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Descendants of John RUEBOTTOM

Third Generation

8. Simon RUBOTTOM (Thomas RUBOTTOM , John ) was born on 13 Apr 1769 in Orange Co, Nc. He died on 22 Jul 1837 in Bloomingdale, Parke, In and was buried after 27 Jul 1837 in Bloomfield Cemetery, Greene Co, Indiana.


Simon married Elizabeth DUNN, daughter of Joseph DUNN and Ruth (Dunn), in 1790 in Nc. Elizabeth was born on 28 Dec 1771 in Moore or Orange Co, Nc. She died on 26 Oct 1844 in Bloomingdale, Parke, In.

They had the following children:

+ 14 M i Zeno Wesley RUBOTTOM
+ 15 M ii Joseph H. RUBOTTOM
+ 16 F iii Mary RUBOTTOM
+ 17 F iv Jane RUBOTTOM
+ 18 M v George RUBOTTOM
+ 19 M vi Thomas RUBOTTOM
+ 20 F vii Hannah RUBOTTOM
+ 21 M viii William RUBOTTOM
+ 22 F ix Ruth RUBOTTOM
+ 23 F x Dinah RUBOTTOM
+ 24 M xi Samuel RUBOTTOM
+ 25 M xii Ezekiel RUBOTTOM
  26 F xiii Elizabeth RUBOTTOM was born on 23 Apr 1807 in Chatham County, Nc.
        Elizabeth married Isaiah CAMPBELL on 4 Dec 1836 in Parke Co., IN.
+ 27 M xiv John Henry RUBOTTOM
  28 F xv Mahala RUBOTTOM was born on 12 Feb 1812 in Chatham County, Nc. She died in Dec 1897 in Bloomingdale, Parke, In.
        Mahala married Jessee EMBREE.

9. Hannah McSwain RUBOTTOM (Thomas RUBOTTOM , John ) was born about 1771/1774 in Chatham Co., Nc. She died in Chatham Co., Nc.

Hannah married Samuel DOWD, son of Connor DOWD and Mary OVERTON, about 1801 in Chatham Co., Nc. Samuel was born on 2 Jun 1775 in Monroe, Overton, TN. He died in 1852 in Chatham Co., NC.

They had the following children:

+ 29 M i Thomas Swain DOWD
+ 30 F ii Margaret A. DOWD
+ 31 F iii Rosanna D. DOWD
+ 32 F iv Leah P. DOWD
+ 33 F v Eliza G. DOWD
+ 34 M vi Atlas Samuel DOWD
+ 35 F vii Mariah DOWD
+ 36 F viii Sophia W. DOWD
+ 37 F ix Ruth C. DOWD
+ 38 M x Horace Quinney DOWD
  39 F xi Jane D. DOWD was born about 1826 in Chatham Co., Nc.
        Jane married David BENNETT.

10. Ezekiel Chandler RUBOTTOM (Thomas RUBOTTOM , John ) was born in 1770 in Chatham Co., Nc. He died in 1857 in Wayne, Missouri.


Ezekiel married (1) Eleanor BETTIS, daughter of Elijah BETTIS. Eleanor was born in 1772 in Moore Co., Nc. She died in 1809 in Wayne Co., Mo.

They had the following children:

  40 M i Pleasant D. RUBOTTOM was born in 1791 in Moore Co., Nc.
        Pleasant married Jeane ROBISON.
+ 41 F ii Civility RUBOTTOM
  42 F iii Mary S. RUBOTTOM was born in 1797 in Moore Co., Nc.
        Mary married Robert A. LOGAN.
+ 43 M iv James Dixon RUBOTTOM
+ 44 M v William Wiley RUBOTTOM

Ezekiel also married (2) Parmelia PARRISH, daughter of Joseph PARRISH and Sally EDGAR. Parmelia was born in 1789 in Richmond, Henrico, Va. She died in 1844 in Wayne, Missouri.

They had the following children:

+ 45 F vi Frances L. RUBOTTOM
+ 46 M vii Ezekiel N. RUBOTTOM
+ 47 M viii Thomas Peyton RUBOTTOM
  48 F ix Charnelsa RUBOTTOM was born in 1833 in Wayne, Missouri.
+ 49 F x Juliett Ann RUBOTTOM
  50 F xi Polashan "Pelesia" RUBOTTOM was born in 1829 in Wayne, Missouri. She died in 1857 in Missouri.
        Polashan married Champion SMITH.
+ 51 M xii Dr. Simon Noel RUBOTTOM
  52 F xiii Parmelia Catherine RUBOTTOM was born in 1836 in Wayne, Missouri.
+ 53 M xiv Lafayette RUBOTTOM
+ 54 M xv David R RUBOTTOM

11. Leah RUBOTTOM (Thomas RUBOTTOM , John ) was born about 1775 in Moore Co., Nc. She died in 1820.

Leah married Charles WHITE, son of Calorius WHITE and Margareta VAN CULEN. Charles was born about 1770. He died in 1847/1850 in Tennessee.

They had the following children:

  55 M i Son WHITE
+ 56 F ii Elizabeth WHITE
  57 F iii Lovenia "Lovey" WHITE
  58 M iv Terrel C. WHITE
  59 F v Thena WHITE
  60 vi Infant WHITE

12. Sarah "Sally" RUBOTTOM (Thomas RUBOTTOM , John ) was born about 1790.

Sarah married David ROBINSON.

They had the following children:

  61 M i David ROBINSON
  62 M ii Nicholas T. ROBINSON

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