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Possible Descendants of Thomas FOWLER and Susannah IJAMS

Fourth Generation

52. Benjamin? FOWLER (Benjamin , William , Thomas ) was born about 1765/68 in probably Maryland. He died before 1830 in Probably Butler Co, Ohio.  Research Notes  Source Notes

Benjamin? married Mary Naylor (Nailor) before 1787. Mary was born about 1765/68. She died poss before 1830 in Probably Butler Co, Ohio. Mary may have been the daughter of George Naylor and Vilanda Isaac.  (Vilanda may have been the sister of Drucilla Isaac)

They had the following children:

+ 147 M i Joseph ? FOWLER (may have been his nephew)
+ 148 M ii James A. ? FOWLER
+ 149 M iii Jeremiah ? FOWLER
+ 150 M iv Benjamin ? FOWLER
+ 151 F v Mary ? FOWLER
+ 152 M vi Isaac ? FOWLER
+ 153 F vii Elizabeth ? FOWLER
+ 154 F viii Nancy ? FOWLER

54. Zachariah ? FOWLER (Benjamin , William , Thomas ) was born about 1760 in Maryland (Baltimore Co?). He died prob bef 1830.

Zachariah married Sarah POLKE daughter of Edmond POLKE and Mary FULTZ. Sarah was born in 1778.

They had the following children:

  155 F i Polly FOWLER was born about 1790.
+ 156 M ii Thomas FOWLER
  157 F iii Elizabeth FOWLER.
        Elizabeth married Richard MASTERS on 1 Feb 1817 in Nelson Co, Kentucky.
  158 M iv Joseph FOWLER was born about 1799.
  159 M v John ? FOWLER was born about 1805 in Maryland.

55. Phillip? FOWLER (Benjamin , William , Thomas ) was born in 1760/1770.

He had the following children:

  160 M i Jared ? FOWLER was born in 1790/1800.

56. Thomas? FOWLER (Benjamin , William , Thomas ) was born before 1775.
Source Notes

He had the following children:

+ 161 F i Ann ? FOWLER
+ 162 M ii Hezekiah ? FOWLER
  163 M iii John ? FOWLER was born after 1775.
        John married Unknown.
+ 164 M iv Daniel ? FOWLER

59. Bennet (Barnett?) P. ? FOWLER (Samuel? , William , Thomas ) was born in 1750/1760.

Bennet married Mary ?. Mary was born about 1788 in Kentucky.

They had the following children:

  165 M i Felix J. ? FOWLER was born about 1807 in Kentucky.

61. Joshua FOWLER Sr. (John , William , Thomas ) was born about 1759 in Anne Arundel Co, MD. He died on 26 Mar 1839 in Floyd Co, Indiana.

Joshua married Amelia FINLEY daughter of Richard FINLEY. Amelia was born in 1767.

They had the following children:

  166 F i Mary FOWLER was born about 1785 in Jefferson Co, Kentucky.
  167 M ii John FOWLER was born in 1780/1790.
  168 F iii Margaret ? FOWLER was born on 11 Apr 1795 in Lexington, Kentucky. She died on 31 Mar 1880 in Tazewell County, IL.
        Margaret married John W. FREEMAN about 1816. John was born on 12 Jul 1794 in New York. He died on 23 Oct 1876 in Boynton, Tazewell County, IL.
+ 169 M iv Richard F. FOWLER
+ 170 M v Rezin Davis FOWLER
+ 171 M vi Joshua W. FOWLER
+ 172 M vii Allen FOWLER

62. John D.? FOWLER (John , William , Thomas ) was born on 21 Jun 1764. He died on 25 Sep 1823 in Russellville, Brown Co. OH.

John married Rachel. Rachel was born in 1780/1790. She died after 1830.

