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Mary Hanson of Charles Co, Maryland
January 17, 2006


Article #1
Colonel Robert Hanson

Much has already been documented on this web site about Col. Robert Hanson's participation in the early government of Maryland and the United States.  (See The Hansons and Smallwoods of Early Maryland and North Carolina).  He and Bayne Smallwood were two of the four representatives from Charles County.  Bayne Smallwood was the first cousin of Mary's husband, William Smallwood. 

Robert first married Benedicta Hoskins, daughter of Col. Philip Hoskins and Elizabeth Waughop (Wahob) ca. 1704.  They had several children including:  Major Samuel Hanson (Dec. 6, 1705), Mary (1710-1714), and possibly John, Benjamin and Anne.  Benedicta died before 1721 and he married Violetta Harrison ca. 1722.  They had several children, including:  Sarah (m. Gerald Fowke) and Dorothy (m. Richard Hanson Harrison), and possibly Robert, Violetta and William.  Violetta Harrison was the daughter of Francis Harrison and Elizabeth.

Col. Robert Hanson died ca. 1748 in Charles, Maryland.  It is not proven that Robert was the father of Mary (who married Wm. Smallwood).


Article #2

Mary's possible mother, Benedicta Hoskins (and her ancestry)

Benedicta Hoskins was born Dec. 18, 1685 in Charles, MD.  She died before 1721 in Charles, MD.  Her father was Philip Hoskins who was born ca. 1650 in England and died April 22, 1718 in Charles, MD.  Her mother was Elizabeth Waughop (Wahob) who was born ca. 1660 in Port Tobacco, Charles, MD and died ca. 1698 in Charles, MD.

Elizabeth Waughop (Wahob)'s father was Archibald Wahob, born ca. 1626 in England and died March 10, 1684 in Charles, MD.  Her mother was Jane Leah, born ca. 1630 in England.

Philip and Elizabeth had the following children:  Jane (b. ca 1680), Benedicta (b. 1685), Elizabeth (b. 1686), William (b. ca. 1691), Mary (b. ca. 1692), Margaret (b. 1694),  Philip (b. 1696). 

Jane married Thomas Stone
Benedicta married Col. Robert Hanson
William married Violetta Harrison

Article #3
Mary's possible paternal grandparents (and their ancestry)

Mary's probable paternal grandfather was John Hanson, born ca. 1630.  Some researchers indicate that he was born in Sweden, while others say this is not correct.  John married Mary (or Ann) Hussey (b. ca. 1634 in Charles, MD).  They had the following children:  Elizabeth? (b. ca. 1656), Col. Robert, John (ca. 1681), Judge Samuel (b. ca 1684), Benjamin (b. ca. 1690), Ann (b.1691), Mary (b. ca. 1693), Sarah (b. ca. 1698).

Elizabeth? married George Brett ca. 1670
Robert married Benedicta Hoskins ca. 1704 and Violetta Harrison ca. 1720
John married Elizabeth Hussey Nov. 3, 1705
Samuel married Elizabeth Story (Storey) ca. 1706
Mary married William Maconchie and Theophilus Swift
Sarah married Joseph Douglass Jr.

Article #4

Mary's marriage to William Smallwood (and their children)

Mary Hanson possibly married William Smallwood ca. 1727, probably in Charles, MD.  On December 13, 1755, William and Mary sold their homestead "Friendship" to James Edelen.  It is presumed they moved to Granville, North Carolina shortly after this transaction.  By this time, their nine children had already been born.  Their youngest son, William, was about 10 years old, their next youngest son, Elijah Sr., was about 15 years old and their son Elisha was about 20 years old.  These three sons probably moved to Granville, NC along with them.  Their other children are not well documented.  James (b. ca. 1730).  John (b. 1732) died ca. 1765 in Prince Georges Co, MD.  Not much is known about their daughters Elizabeth, Aseneth and Mary.  It is known that Elizabeth married a Tarvin, Aseneth married a Foster and Mary married a Duell.  Their daughter Eliza or Nancy was b. ca. 1738 and married Bolin Adcock and had seven known children. 

There is some question about why William divided his estate as he did.  He gave one shilling to each of this living children (son John died before he did).  Sons Elisha and William were to receive half of the remaining estate and wife Mary was to receive half until her death, at which time it would be divided between sons Elisha and William.  There were so many James and William Smallwoods in census records that it's difficult to tell if these sons stayed in Granville, NC until William Senior's death.   Elisha did stay there until after his death.  This may be the reason William Sr. decided to distribute his estate in this way, since Elisha (and perhaps William) agreed to stay nearby to help take care of them in their old age - although William Sr. was only age 58 when he died, Mary was probably over age 75 when she died.  If this was the reason, Elisha did stay in Granville, NC until after his father's death, but he moved to Georgia before his mother's death.  Elijah was probably already living several counties away in Rowan, NC.  He may have received financial assistance from his father already.  The same could be true for James. 

I have found very little about son James, except that he was born ca. 1730 in Charles, MD.  His death date is not known, nor his death location.   However, we do know that he was alive in 1766 when his father's will was signed.

