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Possible Descendants of Thomas FOWLER and Susannah IJAMS

Third Generation


40. Thomas B. FOWLER (Jeremiah , Thomas ) was born about 1763 in of Prince Georges Co, MD. He died before Oct 1834 in Rutherford Co., TN.

Thomas married Aletha Elson CONN on 17 Jul 1794 in Madison Co, KY. Aletha was born about 1776 in Washington Co., MD.

They had the following children:

  115 F i Jemima FOWLER was born in Tennessee. She died in 1889 in Cannon Co, TN.
  116 M ii Joseph FOWLER was born about 1795.
  117 F iii Eleanor "Nellie" FOWLER was born in 1796 in Madison Co, KY.
  118 F iv Elizabeth FOWLER was born on 16 Oct 1800 in Kentucky. She died on 22 Jun 1888 in Panola, TX.
        Elizabeth married James S. SOAPE on 30 Aug 1822 in Rutherford, TN. James was born on 16 Jul 1801 in Virginia.
  119 F v Aletha FOWLER was born in 1804 in Kentucky.
  120 M vi Absalom FOWLER was born after 1804.
  121 M vii Milton FOWLER was born about 1804.
  122 M viii Rezin FOWLER was born in 1809.
  123 F ix Nancy E. FOWLER was born in 1810.
  124 F x Zenobia FOWLER was born after 1810.
  125 F xi Kadijah FOWLER was born after 1810.

41. Joseph FOWLER (Jeremiah , Thomas ) was born about 1765 in Prince Georges Co, MD. He died before Nov 1824 in Station Camp, Estill Co, Ky.

Joseph married (1) First WIFE.

They had the following children:

  126 F i Minty FOWLER.
  127 F ii Jemima FOWLER was born about 1783 in Kentucky. She died after 1870.
        Jemima married James CHILCOAT on 7 Jan 1806 in Madison Co, KY.
  128 M iii John FOWLER was born about 1785 in Kentucky.
        John married (1) Ruth DAVIS.
        John married (2) Patsy COLLINS on 30 Oct 1805 in Madison Co, KY.
  129 F iv Drucilla FOWLER was born about 1788 in Kentucky.
  130 F v Patience FOWLER was born about 1797 in Kentucky. She died in 1863 in Winston Co., AL.
        Patience married Thomas CHILCOAT about 1813 in Tennessee.

Joseph married (2) Elizabeth HILL on 10 Feb 1801 in Madison Co, KY. Elizabeth was born in Virginia.

They had the following children:

+ 131 M vi Jeremiah FOWLER
  132 F vii Mary "Polly" FOWLER was born about 1804 in Kentucky. She died in Jan 1825.
        Mary married Thomas CANTER on 5 Sep 1822 in Estill Co, KY.
  133 F viii Jane FOWLER was born about 1805 in Kentucky. She died before 16 Jun 1848.
        Jane married Levi Stephen FLYNN on 13 Jan 1826 in Estill Co, KY.
  134 M ix James FOWLER was born about 1810 in Estill Co, Kentucky. He died before 1870.
        James married Althea WILLIAMS on 5 Apr 1835 in Madison Co, KY.
+ 135 M x Jonathan FOWLER
+ 136 M xi Joseph FOWLER
  137 F xii Nancy FOWLER was born in Feb 1820 in Estill Co, Kentucky.
        Nancy married Thomas Green ARVINE on 23 Feb 1837 in Estill Co, KY.

42. Nathan FOWLER (Jeremiah , Thomas ) died in 1827.

Nathan married Martha Odell DUCKETT. Martha was born on 9 Mar 1771 in Frederick Co, MD.

They had the following children:

  138 F i Sarah Ann FOWLER.

45. Marsh Mareen DUVALL (Anne FOWLER , Thomas ) was born on 17 Apr 1741.

Marsh married (1) Sarah HALL in 1762.

They had the following children:

  139 M i John DUVALL was born on 28 Jun 1763 in Anne Arundel, Maryland.
        John married Rebecca RAWLINGS on 28 Nov 1798.
+ 140 M ii Marsh Mareen DUVALL Jr.
  141 F iii Mary DUVALL was born about 1765 in Anne Arundel, Maryland.
  142 F iv Sophia DUVALL was born in 1767 in Anne Arundel, Maryland.
+ 143 M v Daniel ? DUVALL
  144 F vi Sarah "Sally" DUVALL was born in 1783 in Anne Arundel, Maryland.
  145 M vii Thomas ? DUVALL was born before 1794.

Marsh married (2) Susannah IJAMS daughter of William IJAMS Jr. and Elizabeth PLUMMER on 4 Jun 1785 in Prince Georges, Maryland.

They had the following children:

  146 M viii Washington DUVALL was born on 15 Jun 1794.

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