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1807 Knox County Kentucky Tax List

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1807 Part 1

April 25     Allen, Nesbet
June 9       Anderson, Wm
             Allsop, Daniel
June 10      Alexander, Thomas
             Alexander, Wm
June 15      Allsop, John Jr
June 17      Arnett, David
             Arnett, Rubin
             Arnett, Stephen
July 14      Alsop, James
             Anderson, John
             Alsop, John Sr
             Arthur, Thomas Jr
             Arthur, Ambros
             Arthur, Thomas Sr

April 20 Baker, Joseph Baker, Wm Baker, Brice Bailey, James April 24 Barbour, John Barbour, Elizabeth Barbour, Mary Barbour, Lucy May 7 Black, David Boyd, Robert May 18 Ballow, Robert Burnes, James Burnes, Isaac Benjey, Joseph Benjey, Sarah Benjey, Nancy Brittain, Wm May 20 Blanton, John Jr May 21 Back, Henry May 23 Baley, Patrick Bailey, Carr Bailey, Lucy Blanton, John Sr Blanton, Rachel May 26 Buckheart, George May 29 Brittain, George June 6 Bolling, Lewis Brindlee, Robert June 11 Begly, Thomas June 16 Ballow, David Brock, Joseph Bledso, Ezekiel Bruster, James June 18 Brock, Aaron Brock, Jesse June 25 Brock, James Brumagin, Elizabeth Brock, George Blanton, Wm Brock, Jesse Jr July 8 Bunch, George July 19 Bull, John Sr Bull, John Jr Baughman, Jacob Bull, Nicholas Barnett, Jonathan July 21 Bean, George July 23 Bracket, John

? Cox, Amis May 6 Craig, Andrew Craig, Joseph Carter, Solomon May 7 Carter, Isaac Coffett, Jacob May 18 Cheat, James May 21 Cope, Andrew May 24 Culwell, John Cole, Wm June 9 Coffee, John June 10 Cain, Peter June 17 Chumley, John July 3 Collet, Wm Campbell, Allen July 14 Craig, Robert Collins, Thomas July 21 Cole, John Campbell, David Collins, David Sr Collins, David Jr Collins, Isaiah Collins, Phebe July 22 Coulson, John July 23 Culton, Joseph Culton, John Coulson, Henry July 25 Culton, James July 26 Coulson, James

April 20 Dean, John Sr April 24 Dixon, Alexander June 16 Denney, Joseph Dorton, Moses Dorton, Wm June 18 Daniel, John June 21 Duff, Daniel June 22 Davis, Richard Duncan, Thomas

April 20 Emmery, John May 5 Eve, Joseph May 11 Eubank, Lewis May 26 Eley, Anthony Eley, Wm Sr Eley, Wm Jr

May 6 Freeman, John May 21 Fryer, Daniel May 25 Farmer, Stephen Forester, John Fletcher, Vardanon May 26 Fletcher, Ambrose May 28 Fulks, John July 21 Ferrel, Roger Fea, David

April 20 Grigory, Wm Grigory, Thomas Grindstaff, Henry May 6 Goley, John Grayham, Thomas Grayham, Wm May 7 Gibson, James Goodin, Thomas Jr Goodin, Joseph Goodin, John Goodin, Thomas Sr Goodin, Alexander Gibson, Vollentine May 11 Grindstaff, Michael May 18 Griffith, Joseph May 20 Griffith, John May 28 Gibson, Henry June 9 Graves, James Going, Isaiah Going, Clabron June 17 Green, James Green, Lewis Green, Elijah July 21 (Gideon), Edward Gibson, Isaac July 24 Goodin, Ezekiel July 29 Gordan, John Grindstaff, Jacob

April 21 Hunter, Francis April 27 Hammons, Peter Hammons, James Hignite, Moses Hammons, Edwin May 6 Herndon, Richardson Hodhes, James May 7 Hibberd, Samuel Hibberd, Lemuel Hibberd, Jaddick May 18 Harris, Stewart Hogan, Wm Sr May 19 Hogan, Wm Jr Hendrickson, Joshua Hendrick, Ezekiel Hendrickson, Rubin Hendrickson, John Hoard, Adron Hambleton, William May 21 Hall, Anthony May 22 Horn, Edward May 23 Homes, Wm Holloway, William Harris, John Harrison, John May 25 Harris, Benjamin June 6 Hammons, Obadiah Hale, Michagah Hogan, David Hoskins, Niging Hoskins, Thomas Hall, James Hoard, James Sr Hoard, Thomas June 18 Hoard, Benjamin Hoard, James Jr Hoard, John July 12 Hays, Ezeliel Horn, Christopher Hambleton, Samuel July 21 Hoskin, John Holcomb, Solomon Hoskin, Josiah

