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Henry Senior SAMS


4. Henry Junior SAMS

Birth-in LDS IGi Index 1994 Edition, Version 3.05

Married first a Jane ??. 2nd Lydia Bishop, they had ten children.There was no mention of a Charlotte in his Will. (ShirleyMiller-researcher) His son, Henry, went to IA in 1850's & on to MO.

lst 6 of his and Jane's children listed in LDS IGI as born in Greene, Pa
David, 1801--John 1802--Isaac s1804--Abraham 1807, (md Lidia Stevens 14Jun 1829 in Knox, OH)--Katharine 1809--Sarah 1811--

The next 5 in RICHLAND, OHIO Perry County from 1812 on.
Malissa born 1812,--Henry b 1815 --Amos Meeks Sams, 30 Oct 1816, Amy 23Apr 1819, Dennis 1821 in Perry Co., Richland OH

Henry son of Henry Jr. married Elizabeth Groves in 1836. This familycame to IA in 1850s and went on to Missouri in 1860s where they bothdied.
4. HENRY2 SAMS (HENRY1) was born 1781 in Orange NY, and died November 28,1846 in Perry twp, Richland , OH. He married (1) JANE August 05, 1800 inBedford PA. She died Bet. 1820 - 1824 in Richland Co. OH. He married (2)LYDIA BISHOP January 05, 1825.

Notes for HENRY SAMS:
Information from David Sams: Marriage record exists

Children of HENRY SAMS and JANE are:
10. i. DAVID3 SAMS, b. December 06, 1801, Green Co. PA; d. April 15,1874, Stuben Jackson Co. Jackson Co. IN.
ii. JOHN SAMS, b. 1802, Green, PA; d. 1874; m. ELIZABETH, Abt. 1830,OH.
Notes for JOHN SAMS:
From David Sams: 1830 Richland Co. OH Census

iii. ISSAC SAMS, b. 1804, Green, PA; m. ELIZABETH, 1844.
Notes for ISSAC SAMS:
Alive in 1826 From David Sams: 1850 Jackson, OH Census

iv. ABRAHAM SAMS, b. 1807, Green PA; d. Aft. 1870; m. (1) JUDITHOAKES, 1832, Richland , OH; b. April 03, 1807, Franklin, Green Co. PA; m.(2) JUDITH OAKS, 1832; b. 1807; d. 1870.
v. KATHERINE SAMS, b. 1809, PA; d. Abt. 1846; m. JESSE JACKSON, Abt.1826.
11. vi. SARAH JANE SAMS, b. 1811, Green Co. PA; d. Abt. 1880.
vii. MALISSA SAMS, b. 1812, OH; d. Abt. 1850; m. JOHN IIAMS, Abt.1833; b. 1812; d. Abt. 1850.
12. viii. HENRY SAMS, b. 1815, Richland, OH; d. October 26, 1861,Steuben, Jackson Co IN.
13. ix. AMOS MEEKS SAMS, b. October 30, 1816, Perry Twp. Richland Co.OH; d. April 17, 1897, Centralia, Nemaha Co. KS.
14. x. AMY SAMS, b. April 23, 1819, Richland Co. OH; d. April 26, 1904,Steuben, Jackson Co IN.

15. Malissa SAMS (19 June 2000)
IIAMS, SAMS posted by Sharen A. Chambers on Wednesday, April 9, 1997

Looking for John IIAMS who was married to a Malissa SAMS (d/o Henry SAMSJr.). They were married in Morrow County or Richland County, OH. Anyonesearching the IIAMS/SAMS family?

BYERS, SAMS posted by Sharen A. Chambers on Wednesday, April 9, 1997

Looking for Andrew SAMS who was married to Elizabeth BYERS. Andrew died31 Jan 1833 Perry Township, Richland, OH but is supposed to be buried inOwl Creek Baptist Cemetery, Franklin, Morrow, OH. Anyone searching theSAMS/BYERS family please contact me. Thanks.

SAMS, VANNORMAN posted by Sharen A. Chambers on Wednesday, April 9, 1997

Looking for VAN NORMAN/VANNORMAN family in Morrow County. Have a Hermanor Hemon VANNORMAN married to Poly "Mary" SAMS. She died after 1850Morrow County. Would like to know who their children were and anycemetery, births, census or anything on this family.

