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1806 Knox County Kentucky Tax List

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1806 Part 1

March 18       Asher, Dillion
  March 19       Anderson, John
  April 8        Alexander, This
  April 9        Alsup, Daniel
  May 15         Arnet, David
               Arnet, Rubin
               Arnet, Stephen
  June 19        Allen, Neesbut
  June 20        Anderson, William
  June 21        Alsup, John Sr
  June 28        Arthur, Thomas Jr
  July 1         Alsup, James
  July 10        Arthur, Thomas Sr
               Arthur, Ambrose

March 17 Bracket, John Ballow, Robert Bates, James Baughmon, Jacob Brown, Moses Blevins, Daniel March 18 Bean, George March 19 Bruster, James Bates, Isaac March 20 Ballow, David April 7 Bull, John April 8 Barber, John Boid, Robert April 10 Baker, William Baker, Joseph Baley, James May 15 Bledsher, Ezekel May 16 Brock, Jesse Sr Brock, George Brock, Aaron Brock, James Brock, Jesse Jr Blanton, William May 17 Britton, George Britton, William May 19 Blanton, John Sr Benjey, Joseph Baley, Caar Blanton, John Jr May 26 Buckhart, George May 28 Burns, James May 29 Benjey, Sarah Benjey, Nancy Ballinger, Richard June 16 Bagley, Thomas Bradley, Andrew June 17 Bunton, James June 18 Blyth, Daniel June 19 Bryant, John June 20 Burgit, Michel June 28 Bunch, George June 31 Black, David July 1 Barber, Lucy July 5 Baker, Bryson July 7 Brindley, Robert July 18 Burns, Isaac

March 17 Chin, Thomas March 18 Coal, John March 19 Colson, John Colson, James April 8 Carter, Isaac April 10 Colson, Henry May 14 Collet, William Callum, Daniel May 15 Callum, Gilbert Chumley, John May 22 Cope, Andrew May 28 Coldwell, John June 20 Cain, Peter June 21 Craig, Andrew Coffey, John June 28 Culton, John Culton, Joseph July 1 Carter, Sollomon Cook, William July 2 Craig, Robert July 10 Culton, James

March 17 Denney, Joseph March 18 Duff, Daniel Dodson, Isaac Davis, Richard April 10 Dean, John Sr Dean, John Jr May 15 Daniel, John May 29 Dorton, William June 5 Dorton, Moses June 16 Diwett, Harrise June 17 Darriom, William

April 10 Emry, John May 26 Eley, Anthony May 27 Eley, William May 29 Elsom, William June 18 Eversole, Jacob June 19 Ellison, Archabill July 1 Eubank, Lewis

March 17 Ferrel, Rodger May 15 Fletcher, Ambrose Fulks, John May 23 Fryer, Daniel May 26 Farmer, Steaphen Forrester, John May 27 Fletcher, Vardamon June 17 Frasher, Alexander Frasher, John

March 17 Gibson, Isaac Githin, Edward March 18 Grigrey, Thomas April 8 Goin, Izaah Goin, Clabourn April 9 Graham, Thomas April 26 Grindstaff, Jacob May 14 Griffith, Joseph May 15 Green, James Green, Elijah May 16 Green, Lewis May 24 Griffits, John June 21 Graves, James Goin, James June 28 Goodin, ??? June 30 Graham, William Goodin, Thomas Sr Goodin, Alexander Goodin, Thomas Jr Goodin, John Gibson, Volentine July 1 Gourley, John July 2 Gordin, John July 7 Gillis, Joseph July 9 Grindstaff, Michel July 19 Grindstaff, Henry

