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Descendants of John RUEBOTTOM


272. Richard (Richmond) M. RUBOTTOM

Occupation: Lawyer

495. Frank RUBOTTOM

Frank taught school in Wayne County, Missouri and never married.

283. Richard Milton RUBOTTOM

Note: Richard's first wife, Jennetta, died of tuberculosis. When his second wife, Lizzie, developed TB, he decided to move the family to Texas, hoping the climate would help. It apparently did. Note:
Virginia Rubottom Skinner, a granddaughter of Richard M. Rubottom, relayed the following information: Mary Elizabeth Rubottom, the daughter of Richard M. Rubottom by his second wife Lizzie, told me what she remembered when Granddad (Richard M. Rubottom) lost the family farm. They were living in Texas and he got word that the county (or state) was seizing property for back taxes. Granddad took a train back to Missouri, but before he got there he became very ill and was taken off the train unconcious. He awoke in the hospital and it was too late to save the farm. From the description, it appears his farm was the original farm, or part of it, acquired by Ezekiel Rubottom. My Dad (Simon Terrell Rubottom) told me so many stories about the farm and the area that I have always wanted to see it. "I am pleased that it is a part of the Sam Baker State Park."

517. Roger Hunter RUBOTTOM

SSDI: ROGER H RUBOTTOM 22 Jul 1903 16 Dec 1989 (not specified) (none specified) 549-09-7970 California

518. Ira Richard RUBOTTOM Sr

SSDI: IRA R RUBOTTOM 03 Jan 1905 03 Sep 1990 (not specified) (none specified) 036-26-2346 Rhode Island

519. Robert Eli RUBOTTOM

SSDI: ROBERT RUBOTTOM 29 Dec 1906 Dec 1986 97381 (Silverton, Marion, OR) (none specified) 547-05-3819 California