BOWERS, HOWARD posted by Jennifer Bailey on Saturday, April 12, 1997

16. Henry SAMS

This family came to IA in 1850s and went on to MO in 1860s where theyboth died (Shirley Miller says.)

5. Abraham SAMS

1810 census Abraham s/of Henry Sr., had a wife Charlotte (see FGS) andwas the right age 36.

Shirley Miller, a researcher in Iowa thinks this Abraham is a likelycandidate for Charlotte's Father because he married a Charlotte and livedin Ohio.

By 1850, he had left Richland Co. Ohio and so had Charlotte and William.They all were in Clinton Co. IA. see below--

Clarence Jacobs found a notice in the "Clinton Herald" a Clinton co.Newspaper, on microfilm as follows:
" To Whom It May Concern. Notice is hereby given that a Land Warrantdated Sept. 25th, 1856, numbered 43556, issued to Abraham SAMS, andassigned to Charlotte ALLEN, was lost in the hurricane which passedthrough Camanche, Clinton County, Iowa, on the 3d day of June, 1860, andthat application will be made to the Commissioner of Pensions for therelease of the same. signed, Charlotte Allen and dated Nov. 7, 1860.

I wrote to Clinton County Clerk 8 Apr 1997 asking for info on above.Their answer was that they do not do research. They gave me 3researchers names I wrote to Ruth Evans in July 1997. No response yet.
(1998- I got one negative response and haven't tried any others yet. Nowthat I'm in town, I will try again at the LDS Branch here WHEN I can findmy genealogy!!!

-----------------Hi Elaine,
Following is a lengthy discourse on what we know about Abraham and how hedisappeared from
our continent as far as we knew. We need to find him and hisdeath/probate records to
prove that he is our ancestor. So that is what I am about now since youstirred me up again.

Enjoy the following and when you digest it please respond with yourthoughts. I will be waiting on
tenter hooks? until I hear from you. In the meantime I have orderedcourt records for Clinton county Iowa to see what may have been done reprobate there for
Abraham Sams.

Do you have his death date? Place?

Note: Abraham Sams is not proven to be the link between my Henry C. Samsand Henry Sams

>From the Oakes family Bible we find that Abraham Sams married Sarah ____on February 11,
1807, probably in Pennsylvania, and more probably in Greene or Bedfordcounty. It is
suspected that Abraham and Sarah had these four children: --- Henry C.(ours), Sarah,
Peter and Isaac.

In 1810 census Abraham and Sarah are in Green county, Pennsylvania. Theyhave 3 children
age 10 and under. I have not done this census myself, but this is foundin a letter from
David SAMS. (David Sams is considered THE foremost researcher on thisline of the Sams
family. There are other branches out there that may have incorrect info.)

By 1818 they have moved to Richland county, Ohio. Here Abraham Samssigned a release of
heirship to brother, Henry Sams, Jr. PRO: Richland Co OH, Adm. Rec.(HS#11)

In the 1820 census they are in Knox county, Ohio. Abraham and Sarah arereported with 5
children 10 and under, and 1 female age 10-16. CEN: 1820 Knox Co OH(AS#1) (One son must
have died)

Between 1817 and 1825 we find Abraham purchased property in Knox county.

Sometime before 1829 it appears that Sarah died. For it is in 1829 thatAbraham Sams
married widow, Charlotte Vannorman. (AS#1)

Also in Richland county, Ohio, on 19 Oct 1829, we find Charlotte Samsadministrator of the
estate of Miles J. Vannorman deceased versus Elizabeth Vannorman.Petition to sell 40
acres SW 1/4 S 25 T 18 R 20?. Widow, Charlotte Vannorman now CharlotteSams. Named in this
document are heirs Elizabeth, Sophia, Jasper, Clarissa, Jerusha, Nancy,Amanda, Rachel,
and Ira Vannorman. (Note: 6 females and 3 males, are these all herchildren?) PRO:
Richland Co OH, Gateway to the West Vol. II 977.1 Hayden Library, p.449;Court of Common
Pleas Rec. 1823-1833 (AS#2)

By 1830, Abraham SAMS is head of household of 18 people in Richlandcounty, Ohio. His new
wife must have had a bunch of kids, or other family have moved in withthem, or maybe they
run a boarding house? (Where have I put this census?) (AS#1)

During the time period 1830 and 1832 Abraham Sams sold property in Knoxcounty, Ohio.

