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Henry Carson of Mifflin, Pennsylvania and Hamilton, Ohio
  Updated March 1, 2006
Descendants of John Aaron Carson and Nancy Weddle

Samuel Carson of Licking Co., Ohio
Amos Carson

The Gilmore Family

Photo of Samuel Carson's Grandson

Published February 24, 2006:
A family data file was found on the LDS web site listing a Henry Carson, born July 31, 1744 in Lancaster, PA.  He had a brother Samuel born October 25, 1742 in Lancaster, PA.  I have been tracking Henry and Samuel for several months - they were both in Mifflin, PA 1790, 1800.  This Carson family came to America very early.  I believe they went from County Down, Ireland to Maryland and at least one member of this Carson line was in Prince Georges, Maryland by 1702.  Thomas "Tommy" Carson married Vanessa Ellis there in 1702.  Vanessa was the great-grand aunt of Margaret Ellis who married Henry Carson's son David.

We know that two daughters of Henry Carson married into the Giffin family who were also in Mifflin, PA and Hamilton, OH.  It was not until I learned more about Samuel Carson that I discovered they had also lived in Licking Co, Ohio before going to Hamilton Co.  Samuel Carson died November 5, 1830 in Licking Co, Ohio.  He served in the Revolutionary War and participated in the battles of Germantown and Brandywine.  Several other Carsons also served in those battles, including William Carson of Beaver Co, PA.  He is another Carson we have been tracking who may have been related to Henry. 

Samuel Carson appears in records of Licking Co, Ohio along with James Giffin and Stephen Giffin.  James Giffin married Margaret Carson, the daughter of Henry Carson.  I believe Stephen was his brother.  Stephen Giffin married Mary Donaldson according to the Rev. war records.  A Moses Donaldson was listed next to James Giffin in 1820 Licking, OH.  He may have been related to her.  Stephen Giffin moved from Licking, OH to Knox, OH and died there November 6, 1839. 

UPDATE MARCH 1, 2006:  It was learned recently that Samuel Carson and Henry Carson both served in the 4th Battalion Unit, Pennsylvania line, during the Revolutionary War, both enlisted in Lancaster, PA and both of them served a total of seven years.  This is more evidence to support my belief that Samuel Carson of Licking Co, Ohio was the brother of Henry Carson of Hamilton, Ohio.

Daniel Carson Monroe,Licking,OH 1820 (000100-10100) age 18-26
Samuel Carson Monroe,Licking,OH 1820 (001101-00001) age 45+
James Giffin Mary Ann,Licking,OH 1820 (10010-20011) age 26-45 - Image 1
NEXT LINE: Moses Donaldson Mary Ann, Licking OH 1820 (30010-21010) age 26-45 - Image 1
Stephen Giffin Mary Ann,Licking,OH 1820 (100010-11100) age 26-45 - Image 3
Stephen Giffin Mary Ann,Licking,OH 1820 (000011-00121) age 45+ - Image 5

Stephen Giffin was born July 19, 1753 in Lancaster, PA.  Henry Carson was born July 31, 1744 in Lancaster, PA and Samuel Carson was also born in Lancaster, PA. 

John Giffin married Elizabeth Carson, daughter of Henry Carson.  John was the son of William Giffin who was in 1790 Mifflin, PA along with Henry Carson.  (Source: John Giffin descendant).   John Giffin was born c1790 in Pennsylvania and died possibly in Butler Co, OH. 

According to the data file on the LDS web site, Henry Carson was the son of Aaron Carson and Nancy Harper, both of whom were born in Lancaster, PA.  Aaron's parents were Amos Carson and Elizabeth Clark born in County Down, Ireland.  Amos died Nov. 8, 1758 probably in Lancaster, PA where his sons were born.  So far I have found only two sons for them:  Aaron and Silas.  Silas was born Oct. 28, 1705 in Lancaster, PA.  A third possible son was William Carson who married Anna McCord (no proof).

The parents of Amos Carson were George William Carson and Sarah Biddle, both born in County Down, Ireland.  They had nine known children, one of whom was Thomas "Tommy" Carson who married Vanessa Ellis in Prince Georges, MD.  It is not known where the other children of George William Carson died, however, they were all born in Ireland. 

The parents of George William Carson were John Aaron Carson and Nancy Weddle (Waddle), both of County Down, Ireland.  They had eight known children all born in Ireland before 1647.

One of these Carsons married into the Critchfield family.  Walter Lewis Carson, son of George William Carson and Sarah Biddle, married Debbie Critchfield in 1685 in County Down, Ireland.  The Critchfield family also came to America and I found a William Critchfield who served in the Revolutionary war.  He resided in Knox Co, OH when he applied for a pension and stated that he was born 1763 in Hancock, Maryland.  A Charles Waddle vouched for him in his pension application.  He may have been related to Debbie....

