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1. John Nicholas SHAFER (SCHAEFFER)

LAND: patent 27 Feb 1750---surveyed 28 Dec 1762, 88 acres in Berks co. PA

WILL:dated 10 May 1780, Proved 1 Dec 1780, filed 2 Jan 1781.

10 children are recorded in St. John's (Hains) Church, PA. It is onemile north of Wernersville, Berks co. PA
Listed in "The Palatine Families of New York" a study of the GermanImmigrants who arrived in Colonial New York in 1710, by Henry Z. Jones,Jr. pub 1985.

SLC Library, Film #924688 pg 4.
Over fifty thousand Germans are asserted to have come to PA in the firstquarter of the 18th century, and innumerable others came at later dates.
Probably the first of the name to settle in America was Johannes NicholasSchaeffer, who came to this country in 1710 and first settled atLivingstone Manor, NY, whence he later removed to Queensbury, NY. He wasaccompanied by a brother, named Frederick Schaeffer, who finally locatedon the Tulpehocken Creek at a place known as Plumton Manor.(left out nextparagraph about Frederick & family, will continue on page 5)
Johannes Nicholas, the other of the immigrant brothers, was the father ofMichael, Nicholas, Casper, Jacob, and Peter, all with the first name ofJohn.
Michael, eldest son of the immigrant Johannes Nicholas, died in 1760.
Nicholas, second son of the immigrant Johannes Nicholas, removed toHeidelberg, in Berks co. PA and married Julianna Michael, dau of UlrichMichael, and was the father of 12 children. this is a compilation ofresearch done by Elaine Allen, Ron Amick, Dr. Charles Fisher, MichaelGruber, Dorothy Spence and Charles Michael, that I know of.
Wife, Julianna, belonged to the German Reformed Church.

Julianna Margaretta MICHAEL

German Reformed Church

2. Anna Margareth SCHAEFFER

married 29 Dec 1786 to Peter Ruth

5. Margarette SCHAEFFER

married John Nicholas Stauch

7. Susanna SCHAEFFER

married before 1798 to John Lasch or Lerch

8. Nicholas SCHAEFFER

Is this the Nicholus Sheffer in Berks co. PA in the 1790 census? I musthave proof sonewhere.

10. Michael SCHAEFFER

Married bef June 1793 to Eleanora Catherine Bra(e)dy, had 4 sons and 8
daughters. Wife died 25 May 1856 and is buried in Hains Church, familyplot.

11. William SCHAEFFER

married Margaretha. He was 89 yrs, 7 mos. 2days old when died. Buriedat St.
John's Hains Church cem.


1 _FA1
2 DATE 1 APR 1778
2 PLAC St.Johns Haines, Berks, PA

Maternal Gr-grandfather to Michael Gruber