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1809 Knox County Kentucky Tax List

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April 7     Arnet, Stephen
            Arnet, Reubin
            Arnet, David
April 21    Adams, John
May 4       Alsup, John Sr
May 8       Arthur, Samuel
            Arthur, John Sr
May 9       Akemon, John
May 12      Arthur, Joseph
            Anderson, William
June 13     Ak__, William
            Adams, Cimco
June 14     Arthur, John Jr
            Arthur, Mary
July 6      Allin, John
July 8      Anderson, Daniel
            Adkins, Thos
July 10     Adkins, Joshua
July 20     Alsup, John Jr
            Adams, Randol
July 27     Allin, John
July 31     Alexander, Wm
Aug 1       Alsup, Daniel
Aug 2       Alsup, James
Aug 12      Arthur, Thomas Jr
            Arthur, Thomas Sr
            Arthur, Ambrose

March 27 Burns, James Burns, Isaac March 29 Back, Henry March 30 Barger, Abraham Bolen, Jesse April 1 Batey, Patrick Blanton, John Sr Baley, Golvin Blanton, John April 3 Blevins, James April 4 Burkhart, George Blanton, William April 5 Brittain, George Brittain, William Brittain, Nathaniel April 6 Brock, Jesse Sr Brock, Aaron Brock, Jesse Jr Brock, James Brock, George April 7 Bingham, Joshua Bledso, Ezekel Bruster, James April 19 Bougmon, Jacob April 20 Beard, William Bean, George Ballow, Richard Ballow, Joseph April 22 Blevins, Daniel May 4 Ballow, Peter Ballow, Robert Bull, John Jr Bull, John Sr May 5 Brummet, Reece Brummet, William Brummet, James Sr May 8 Baley, Lewis May 9 Bunch, James Bunch, William May 10 Bull, Izaah May 11 Bruce, Nathaniel May 12 Blake, Peter Blake, John Bodkin, John May 17 Brotton, Woodard Baker, William May 18 Baker, Bryce Baley, James Bagley, Thomas May 19 Barber, John Barber, Lucy Black, David Black, John June 12 Brittain, Levy Bartain, William Brock, John Barten, Susanna June 13 Brown, Joshua Breedlove, John June 15 Bray, Peter Bray, Benjamin June 16 Bishup, Malin Blake, Archabild Boyd, Robert June 17 Brewer, John June 24 Baker, Joseph July 6 Bain, Robt Bryant, James Brummet, Pierson Brummet, James Jr July 8 Blakely, Curtis Blakely, Robt Borden, Christopher Burk, Elihu Bennet, John July 10 Bodkin, Richard Beams, James July 12 Bryant, William July 13 Belsher, James Baley, Ezekel Burnet, Nicholas July 14 Boid, John Berry, John July 15 Bryant, Peter July 19 Black, John Blakely, Charles July 20 Ballinger, Edward Ballinger, Richd July 31 Booker, Abraham Aug 2 Brown, Lewis Bozel, Harrisson Aug 12 Bracket, John Bunch, George

March 31 Cope, Andrew April 1 Coldwell, John April 3 Cawood, Berry April 5 Coldiron, Coonrod April 7 Chumley, John Carson, James April 8 Cellums, Gilbert Cellums, John Cellums, Daniel Cellums, James April 19 Campbell, Arthur April 20 Collins, David Sr Collins, David Jr Campbell, David April 21 Colston, John Colston, James April 22 Crank, James Crank, Elizabeth May 4 Collins, Pheby Collins, Aaron Cadwell, James Cottrel, John May 6 Cox, Amus Sr May 9 Cather, Edward May 10 Cain, Jacob Cottrel, Thomas May 11 Chesnut, Abraham Chesnut, Samuel Chesnut, Jacob Chesnut, William May 12 Chesnut, Benjamin Chesnut, John May 17 Cook, Amus Jr May 18 Cox, Amus Jr Cain, Peter May 19 Carter, Isaac Carter, Sollomon Catching, John Coffel, Jacob June 12 Cockrun, William Campbell, Allin Cox, Christopher June 16 Craig, Robt Sr Campbell, William Craig, William Craig, George June 17 Campbell, William Campbell, James Craig, Joseph July 3 Campbell, John Craig, Andrew July 6 Cox, William Sr Cox, William Jr Cox, John Cox, Joseph Chisher, William July 7 Cox, Nathan Cummins, Hugh Cox, Osburn Chandler, Shadrick Cox, John July 10 Cantrel, Joseph July 11 Cox, Stephen Cantrel, John Cantrel, James Cutbirth, Benjamin Cantrel, Charles Jr Childers, Jackson Cantrel, Charles Sr Coffee, John Cox, Samuel July 12 Campbell, James Campbell, Alexr July 15 Craig, Robt July 17 Cox, Thomas Cantrel, William Cox, Nathan Cox, John Sr July 18 Cummins, William Cummins, John Sr Cummins, John Jr Cox, Sollomon Commer, Abner July 19 Cumstock, William Cox, Jesse Cumstock, Isaac Cumstock, Elizabeth Curtis, Samuel Curtis, Nathaniel Cox, Feddrick Campbell, William Sr July 20 Cooper, Sherrod Catching, Benjamin Cobb, Ambrose Aug 1 Conklin, David Cain, Daniel Cheek, James Culton, Joseph Culton, John

