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CAUTION:  Some of the information in this GEDCOM file was obtained from census records and has not been verified.

Your Help is Needed
The families shown in this file were connected using census records.
Some of the relationships have not been proven.  If you know who any of
these people are, please contact Sandra Branson Young.

Descendants of Rees P. White

Second Generation

2. William C. White (Rees P. ) was born about 1826 in Illinois or Tennessee.

1850 census
William White 23 1826 Illinois Male Third Creek, Gasconade, MO
Patsy White 23 1826 Illinois Female Third Creek, Gasconade, MO
Emory White 2 1847 Illinois Male Third Creek, Gasconade, MO
Elleanor White 3.12 Illinois Female Third Creek, Gasconade, MO

1860 Census
William White Richwoods, Miller, MO 32 1827 Tennessee Male
Martha White Richwoods, Miller, MO 27 1832 Tennessee Female
Emory White Richwoods, Miller, MO 11 1848 Missouri Male
Rees P White Richwoods, Miller, MO 6 1853 Missouri Male
Francina White Richwoods, Miller, MO 4 1855 Missouri Female
Thomas J White Richwoods, Miller, MO 2 1857 Missouri Male

1870 Census
W C White Richwoods, Sharp, AR 44 1825 Tennessee White Male
Martha White Richwoods, Sharp, AR 46 1823 Tennessee White Female
Reese P White Richwoods, Sharp, AR 17 1852 Missouri White Male
Sina F White Richwoods, Sharp, AR 15 1854 Missouri White Female
Thomas J White Richwoods, Sharp, AR 12 1857 Missouri White Male
Oliver White Richwoods, Sharp, AR 10 1859 Missouri White Male

William married Martha Patsy or Valentine Branson daughter of Andrew Daniel Branson and Phariba (or Paraby) Cox on 29 Jul 1847 in Gasconade Co., Mo. Martha was born on 10 Jun 1826 in Tn.

They had the following children:

+ 10 M i Emory White
  11 F ii Eleanor White was born about 1849 in Missouri.
+ 12 M iii Rees Potts White
  13 F iv Francina "Sina" White was born about 1855 in Missouri.
  14 M v Thomas J. White was born about 1857 in Missouri.

5. Robert C. White (Rees P. ) was born about 1825/1835 in Virginia.

1880 Census
Robert C. WHITE Self M Male W 55 VA Farming IRELAND MD
Sina F. WHITE Wife M Female W 47 MO Keeps House VA VA
Charles H. WHITE Son S Male W 22 MO VA MO
George R. WHITE Son Male W 21 MO VA MO
Mary E. WHITE Dau Female W 19 MO VA MO
Joseph M. WHITE Son S Male W 13 MO VA MO
Caroline C. WHITE Dau S Female W 11 MO VA MO
Julia M. WHITE Dau S Female W 7 AR VA MO
Source Information:
Census Place Union, Jackson, Arkansas
Family History Library Film 1254047
NA Film Number T9-0047
Page Number 453B

Robert married Sina Perkins Branson daughter of Andrew Daniel Branson and Phariba (or Paraby) Cox on 11 Jul 1856 in Gasconade Co., Mo. Sina was born on 19 Oct 1835 in Gasconade Co, Mo.

1850 census - Third Creek, Gasconade, MO
Madison Burgess 38 1811 Tennessee Male
Nancy Burgess 37 1812 Tennessee Female
Ibbe Burgess 15 1834 Missouri Female
James Burgess 12 1837 Missouri Male
Wm Burgess 10 1839 Missouri Male
Rutty Burgess 8 1841 Missouri Female
Finley Burgess 5 1844 Missouri Female
Louisa Burgess 4 1845 Missouri Female
Elizabeth Burgess 2.12 Missouri Female
Sina Branson 15 Missouri Female
Henry Branson 18 Missouri Male

Email from descendant:
My great great grandmother was Sina Perkins Branson that married Robert C. White in September 1856. Robert C. White was born 1825 in Virginia, but no information when or where either one of them died. They had 6 children 5 of them born in MO. and the last one born 1872 in Arkansas.
Charles H. White born Sept 1857 (my great grandfather)
George W. White born Dec 1859
Mary E. White born 1862
Joseph M. White born 1867
Carolina White born 1869
Julia born 1872 in Arkansas
The last time I found Robert and Sina was in 1880 census in Jackson County, Arkansas and all children were still living at home. I have information on all the children except Mary E., have not been able to found any thing on her.

Any information you might be able to give me would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks and have a great day.
Edna Williams
Burleson, Texas

Robert and Sina had the following children:

+ 15 M i Charles H. White
  16 M ii George W. White was born in Dec 1859 in Missouri.
  17 F iii Mary E. White was born in 1862 in Missouri.
  18 M iv Joseph M. White was born in 1867 in Missouri.
  19 F v Caroline C. White was born in 1869 in Missouri.
  20 F vi Julia M. White was born in 1872 in Arkansas.

7. Oliver B. White (Rees P. ) was born about 1840 in Illinois or Missouri.

1880 Census
Oliver B. WHITE Self M Male W 37 MO Farmer VA TN
Hiley J. WHITE Wife M Female W 28 TN Keeping House TN PA
Lizy R. WHITE Dau S Female W 12 MO MO MO
William H. WHITE Son S Male W 11 MO Farmer MO MO
George W. WHITE Son S Male W 2 MO MO MO
Rebeca SIFE MotherL W Female W 54 PA PA PA
Source Information:
Census Place Cullen, Pulaski, Missouri
Family History Library Film 1254710
NA Film Number T9-0710
Page Number 371A

Oliver married Hiley J. Sife. Hiley was born about 1851 in Tennessee.

They had the following children:

  21 F i Lizy R. White was born about 1867 in Missouri.
  22 M ii William H. White was born about 1868 in Missouri.
  23 M iii George W. White was born about 1877 in Missouri.

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