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Descendants of Edward SMALLWOOD

Seventh Generation


55. John SMALLWOOD (William , James , John , Matthew , Matthew , Edward ) was born in 1697 in Charles Co., MD. He died on 20 Feb 1751/1752 in Prince George Co., MD.

Children of John Smallwood and Mary Macknew:
William Smallwood b: ABT 1721
Ann Smallwood b: in about 1723
Elizabeth Smallwood b: ABT 1728
Mary Ann Smallwood b: ABT 1728

John married Mary MACKNEW, daughter of Jeremiah MACKNEW II and Sarah Marlow MARLER, about 1720 in Pennsylvania?.

They had the following children:

  153 M i William SMALLWOOD was born about 1721.

56. Ann SMALLWOOD (William , James , John , Matthew , Matthew , Edward ) was born about 1700 in Prince George Co., Md. She died on 20 Feb 1751/1752 in Prince George Co., Md.

Ann married John WYNN in 1716/1717 in Md. John was born about 1680. He died on 21 Mar 1751/1752.

They had the following children:

+ 154 M i Josiah WYNN
  155 F ii Annake WYNN
  156 M iii John WYNN was born on 27 Jan 1720/1721 in Prince George Co., Md.
  157 F iv Ann WYNN
  158 F v Jemina WYNN
  159 F vi Jean WYNN
  160 F vii Martha WYNN
  161 F viii Susannah WYNN
  162 F ix Elizabeth WYNN was born on 27 Nov 1720 in Prince George Co., Md.
  163 F x Mary Ann WYNN was born on 21 Mar 1725/1726 in Prince George Co., Md.
  164 M xi William WYNN was born on 18 Oct 1728 in Prince George Co., Md.

57. William SMALLWOOD (Pryor , James , John , Matthew , Matthew , Edward ) was born in 1720 in Maryland. He died in 1782 in North Carolina.

William received in his fathers will "Christian Temple Manor",200 acres in 1753 .His father Pryor and brother Bayne both had dealings in Stafford,co.Va. The records show that one William Smallwood of that county was executor in 1765 of William Travis (great-grandfather of Col.William Barrett Travis the famed hero of the Alamo) Barrett Travis, who came from this part of Va. to Edgefield, co.S.C. where he died in 1814, is said to have married Ann Smallwood, and among their sons was one named Pryor Smallwood Travis.The name Smallwood also appears among their grandchildren.

He had the following children:

+ 165 M i James SMALLWOOD
  166 F ii Ann SMALLWOOD

58. Bayne SMALLWOOD (Pryor , James , John , Matthew , Matthew , Edward ) was born about 1711 in Charles Co., Md. He died in 1768 in Charles Co., Md.

rep Charles Co in Md Assembly in 1742. Large Landholder; party in many

Bayne married Prucilla HEABARD (OR HIBBARD), daughter of William HEABARD and Margaret NEWTON. Prucilla was born in Stafford Co., Va.

They had the following children:

  167 M i Rev. Genl. William SMALLWOOD was born in 1732 in Gov of Md 1785. He died on 14 Feb 1792 in Charles Co., Md.

General Officers of the Continental Army
Signers of the Declaration of Independence
Major Generals
page 9
William Smallwood, 15th September, 1780, to 3d November, 1783.
General Officers of the Continental Army

Lived across Potomac from Geo Washington... said to be good friends.
Said to have been sent to school in England.
Commanded MD Line; Congress, Governor
Petition: "Your petitioners further State that the said William Smallwood
died without children or their Descendants or other relatives nearer than
Sisters and their Descendants."

SOURCE - Website address: http://www.resnet.wm.edu/~rrdesa/page8.html

General William Smallwood

Charles County's most famous military man emerges from
history as General William Smallwood, who was in command of
the Maryland line during the Revolutionary War. Smallwood
was born in 1732, the son of Bayne and Priscilla Heabard
Smallwood. Many references give Kent County as the place of
his birth but this is rather improbable, as the record of Bayne
Smallwood's life in Charles County seems continuous. Bayne
Smallwood did own land in Kent County but no record has yet
been found to prove that he actually lived there or that his son
William was actually born there. Instead we find Bayne
Smallwood listed as merchant and planter in Charles County,
at one time presiding officer of the Court of Common Pleas, and
also as a member of the House of Burgesses.

The young Smallwood was sent to England for his education.
When he returned to his native county he served as member of
the Lower House of Assembly. His first military service was in
the French and Indian Wars. Smallwood served as a member of
the Maryland Convention in 1774 and on January 2, 1776, he
was made Colonel of the Mary land Battalion and on July 10
with nine companies he joined Washington in New York.
Smallwood's troops took part in the Battle of Brooklyn Heights
where they covered the re treat of the Continental Army from
Long Island. He fought and was wounded at the Battle of White
Plains. It was for his gallantry in the Battle of White Plains that
Congress appointed him Brigadier General on October 23, 1776
Smallwood and his troops also took part in the Battles of
Brandywine and Germantown. At the latter place, his Maryland
troops again saved the day and captured part of the enemy

During the winter of 1777 and 1778 the General and his
troops were stationed in the Wilmington area. We have some
wonderful personal descriptions of the General from the journal
kept by a young teen-age Quaker girl named Sally Wister
whose family had fled into the country when the British
occupied Philadelphia. Sally's refuge was not far from the
General's headquarters and she refers to him on several
different occasions. The first time she met him was on October
20 when she says "The General is tall, portly, well-made; a
truly martial air, the behaviour and manner of a gentleman, a
good understanding and a great humanity of disposition
constitute the character of Smallwood."