March 29 Dixon, John April 6 Daniel, John April 7 Davis, Zachariah Davis, John April 8 Dorten, William April 19 Denney, Joseph April 20 (Dosson), Nimrod Duff, Daniel Davis, Jesse Davis, Richard May 4 Dorten, Moses May 6 (Drau), Daniel May 8 Dover, John June 12 Dowes, Isaac Daniel, Spencer Daniel, James Jr Dowes, William June 13 Dugger, Mark Deweese, David June 14 Dobson, Ellen Dobson, Wiett June 15 Dugger, William Davis, John Davis, James Sr Davis, William Davis, John Davis, James Jr June 16 Dugger, James Daniel, Robert June 24 Dean, John Sr Dean, Isaac July 7 Davis, Abner July 8 Doherty, Joseph Doherty, Nicolas July 10 Dunken, Larrance Dunken, Pierson Dunken, John Davenport, Zachariah July 11 Dean, John Jr July 15 Dunken, John July 17 Donohow, Michel Dickens, Thomas July 19 Daniel, James Sr Dixon, Nathan Davis, Jonathan July 20 Davis, Joseph Davis, William Denney, John Dudley, James July 31 Dowes, Jesse Aug 2 Davis, Macklin

March 31 Early, Thomas April 4 Ely, William Sr Ely, Anthony Ely, William April 20 Evens, John May 10 Edwards, Mereday Edwards, Evens June 12 Engle, Peter Engle, John June 15 Edwards, William June 16 Eaton, John Engle, George July 7 Evens, William Jr July 8 Evens, William Sr July 10 Ellison, Hugh Eve, david Ellison, Asa July 14 Early, Joseph July 15 Early, William Ellison, Archabild July 18 Evens, Andrew Ellet, Asel July 31 Eve, Joseph Evens, Robert

April 3 Farmer, Stephen Forrester, John April 4 Fletcher, Vardamon April 7 Fletcher, Ambrose Fulks, Gabril May 4 Fletcher, John Ford, Willey May 8 Furguson, Thos Farris, Joseph Farris, Presley Farris, John Sr Farris, James May 9 Farris, George May 10 Farris, Paul May 12 Fears, Jesse Freeman, John Farris, Isham Farris, Joseph June 13 Fowler, Isaac Fowler, Jesse July 8 Folkner, Daniel Folkner, James Folkner, Frances July 10 Fielding, James Fox, Nathan July 14 Furguson, Andrew July 17 Farris, John Jr July 18 Freeman, Aaron Farris, Lewis Finley, James July 20 Foley, Elijah July 31 Fox, Benjamin

March 31 Griffin, Zachariah April 7 Green, Lewis Green, Elijah Green, James April 20 Githin, Edward Gibson, Isaac May 5 Golden, Stephen May 6 Goodin, Thos Sr Goodin, Joseph Goodin, Alexr Jr Goodin, Thos Jr Goodin, John May 8 Gibson, James Gibson, Garrod Gibson, Barbabus May 9 Green, George May 10 Grisham, Uriah May 13 Gorden, Howard Graham, Thos Graham, William May 17 Gregary, Beverly Gregary, Thos Gregary, William May 19 Gibson, Vollentine June 13 Gladen, Aaron Goodin, Alexr June 15 Grub, Christopher June 16 Gillis, Joseph June 24 Grindstaff, Jacob Garner, Thos Goodin, Hezekiah July 6 Grimes, Robert July 11 Gartan, Elijah Jr July 12 Gartan, Elijah Sr Grimes, Sarah Gibson, John July 17 Gatliff, Aaron Gatliff, Moses Gatliff, James Gatliff, Charles Gatliff, Reece July 18 Gertner, David July 19 Gibson, William Gastin, Hugh July 20 Gibson, William July 26 Going, Isaah Aug 1 Going, Clabourn Aug 2 Grindstaff, Michel

