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Henry Senior SAMS


1. Henry Senior SAMS

Shirley Miller, Des Moines, IA found the following for me in 1985. I amjust now following up on it in 1997.

Henry was in Orange Co., NY in 1790 and later in Greene Co., PA . Hedied in Richland Co., OH in 1818. No Charlotte named in his Will. (myCharlotte could have been his Granddaughter - d/of Abraham?)

Henry Sams Jr. s/o Henry & Abigail married first a Jane ??? and 2ndLydia Bishop in Richland Co. in 1835. They had ten children. He died in1846 and there was no Charlotte named in his Will.

1810 PA Census Index lists Henry and Abraham in Wayne Twp,

1820 Census Richland Co. OH - Wife Abigail listed as 45 & over. Livingclose to Henry, Andrew and William. NO Henry. received this fromKathryn Miller in 1983.

Descendants of Henry Sams

Generation No. 1

1. HENRY1 SAMS was born 1752 in Germany, and died January 24, 1818 inPerry twp, Richland , OH. He married ABIGAIL September 26, 1775 in OrangeNY. She was born 1749, and died Aft. 1841 in Perry Richland Co. OH.

Notes for HENRY SAMS:
Occupation: Farmer Information from David Sams: 11 Days Rev. War Copy ofBible records Pledge signed June 8, 1775 Administration records V1 D17Richland Co. Oh Estate inventory Richland Co. OH Hathorn's Reg. NY MiltiaRichland Co. OH Property Tax Records. Estate final settlement-Heirs listV29 Pg 161-162 Court of Pleas Vipp 565-567 V4 P12 1790 Richland Co. OHFederal Census 1800 Knox Co. OH Census 1820-1830-1840- Bedford Co. PACensus 1830 Knox Co OH Federal Census 1850 Ashland Co. OH Federal Census1850 Jackson Co. OH Census Green Co. Pa Federal Census 1810-20-30 WayneCo. OH Federal Census 1860-1870 1850 Richland Co. Marriages AliceDyek--E. Connell Wayne Co. Cemetery Records From the History of MorrowCounty OHio Page 409 The following year was a busy one for this part ofthe township. Among Mr. Cooks neighbors were Benjamine Hart, in the edgeof Perry twp. John Ogle, HENRY SAMS, and his sons, who were married, andlived near, ANDREW and HENRY SAMS JR., and a family by the name ofHofmire. But little improvement had been made on their farms, and aboutthree days in the week were spent by each family in assisting to buildcabins for new arrivals, or helping to roll their neighbors fields. Theplan was for each one to cut the timber on three or four acres, and theninvite all the neighbors for three or four miles around to roll theselogs into piles for burning. During the work it was expected that thebeneficiary would provide plenty of whiskey, and a supper when the taskwas finished. The logs were cut 12 to 14 feet long, and were handled with"handspikes" alone, as oxen were too slow motioned for the enthusiasticardor of the pioneers. State of Ohio Richland Co.
To the president and associate Judges of the Court of Common Pleas forthe County aforesaid to HENRY SAMS JUNR and ABIGAIL SAMS administratorssend greetings; whereas at a Court of Common Pleas holden by us on the9th day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundredand eighteen at the Court House in Mansfield in the county aforesaid,HENRY SAMS of said County as is alledged, lately died intestate havingwhilst living and at the time of his death goods and chattles within thisstate and county by means whereof ordering and granting administration ofall and singular the said goods and chattles and also the auditingallowing and final adjusting the accounts whereof doth apportian to usand we being desirous that the goods and chattles of the deceased may bewell and truly administered applyed and disposed of do grant unto you thesaid HENRY SAMS and ABIGAIL SAMS full power by those presents toadminister and faithfully dispose of all and singular the goods andchattles to ask demand and recieve the debts which unto the said deceasedwhilst living and at the time of his death did belong and to pay thedebts the said deceased did owe, so far as such goods and chattles willthereto extend and the law require hereby requiring you by advertisementinserted and continued for four weeks successively in one of the publicnewspapers printed in this state to notify the creditors of the saidestate to exhibit these accounts legally proven within one year and tomake or cause to be made a true and perfect inventory of all and singularthe goods and chattles of the said deceased which shall be appraised andsigned by JOHN SANBUSHICK, JOHN LINGING and JOHN COOK--freeholders underoath or affirmation and also a true and accurate statement of the debtsdue and owing said estate so far as they come to your hands possession orknowledge and the same so made to return or cause to be returned to theClerks Office of our said county within three months and also shalladjust and settle up the accounts in our Clerks Office within twelvemonths unless further time be allowed and we do by these present deputeconstitute and appoint you the said HENRY SAMS JUNR. and ABIGAIL SAMS,the administrators of all and singular the goods and chattles which wereof HENRY SAMS late of the said county deceased--
In testimony whereof we on the same day and year aforesaid at Mansfieldcaused the seal of our said Court to be hereunto affixed and orderedthese presents to be attested.
In witness thereof I WINN WINSHIP Clerk of said Court have hereuntoaffixed the seal of said Court and set my hand this eighteenth day ofFeby. in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighteen ofthe Independence of the United States of America the fourty second. WINWINSHIP Clerk. V1/4 P35436 83 R 292.3
OH3 First Wills and Administration records of Richland Co. Ohio

