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1803 Knox County Kentucky Tax List

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 April 8 Allsap, James April 28 Arthur, John Arthur, Joseph Arthur, Samuel Arthur, Elias April 30 Anderson, John May 2 Arnett, Stephen May 3 Arnett, David May 13 Allsup, Daniel May 15 Asher, Dillian May 18 Arthur, Thomas Sr Arthur, Ambrose Arthur, Thomas Jr June 6 Alexander, James July 4 Allsup, John July 5 Ayers, Moses July 6 Aikman, John July 7 Ayers, Moses Sr Ayers, Jacob

April 8 Brown, Moses Brown, John April 28 Bailey, John Blanton, Vincent April 29 Barton, Susannah Barton, John May 3 Brock, Jesse Sr Brock, James Brock, George Brock, Jesse Jr May 4 Blanton, John Blanton, William Brittain, James May 5 Brittain, Parks May 6 Bailey, Carr May 12 Brittain, George May 13 Ballew, Robert Bean, George Boyd, John Ballinger, Richard May 18 Baker, William Baker, Bryson Baker, Joseph May 19 Bagley, Thomas May 20 Bunch, George Brown, James Black, David May 28 Brittain, Levi June 6 Boyd, Robert June 7 Brindlee, Stephen Ball, Joseph June 9 (Brewton), Jacob June 10 Blake, John Blake, Willoughby June 14 Blakely, Robert Blakely, Curtis Brummet, William Brummet, Pierson Bryant, James Brummet, James June 15 Brindlee, Robert July 1 Bracket, John July 4 Barber, John Berry, Lewis Bledsoe, Ezekiel Ballinger, Eartham Benton, David Ballinger, John Bailey, James

April 28 Coffee, John April 30 Coultson, John Coultson, James May 2 Chulmley, John Sr Chulmley, John Jr May 5 Comer, Martin May 9 Cope, Andrew May 10 Caldwell, John May 18 Coultson, Henry Cornish, Cyrus May 20 Carter, Isaac Carter, Solomon June 7 Cox, Frederick Cumstalk, Isaac Curtis, Nathaniel Curtis, Samuel June 8 Cox, Jesse Culton, James Canterberry, John Cox, Thomas Cox, Solomon Sr Cox, Christopher Cummins, John June 9 Cox, Nathan Cox, Solomon Jr Cutbuath, Daniel Cutbuath, Benjamin Culton, John June 10 Chaney, Isaac June 11 Craig, Robert Sr Craig, Robert Jr June 13 Cox, John Collet, William Cummins, William Cummins, Hugh June 15 Cox, Joseph Chisher, William Cox, Thomas Cox, William Cox, Absalom Cotterel, John Cumstalk, Elizabeth Cumstalk, William Cumstalk, Joseph July 4 Canterberry, Zachariah July 5 Chesnut, John Jr Chesnut, Jacob Chesnut, William Campbell, George Campbell, James July 7 Chesnut, John Sr Chesnut, Abraham July 8 Cane, Peter Craig, Andrew Craig, George

April 28 Dugger, William Davis, John Davis, William Davis, James April 29 Daniel, William Daniel, Robert Daniel, Spencer Day, Jesse Davis, Richard Daniel, James May 13 Dean, John Dean, Isaac May 19 Deweese, Thomas June 7 Dudley, James June 8 Dickson, Nathan June 9 Davenport, Zachariah June 10 Duncan, Joseph June 13 Davis, Abner June 14 Doolan, Abraham July 4 Deweese, david July 8 Demoss, Andrew

April 28 Edwards, William April 29 Engle, Peter June 6 Eaton, John June 11 Early, William Earley, Joseph July 4 Elliott, Asahil Engle, William

April 8 Ferril, Roger April 28 Fowler, Isaac May 3 Fletcher, Ambrose June 7 Freeman, Aaron Fowler, Hellri June 11 Forguson, Andrew Forguson, Thomas July 5 Farris, Nimrod July 7 Farris, William Farris, John Sr Farris, Goerge Farris, John Jr July 8 Farris, isham Farris, John Farris, Joseph

April 8 Gordan, Moses April 27 Gordan, John April 28 Gibson, Garrett Gladdin, Aaron May 2 Goff, John May 3 Green, Lewis May 4 Garner, Benjamin May 18 Goodwin, Thomas Goodwin, John Goodwin, Joseph May 19 Grindstaff, Jacob Grindstaff, Henry May 20 Goodwin, Alexander June 7 Gibson, William Ghaston, Hugh June 9 Gatliff, Reese Gatliff, Charles Gatliff, Moses Gatliff, James Gatliff, Cornelius Gatliff, Aaron June 11 Gillis, Joeph Jr Gillis, Joseph Sr July 4 Going, Isaiah Going, Claibourn July 5 Greyham, John Goodwin, Henry Gillis, William Grisham, Uriah

April 27 Horn, Christopher Horn, Polley Horn, Salley April 28 Hamlin, Joseph April 29 Harris, Evan May 2 Hoskins, Thomas Howard, Benjamin Howard, Thomas May 3 Howard, James Sr Howard, James Jr Hoskins, John Sr Hoskins, John Jr May 4 Hobbs, William Harville, John Hobbs, Ezekiel Hobbs, Christopher May 6 Harris, John Holmes, William Howard, William Hensley, Washington Holloway, William Howard, Samuel May 7 Harris, Matthew May 9 Harris, Henrietta Harris, Polley May 10 Hensley, Harry Hensley, Albert May 11 Hobbs, Vincent May 13 Hogan, William Hogan, David May 20 Herndon, Richardson June 6 Hodges, James June 9 Hamlin, John June 11 Hewit, Goldsmith June 13 Hines, John June 14 Hudson, David Hill, John June 15 Howith, William Hatfield, John Hatfield, Joseph July 8 Hail, James

