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1805 Knox County Kentucky Tax List

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 March 30 Arnet, David Arnet, Rubin April 16 Anderson, John April 20 Alsop, John Sr May 1 Angle, Arch Alison, Hugh Anderson, Daniel Arewine, John May 30 Anderson, Peter June 1 Arthur, Ambrose Arthur, Thomas Sr Arthur, Thomas Jr Arthur, Grace June 2 Alsop, Daniel Alsop, James June 8 Anderson, William June 14 Akeman, John Alsop, John Jr July 3 Aliot, Asiel July 5 Alison, Archibal June 16 Arthur, John Jr July 17 Arthur, Elias Arthur, Joseph Arthur, Samuel Arthur, John Sr

March 20 Burns, Isaac Burns, James March 21 Blanton, John Sr Bailey, Carr March 22 Britton, Parks March 23 Britton, William Blanton, William Blanton, John Jr March 25 Brock, Jesse March 27 Blair, Thomas March 29 Britton, George Brock, Lenard Brock, Jessee Brock, George Brock, Aaron Brock, James Brock, Jessee April 16 Billew, Joseph Bohman, Jacob Brown, Joseph Bean, George April 17 (Binder), James Billew, Robert April 19 Bracket, John April 20 Bord, Robert Boid, John Bunch, George Brown, James Bailey, James April 30 Blake, Willoughby May 1 Brewton, Jacob Burk, Elihugh Blakeley, Robert Bennet, Thomas Bennet, John Brummet, William Brummet, (Piercin) Blakeley, Curtis Brummet, James Jr Briant, James Brummet, James Sr Brindley, Robert Bane, Robert Black, David June 1 Baker, Brice Baker, William Bagely, Thomas (Bierd), William Baker, Joseph June 3 Barbor, John Barbor, Polly Barbor, Nancy Barbour, Lucy Boyd, Polly Bodkin, John June 15 Bunton, James Bryan, John July 2 Bishop, Mason Brindley, Stephen July 3 Ball, Joseph July 5 Blake, Archless Burk, Arthur July 14 Blakeley, Charles July 15 Barton, Susanah Barton, John Bailey, John Bailey, Lewis Berry, Lewis Berry, John Bishop, Mahlin Black, John Britton, Levey Baluw, Peter Ballenger, John Ballenger, Richard

March 20 Collins, Abenazer March 26 Cope, Andrew March 30 Chumley, John Chumley, John Callims, Gilbert April 16 Culton, James Colson, John April 17 Colson, James April 18 Collet, William April 19 Calims, Daniel Culton, Joseph Culton, John April 20 Catching, Benjeman May 3 Cox, Thomas Cummins, William Cox, Nathan Cummins, Hugh May 6 Cheak, Henry (Cartor), Isaac May 30 Chesher, William Chanler, Shadrick Cox, Joseph Cox, William Jr Cox, William Sr Cox, Stephen Cotrel, John Cox, Absalam Cartor, Solomon Cook, William Cantrel, Joseph Cantrel, Charles Jr June 1 Colson, Henry Coffey, John June 3 Cane, Peter Casteel, John June 14 Cather, Edward Campbell, George Campbell, James Chesnut, Sarah June 15 Chesnut, John Chesnut, Abraham Chesnut, Benjaman Chesnut, Samuel Chesnut, Jacob June 18 Claton, Archabal Cooly, Daniel Coomer, Abner July 3 Clendenon, Josiah Cumstock, William Cox, Jesse July 4 Cox, Fedrick Cummins, John ditto for Webster Cox, Solomon Cox, John July 5 Craig, Robert Jr July 6 Cutbirth, Benjaman Cutbirth, Daniel July 14 Cumstock, Joseph Clendenon, Thomas Cumstock, Isaac Curtis, Nathaniel Cumstock, Elizabeth - Wd July 18 Craig, William July 20 Craig, george Craig, Joseph July 21 Campbell, William Craig, Robert Sr Craig, Andrew Culnan, Leanah Cooper, Jacob Cutnirth, Benjaman Cutbirth, Benjaman Cantrel, John Cantrel, James Cantrel, Charles