March 17 Hogan, William March 19 Holcomb, Solomon April 26 Horn, Christopher May 15 Hogan, David Hoskins, Ninnion May 16 Hoskins, Thomas Hord, Thomas Hord, James Sr Hord, James Jr Hord, Benjamin Hoskins, George Hoskins, John Hoskins, Elijah Hord, John May 19 Harrisson, John Holloway, William Horn, Edward Hombs, William May 23 Hall, Anthony May 24 Hord, Andrew Hord, Samuel May 26 Hord, Adron May 27 Harriss, Benjamin May 28 Hendrickson, Ezekel Hendrickson, Joshua Hampton, William June 16 Hair, James June 17 Hodges, Mashae Hodges, James Harrilson, John Hibberd, Samuel June 18 Hibberd, John Hibberd, Joseph Huberd, James Hodges, Luther June 19 Hall, Rubin Harrisson, James Hammons, Peter Hammons, Edden June 21 Herndon, Richardson July 5 Haney, James Huddleston, David July 7 Hibberd, Jedediah Hammons, Obediah

April 8 Johnson, James May 16 Jackson, James Jackson, Garnet Jackson, Gabrel May 19 Jones, Waymon Jones, Elijah Jones, Stephen Jones, Zachariah May 23 Joseph, William May 24 Jones, John May 26 Jones, Edmund Jones, Gabril May 29 Jones, John June 17 Jones, William Jones, Isaac June 20 Johnson, Thomas Johnson, David June 30 Johnson, Joseph

March 17 King, Zachariah King, William King, Spencer King, Hilsman Kiath, Thomas

March 17 Lain, Samuel Lain, William Lovit, Edward April 10 Laws, John Laws, Thomas May 16 Lovely, Rozel May 19 Lowder, William May 24 Lewis, Wilson Lewis, Bazzel Lewis, Abner May 26 Lemaster, John May 27 Lee, Andrew Lemaster, Eley May 28 Ledford, Elias June 17 Lockard, John Lockard, Moses

March 17 Massey, Thomas Massey, Joseph Mouzley, Samuel Miller, Daniel McCaver, Elijah March 18 Mason, Robert April 8 Martin, Isaac McWhoter, Robert April 10 Moor, Jesse May 15 Minniard, William May 17 Muncy, William Muncy, Joshua Muncy, John Muncy, John May 26 Morriss, George May 29 Miller, Joshua McGowen, Kiziah June 16 Morriss, John McDaniel, John Moppin, John June 17 McBrede, John June 18 May, Jacob June 28 Moor, Isaac June 30 Mahan, James Mahan, Anthony Mahan, Hezekiah July 1 Miller, David July 5 Moor, John July 15 McSpaddin, Moses

March 17 Norvill, Phillup April 9 Newberry, Joseph Neail, Arthur May 27 Northcut, William May 29 Newberry, James Newberry, David June 19 Nicolson, Richard Nicolson, Thomas June 21 Neail, John July 5 Nance, Campbell

March 17 Oliver, Wilson Oliver, John May 14 Okey, Samuel May 17 Osburn, Ephram Osburn, Solomon May 27 Osburn, Jesse Osburn, Elias

March 17 Pursell, Joseph March 20 Perce, Richard April 9 Potter, Thomas Sr May 14 Perce, Joseph Percefield, Jeremiah May 26 Phillups, John Page, John June 20 Payne, Obediah Payne, Joseph Payne, James June 21 Potter, Richard Potter, Thomas Jr Payne, William

March 17 Robertson, Even Roberts, Bennet Rains, Henrey April 10 Rodes, William May 15 Roberts, Aaron May 16 Rizener, Caty May 19 Robertson, Richard May 22 Roberts, Moses Robertson, Thomas May 23 Robertson, John Read, William Read, Robert May 24 Ross, David June 21 Ryley, Joseph July 9 Roberts, Joseph

April 8 Smith, James April 9 Skillern, Isaac May 14 Stewart, James Stapleton, Joseph May 16 Salyers, Izaah Salyers, David Sayler, Solomon May 19 Spurlock, William Shackleford, Henry Sagraves, Joseph Sagraves, William May 20 Smith, Elias May 21 Smith, Jonithan May 23 Silvie, Thomas May 24 Smith, David Skidmore, John May 27 Steaphens, Gilbert June 16 Smith, James June 17 Swarford, Isaac Sweeton, William Smith, Thomas Smith, Jabel Smith, Ezekel Smith, Robert Stewart, Daniel Sweeton, Dutton Smith, Moses Smith, Dutton June 18 Smith, William Smith, John Sr Smith, William Sr Smith, William Jr Smith, John Jr June 19 Smith, Samuel Stone, John June 20 Stewart, John Sr Stewart, Joseph Stewart, John Jr June 30 Smith, Wright July 2 Stewart, Alexander Stewart, Isaac July 5 Slaughter, Joseph Slaughter, Samuel July 9 Stewart, Charles

