca. 1735, d. before Dec 1800, m. Lucretia Vasser, one known son: Nathan (b. bef 1784)

Thomas Cook, b. ca. 1745, d. after 1830 (of Lawrence, TN), m. possibly Margaret Johnson, possible children: Charles Cook I (b. ca. 1765), Joseph (b. bef 1769), William (b. bef 1775), Thomas (b. 1770/1780)

Jacob Cook, b. ca. 1745, d. 1798 (of Allen, KY), m. Elizabeth Babb, children: Thomas, Mary, Green Babb, Ailsey, Elisha, Jesse, Martha, Nancy, Elizabeth, Sarah

William Cook, b. before 1755 (of Franklin, NC)

Following the clues...

It is known that John Cook (married Martha Huddleston), son of Charles Cook Jr., was born in KY ca. 1812/1815.  We find a Charles Cook age 45+ listed in Clark Co, KY in 1810 along with a Jacob Cook age 26-45.   This Jacob could be a son of Charles Cook Sr.  In the 1830 Federal Census we find Jacob Cook age 50-60 in Allen, KY along with Benjamin Anderson, father of John and Samuel Anderson who married into the Cook family in Lawrence, TN.  In early TN records we find that the older Jacob from Franklin, NC was in Sullivan Co, TN by 1812.  A Thomas Cooke age 40-50 was in Wilson, TN in 1820 along with Green Babb Cook, John Cook, Jesse Cook, another Thomas Cook, William Cook and Henry Cook.  Also there was Anthony Huddleston, father of Martha E. Huddleston.  One of the Thomas Cooks is probably Green's brother.  The other Thomas Cook may have been the brother of Charles Cook Sr. 

Possible Migration Timeline:

In 1790 Jacob and Thomas are in Franklin, NC.;  In 1812 Jacob Sr. is in Sullivan TN; 1810 Charles Sr. is in Clark, KY; by 1820 Jacob Sr. has died but his widow Frances is in Allen, KY; 1820 Green Babb Cook and Thomas are in Wilson, TN; 1830 Green is still in Wilson, TN and Thomas is in Lawrence, TN.  Thomas and Charles were slightly older than Green, possibly his uncles and brothers of his father - Jacob Sr.  One more connection between the Cooks in Wilson and Lawrence Counties: John Cook was married in Wilson, TN in 1833 but was living in Lawrence, TN in 1840 next to Charles Cook.

Conclusion: It is very likely that Jacob (father of Green Babb Cook), Thomas and Charles were descendants of Benjamin (b. 1712)

The process of elimination and research continues......!

The descendants of Richard Cooke of Bristol, Gloucester, England have been researched by others and is available on the LDS web site at http://familysearch.org.  Richard's son, Phillip Cooke  was born Dec. 27, 1589 in Bristol, England and married Elizabeth. 

Phillip's son, William Cooke was born March 25, 1613 in Bristol, England and married Mary Miles (or Blackbourne) June 4, 1632 in Bristol.  Their son, William Cooke Jr., was born at sea during their journey to America in ca. 1633.  William Jr. married Joan or Jane Roper ca. 1655 in Virginia and he died August 6, 1698 in Isle of Wight, Virginia.

William Cooke Jr. and Joan Roper had the following children:  Henry (1653), John (1655), Reuben (1661), Joannah (1662), Elizabeth (1663), Sarah (1670), William (bef 1677) and Thomas (1677/1678). 

Thomas Cooke (1677/1678) married Mary Jones February 17, 1702 in Isle of Wight, Virginia and died Nov. 22, 1736 in Isle of Wight, Virginia.  Mary was born ca. 1690.  They had the following children: Thomas (1703), Arthur (1703), Jones (1706), Sarah (1708), Susannah (1710), Benjamin (1712), John (1714), Rebecca (1716), Capt. Isham "Shem" (1722), and possibly Nathan and Joel.

Jones Cooke (1706) died February 24, 1783 in Wayne Co, NC and married Martha Daniel.  They had the following children:  Benjamin (1748), Arthur (1756), Thomas (1758), Martha (1762), Mary Ann (1764), Sarah (1765), Silpha (1767), Stephen (1768), John (1770), Esther (1776), and Jacob (1769). 