They had the following children:

+ 173 M i Joshua Davis FOWLER
  174 F ii Elizabeth FOWLER was born on 1 Sep 1795.
  175 F iii Ruth L. FOWLER was born on 6 Mar 1798.
  176 M iv John D. FOWLER Jr. was born on 13 Jan 1800.
+ 177 F v Rachel FOWLER
+ 178 M vi Fenwick T. FOWLER
+ 179 M vii Reason Thomas FOWLER
  180 M viii S. F. FOWLER was born on 8 Feb 1809.
  181 M ix Robert ? FOWLER was born in 1800/1810.
  182 M x Jonathan FOWLER was born on 13 Jan 1812.
+ 183 M xi William G. FOWLER

63. Caleb FOWLER (John , William , Thomas ) was born on 17 Dec 1764. He died in 1839.

Caleb married Lydia CONN. Lydia was born on 24 Feb 1772.

They had the following children:

+ 184 M i John C. FOWLER
+ 185 M ii Caleb ? FOWLER
  186 M iii Silas ? FOWLER.

64. Ruth FOWLER (John , William , Thomas ) was born in 1774.

Ruth married Doctor LEWELLEN.

They had the following children:

+ 187 F i Martha LEWELLEN
  188 M ii Asa LEWELLEN.
  189 M iii Jesse LEWELLEN.
  190 M iv Zadoc LEWELLEN.
  191 M v Thomas LEWELLEN.
  192 M vi Joseph LEWELLEN.
  193 M vii Benjamin LEWELLEN.
  194 M viii Alexander LEWELLEN.
  195 F ix Ruth LEWELLEN.
  196 F x Matilda LEWELLEN.
  197 F xi Louise LEWELLEN.
  198 F xii Julia LEWELLEN.

65. Isaac FOWLER (John , William , Thomas ) was born in 1776 in Monongalia, WV. He died on 17 May 1838 in Wabash County, Indiana.

Isaac married Sarah R. COX on 25 Oct 1819. Sarah was born on 15 Jun 1800 in Monongalia, WV. She died on 25 Oct 1868 in Wabash County, Indiana.

They had the following children:

  199 F i Alpha FOWLER was born on 11 Aug 1820. She died on 1 Jul 1821.
+ 200 M ii Newton FOWLER
  201 M iii Daniel Rush FOWLER was born on 22 Jan 1826.
  202 M iv Elmer Lowry FOWLER was born on 27 Apr 1828. He died on 27 Sep 1871.
  203 F v Mary Jane FOWLER was born on 8 Aug 1830. She died on 1 Nov 1903.
  204 F vi Ann Levis FOWLER was born on 23 Mar 1833. She died about 1843.
  205 F vii Susan FOWLER was born on 9 Jul 1836. She died on 24 Oct 1855.

66. Reason FOWLER (John , William , Thomas ) was born in 1780/1790 in prob Virginia.

Reason married Rachel SEWELL on 21 Dec 1797 in Anne Arundel, Maryland.

They had the following children:

  206 M i Joshua ? FOWLER was born in 1800/1810 in prob Monongalia, Virginia.

67. Nehemiah FOWLER (John , William , Thomas ) was born about 1789 in Virginia.

Nehemiah married Mary. Mary was born about 1806 in Pennsylvania.

They had the following children:

+ 207 M i John C FOWLER

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RESEARCH NOTES for Benjamin Fowler

Benjamin Fowler age 45+ was living in Oxford, Butler, Ohio in 1820 along with two sons: James and Jeremiah.  Benjamin was in Madison Co, Kentucky in 1800 along with Jeremiah and Joseph Fowler who were both sons of Jeremiah Fowler and Drucilla Isaac (Jeremiah was the son of Thomas Fowler and Susannah Ijams).  Jeremiah did not have a documented son named Benjamin, therefore he was probably a nephew. 