Then in 1831in Woodberry, Richland county, Ohio, Abraham Sames bought lot#3 for $50 on
April 18th. (AS#1)

In 1832 he purchased SW1/4 S33 T19 R19 from Henry Sams and William Samsin Richland
county. (AS#1)

In 1834, Richland county, Ohio, a Charlotte Sams sold NW1/2 S18 T40 R40.(Note: Sams
researcher David Sams records this on AS#1, but he says it is notpossible for this land
to be in this area as the Range and Township numbers are too large. Hewonders if it is an
estate settlement of Charlotte's from somewhere else.)

In 1840 Abraham is in Perry Township, Richland county, Ohio, head ofhouse of 9. (AS#1)

In 1843 Abraham and Charlotte Sams sold E1/2 SW1/2 S33 T19 R19 for theprice of $1000 on
April 8th. This wwas in Richland county, Ohio. (AS#1) Also in 1843 inWoodberry, Richland
county, Ohio, Abraham purchased 8 lots on the same day, April 8th. (AS#1)

In 1845 Abraham and Charlotte sold the same 8 lots on January 4th for$800. Woodberry is
in the area that became Morrow county in 1848. Isaac Sams is a witness tothis
transaction. Abraham and Charlotte are never to be seen again after thisRichland county
land deal.

Concerning the disappearance of Abraham and Charlotte and quoting fromAS# ___, David Sams
"It may be useful to speculate on why they sold their property and wherethey went. It
seems likely that if they needed money to live on they would have soldone lot at a time.
This sale implies to me that they either sold the land they lived on andwent somewhere
else or that they lived somewhere else and this was investment property.
"Now where else might they have lived? I have the record of Abraham Samespurchasing Lot
#3 in Woodberry on April 18, 1831, but no record of him selling it. If hewas our Abraham
he may have remained on that property. Woodberry is in the area thatbecame Morrow county
in 1848. If Abraham remained, the record of his disposal of this propertymay be in the
Morrow county records. Other investment records or will records couldalso exist. We
really meed to locate a record of the disposal of his property whichnames his children if
we are to ever prove Henry C. (1809) was his son.
"There is the possibility that he sold his property in 1845 and moved
somewhere else probably joining some of his children. I can not prove thenames of any of
his children. There is likely an area somewhere where several
of his children moved such as the NE Indiana area for the children ofAndrew and Henry,
Jr. (1846).
"We should note that when Abraham sold the 8 lots in 1845, Isaac Sams wasa witness. We
know that Henry, Jr. (1846) had a son, Isaac, who could not be located in1846. Is this
the same Isaac or did Abraham also have a son Isaac? I suspect there were2 of them.
Which, then, is the Isaac with our Henry and the Abraham who resided inJackson county,
Ohio, in 1850? It is clear as mud but gradual clues emerge. I do not havea marriage
record for either Isaac. Samms and Sames are possible alternativespellings for all
records at this point.
Sincerely yours, David SAMS"

By 1854, son Peter Sams and family removed to Wayne county, Iowa.

By 1857, son and our ancestor, Henry C. SAMS followed to Wayne county,Iowa.

Posted by Connie McLain-Guldner on Fri, 18 Feb 2000

7) JULIA ANN MCLAIN, born July 25, 1834 in Bedford Co., PA; died 1880.She married ABRAHAM SAMS February 20, 1859 in Lucas Co., Iowa; born June29, 1832 in Richland Co., OH; died March 13, 1888 in Dekalb Co., MO.

5. ABRAHAM2 SAMS (HENRY1) was born March 04, 1784 in Orange NY, and diedAft. 1845. He married (1) SARAH February 11, 1807 in Bedford, PA. Shedied Abt. 1829. He married (2) CHARLOTTE VAN NORMAN 1829 in OH.

