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Analysis of Three Carson Families from Ireland
Carson Families Color-Coded Chart
Descendants of John Aaron Carson and Nancy Weddle

Henry Carson, Thomas Carson and William Carson

This analysis includes three Carson families who were living in Pennsylvania prior to 1800 and who went to SW Ohio (or their descendant/s went to SW Ohio).

Event Henry
(Son of Samuel Carson and Eleanor McDuff)
Birth Date ca. 1740 ca. 1740 1745
Birth Place Ireland?? Ulster, Ireland Clontinaglare, Kilmore Parish, County Down, Northern Ireland
Death Info ca. 1802 - Hamilton, OH 1816 - Washington, PA 1829 - Ross, Ohio
Spouse Agnes Mary Smith Isabella Gilmore
Marriage Date Unknown January 28, 1762 January 17, 1771
Marriage Place Unknown North Carolina Ireland
(It is not proven that this David was the one mentioned in Henry's will)
David (1766)
(Was possibly in Fayette, PA in 1800. Died after 1850 in poss. Piatt Co. Illinois.  Married Margaret Ellis)
(Family tradition says he was related to Lindsey Carson)
James (1762)
North Carolina
Samuel (1773)
Child Jane/Jenny (1760-1770)
(m. Henry Carson Andrews)
Margaret (1766)
Fayette, PA
Elizabeth (1775)
Colerain, Lancaster, PA
Child Margaret (1781)
(m. James Giffin)
Thomas (1768)
Washington, PA?
William (1776)
Colerain, Lancaster, PA
Child Hannah
William (1769)
Washington, PA?
Hugh (1782)
Lancaster, PA
Child Mary
(poss. m. a Reddicks)
Mary (1770)
Washington, PA?
Alonzo (1784)
Colerain, Lancaster, PA
Child Elizabeth (1790)
(m. John Giffin)
Elizabeth (1772)
Washington, PA?
Ebenezer (1786)
Colerain, Lancaster, PA
Hugh (bef. 1790)
Sarah (1776)
Washington, PA?
Nancy (1792)
Colerain, Lancaster, PA
Child   Joseph (1777)
Fallowfield, Washington, PA
(Was on Adams Co, OH 1810 Tax List. Went to Rush and Marion, Indiana)
James (1796)
Colerain, Lancaster, PA
Child   Lydia (1780)
Washington, PA?
Child   Rebecca (1782)
Washington, PA?
Child   John Clarkson (1788)
Washington, PA
Residence 1760-1762 PA or Ireland North Carolina Ireland
Residence 1766 Unknown Fayette, PA Ireland
Residence 1768 Unknown Washington, PA? Ireland
Residence 1769-1770 Ireland or PA Washington, PA? Ireland
Residence 1771-1772 Unknown Washington, PA? Ireland
Residence 1773 Unknown Washington, PA? Ireland
Residence 1774-1776 Unknown Washington, PA? Colerain, Lancaster, PA
Residence 1777 Unknown Fallowfield, Washington, PA Colerain, Lancaster, PA
Residence 1778-1789 Unknown Washington, PA Colerain, Lancaster, PA
Residence 1790 (Census) Mifflin, PA
(See notes below)
Washington, PA Colerain, Lancaster, PA
Residence 1800 (Census) Mifflin, PA or Hamilton, OH Fallowfield, Washington, PA PA or OH
Mifflin, PA??
(See notes below)
Residence 1810 (Census/Will) Died in 1802 in Hamilton, OH Fallowfield, Washington, PA PA or OH
Residence 1820 (Census) - - Died 1816 in Washington, PA PA or OH
Residence 1830 - - - - Died 1829 in Ross, OH


Samuel Carson (son of William Carson and Isabelle Gilmore) was married in 1801 in Mifflin, PA.  His first two children were born there in 1802 and 1804.  His daughter Isabelle was also born there in 1811. 

Another large Carson family was in Mifflin, PA (previously Cumberland County) from about 1770 until at least 1796::  William Carson b. 1745-1748 County Down, Ireland, married Ruth Sherman b. 1754 Shelby, PA.  Information about William Carson who married Isabelle Gilmore indicates that he (or at least his son Samuel) was also in Mifflin, PA.  William Carson and Ruth Sherman had the following children:

bulletElizabeth 1770 Mifflin, PA *
bulletJohn 1773 Mifflin, PA *
bulletMary Ann 1775 Mifflin, PA *
bulletWilliam 1777 Mifflin, PA * -  See census record below
bulletSally 1780 Mifflin, PA *
bulletCatherine 1782 Mifflin, PA *
bulletNancy (Agnes) 1789 Mifflin, PA
bulletJacob 1791 Mifflin, PA
bulletGeorge 1794 Mifflin, PA

* Mifflin county was not organized until 1789, therefore, the above birth places are not correct for the first six children. 

His son George was supposedly in Lewiston, Mifflin, PA until at least July, 1822, after which he was in Wayne, Ohio and then on to Jackson, Missouri.  A George Carson was listed in Mifflin, PA in the 1820 census, but he was age 45+, meaning that he was born before 1775.  The son of William Carson and Ruth Sherman was not born until 1794, so this may not not be him.  There was also a male age 26-45 in this same household who could be the name under which the listing was made.

1820 census
Jacob Carson Decatur,Mifflin,PA 1820 (100010-20010) age 26-45 - Image 1
James Carson Derry,Mifflin,PA 1820 (000001-23001) age 45+ - Image 1
William Carson Derry,Mifflin,PA 1820 (320110-11010) age 26-45 - Image 1
James Carson Lack,Mifflin,PA 1820 (000101-00211) age 45+
George Carson Wayne,Mifflin,PA 1820 (200011-00020) age 45+

The 1790 Census lists the following in Mifflin, PA:

1790 Census
Henery Carson Mifflin, PA 1790 (2-1-4) - Image 3
Catrin Carson Mifflin, PA 1790 (0-2-2) - Image 3
Samuel Corran Mifflin, PA 1790 (1-1-2) Samuel Carson, son of Carson/Gilmore?
William Corran Mifflin, PA 1790 (3-0-1) William Carson and Ruth Sherman?

Samuel Carson (son of William Carson and Isabelle Gilmore) was in Mifflin, PA in 1800:

1800 census
Samuel Carson Lewistown, Mifflin, PA 1800 (10010-20010)  age 26-45 <b. bef. 1775>- Image 2
(married 1801 in Mifflin, PA, first child born 1802 in Mifflin, PA - and yet he is shown with 1 male under 5 and 2 females under 5 nine years before his marriage.  This may be a previous marriage since he was age 27 in 1800)

William (son of William Carson and Ruth Sherman) was born 1777.  He appears in the 1810 census in Mifflin, PA:

1810 Census
William Carson Derry, Mifflin, PA 1810 (20010-20011) age 26-45 - Image 2

I do not find a descendant of William Carson and Ruth Sherman named Samuel, nor do I find a descendant named Henry, so it is probable that Samuel and Henry were not part of the Carson-Sherman family, and the information about William Carson and Isabelle Gilmore seems valid.