March 17 Tyre, Rolen Turner, John Sr Turner, Berry Turner, John Jr March 18 Tayler, David March 20 Tinsley, William Templeton, James April 8 Tuggle, Thomas Tutt, Richard April 9 Tayler, Greenberry Tutt, James May 14 Thornberry, George May 16 Taylor, William May 17 Turner, William May 26 Tacket, Lankister Tacket, Frances June 17 Tugmon, Edward June 18 Tuttle, Peter June 21 Tutt, Benjamin

July 9 Vannoy, William

March 17 Waldin, Elisha Webb, William Webb, Thomas White, William Webb, David Waldin, Matthew April 8 Warfield, Reason April 10 Walker, John Walker, Walter May 14 Williams, Richard May 16 Wilder, Joseph Williford, John May 19 Wilbourn, Edward May 22 Winkels, Jeremiah Winkels, James May 23 Wallace, Richard Walden, Elisha May 26 Wood, Joseph May 27 Wells, Levy Wells, Richard Wells, Benjamin May 29 Wilson, Richard Wadges, Benjamin June 16 White, Hugh June 21 Whitson, Isaac Wilkerson, Brannack June 30 Wiatt, Samuel July 5 Williams, Thomas July 10 Wade, Woodson


April 1 Anderson, Daniel April 2 Anderson, James Atkins, Thomas May 28 Angel, (Archer) Angel, Martin Asbury, John June 2 Allen, John June 9 Aikeman, John Adams, Levin July 2 Arthur, John Arthur, Samuel July 3 Arthur, John Arthur, Joseph Arthur, Elias July 4 Aikin, Wm Algair, Jeremiah July 8 Als___, John

March 31 Baine, Robert Brummet, Wm Bryant, James April 1 Borden, Augustine Borden, George April 2 Blakely, Curtis Borden, Christopher Blakely, Robert Burke, Elihu Bennet, John Bennet, Thomas April 3 Branham, Martin Branham, John April 9 Bishop, (Thomas) May 5 Blake, Williby May 28 Baily, Ezekial May 30 Blake, Archibald June 10 Brady, Thomas A June 11 Blake, James Bodkin, John June 12 Booker, Abraham June 30 Burk, Arthur July 2 Berry, Lewis Berry, John Bray, Peter July 3 Burkit, Henry Bailey, Lewis Bailey, John July 4 Bishop, Mallin Branley, Wm July 5 Ball, Joseph July 7 Britain, Levy July 18 Black, John Barton, John Barton, Susanna Blakely, Charles Brindley, Stephen July 25 Ballinger, John

March 31 Colwel, John April 1 Cummins, John Cummins, Wm April 3 Cantrell, Joseph Cox, Absalom Cutbirth, Benjamin Childres, Jackson April 4 Cox, Stephen Cox, John Cantrell, Charles Cantrell, John Cantrell, James Curbirth, Benjamin Sr Cutbirth, Daniel April 5 Cox, Nathan Cummins, Hugh May 5 Cox, Jesse Curtis, Samuel May 6 Cox, William Cox, John May 25 Cillins, Michal Clendennon, Josiah May 26 Cox, Solomon Cox, John May 27 Cox, Samuel June 9 Cathers, Edward June 10 Chesnut, Benjamin Campbell, George June 11 Chesnut, John Chesnut, Sarah Chesnut, Sarah Chesnut, Samuel Chesnut, Abraham June 12 Clayton, Archibald June 30 Comer, Abner Cox, Joseph Cox, Amos Cox, Thomas July 4 Campbell, Wm Craig, Wm Craig, Robert Sr Craig, Geo W Craig, Joseph July 5 Cox, Amos Cockrin, Wm Cumstock, Elizabeth Cumstock, Wm Cumstock, Isaac Cumstock, Joseph Curtis, Nathaniel July 18 Cambell, Wm Cambell, John Coopper, Jacob

