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Descendants of Peter Wolf

First Generation

1. Peter Wolf was born in Jun 1714 in Gangloff, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. He died in 1788 in Washington Co., PA.

Children of Peter WOLF and Hannah (WOLF) are:+ 2 i. Mary Magdalena WOLF was born Jun 1 1743 in Lancaster Co, PA.
+ 3 ii. John Jacob WOLF was born Jun 27 1744 in Lancaster Co, PA, and died Apr 20 1835 in Buffalo Twp, Washington Co, PA.
+ 4 iii. John Peter WOLF was born Aug 25 1745 in Lancaster Co, PA, and died Abt 1829 in Knox Co, OH.
+ 5 iv. John WOLF was born Feb 2 1747 in Lancaster Co, PA, and died Jan 15 1833 in Canton Twp, Washington Co, PA.
+ 6 v. Barbara WOLFF was born Feb 5 1748 in Lancaster Co, PA, and died Jun 17 1817 in Buffalo Twp, Ohio Co, VA.
+ 7 vi. Elizabeth WOLF was born Jun 3 1749 in Lancaster Co, PA.
8 vii. Christian WOLF was born Dec 16 1750 in Lancaster Co, PA.
+ 9 viii. Rosanna WOLF was born Dec 5 1751 in Lancaster Co, PA, and died Abt 1815.
10 ix. Susanna WOLF was born Sep 2 1753 in East Hanover, Lancaster Co, PA.
+ 11 x. Christina WOLF was born Nov 25 1754 in East Hanover, Lancaster Co, PA.
+ 12 xi. William WOLF was born Mar 14 1757 in East Hanover, Lancaster Co, PA, and died Oct 16 1839 in Washington Co, PA.
13 xii. Daniel WOLF was born May 21 1759 in East Hanover, Lancaster Co, PA.

family record found by Annette K Burgert in the unpublished Moravian records at Bethlehem, PA: Seelen-Register zu Libanon an der Quitopehille - 1754 catalog. Peter Wolf, b June 1714 in Gangeloff in Zweibruch, Reformed. Wife Hannah b 1717 in Vigourie in Elsass (m Aug 8 1742). Children: Maria Magdalena b 1 June 1743, Joh. Jacob b 27 June 1744, Joh. Peter b 25 Aug 1745, Johannes b 2 Feb 1747, Maria Barbara b 5 Feb 1748, Elizabetha b 3 Jun 1749, Christian b 16 Dec 1750, Rosina b 3 Dec 1751, Susanna b 2 Sept 1753, Christina b 25 Nov 1754 (church record), William b 14 Mar 1757 (pension record), Daniel b 21 May 1759 (church record) [Ref: Bell WOLF-84 p3]

landed Philadelphia Nov 25 1740, with brothers John and Jacob [Ref: Bell WOLF-84 p15, Bell WOLF-95 p150, Barbi Sumney 1/8/2002]

ship Loyal Judith, Lovell Paynter, Commander, from Rotterdam, last from Deal [Ref: Rupp 30KNames p141, Strassburger PAGermanPioneers p282]

Moravian church was a few miles east of the Wolf home. When Stoever married Peter and Hannah Wolf in 1742, they were both of Tulpehocken. Peter gradually moved west until he got to East Hanover [Ref: Bell WOLF-84 p3]

member of Hill (Lutheran) Church in Lebanon Co in 1744. Son John baptized there Mar 31 1747 [Ref: Bell WOLF-84 p5]

taxed 1750 in Labanon Township [Ref: Bell WOLF-84 p3]

1752 Jun 10 warranted 125 acres, adjoining John Graham (warrant 1737) and Robert Corry (warrant 1745); now E Hanover Twp, Dauphin Co. [Ref: Bell WOLF-84 p3]

1756 on Hanover Twp tax list, marked "fled", some neighbors killed [Ref: Bell WOLF-84 p3]

1759 Jun 11 mortgaged to Jacob Meily for 49.4.3 his 1752 farm and his blacksmith tools, witnesses Isaac Bar and James BICKHAM (Deed book M, p393) [Ref: Bell WOLF-84 p3]

taxed 1759 in Lebanon, having fled from Hanover because of Indian attacks [Ref: Bell WOLF-84 p3]

1761 Apr 7 naturalized at Philadelphia with Philip Dennis [Ref: Bell WOLF-84 p3]

1764 overseer of poor, Lebanon Twp [Ref: Bell WOLF-84 p3]

1765 Nov 26 applied for 200 acres adjoining his 1752 tract in Hanover [Ref: Bell WOLF-84 p3]

1766 Jul 8 sponsor with wife Hannah of their grandson, Frederick FOULK, son of John and ELizabeth FOULK [Ref: Bell WOLF-84 p3]

1767 Mar 10 sponsor with Hannah of John Jacob KILLINGER, son of Andres and Ann KILLINGER [Ref: Bell WOLF-84 p3]

1768 Jun 2 granted warrant for 200 acres, patented Jun 3. tract lay northeast of the junction of Bow and Swatara Creeks, 3 miles north of present Hershey. Adjoining to northeast James Baird 1752, John Thompson before 1757, John Dixon 1738. Adjoining to southeast Joseph Wilson 1766. Tract named "Wolf's Hole" [Ref: Bell WOLF-84 p5]

1772 taxed East Hanover 200 acres, 3 horses, 4 cows [Ref: Bell WOLF-84 p5]

1773 taxed for 200 acres, 4 horses, 4 cows [Ref: Bell WOLF-84 p5]

1775 Apr 27 sold 1768 tract [Ref: Bell WOLF-84 p3-5]

1775: sold to Abraham HURST for L700. The deed was recorded July 13. Witnesses were John Thomas and Peter Hurst. Jacob Sauter was a witness to the receipt. The deed was acknowledged May 10. [Ref: Bell WOLF-84 p5]

settled in Lancaster Co, PA; moved to Washington Co about 1775 [Ref: Bell WOLF-84 p1]

sold his Lancaster County farm in April 1775 [Ref: Bell WOLF-84 p1]

only record of Peter Sr in Washington Co is the "Wolf Estate" in the 1789 tax lists [Ref: Bell WOLF-84 p1]

Peter married Hannah on 8 Aug 1742 in Lancaster Co., PA. Hannah was born in 1717 in Vigourie, Alsace, Germany.

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i John Peter Wolf

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