Series: M805 Roll: 232 Image: 156 File: S16091
William Critchfield, PA Line
Resided Knox County, Ohio in 1832, age 68. He entered the service August 1780 in Washington Co, PA and marched to Wheeling, VA and thence to Coshocton, Ohio defeated the Indians and took several prisoners, then went back to Wheeling, VA. In April 1782 he entered the service a second time in Bedford, PA. Was born near where the town of Handcock now stands in the state of Maryland in the year AD 1763 and that the record of his birth at the residence of his brother John Critchfield in Holmes Co, Ohio. Further states that he lived in the county of Washington, PA when he entered the service and that he lived in Bedford County, PA when he entered the service the second time and that he has lived in Washington Co, PA and in Charlestown, VA and in Coshocton and Knox Counties, Ohio since the Rev. war. Declaration: We Thomas Rigdon a clergyman residing in Clinton Township in said County of Knox and Charles Waddle in Danvill, Union township in said County, hereby certify that we are well acquainted with said William Critchfield.He appeared in court in 1833 in Knox Co, Ohio and received pension, age 68
Letter dated March 21, 1925 states that Wm. Critchfield was born 1763 in Hancock, Maryland

A Nathaniel and William Critchfield were found in the 1810 Knox Co, Ohio Tax List.  According to a narrative on Rootsweb.com Nathaniel moved to Pennsylvania and then to Ohio.  His wife Nancy was a Quaker from Maryland.  According to ancestry.com this family was originally from Sussex, New Jersey but some of them were in Maryland.  A William Critchfield was born 1763 in Hancock, Maryland and was the son of Nathaniel, so it is presumed this was the same William Critchfield who filed for a Rev. War pension and resided in Knox Co, OH.  I do not find a Debbie Critchfield as part of this family, however she could be an unknown member.

It is obvious this Carson family came to America quite early and possibly went first to Prince Georges, Maryland, or near there. 

AMOS CARSON (Update February 25, 2006)

There were at least two Amos Carsons in this Carson line.  One was born 1785 and the other was born 1793.  I located the one born 1785 in the 1860 census and he was living in Harford, Maryland.  He was born in Pennsylvania.  I also located another Amos Carson in the 1820 census of Staunton, Miami, Ohio.  He was there with quite a few other families allied with our Ohio ancestors.  I have been unable to locate him in subsequent census records, however, a younger William Carson was also in Staunton, Miami, OH who was probably his nephew.  Information was found on a William Carson born 1804 in Delaware who was the son of John Carson born 1770 in Maryland (LDS web site).  This family went to Miami, OH. 

William Carson who was born 1804 married Rachel Gilmore 1832 in Miami, OH.  She was the daughter of John Gilmore who was in Miami, OH also.  An older John Gilmore was in Colerain, Lancaster, PA in 1800 living four households away from William Carson.  A younger John Gilmore was in Fallowfield, Washington, PA living near Nathan Ellis.  These Gilmores were probably related to Isabella Gilmore who married William Carson of Lancaster, PA and Ross, Ohio.

William's father John was probably closely related to Henry Carson, father of David Carson who married Margaret Ellis.  Land grant records for Aaron Carson and Benjamin Carson were found in Miami, OH dated 1818.  Aaron was the son of Larry Carson and Selma Sheppard - descendants of this Carson line.  Therefore, we know that descendants of this Carson line were in Miami, OH.  Aaron Carson Sr. later moved to Darke Co, Ohio where several Fowler families lived, believed to be closely related to Benjamin Fowler of Butler Co, Ohio.

Reference to an Aaron Carson was found in a book on the Heritage Quest web site indicating that Aaron Carson and John Carson may have moved to Rush County, Indiana (see below).  This is of interest because Rush County, Indiana is where Joseph Carson and Mary Scott lived.  The fact they were in the same county does not mean they were related, but it is possible.  Joseph Carson was the son of Thomas Carson and Mary Smith of Fallowfield, Washington, PA (same location where Nathan Ellis lived before going to Ohio).  Joseph was also the grandson of William Carson and Eleanor McDuff.  This supports the family tradition that our Carsons were related to Kit Carson.

All of this is more evidence that Henry Carson of Hamilton, OH was a descendant of Amos Carson of County Down, Ireland and that he was related to the Carsons in Miami, Darke and Ross, Ohio.