April 28 Ingrum, Ebenezer June 6 Ivy, Wilson

April 28 Johnson, Joseph Sr Johnson, Joseph Jr May 2 Jones, Thomas May 3 Jackson, James Jackson, Garrett May 5 Jones, Edmund May 6 Jones, John Jones, Stephen Jones, Elijah Jones, Wayman June 6 Johnson, Thomas Johnson, James June 13 Johnson, William July 4 Johnson, David July 5 Johnson, David

May 2 Kellums, Gilbert May 6 Keggings, John May 9 Kener, Roadan June 25 Kennaday, Stephen King, Isaac

March 24 Laughlin, John April 8 Lain, William April 28 Lewis, John April 30 Laughlin, James May 3 Lovely, Roze May 12 Lemaster, Eliasen Lemaster, John Logan, John June 7 Logan, William Logan, James Laughlin, John June 10 Litton, James Litton, Thomas Litton, Burton June 11 Laughlin, Thomas Litton, Solomon July 4 Laughlin, John

April 8 Massee, Thomas Miller, Daniel April 27 McWherter, Robert April 28 McClellend, Hugh Moore, Jessee May 2 Miller, Joshua May 4 Munsey, John Munsey, William May 13 Moore, Thomas Moore, William May 18 Moore, John Moore, Isaac May 19 McWherter, James May 20 Mahan, James Mahan, Anthony Miller, David June 7 Matthews, Samuel Mackey, William Matthews, David Mackey, Benjamin June 8 Mahan, Hezekiah Mahan, Thomas McCowen, James June 9 Millikan, David McKee, Matthew July 4 Martin, William July 5 Meper, John McNeal, Jonathan July 7 (Manifee), William July 23 Moreland, Absalom

May 4 Nocket, William May 13 Neail, Arthur Nicholson, Joseph June 6 Newton, Isaac June 11 Newton, William Jr Newton, William Sr

April 28 Oldridge, William May 4 Osburn, Solomon Osburn, Ephraim May 20 Oneal, Barnabas June 9 Oaky, Samuek

April 8 Pierce, Richard April 28 Parks, Moses April 30 Piercifield, Jeremiah May 19 Pain, William Pain, James May 20 Parker, Alexander May 28 Pain, Obadiah Pain, Joseph June 6 Potter, Thomas Jr Potter, Richard Potter, Thomas Sr June 7 Pucket, John Potter, Thomas June 9 Petty, William June 10 Prewet, David Sr Prewet, John Jr June 11 Pemberton, james June 15 Parker, James July 4 Pierce, Joseph July 6 Perril, William July 7 Prewet, John Sr Preet, David Jr

April 9 Rockholds, William April 27 Raleigh, Joseph April 28 Rockhold, Charles May 9 Reed, Robert Reed, William May 10 Robertson, Richard June 7 Reddick, John Reddick, Solomon Reddick, Elisha Reese, Jahu Reese, John June 8 Rains, henry June 13 Reed, Solomon June 14 Rains, Jonathan July 4 Reese, Isaac July 7 Rhodes, William July 23 Runnels, Daniel

April 8 Stewart, William April 27 Sanford, Robert April 28 Sexon, Isaac Sexon, James Stephenson, Robert May 3 Salliers, Isaiah Salliers, William Sailor, Solomon May 5 Shackleford, Henry May 6 Seagraves, Joel May 7 Spurlock, William Smith, Jonathan May 9 Stewart, Charles Smith, Elias May 10 Smith, David May 19 Stewart, John Sr May 20 Sneed, William May 28 Stewart, John Jr June 7 Slaughter, John June 8 Stoe, Joel Sears, James June 10 Stephens, Richard Smith, Elijah Smith, nathaniel Saunders, Henry June 11 Stotts, James Smith, Abraham June 13 Sears, John June 14 Smith, Gideon June 15 Stephenson, Joseph Shoemaker, Leonard July 4 Stewart, Joseph Stewart, Alexander July 6 Sellers, Jonathan July 7 Sellers, Thomas July 8 Shotwell, Thomas Shotwell, Daniel July 23 Smith, Jonathan Stewart, Charles Stewart, Isaac

April 8 Turner, John Tinsley, William April 28 Turner, George April 29 Thomas, John Jr Thomas, William May 6 Turner, William June 9 Todd, John June 11 Thompson, Enoch June 14 Tie, John Tie, George July 8 Thomas, John Sr Taylor. Stephen

June 9 Veach, Amos Veach, Charles June 14 Veach, Elias Vannoy, William

April 27 Walker, Renelder Walker, Nathaniel Walker, Samuel April 28 White, William May 2 Williams, Charles Wooten, Frederick May 3 Wilder, Joseph May 6 Welbourn, Nathan May 9 Wallace, Richard Winkles, James Winkles, Jeremiah Wadkin, Elisha May 13 Woodson, Henry May 18 Walker, John June 8 White, Reubin Wood, Thomas Wadkins, Joel Wadkins, Jonathan Whitecotton, Aaron Whitecotton, Goerge June 14 Wyatt, Thomas Wyatt, James White, William June 15 Wallace, John Wilson, Michael July 4 Whitson, Isaac July 5 Wadkins, Luke Woods, John July 6 Walker, Walter (Wade), Isham (Wade), Pleasant

July 6 Young, James

1800 1801 1802 1803 1804 1805 1806 1807 1808 1809