1810 PA Census 1820 Green #017 Wayne Twp 1850 Highland #057 JacksonInformation: Charlotte VanNorman and Miles J. VanNorman's had 9 children.Petition to sell land Richland Ohio 10-19-1829(Elizabeth-Sophia-Jasper-Clarissa-Jerusha-Nancy-Amanda-Rachel-IRA) SomeInfo from David Sams. LDS Microfish records, Searching for lost relativessay: Henry Sams Sams & Elizabeth Oaks--Parents Abraham Sams and Sarah

Children of ABRAHAM SAMS and SARAH are:
i. ?3 SAMS.
15. ii. HENRY SAMS, b. 1808, Bedford/Green PA; d. Abt. 1865, Wayne Co.IA.
16. iii. PETER SAMS, b. March 13, 1811, Green Co? PA.; d. September 03,1885, Weston? Umatilla Co. OR.
iv. ISAAC SAMS, b. 1820; m. ELIZABETH STROUSE, January 1843, Knox Co.OH; b. 1825; d. 1850.
v. SARAH ?, b. Unknown; m. CYRUS NICELY.
None of this is proven on Sarah and Cyrus

vi. ? SAMS, b. Unknown.
vii. ? SAMS, b. Unknown.
viii. ? SAMS, b. Unknown.
ix. ? SAMS, b. Unknown.

20. Henry SAMS


15. HENRY3 SAMS (ABRAHAM2, HENRY1) was born 1808 in Bedford/Green PA, anddied Abt. 1865 in Wayne Co. IA. He married ELIZABETH GROVES September 15,1836 in Richland Co. OH. She was born 1818 in OH, and died 1862.

Notes for HENRY SAMS:
Marriage record Vol. 3-Pg119 Richland OH. 1850 Jackson#303 Jackson OHCensus 1860 Union Twp Wayne Co. IA LDS IGI-OH
Henry Sams and Elizabeth Groves were married in Richland Co. Ohio 15September 1836. I know nothing about Elizabeth except that she was bornin Ohio about 1818. Her parents do not seem to appear on the Richland Co.Ohio census.
The Sams family, however is easier to study. Several families of Samesmoved from Pennsylvania to Richland Co. Ohio by 1820. Henry Sams was a"Fence Viewer" in Perry Twp. of Richland Co. Ohio in 1816. He boughtproperty the same year. Some evidence indicates all the Sams families didnot come together. Henry may have arrived before Richland Co. split fromKnox Co. about 1814. His son Andrew may have fought in the War of 1812from Knox Co.
At any rate, when Henry Sams bought property in 1816, he was Henry Jr.The deed, however, was recorded only as "Henry Sams" and thus the landbelonged legally to his father. Soon after he bought the quarter section.He sold 1/2 of it to his father, but neglected to have the deed recorded.In 1818 his father died. The records left in straightning that out thismess are of great help to us studying the family. They show that HenrySr. left 8 heirs.
They were:
1.Abigail-His widow
2. Henry Jr. and Jane
3. Catherine and Benjamine Trux or Truax
4. William Sams and Sarah
5. Abraham and Charlotte sams
6. Susannah and John Oaks or Oakes of Green Co. Pennsylvania
7. Andrew Sams and Elizabeth
8. Mary Sams
This information is of the utmost value because it accounts for all ofthe Sams in the area on the 1820 Census and strongly implies that all ofthe Richland Co. Sams decended from Henry and Abigail. No new Samsfamilies appear to enter the area until near 1850.
The 4 sons of old Henry remained in the area for many years. Andrew andHenry Jr. both died there. Abraham and Charlotte seemed to move awayabout 1846. William is still in Asland Co. in 1850. They raised numerouschildren some of whom I cannot name. All of the children moved away afterreaching adulthood with the possible exception of some of the girls. The4 sons bought and sold property several times and these records are veryhelpful.
Jane appears to have died young and Henry married Lydia Bishop, 5 January1825. Property records indicate he left 17 heirs. They were:
1. David Sams
2. John Sams
3. George and Sarah West
4. John and Melissa Iiams
5. Henry Sams
6. Porter and Amy Gleason
7. Amos Sams 8. Dennis Sams
9. Isaac Sams
10. Abraham Sams
11. Lydia Sams His widow
12. Jesse Jackson
13. Maria Jackson
14. Jane Jackson
15. Marion Jackson
16. Sarah Jackson
17. _____ Jackson
The first 10 all seem to be his children by Jane. I have know idea whothe Jacksons are. (Jesse Jackson was married to Katherine Sams, daughterof Henry Sams Born 1781 and Jane).I believe that Abraham, Henry and Isaacare the three men who resided in Jackson Co. Ohio in 1850. Henry Sams andElizabeth Groves lived in Jackson Co. Ohio at this time and Susannah(Sams) Oakes lived next door
South of Jackson Co. Ohio one finds Highland Co. In 1850 Highland Co.Ohio contained several sams families. Two of them seem to have come fromRichland Co. These families were headed by Peter and William Sams.
I do not know which of the four sons of old henry was their father, but
Abraham most likely.