March 31 Dixon, Nathan April 1 Duley, Abraham Davis, Abner April 4 Davenport, Zachariah April 8 Dudley, James April 9 Dicken, Thomas May 25 Daniel, Archer Duncan, Joseph May 30 Demoss, Andrew June 9 Duncan, John July 2 Duley, Jacob Dugger, Wm Dugger, Sarah Davis, William Davis, John Davis, James Davis, Mary Davis, James July 3 Dobson, Nelly Deweese, David July 7 Daniel, James Daniel, Wm July 18 Daniel, James Daniel, Spencer July 25 Drasper, Robert Drasper, Elijah

April 1 Ennis, Erekias Evans, Wm Elderson, Hugh Elderson, Asa April 5 Engle, George Engle, Peter Engle, John May 25 Elliott, Asel May 26 Estes, Smith May 29 Evans, Joseph June 6 Evans, Edward July 1 Early, Wm July 2 Early, Joseph Edward, Wm

April 3 (Flonen), John April 5 Foley, Elijah Ferguson, Thomas Farriss, Isham Farriss, Joseph Farriss, John Farriss, James Farriss, Prestley June 7 Farriss, Paul Farriss, Geo June 9 Farriss, Nimrod June 11 Freeman, John Farriss, Lewis June 30 Freeman, Aaron Farriss, John July 1 Ferguson, Andw July 3 Fowler, Isaac July 4 Fendly, James

March 31 Goldin, Stephen April 8 Garretson, Wm May 25 Gasting, Hugh Gasting, John Gibson, Wm May 27 Gaston, Elijah May 30 Gatliff, Cornelius Gatliff, Moses Gatliff, Aaron June 2 Gatliff, Charles June 6 Gresham, Uriah June 10 Green, Geo June 30 Gatliff, Reese Gatliff, James July 2 Gibson, Guard Gladden, Aaron July 3 Goodwin, Alexander July 4 Gibson, James Gillian, Joseph July 5 Graham, Robert Grub, Christilla

March 31 Helms, Jonathan April 1 Howeth, Wm Hodgrow, David April 2 Hight, Wm April 3 Hart, John April 4 Hays, Joshua Hays, Willis Hamblin, John Hamblin, Dan__ May 25 Hodges, James May 29 Holt, Dozwell May 30 Hewit, Goldsmith June 5 Hale, Hugh June 7 Howard, Julius June 10 Hammer, Geo June 11 Hambden, Joseph July 3 Hendricks, James Hargue, Wm July 18 Hendrick, James Harris, Evans Harris, Abigail Hare, James

May 28 Ivy, Wilson May 29 Inman, Thomas Inman, Elisha June 3 Ingram, Ebenezer

April 2 Jones, Wm April 3 Jones, Wm Jones, Thos Jackson, Levy Jackson, John April 4 Johnson, Aaron April 5 Johnson, Wm Jones, Wm May 29 Jones, James June 2 Jameson, Samuel Johnson, John June 3 Johnson, David Johnson, Michal June 4 Johnson, Joseph

April 3 King, Wm Kirk, Garrard April 9 Kirk, Samuel June 2 Kitchen, Benja June 4 King, Isaac

March 31 Livingston, Robt April 1 Luna, Benjamin April 2 Lynch, Jeremiah April 3 Lay, Jesse April 9 Logan, Wm May 6 Laughlin, Thomas May 28 Lebo, Isaac May 30 Litton, Burton Litton, Jas June 12 Lions, Robt July 1 Laughlin, John July 3 L__bread, John July 5 Logan, Jas Laughlin, John Laughlin, John

