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Descendants of Edward SMALLWOOD

Ninth Generation


297. Pryor SMALLWOOD (Benjamin , Thomas , Thomas , James , John , Matthew , Matthew , Edward ) was born in 1771 in Nelson Co., KY. He died in 1810 in Hardin Co., Ky.

1790 census - Charles Co, MD

Pryor married Eleanor (Abell) HIGGINS (HIGGONS). Eleanor was born in 1766/1775 in KY or MD. She died in 1850.

Researcher's Notations:
By 1820 Eleanor was a widow as she is listed as head of household in 1820 in Hardin Co., KY. Same census are her brother-in-laws, Hezekiah Smallwood, and Samuel Smallwood.
I have seen her as Eleanor Higgins born 1775 St Mary's Co., Maryland who first married William Abell and they had 6 children. They married Jan 25 1793 Nelson Co., KY. Marriage license for Eleanor and William Abel shows her mother as Margaret Garner. This Eleanor's mother must have been a widow and married a Garner.
If this is the second wife of Pryor Smallwood they may have married later in life and children of Pryor might belong to a first wife. But I have seen this Eleanor in Nelson Co with her children there, why would she be in 1820 census in Hardin Co with the Smallwood children?
William Abell born 1772 died 11/3/1838 Cedar Creek, Nelson Co., Ky. and is buried in old Abell cemetery in Nelson Co., Ky.
He wed Eleanor Higgons 1/25/1793 in Nelson Co., Ky.

We know that the children of Pryor Smallwood were at least 1/4 Indian and this may be where the Indian blood came from - from Pryor's unknown first wife.

Pryor and Eleanor had the following children:

+ 461 M i Hezekiah SMALLWOOD
+ 462 M ii Thomas SMALLWOOD
  463 F iii Elizabeth SMALLWOOD was born in 1797 in of Nelson Ky.
+ 464 M iv Samuel SMALLWOOD
+ 465 M v Vincent S. SMALLWOOD

298. Samuel SMALLWOOD Sr. (Benjamin , Thomas , Thomas , James , John , Matthew , Matthew , Edward ) was born in 1773 in Virginia. He died on 1 Jun 1843 in Elizabethtown, Hardin, Kentucky.

1820 Federal Census - Hardin Co., KY

Samuel married Rachel BUSH, daughter of Christopher BUSH and Hannah, on 24 Mar 1807 in Hardin Co., Ky. Rachel was born on 11 Mar 1772 in Hardin Co., Ky. She died on 1 Jun 1848 in Elizabethtown, Hardin, Kentucky.

The Will of Christopher Bush (Click for larger view)

They had the following children:

+ 466 M i Elijah SMALLWOOD
  467 F ii Daughter SMALLWOOD was born in 1810 in Hardin Co., Ky.
  468 F iii Daughter SMALLWOOD was born in 1815 in Hardin Co., Ky.
  469 F iv Daughter SMALLWOOD was born in 1820 in Hardin Co., Ky.

299. Hezekiah SMALLWOOD Sr. (Benjamin , Thomas , Thomas , James , John , Matthew , Matthew , Edward ) was born in 1776 in Virginia or Maryland. He died in 1837/1838 in Hardin Co., Ky.

Occupation: 1802 in Brick Kiln on Buffalo Creek 2

1820 Federal Census - Little York, Hardin Co., KY:
Hezaciah Smallwood Sen (The fact that he is referred to as "Senior" indicates that there is a Junior some where)
3 males under 10, (James S. and ??)
1 male 10-16, (Henderson)
1 male 26-45, (Hez Sr)
2=0-10, (Mariah and Melvina)
2=10-16, (Lydia and Sarah)
2=16-26, (Elizabeth and Mary)
1=26-45 (Lois)

1830 Census - Hardin KY
Hezekiah Smallwood
1(0-5) 0 1(10-15) 1(15-20) 2(20-30) 0 0 1(50-60)
0 0 1(10-15) 0 1(20-30) 0 0 1(50-60)
Uncertain if this is the same Hezekiah Smallwood

According to Maryland census records, Benjamin Smallwood was residing in St. John's or Prince Geo Co, Maryland in 1776. Was his son Hezekiah born in Virginia in that year according to some databases, or was he born in MD? He was born shortly after the Rev. War ended in the year of our Independence.

