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First Generation

1. John Nicholas SHAFER (SCHAEFFER) was born on 14 Oct 1723 in Germany. He died on 3 Nov 1780 in Heidelberg, Berks Co, PA and was buried in Wernersville, Berks, Pa, St.John's Haines.


John married Julianna Margaretta MICHAEL, daughter of Ulrich MICHAEL and Maria Margaretta, in 1751 in Brunswick, PA. Julianna was born on 16 Jan 1732/1733 in Pennsylvania. She died on 26 Aug 1804 in Heidelburg, Berks Co, PA and was buried in Wernersville, Berks, Pa, St.Johns Haines.


John and Julianna had the following children:

  2 F i Anna Margareth SCHAEFFER was born in Pennsylvania.[Notes]
        Anna married Peter RUTH on 29 Dec 1786.
+ 3 M ii Christian SHAFER
  4 M iii Casper SCHAEFFER was born on 27 Nov 1754. He died before 1780.
  5 F iv Margarette SCHAEFFER was born on 1 Jan 1757. She died before 1780.[Notes]
        Margarette married Nicholas STAUCH before 1780.
  6 F v Elizabeth SCHAEFFER was born on 4 Mar 1759. She died before 1780.
  7 F vi Susanna SCHAEFFER was born on 13 Jan 1761 in Pennsylvania.[Notes]
        Susanna married John LASCH before 1798.
  8 M vii Nicholas SCHAEFFER was born on 12 Sep 1763 in Pennsylvania.[Notes]
        Nicholas married Catharine before 1782.
  9 M viii Philip SCHAEFFER was born on 7 Feb 1766 in Pennsylvania. He died before 1780.
  10 M ix Michael SCHAEFFER was born on 15 May 1770 in Pennsylvania. He died in 1841.[Notes]
        Michael married Eleanora Catherine BRADY before Jun 1793.
  11 M x William SCHAEFFER was born on 20 Jun 1772 in Pennsylvania. He died on 24 Jan 1862.[Notes]
        William married Margaretha.
  12 M xi Johan SCHAEFFER was born on 1 Jan 1775 in Pennsylvania. He died before 1780.
  13 M xii John SCHAEFFER was born on 27 Mar 1778 in Heidelberg, Berks Co, PA. He died on 24 Sep 1836 in Lower Paxton, Dauphin Co, PA.[Notes]
        John married Catharine Barbara BESCHORE.

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