It is probable that Benjamin was a descendant of Thomas Fowler and Susannah Ijams due to his migration patterns and proximity to other descendants and allied families. A Joseph Fowler transferred a military land warrant to Andrew Ellison in the Miami Valley of Ohio in 1815 (500 acres) and it is possible that Benjamin Fowler was related to this Joseph - possibly his brother. Joseph Fowler was in Fayette Co, PA in 1800 and Andrew Ellison was there in 1810.  (about a dozen descendants of Thomas Fowler and Susannah Ijams were in Fayette Co, PA from 1790 to 1800).  There was a younger Joseph Fowler living in Wayne Twp, Butler OH in 1820 age 26-45 who was probably the son or nephew of Benjamin. The older Joseph Fowler may have died before 1820 or he may have moved to Boone County, KY which is located next to Hamilton Co, Ohio and very near Butler Co.  A Joseph Fowler age 45+ was in Burlington, Boone Co, KY in 1820 along with a Benjamin Fowler age 26-45 who may have been his son.

Benjamin was in Butler Co, Ohio by 1808 because his son James Fowler was married to Elizabeth Devore in that county in 1808.  Benjamin named one of his sons Jeremiah, therefore making a possible connection to Jeremiah Fowler and Drucilla Isaac who were also in Madison, KY in 1800. Thomas Fowler and Susannah Ijams had a grandson Benjamin (son of William Fowler and Susannah Duvall) who died probably before 1790 in Anne Arundel, MD. Our Benjamin may have been his son who migrated to Kentucky to be with his uncle Jeremiah after his father's death.

Benjamin has not been located in the 1790 Federal census, however, the widow of the elder Benjamin - Hammutal Stinchcomb Fowler - was in Anne Arundel, MD in 1790.  There was one male over 16, one male under 16 and 2 females in her household.  It is possible that the male over 16 was Benjamin, the male under 16 was James and one of the females was the wife of Benjamin.  Hammutal may have died before 1800 since she is not found after 1790 in census records.  Other references to a Benjamin Fowler have been found in the Maryland Archives but it is not possible to determine which Benjamin Fowler they were referring to - there were several Benjamin Fowlers in Anne Arundel and Prince Georges, MD.

Benjamin was living close to other descendants of Thomas Fowler and Susannah Ijams in Ohio.  His probable first cousin, John D. Fowler was living in Eagle Twp, Brown Co, Ohio in 1820.  Brown County is located slightly east, but very close to Butler County.  In 1820 John D. Fowler's son, Joshua D. Fowler, was living in Liberty Twp, Butler County, Ohio.  Benjamin's grandson, James C. Fowler, was born in Brown Co, Ohio.  Other possible descendants of Thomas Fowler and Susannah Ijams were living in Darke County, Ohio which is slightly north of Butler County.  These include Daniel and Hezekiah Fowler, the possible nephews of Benjamin, who were living in Darke County 1820 to 1850.

Benjamin was also living close to some descendants of Mareen Duvall, the father of Susannah Duvall who married William Fowler - Benjamin's probable grandfather.  John Duvall and Isaac Duvall were living in Oxford, Butler Co, Ohio in 1830 - the town where Benjamin died before 1830.  Isaac Duvall is believed to be the nephew of Susannah - son of her brother Samuel.  Susannah's grand nephew, Marsh Mareen Duvall, was living in Mill Creek, Hamilton Co, Ohio (directly south of Butler County) in 1830.  Other Duvalls were in Darke County, Ohio.

1765 - 1787: Living in Maryland - possibly Anne Arundel or Prince George County
1788 - 1799: Living in Maryland, Pennsylvania or Kentucky
1800 - 1807: Living in Madison Co, Kentucky
1808 - 1820+: Living in Oxford Twp, Butler Co, Ohio - probably died there before 1830

1790 census analysis
Hamistual Fouler Anne Arundel, MD 1790 (1-1-2) Image 42
1 Male over 16 - Benjamin Jr.
1 Male under 16 - James A. Fowler (b. 1787)
2 Females - Hammutal and wife of Benjamin Jr.