Marriage Records at Ancestry.com:
Owens, Francis Smallwood, Hezekiah 12 Dec 1799 Kentucky
Nelson County

Smallwood, Hezekiah Smith, Lois 17 Sep 1811 Kentucky
Bullitt County

SMALLWOOD, Hezekiah, will, 11 Dec 1836

Possible connection to NC for Hezekiah and Frankie Owen -
Message on Genealogy.com message board:
Thank you so much for providing this information. It turns out the friend and I are both descendants of Benjamin and Lydia (Hutchinson) Smallwood. I have several genealogies done by other people, but Hezekiah's family were not listed. I didn't know Benjamin and Lydia lived in Virginia; I do know they lived in Charles/Prince Georges Co., MD and I have that they both died in Prince George County. Do you have a location in Virginia for Hezekiah's birth? The records I have show only the men you have listed and my ancestor Chloe as the children of Benjamin and Lydia. Chloe married Henry Russell and they went to Rowan Co., NC with some of the other Smallwoods and Nolands from Charles Co., MD. (My Note: Did Hezekiah and Frankie go with the Russells to Rowan Co NC?)

Source: http://www.combs-families.org/combs/records/ky/hardin/
Notes: (1) Samuel, Jr., s/o Samuel and Mary WILKES Combs, and h/o Polly BRISCOE. (2) Carolyn Wimp adds: According to TWO CENTURIES IN ELIZABETHTOWN AND HARDIN CO, KY, 1776-1976 by Daniel McClure, published by the Hardin Co. Historical Soc., 1979, Hezekiah SMALLWOOD and wife Frankie OWENS Smallwood came to Hardin Co., from Va. in about 1800. According to HAYCRAFTS HISTORY OF ELIZABETHTOWN, KENTUCKY, published by the Hardin Co. Hist. Society, 1975: " I have not been able to learn to a certainty the place of birth, but the early part of his days were spent in Alexandria [then Fairfax Co], Va., near the District of Columbia."(This was in regard to Hezekiah SMALLWOOD, according to Samuel HAYCRAFT, an early local historian of Elizabethtown and Hardin Co.).

MY NOTE ON ABOVE: If they came to Hardin KY in about 1800 and were already married, why is there a record of them marrying in 1799 in Nelson Co, KY?
8 Apr 1816 Hardin Co KY WB B, page 281. Samuel COOMBS-report of sale. Principal purchaser was : Mrs Polly COOMBS. Other purchasers were: Thomas KOONROD, Robert BLEAKELY, Henry LEASER, Edward WILSON, Josiah E. BEST, Adin COOMBS, Thomas SMALLWOOD, Benjamin MOORE, William KINGCADE, Walter BRISCOE, Samuel MARTIN, Adam MONAN, Isaac THOMAS, James CRUTCHER, Hezekiah SMALLWOOD, Moses BLACK, William JACKSON, Thomas COOMBS, Jacob BOOHER, Gabriel WATHEN, Jonathan SHEPHERD, Jonathan PADDOX, recorded Apr 8, 1816 (Excerpted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp from HARDIN CO., KY. WILLS 1793-1866 by Mary Jo Jones for Ancestral Trails Hist. Soc., 1984, McDowell Pub.)
"Hardin County, Ky Marriages 1793 to 1829" by Mary Josephine

Alexander STUART and Jane McLURE. 3 Jun 1816. Surety
Robert McLure. Register states that authority is a certificate
from William McLure; this is not in the file. 7 Jun 1816.
A. McDougal. A13, A53

James B STEWART and Sarah SMALLWOOD. Surety Hender-
son Smallwood. Man of age. Hezekiah Smallwood, Sr., girl's
father, gave written consent; witnesses Henderson Smallwood
and Solomon Stewart. 22 Nov 1827. C. Lovelace. A181

Samuel STEWART and Mary "Polly" BRUNK. Surety John
Brunk, girl's brother. Both of age. No return. Bond 25 Nov 1820.