May 7 Johnston, James Johnston, Joseph May 19 Jones, John Jones, Edmund Jones, Gabril Joseph, William May 23 Jones, Elijah Jones, Stephen (Sr) Jones, Zachariah Jones, Wayon June 9 Johnson, Thomas June 13 Johnson, David June 16 Jones, John June 17 Jackson, Garnett June 26 Jackson, James Jackson, Gabril Jones, John

May 25 Kaywood, Berry Kelug, James Keef, Thomas Kellum, Gilbert Kellum, Daniel July 19 King, William King, Allen King, Hilsman King, Zachariah July 22 Kidwell, James

April 20 Laws, (Michael) Laws, John Laws, Thomas April 27 Logan, John May 5 Lyon, Robert May 20 Lewis, Wilson Lewis, Abner Lewis, Bazel Lowder, Wm May 25 Ledford, Elias Lemaster, John Lemaster, Eliason July 4 Long, Richard July 19 Lain, Wm Lain, Samuel Lovert, Edmond

April 14 McHolland, David Moore, Isaac Moore, John Moore, Isaac May 6 Mahan, James Mahan, Hezekiah Mahan, Anthony Miller, David May 19 (McLbee), Thomas May 21 Maggard, Samuel May 25 Muncey, John Jr Morris, George Martin, Isaac May 29 Miller, Joshua June 9 Murcer, John Sr Murcer, John Murcer, Jacob McWherter, Robert June 10 Miller, Jeremiah Miller, Jane June 11 Morris, John June 17 Morrison, John Marshall, Thomas June 19 Muncey, Wm Muncey, Joshua June 24 Muncey, John Sr July 19 Miller, Daniel July 21 Minyard, Israel Mosely, Thomas Massey, Joseph (Major), Robert Mosely, Samuel Minyard, Wm Moore, Jesse July 24 McSpandding, Moses

May 5 Neal, Arthur Neal, Wm May 18 Newbroy, James May 19 Neal, Wm Neal, John

May 25 Orsburn, Solomon Sr Orsburn, Solomon Jr Orsburn, Jesse May 27 Orsburn, Ephrim Okey, Samuel July 19 Oliver, John Oliver, Wilson

April 27 Payne, Joseph Parkey, John May 6 Potter, Uriah Potter, Thomas Potter, Richard May 19 Phillips, Daniel May 25 Phillips, John June 6 Payne, Obediah Payne, Wm Payne, James June 11 Parret, Armstead June 16 Percefield, Jeremiah Partridge, Dick July 19 (Purcell), Joseph Parton, Winston Pearce, Richard

May 23 Quigley, Sally

May 21 Read, Wm Read, Robert Roberson, Thomas Roberson, John Roberts, Moses May 25 Roberson, Joseph June 6 Riley, Joseph Riley, John Roberts, Aaron Rose, Zachariah June 26 Rizner, (Kathron) July 19 Rain, Henry Rose, John

April 1 Stewart, James May 11 Smith, James May 20 Skidmore, John Smith, Elias Smith, Jonathan Segraves, Joseph May 22 Segraves, Wm May 23 Smith, Henry Spurlock, Wm Selby, Thomas Stephens, Gilbert June 12 Stewart, Joseph Stewart, John Jr Stewart, John Sr Stapleton, Joseph June 18 Sailor, Solomon June 26 Slusher, Phillip Smith, Wm Smith, Frury June 29 Slaughter, Samuel Slaughter, Joseph Stewart, Charles Stewart, Isaac Stewart, Alexander

April 24 Tutt, Benjamin Tutt, Richard May 18 Thornbury, George May 22 Turner, William May 26 Tackett, Francis Tackett, Lewis June 9 Trosper, Nicholas Tuggle, Thomas June 13 Tinsley, Wm June 25 Taylor, Wm July 21 Turner, Berry Turner, John Jr Taylor, David