March 27 Hendrickson, Joshua Hendrickson, John March 28 Hendrickson, Ezekel Hendrickson, Rhuben Howard, Andrew Howard, Adron March 29 Huff, William March 30 Huff, Leonard Hall, Anthony March 31 Horn, Edward April 1 Holms, William Harris, John Harrisson, John April 3 Harris, Benjamin April 4 Hubberd, Moses April 6 Helton, Shadrick Hambleton, Samuel Hoskins, John Sr Hoskins, George Hoskins, John Jr Howard, John Howard, Banjamin April 7 Howard, James Jr Howard, James Sr Howard, William Howard, Thomas Hoskins, Thomas Hoskins, Josiah Hall, James April 8 Hoskins, Ninnion Hogan, David April 20 Hains, Joseph Hains, Richd Hoskins, John Hoskins, Rhuben May 4 Hogan, William May 5 Hellums, John Hellums, James Hellums, Jonathan May 8 Holemon, John May 10 Henderson, Robert Howard, Julus May 11 Hudgins, Ambrose Hammer, George May 12 Hudd, William May 17 Hunter, Frances Hunter, Robert May 18 Hunter, Samuel Hammons, Edden Hammons, Peter Sr Hammons, Peter Jr Hail, James Hignigt, Moses Hammons, James Hammons, Obediah June 17 Hibberd, Lemuel July 5 Hail, Hugh July 7 Hart, James Huddleson, David July 10 Hart, James July 11 Hines, John July 12 Hall, Kinchen Harman, Jacob Herd, James Holt, Drury July 13 Holt, Henry Hancock, Thos Holt, Dozwell July 14 Hammer, Feddrick July 17 Hays, Joshua Hays, Willis Hamlin, Dant July 18 Hamlin, George Hatfield, Standly Hatfield, Rhuben July 31 Hodges, James Aug 2 Herndon, Richardson Herndon, John Horn, Christopher Aug 8 Holkum, Sollomon Aug 14 Hibberd, Samuel Hibberd, Joseph

May 6 Ingrum, Ebenezer July 13 Inmun, Thos Inmun, Elisha

April 1 Jones, Stephen Jones, Zachariah Jones, Elijah April 3 Jones, John April 5 Jones, Gabril Jones, (Zyel) Jones, Edmund April 6 Johnson, Robt Johnson, Thos Sr Johnson, Thos Jr Johnson, Wm Jackson, Garnard Jackson, Gabril Jackson, James April 8 Jones, John April 19 Johnson, John April 22 Jones, John May 6 Johnson, Joseph Johnson, James May 9 Jackson, John Jackson, Jarvis May 12 Johnson, Thos May 19 Johnson, William Johnson, Daniel June 12 Johnson, Joseph Sr Johnson, John June 14 Johnson, Michel Johnson, David July 10 Jones, Thos Sr Jones, Thos Jr Jones, William Jones, Larkin July 13 Jacaway, Archd Jones, James Johnson, Aaron July 18 Johnson, Wm July 20 Jamison, Samuel

April 31 Kelley, Mathias Kelley, Jonathan May 8 King, Zachariah May 10 Kiziah, Samuel May 12 King, Thos May 16 King, Isaac May 20 King, William King, Spencer King, Allen King, Hilsomon July 8 Kierk, Garrod July 10 Kid, Elias King, William July 17 Knight, Joseph July 19 Kelley, Joseph

March 29 Lewis, Abner Lewis, John March 31 Lowder, William April 1 Loi, John Lemaster, Ely Lemaster, John Lewis, Bazzel April 4 Lee, Andrew April 5 Lock, Abraham April 8 Lumbord, Hugh April 20 Lain, William Lain, Samuel April 21 Luckus, Richd May 6 Laws, Thos May 11 Linville, Worlday June 13 Lewis, Stephen June 17 Lewis, John July 10 Lay, Jesse Sr Lay, Jesse Lay, Jesse Jr Lay, John Lawson, Nathan Lay, Joel Lovet, Nathaniel July 12 Leebo, Isaac July 14 Laughlin, John Sr Laughlin, John Jr July 15 Laughlin, Thos Laughlin, John Litton, Burton July 17 Lakey, Joel July 20 Logan, William Logan, Wm Jr Logan, James Aug 1 Logan, John Aug 14 Law, Colemon Love, James