March 31 Martin, Joshua April 1 M__y, James McConnel, James McCann, James April 2 Mayfield, John April 5 Mullins, Spencer April 10 Mercer, Jacob Mercer, John May 25 Mackey, Matthias W Mackey, Wm May 26 Mahan, Thos - Capt May 29 Meadows, Isham Marlow, Thos Marlow, Reuben Marlow, Thos May 30 Meadows, Isham Meadows, Edward Martin, Wm Martin, William O June 9 McNeon, Adam June 10 Myers, Gasper July 1 Meadows, Thos July 2 Morgan, William July 3 Matthews, William Moore, Thomas Moore, Jesse July 5 Mackey, Benjamin July 9 McNeal, Jonathan McNeal, James July 11 Moorland, Absalom July 18 Martin, Joseph Martin, Zadoc

April 4 Night, John Night, Joseph May 27 Night, David July 3 Nation, Sampson Newton, Wm Newton, Wm Newton, Isaac

March 31 Oke_, Si_as

March 31 Parson, Charles Potter, John April 1 Peace, Joseph April 3 Parsons, Jesse Paterson, Andrew April 5 Parker, Robert April 9 Parker, James April 10 Pearl, Wm May 26 Pritchard, Wm May 28 Pemberton, ? Pennington, Wm May 30 Preston, Moses Pruet, John Pruet, David Jr Pruet, David Sr Pruet, Elijah June 6 Pruet, John Pruet, David Jr June 7 Potter, Wm June 30 Prichard, Joseph Prichard, Thomas July 2 Parker, Moses July 4 Pemberton, Wm Potter, Thomas July 5 Potter, Wm July 7 Pogue, John July 18 Parsons, James Parker, Wm July 25 (Pruet), Samuel Parsons, Robert

April 1 Read, Mathew Read, Solomon Rose, Frances Read, Samuel April 3 Rassee, Wm Reddick, Elisha April 8 Ross, Angus May 5 Reddick, John May 25 Reace, Isaac Reace, John May 28 Ryan, Wm June 6 (Rabereter), Joce Rice, James July 2 Raper, Thos Roberts, Henry July 7 Roberson, Wm July 18 Renals, Danne Reddick, Solomon Reddick, Wm

April 1 Sears, John Sutton, Samuel Sullivan, James Sears, William Sears, Jesse Sears, James April 2 Scags, Thomas April 3 Sagler, John Still, Samuel Snider, Frederick April 5 Smith, William April 8 Sto, Joel May 5 Seals, James Saunders, Joseph May 26 Shoemaker, Leonard Smith, Gideon May 28 Smith, John Smith, Josiah May 29 Smith, Richard May 30 Saunders, Henry Smith, Nathaniel Smith, Elijah June 2 Slaughter, John June 5 Stevenson, Wm Shotwell, Daniel June 9 Smith, Jeremiah Sellers, Jonathan June 11 Shotwell, Thomas Spencer, Jesse July 1 Stots, James Smith, Abraham July 2 Sellers, Thomas Sexton, James Sexton, Isaac Snider, Peter July 4 Stinson, Robert Steal, William Steal, Samuel July 8 Smith, Alexander

April 1 Tye, Jo___ Tye, John Tye, George April 3 Teague, David May 28 Todd, John Todd, James Trammel, Peter Trammel, Dennis Trammel, James June 7 Thomas, John Thomas, James June 11 Thomas, Wm July 4 Turner, George July 18 Turrell, Solomon

May 29 Usry, William

April 4 Veatch, Amos Vannany, Jonathan

April 1 Wyatt, Thomas Wilson, John Wilson, Charles Wilson, James April 2 Williams, Samuel Williams, Luke Williams, Charles Wallis, John Walker, Rinaldo April 4 Warner, Moses Willis, Thomas Wilson, Joseph Wilson, John Wilson, William April 9 Watkins, Joel May 5 Walker, Nathaniel May 26 White, William May 28 Wilson, George May 29 Waters, Elijah Waters, Jonathan May 30 White, John White, Richard June 2 Walker, Samuel W June 9 Wood, John June 11 Watkins, Luke July 2 Woodson, Henry Wilian, Michael July 3 Williams, Jacob Wells, John Wells, Jacob July 5 Wilkinson, Thomas Walker, Jesse July 8 Watkins, Jonathan

April 10 Yancy, Robert May 29 York, Joseph