July 4 Vannoy, Wm

April 14 Walker, John Walker, Walter Walker, Jesse Whiteman, John Williams, Thomas May 5 Warfield, Reason May 7 Wiat, Samuel Wiat, THomas Wiat, James Williams, Aley May 21 Warland, Elisha Wallas, Richard Winkles, James May 23 Wilburn, Edward May 25 Wood, Joseph May 26 Wood, Richard Wells, Levey Wells, Richard May 27 Wells, Benjamin Wages, Benjamin June 18 Wilson, Richard Williford, John Wilder, Joseph July 3 Williams, Richard July 12 White, Wm July 19 Ware, Mary Walland, Elisha Sr Wages, Wm July 29 Woodson, Henry July 31 Woodson, Wade Whitson, Isaac

May 18 Yager, Joseph

1807 Part II

April 18 Adams, McNemar June 11 Algur, Jeremiah Adams, Suncoe June 12 Arthur, John Sr June 13 Arthur, Elias Arthur, Samuel Arthur, John Jr Arthur, Joseph June 27 Adams, McNemar Sr Adams, Levin July 10 Aikman, John July 13 Allen, John Anderson, Daniel July 25 Angel, Archibald Angel, Martin Adkin, Thomas

April 22 Blake, James April 24 Barton, John April 25 Barton, Susannah WD Barton, William June 1 Bodkin, John June 2 Borden, Christopher Black, John Bayley, John Bayley, Lewis June 8 Brown, Charles Bain, Robert Ball, Joseph Brindlee, Stephen June 9 Brumley, William June 11 Boyd, Robert Bray, Peter Bishop, Malan Bishop, William June 12 Berry, John Berry, Lewis Breedlove, John Boyd, John June 27 Bledsoe, Joseph July 17 Burgat, Henry July 18 Brumet, George Borden, Augustine Borden, Adam Blakley, Curtis Brummet, William Brummet, Rees Brummet, James Jr Brummet, (Bamue) Bryan, James Brummet, Pearson July 23 Bodkin, Richard Beams, James Borden, George July 25 Bryant, William Burriss, Thomas Britton, Jacob Barbour, Natthaniel Bailey, Ezekiel July 27 Bennet, John Blakely, Robert Borden, John Burk, Elihu July 28 Brummet, James Sr Blakely, Charles Ballinger, Richard July 29 Bowman, Andrew Booker, Abraham Briton, Levy Ballinger, John

April 18 Chesnut, Jacob Chesnut, Samuel April 22 Chesnut, Abraham Chesnut, Benjamin April 25 Campbell, John Curtis, Nathaniel Campbell, William Campbell, James June 1 Cumstock, Joseph June 2 Cox, Samuel Cooper, Jacob June 8 Clendening, Josiah Cumstock, William June 9 Cumstock, Isaac Cumstock, Elizabeth WD Curtis, Samuel Cox, Amos Sr Cox, Jesse Cox, Nathan Cox, John Sr Cox, Solomon Comer, Abner June 10 Cox, Thomas Campbell, William Cummins, John Sr Cumins, Hugh Cutbirth, Daniel Cutbirth, Benajmin Jr Cantral, John Cantral, James Cantral, John Jr Cantral, John Sr Cantral, Joseph Cantral, William Childress, Jackson June 12 Craig, William Craig, Robert Sr Carr, James June 13 Campbell, George June 27 Chesnut, John Chesnut, Sarah Chesnut, William July 18 Cottrel, John Cummins, William Cuttrel, Isaac Cox, Stephen Craig, George Chesshire, William Cox, William Sr July 23 Cutbirth, Benjamin Sr July 27 Chandler, Shadrick Cude, William July 28 Cox, Joseph Cox, William Jr Cox, John Jr Cox, Frederick July 29 Clacton, Archibald Aug 1 Campbell, William Sr

April 24 Dugger, William June 1 Daniel, William Daniel, Spencer Dudley, James June 9 Daniel, James Sr Dickson, Nathan June 10 Dickin, Thomas (Dowdan), James Ducan, Joseph June 11 Duncan, John Davis, John June 12 Davis, James Sr Davis, William Davis, Abigail Davis, Polly Dulin, Jacob Dulin, Abraham July 17 Dobson, Nelly WD Deweese, David July 18 Davis, Abner July 23 Davenport, Zachariah July 24 Duncan, John Duncan, Laurence July 25 Decker, John Derosset, Elias Derosset, Lewis Demoss, Andrew Davison, Alexander July 27 Dougherty, Moses Daniel, James Jr

