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Smallwood Mystery Photos
We Need Your Help!

If you recognize anyone in these Smallwood photos
please notify Sandra Branson Young by
Click on a photo for a larger image
One More Mystery Photo

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(1) This photo was found with other photos of the Smallwood family from Missouri.  It may be identified as:

James Lewis Smallwood and Lena or Nannie Bateman Smallwood

(I think he looks similar to the man on the left in the photo to the right.  Also, notice the train in the background.  James Lewis worked for the MK&T Railroad in Coffeyville, Kansas - Sandra Branson Young)
What do you think?

(2) This photo was found with other Smallwood photos.   Anyone recognize these two very handsome gentlemen?

Partially Solved:

According to a Cook descendant the gent on the right is James Robert Cook Jr., son of James Robert Cook Sr. and Mary Marinda (Smallwood) Cook

If you know who the gent on the left is please send an email

(3) Another Smallwood photo.  Do you recognize anyone?

Suggestion from visitor:
The photo of the couple with the two girls could be James and Nannie--they had 3 girls, maybe third wasn't born yet?
Joanna Holliday


What do you think?

4 5 6
(4) These two men are believed to be Grover and Henry Smallwood.  The woman's name is Ethel (Griffith) Devore.
John and Rachel were located in the 1900 census living in Sedalia, Pettis, Missouri.  Listed with them are sons Grover and Henry Smallwood.  Grover was found in the 1920 census living in Monseratt, Johnson, Missouri.  An obituary was found in the Daily News, Longview, Washington for John Wesley Smallwood, son of Grover Smallwood of MO. whose mother was Ruth Devore. This led to a search of the town where he lived: Monseratt, MO.  There we found Grover living next door to John Smallwood and his second wife, Sofie in 1920. 
(5) Grover and Henry Smallwood.  MYSTERY SOLVED!



(6) Written on the back of this photo is "My mom's cousin".  It was written by Emma Smallwood's daughter.  This woman could be a Smallwood or a Moore - or someone who married a Smallwood or Moore.

If you recognize anyone please send an e-mail.

(7) If you recognize either of these people please send an e-mail.

One More Mystery Photo