1820 census - Staunton, Miami, OH
Amos Carson  (000010-20100) age 26-45 - Page 103
(Comments: poss. the son of Larry Carson and Selma Sheppard from County Down, Ireland)

David Stinchcomb  (200001-30100) age 45+ - Page 102 - rel. of Benjamin Fowler of MD
(Comments:  David was probably the third cousin of Hammutal Stinchcomb of Maryland who married Benjamin Fowler #1)

Sarah Deweese  (010100-22201) age 45+ - Page 103
Lewis Deweese  (131301-00001) age 45+ - page 102
James Deweese  (101110-31010) age 26-45 - Page 102
NEXT LINE: Joshua Deweese (100100-00100) age 18-26 - Page 103
(Comments: Lewis Deweese was poss. the father of David Deweese who married Mehetable Stinchcomb, daughter of David Stinchcomb and Sarah Dye)

Bartholomew Fowler  (100010-10100) age 26-45 - Page 103
(Comments: Bartholomew was probably the grandson of Benjamin Fowler #1 and Hammutal Stinchcomb of Maryland)

John Gilmore  (310010-30010) age 26-45 - Page 103
(Comments: John may have been related to Isabella Gilmore who married William Carson of Ross Co, Ohio.  There was a John Gilmore in 1800 Fallowfield, Washington, PA)

Simeon Beedle  - brother of Aaron Thomas Beedle
(Comments:Simeon was the brother of Aaron Thomas Beedle who married Mary T. Carson, daughter of David Carson and Margaret Ellis)

Stephen Dye  (310001-02101) age 45+ - Page 102
NEXT LINE: James Dye (000100-10100) age 18-26 - Page 102
NEXT LINE: Andrew Dye (100201-12010) age 45+ - Page 102
(Comments:  Stephen Dye was the father of Sarah Dye who married David Stinchcomb.  Andrew Dye was his father.)

Carson, John sc 1835 Cen Staunton Twp Miami
Carson, Mary fc 1880 Cen Staunton Twp. Miami
Carson, William Xr 1849 Deed 25 419 Staunton Twp Miami
Carson, William Xt 1850 Deed 25 504 Staunton Twp Miami
Carson, William Xr 1850 Deed 25 574 Staunton Twp. Miami
Carson, William Xr 1849 Deed 25 420 Staunton Twp. Miami
Carson, William Xr 1849 Deed 25 420 Staunton Twp. Miami
Carson, William Xr 1849 Deed 25 419 Staunton Twp. Miami
Carson, William Xr 1849 Deed 25 419 Staunton Twp. Miami
Carson, William M 1832 Marr Gilmore, Rachael Miami

1850 census - Staunton, Miami, OH
John R. Carson, 48, carpenter, MD
Martha, 22, PA
Edwin, 2, OH
Wm. Carson, 46, farmer, Delaware
Rachel, 36, VA
Martha, 17, OH
John G, 16, OH
Liberty, 14, OH
Julia, 10, OH

Aaron Carson Oct. 27, 1818, Miami County # 05 09 31
Benjamin Carson June 29, 1818, Miami County # 05 09 31

Centennial history of Rush County, Indiana
Indianapolis: Historical Pub. Co., 1921, 1167 pgs.
Page 474:
In an admirable little book "Sketches of Rush County", edited by Mary M. Alexander, a granddaughter of the Revolution, and Capitola Guffin Dill, and published by the Rushville Chapter of the D.A.R., it was pointed out that the following soldiers of the Revolution had been residents of Rush County and pensioners of the government: John Aldridge, Aaron CARSON, Samuel Caswell, Ebenezer Clark, Benjamin Cruzon, Isaac Duncan, Aaron Redman, Joel Berry, John CARSON......and others.
MY NOTE: Could that Benjamin Cruzon be Benjamin Carson?

THE GILMORE FAMILY (Update February 25, 2006)

Rachel Gilmore who married William Carson 1832 in Miami, OH was the daughter of John Gilmore and Jane Judith Orbison.  John's ancestry goes back to Lancaster, PA, however his family moved from there to Rockbridge, Virginia before moving to Ohio.  Rachel was born January 23, 1813 in Virginia and had six known children: Martha, John G., Liberty (male), Julia, Henry and Luther.  John's parents were James Gilmore and Martha Beaty of Lancaster, PA.  James' parents were Amos Gilmore and Susan Mackey.  (LDS web site).

John Gilmore was the third cousin of Isabella Gilmore.

ID: I17815
Name: John GILMORE
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 1780 in Probably Rockbridge County, Virginia
Death: ABT 1848 in Miami County, Ohio
Father: James GILMORE
Mother: Martha Beaty
Marriage 1 Jane Judeth ORBISON b: 24 APR 1791 in Rockbridge County, Virginia
Married: 29 DEC 1808 in Rockbridge County, Virginia
James GILMORE b: 30 DEC 1809 in Virginia
John GILMORE b: 10 JUL 1811 in Virginia
Rachel L. GILMORE b: 24 JAN 1813 in Virginia
Elizabeth J. GILMORE b: 22 JAN 1815
Sarah GILMORE b: 6 MAR 1817
Henry O. GILMORE b: 30 SEP 1818
William D. GILMORE b: 20 SEP 1820 in Ohio
David Addison GILMORE b: 23 JUL 1823 in Peterson's Station, Piqua, Ohio
Samuel T. GILMORE b: 30 JUL 1823
Mary Ann GILMORE b: 17 APR 1830

Photo of Samuel Carson's Grandson - John or Parker Lee Crawford
Contributed by Earl Roe

(Click the image for a larger view)