April 21 Evans, Edward April 24 Engle, George Jr April 25 Engle, Peter Engle, George Sr Engle, John June 8 Elliot, Asiel Elliot, Thomas Early, Joseph Early, Robert June 12 Ellison, Archibald Early, William Edwards, William Ennis, Elizabeth June 27 Eakin, William July 13 Evans, John July 18 Evans, William Jr Evans, William Sr Estes, Smith Ennis, Ezekeal Ellison, Hugh July 22 Ellison, Asa Ellison, Thomas

April 18 Faris, John Sr Faris, Lewis Faris, Nimrod Faris, James April 21 Faris, Paul April 22 Freeman, John Faris, Isham April 25 Ferguson, Thomas May 1 Faris, Presly June 8 Foley, Elijah June 9 Freeman, Aaron Faris, John Jr Faris, Joseph Ferguson, Andrew June 27 Faris, George July 17 Fowler, Isaac Fowler, Jacob Finley, James July 25 Franklin, John Franklin, Edmund

April 18 Green, George April 24 Gladen, Thompson June 2 Gibson, Garrett June 8 Gastin, Hugh Gibson, William June 9 Gatliff, Charles Gatliff, Rees Gatliff, Moses June 10 Gatliff, James Gatliff, Aaron (Giston), Elijah Gatliff, Cornelius Gillis, Joseph Jr June 11 Gillis, Joseph Sr Grubb, Chrisly Gladden, Aron Goodwin, Alexander June 24 Grisham, Uriah July 17 Gibson, James July 18 Graham, Robert Grisham, James Golden, Edmund Grimes, John Gumm, William July 25 Gibson, Jesse Graham, Sally WD Gibson, John Gibson, Ryal July 28 Garrison, William Girdner, David

March 28 Hunt, Dudley April 18 Hamblin, Joseph Howard, Julius April 21 Hammer, George April 24 Harris, Evan Harris, Abigail June 2 Hendricks, James June 9 Hatfield, Reuben June 10 Hamblin, Danl Hamblin, George Hamblin, John June 24 Hudgins, Ambrose June 27 Henderson, Robert Holman, John June 29 Hammer, Frederick July 18 Hodson, David (Helins), John Harris, Thomas Howeth, William Hart, Stephen Hart, John July 23 Hart, Peter Hays, Joshua Hays, Willis Hays, Jonathan July 25 Hicks, Willis Holt, Drury Holt, Dozwell Holt, John Helms, Jonathan July 27 Helms, James Hale, James Hale, Hugh

June 13 Ivy, Wilson Ingram, Ebenezer Inman, Elisha Inman, Thomas

April 24 Johnston, David Johnston, Joseph June 2 Justice, Jesse June 8 Jameson, Samuel June 13 Johnston, John Jones, Benjamin July 17 Johnston, Michael July 18 Johnston, William Johnston, Matthew July 20 Johnston, Aaron July 24 James, William Jones, William Jones, Thomas Jackson, Levy Jackson, John Jackson, James July 25 Jones, James Jayway, Archibald Jones, William Jackson, John

April 25 King, Thomas June 8 Kitchen, Benjamin Kelly, Joseph July 10 Kithers, Edward July 18 King, Isaac July 24 King, William Kidd, Elias July 27 Kirk, Garrett

April 24 Lewis, John April 25 Logan, William Laughlin, John Lewis, Stephen June 8 Livingston, Robert Logan, James June 11 Laughlin, Thomas Laughlin, John Litten, Burton Laughlin, John June 12 Laurence, Charles July 13 Linville, Worly July 24 Lay, Jesse Leabo, Isaac July 27 Loony, Benjamin

April 18 McFadden, Jesse April 21 McNeill, James April 25 Moreland, Absolum June 1 McMahan, Abraham Martin, Joshua McConnel, James June 2 McFarland, Duncan June 8 Martin, Zadock Martin, Joseph June 9 Mackey, Benjamin Mahan, Thomas Martain, C William June 12 Matthews, William June 13 Morgan, William McDaniel, Nancy July 10 Moor, Jesse Moffat, William July 17 Moor, Thomas Moor, Joab Moor, Jesse Mayes, James Mullins, Spencer Mayfield, John Moody, James McCown, James McFarland, George Mulky, Phillip July 25 Meadows, Isiam Sr McHargue, William Jr McHargue, William Sr McHargue, Alexander Murphy, James Marlow, Thomas Jr Marlow, Thomas Sr Marlow, Allen Marlow, Reuben Meadows, Isiam Jr Meadows, Edward Meadows, Thomas McNeill, Jonathan July 27 McCown, John Morgan, James July 28 Mackey, Elias Mackey, (Firthiaswale) Mackey, William

