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Johann Georg VON LOHR


7. Dr Benjamin VANLEER

Dr. Benjamin Van Leer lived in Haddonfield, Gloucester County, NJ in 1772 near his older brother George. He was a medical doctor and has been reported as being active during the war. The biographical description in the History of New Jersey Medicine in 1879, however, makes one question his contributions.

"He was a man of some literary taste, and was possessed of property. His habits were what we now term "fast," and were not promotive of his success as a medical man. He dressed in Continental style, and was very vain of his 'handsome leg,' which in that day was quite a feature."

In later years, Dr. Benjamin Van Leer practiced in Philadelphia. When he wrote his will in 1817, he was a resident of Chester County, PA.

Three wives are recorded: (1) Hannah (Anna Marie) who died in 1766; she had one son. (2) Mrs. Keziah Ellis Tonkey, widow of Edward Tonken and daughter of Joseph Ellis of Gloucester County; she also had one son. (3) Mary Bullen who died in 1802; no children.


10. Isaac VANLEER

Isaac Vanleer 1754 - 31 Jul 1799 buried Great Valley
Presbyterian Churchyard, Married Sarah Davis. He died intestate
and letters were granted 20 Aug 1799 to Sarah his wife and
Bernard Vanleer his son. He left wife & childen Elizabeth,
Isaac, William, Bernard, Sarah, Paschall, Hannah, Nancy, &
George. He owned a plantation in Tredyffren. He served in the
Revolutionary War and the PA Archives Series 5 Vol V page 618
lists him as a private in Capt Howland's Company Tredyffren
Milita 1789.