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1800 Knox Co Kentucky Tax List
1800    1801   1802   1803    1804    1805    1806    1807    1808    1809
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May 6 Arthur, Thos
Arthur, Ambross
Aulsap, John
Aulsap, Joseph
May 8 Arnet, Stephen
May 13 Ausbon, Edmund
June 2 Asher, Dill
Akman, John
Asher, John
Aulverson, Wm
May 5 Baggley, Thomas
Ballinger, John
Barnard, Gilbert
Bundy, Rubeon
May 7 Ballinger, Richard
Brewer, John
Brown, John
Bunch, James
May 12 Britain, James
Britain, George
Britain, Parks
May 19 Blanton, John
Brown, Joseph
Boling, Benj
Brown, Moses
July 1 Bunch, George
Brinlee, Stephen
Britain, Levy
July 5 Baley, James
Baker, Bris
Black, John
Branham, John
Belue, Stephen
May 6 Collins, Joel
Collins, Josiah
Culton, James
Coffey, John
Cox, Jacob
July 1 Cash, James
July 2 Cox, Fredarick
Colsten, Henry
Cummins, John
July 13 Cox, Jess
Curtis, Nathaniel
Comstalk, Isaac
July 14 Cox, Wm
Cox, Solomon
Cox, Thomas
Cox, Christopher
Commons, Wm
Commons, Hugh
? 13 Cox, Solomon
Cox, John
Curtis, Samuel
Cumstalk, Samuel
April 14 Daniel, Wm
Daniel, James
Daniel, Terry
Daniel, Spencer
Davis, Richard
July 1 Dunking, Benj
Dunking, Jas
Deweese, Thomas
Deweese, David
Dean, John
July 13 Dixson, Nathan
April 14 Eaton, John
April 14 Farris, John J
Farris, Elisha
Farris, Lewis
Freeman, Aaron
Farris, Nimrod
Farris, George
May 6 Farris, Wm
May 8 Farris, John Sr
April 14 Grisham, Uriah
May 6 Gooding, Thomas
Gooding, John
May 8 Green, Lewis Gordan, John
July 1 Gayston, Hugh
July 2 Gibson, Wm
Grinstaff, Jacob
Goan, Clabourn
Goan, Isaiah
July 3 Gooding, Alexander
Gatliff, Charles
Gatliff, Reace
Gatliff, Cornelias Gatliff, James
Grisham, Wm
May 5 Hale, James
Hodges, James
May 7 Hogan, Wm
Hawpkins, Jess
Hawskins, John Sr
Hawskins, John Jr
Hawskins, Ezekial
Hawskins, Thos
May 8 Hord, Samuel
Hobs, James
Hord, Thomas
Hord, James Sr
Hord, James Jr
Hobs, Wm
Hobs, Christopher
Hobs, Vincen
May 12 Huston, John
Hukum, Wm
July 2 Hayns, Andrew
Hughet, Goldsmith White
May 5 Johnston, Thos
May 14 Jones, Edmund
May 18 Jones, John
Jones, Stephen
Jones, Wayman
July 3 Johnston, James
July 10 Johnston, David
Johnston, Daniel
Juram, Abraham
Johnston, Jos
July 13 Johnston, Wm,
Killems, Gilbert
King, Henry
May 13 Loe, James Loe, John
May 19 Logan, John
Laughlin, John
Laughlin, Thos
May 5 McWheater, Robt
McNeal, Jonathan
McWheater, James
May 6 Mahan, James
McNight, Jas
Mosley, Samuel
Moss, Andrew
McMorn, Wm
Mahan, Thos
Martin, Wm
Milner, Daniel
May 9 Nicholson, Richd
Nichols, Wm
May 6 Payne, Joseph
Payne, Obediah
May 12 Piricafeld, Jeremiah
Plat, Ralf
Pearl, Wm
Peterson, Wm
July 12 Runnels, Daniel
Ruddick, John
Reace, Joshew
Rose, George
May 6 Sneed, Wm
Stewart, Alexd
Stewart, Charles
Stewart, John
May 8 Salyears, Isaiah
Smith, Gadian
Stephens, Richd
Stinson, Jos
Sellers, Thos
Slaughter, John
May 19 Shotwell, Daniel
July 12 Stoe, Joel
Smith, Elijah
July 14 Shewmaker, Lenard
Spurlock, Wm
May 16 Turner, Wm
Taylor, Stephen
July 5 Thomas, John
Tackett, Thos
May 7 Wade, Pleasant
May 9 White, Wm
Wilder, Jos Jr
Wilder, Jos Sr
Wilbourn, Edward
Wood, John
Watkins, Joel

1800    1801   1802   1803    1804    1805    1806    1807    1808    1809