April 25 Nations, Sampson June 1 Newcomb, John June 10 Night, John Night, David Night, Joseph June 11 Newton, William Jr Newton, William Sr Newton, Isaac Noland, James

April 21 Outlaw, John July 24 Owen, Arthur

April 25 Parsons, James Parsons, Robert June 1 Pruett, Stephen June 8 Pearson, Charles Parker, John June 9 Potter, Thomas Pritterard, William Pritchard, William Pritchard, Joseph Pritchard, Thomas June 11 Pogue, John June 12 Parks, Moses Pugh, David Pemberton, William June 13 Potter, Thomas Pemberton, James June 29 Pruett, John Pruett, David July 10 Pitman, Richard Porter, William Pearl, John July 13 Preston, Moses July 18 Parker, William Peace, Joseph Potter, John Pearson, Jesse July 24 Paterson, Andrew July 25 Pruett, Elijah Pruett, David Jr Pruett, David Sr Pruett, John July 28 Parker, James July 29 Pruett, Uriah Pruett, Samuel

March 28 Rentfro, Lewis April 18 Rice, James April 25 Ruddick, William June 8 Ruddick, John Ruddick, Elisha Rees, Jehu Rees, Isaac June 9 Runnels, Thomas June 11 Raper, Thomas June 12 Rogers, James July 10 Roberson, Thomas July 18 Read, Matthias Rains, John Rains, Jonathan Rains, Thomas July 23 Russell, William Read, Solomon July 24 Richmond, John Ross, Anguish Rogers, Thomas Read, Samuel Reynolds, Daniel Reynolds, George Reynolds, William Ruddick, Solomon

April 21 Simms, William April 22 Smith, Jeremiah Shotwell, Daniel Shotwell, Thomas June 1 Stephenson, William June 2 Seal, Jarvis Sneed, William June 8 Slaughter, John Shoemaker, C Leonard June 9 Sherrill, Isaac Smith, Gideon Stoe, Joel Stoe, Robison Sears, James June 11 Smith, Abraham Stotts, James Steel, William Steel, Samuel Sexton, Isaac June 12 Snider, Peter Stinson, Robert Snider, Simon June 29 Sellers, Jonathan July 13 Spencer, Jesse July 18 Sullivan, James Sears, Jesse Stephenson, Joseph Sears, John July 24 Smith, James Shepherd, Uriah Sears, William Snider, Frederick Smith, Josiah Smith, John Saunders, Henry July 27 Sylers, Jacob Stout, Jacob Stout, Joseph July 28 (Suttest), Samuel Smith, Right

April 21 Thomas, James April 25 Terrell, Sollomon June 1 Trosper, Robert Trosper, Elijah Trosper, Peter Trosper, James Thomas, William June 12 Turner, George Thomas, John Taylor, Stephen July 18 Tye, John Teague, David Tye, Joshoua Tye, George July 24 Todd, James Trammel, Dennis Trammel, James Trammel, Peter Trammel, William Todd, John July 27 Teague, Nathaniel

July 27 Ursra, William

June 1 Vannoy, Jonathan June 10 Veach, Amos Veach, Charles

March 31 Watkins, Luke April 18 Watkins, Chapman April 24 Williams, Jacob Wells, John June 8 Wilkerson, Branick June 9 Wilkerson, Thomas Watkins, Joel Watkins, Jonathan White, William Wilson, Joseph Wilson, John Wilson, William Warner, Moses White, Hendrick June 13 Walker, Nathaniel July 18 Wilson, James Walker, Samuel Wood, John July 24 Williams, Luke Waters, Jonathan Wallace, John Willis, Thomas Whitecotton, Isaac Whitecotton, James July 25 Wilder, Joab White, Richard White, John July 27 Walker, Renelder Walker, Jesse Williams, Charles Willhite, Ezekiel Wilson, Michael Wilson, Samuel

April 18 Yancy, Robert July 24 York, Joseph