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Descendants of Thomas MOORE Sr.

Seventh Generation


430. Fannie Geneva SMALLWOOD (James Lewis SMALLWOOD , Mary Margaret MOORE , Lemuel * , James * , William , Thomas ) was born on 9 Dec 1891 in Nevada, Vernon Co., Missouri. She died on 10 Nov 1985 in Oklahoma.

GENEVA POSEY 09 Dec 1891 Nov 1985 74114 (Tulsa, Tulsa, OK) (none specified) 441-52-9293 Oklahoma

1930 Census - Beggs, Okmulgee, Oklahoma, page 6A, Image 0657
Low D. Posey, age 46, OH OH OH
Geneva F, wife, age 38, MO KY MO, age at marr 23
Martha P, dau, age 13, KS
James, son, age 11, KS
Jeanne, dau, 3-1/2, OK

Fannie married Leonidas Dudley POSEY, son of Henry Clay POSEY and Emma Catherine RICHARDSON, in 1914. Leonidas was born on 6 Jul 1883 in Marietta, Washington, Ohio. He died on 12 Aug 1960 in Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma and was buried in Rose Hill Memorial Park, Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Posey, Low D
Age: 46
Birthplace: Ohio
Race: White
State: Oklahoma
County: Okmulgee
Township: Beggs

Leonidas and Fannie had the following children:

  569 F i Martha P. POSEY
  570 M ii James POSEY
  571 F iii Jeanne POSEY

433. Pauline Eleanor SMALLWOOD (James Lewis SMALLWOOD , Mary Margaret MOORE , Lemuel * , James * , William , Thomas ) was born on 14 Sep 1900 in Nevada, Vernon Co., Missouri. She died on 30 Jan 1993 in Sherwood, AR.

Pauline married Charles Haak MOHLER, son of Lloyd William MOHLER and Harriett HAAK, in 1918. Charles was born on 29 May 1897 in Richland, PA. He died on 2 Feb 1927 in Miranda City, TX.

1920 Federal Census - Coffeyville, Montgomery, Kansas
Charles Mohler, age 22, b. PA
Pauline, age 19, b. KS
Charles Jr, son, age 6 mos, b. KS

William W. Mohler, his wife Lizzie, and grandson Charles Haak Mohler arrived in Coffeyville, Montgomery County, Kansas about 1910. Charles Haak Mohler was the son of deceased parents Lloyd William Mohler and Harriet Haak Mohler. School records, in the possession of Carol Mohler Webb, indicate Charles Haak Mohler attended school in Coffeyville in 1911. Charles H. Mohler graduated from the Coffeyville High School class of nineteen hundred and fourteen. Commencement exercises were Monday evening, June first at eight o’clock in the Jefferson Theatre. Charles Haak Mohler went to work for an oil refining company, first as a laborer, and latter as an office clerk. In September of 1917, Charles enrolled as a freshman at the University of Kansas. Accounts of his enrollment, as well as other letters written while at school, are in the possession of Carol Mohler Webb.

On November 8,1917 an article in the Coffeyville Journal William W. Mohler became ill and was taken to the hospital "in a poor condition, and is very low." On Nov. 9, 1917, William W. Mohler died. The funeral article mentions son Jacob Henry and family of St. Louis Missouri, and Charles H. Mohler. After his grandfathers death Charles Haak returned to Coffeyville, in all probability to care for his grandmother Lizzie.

In 1918 Charles Haak Mohler married Pauline Eleanor Smallwood, daughter of Lena Mrytle and James Smallwood.

Charles and Pauline had the following children:

  572 M i Charles MOHLER Jr.

435. James Eugene SMALLWOOD (James Lewis SMALLWOOD , Mary Margaret MOORE , Lemuel * , James * , William , Thomas ) was born on 4 Jan 1904 in Coffeyville, Kansas. He died on 18 Sep 1966 in Miami, OK.

1930 Federal Census - Miami, Ottawa, Oklahoma
James E Smallwood, age 26, b. KS
Beulah, age 23,
Jimmie W, son, age 5
Eugene L., son, age 2.5
Maurine J, dau, age 6 MOS

James married Beulah Elizabeth WEAVER. Beulah was born on 13 Dec 1906 in Mountain Grove, MO. She died on 5 Feb 1988 in Miami, OK.

BEULAH E SMALLWOOD 13 Dec 1906 05 Feb 1988 74354 (Miami, Ottawa, OK) (none specified) 448-26-6715 Oklahoma

James and Beulah had the following children:

+ 573 M i James William SMALLWOOD
  574 M ii Eugene SMALLWOOD
  575 F iii Maureen SMALLWOOD

438. Ethel Avis Hulda GRIFFITH (Emma Elmira SMALLWOOD , Mary Margaret MOORE , Lemuel * , James * , William , Thomas ) was born on 1 Oct 1892 in Kansas. She died on 21 Apr 1928 in Died of TB and was buried in Newton Cemetery, Nevada, Vernon, MO.

Ethel married Luther W. DEVORE on 1 Jan 1911. Luther was born about 1879 in Kentucky. He died on 15 Oct 1968 in Missouri.

