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Fourth Generation

17. Meredith SHOCKLEY (Richard , John , Richard ) was born in 1770.

Meredith married Sarah WORRELL. Sarah was born in 1774.

They had the following children:

+ 26 M i Thomas Vencent SHOCKLEY
+ 27 M ii John Floyd SHOCKLEY
  28 M iii James SHOCKLEY was born in 1794.
        James married Polly OGLES.
+ 29 M iv Esau SHOCKLEY
  30 F v Nancy SHOCKLEY was born in 1804.
        Nancy married John FARMER.
+ 31 M vi Amos SHOCKLEY
+ 32 M vii William Winfield SHOCKLEY
  33 M viii Meredith SHOCKLEY Jr was born in 1806.
        Meredith married Drusilla DE HAVENS. Drusilla was born on 6 May 1824.
  34 M ix Wesley SHOCKLEY was born in 1810.
        Wesley married Betsy CURTIS.
  35 F x Charlotte Matilda SHOCKLEY was born on 18 Apr 1812. She died on 4 Feb 1875.
        Charlotte married Parker ATKINS on 14 Jul 1831.
  36 M xi Richard (Reuben) SHOCKLEY was born in 1814.
        Richard married Elizabeth KINSEY.
  37 M xii Henry (Daniel) SHOCKLEY was born in 1816.
        Henry married Mahaly CHRISTIAN.

18. Isaiah Josiah SHOCKLEY (Richard , John , Richard ) was born in 1766/1769 in Virginia. He died on 1 Apr 1867 in Van Buren Co., Tn.

Isaiah married Ruth YOUNG. Ruth was born in 1766/1770 in Nc.

They had the following children:

+ 38 M i Richard SHOCKLEY
+ 39 M ii William SHOCKLEY
  40 F iii Nellie SHOCKLEY was born in 1788 in Grayson Co., Va.
        Nellie married John BRIGGS on 1 Feb 1809 in Grainger Co., Tn. John was born about 1788.
+ 41 M iv Samuel SHOCKLEY
+ 42 F v Rutha S. SHOCKLEY
+ 43 M vi Thomas J. SHOCKLEY
  44 F vii Sarah Sally SHOCKLEY was born about 1797 in Virginia. She died in 1846 in Gentry Co., Mo.
        Sarah married Joshua COX. Joshua was born in 1799 in Virginia.
+ 45 M viii Uriah SHOCKLEY
+ 46 M ix Isaiah SHOCKLEY
+ 47 F x Mary Ann SHOCKLEY

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