Denny, Joseph Davise, Richard Duncan, Thomas April 19 Dorton, Moses May 2 Doherty, Nickilaus Doherty, Moses Davenport, Zecheriah Davis, Abner June 17 Dikins, John June 18 Durim, William Dean, John July 3 Dudly, James Dixon, Nathan July 5 Duncan, John July 6 Demoss, Andrew July 13 Duncan, Joseph July 14 Dickins, Thomas July 15 Danald, James Jr Danuld, Robert Danuld, James Sr Danuld, William Danuld, Spencer Deweese, David Dobson, Wiet Dobson, Nelly - Wd July 16 Duggar, William Duggar, Sarah July 17 Davise, John Davise, James Jr Davise, William July 18 Dooly, Jacob Davise, James Sr ditto for P davise

March 22 Ealy, Anton Ealy, William April 18 Ewton, Fedrick June 13 Evens, Edward June 14 Ears, Jacob Eairs, Moses Sr Eairs, Moses Jr July 14 Engle, George Engle, Peter Engle, John July 15 Edwards, William July 18 Eairley, William Eairley, Robert Eairley, Joseph ??? Enis, James

March 23 Forrester, John Farmer, Stephen March 30 Fulks, John Fletcher, Ambrose June 13 Faris, Paul Faris, George June 15 Faris, Lewis Freeman, John Faris, John Sr Faris, James Faras, Isam Faris, Joseph June 18 Fraisher, John Fraisher, Alexander July ?? Faris, Nimrod Foley, Elijah July 6 Faris, John July 14 Freeman, Aaron Freeman, John July 15 Findley, James Fowler, Isaac July 16 Forguson, Thomas Forguson, Andrew Ferrel, _eddin Fletcher, (Vardunon)

March 30 Green, Lewis Green, James Gaugh, Matthea - Wd April 16 Gatkins, Edward Gibson, Isaac April 19 Griffith, Joseph Grindstaff, Jacob April 20 Grindtaff, Michael Goings, Eseah May 31 Gosley, John June 1 Goodin, John Goodin, Thomas Sr Goodin, Alaxander Gibson, Voluntine June 3 Goings, Claborn June 15 Grissim, Uriah Gilliss, William Goodin, Henry Graham, John Grimes, Joshua June 18 Gordon, John July 2 Gibson, William Gaston, Hugh July ? Garison, William July 4 Gatliff, Moses July ? Gatliff, Cornelous Gatliff, Aaron Gatliff, Charles Gatliff, James July 16 Gladding, Aaron July 17 Goodin, Alaxander July 22 Gilliss, Joseph Sr Gilliss, Joseph Jr Grubs, Chrisley Gatliff, Rease

March 20 Howard, Samuel Howard, Andrew Holeway, William Harison, John Homes, William March 23 Horn, Edward Harville, John Howard, Adren March 30 Hoskins, John Howard, John Hoskins, George Hoskins, John Sr Hoskins, John Jr Howard, James Sr Hoskins, Thomas Hoskins, Josiah Howard, James Jr Howard, Benjeman Howard, Thomas April 17 Hogan, David April 18 Hogan, William April 19 Horn, Christopher April 20 Herndon, Richardson May 2 Hodson, David Hurley, Elisha May 28 Hamlin, John May 30 Hebberd, Leniwell Howeth, William June 1 Henry, Samuel Henry, John Henry, James June 14 Howard, Julious June 15 Hamlin, Joseph Hales, Hughey Hales, James June 17 Hutson, William Hibberd, John Hibberd, Joseph June 18 Herlson, John Hall, Rubin Hare, James Hammins, Peter Hignight, Moses Hammins, Obediah July 2 Hodge, James July 15 Harass, Even July 16 Hendricks, James Huet, Goldsmith Hines, John

April 30 Inman, Elisha July 15 Ingram, Abenazer July 17 Ivy, Wilson

March 20 Jones, John March 21 Jones, Waman Jones, Stephen Jones, Elijah March 22 Jones, Edmund Jones, Ayal March 23 Jones, Gabrel March 26 Joseph, William March 30 Jackson, Garnet Jackson, James April 17 Jones, John April 30 Jones, James Johnson, William Johnson, Joseph May 31 Johnson, James June 15 Johnson, Thomas June 17 Jones, William Jones, Isaac June 18 Johnson, John June 19 Johnson, David July 15 Johnson, Michael July 16 Johnson, David Johnson, David