In 1851 or 1852 William Sams moved his family from Highland Co. Ohio toLucas Co, Iowa. He may have accompanied a group of people who belonged tothe Church of the United Brethern in Christ. This was a German speakingMethodist group to which William apparently belonged. Tradition says theSams family was "Pennsylvania Dutch" in origin.
Abraham from Jackson Co. Oh. and Peter from Richland co. Ohio settledalong the county line between Lucas and Wayne Co in Iowa by 1854. SeveralOakes men also moved their their families to Wayne or Lucas countiesincluding Susannah (Sams) Oakes who died in Wayne Co. Iowa in 1870 age85.
The families seemed to have been a closeknit group. Michael eldest son ofHenry married Amanda, eldest daughter of Peter. James, second son ofHenry married Clarinda, daughter of William. Abraham lived with Williamin 1870. Henry and Elizabeth may have moved to Missouri before their lastson was born in 1861. They both died between 1863 and 1867. I do not knowwho raised their younger children but they seem to have grown up inCarroll and Linn Co. Missouri. James and John lived in Wayne, Lucas andWarren Counties Iowa until after 1900. Their son, Nathan LeRoy, took partin the Oklahoma Land Rush in 1893 and lived in Noble Co. Oklahoma untilhe died in his early ninties. Sons, Joseph, Michael, Henry, Gardner andSamuel, all ended up around Umatilla Co. Oregon Or Walla WallaWashington.
Abraham seemed not to have had sons. William had between 2 and 4 sons inthe Civil War. One or More was killed. Another son became.....(last pagemissing.)
Originally written by David Sams.
I recieved this a number of years ago from: Elizabeth Manuel
1247 E Tallmage Ave.
Akron, Ohio 44301
We know much more now after so much research has been done than at thetime this was written. It is very interesting no the less, as it is instory form.

31. i. MICHAEL GEORGE4 SAMS, b. March 23, 1838, Richland Co. Ohio; d.June 24, 1923, Milton, Umatilla Co. OR.
32. ii. JAMES HARRISON SAMS, b. August 02, 1839, Richland OH; d.October 26, 1920, Union Twp.Wayne Co. IA.
iii. CHARITY ANN SAMS, b. 1844, OH; d. 1868; m. RUBEN CRITSER, March25, 1863, Lucas, IA; d. July 20, 1896, Near Cairo, Randolph Co. MO.
Charity & Rueben had no children . Civil war records
iv. MARGARET ANN SAMS, b. 1846, OH; m. (1) JACOB M TRIGGS, December25, 1865; m. (2) EDGAR BISSELL ALBERT, December 20, 1881.
33. v. JOHN WILLIAM SAMS, b. August 08, 1847, Lucas, IA; d. February11, 1927, Belmont, Warren Co. IA.
34. vi. GARDNER WEAVER SAMS, b. April 23, 1849, Jackson, OH; d. October10, 1917, Walla Walla, Walla Walla Co. WA.
35. vii. JOSEPH WILSON SAMS, b. April 13, 1851, Jackson, OH; d. January03, 1920, Walla Walla, Walla Walla Co. WA.
36. viii. HENRY CALVIN SAMS, b. June 03, 1856, Ohio; d. October 23,1932, Forks WA..
37. ix. NATHAN LEROY SAMS, b. May 16, 1857, Union Twp, Wayne Co, IA; d.December 30, 1950, Perry, Noble Co. OK.
38. x. SAMUEL MADISON SAMS, b. July 20, 1861, MO; d. December 19, 1948,Walla Walla, Walla Walla Co. WA.

