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20. Emma Jane CASEY

BIRTH: 16 Jan 1883 - Forest City, Holt co. MO SOURCE: Her obit.,Widow's Declaration for Pension for minor daughter, Emma Jane Cacy.SOURCE: Holt co Probate Court, Oregon, MO. Aug 7,1891, AppointedSophia Ann Walker, Mother of minor heir of William Cacy, deceased.also Grandmother's sworn affidavit as to Emma's birth at GrandmaMelvina's house.

1878 - 8 Jan, I have her parents marriage certificate from Holt co. MO.for William Casey and Miss Sophia Stricklen . Mrg cert. has his namespelled with an S, the later Probate records are Cacy or Cacey, MelvinaStrickland, Mother to Sophia swears that Cacy and Strickland are correct.

Can't find any Phillips or Caseys of mine in Holt Co. MarriageRecords1846-1870. (FIND the copies I made in Vernal now that I have morenames!!!)

1885, 14 June-- Her Father died at the Holt Co. Poor Farm, attendingphysician was Dr. J. L. Thatcher of Oregon MO. see next item, I don'tknow why the pay was not from 1885.

1893 - Probate Court, Oregon, MO. Notice of Issue by the Departmentof the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, Certificate # 367065, Appointed 17March 1893, for Orig pension, payable by the Pension Agent at Topeka,Kansas $8 plus $2 per month add'l for child, retroactive from 15 Aug1890, to Sophia Ann Walker,

1893 - 10 April, Sophia signed with her mark, Sophia A. Walker an X,witnessed by her attorney, Clarke Irvine and her husband, John B Walker,a voucher proclaiming to be the guardian of Emma J, child of WilliamCacy, Co. E 32 MO Vol Inft, deceased, and received $296.33 for " 29months' and 19 days' pension due me on pension certificate # 367065, fromthe 15 day of Aug 1890, to the 4 day of Feby, 1893, for which I havesigned duplicate receipts." EA has.

1893 - The next Probate notice that I (EA) copied at Oregon, MO, is alsodated April 10, 1893 on a Monday morning at 9 o'clock AND IT STATES:The Estate of Emma J. Cacey, minor, orderd into the hands of PublicGuardian, aged 12 years (a mistake) she is a resident of Holt Co. and hasNO GUARDIAN OR CURATOR. so Giles A. Laughlin a Public Guardian of HoltCo. is to take charge of the $296.33 now due her. Then on

1893 -12 June, Oregon, Holt co., MO. The Probate Judge and the Sheriff"Ordered that the sum of $150 be appropriated to John Walker, out ofthe Estate of Emma J. Cacey, minor, for support, maintenance and clothingof said minor." Each year after that, John B. Walker, her Stepfather,received around $100 for her support. And there is no mention of herMother, Sophia, again until her death is recorded in March of 1899.

1899, July 4 - Emma Jane Casey married James "L or T" Phillips, SOURCE:Obit says in Des Moines, IA, but I question that. Emma's Mother diedMarch 1 of that year & is buried in Forest City, Holt co. MO. Emma Janewas 16, and maybe--"working for this older man whose wife had died withher infant daughter, leaving him with a small son to raise." And MAYBE,he took her to Des Moines where his family lived to get married. Theywere in Newcastle, Weston co. WY by Dec 31, 1899 when Grandma Vina, theirfirst child was born. I need to do more checking for the marriage record.

1899 - 31 Dec. 1st. child born. See CHRONOLOGY. (in Word) also printed &in notebook.

1900 - Census, see Chonology.

1900 - Probate Court of Holt Co. MO Estate Settlement signed by Emma J.Phillips and her husband, James T. Phillips, March 12 1900 in Weston Co.Wy and sent to Holt Co. Probate Judge. EA has copy.
The Notary Public wrote in the date 12 March 1900, but it is stamped Mar12, 1901. I never noticed this until I got home or I would have askedthe Judge about the dates.

I remember her very well. Granny lived on a hill overlooking town &always sat out on her front porch smoking her pipe. Mom & I used toclean her house for her. I wish I could remember her stories!!!

OBIT: Emma Phillips Dies in Sheridan I (EA) have the newspaper copy.It has errors in it. Excerpts:
Husband had been employed by the railroad. She was a member of the FirstMethodist Church.
Survivors are four daughters, Mrs. Lavina Procunier, Newcastle; Mrs.Olive McVey of Casper; Mrs. Cynthia Pedulla, Newcastle; and Mrs. George(Virginia) Abbenhouse of Newcastle; two sons, Dewey Phillips of Newcastleand James Phillips of Cheyenne; 31 grandchildren and 70great-grandchildren.
She is preceded in death by her husband, six daughters and five sons.
(names of infants we know: Margaret, Henry, Arthur, Leonard, Dalphine,Bernice Ralph, & Loretta) They all died in Holt co. MO or Cambria, &Newcastle, Weston co. Wy.