Their son John married Anne Marlow ca. 1750.  They had one known daughter, Ann Middleton Smallwood, before John died ca. May, 1765 in Prince Georges Co, Maryland.

Their son Elisha married Tabitha Humphreys some time before 1756.  Elisha is listed on the 1765 Tax List of Granville, NC, along with his mother Mary.  By that time, Mary was a widow since William Sr. died in 1768.  Elisha was also mentioned in a deed recorded in Granville, NC 1766.  Based on the birthplace of his son Mark, Elisha and Tabitha moved to Georgia before 1780.  Elisha and Tabitha had ten children.  Elisha died 1811 in Wilkes Co, GA.  Tabitha died between 1803 and 1811 in Wilkes, GA.

Their son Elijah Sr. was possibly married to Sarah.  They had four known children and possibly as many as eleven.  Sometime before 1771 they moved from Granville, NC to Surry, NC, slightly to the west.  Their known children were Jonathan (1763-1812), Elijah Jr. (1770->1850), Nancy (1785-<1860) and Eliza.  Other possible children were Elisha (b. bef. 1760), Aseneth or Hescencia (ca. 1774->1860), William (?->1830), Wilkinson (ca. 1797-1862), John (ca. 1797) and Rachel (1775-1850).  Elijah was listed in the Surry, NC census records from 1790 to 1810.  He died ca. 1810 in that county.  He moved to Rowan, NC sometime before 1765, when he was listed as a witness to a deed.  Rowan county was split in 1771 to form Surry, NC and he was on the first tax list.  He is mentioned in Surry, NC records and censuses until the year 1810, when he died there.

Their daughter Eliza (or Nancy) married Bolin Adcock before 1766.  Bolin died before 1820 in probably Granville, NC.  Bolin is mentioned in tax lists and other records of that county from 1769 until 1787 when he was the recipient of a bond from his mother-in-law, Mary.  Eliza and Bolin had seven children.  

Their son William married Sarah Philpot before 1778.  They had nine children: Mary Babb (1778-1830), Elijah (1779-1831), Randolph (1780-ca.1856), Samuel (ca. 1780-<1850), John (d. 1821), Elisha (1784-1870), William (b. 1786), Nancy (ca. 1789) and James (b. ca. 1790). In 1804 William and Sarah were in Madison, KY.  It is unknown where and when William and Sarah died.  Some researchers think they moved to Georgia before their deaths while others believe they died in Kentucky.  A William Smallwood was listed in the 1790 and 1810 Surry, NC censuses, age 45+, but this could have another William, including William Jr. 

William and Mary's children scattered throughout Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky - and later to Missouri.  It is not known where James lived.  

Article #5

Some Allied Families


So far, this is the most important allied family we have located.  They were connected to the Hansons and the Smallwoods in Charles MD, Granville NC, Surry NC and Scotland MO.  It presents the most convincing evidence that Hezekiah Smallwood (b. 1799) was related to Elijah Smallwood Sr. of Surry, NC. 

Several Smallwood researchers have found a probable link between Hezekiah and Wilkinson Smallwood who were living near each other in 1860 Missouri.  Wilkinson's daughter Elizabeth married Hezekiah Wheeler.  Hezekiah Wheeler was the 1st cousin 4 times removed of Leonard Wheeler who married Elizabeth Hanson - Mary Hanson's probable 1st cousin. 

Leonard and Elizabeth Hanson are linked to Elijah Smallwood in these known ways:

1.  In the 1800 Federal Census of Port Tobacco, Charles, MD, Ignatius Wheeler is listed two lines below John Smallwood.  Ignatius Wheeler was the uncle of Leonard Wheeler.

2.  The probable son of Leonard, Samuel Wheeler, was on the 1769 Granville, NC Tax List with Mary (Hanson) Smallwood.

3.  Another probable son of Leonard, Ignatius Wheeler, was on the 1771 Surry, NC Tax List with Elijah Smallwood Sr.

In short, this Wheeler family represents an important link between the Hansons and Smallwoods as the Smallwoods migrated from Charles, MD > Granville, NC > Surry, NC > Missouri.

This is very strong evidence that Hezekiah Smallwood, born 1799 (probably in Surry, NC) was a descendent of William Smallwood and Mary Hanson (?).  He was probably the grandson of Elijah Sr and son of Elijah Jr.

NOTE:  Part of this research may conflict with research done by others.  In my notes I have a 2-paragraph comment about Eliza Wheeler who married Charles E. Winegar, probably in Missouri.  Eliza was the daughter of Hezekiah Wheeler and Elizabeth Smallwood.  The comment is as follows:

Charles Winegar (Wininger) married Eliza Wheeler whose father's ancestors came from England before the War of 1776 and settled in VA. Her GGGrandmother was a full blooded Cherokee Indian squaw doctor in us territory--KY. before the gov. sent the Cherokee to indian Territory.
Eliza's GGGrandfather was JNO. JOHNSTON whose parents came from Sweden. One of the Johnston's daughters (name unknown) married LEE SMALLWOOD, Lee Smallwood was from NC of English descent. Their son Elisha, married Eliza JOHNSON (no kin to Johnston) whose parents came from sweden. They had 3 children: Tabytha, 1840, Jimmie, 1842, and Elizabeth, 1844. Elisha did not live long after the war.