21. Peter SAMS

Descendants of Abraham Sams

1 Abraham Sams WFT Est. 1762-1805 - WFT Est. 1802-1886
......... 2 Peter Sams WFT Est. 1802-1831 - WFT Est. 1856-1916
............. +Mary Oakes WFT Est. 1811-1834 - WFT Est. 1856-1922
.................... 3 Mary Melvina Sams 1853 - 1885
........................ +Jhue Land 1844 - 1924
16. PETER3 SAMS (ABRAHAM2, HENRY1) was born March 13, 1811 in Green Co?PA., and died September 03, 1885 in Weston? Umatilla Co. OR. He marriedMARY OAKES September 06, 1832, daughter of JOHN OAKES and SUSANNAH SAMS.She was born May 24, 1812 in Green Co. PA ?, and died April 02, 1874 inWeston?, Umatilla Co. OR.

Notes for PETER SAMS:
1850-1860-1870 Highland Twp Jackson OH 1880 Milton Prec. Umatilla Co. ORwith Daughter-in-Law Melissa Cemetery Records Bought the Farm in Milton.OR from DanM. & Susan Drumheller in 1877 owned tilll 1887. Have pictureof Peter's tombstone. The SAMS FAMILY HISTORY Recieved from ArdisWhittaker Great Grandfather, PETER SAMS Great Grandmother, MARY OAKS BornMarch 11, 1818 Born May 25, 1818 Died September 3, 1885 Died April 2,1874 They lived in Richland Co. Ohio. Had four children I know of. NATHANborn in Richland Co. Ohio February 10, 1834 Died July 12, 1909. BERT(THOMAS BURTON) and JACOB MARY who married (JOHN) LAND. Her name is MARYMELVINA. All are burried in Weston Cemetery with a large black Norwaymarble stone marking the family plot. NATHAN my great Grandfather, at theage of 5 years old moved with his family to Wayne Co. Iowa near Sheridan.When he was a young man, he cut cord wood and floated it down the OhioRiver to sell. In the spring of 1858, he heard of the gold rush at PikesPeak Colorado. He and a friend started west with a wagon train. He was anexcellent rifle shot, so he was hired to kill the meat for the wagontrain. Enroute he saw herds of buffalo and in Colorado saw one numbering3 to 4 thousand animals. The wagon train waited 3 or 4 days for for theherd to pass. They were concererened that the buffalo would stampede andrun over the wagons. About this time 4 men left the wagon trains to gohunting. The scouts warned them not to go because of the danger ofIndians. They left and were never heard from again. When the wagon trainreached Wyoming and antelope country, Grandfather NATHAN, would hide in aclump of sagebrush and put a white flag on the end of a stick with whichhe cleaned his gun his wipin stick) and put it up in the air. When thecurious antelope approached, he was able to take fresh meat back to camp.One time they had some strange tasting meat for supper. NATHAN ask if itwas bear, rabbit, deer or elk and they told him no, it's beaver. NATHANarrived on Couse Creek, Umatilla Co. Oregon in the spring of 1861. In thewinter of 1861-1862 he worked for MCCOY and STETSON. It was a bad snowywinter and about a thousand cattle died as the farmers could'nt get feedto them. He cut cord wood for fifty cents a cord. One day he hauled aload of oats to sell to the Fort in Walla Walla, Washington and returnedwith the news that PRESIDENT LINCOLN had been assassinated. In the springof 1863, NATHAN and DAVE MCCONNELL started a freight route from UmatillaLanding to Idaho City (now Boise) with an ox team. They took barley,oats, and wheat to the mines in Idaho City. They also freighted down tosouthern Oregon. He was never bothered by Indians or robbed as he hid hismoney in the single tree of the wagon. After freighting for 4 years, hebought a herd of cattle which he herded behind Squaw Creek Bute in AdaCounty, Idaho. After 4 years he again sold the cattle for $16,000. ingold dust. He brought the gold dust in a buckskin bag back to Couse Creekon horseback from Idaho over the Nez Perce Trail through the BlueMountains near Milton, Oregon. He then bought land on Couse Creek southof Milton, Oregon. He was a wealthy farmer. In 1875, NATHAN and hisbrother BERT rode horseback to Ogden, Utah to meet their father, PETERSAMS, who had come on the train from Iowa to Ogdon, which was as far asthe railroad was built then. They bought a Lynchpin Wagon, and a set ofharness in Ogden and came back that way. When NATHAN came to Couse Creek, the road up the creek was an Indian trail along the hill. The Indianscame up Couse Creek every spring to camp and dig the yellow floweredplant which grows in abundance on the hillsides. The Indians called itKrause and the small bulb of the plant is edible. The Indians dug it andpounded it into cakes. The cakes were then sundried and stored for thewinter. The white settlers called the creek Couse Creek. NATHAN'Sbrother, JACOB, came to his farm with his wife MELISSA CLEMENTINE(WILLIAMSON), and their 5 boys. JACOB died leaving the family withNATHAN. (one son JULIUS died a month after JACOB). NATHAN came home oneday and said that people were talking about her living with him so NATHANsaid we will get married, and they were married in 1876 (We know fromrecords they were married in June 28, 1880. the next three sons of Jacobdied in 1882 and at this time MELISSA had 2 daughters by NATHAN )Continued on More about NATHAN SAMS-Notes.

