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1804 Knox County Kentucky Tax List

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 April 4 Allsup, John April 20 Arnet, Stephen Arnet, David Arnet, Reubin April 21 Auseburn, Solomon April 25 Auseburn, Jesse April 26 Auseburn, Ephram May 5 Anderson, John May 6 Allsup, John Sr May 17 Arthur, Thomas Sr Arthur, Ambrose Arthur, Thomas Jr May 25 Allsup, Daniel July 17 Arthur, Elias Arthur, Samuel Arthur, Joseph Arthur, John Arthur, Martha Arthur, Mary July 26 Ayers, Jacob Ayers, Moses Sr Ayers, Moses Jr

April 5 Brown, John April 6 Ball, Joseph April 10 Brindlee, Stephen Bunch, George Boid, Robt April 11 Brown, James Brown, John Bracket, John April 21 Brock, Jesse Sr Brock, Jesse Jr Brock, James Blanton, John Jr April 26 Britton, James Blanton, John Sr April 27 Bailey, Caar April 30 Britton, george Blanton, John Sr Blanton, Wm Brock, George May 4 Boid, Polley May 5 Bruster, James May 7 Ballinger, Eartham May 17 Baker, Bryce Baker, William Baker, Joseph May 18 Ballinger, Richd Brown, Hosea May 21 Bledsoe, Ezekiel May 22 Balck, John Brittain, Levy Barton, John Barton, Susannah May 24 Ballinger, John Bain, Robt May 25 Burns, James Burns, Isaac May 26 Barbour, John July 6 Balow, Joseph July 10 Balow, Peter July 11 Balow, Robert Balow, Richard July 16 Bailey, John July 17 Berry, John Berry, Lewis July 18 Blake, Archa Blake, John July 19 Brown, John July 20 Bailey, James July 23 Bagly, Thos July 24 Bodkin, John

April 4 Cox, Frederick April 5 Cox, Sollomon Cox, Christopher Craig, George Craig, Andrew Campbell, William April 6 Craig, Joseph Craig, Robert Craig, William Cutbirth, Benjamin Cutbirth, Daniel April 7 Cox, Sollomon Cox, John Cummins, John April 9 Cox, Jesse April 11 Carter, Isaac Carter, Sollomon April 20 Chumley, John Jr Chumley, John Sr April 21 Collins, Adams April 27 Cope, Andrew April 30 Culwell, John May 5 Colson, John Colson, James May 7 Curtis, Samuel May 17 Colson, Henry May 18 Culton, Joseph Culton, John May 22 Cooper, Jacob Canterberry, Zachariah May 23 Crouch, Moses Clendenon, Thomas Culton, James July 10 Collet, William July 19 Cumstalk, William Cumstalk, Joseph Curtis, Nathaniel Cumstalk, Isaac Cumstalk, Elizabeth July 23 Coffy, John Cayn, Peter July 24 Chesnut, John Chesnut, Jacob July 25 Chesnut, Sarah Campbell, George July 26 Chesnut, Abram Chesnut, John Jr July 27 Craig, Robert Jr Aug 6 Cox, Christopher

April 4 Deweas, David Dickson, Nathan April 6 Dunkin, Joseph April 9 Dudly, James May 4 Davis, Richard May 7 Daniel, James May 8 (Doan), John May 23 Daniel, Spencer Daniel, Wm Daniel, Robert Dickins, Thomas July 6 Duggar, William July 16 Dobson, Wiet July 17 Duly, Jacob Davis, John Davis, Wm Davis, James July 18 Demoss, Andrew

April 6 Early, William April 25 Ealy, William May 6 (Ellet, Acel) May 7 Engle, Peter May 22 Engle, William May 23 Eaton, John Engle, John July 17 Edwards, William

April 5 Freeman, Aron Forgerson, Thos April 21 Fletcher, Ambrose April 26 Farmer, Stephen May 1 Fults, John May 26 Forgerson, Andrew July 16 Finly, James Fowler, Hillary Fowler, Isaac July 24 Faris, Isam Farris, John Farris, Joseph Farris, John Sr Farris, Lewis Farris, Nimrod July 25 Farris, George July 26 Farris, William July 28 Farris, James Farris, Paul Aug 6 Foley, Elijah

April 4 Graves, Wm April 5 Garrison, Wm Gillis, Joseph Sr April 6 Gillis, Joseph Jr Grubs, Christopher Gatliff, James Gatliff, Cornelius Gatliff, Charles April 7 Gatliff, Reace April 9 Gibson, William Gastin, Hugh April 11 Goodwin, Alexan Grindstaff, Jacob April 20 Goff, John April 21 Green, Lewis May 7 Goin, Clabourn Goin, Isaiah May 17 Goodin, John May 21 Griffith, Joseph May 23 Gibson, Hugh Gibson, Garrard July 17 Gladan, Aaron July 25 Graham, John Goodin, Henry July 26 Grisham, Uriah Gillis, Wm July 29 (Garden), John (Garden), Moses Grindstaff, Henry

April 6 Hamblin, John April 10 Hays, Nicholas April 20 Hoskins, Thos Hoskins, (Ninson) April 21 Howard, Thomas Howard, James Sr Howard, Benjamin Howard, James Jr Howard, Adron Hobbs, Ezekiel Holmes, Wm April 26 Holloway, William April 27 Harrison, John April 28 Harris, Mathew Hencely, Colbert Howard, Samuel Howard, Andrew April 30 Hobbs, Vincent Harvill, John May 1 Hoskins, John Jr Hoskins, Ezekiel Hoskins, George Hoskins, John Sr May 17 Hibbard, Samuel May 22 Hewet, Goldsmith Harris, Evin May 24 Herndon, Richardson May 25 Hogan, William July 20 Hogan, David Hodges, James July 24 Hail, James July 25 Howard, Julius July 26 Huggins, Ambrose July 27 Horn, Christopher Hoskins, Jesse