July 20 King, Isaac King, Hilsman King, William Sr King, William Jr <[p> March 21 Lewis, Hanah Lee, Andrew Lemaster, John Lewis, Wilson Lemaster, Eleazer March 25 Lewis, Abner March 26 Lowder, Nathaniel March 27 Lewis, Bazzle Ledford, Elias March 30 Lovely, Ross April 16 Lovet, Edward Lain, William Lain, Samuel April 20 Lyons, Robert May 2 Loy, Jessee Linch, Jerremiah May 3 Litterel, Thomas June 17 Loveless, William June 18 Lockard, John Lyons, James July 1 Leedy, David July 2 Leverton, Robert July 3 Logan, William Logan, James July 4 Laughlin, James Litton, James Lewis, Jerremiah Laughlin, Thomas July 13 Litton, Burton July 14 Laughlin, John July 18 Laughlin, John July 22 Laughlin, John Landrith, John

March 19 Miller, Joshua March 23 (Moris), George March 28 Muncy, John March 29 Mark, John Muncy, William Muncy, Joshua April 25 Miller, Daniel April 16 Massey, Thomas Moseley, Samuel Moore, Jessee McSpaddon, Moses Marton, Isaac Massy, Joseph Marler, Thomas Marler, Rubin May 2 McConnel, James May 3 McKee, Matthew May 6 Marton, Joseph Marton, Joshua May 29 McCown, James May 31 Mahan, James McKey, William Mahan, Hezekiah June 1 Moore, John Moore, Isaac June 13 Marton, William June 14 McNeal, James McNeal, Johnithan June 15 McFaddon, Jessee Messer, Jacob Messer, John June 17 Marpin, John May, Jacob June 18 McBride, John June 19 Monihan, James McWhirter, Robert July 2 Moore, Thomas July 3 Marton, Zeddick McKey, Benjamin Morelin, Absalam Mahan, Thomas July 4 Mullins, Spencer for Geo Mullins July 14 McClaland, Hugh July 15 Mayfield, Eseral Meadows, Edward Meadows, Isam McGuire, Merreday Moore, Jesse Moore, Thomas July 16 Meadows, Thomas July 17 Mathews, Williamk McDanuld, Nancy Marton, William Morgan, William McHargue, William

April 20 Neal, John May 3 Night, John Night, Joseph June 3 Neal, Arthur June 17 Nichilson, Richard Nichilson, Thomas July 1 Night, David July 5 Newton, William Newton, Isaac Newton, William

March 21 Osbron, Solomon Osbron, Ephrim Outlaw, Alaxander Olgar, Jerremiah

March 23 Philips, John Piercefield, Jerremiah April 16 Pierce, Richard April 19 Piece, Patrick April 20 Potter, Thomas Sr Potter, Thomas Jr May 2 Piersons, Charles Piersons, Jessee Potter, John Parker, James June 13 Preston, Moses Prewit, John June 14 Perrel, William Parker, David June 18 Paine, William Paine, Obediah Paine, James Paine, Joseph July 2 Parker, Robert Parker, William Pritchet, Joseph Pritchet, William Pritchet, Thomas Pemberton, James July 6 Prewit, John Prewit, David Sr July 14 Potter, Thomas Prewit, David Jr Potter, William Parsons, James July 15 Parsons, Robert Potter, Richard Parker, Moses

March 23 Robbson, Richard March 25 Reed, Robert Robinson, Thomas March 26 Reed, Hanah March 27 Ross, David March 30 Risener, Micheal April 16 Roberts, Even April 17 Runnels, George May 1 Rain, William Sr Rain, John Rain, William Jr May 28 Ross, Anguish Roberts, Aaron Rose, Francis May 29 Rains, Johnithan Reed, Solloman June 1 Rodes, William June 3 Riley, Joseph June 16 Ride, James July 2 Rockhold, William Redduk, John Redduk, Solomon Redduk, William Redduk, Elisha Rockhold, Charles July 3 Rease, Isaac Rease, Jahu July 14 Raines, Henry Runnels, Daniel July 16 Roberts, Henry July 17 Raper, Thomas

