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3. Henry TAYLOR

Born in England, was a member of the Church of England

Immigrated to US-1832

1836 thru 1843 served as a 1st lt. in Calvery (not yet a citizen)

1840-naturalized. Voted for W.H. Harrison

Once a Whig, later a Democrat

9 Apr 1840 md in Muskingum co by J. Culbertson VDM Source: A researcherin Ohio, Dorothy______.

1850- Union Twp,OH
1860- Perry Twp,OH all in Muskingum co.
1870- "
1880-Salt Creek Twp

1886-joined Muskingum co. Historical Society made a Trustee.

Probate court, mrg., & death rec for Anna Martha.

A good story in "History of Muskingum County" page 592. I have copy.

Jane CAW

born in OH or MD or England

age 39 in 1860 OH census

died before 1900 census

lived in Wayne twp,OH in 1892

find more in Ancestral file in Rpd Cy lots of CAWS in Scotland

8. Elizabeth TAYLOR

1 _FA6
2 PLAC Elizabeth A.

md 29 Nov 1860 to Richard J. Hogan in Muskingum co. OH by S. Willson

Richard HOGAN

find source of marriage

9. Mary TAYLOR

md W. A. Vernon
age 16 in 1860 census
lived in IA 1892

10. James TAYLOR

Ohio Infantry Co. F. 78th Died in battle at Champion's Hill, MS in 1863age 16!!! Source: "History of Muskingum co. OH"

11. Charles TAYLOR

1 _FA6
2 PLAC Charles C.

md Jessie
Lived in WA in 1892

13. Cornelia TAYLOR

1 _FA6
2 PLAC Cornealia E.

md 11 May 1880 to Albert Huff in Muskingum co OH by H.A. Delano MG

16. Amelia Jane TAYLOR

Single & at home in 1892