July 16 Ingrum, Ebenezer

April 21 Jackson, Garnett Jackson, James Jones, Elijah Joanes, John April 25 Joanes, Edmund April 26 Jones, Waymon April 27 Joanes, Stephen May 1 Johnston, James May 23 Johnston, Joseph Jr July 17 Johnston, David July 24 Johnston, Thomas July 27 Johnston, Michael Johnston, David Aug 6 Johnston, Joseph Sr

April 5 King, Isaac April 10 Kichen, Benjamin April 20 Kellums, Gilbert April 26 King, Spencer

April 4 Logan, James April 6 Laughlin, Thomas April 9 Laughlin, James April 21 Lewis, Wilson April 25 Lamaster, Ealy April 27 Lewis, Abner Lowder, William May 1 Lovely, Roz May 4 Logan, William May 26 Lewis, John July 17 Laughlin, John Laughlin, John July 18 Litton, James Litton, Berton Aug 6 (Leedy), David

Moore, Thomas April 4 Mahan, Thomas April 5 Martain, Wm April 6 Medders, Thos April 11 Mahan, James Mahan, Anthony Miller, David April 30 Munsey, John Munsey, Wm Munsey, Joshua May 5 More, John May 17 Moore, John May 18 Moore, Jesse May 22 Moreland, Absalom May 23 Macky, Benjamin Macky, Will McClellend, Hugh May 25 Miller, Joshua July 6 Masey, Thomas Mosley, Samuel Miller, Daniel July 16 Moore, Jesse Moore, Thomas July 17 Morgan, Wm Mathas, Wm July 18 Maxwell, William Moffet, Solomon July 19 Macky, William July 23 Mayfield, Israel Martin, Zadoc Martain, Isaac July 24 Mercer, John July 25 McNeal, Jonathan July 26 McWherter, Robert Martain, William Miller, Alexd Aug 6 Miller, Mathew

May 24 Neal, Arthur July 18 Nuton, Wm Newton, Isaac July 23 Nicoleson, Joseph

April 5 Okey, Samuel

April 4 Potter, Thos Jr April 6 Pemberton, Wm April 10 Potter, Richard April 25 Pauley, James Phillips, John May 5 Piercefield, Jeremiah May 18 Pierce, Richard May 22 Potter, Thos Sr May 23 Potter, Thos May 25 Page, William July 17 Parks, Moses July 18 Prewet, David Sr Prewet, David Jr Prewet, Elijah Prewet, John July 23 Payn, Joseph Payn, James July 25 Perril, William July 26 Prewet, John July 27 Payn, Wm Payn, Obadiah

April 4 Rees, Jahugh Rees, Isaac April 5 Rains, Henry Raper, Thomas Rockhold, Wm Rockhold, Charles April 25 Richardson, Amos April 27 Read, Robert Read, Wm Robinson, Richard May 22 Reynolds, Daniel Reddic, Wm May 24 Reddic, John May 26 Rice, James May 27 Riley, Joseph Aug 6 Riddic, Sollomon Riddic, Elijah

April 4 Shewmaker, Leonard Stow, Joel April 5 Stinson, Joseph Smith, Gideon April 6 Stotts, James April 7 Sears, James April 10 Sneed, William April 11 Stewart, Isaac Stewart, Alexander Stewart, Sollomon April 21 Salyers, Isaiah Salyers, Wm Saylor, Sollomon Segraves, Joel April 23 Stephens, Gilbert April 26 Shackleford, Henry Spurlock, Wm April 27 Smith, Elias Smith, David Smith, Jonathan Jr April 28 Smith, Jonathan Sr May 7 Slaughter, John Smith, Elijah May 22 Stephens, Richard July 16 Stephenson, Robert Stinson, George July 17 Sexton, Isaac July 18 Smith, Abraham Sanders, Henry Sanders, Joseph July 19 Smith, Nathaniel July 24 Shotwell, Thos Steward, John Sr Stew, Joseph Steward, John Jr Steward, William July 25 Sellars, Jonathan July 26 Sellars, Thomas Aug 6 Slaughter, Samuel

April 27 Turner, William May 17 Thornberry, George July 6 Turner, John Turner, John Jr Tinsley, William July 18 Tompson, Enoch July 20 Tuggle, Thomas July 24 Taylor, Stephen Thomas, John Thomas, William Tacket, Sarrah Aug 6 Turner, Georg

April 6 Veach, Amos Veach, Charles April 10 Vernoy, William May 23 Veach, Elias

April 4 Watkin, Jonathan April 5 Watkins, Joel April 21 Weleford, John Wilder, Joseph April 27 Winkles, James Winkles, Jeremiah (Walles), Richard Wilbourn, Edward May 4 White, Wm May 17 Walker, John Williams, Thomas May 21 Woodson, Henry May 23 White, Wm July 16 Williams, Jacob July 18 White, John July 19 Wilkerson, Thos July 20 Whitson, Isaac July 24 Watkins, Luke July 26 Waker, Walter Wood, John

1800 1801 1802 1803 1804 1805 1806 1807 1808 1809