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Descendants of John RUEBOTTOM


24. Samuel RUBOTTOM


Hi Rubottom Cousins and Researchers,

In March, Mark and I got to go to Illinois and Indiana for a get-away and to
do a little more research on our Illinois/Indiana lines. It was a great
experience and we found several new good items.

First, I got real lucky in Clark County, IL. We were actually researching my
Spivey lines, but several Rubottoms also moved into Clark County (just a
county west of Terre Haute, Vigo, IN). Clark County has a wonderful
Genealogical Society with a library right across the street from the
courthouse. They are not open very many hours, but the collection is
marvelous. While there, I checked the will/estate listings for Spiveys and
Rubottom. There was an estate listing for Samuel D. Rubottom. I wasn't sure
which Samuel this was until I got to the actual estate listings. The estate
was in a narrow envelope that had gotten pushed down in the drawer until it
was under all the others. (Persistence pays off!) I took all the envelopes
out of the drawer so I could reach it. It was the will of Samuel D.
Rubottom, the son of Simon and Elizabeth Dunn Rubottom. This was pretty
exciting since we have up to this time not been able to confirm his children.

I don't know if there are any Samuel Rubottom descendants out there who are
actively researching this line. But, those who are interested in the whole
Rubottom line will find this interesting.

Here's the will:

Copy obtained by Danene Vincent, 3-23-01
Clark County Courthouse, Marshall, Clark, IL

I Samuel D. Rubottom of Clark County in the State of Illinois do hereby make
and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following
First it is my will that my funeral expenses and all my just debts be fully
Second, After the payment of such funeral expenses and debts I Give Devise
and Bequeath unto my beloved wife Mahala Rubottom the Lots (word scratched
through) which we now reside situated in said County and Known and described
as Lot one (1) and the west half of Lot ten in Block eighteen (18) in the
town of Auburn During her natural life and all the live stock Cattle Hogs
(word scratched through) by me now owned and kept thereon also all the
household furniture and my half of the Grocery by me now kept and other
articles of personal property not herein enumerated or otherwise Dirposed of
in this will During her Natural life after having Disposed of a Sufficient
amount to pay and Discharge the expenses and depts aforesaid and that at her
Death, all the property aforesaid to her bequethed or so much thereof, as may
remain unexpended to my Son Calib Rubottom I Give and bequeath five Dollars
and (his? word scratched through) heirs and assigns for ever and to my three
Daughters Elisa, Huldah, and Matilda Rubottom I give and bequeath unto each
of them five Dollars and there heirs and assigns for
And I Give to my Three younger Daughters Lora (Lona, Lara??) Jane, Ruhama,
and Martha Rubottom the balance Remaining if there be any to be equally
Divided between them and there heirs and assigns for ever and Lastly I herely
Constitute and appoint my said Wife Mahala Rubottom executrix of this my last
will and testament revoking and annulling all former wills by me made and
ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament.
In witness whereof I the said Samuel D. Rubottom have hereunto set my hand
and seal this twenty second Day of March in the year of our lord one thousand
eight hundred and fifty Nine.

Signed Sealed S. D. Rubottom {L.S.}
Published and Declaired by the said
Samuel D. Rubottom as and for his last will and testament in presents of us
who in his presents and in the presents of each other and at his request have
subscribed our Names as witnesses thereunto
J. York
Oliver H. P. Walls

The will was recorded/probated during the January Term 1860 in Clark County,
IL. In the court record the witnesses are listed as John York and Oliver H.
P. Walls.

I will add this to the Rubottom webpage as soon as I have time. I have loads
of photos to add and lots of work to do. Its been a busy year and I am very

I also went to several graveyards in Clark County, IL and now have photos of
the tombstones of some of the children of Simon and Elizabeth Dunn Rubottom:

Joseph and Elizabeth Rubottom (Wesley Chapel)
Samuel D. and Mahala Rubottom (Auburn)

Those too will be added to the website.