The Thomas Cook who was in Franklin Co, NC in 1790 was born ca. 1740/1750.  His connection to the Cook families listed above has not yet been established.  But it is fairly certain he was related to those who lived near him 1790 Franklin, NC, namely: Benjamin, Jacob, John, William, Allen, Shem, Charles, Thomas and Thomas #2. 

Thomas died after 1790 and was in Bute (parent of Franklin Co) and Franklin Co, NC from at least 1768 to 1790.  North Carolina archives refer to him in various records between 1768 and 1779.  Thomas possibly married Margaret Johnson who was born in Scotland.  He appears in the 1790 Federal Census in Franklin Co, NC with 2 males over 16, 2 males under 16, 2 females and 11 slaves.  Listed on the same page is Thomas Cook with 1 male over 16, 2 males under 16 and 3 females.  Listed near this Thomas is Charles Cook with 2 males over 16, 3 males under 16 and 7 females.  Also listed in Franklin Co, NC are Benjamin, two Johns, Jacob and two William Cooks.

Thomas Cook (1740/1750) and Margaret Johnson (?) possibly had the following children:  Thomas (1770/1780), Charles Sr. (bef. 1775), William?, Robert?, Joseph? and Jordan?.

Charles Cook Sr. (bef. 1775) died after 1820 probably in Franklin Co, NC.  He had the following children (some are not verified): Charles Jr. (1785), Thomas? (1790/1800), William (1794), Isaac?, Hiram? (1800), Margaret "Peggy"? (1808), Stephen?, Vianna? (1812).

Charles Cook Jr. (1785) was born in North Carolina (probably Franklin County).  He married unknown before 1812/1815 and they had the following children (unverified): John? (1812/1815), Newton? (ca 1814), Charles? (1819), Dyara? (1820), Mary? (1821-married M. H. Moody Dec 1840 in Lawrence, TN), Sandel? (1822-married Allen Green 1842 in Lawrence, TN),  Nancy (1832) and Sarah (1834).  Charles married Emerilla "Amanda" Brashears June 19, 1839 in Lawrence, TN.  They had the following children: William B. (1842), Henry C. (1844) and Elvy J. (1852). 

John Cook (1812/1815) was born in Tennessee and married Martha E. Huddleston Aug. 9, 1833 in Wilson Co, TN.  They were listed in the 1840 Federal Census of Lawrence Co, TN and in the 1850, 1860 and 1870 census of Hickory Co, MO. 



1790 census
Charles Cook Franklin, NC 1790 (2-3-7) Image 3 - Listed near Thomas (b)
(a) Thomas Cook Franklin, NC 1790 (1-2-3) Image 3
(b) Thomas Cook Franklin, NC 1790 (2-2-2-0-11) Image 3 (11 slaves)
Benjamin Cook Franklin, NC 1790 (1-1-7-0-1) Image 3 (1 slave)
John Cook Franklin, NC 1790 (1-0-2) Image 3 - Listed near Thomas (b)
Jacob Cook Franklin, NC 1790 (2-4-3) Image 3
John Cook Franklin, NC 1790 (2-2-5) Image 3
William Cook Franklin, NC 1790 (1-3-8) Image 3
William Cook Franklin, NC 1790 (2-2-8) Image 3
Allen Cook Franklin, NC 1790 (1-0-2) - Image 3
Shemuel Cook Franklin, NC 1790 (1-0-3-0-3) - Image 4
Blanton Cook Franklin, NC 1790 (1-0-3) - Image 4

1800 Census
Charles Cook Louisburg, Franklin, NC 1800 (10011-12111) age 45+ Page 447
Elisabeth Cook Louisburg, Franklin, NC 1800 (02100-11010) age 26-45 Page 488
John Cook Louisburg, Franklin, NC 1800 (01201-12001) age 45+ Page 482
Shamael Cook Louisburg, Franklin, NC 1800 (20010-21010) age 26-45 Page 462
Thomas Cook Louisburg, Franklin, NC 1800 (01001-01001) age 45+ Page 455
William Cook Louisburg, Franklin, NC 1800 (32101-12501) 2 lines away from Thomas Page 455

1810 census
John Cook Not Stated, Franklin, NC 1810 (00101-01101) age 45+ - Page 792 (next to Joseph)
Jones Cook Not Stated, Franklin, NC 1810 (20100-10100) age 16-26 - Page 791
Jordan Cook Not Stated, Franklin, NC 1810 (00100-10100) age 16-26 - Page 796
Joseph Cook Not Stated, Franklin, NC 1810 (00010-20010) age 26-45 - Page 792 (next to John)

