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Alexander STEWART


8. John HANNAH

(1) Spelled name Hanna.
(2) 1580: Became a member of Parliament of Scotland for Wigton. He used his
influence in continuing the established Presbyterian Church against the
efforts then made to establish the Church of England over Scotland, as
favored by King James VI. A long struggle continued between the barons and the
crown for supremacy and between the Roman Catholics and the Anglicans, and
the efforts of both against Presbyterianism on civil and religious differences
caused much of the property of the HANNAs to become wasted and lost.
(1) 1582: Alexander HANNAY, a younger son of the family of Sorbie, purchased
lands of Kirkdale Stewarty of Kirkcudbright, and obtained a charter of the
same for his nephew, Patrick HANNAY, Esq., paternal ancestor of the HANNAYs of
Mochrum. This Alexander HANNAY left a son, John HANNAY, who inherited the
estate. John HANNAY's son was Patrick HANNAY. Alexander HANNAH of Kirkdale
married Ann MACKIE, and their son was named Patrick HANNAY of Kirkdale. (NOTE:
Several Patrick HANNAYs confused? See notes under Patrick, s/o Alexander.)
(1,2) 1612: Held Sorbie Castle from 1612 until his death. The previous Laird
was Alexander Hannay, who m. Anne Mackie.
(1,2) Held lands of Craigbay, Parish of Inch.
(1,2) Baillie and Burgess of Canongate, Edinburgh.[boydtrees.GED