Children of HENRY SAMS and ABIGAIL are:
2. i. CATHERINE2 SAMS, b. November 14, 1776, Orange NY; d. April 12,1839, Sunberry, Monroe Co. OH.
3. ii. WILLIAM SAMS, b. November 05, 1778, Orange Co. NY; d. Aft. March19, 1853.
4. iii. HENRY SAMS, b. 1781, Orange NY; d. November 28, 1846, Perrytwp, Richland , OH.
5. iv. ABRAHAM SAMS, b. March 04, 1784, Orange NY; d. Aft. 1845.
6. v. SUSANNAH SAMS, b. March 25, 1786, Orange, NY; d. August 23, 1870,Union Twp. Wayne Co. IA.
7. vi. ANDREW SAMS, b. March 08, 1789, Orange NY; d. January 31, 1833,Perry twp, Richland , OH.
8. vii. POLLY MARY SAMS, b. August 27, 1797, Richland, OH; d. Abt.1850, Morrow, OH.

2. Cathreen SAMS


2. CATHERINE2 SAMS (HENRY1) was born November 14, 1776 in Orange NY, anddied April 12, 1839 in Sunberry, Monroe Co. OH. She married BENJAMINETRUAX April 14, 1795 in PA. He was born May 30, 1771, and died March 31,1820.

Wm. L. Truex Letter dated November 26. Info from David Sams: 11 Days Rev.War Copy of Bible Records. Pledge signed June 8, 1775 AdministrationRecords V1-D17 Richland Co. OH Estate inventory, Richland Co. OHHawthorn's Reg. NY. Melitia Richland Co. OH Property tax record. Estatefinal settlement-Heir list V29 Pg 161-162. Court of Pleas Vipp 565-567 V4P12. 1970 Census Richland Co. OH Federal Census. 1820-1830-1840 BefordCo. Justice of the Peace Richland Co. OH. 1836 In will of John Oaks.

i. ABIGAIL3 TRUAX, b. 1796; d. 1875; m. JACOB MELLOT, 1816.
ii. MARY SARAH TRUAX, b. 1798; d. 1861; m. SOLOMON MOORE, 1815; b.1788; d. 1856.
iii. BENJAMINE TRUAX, b. 1800; d. 1869; m. ELANOR CRAMER, 1824.
v. SUSANNAH TRUAX, b. 1802; d. Aft. 1880; m. JOHN A. TRUAX, 1822; b.1791; d. 1868.
vi. OBADIAH TRUAX, b. 1805; d. 1864; m. ELIZABETH MORRIS; b. 1812; d.1869.
vii. REBECCA TRUAX, b. 1807; d. 1858; m. RICHARD TRUAX, 1824.
viii. RUTH TRUAX, b. 1809; m. ELI AKERS, 1827.
ix. RICHARD TRUAX, b. 1812; d. 1859; m. REBECCA HESLER, 1834.
x. PHOEBE TRUAX, b. 1814; d. 1815.
xi. HENRY TRUAX, b. 1816; d. 1892; m. SALOME MORE, 1836; b. 1816; d.1899.
xii. CATHERINE TRUAX, b. 1818; d. 1889; m. MARTIN EICKLEBERRY, 1837.