March 27 Miller, George March 28 Maggard, Samuel April 3 McAliver, Thos Morriss, George April 5 Muncy, John Muncy, John Sr April 6 Minton, Isaac April 7 Marshel, Thos Moore, Nathaniel Morriss, John April 19 Miller, Daniel April 20 Mouzley, Samuel Marsey, Thos Marsey, Joseph Mason, Robt Mason, James April 22 Miller, Joshua April 2? Moore, John May 5 Moody, James McFarland, George May 6 Mahan, Hezekiah Moore, Isaac May 9 Masters, Wm Moore, Jesse May 10 McNeal, Jonathan McNeal, James Miller, Peter May 11 McFaddin, Jesse May 12 Moore, James Mercer, John Jr May 18 Miller, Martan Mercer, John Sr Mercer, Jacob Miller, William May 19 Mahan, James Miller, David Martan, Zadok June 12 Mills, Wm June 13 Moore, Levy Moore, Jesse Moore, Thos June 14 Moore, Ephrum McHargue, Wm Sr McHargue, Alexr McHargue, Wm Jr Mathias, Wm June 16 Medders, Thos July 3 McMahan, Abraham July 6 Mays, William July 8 Matthis, Samuel Moore, Samuel Morgan, James July 10 Mulky, Phillup Myers, John Mc__dda, John Mullins, John McCown, John Matthis, James Murphy, James July 12 Moses, John Moses, Joshua July 13 Marler, Thos McKee, Matthew Medders, Isam Medders, Thos Sr July 14 Morgan, Wm July 17 Martan, Wm Mahan, Thos July 18 Macca, Benjamin Macca, Mathias Macca, John Macca, Elias Macca, Wm July 20 Martan, Isaac July 31 McWhoter, Robt Martan, Joseph Aug 11 McSpaddin, Moses

April 5 Nam, Phillup Neal, John April 20 Nolen, John Nolen, Peter May 19 Neal, Arthur July 14 Newton, Wm Newton, Isaac

April 3 Osburn, Jesse Osburn, Sollomon April 6 Osburn, Ephrum April 8 Okey, Samuel April 20 Ollaver, John May 8 Owen, Moses July 8 Oneal, Silas July 10 Obar, Constant Ollaver, Wilson July 12 Osburn, Mathan

March 30 Pennington, Abel April 3 Phillups, John April 4 Phillups, Daniel April 8 Partidg, Richd Percefield, Jeremiah Percefield, John April 20 Partan, Shelton Parton, Winston April 21 Percefield, Peter Sr Percefield, Joseph Percefield, Peter Jr May 5 Peace, Joseph May 6 Potter, Johj Potter, Thos Jr May 9 Pitman, Richd Porter, William May 10 Perril, John Pace, Jesse Prewet, John Prewet, David May 11 Preston, Moses May 12 Parsons, Robt May 13 Payn, James Payn, William May 17 Payn, Elijah May 18 Payn, Elisha May 19 Peacock, Robt Potter, Thos Sr Potter, Uriah Potter, Richd May 24 Parrot, Armsted June 12 Parsons, James Sr Parsons, James Jr July 3 Payn, Joseph July 6 Parker, James Parker, John July 7 Pack, Benjamin July 8 Pack, Thomas Parsons, Jesse July 11 Pemberton, William July 13 Prewet, John July 14 Pece, David July 15 Prewet, Wm Prewet, David Sr Prewet, David Jr Prewet, Elijah July 18 Potter, Thos Potter, Wm Prichard, Thos July 20 Parsons, Joseph Pierson, Charles July 31 Prewet, Samuel Prewet, Stephen Aug 2 Pride, Wm

March 29 Read, Wm Robertson, Thos Roberts, Mosy March 31 Read, Robt April 1 Ross, David April 6 Roark, James Roads, Zachariah April 7 Rose, Samuel Rizner, Michel Roberts, Aaron April 20 Rains, Henry May 5 Read, Samuel May 8 Runnels, Tarlton May 9 Robertson, Thos May 11 Rice, William May 12 Rodgerster, Nathaniel May 13 Ryley, Joseph May 23 Ryer, James June 12 Runnels, Daniel Ruddick, Sollomon Ruddick, Wm Ruddick, Elisha June 13 Ross, Thos Runnels, John June 15 Rodgers, James June 16 Rockhold, Charles June 24 Rigdom, Stephen July 7 Read, Mathias Rains, Jonithan Rains, Allen Rains, Thos July 8 Rose, Samuel July 10 Read, Sollomon Rods, Andrew Richmund, John July 11 Rinkels, Henry July 12 Rodgers, Thos July 13 Ross, Anguish July 18 Rice, Joseph Reynolds, George Robinson, John Reynolds, Thomas July 20 Reece, Jehu Ruddick, John Ruddick, William Aug 2 Rainboutt, Michael