On October 27 she writes "We had the pleasure of the
General and suite at afternoon tea. He (the General, I mean) is
most agreeable: so lively, so free and chats so gaily that I
have quite an esteem for him."
Sally's next account dated November 1 is even more
enthusiastic. "I declare this General is very, very entertaining,
so good natured, so good humour'd and yet so sensible I
wonder he is not married. Are there no ladies formed to his
taste ?"

General Smallwood resented the foreign officers who
volunteered for service with the Continental Army because of
the high rank given these men and the authority it accorded
them. He complained in 1778 that Maryland men who should
be enlisting with him in the Maryland Line were drifting to
Count Pulaski who had headquarters in Baltimore.

In 1780 Smallwood took his troops south where they won
new laurels in the southern campaign under General Gates.
In September 1780, Smallwood was raised in rank to Major
General and on October 14, 1780, he, General Gist, officers
and men of the Maryland and Delaware lines were sent a
resolution of thanks for their part in the Battle of Camden.
Despite General Smallwood's strenuous objections at being
placed under the orders of General Steuben, he continued to
serve until November 15, 1783.

On his return home, Smallwood was elected to Congress in
1785 but before he could take the seat he was chosen
Governor of the State of Maryland, and served three
successive one-year terms.

As Governor of Maryland, General Smallwood in 1787
convened the Assembly to consider the adoption of the
United States Constitution which was accepted in 1788.

In 1788 General Smallwood retired to his home in Charles
County where he lived the pleasant life of a Mary land
gentleman. He was active in the Masonic organization in the
County, he helped to organize and served as the first
president of the Maryland chapter of the Society the
Cincinnati and he was an active member of the vestry of
Durham Parish. In 1791 his subscription to the vestry was
estimated at 3,000 pounds of tobacco, the larges
contribution in the parish.

General Smallwood died at his home "Smallwood's
Retreat" on February 14, 1792, and his grave there is
marked by a stone erected to his memory by the Sons of the
American Revolution in 1898.

A group of Charles County people calling themselves the
Smallwood Foundation have recently reconstructed on its
original site "Smallwood's Retreat," which had fallen into
complete ruins. The house and the surrounding area have
been taken over by the state of Maryland as a State Park
and the house will be maintained as a museum with the land
being used as a recreational area.
+ 168 F ii Lucy Heabard SMALLWOOD
+ 169 F iii Elizabeth SMALLWOOD
+ 170 F iv Margaret SMALLWOOD
+ 171 M v Capt. Hebard SMALLWOOD
  172 F vi Priscilla SMALLWOOD
        Priscilla married John COURTS.
+ 173 F vii Eleanor SMALLWOOD

70. Henrietta SMALLWOOD (Leadstone , James , John , Matthew , Matthew , Edward ) was born in 1718 in Charles Co., Md.

Henrietta married Daniel NOLAND, son of Stephen NOLAND and Mary CONNELL, in 1738.

They had the following children:

  174 M i Stephen NOLAND was born in 1738. He died in 1792 in Rowan Co., Nc.
        Stephen married Mary HENDRON in 1763 in Charles Co., Md.
+ 175 M ii Ledstone NOLAND
  176 F iii Elizabeth NOLAND was born about 1742 in Charles Co., Md.
  177 M iv Jesse NOLAND was born in 1761 in Charles Co., Md. He died in 1834 in Estill Co., Kentucky.
        Jesse married Sarah Barbara TURNER in 1781 in Estill Co., Kentucky.
  178 M v Daniel NOLAND was born about 1740 in Charles Co., Md.
+ 179 M vi James NOLAND
  180 F vii Henrietta NOLAND was born on 17 Nov 1787 in Rowan Co., Nc. She died after 1860 in Indiana.
        Henrietta married Howard TILLISON on 24 Oct 1813 in Estill Co., Kentucky.

77. Leadstone SMALLWOOD Jr. (Leadstone , James , John , Matthew , Matthew , Edward ) was born about 1708 in Charles Co., Md.

1790 Census - Charles Co MD
Ledstone Smallwood
1(male over 16) 1(male under 16) 2(females)

Leadstone married Susannah BURCH, daughter of Justinian Thomas BURCH and Susannah DAVIS. Susannah was born in 1709 in Charles Co., Md.

They had the following children:

+ 181 M i Leadstone SMALLWOOD
+ 182 M ii Pryor SMALLWOOD
  183 F iii Sarah SMALLWOOD
  184 F iv Mary SMALLWOOD was born about 1750.

78. William SMALLWOOD (Leadstone , James , John , Matthew , Matthew , Edward ) was born about 1704 in Charles Co., Md. He died in Nov 1782 in Charles Co., Md.

William married Lydia SMALLWOOD, daughter of James SMALLWOOD Jr. and Mary BOYDEN (Widow Griffin), in 1721. Lydia was born in 1708 in Charles Co., Md. She died in 1747 in Charles Co., MD.

They had the following children:

  185 F i Anne SMALLWOOD is printed as #123.
  186 F ii Eleanor SMALLWOOD is printed as #124.

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