3. William SAMS


3. WILLIAM2 SAMS (HENRY1) was born November 05, 1778 in Orange Co. NY,and died Aft. March 19, 1853. He married SARAH AKERS May 09, 1798 inBedford PA, daughter of ABIAH AKERS and UNKNOWN. She was born 1780, anddied 1845.

Moved from Highland Co. OH to Lucas Co. IA 1851 or 1852

Children of WILLIAM SAMS and SARAH AKERS are:
i. ABRAHAM3 SAMS, b. 1800, Bedford , PA; d. 1860; m. (1) LYDIASTEVENS, Bef. 1824; m. (2) MARY AKERS, February 18, 1836, Marion Co, OH;m. (3) BETSY BUNNINGTON, July 14, 1856, Morrow Co. OH; b. Unknown.
ii. JONAH SAMS, b. 1801, Bedford, PA; d. Abt. November 1844, Ruggles,Ashland Co. OH; m. UNKNOWN, Abt. 1820, OH.
iii. PHEBE SAMS, b. 1804.
iv. URIAH SAMS, b. 1808, PA; d. July 22, 1882, Etna Green,Kosciusko,Co. IN.
v. MARY SAMS, b. 1814, VA ?; d. Aft. 1850; m. ENOCH AKERS, September20, 1832, Huron, OH.
9. vi. ADELINE SAMS, b. 1820, OH; d. Aft. 1860.
vii. SAMUEL SAMS ?, b. Unknown.
viii. ? SAMS, b. Unknown.

6. Susanna SAMS
6. SUSANNAH2 SAMS (HENRY1) was born March 25, 1786 in Orange, NY, anddied August 23, 1870 in Union Twp. Wayne Co. IA. She married JOHN OAKESAugust 24, 1804 in Bedford or Green PA, son of SAMUEL OAKES and REBECCAGIBBON. He was born Abt. 1776 in Goshen, Chester, PA, and died June 13,1833 in Perry, Richland Co. OH.

Burial: Wayne, IA
Cemetery: New York

Notes for JOHN OAKES:
From David Sams And Shirley Oakes: 1790Census Orange Co. NY 1800 CensusBedford Co. PA 1810-1820-1830 Census Green Co. PA 1840-1850 Highland Co.OH Census 1850 Jackson Co. OH Census 1856-1860-1870-1880 Wayne Co. IACensus 1860 Wapello Co. IA. Census 1870-1880 Vinton Co. OH. Census1870-1880 Umatilla Co. OR Census Richland Co. OH. Ct. Com. Pleas V5:P-430Oakes Family Bible Death Certificate & Will 1836 Highland Co. MarriageBook 4 Pg 43 and 115

Children of SUSANNAH SAMS and JOHN OAKES are:
17. i. ISAAC3 OAKES, b. July 08, 1805, Franklin, Green Co. PA; d.August 02, 1889, Wayne Co. IA.
ii. JUDITH OAKES, b. April 03, 1807, Franklin, Green Co. PA; m.ABRAHAM SAMS, 1832, Richland , OH; b. 1807, Green PA; d. Aft. 1870.
iii. ALICE OAKES, b. February 09, 1810, Wayne, Green Co. PA; m. HENRYKNICELY.
iv. MARY OAKS, b. May 24, 1812, Green Co? PA.; d. April 02, 1874,Weston? Umatilla Co. OR.; m. PETER SAMS.
Notes for MARY OAKS:
1850-1860 Highland Twp Jackson, Co, OH 1870 Weston Prec. Umatilla Co.Cayuse Post Office With Jacob & Samantha Cemetery Records Copy of BibleRecords

More About MARY OAKS:
Burial: Weston, Umatilla Co. OR
Cemetery: Weston, Umatiia Co. OR

v. ABIGAIL OAKES, b. May 06, 1818, Wayne, Green Co. PA; d. August 11,1854, OH; m. JOHN FORREST, April 27, 1850, JacksonCo. OH.
Oaks Acorns Vol 1 nd Vol. 2, Pg 22 Samuel M. Adopted 1855 Adopted byIssac Oaks and Mary Sams Wayne Co. Census 1860-1870

vi. CATHARINE OAKES, b. June 27, 1820, Green Co. PA; d. Loon Lake,WA; m. JOSIAH MILLER, December 12, 1839, Highland Co. OH.
18. vii. JOSEPH OAKES, b. March 11, 1824, Green Co. PA; d. January 14,1900, West Junction, Harrison Twp. Vinton Co. OH.
19. viii. MARY OAKES, b. May 24, 1812, Green Co. PA ?; d. April 02,1874, Weston?, Umatilla Co. OR.