More About PETER SAMS:
Burial: Weston, Umatilla Co. OR
Cemetery: Weston, Umatiia Co. OR

More About MARY OAKES:
Burial: Weston, Umatilla Co. OR

Children of PETER SAMS and MARY OAKES are:
39. i. NATHAN4 SAMS, b. February 10, 1834, Richland Co. OH; d. July 12,1909, Weston, Umatilla Co. OR.
ii. CLEMENTINE SAMS, b. May 16, 1836, Richland Co. OH; d. July 23,1836, Richland Co. OH.
Burial: Richland Co. OH

40. iii. AMANDA RUTH SAMS, b. August 02, 1837, City? Co.? OH.; d. March01, 1919, Milton, Umatilla Co. OR..
iv. JONATHAN SAMS, b. February 23, 1840, Wayne Co. Iowa; d. June 20,1855, Union twp, Wayne Co. Iowa.
Burial: Union twp, Wayne Co. Iowa
Cemetery: Ryan

v. JEPHTHAT SAMS, b. December 02, 1842, Chairton, Lucas Co. Iowa; d.September 24, 1844, Chairton, Lucas Co. Iowa.
Burial: Carlton, Carrollton Co. IA

41. vi. JACOB SAMS, b. March 11, 1846, Chariton, Iowa; d. January 01,1880, Weston, Umatiia Co. OR.
vii. GEORGE SAMS, b. March 09, 1847, Chariton, Lucas Co. Iowa; d.June 16, 1931, Umatilla Co. OR.
Notes for GEORGE SAMS:
1900 milton Prct Umatilla Co. Census Occupation Quartz Miner

Burial: Umatilla Co. OR

42. viii. SARAH CATHERINE SAMS, b. June 21, 1849, Chariton, Lucas Co.Iowa; d. January 16, 1873, Weston, Umatilla Co. OR.
43. ix. THOMAS BURTON SAMS, b. May 03, 1851, Chairton, Lucas Co. Iowa;d. November 15, Boise? Idaho.
44. x. MARY MELVINA SAMS, b. October 30, 1851, Chariton, Wayne Co. OR;d. November 18, 1885, Umatilla Co. OR.
xi. HARRIET ELIZABETH SAMS, b. March 20, 1858, Chariton, Wayne Co.IA; d. September 02, 1863, Union twp, Wayne Co. Iowa.
Burial: Union twp, Wayne Co. Iowa
Cemetery: Ryan

xii. SAMANTHA J. SAMS, b. February 23, 1860, Chariton, Wayne Co. IA;d. January 20, 1885, OR; m. GEORGE GRISWOLD, November 20, 1880.
Married by J.A. Talbert Newspaper article 11-20-1880 Oregon StateLibrary. 1870 Weston Prc. Umatilla Co. Cayuse Post Office Jacob &Samantha