March 19 Stewart, William March 21 Sisk, Daniel Spirlock, William Segroves, Joseph March 23 Stephens, Gilbert Shackleford, Henry March 26 Selby, Thomas Smithe, David Smythe, Johnithan Jr Smythe, Johnithan Sr Smythe, Elijah March 27 Smythe, Elias March 29 Sailor, Solomon Saliers, William Saliers, Eseah Sailers, David Sailers, Johnithan April 19 Stewart, James April 20 Stewart, Charles Slaughter, Samuel Seals, Garner Smythe, Josiah May 2 Scaggs, Thomas May 6 Stewart, Alexander May 29 Sears, William Sears, John May 30 Sulivan, James June 3 Stewart, Isaac June 8 Shaddy, John June 13 Spencer, Jessee Sellers, Thomas June 14 Sellers, Johnithan June 15 Shotwell, Daniel Shotwell, Thomas Stephenson, William Stone, John Smythe, John Sr Smythe, John Jr Smythe, William Smythe, William Smythe, Dutton Smythe, Moses Smythe, Robert June 18 Smythe, Thomas Smythe, Jable Stewart, Daniel Smythe, Zechial Smythe, Samuel Smythe, Richard Smythe, Randle Swafford, Isaac Stewart, John Sr Stewart, John Jr June 20 Stewart, Joseph Smythe, Alaxander Slaughter, John July 3 Shewmaker, Lenard Smythe, Gidian Syephenson, Joseph July 14 Stow, Joel Sears, James Sears, Jessee Smythe, Nathaniel July 15 Stotts, James Smythe, Abraham Sanders, Henry Stephens, Richard Sanders, Joseph Smythe, Elijah Snead, William July 16 Stinson, Robert July 17 Sexton, Isaac Sexton, James

March 20 (Tourner), wILLIAM April 15 Tinsley, William April 16 Turner, Berry Turner, John April 17 Templeton, James April 19 Thornbury, George Tarrent, Lenard April 20 Tomkins, James Tutt, Benjeman April 30 Todd, James May 1 Todd, John Tramel, Denis May 30 Tye, George Tye, Joshua Tye, John Turner, Joseph June 13 Taylor, Stephen Thomas, John Sr Thomas, James Thomas, John Jr Tennels, George June 15 Thomas, William June 17 Tittle, Peter June 18 Tugman, Edward July 1 Tuggle, Thomas Tath, Richard July 15 Turner, George

April 20 Venoy, Johnithan Venoy, William July 6 Veach, Amos Veach, Charles Venoy, Jessee Veach, Elias Vickry, John

Wells, Benjamin March 20 Winders, James March 21 Wilborn, Edward March 23 Wells, Levy March 26 Wincle, James Wallace, Richard March 30 Williford, John Wilder, Joseph April 16 White, William April 19 Woodson, Henry April 20 Whitson, Isaac Warfield, Reason Wheat, Reason June 1 Walker, Walter Walker, John Williams, Thomas June 13 Wood, John June 15 Watkins, Luke June 19 White, Hugh Walker, Samuel July 3 White, William Whitecotton, Aaron July 5 White, Hendrick White, John White, Richard Williams, Jacob Wilkerson, Brinak July 14 Wadkins, Joel Wadkins, Johnithan Wilkerson, Thomas Wells, Isaac Wells, John April 16 Wallin, Elisha Wallin, Matthew May 1 Whitecotton, Isaac Whitecotton, Moses May ?? Willhite, Ezecheal Williams, Samuel Whitecotton, George Williams, Luke May 3 Walker, Nathaniel Walker, Runnilder Walker, Jessee May 28 Wilson, Joseph Wilson, William Willson, John Willson, Charles Willson, James March 30 ? Wiet, Thomas May 31 Wallace, John Willson, Michael Wiet, Samuel York, Joseph

1800    1801   1802   1803    1804    1805    1806    1807    1808    1809