1820 census
Charles Cook Senior Not Stated,Lawrence,TN 1820 (000001-02001) age 45+ - Image 13
Charles Cook Junior Not Stated,Lawrence,TN 1820 (200010-10010) age 26-45 - Image 13
William Cook Not Stated,Lawrence,TN 1820 (100100-20100) age 18-26 - Image 9
Robert Brashears Not Stated,Lawrence,TN 1820
Walter Brashears Not Stated,Lawrence,TN 1820

1830 census
Charles Cook Not Stated, Lawrence, Tennessee (001101-101001001) age 30-40 - Image 57
Thos Cook Not Stated, Lawrence, Tennessee (101010001-101111001) age 60-70 <1770-1780>
Wm Cook Not Stated, Lawrence, Tennessee (111001-011101) age 30-40 - Image 51
John Anderson Not Stated, Lawrence, Tennessee (10001-00001) age 20-40 - Image 51
Wm Anderson Not Stated, Lawrence, Tennessee (0000001-0012001) age 40-50 - Image 27
NEXT LINE: Geo. Montgomery (222001-101001) age 30-40 - Image 27
SAME PAGE: William Rogers (0010000001-00000000001) age 70-80 - Image 27
Williamson Rogers (00001-no females) - Image 23
SAME PAGE: John Brashears Sr., Middleston Brashears, Nathan Brashears
SAME PAGE: Thos Cook (101010001-101111001) age 60-70 - Image 23

1840 census
Charles Cook Sen. Not Stated, Lawrence, TN (00001001-0212) age 50-60 <1780-1790>- Image 55
NEXT LINE: John Cook Not Stated, Lawrence, Tennessee (10001-10001) age 20-30 - Image 55

 1850 census
Charles Cook District 71, Polk, MO abt 1785 North Carolina
Amanda Cook District 71, Polk, MO abt 1818 Tennessee
Nancy Cook District 71, Polk, MO abt 1832 Tennessee
Sarah Cook District 71, Polk, MO abt 1834 Tennessee
William Cook District 71, Polk, MO abt 1842 Missouri
Henry C Cook District 71, Polk, MO abt 1844 Missouri
Reuben Brashears District 71, Polk, MO abt 1824 Tennessee (son of John)
John Breashears District 71, Polk, MO abt 1793 South Carolina

1860 census (Walter Brashears lived in Barry Co, MO in 1840)
Charles Cook Sugar Creek, Barry, MO 69 1790 South Carolina Male
E Cook Sugar Creek, Barry, MO 38 1821 Tennessee Female
W B Cook Sugar Creek, Barry, MO 19 1840 Missouri Male
Heny C Cook Sugar Creek, Barry, MO 17 1842 Missouri Female
Elvy J Cook Sugar Creek, Barry, MO 7 1852 Missouri Female

1850 Census - District 37, Hickory, MO
John Cooke, 38, KY
Martha, 34, TN
Nathaniel, 14, TN
Caran F, male, 12, MO
Nancy, 7, MO
Margaret E, 3, MO
Charles, 1, MO



Martha Huddleston's mother was Elizabeth Lewis who married Anthony Huddleston in 1814. In order to be more certain that it was "our" John Cook who married Martha Huddleston, a search of Lewis families in Wilson Co, TN was completed.  A James Lewis was listed in Wilson, TN in the 1830 Federal Census along with two Thomases, two Johns and Marthy Lewis.  James was only 2 pages away from Thomas Cook.  Marthy was living only two doors away from Anthony Huddleston, Martha's father.  It is presumed that Marthy was the mother of Elizabeth Lewis and that she was a widow in 1830. 

In the 1820 Federal Census Charles and Samuel Lewis are the only Lewises listed in Wilson, TN.   Either one could have been the husband of Marthy.  A search of family trees at ancestry.com revealed that Samuel Lewis married Esther Gatton, so he was eliminated as the probable father of Elizabeth.  That leaves only Charles.  We know that Elizabeth was born in TN ca. 1793/1798.  This means her family was in Tennessee before 1800.  A Charles Lewis was not found in records dated between 1796 and 1809, however, a Charles Lewis was listed in early Tennessee Census and Land records in 1810 in Stewart County.  Also there were Daniel, John, Malla, Richard, Thomas and Thomas J. Lewis.  This coincides with the 1830 census showing two Thomas Lewises in Wilson, TN (although one of them was too young to be listed in 1810). 

