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"He was married in North Carolina, where he and wife Margaret commenced in very low circumstances to make a living; he having but one horse, and it soon died; this loss was keenly felt, yet they persevered. He managed to raise a good crop of wheat and corn in one season a few weeks before harvest he pulled up the corn stubs or roots, his wife dropping corn therein, and he covering it with the hoe. And when the wheat was taken off the ground, he commenced tending his corn and this made a good crop. I mention this that the reader may form an idea of the man."

"Stephen and Margaret Hockett trekked to Ohio with nine children in 1805, taking up their abode in Fairfield Township, Highland County. [He acquired land grants in OH and farmed.] Then in 1817 the father Stephen and his married sons sold their land and pushed farther west to Indiana, which was sparsely settled when admitted to the Union in 1816, but was pioneered rapidly after that. " "[There] he bought land for himself and sons; and lived there until his children were all married." "Stephen and his sons purchased farm land in Washington Township, Randolph County."

"Now they [Stephen and Margaret] had lived to a good old age, but the news came to his ear that there was good rich prairie in Iowa, and he seemed to think it would be best for him and offspring to cross the great Father of Waters. And accordingly he and many of his connexions came here in the spring of 1837 [in covered wagons] and settled near Same."(sic)

"In 1837...Another westward thrust was undertaken to that part of Wisconsin Territory destined to become Henry County, IA." Stephen and Margaret and their six sons went to settle Salem."

"But it was not long until they went the way of all the earth. He deceased the 26th of 6th month 1839; aged 72 years, 2 months and 20 days. His wife deceased 23rd of 9th month 183; aged 76 years, 8 months, and 11 days. They were both consistent members of the Society of Friends. Their children were all living (eleven in number) at the time of her death, and if I am not mistaken, had not a doctor in their family until they were all grown.

The following table will show the condition of their generation at the time of her death, it being written about that time by some of the relatives and kept in manuscript, and as many of their relatives are subscribers and readers of Democrat, I thought it would confer a favor on them to have it published.