7. Andrew SAMS
7. ANDREW2 SAMS (HENRY1) was born March 08, 1789 in Orange NY, and diedJanuary 31, 1833 in Perry twp, Richland , OH. He married (1) ELIZABETH.He married (2) ELIZABETH BEYERS April 10 in Bedford, PA.

Notes for ANDREW SAMS:
John Oaks witnessed will of Andrew Bounty land application filed byElizabeth 1856 Info From: David Sams Will of ANDREW SAMS Richland Co.Ohio And now to wit February term 1833 at the Court of Common Pleas ofsaid county the following proceedings were had: In the matter of the lastwill and testament of ANDREW SAMS deceased: The last will and testamenthaving been brought into court and it being proven by ABRAHAM SAMS andJOHN OAKS the submitting witnesses thereto that the decendent subscribedand acknowledged the same as his last will and testament in the presenceand hearing of said witnesses and requests them to subscrive andacknowledge the same as witnesses there to and that the said testator wasof sound mind and memory at the signing of the same it is thereforeordered by the court that said will be recieved and recorded as such andthen upon motion it is ordered by the court that ELIZABETH be appointedadministrator with the will annexed of the estate of said deceased on hergiving bond and security in the sum of four hundred for the faithfulperformance of her trust. JOHN OAKES and ABRAHAM SAMS being offered assecurity was approved of by the court. And the court do appoint JACOBSCHAFFER, PETER POORMAN and HENRY SAMS householders of the said countyappraisers to appreciate the personal property of said deceasent. Saidadministratrix was duly sworn as such in open court. Which said last willand testament was as follows to wit: This indenture witnesseth that IANDREW SANS of Perry twp. Richland County, state of Ohio weak in body butsound in judgemant make this as my last will and testament thaat all thedebts that are against my estate shall first be paid that the balance ofmy estate shall be for the use of my own beloved wife so that she maybring up the children in a family capacity. Signed and sealed in thepresence of January the twenty-seventh and in the year of our Lord onethousand eight hundred and thirty three. his ANDREW x SAMS mark JOHN OAKSABRAHAM SAMS

Bounty land papers 1856 Elizabeth Beyers Ashland Co OH. Deed Book

20. i. WILLIAM3 SAMS, b. March 06, 1811, PA or OH; d. November 14,1882, Lucas, IA.
ii. MARY SAMS, b. Abt. 1812, Richland Co. OH.
iii. DENNIS SAMS, b. 1816, Richland Co. OH; d. Abt. January; m.MARTHA SWEET, June 22, 1845, Richland , OH.
iv. JACOB SAMS, b. Abt. 1822, Richland Co. OH; m. MARY ELLENBRADDOCK, May 07, 1849, Perry Twp, Richland Co. OH.
21. v. ALEXANDER ENOS SAMS, b. Abt. 1823, Richland Co. OH; d. Aft.1876, LaGrange, IN.
vi. HARRET SAMS, b. Abt. 1825, Richland Co. OH; m. LORENZO JONES,October 29, 1847.
vii. ? SAMS, b. Abt. 1826.
viii. ISAIAH SAMS, b. January 1832, Richland Co. OH; d. Aft. 1900; m.(1) ELIZA JANE MITCHELL; m. (2) THERSEY NIMAN, April 24, 1852; m. (3)ALMIRA, 1869.
ix. SARAH ANN SAMS, b. Abt. 1833, Richland Co. OH; d. Aft. 1870; m.JOSEPH SAMS, February 05, 1860.

8. Mary Polly SAMS

8. POLLY MARY2 SAMS (HENRY1) was born August 27, 1797 in Richland, OH,and died Abt. 1850 in Morrow, OH. She married HERMAN VANNORMAN October19, 1820 in Richland , OH.

Richland Co. OH Isaac & Sarah Van Norman property records 1850 Herman VanNorman, Miles Van Norman, Frederick Van Norman

i. ETHAN3 VANNORMAN, b. Unknown.
ii. NANCY VAN NORMAN, b. Unknown; m. GEORGE IIAMS, April 26, 1838.