March 29 Smith, Jonathan Sr Smith, Jonathan Jr Smith, Elias Smith, Elijah March 31 Seagraves, William April 1 Silvy, Joseph Smith, Henry Seagraves, Joseph Spurlock, William Selvy, Thomas Skidmore, John Shackleford, Henry April 6 Saylor, Joseph Saylor, Solomon Stapleton, Joseph Slusher, Philip April 7 Sallyers, Benjamin April 20 Stewart, William May 4 Smith, William May 5 Snead, William May 9 Smith, Jeremiah Smith, Robert May 10 Smith, Benjamin May 11 Spencer, Jesse Sims, Sterling May 12 Shotwell, Thomas Shotwell, Daniel Stephenson, Wm May 17 Stewart, James May 18 Stewart, John Sr Stewart, John Jr Stewart, Joseph June 5 Seals, Anthony June 13 Stone, John June 14 Stephens, Lewis June 15 Stephenson, Robt Sexton, Isaac Sexton, Jacob Snider, Peter Steal, William June 16 Steal, Samuel July 6 Smith, Drury July 7 Syers, Jesse Sutton, Samuel Smith, Fortain Syers, John July 8 Syers, William Silar, Jacob July 10 Standfield, Sampson Smith, Elijah Snider, Frederick Snider, James July 12 Smith, Brooks Smith, Josiah Shepherd, Nimrod Smith, John Smith, James Shepherd, Uriah Sams, Joseph July 13 Stephens, Joshua Shepherd, Elisha Sanders, Henry Sanders, Joseph Smith, Abraham July 14 Sellers, Thomas July 15 Stotts, James July 17 Sullivan, James Shull, John Shull, Federick Shull, Philip Sears, James July 18 Sutton, John Stoe, Robert Stoe, Joel Stoe, Marble July 19 Shoemaker, Leonard Aug 1 Smith, James Aug 2 Stewart, Alexander Seals, Jarvis Stewart, Isaac Stewart, Charles Slaughter, Joseph Slaughter, Samuel

March 27 Templeton, James March 28 Tacket, William April 1 Turner, William April 4 Tacket, Lancaster Tacket, Lewis April 5 Tacket, Phillup April 6 Tayler, William April 19 Tinsley, William April 20 Turner, Berry Turner, John Taylor, David May 9 Thomas, James Thomas, John Taylor, Stephen May 12 Trosper, Elijah June 5 Tutt, Richard June 6 Tinsley, Thomas June 13 Turner, George June 17 Turnel, Sollomon Tuggle, Thos July 6 Tye, George Tye, John Tye, Joshua July 7 Turpin, Obediah July 8 Turner, Sollomon Teague, Nathaniel Tucker, Robert July 10 Teague, Joshua July 12 Trammel, James July 13 Thomas, Joseph July 19 Turtle, John July 20 Tarrant, Leonard July 31 Trosper, Nicolas Jr Trosper, Robert Trosper, Nicolas Sr Aug 2 Trosper, James

May 11 Utt, Freddrick

April 20 Vermillon, Curnelus Varnal, William May 4 Vakirk, Thos July 12 Veach, Amus Veach, Charles July 17 Vanoy, Jonathan Aug 1 Vannoy, Wm

March 28 Whitehead, William April 1 Wilburn, Edward Wells, Levy Wells, Benjamin Whitaker, Joseph April 5 Watson, Pierson April 6 Waldrup, Joseph West, William Williford, John Wilder, Joseph Wilson, Richd April 8 Williams, Richard April 19 White, William April 20 Waldin, Elisha April 21 Williams, Robert April 22 Wadges, Benjamin May 10 Woodall, Charles May 11 Wood, John Warren, Charles Wadkins, Chapel May 12 Wadkins, Luke May 17 Walker, Walter Walker, John Williams, Thomas May 18 Wiett, Samuel June 13 Wells, John June 14 Williams, Jacob June 15 Woodson, Wade July 3 Woodson, Henry July 6 Williams, Charles July 8 Wilhite, Ezekel July 10 Williams, Luke White, Thomas July 11 Walker, Renelder Walker, Nathaniel Walker, Samuel Walker, Jesse Warner, Moses July 13 Waldin, Evans Wright, Richard Wallace, John Watson, Thomas July 1? Wilder, Joab Wilder, William White, John White, Richard White, Hendrick July 17 Wilson, Joseph Wilson, William Wilson, James July 18 Wadkins, Joel July 19 Wilson, Michel July 20 Wilson, Samuel July 26 Whitson, Isaac Aug 1 Warfield, Reason Woodson, Tarlton Aug 2 Wiet, Thomas Wiet, James

May 5 Youzley, Samuel Aug 1 Yager, Joseph