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Descendants of John Nicholas (Peconier) PROCUNIER


49. George Neal PROCUNIER

Rector of St. Peters Episcopal Church in Revelstoke, B.C., Canada for 19years.

61. Frederick McKinsey PROCUNIER

1838-Born - (in Norfolk, Ont. CN, census' all say so) SOURCE: PeterJr.s Family Bible. copies from Fern Hall, Hot Springs, SD who has theOriginal Bible)
1849- July - came to US, Ogle Co., IL-- from CN

1850- Nashua Twp, Ogle co IL census-- Naturlized (EA send for papers) in1900 census, he said he came to US 1849 & was Naturalized. He also statedhe was French Canadian.

1858- 31 Jan 1858--Family Bible says to malvina E ganer, Mom (Bertha)said maybe a Louise Fry or Garner. Isaac Newton's death certshows--Louise Garner. (we should check this)
1858--1st child, Isaac Newton, born in Mondamen, ? county, IA-- Birthcertificate. (Carol Shimik --need to get documentation from her.)

1861-1864---PROCKCUNIER, Fred M. IL, Co. E, 7th Cavalry, residence-Reynolds. (Carolyn Shimek sent me the URL for this) ILCIVIL WAR VETERANS.

1864--last child, Addy, born in Ogle county, IL

1868- 1 Jan, married Elizabeth Lancaster. Date from her obituary. nochildren. Both buried in Custer, SD as McPROCUNIER!!!!!

1880- 7 June, Liston Twp, Woodbury co, IA census, pg 4,

1900- Beaver Creek, Weston co, WY census

1905- Frederick bought four ajoining lots in Custer cemetery,Sister-in-law, Margaret Molby died & first to be buried there.
1906- wife, Elizabeth died & buried nest to sister. Nice headstone, butwrong name--- McProcunier!

Custer Chronicle: 24 Feb 1906--
Mrs Elizabeth Procunier died 16 Feb 1906 at Four Mile. Daughter ofThomas Lancaster, Canada and Elizabeth Benson, Canada. BornCumberland, Can., 2 Nov 1842. Married 1 Jan 1868 to F.Procunier. Lived at Des Moines and Nebraska. Has brother and sister inCanada. (Eka Parkinson sent these to me.

1907-- I have-- "Sawmills of the Black Hills" by Martha Linde 1984.chapter 2, pg 18. I quote- " One of The sawmills near Custer about whichlittle is known is the Charles Akes sawmill west of Custer. Not farfrom his mill, Fred Procuner (sic) had a mill set up in 1907 near FourMile. He operated more in farm lumber than other sawing."

1907---Custer Co. Chronicle Fred's Obit - 13 April 1907, Mr. FrederickProcunier died 6 miles west of Custer, Paralysis. (explanation below)

In May of 1996 I received a letter from Joyce Grubbs, Treasurer of Westonco. Genealogical Society of which I am a member. She, as a DAR member,read all the tombstones in the Custer cemetery in 1993 & 1994. She foundmy Frederick PROCUNIER's tombstone marked FREDERICK MCPROCUNIER (!!!!)Nov 2 1838 & no death date; also Elizabeth Lancaster spelled Landcaster( Beloved wife of Frederick MCPROCUNIER) "MOTHER" with dates Nov. 2,1842 and Feb 16, 1906. Aged 63 year 3 month 14 day. Buried Block 4 Lot30.
There were Lancasters also. Their markers are in Block 9 Lots 19 & 22,the last one in 1994.
I can only assume that relatives of Elizabeth put the marker there inlater years and mistook Fredericks middle name of McKinsey and somehowdropped the Kinsey and added the Mc to Procunier. In the paper, theirobituaries are listed as Procuniers. All the dates are the same and I amconvinced this is my Frederick Procunier.
I went to Custer in June 1996 and checked with the Court House andcemetery and found the beautiful stones, One for Frederick & Elizabethand one for sister, Margaret Molby. There are footstones on the twowomen's graves & Elizabeth's says "Mother". I don't know of any childrenof hers. The Mortician went to the cemetery with us and is sure thatFred is buried to the left of Elizabeth in an unmarked grave. The recordat the Mortuary "grave registration proves that." The 5 foot headstoneis beautiful even tho it has MCPROCUNIER. Elizabeth's death isrecorded at the Courthouse, but Frederick's isn't, Custer City Hall hashim as Mc Procunier! . The cemetery records show that Fred Procumerbought & paid for the graves. I took pictures at the cemetery, with NOfilm in the camera!!! I will go back & try again.

79. William PROCUNIER

I have the Mother as Louise Fry-Garner and in Peter Jr's Bible the wifeof Frederick is Melvina E ganer. So it is anyone's guess until we findher!
Naturized in IL in 1863.
1900 Census- WY
1910 Census- pg 140 Hs 131, Fam 132 April, Custer, SD a sawmill worker.5 stepchildren with them.

80. Harriet Adelaide PROCUNIER

Daughter-in-law is Rose Chapman whom I (EA) correspond with.

Melvina EGANER

mrg #1 not sure of sp name. Son Isaac N. death says Louise Garner. Momthought maybe a Fry.
Family Bible has melvina E ganer.


OBIT: "Custer Chronicle", 24 Feb 1906
Mrs Elizabeth Procunier died 16 Feb 1906 at Four Mile. Daughter ofThomas Lancaster, Canada and Elizabeth Benson, Canada. Born Cumberland,Can., 2 Nov 1842. Married 1 Jan 1868 to F. Procunier. Lived at DesMoines and Nebraska. Has a brother & sister in Canada.
Check Custer Congregational Church records. Sister Margaret Molbyservices there. Maybe Procuniers too.
Buried at Custer as Elizabeth Landcaster- wife of Frederick McProcunier.

66. William Daniel PROCUNIER

1880 Woodbury IA census
John Henry's Death- Film # 858,791 in Rapid City, SD. Also have his Obitfrom there
Peter Jr's Bible from Fern Hall
Letter from John Harry, s/o John Henry, s/o William. Pierre, SD 21 Feb1981.
Letter from Norris, s/of George Andrew, s/of William. 9 March 1981.

86. Harry Arthur PROCUNIER

He lived in Rapid City all his life.
Buried in Lot # 1004, grave 10-11 Rapid City.