Elizabeth Smalwood married Hezekiah Wheeler, born 1840, whose ancestors were of English descent and were located in VA. before coming to KY. Elizabeth and Hezekiah had three children: Willie, Doug.and Eliza. Eliza married Charles E. Winegar, and they had two boys: Walter, 1887, Milton, 1889. Milton married Mary Silver and they had five children: Frances, Walter, Henry, Warren, and Ann.

These comments indicate that Eliza Wheeler's paternal ancestors went to Kentucky from Virginia.  However, other research indicates that they went to Kentucky from Charles, MD via North Carolina.  I do not find her direct line of Wheelers in Virginia but I do find Charles Winegar's ancestors there, so this comment may have been an error.

Wilkinson may have been a nephew of 1799 Hezekiah.  Lee Smallwood may have been Hezekiah's brother.  Wilkinson served in the Mexican War and a pension record for his widow indicates an age of 64 at the time of the claim in 1887.  In the 1860 census, Wilkinson's age is shown as 38 which would make his birth year about 1821/1822.  Wilkinson and Eliza were married 1842 in Rockcastle, Kentucky and this is where 1799 Hezekiah was living.  Some researchers believe he was the son of 1799 Hezekiah, however census records for 1799 Hezekiah show only 2 sons the age of Wilkinson, and these two sons have already been identified as James and John. 

Further Connection between Hansons and Wheelers of Charles, MD:

Will of Clement Wheeler: proved 1799, Charles County, MD


Granddaughter, Jane Sanders,-

Witnesses: Theophilus Hanson, Mary Wheeler, Richard Wheeler, William Thompson,
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Thompson, Benjamin B. Simms.
Date of will not given. Proved June 11, 1799, Charles Countt, Md.

N. B.-This will ends here and was neither dated nor signed, but the
Court examined the following witnesses on June 11, 1799, to wit:
Theophilus Hanson, who wrote the will, gave his age as about 56 years;
Mary Wheeler, who had heard testator acknowledge it as his will; Richard
Wheeler, William Thompson, Thomas Thompson and Mrs. Thompson, his wife, and
Benjamin B. Simms. After which examination the within was taken as the Last
Will and Tes rament of the deceased and duly probated, June 11, 1799. -R.
T. Semmes. 1918

Theophilus was Mary's 1st cousin 1 time removed.


The Hansons were closely aligned with the Harrison family in Charles, MD.  Violetta Harrison's father was Francis Harrison.  Her mother was Elizabeth Wakelin. The parents of Francis were Joseph Harrison (b. 1623 Isle of Wight, VA) and Elizabeth Troope. 

Dorothy, the daughter of Col. Robert Hanson and Violetta Harrison, married Richard Hanson Harrison. 

A family tree for a Randolph Hanson was found on ancestry.com.  It is not known if he was related to this Hanson family.  Randolph was born about 1640 in Warwickshire, England.  He married Barbara Hatton,  Their daughter, Mary (b. 1687) married Joseph Harrison in Charles, MD. 


Another family that was closely aligned with the Hansons in Charles, MD were the McPhersons.  Benedicta Hanson, daughter of Major Samuel Hanson and Mary Fendall, married Henry McPherson.  Another daughter, Elizabeth Hanson, married Thomas McPherson.   Thomas and Henry were sons of William McPherson and Barbara Acton. 

NOTE:  The Acton family also intermarried with the Smallwood family in Charles, MD


Pres. John Hanson married Jane Contee, daughter of Alexander Contee and Jane Brooke.  John and Jane's son, Alexander Contee Hanson, married Rebecca Howard.  Howard is another surname familiar to Smallwood family researchers.


Mary Hanson, daughter of Samuel Hanson and Elizabeth Story, married John Briscoe.  John was the son of John Briscoe Sr. and Eleanor Williamson.  John Sr's parents were Philip Briscoe and Susannah Swann. 

Chloe Hanson, another daughter of Samuel Hanson and Elizabeth Story, married John Briscoe's brother, Philip. 

Briscoe is another surname we have found during our Smallwood research.  Russell Bean/Bushnell Smallwood (son of William Benjamin Smallwood of Baltimore, MD), married Margaret Logan Briscoe.  We have attempted to find a connection between Margaret and the Briscoe families of Charles, MD, but with no luck.  We also don't know who William Benjamin Smallwood is.  He was born ca. 1773 and was found in the 1800 Federal Census in Baltimore City, Baltimore, MD, along with Ann Smallwood.  He was not there is 1810, but there was an unknown Lewis Smallwood in Baltimore, MD who was born between 1765 and 1784.  It is not known if Lewis was related to William or Ann.  If you have information about the early Baltimore Smallwoods please contact Sandra.