Solomon STEWART and Elizabeth SMALLWOOD. Surety Hen-
derson Smallwood. Man of age. Hezekiah Smallwood, Sr., girl's
father, gave written consent; witnesses Henderson Smallwood
and James B. Stewart. 22 Nov 1827. A181

Hezekiah married (1) Francis "Frankie" OWEN (OWENS), daughter of Unknown OWEN (OWENS), on 12 Dec 1799 in Nelson Co., KY. Francis was born in 1775. She died in 1811 in Hardin Co., KY.

Hezekiah and Francis had the following children:
See the separate GEDCOM file of Hezekiah Smallwood Sr. for other related information

+ 470 F i Elizabeth SMALLWOOD
  471 F ii Mary or Polly SMALLWOOD was born in 1803 in Virginia.

Source for Mary's birth place: Family Sheet sent by Gary Smallwood
        Mary married James SCOTT on 10 Oct 1829.
+ 472 M iii Henderson SMALLWOOD
+ 473 F iv Lydia SMALLWOOD
+ 474 F v Sarah SMALLWOOD
+ 475 F vi Mariah Hannah SMALLWOOD

Hezekiah also married (2) Lois SMITH on 11 Sep 1811 in Bullitt Co., KY.

They had the following children:

+ 476 M vii James Smith SMALLWOOD
  477 F viii Melvina SMALLWOOD was born in 1820 in Virginia or Kentucky.
        Melvina married Scarlet B. HOSKINS. Scarlet was born on 29 Dec 1829 in Hoskins Co, KY.

301. Elizabeth CAWOOD (Stephen CAWOOD , Elizabeth SMALLWOOD , Thomas , James , John , Matthew , Matthew , Edward ) was born in 1782 in Va. She died on 22 Jan 1851 in MacOupin Co., Illinois.

Elizabeth married John BERRY, son of Thomas BERRY, on 24 Oct 1795 in Washington Co., Va. John was born on 17 Jul 1779 in Maryland. He died on 26 Oct 1855 in MacOupin Co., Illinois.

They had the following children:

+ 478 F i Elizabeth BERRY
+ 479 F ii Easter BERRY
  480 F iii Anna BERRY
  481 F iv Chloe BERRY
  482 F v Rebecca BERRY
  483 M vi Benjamin BERRY
  484 M vii Hezekiah BERRY
  485 M viii Joseph BERRY
  486 F ix Henrietta BERRY

307. Charles SMALLWOOD (James , William , Pryor , James , John , Matthew , Matthew , Edward ) was born in Beaufort Co., Nc. He died before 1823.

Charles Smallwood 1800 Beaufort NC
Males: 4 0 0 0 1
Females: 0 0 0 1 0

Charles married Sally SMAW, daughter of John SMAW. Sally was born in 1769 in Washington, Beaufort Co., NC.

They had the following children:

  487 M i Marcus SMALLWOOD was born in 1795.
  488 M ii Erastus SMALLWOOD
+ 489 M iii John Smaw SMALLWOOD
+ 490 M iv Samuel Smaw SMALLWOOD
  491 M v Thomas SMALLWOOD was born in 1805. He died after 1850 in Washington, Beaufort Co., NC.
        Thomas married Paulina BONNER. Paulina was born in 1800.
+ 492 M vi T. T. Piladese SMALLWOOD

313. Jesse SMALLWOOD (Hebard , Bayne , Pryor , James , John , Matthew , Matthew , Edward ).

Jesse married Elizabeth CECIL (CISSEL).

They had the following children:

  493 M i John SMALLWOOD
  494 F ii Elizabeth SMALLWOOD
  495 F iii Evaline (Evelyn) SMALLWOOD
+ 496 M iv Phillip SMALLWOOD
  497 F v Nancy SMALLWOOD
  498 F vi Rebecca SMALLWOOD
  499 F vii Catherine SMALLWOOD

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