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Johann Adam WALBORN


3. Christian Wilhelm WALBORN

1 _FA6
2 PLAC Rev.

Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany was formerly in Rhenish Palatinate.

Christian was 17 when he accompanied his parents to America. He marriedCatharina Elisabetha Batdorf while both families were living in the NewYork encampment, at a village called New Annsberg (sometimes calledSchmidsdorf). Their first four children were born there.

They were among the first who settled in the Tulpehocken Settlement in1723 and were one of the 30 families who met to plan for a permanentchurch and school.
The church was called Rieth's or Zion's Church and was completed in1727. It was made out of crude logs and the pulpit was a huge roundblock, the base of a tree. Seats were split logs. There was nofire-place.. This church stood in the corner of the cemetery atStouchsburg until the latter part of the
nineteenth century, when it was destroyed by fire. However, in 1742,dissatisfaction among the members of the church arose from the influencesof the Moravian body, which took over the Church's Services. In 1743,theLutherns and Reformed Members built "The Christ Church" (Lutheran later)on the west edge of Stouchsberg, PA. Christian and Catherina were Chartermembers and were
very active workers throughout their lives. Christian often served asthe Supply Pastor and was usually referred to as Rev. though only alay-minister.

Christian was Naturalized 13 Sep 1761, and was a very successful farmer.The ancestral home which was built on the large Walborn Homestead, stillstands at the western edge of Myerstown, Lebanon co., PA.

WILL! Recorded in Will Book J-I, p. 348 in Lancaster county PA. Witnessed29 Mar 1764, probated 11 Dec 1769. A full and complete copy in theexcellent book written by Maxine (Blankenhorn) Bennett and published byher husband Clifford H. Bennett 1984. Her address is 1213 Colton St.,Columbus Junction, IA 52738.
I personally know she would be glad to hear from any relative.

Buried: Both in Tulpehocken cemetery.

(The following was imported from WFT Vol. 17. #1178. by EA on 3/14/99)now to get submitter name.
"Christian Wilhelm Walborn was a trustee of the early TulpehockenChurch in Pennsylvania in 1744 and was sometimes referred to as the Rev.Christian Walborn. His name is listed in a deed dated 11/02/1739 for 176acres of land "on a branch of the Tulpehocken Creek" purchased fromCaspar Wistar, a brass button maker of Philadelphia, PA. This deed isrecorded at Lancaster Co., PA, Book D, p. 154.

He was the father of 12 children, 11 of which were living at the datingof his will on 03/29/1764.
His home, built in 1744, still stands on the western edge of Myerstown,PA."

8. John Adam WALBORN

BIRTH! First Walborn male born in America.
Soldier in the Revolutionary War
All ten children born near Stumpstown, now Fredericksburg, PA

10. Anna Eva WALBORN

She married in 1740 to Philip Lorentz Hautz, son of John Wendel and Anna
Catharina Hautz. They had 9 children: John Christian; Anna Maria; Jaria
Elizabeth; Anna Catherine; Maria Barbara; Baltzer; John Wendell; Jacob;and
Further and more complete information about Anna Eva, Philip Lorentz,their
children, and descendants to the present, is listed in THE HOUTZ FAMILY
genealogy, under H.9. by Maxine Bennett.

11. Catharina WALBORN

Catharina married 15 March 1744 at the Christ Lutheran Church nearStouchsburg,
PA., to Christopher Knoebel (Knebel), who was born 1718 in Germany. Hearrived
in Philadelphia on the "Charming Nancy" in 1738, when he was 20 yearsold. He
died 1794, Berks co, PA. When they married, Christopher was living onthe land
deeded to him by the Thomas Freame heirs, 13 Feb 1755, just east of the
Berks-Lebanon county line, on a stream bridged by old US highway 22. Theyhad
nine children, all listed with births in Maxine's Walborn Book.

12. Maria Magdalena Margretta WALBORN

1 _FA1
2 DATE 1744

She married 14 June 1748 to George Magnus Conrad (Konrad), son of PeterKonrad
of New Hanover.

13. Maria Catharina WALBORN

She married 11 April 1751 to Nicholas Miller (Muller), son of MichaelMuller.

14. Christina WALBORN

1 _FA1
2 DATE 1744

She married 9 Nov 1748 to John Jacob Albert.

16. Hermanus WALBORN

1 _FA1
2 DATE 1753

He married Catharina Brucker (Bricker) and they lived in Heidelberg wheretheir six children were born.

17. Anna Margretta Elizabeth WALBORN

1 _FA1
2 DATE 1753

She married Johannes Nicholas Kurtz. Their children were bpt. at theChrist
Lutheran Church, Stouchsburg, PA. Only one son is known; John ChristianKurtz
born 25 Aug 1761; bpt. 1 Sep 1762.

19. George Peter WALBORN

1 _FA1
2 DATE 8 JUL 1744

He never married.
George Peter died in March 1964 and his father, Christian, made out hiswill 10
day later, naming Christian as the youngest. If Maxine hadn't had such
detailed research, I would have assumed that there were only 11 children,with
Christian being the youngest. Another good lesson in Genealogy!! NEVER