Elaine Allen has Weston Co. Book with stories and pictures.

Jan Farella or Marie McIntosh has a picture of Emma Jane, James and someof their children AND "Emma's BROTHER, who's last name is WALKER, I nowknow that her Mom, Sophia Ann Stricklen or Strickland, married John B.Walker before 30 Apr 1889, when their dau Maud was born. Married 1887.

James Leonard PHILLIPS

For SOURCES see separate Chronology.

BIRTH: Linda Ballieu,granddaughter to Dewey, says 1863 is wrongbirthdate for James Leonard. The rest of us disagree. His obit says hewas 73 yrs. 9 mos in Feb 1936, one of the oldest town residents.Tombstone says 1863 & Mom said he was a lot older than Granny.

I don't know when or where James L. married wife #1, probably in Holt orAndrew co MO in 1893-94. Their first child was born 5 Jan 1895 in MoundCity, Holt co. MO. Eliza Jane & 2 month old daughter died in May 1897,of Consumption, in MO. Supposedly, (12 yr old) Emma Jane then worked forhim, cleaning and caring for his 2yr old son, Thomas Jackson.

MARRIAGE - He married wife #2, 4 July 1899, Obit says Des Moines, IA.James was from IA & maybe they were, but I will check Holt Co. MO. Theirfirst child, Vina, was born 31 Dec 1899 In Newcastle, WY. 1900 census isproof of being in WY. They went back to Holt Co. MO for awhile, maybe in1903. And the last nine were born in Cambria. I know Cynthia was born 1Jan 1905 in Cambria, & Olive was born in Newcastle in 1906.

1880 Roll # 0671, Sup_ Dist #7, Enum Dist #34, Benton, Andrew co. MO- Mother, Sarah age 37 listed as head of house; James as oldest son &a Farmer, but Maimed, crippled & disabled; also Josephine, Margaret,Magnolia & 4 yr old Andrew. Josephine has a Liver complaint. Not provenas mine.!

1900 Roll # 1827, Plum Creek, Weston co. WY. James, Emma, James (hasto be 4 yr old Thomas Jackson by 1st wife, and Vine which has to be Vina.
He was a railroad man.

OBIT: 28 Feb 1936 Old Resident of Newcastle Dies Early Yesterday .
James Phillips, 73 years and nine months old, one of Newcastle's oldestresidents, died yesterday morning at 6:30 o'clock. Death was attributedby his physician to a long-time ailment which he had suffered for about ayear and a half.
Mr. Phillips was born in Warren co. IA in 1863. He came to WY when ayouth and for the past 43 years had been a resident of Newcastle.
The deceased is survived by his wife, Mrs. Emma Phillips, and ninechildren who are all living in or near Newcastle. They are Virginia,Jimmie, Tom, Mrs. Vinie Precunier (sp) William, Dewey, Ben, Ollie, andCymphie (sp).
The family announced yesterday afternoon that funeral services would beheld this afternoon at the home in Greenwood Addition at 2 o"clock withRev. Ralph Snyder officiation. He will be buried in the GreenwoodCemetery. The Sedgwick Mortuary is in charge of the services. He was amember of the First Methodist Church.

The above obit says he had been a resident of Newcastle for the past 43years. Not true. 43-1936 is 1883. His first wife and daughter died inMO in 1897 and his first child (Thomas Jackson) was born in MO in 1895,AND, He & Emma were in Newcastle on Dec 31, 1899 when Grandma Vina wasborn, but then in MO in1903, Grandma said. Back in Cambria, Weston Co.in 1905 where daughter Cynthia was born.

32. James Red PHILLIPS

Newsletter Journal, Newcastle, WY AREA DEATHS:
James "Red" Phillips, 66 of 3601 Osdick Court, Cheyenne died May 13 athis home.
Born Dec 20, 1921, in Newcastle, he had lived in Cheyenne since 1957. Hewas employed by Frontier Mechanical for 33 years before retiring in1985. He was a veteran of World War II, serving in the U.S. Army in 1941and was a member of American Legion Post # 6. He married his wife,Elaine, on Feb. 15, 1952, in Evanston. She survives him, as do astep-son, Jerry Lake; a sister, Virginia Myers of Sheridan; Threegrandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Services were May 18 inCheyenne.