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Johann Adam WALBORN


1. Johann Adam WALBORN

Marriage date imported from WFT Vol 17, #1178. It also saidMosbach-Biebrich, Germany for his birth & spelled his name as Wallborn,Johannes Adam with approximate birth date and full marriage date.

I quote from Maxine Bennett's book- "The Walborn Family"
"Family legend tells us that the name Walborn had its origin with thebirth of a small child found in the woods in the fatherland many yearsago. Those rescuing the infant, not knowing its parentage, decided togive it a name connected with its discovery, so they gave it the namewhich meant Woods Born:
WALD-GEM BORNE, WALD BORNE, WALDBORN. The latter form appears onBaptismal
records in Germany.
The history of the Walborn family is most interesting, to say the least,and to speak of the Walborns is to speak of the Batdorfs, for these twofamilies have been closely related for more than two hundred and seventyfive years.
The original home of the Walborns was in Wiesbaden, Germany. Dr. FritzBraun, well-known German genealogist, formerly of the HelmatstellePfalz, of Kaiserlautern, Germany, lists: "Johan Adam Wal(L)born ausWiesbaden, Hausmann auf dem Schutzenhof, ausgewandert mit Frau AnnaElisabeth, u. 6 Kindern
1690-1708. Sil: mit Anna Elisabeth u. 6 Kindern in Schmidsdorf(Schoharie)." Sil" Simmendorf Register."
The following and most all my Walborn information are excerpts from "TheWalborn Family Book" Thank you Maxine!
Hans Adam's wife Anna Elisabetha (Feg) (EA has a note in the marginstating that FEG was changed from Schneider and that Anna Elisabetha'sfather, Johann Peter Feg was the son of Nicolaus Feg-Schneider, son ofJohannes Schneider.
I'm sorry to say, unless I can find documentation somewhere, I don't knowwhere I got that information!)

The summer of 1708 started the journey for the Walborn Family to America.They traveled down the Rhine to Rotterdam, Holland by boat. A long,tedious trip, arriving in London with thousands of other Germans,destitute and eager to take advantage of Queen Anne's offer to establisha Colony in New York, America! Ten vessels were loaded with over 3,000Germans, including our Hans Adam Walborn, Peter Batdorf, Johann Peter Fegand Johannes Risch families. They left Endland the 25th of December,1709 and after a long, terrible six months, arrived in New York inJune, 1710.
That Fall, about 1,400 were moved 100 miles up the Hudson River, toLivingston Manor. All our families among those moving. They were underindenture to serve Queen Anne as grateful subjects, to manufacture tarand raise hemp, in order to repay the expenses of their transportationand cost of
subsistence. The experiment was a complete failure. Our families who,in order to escape the certainty of famishing, left late in the autumn of1712, for Schoharie Valley, about sixty miles north-west. After 6 weeksof hard grueling travel in 3 feet of snow, they arrived, only to lose theland and all improvements ten years later because of some defect in theirland titles. In 1723, 33 families, ours included, again packed theirmeager belongings and settled in Tulpehocken Valley along the SwataraCreek in southern Pennsylvania, about 15 miles west of Reading. HansAdam was still listed there in 1741, but the exact date of his death isnot known.

Hans Adam served in the French and Indian Wars, starting in 1711 in theExpedition against the French, serving with General Nicholson atMontreal. On 26 July 1711, he was one of the Palatine Volunteers in theAnnesbury and Queensbury Expedition against Canada. In 1717, he hadtaken the Oath of Allegiance, and was a volunteer from Annsburg, in whatwas called the East Camp. He fought with the English against the Frenchat Montreal and also in the defense of Albany.
Hans and his wife Anna Elisabetha were parents of six children.

Anna Elisabetha notes:

Following their marriage, they lived in a section of the Rhine Valleyknown as the Palatinate. Church records of the family were found inWiesbach-Nassau, Germany, and baptismal records from Weisenbaden,Germany, were obtained by Herman Walborn of Saint Paris, Ohio, in 1969,for 2 daughters of Hans Adam and Anna Elisabetha Walborn of Idar,Germany.

Anna Elisabetha FEG

Following their marriage, they lived in a section of the Rhine Valleyknown as the Palatinate. Church records of the family were found inWiesbach-Nassau, Germany, and baptismal records from Weisenbaden,Germany, were obtained by Herman Walborn of Saint Paris, Ohio, in 1969,for 2 daughters of Hans Adam and Anna Elisabetha Walborn of Idar,Germany.

Aug. 18, 1997---In "Heritage Quest" magazine Issue #70, July 1997,Richard L. McArthy (address in Correspondance) has Anna Elisabetha FEGborn in 1728!!! and md to Hans Adam Walborn. He has Batdorfs, Walborns,& Reiths, my names & some mrgs the same but the years are totallydifferent. I wrote to him today & sent Charts on Johann Adam Walborndescendancy, FGS on Johann Peter & Anna Maria (Risch-Reith) Feg, &Christian W. Walborn with wife Catharina Batdorf. Now I wait.

