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20. Emma Jane CASEY

1Holt County Judge, Estate of Emma J. Cacey, Minor, Appointed Public Guardian, Giles A. Laughlin, for Emma J. Cacey., Casey Book pg MO 8 & MO 21, . "In part---" appearing to the Court Emma J. Cacey - minor heir of William Cacey, deceased, aged twelve, is a resident of Holt Co. and has an Estate amounting to about $296.33 now due her, and has no guardian or Curator to receive same" WHY? (EA)."

2Holt County Probate Court, Support, Maintenance & Clothing for Emma J. Cacey, Casey Book pg MO 7, , page # 460. "paid $150 to John Walker out of Estate. 12 June 1893."

3Probate Court, Notice of Final Settlement of Emma Jane Casey, Filed with Probate Judge in Oregon 12 Feb 1901, Casey Book pg MO 20, . "Emma J. Phillips, formerly Emma J. Cacy, 15 Feb 1901."

41900 Census Plum Creek, Weston Co. WY, Phillips Book pg 4, , Microfilm # R-1827,pg 16, Sheet #32, Street #316. "Gives month & yr of birth."

5State of Missouri, County of Holt, Probate Records, Sophia's Widow's Declaration for Pension, Phillips Book pg # 6, . ""The following is the name and date of birth of the only legitimate children surviving of her marriage with said Wm Cacy. Emma Jaane Cacy born Jan 16, 1883"."

6Widow's Pension Claim, Melvina's Sworn Affidavit, Witness to Emma Jane's birth, Strickland Book pg MO 16, , # 2129820. ". Melvina - Mother to Sophia, Grandma to Emma Jane."

7Obituary for Emma Phillips, Phillips Book pg # 3, . "A former Newcastle resident, Emma J. died at Sheridan, WY. She was 78. Tells when and where born, to whom & where (which EA questions) and survivors in wrong birth order and some misspelled."

James Leonard PHILLIPS

1Sue Rogers, 1880 MO census for Sarah Phillips, Benton Twp, Andrew county, MO, My Phillips Documentation Book pg # 2, , Microfilm # 0671.

21900 Census Plum Creek, Weston Co. WY, Phillips Book pg 4, , Microfilm # R-1827,pg 16, Sheet #32, Street #316. "From Sue Rogers."

3Vina Procunier, Family Picture, Phillips book pg 6, . "Includes: James L., Emma Jane, Thomas J (son from James's 1st mrg), Ben, Dewey, Olive, Bill, Vina, & Cynthia Phillips, and Uncle Oliver (whoever he is, Vina just told me Uncle Oliver)."

41900 Census Plum Creek, Weston Co. WY, Phillips Book pg #4. "Married 1 year."

5Obituary for James Phillips, Newsletter Journal, Newcastle, Weston Co., WY, . "Mr. Phillips was born in Warren Co., IA in 1863."

61900 Census Plum Creek, Weston Co. WY, Phillips Book pg #5. "Includes wife Emma J., son James (has to be Thomas Jackson) and Vine who is Vina. From Sue Rogers."

7Obituary for James Phillips, in my Phillips book pg 3.

32. James Red PHILLIPS

1Obituary for Emma Phillips, Phillips Book pg 3, .