SSN: 491-12-3440
Last Residence: 64772 Nevada, Vernon, MO
Born: 15 Mar 1879
Last Benefit:
Died: 15 Oct 1968
State (Year) SSN issued: MO (Before 1951 )

1920 Federal Census - Center, Vernon, Missouri
Luther Devore, age 40, KY
Ethel, age 27,, KS
Willis, age 6, MO
Evert, age 5, MO

Luther and Ethel had the following children:

  576 M i Willis (or William) "Bill" DEVORE
  577 M ii Everett DEVORE
  578 M iii Leroy DEVORE

439. Zona Bell GRIFFITH (Emma Elmira SMALLWOOD , Mary Margaret MOORE , Lemuel * , James * , William , Thomas ) was born on 15 Feb 1898. She died in Nevada, Vernon, Missouri and was buried in Newton Cemetery, Nevada, Vernon, MO.

Zona married Jess Franklin EMBREY, son of William H. ? EMBREY. Jess was born on 8 Jul 1885 in Missouri. He died in Oct 1978 in Kansas.

SSN: 491-07-7904
Last Residence: 67213 Wichita, Sedgwick, KS
Born: 8 Jul 1885
Last Benefit: 64772 Nevada, Vernon, MO
Died: Oct 1978
State (Year) SSN issued: MO (Before 1951 )

1930 Federal Census - Virgil, Vernon, Missouri
Jess F. Embrey, age 44
Zona B, wife, age 30
Willie L., son, age 12
Eula M, dau, age 10
George F, son, age 8
Walter Griffith Sr, father-in-law, age 60
All born in Missouri

Jess and Zona had the following children:

  579 M i William L. EMBREY was born on 12 Dec 1917 in Missouri. He died in Nov 1968 in Kansas.

WILLIAM EMBREY 12 Dec 1917 Nov 1968 67213 (Wichita, Sedgwick, KS) (none specified) 491-05-9427 Missouri
  580 F ii Eula M. EMBREY
  581 M iii George F. EMBREY was born on 22 Mar 1922 in Missouri. He died on 13 Feb 1999 in Kansas.

SSN: 488-16-2196
Last Residence: 67217 Wichita, Sedgwick, KS
Born: 29 Mar 1922
Last Benefit:
Died: 13 Feb 1999
State (Year) SSN issued: MO (Before 1951 )

440. George Alvin GRIFFITH (Emma Elmira SMALLWOOD , Mary Margaret MOORE , Lemuel * , James * , William , Thomas ) was born on 3 Jan 1903. He died in Jun 1969 in Indiana and was buried in Newton Cemetery, Nevada, Vernon, MO.

ALVIN GRIFFITH 03 Jan 1903 Jun 1969 46526 (Goshen, Elkhart, IN) (none specified) 480-03-7259 Iowa

E-mail from Martha Hansen:
Picture of Emma, her son Alvin Griffith and his son Jr. taken in Cedar Rapids, IA. I think it was taken some time in the late 1930's Alvin and his wife and son lived in Cedar Rapids at the time, I think. I was right - the bottom picture that I'm sending has written on the back. The tall building in the back is the "Jail" "Cedar Rapids, IA 1937." The other picture is Emma, Alvin, Marge "Mason" Griffith and Jr. Marge was Alvin's wife. They lived in GA. when she died in late 1950's. Alvin died in June or July 1968.

George married Marjorie MASON on 2 Nov 1924 in Nevada, Vernon, Missouri. Marjorie died late 1950s in Georgia.

They had the following children:

  582 M i George Alvin GRIFFITH Jr.

441. Hazel Linna GRIFFITH (Emma Elmira SMALLWOOD , Mary Margaret MOORE , Lemuel * , James * , William , Thomas ) was born on 28 Jul 1906 in Vernon County, Missouri. She died in 1982 in Atlantic, Iowa and was buried in Nevada, Vernon, Missouri.

HAZEL ROGERS 28 Jul 1906 Oct 1982 50022 (Atlantic, Cass, IA) (none specified) 483-52-0062 Iowa

Hazel married Willis Lloyd ROGERS, son of William ROGERS and Mary J., in Aug 1923 in Nevada, Vernon, Missouri. Willis was born on 21 Feb 1906 in Missouri. He died in May 1969 in Iowa.

WILLIS ROGERS 21 Feb 1906 May 1969 50022 (Atlantic, Cass, IA) (none specified) 491-05-8675 Missouri

1930 Federal Census - Nevada, Vernon, Missouri
Willis Rogers, age 24, MO
Hazel, age 23, MO
Lloyd A, age 5, MO
Helen M, age 3-1/2, MO

Next door (probably Willis' parents):
William Rogers, age 65, MO
Mary J, age 63, IL

Willis and Hazel had the following children:

  583 M i Lloyd Alvin ROGERS was born on 18 Dec 1924 in Missouri. He died on 17 Feb 1998 in Iowa.

LLOYD A ROGERS 18 Dec 1924 17 Feb 1998 (V) 50022 (Atlantic, Cass, IA) (none specified) 486-24-5128 Missouri
  584 F ii Helen Marie ROGERS
  585 M iii Donald Stanley ROGERS
  586 M iv Maurice Allen ROGERS
  587 F v Martha Ann ROGERS
        Martha married HANSEN.

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