2. Andreas David WALBORN

Lived in the Tulpehocken Valley. Had four sons. Daniel; John Peter;Major
Adam (in the 2nd PA Regiment in the War of the Revolution. He waspromoted to
lst Lieutenant 20 Jan 1776, and was killed at Paoli,29 Jan 1777.); andSamuel
who was also a Revolutionary War Soldier. He is buried in Brown co.Ohio.


'I. A LETTER to him from Mr. S.. A. Shaver dated June 29. 1926 and on thestationery of the Church of the Brethren, West Fourth Street, FrederickMd. states that S. A. Shaver's father and ' grandfather lived nearHarrisburg, Virginia, and SAYS ambiguously "we came from Virginia toMaryland." S. A. Shaver also observes: "I am well acquainted with thedescendants of Casper and Nicholas but George Shavers descendants arealmost unknown to us." He speaks of certain documents and-records whichhe is lending to

'-Melvin Shaver. -The Frederick address of S. A. Shaver was-13 Rose montAvenUA in the Rosemont section.

2. A List of Palatinate Records in Museum. London,
Schaefer, George Taylor age 18
Schemer, Andreas Carpenter son 13 Daughter 15. 7
, Henry son-20il7- 14
Schaefer, John Henry 9 4
Sbhaeffer Philip 10 2
Schaeferin, Elinor unmarried
Schaffer, John linen weaver 4.3.2, 5
Echoefar, Andres 11,7,1 1201,4~
Schaffer, Lorentz
Schaeffer, Gerhard 6,3,1
Matthew 8
John Peter
Schiefer, John 9., 53 18mos.

"The above names are taken from the lists on record in the museum inLondon, England and is part of a list of Getman-Palatinates In London in1709. The name Schaeffer and Shaver no matter how spelled is synonymous.

3. Names of Persons in Camp on the Hudson, 1710-17140 Taken from GovernorHunter's Ration Ldst.

Schaffer, Frederick, Johannes, Joseph. George,, Reinhard..
Johann.Wene.r Jacob, Jost Henry, Gerhard, Johan Niclaus.
Schafferin Elizabeth Maria Elizabeth, Maria Margretha Schieffer, Phillip-
4. Palatines in Pennsylvania: Names of Germans Migrating-from, the Stateof New York to Pennsylvania (an article by William T. Hinke in the GaintJohnsville, New York, Enterprise and News, Wednesday, October 25,, 1933t)

These people were invited by Governor Keith.to take up land
on the Swatara and Tulpehocken in 1723. (See Pennsylvania
2nd Series,, Vol. VII., page-94 f.) In 1723 fifteen families-from
Albany settled 0001in the Swatara p. 7A) These fifteen'
families were headed by the following: Johannes Lantz, Peter
Conrad Schuetz, Baltasar Neft, Lorentz Zerbe, Joseph Sab, Georg
Rieth,, Godfrey Fldlerp Johannes Claus Schaefer/Shaver, John ///%#
Leonard Rieth, Annonius/Antonis Schadt/Shart, Johann Peter Pacht,
Johann Michael Christ, Sebastian Fischer, Andrew Walborn.

By 1725 there were 33 familes along the Tulpehocken. They styledthemselves then "being natives of Germany about 15 years ago." were bythe goodness and royal bounty of her late Majestyo Queen Anne, relievedfrom the hardships which they then suffered in Europe and weretransported into the Colony of New York" etc. (See Colonial Records ofPennsylvania., 111, 352) They left New York


4. Maria Elisabetha WALBORN

There is no record of her marriage, but ca 1717, she either marriedMartin Batdorf (F.12) or they lived as common-law man and wife, which wascommon at that time due to a shortage of preachers in the NY. encampmentwhere they were living with their parents.
They were parents of ten children: Hermanus, John Adam, Marie Elizabeth,Christian, Martin, Maria Margaretha, George Peter, Henrich, Cahtarina,and Catharine Elizabeth. More information about them in
THE BATDORF FAMILY genealogy. under F-12.

5. Anna Christina Elisabetha WALBORN

1 _FA1
2 DATE 29 JUL 1703
2 PLAC Germany

She was 7 years old when they imigrated to New York. She married, in NY,John
George Loesch, s/o Balthazar and Susanna Phillipina Loesch. They settledin
Tulpehocken near the Walborn and Batdorf families. Anna became aMoravian at
Lebanon, PA., in Dec 1747. They had 11 children. All info in the WalbornBook.

6. Johann Hermanus WALBORN

1 _FA1
2 DATE 29 JAN 1707/08
2 PLAC Wiesbach, Nassau, Germany

He married 20 July 1728, Maria Margaretha Feg, daughter of Johannes Fegand his
wife Anna Maria Margaretha (Becker) Feg, from Idar-Oberstein, Germany.
They were members of the old Rieth Church, where he served as a warden.They
had 8 children, but only 3 are known: Anna Elizabeth, b.15 July 1740;Michael,
b. 1742 & married Catherine______; and Leonard Walborn.

7. Maria Catarina WALBORN

She was the youngest child. She married 6 Oct 1730, Peter Schell, inLancaster
co., PA. They lived on the Schell plantation northwest of the Walbornland.
There may have been more children, but only two sons are known: Peterborn 15
Nov 1746 and Martin.