In 1830 there were several Moody families living near the Lewises.  At least two Moody / Cook marriages were found in Lawrence, TN.

The evidence that Martha Huddleston married "our" John Cook was strengthened when James Lewis was located in the 1850 census in District 71, Polk Co, MO - the same location as Charles Cook Sr.  This makes sense and further establishes the validity of the connections between these families.  James Lewis was probably the brother of Elizabeth Lewis.  He was born ca. 1801 in Tennessee.  If this is correct, he was the uncle of Martha Huddleston Cook.

CHARLES LEWIS TN Stewart County 200010-20101 1810
DANIEL LEWIS TN Stewart County 420001-10010 1810 - no
JOHN LEWIS TN Stewart County 110010-32010 1810 - female the right age
MALLA LEWIS TN Stewart County 500010-00010 1810 - no
RICHARD LEWIS TN Stewart County 410110-20010 1810 - no
THOMAS LEWIS TN Stewart County 300010-11010 1810 - female the right age
THOMAS J. LEWIS TN Stewart County 000010-00000 1810 - no

1830 census
James Lewis Wilson, Tennessee (11211-020120?) age 20-30 <1800-1810> - Image 162 (Thomas Cook was on Image 164)
Thos Lewis Wilson, Tennessee (00002-32011) age 20-30 <1800-1810> - Image 168 (Same Page: Thos. Babb)
John Lewis Wilson, Tennessee (000010001-00010001) age 60-70 <1770-1780> - Image 168
Marthy Lewis Wilson, Tennessee (000001-000020001) age 60-70 <1770-1780> - Image 112 (one line between her & Anthony Huddleston)
SAME PAGE: John Johnson age 50-60
Thomas Lewis Wilson, Tennessee (1221101-0021) age 40-50 <1780-1790> (Same page: John R. Moody) - Image 57
SAME PAGE: John R. Moody age 20-30
John Lewis Wilson, Tennessee - Image 168 (Next to Thos Lewis) (00002-1001) age 20-30 <1800-1810>

1850 census
James Lewis District 71, Polk, MO abt 1801 (age 49) Tennessee - Page 49
Sarah A, 12, MO
Mary J, 10, MO
Emeline E, 7, MO
Charles Cook was on page 11
William Cook was on page 57


Research on Lewis families in early Wilson Co, TN revealed more information about the Samuel Lewis who was listed with Charles Lewis on the 1820 Wilson, TN Federal Census.  He was Colonel Samuel Lewis, born ca. 1750 (served in the Rev. War), died 1828 Bolivar, TN, married Esther Gatton.  They had the following known children: Margaret, Mary, William Carroll, Dennis and George.  Records indicate that not all of Samuel's children are known.  It is possible that Charles was related to Samuel.  Samuel was listed on the Washington Co, TN Tax List in 1819.  Charles was listed on the Stewart Co, TN Tax List in 1810.

In 1820 both Samuel and Charles were over the age of 45 and both of them died before 1830.  Since the children of Charles and Samuel were born in the same generation, they may have been brothers, or totally unrelated.  William Carroll Lewis (son of Samuel) was born possible in James River, Richmond, Virginia in 1815.  Therefore, we know that Charles was in Tennessee before Samuel.

Charles Lewis (2 of them) was also listed in the 1800 census of Hillsboro, Granville, NC along with a Shem, Richard, Roland, William, Clayton and John D. Cook.  Both Charles Lewises were age 26-45, so they were probably too young to be "our" Charles Lewis.  The 1800 Virginia census was lost so we cannot check census records for that year in Virginia.

Several Charles Lewises were found on the Virginia Revolutionary War Soldiers List.  A Col. Charles Lewis was listed in Virginia Land, Marriage, and Probate Records, 1639-1850 in Augusta County.  Also listed in that county was Samuel Lewis.  Col. Charles Lewis was listed as a decedent in 1775.  Obviously, this Charles was not the same one who was in Wilson, TN in 1820 because he died in 1775.  However, he could have been the father of "our" Charles and a father or brother of Samuel.


NOTE: It is not known if the Charles Cook who was listed in the 1800 Census of Franklin, NC was the one who died before December, 1800.  It may have been the one who was in Lawrence, TN in 1820.